Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Visiting Vicky - Part 3

The next morning, Mike was woken up by Vicky getting out of bed to visit the bathroom. Their clothes from the previous night were strewn throughout the hallway and bedroom and when Vicky returned he asked if she had enjoyed her night (she had). She could see that his cock was already hard (as it usually is whenever he wakes up – even apparently if there isn’t a naked woman with him) and asked if he wanted his morning session. Mike said that he had a better idea and that they should have breakfast first. They teased each other a little while they ate, but it wasn’t until they had finished that Mike opened her robe and lifted Vicky up onto the table. He spread her legs and had a quick lick of her pussy before asking her to play with herself.

She acted all shy and said that she couldn’t possibly do that in front of him, but Vicky isn’t good at playing innocent (at least not for long) so soon gave in and started to slowly stroke up and down her pussy and play with her nipples. Mike got her to spread her pussy lips so he could have a good look (and as payment, he gave her another few licks) and then sat back and watched while she masturbated for him. He slowly stroked himself and Vicky told him that he’d better not waste any cum but he assured her that his cum would end up inside her if that’s where she wanted it. Once she was obviously getting aroused, he asked if she wanted to finish herself off or wanted him to eat her – she opted for the latter and lay back on the table so he could push his head between her legs and lick her.

He took things quite slowly and enjoyed exploring her pussy once more – he even flicked his tongue over her ass a couple of times which made her jump but she didn’t say anything (good or bad) about it. He mostly concentrated on her pussy though and soon had her panting and asking to cum, but he kept her waiting for a while before giving her an orgasm. He then helped her sit up and pulled her down onto his lap, with his cock trapped between them. He told her that she could choose the place and position for what was likely to be their final fuck (or at least the last one where he would produce a reasonable amount of cum) and Vicky decided to go down the traditional route and move back into the bedroom.

They used the good old missionary position and had a long, slow fuck with lots of kissing. Only when they’d had enough of this did things get a bit more heated, Vicky wrapped her legs around him once again and the session gradually became more frenzied until they finished off slamming against each other. Mike said that he really wanted to cum in her mouth and over her, but he didn’t want to stop what they were doing and Vicky wanted his cum inside her again. He satisfied himself with emptying himself into her and they stayed locked together for a while after they’d finished (at least until Mike got soft and slipped out of Vicky’s now somewhat wet cunt).

After another doze, they showered and tidied up and Mike packed his things, ready to return home. He told Vicky that if she ever wanted to visit, she was more than welcome or failing that, he would be happy to visit her again if she ever felt that she was getting too horny (not that I think she would have trouble finding numerous other guys who would be willing to take care of her – either for a night or on a permanent basis – but at least with Mike she knows that he is clean and safe.

Mike thought that it was a shame that he hadn’t managed to get Vicky to twenty orgasms, but he snuck in an extra one (to take it to eighteen) by getting her to stand in front of a window looking out, while he knelt on the floor in front of her and pushed his head up her skirt to eat her. He made her cum and carried on eating – really intending to keep going until she came again, but her legs ended up feeling too shaky so he only got the one orgasm out of her. He did push back into her and held her up while they kissed, but didn’t fuck her.

They then headed into town for lunch and they had a big goodbye kiss at the station. He told Vicky that if she’d had a long coat on, he would have fondled her there and might have been able to get her to cum yet again and she promised that next time she would dress in a more (or less) suitable fashion.

My longer term readers might wonder how my (somewhat hypocritical) jealous side coped with hearing about all these things. I won’t pretend that I’ve quite gotten past thinking that Mike and Jen should be mine alone, but I’m much better than I used to be and anything that gave me any pangs of jealously while I was transcribing this, I just got Mike to do with me and I felt much better! As you’ll see from the next part – I wasn’t exactly being entirely faithful that weekend either (Note – neither of us – not Jen – are ever unfaithful, we only ever do things with other people if the other(s) are happy with it).

Anyway – back to my weekend which I’m only going to summarise as I’ve written enough for this week...

The Friday night was pretty much the same as usual – arrive, see people, fool around and go to bed to fuck. We had to be a little more careful than usual as neither Jen nor I had shaved for a couple of days, so there was no grinding against each other, but we did use tongues and fingers to 69 and cum. Likewise the next morning our session was a little subdued, but this was all in aid of something I’d planned.

We waited for Lis and Lucy to get up and once we’d all had breakfast, Jen told them that I needed a shave and asked if we could move into the bathroom to carry on chatting while she took care of me. They agreed and I removed my robe and climbed into the shower so I could hose my pussy down with warm water, then sat on the edge of the bath with my legs spread so Jen could lather and shave me. Once I was rinsed off, she licked around my pussy and having ensured there was no remaining hair, it was time to do her.

