Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Unprotected Party - Part 2

Oops - I meant to post this yesterday as material for anyone who was bored over the holiday to use... next post on Thurs to make up for my tardiness (final post about the party). Speaking of which, back we go to the cum-filled fun...

I felt a bit of cum start to trickle out of me and loved knowing that it was a mixture from more than one guy. Now I could see what else was happening, I could see that a few people had left the ‘beds’ and were taking a little break on the sofas. I called Mike over and found out that he had just finished fucking Hannah so I asked to suck his cock clean. Some of the guys had cum in the girls and some had cum over their bodies or faces. I saw Laura sucking Ben’s cock, but she was just cleaning it in the same way I’d done with Mike. I asked her if she wanted to help get people worked up again and when she asked what I had in mind, I pushed her down onto the bed and climbed over her. I planted my cunt on her mouth and attached my mouth to her cunt and started to eat her. She didn’t try push me away so I carried on for a while. I wasn’t trying to make her cum (although I would have done so if she wanted). When I looked over and saw a couple of the guys standing to attention, I thought we had done enough, so I pulled myself away from her tongue and sat up. When I did this, a bit more cum leaked out of my pussy and dripped onto her face, but I was now more interested in my next victims.

I knelt on the bed and let Paul take me from behind. I told him that he would have to play with my clit as my hands would be busy holding myself up so I could suck Michael. I knew that other people were doing things, but the one disadvantage of threesomes is they sort of take your full attention so it was difficult to see who was doing whom (and how). Michael was quite forceful and pushed his cock fairly deep into my mouth but once I’d got him to pull back a bit (I think the choking noises gave him a clue), it was better. Paul fondled my ass (just the cheeks) while he fucked me and once I got used to the position, I stroked Michael’s cock and fondled his balls while sucking him. Paul came in me first and asked if I wanted him to carry on fingering me. I told him that given he’d had use of my cunt, I expected to cum as well and returned to sucking Michael. Paul fingered me and played with my clit until I came and then he went off to sit down. Michael wasn’t too far off cumming and I could now concentrate on him so it didn’t take long at all. I really wanted him to cum over me, but guys seems to like cumming in my mouth, so I wrapped my lips around his cock and swirled my tongue around the head while I stroked up and down his shaft and fondled his balls. He came and I carried on gently licking until he said he had finished, at which point I sat up and let his cum drip out of my mouth. I rubbed it over my front and into my cunt, then reached over and kissed Hannah’s breasts (she was being fucked).

Hannah doesn’t usually do things with girls (other than breast play), but I had a plan for people like her. I suggested to Ben that he spoon with her so I could easily play with her breasts and he thought that was a good idea. I sucked on her nipples until she was obviously getting close to cumming and then turned around so my head was positioned near her cunt. At first I just gently stroked Ben’s cock as it slid in and out of her (I put my fingers beside Hannah’s pussy so his cock slid between them). Once she had got used to me doing this (she didn’t complain), I moved my hand out of the way and licked where Ben was sliding in to her. I’ve decided that this is one of my favourite things to do as I get to stimulate two people at one – especially if the licks cover from the clit down to the guy’s shaft (which these did). It probably didn’t make much difference to Ben, but by the time Hannah came, I was giving her clit a fairly good licking. Just so she didn’t feel too strange, I eased off and waited until Ben came, then told him to pull out so I could suck him clean. He obviously liked the idea of me licking Hannah as he only pulled out part way at first so the head was still nestled between her lips. That wasn’t quite what I’d planned, but it gave me another (better) chance to lick them both at once and I took it. I finished off with my original plan and took Ben’s cock in my mouth properly so I could taste their juices off it and after I’d given him a good suck, I thought it was time to find some more action.

I’d only had three guys in me and knew that I wouldn’t be able to get them to all cum inside me (especially as I’d also sucked some of them off), but I said that I at least wanted to have every cock in me for a while. The guys didn’t object to this and Emily and Caroline said that it sounded like a good idea (I think they were talking about having the guys in their own cunts, not just mine). I pointed out that they only had a limited supply of cum (which was my delicate way of saying the guys might not be able to cum enough times) and that while I was happy to suck anyone off, I wanted them to cum in me. Some of them wanted a break, but Brett said he hadn’t cum for a bit and was ready so I went and sat on his lap and he slipped his cock into me. We started off with just the two of us but as we fucked, I asked Caroline if she would let me taste her (which I hadn’t done yet – I think). I know she occasionally experiments a little and I obviously caught her at the right time as she said I could.

We moved onto one of the beds – she lay on her back, I knelt between her legs and Brett pushed into me from behind. I really wasn’t sure how long Caroline would let me do things to her, but my aim was to at least taste every one of the girls so I knew I would at least get that far. Brett asked what I wanted him to do and I said he could please himself as long as I got his cum. He pushed hard into me and I let the force push my face into Caroline’s pussy (which made her jump back a bit – but she then relaxed and let me start to lick her). I moved forwards and back in time with Brett’s strokes and licked Caroline in time with them. Naturally, the others weren’t going to let Brett monopolise two of us girls and Mike stood up and moved over to Caroline, offering her his cock. I hadn’t seen that he had just slid into Laura before doing this (and neither had Caroline – either that or she just didn’t care. She eagerly took his cock in her mouth and started to stroke up and down his shaft.

Brett was pumping nicely into me and even gave me a bit of clit action. By this point, I was getting really stuck in to Caroline and assumed that she wanted me to go all the way with her. David came over and had a play with her breasts (as well as reaching under me to have a fondle of mine) and if I’d had a free hand, I would have offered to stroke him, but I was more concerned with finishing off Caroline (and letting Brett have his way with me). I knew I had a number of gys to go if I was to reach my target so I wasn’t too worried about cumming myself, but I pushed back against Brett and could feel that he was speeding up his movements and pushing back harder against me. He came and pulled out and I quickly lifted my face from Caroline’s cunt and told David to fuck me (I could see that his cock was hard). He said he would be happy to and moved round to take Brett’s place.

Mike pulled his cock out of Caroline’s mouth around this time and asked Emily to let him fuck her. I half saw her move over onto a mattress beside us but then returned my attention to Caroline. David was happily pumping into me and I realised that Brett must have actually cum in me (more than I had expected by this point) as I felt quite wet. David didn’t seem to mind sloppy seconds (if he did, I guess he was at the wrong party) and I could feel him pulling and kneading my ass cheeks as we fucked. I wrapped my arms around Caroline’s legs and held her in place so I could finish her off (I was pretty certain by this point that she wasn’t going to ask me to stop) and I concentrated more on her clit. I could feel her writhing around under me and I gave a final push. She arched her back and pushed against my face and I messily lapped up and down her slit, ensuring that I also licked her clit each time. Her orgasm didn’t last long and she pulled away from me, but stayed on the bed while she caught her breath. This gave me a good opportunity to look at her pussy, which was only inches from my face and I licked my lips to taste her once more.

I reached back to play with my clit and then decided to turn over (my legs were getting tired from kneeling). I did this quickly and told David to fuck me hard while I played with my clit. He was happy with this arrangement as it left his hands free to play with my breasts and I half wrapped my legs around him to help pull him deeper into me. I could now also see Mike and Emily – she was on top of him, riding up and down while he rubbed her clit and I considered trying to move round so I could lick her, but I hoped to get a chance to do that another time (and it would have been too awkward anyway). David said he was getting close to cumming and I told him to hold back just a bit, which he did, but he still came first. I wasn’t far off though so I asked him to stay pressed inside me while I rubbed my clit and came around his cock.

I went and joined some of the others on the sofa to rest. Mike was still fucking Emily (he had already made her cum, but they had changed positions and I knew that he had really wanted to fuck her lots, so I wasn’t surprised he was giving her the extended version). Hannah and Michael went and joined them and we had a nice double show to keep us entertained while preparing for the next round. I was a bit worried that there might not be many more rounds (or that even if there were, I might not be able to go many more) and I suggested setting up a system where everyone could get to semi-fuck everyone else (just for completeness of course). I hadn’t quite figured out how this would actually work, but Laura suggested that rather than figuring out who had already fucked whom, the girls lie on the beds and the guys just rotated through us. Sara wanted to be included in this (not to be fucked by the guys, but to get a chance to lick all the girls) and I was happy enough with that. Hannah and Christine took a little convincing, but they had both already been licked by Laura and I, so they relented.