I pulled off Jen’s robe and we switched positions. Jen is a lot better at letting Lucy (as well as her other friends) see her completely exposed and I made the most of the opportunity by spreading her lips and taking my time, then thoroughly cleaning her pussy off and giving it a very thorough tongue test for any missed hairs. With our pussies nice and smooth – and Jen still sitting with her legs spread – I asked Lis how her shaving was going. She said that she was completely bald and I asked if I could see. Lucy looked a bit surprised when Lis parted her gown, but she pointed out that both Jen and I knew full well what her pussy was like. I was gently fondling Jen and had a finger slowly sliding in and out of her pussy and thought I may as well try, so I asked Lucy how she was shaved. Lis told us that Lucy was also completely bald and I asked if we were allowed to see. At first, Lucy said no (or more like ‘of course not’) but Lis encouraged her and in the end, she gave in and pulled her gown open. Jen said that I pushed my thumb much deeper into her pussy while I was looking at Lucy and I admired how well she had shaved herself. I didn’t get long to look though before she let her gown fall closed and asked if we were happy (which I said I was).

We moved into the living room and as a treat for having shown us their nicely shaved pussies, Jen and I put on a little show (we lay on the floor and 69ed in front of them). Jen and I then went to shower and I knew we’d gotten to Lis and Lucy as when we came out of the shower, we could hear them doing things together up in Lucy’s room. Just to be mean, we knocked on the door on the way past and told them that the shower was free once they had finished, then headed into Jen’s room to get ready. Most of the rest of the day was fairly usual (for a visit to Jen’s anyway) until we returned from our evening out, I found out that I had been nominated for a game.

Things started off in a familiar way and I was told that I was going to have to put on a show with messy masturbation including food. I had no objection to this and let my dress and bra be removed so I was naked (I was allowed to keep my socks on for some reason but I guess they weren’t really covering anything important). I don’t know why as the rest of the evening hadn’t been any different than normal, but people seemed to be in higher spirits than usual. I took my place up on the table as instructed and my legs were pulled wide apart. Julia took a banana, rubbed it up and down her own pussy (she still had her skirt on, but it wasn’t long so she had easy access) and then pushed it into me. I had been teased a little, but hadn’t cum all evening so I was certainly ready for some fun and as the banana started to slide in and out, I just lay back and enjoyed what was being done to me.

Things started to differ from usual around this point as various people took over pumping the banana into me and as time went on, a few more sets of hands joined in and fondled my breasts, thighs and pussy. Not everyone got involved, but I didn’t mind as it felt so good being the centre of attention. As expected, things got a little messier and someone poured some yoghurt over me. It felt very cold at first, but was soon rubbed in to my front and crotch. As I got closer to cumming, things got a bit more forceful and people groped my breasts harder, firmly squeezing them and a number of hands roamed around my pussy and clit. A part of me was curious as to who was actually touching me but I also tried not to pay too much attention as I really enjoyed just being randomly stimulated by ‘unknown’ people.

I knew that Jen was stroking my neck and someone else tried to help out with this, but they used much more force so it wasn’t that pleasant and I pushed their hand back down to my breasts. I told everyone that I was getting close to cumming and had my legs pulled farther apart and whoever was working the banana pumped it in and out pretty fast. I begged to have people touch and stroke my cunt (there didn’t seem to be any point in denying what I was feeling and wanted) and I felt a couple of hands tub around the area and over my clit. I came while imagining everyone around me naked and either fondling each other or playing with me. In my fantasy, the banana was a cock that was pumping cum into me and the other guys were cumming over me while the girls either knelt over me and rubbed against my breasts or squirted onto me so their juices joined the rest of the mess covering my body.

Needless to say, it was a fairly powerful orgasm and I was left somewhat breathless, but brought back to reality when the banana was pressed up against my lips and I was told to lick it clean. I opened my mouth and did as requested and when people pretended to be surprised I just made a comment about how pretty much every girl has tasted her own juices. Julia decided to help me demonstrate this and she pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy, then brought them to my mouth to suck clean. Mel did the same and asked if anyone else wanted to be inside me and I had a few more takers. Some of them just slid into me and out again while a couple of people actually played with me properly. I was paying attention while all this happened and I was delighted when Lis slipped her fingers into me.

I began to get fairly aroused again and asked people to keep going. Mel decided to offer me up to the guys and I was sufficiently far gone that I just said that as long as they wore a condom and didn’t mind people watching, they could use me if they wanted. Fortunately (or unfortunately – I haven’t quite decided) either nobody was interested in fucking me or they weren’t brave enough to do things with people watching and it fell to Jen to eat me. She quickly tied her hair back and my thighs were wiped clean before she pushed her head between my legs and lapped away at my clit. I could tell that she was going for the quick kill but that was fine with me as the yoghurt was getting a bit sticky and I wanted to shower (although the stickyness did help with my fantasy of being covered in group cum). I had my second orgasm fairly quickly after she had started licking but made sure that people could tell that I was cumming (they seem to like me making noise) and once I’d had a minute to rest, I was allowed to go and shower.

By the time I had returned, someone had cleaned up the table and people had mostly migrated into the living room. I was presented with the banana and told that seeing as I had ruined it, I should eat it. It was somewhat mushy and a little warm, but the insides had stayed inside so I wasn’t really sure what the big deal was and ate it. I then went to chat to Jen and find out how much of what had happened had been planned.