We waited until Michael, Hannah, Mike and Emily had finished and gave the guys a little while longer to recover (and then Laura helped them to get hard again). All the girls (minus Sara) lay on the beds. Hannah suggested that we would need to keep the guys who weren’t ‘participating’ hard and suggested we suck them again (as we had done at the beginning). Sara suggested that seeing as she was being a ‘guy’ for this round, maybe whoever wasn’t sucking someone, could lick her. I liked her thinking and felt a bit jealous that she might get to be eaten by all the girls, but I knew that her options had been more restricted at the party, so I guess it was fair. Christine and Hannah said that they didn’t want to eat her and Sara knew the rules well enough so she settled for the remaining four of us.

The guys lined up and pushed into our cunts and mouths (it wasn’t as co-ordinated this time) and started fucking. We carried on like this for a couple of minutes and then moved round. I took each guy in turn, in my cunt and then later in my mouth (or the other way around, depending on where they were in the circle). Sara ate me when it was her turn and I later ate her. Everyone seemed a lot more energised by the time everyone had done everyone else (but we had been fucking for about 30 minutes without anyone cumming, so I guess it wasn’t surprising that even though we had all been wilting (in a literal sense for some of the guys) when we started, the stimulation had rejuvenated us.

When we finished, I had David in me and he was one of the people who seemed willing to carry on. I told him that I would happily fuck him again, but as he had already cum in me, I wanted to get Kevin to finish off in me first (he had ended up with Christine who would have probably been willing to let him cum, but didn’t want to cum again). My enthusiasm to fuck him was enough to get Kevin to come over and take David’s place. As a reward (and because I’d been lying on my back for 30 minutes), I told him I would go on top and milk him dry (if he wasn’t already empty).

Emily was also still on the bed with her head between Sara’s legs. I suggested that Christine repay Sara for having licked her, but she wasn’t too enthusiastic about the idea. I told her that Sara had the sweetest tasting pussy and pointed out that she (Christine) had already let Sara, Emily and myself eat her (or at least taste her), so she might as well. A couple of the guys were also egging her on and I could see her wavering (but I was also distracted by Kevin’s cock that I was riding up and down on). In the end, Christine relented and said she would have a little lick so Emily moved out of the way and let Christine bend down to Sara’s pussy. She didn’t stay there long, but did lick Sara properly and conceded that she didn’t taste bad. I tried to convince Hannah next, but she is firmly only in the ‘bi’ camp as far as occasionally letting another girl go down on her. A couple of the guys even promised to fuck her while she did it, but she wasn’t swayed by this argument and we backed off.

Kevin had been fondling my breasts and playing with my clit while all this had been going on and I was getting quite excited. I had been picturing a dogpile with us all fucking, licking and sucking each other (in a way that I’m sure would be physically impossible). I took over playing with my clit and came very quickly, then told Kevin that he could choose our position for him to finish off. I had been prepared to stay on top, but he wanted to switch round, so I dismounted him, lay on my back and let him lie on top of me. He quickly started fucking me quickly and said he wasn’t far off cumming, so I wrapped my legs around him and told him to empty his load deep into my cunt. He really hadn’t been far off cumming and soon moaned as his orgasm hit him. He stayed on top of me and we kissed while his cock deflated. When he pulled out, I gave him it a suck to clean it of my juices.

David was fucking Laura so I guessed he wasn’t going to want to fuck me again after all (not that I had really expected him to wait for me when he had a selection of other girls to choose from). Things were definitely winding down by this point but I wanted to take full advantage of the situation and asked Christine if she would be willing to give me a little lick as well. She gave in much quicker this time (not that I think she wanted to go down on me more than she had wanted to do Sara, but because she knew we would probably keep nagging her again until she did). She gave me little lick and then let me kiss her and have a fondle of her breasts. I told her that Emily’s cunt tasted even better than Sara’s (which Emily overheard) and Christine gave in straight away. Naturally, Laura wanted to be included as well and Christine also gave her a little lick.

While that had been going on, I asked Caroline if she was willing to taste me (I *had* eaten her and made her cum after all) and she said that she would do it for a little while, but only this one time. I sat on the sofa and watched her kneel between my legs and then felt her tongue press against my cunt. She didn’t eat me to orgasm, but licked for longer than Christine had. I watched Christine lick Emily and Laura and once Caroline had finished with me I thought that we should reward Christine for being more adventurous than usual.

All the girl-girl action had helped to coax a few of the guys to life (or semi-life). Bennet said he was willing to help ‘reward’ Christine and I whispered to him what I had in mind. He stayed on the sofa and called her over to him, then got her to sit on his cock, facing away from him. I told Laura what I had planned and Christine could tell from our whisperings that we were up to something, but she was on more familiar ground with a cock in her and she didn’t seem to mind. I noticed that Paul’s cock was looking rather stiff so suggested that Christine might be willing to help him out. She ended up stroking him and Laura and I moved over and played with her breasts. I then moved down her body until I was kneeling in front of her pussy and I watched Bennet’s cock sliding in and out of her cunt. I leaned forwards and touched my tongue to her clit and licked up and down, over her pussy and his cock. Between licks, I explained that this seemed like a fair reward for her bravery and told her that we would give her a good orgasm between us.

Laura and I took turns licking her while the other played with her breasts. As it was my idea, I felt that I deserved to be the one licking her when she came, and as she got close to cumming, I spent more time licking her clit than Bennet’s cock. Bennet came in her and stayed buried in her cunt, moving ever so slightly and I licked away at her clit properly. I know that he certainly helped out (as did Laura), but I was the one who really made her cum (and I was quite happy about this).
I actually wanted to cum again after all that. I knew what the answer would be, but I asked Hannah if she would consider giving me just a tiny lick (she wouldn’t). Emily said that she didn’t need to cum again, but reminded me that she hadn’t done anything to me (which I hadn’t realised as I had been concentrating on how nice her pussy had tasted). I told her that she could definitely eat me, but she had to let me eat her as well and managed to convince her to 69. Mike managed to convince Hannah to let him eat her (again) but she stayed on the sofa while Emily and I moved down onto the beds (which were somewhat cum-stained, but then again, so were we!)

I lay on my back and got Emily to climb over me. I told her I wasn’t going to hold back and pulled her cunt to my face. She tasted somewhat different than earlier (but I guess having however man guys’ cum in her would do that). She wasn’t anywhere near as sweet as before, but I intended to finish what I had started and I ate her quite forcefully. She did the same back to me and I could feel her pulling my lips open and spreading me wide. I allowed my nose to brush against her ass a few times – I had been avoiding any ass play – even with little Sara, but it felt right given how hard we were going at it. It wasn’t ‘real’ ass play anyway and I concentrated on her cunt and clit until she came. I didn’t stop eating her when she came, but she did a good job of enduring my attack and continuing to eat me back. It was only after I had cum that she pulled away and said she couldn’t take any more.


  1. Mike's brave man to go down on Hannah after so many had cum in her. My fiance has a big fetish of me eating her out after I have cum in her but I always chicken out after I have filled her.

  2. That was one of the things we had to consider before deciding to go to the party - he doesn't really like the idea of tasting another man's cum, but he doesn't mind eating his own out of me too much.

    I would strongly recommend that you go down on your fiancée - it's your cum after all and if she will really enjoy it, then it's worthwhile.

  3. I will in time as its not like i'm opposed. Only after I have cum the refractory period kicks in and I lose the courage.

    Its easily her number one kink and when she is feeling particularly dominant some nights and she knows I haven't cum in awhile, she loves to give me a hand job and make me lift my butt so I hit my own face. I don't mind as she really loves it.

    Great work on the blog by the way.

  4. I love going down on my girl after i have cum in her. Our juices together taste very good. She is very appriciative