She told me that on the middle of the previous week, people had done something similar with Jules (but without the food) and group fondled her. She explained that was the reason that Jules had been given a night off as people thought it was only fair I take the brunt of the action and let her rest (as if Jules ever wants to rest from sex). I later thanked Lis for fingering me and she told me that Lucy had been stroking my body along with other people – Lucy claimed that she had just got caught up in the heat of the moment but I told her that I didn’t mind at all and she could play with me whenever she wanted – even if I wasn’t allowed to do the same to her.

I managed to co-opt Lucy and Lis into helping me get revenge on Jen. I knew that she wouldn’t let anyone else play with her pussy and wasn’t likely to let many people touch her (sexually) at all, but I did have Lis as my trump card. I got Jen up onto the sofa beside us and I gently fondled her breasts while we talked. After a little while, Lis joined in and stroked the other breast. Jen’s top was removed and we fondled her nipples directly until they were nice and hard, then I got Jen to lie down across Lis’ lap and with her head on a pillow on Lucy’s lap. This gave Lis good access to Jen’s nips and while she prefers larger breasts, she certainly knows what she is doing and carried on teasing Jen’s nips and getting her more and more aroused. I stroked Jen’s legs and slowly worked my hand up under her skirt until I made contact with her pussy. At first I kept her (mostly) covered while I played with her but as she started to push back against my hand, I lifted her skirt and pushed one of her legs down onto the floor so I (and everyone else) could watch my fingers rubbing up and down her wet pussy.

I was going to move off the sofa and go down on her, but Julia said that she would take care of things. I had actually really wanted to eat Jen as she felt quite wet and I love the squishy feeling of her soft pussy in my mouth, but I knew that I would be able to do things with her later when we went to bed so I allowed Julia to push her head between Jen’s legs and start to eat her. I carried on stroking Jen’s thighs and occasionally played with her clit but I also tried to nonchalantly chat with Lis while we both helped her cum (there wasn’t much point trying to chat to Jules as her mouth was somewhat busy). I could feel Jen squirming around on my lap and it was clear that she was getting close to cumming so I just watched her face as her orgasm hit and coursed through her. I could tell that it was fairly strong as she mewed her way through it (I know I don’t have many times to go on, but she usually tried to hide this when she cums in front of her friends). When Julia pulled away, I made sure that she kissed me so I could at least taste Jen’s juices.

I returned to gently stroking her pussy and only when Jen had completely calmed down did she ask for me to cover her up again (I allowed this and let her pull her skirt and top down – which given I’d had to stay naked after my shower, I thought this was fairly generous of me). I didn’t do anything else until we went to bed, but another couple fondled each other – most of the action was hidden by their clothes until they got close to finishing and we got to see a bit of cock and then a very wet patch on his underwear (he didn’t seem to mind though). I got to have my proper session with Jen in bed that night, but the next interesting thing happened the following morning...

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Visiting Vicky - Part 2

Jen has finished her exams now

He reached round and caressed her pussy, then knelt behind her, got her to spread her legs and pushed his tongue between her ass cheeks and lapped at the bottom of her pussy. He the stood up, undid his jeans and rubbed his cock between her legs. He pushed into her cunt and Vicky adjusted her position so she could lean against the sink and they started to fuck. Her gown was first undone and then removed and Mike reached round to fondle a breast with one hand and her clit with the other. As the session continued, Vicky lowered the upper half of her body until it was almost horizontal with her breasts hanging down, but just as the night before, she pushed back against Mike’s thrusts so he went deep into her. When he stood up straight, Mike had a good view of her cunt grasping at his cock as he pulled out and her lips being pushed into her as he thrust in. He gently rubbed a thumb over her ass and told her to ask him to cum in her (which she did).

After a bit if ass play with his thumb (no penetration, but definite pressure) he resumed playing with her clit and used long strokes in and out as he felt his orgasm building. He slowed his movements and told Vicky to keep telling him how close she was and when she was in the final spurt of ‘nearly there’s, he sped up his movements and told her he wanted them to cum together. Mike held himself as close to the edge as he could until Vicky said she was about to cum and then after a few hard thrusts (and Vicky’s moans) he came inside her. He said that it felt like he didn’t cum too much (after Vicky had sucked him mostly dry), but the timing worked out quite well and he could feel her cumming around him after he had finished. They stayed in that position for a minute and when Vicky pulled away, she immediately turned around and kissed him, nestling her pussy up against his cock so as his cum leaked out of her, some of it dribbled down over his balls. He thinks that she did this on purpose because once they had kissed, she knelt in front of him and licked up and down his cock and over his balls, cleaning him of their juices.

Mike felt that it was only fair that if she cleaned him, he should do the same to her so once she stood up, he lifted her up onto the counter, pulled her forwards so her ass was right at the edge and then knelt and lapped at her pussy. He hadn’t intended to make her cum and was only going to lick her until she said she’d had enough, but she responded quite well to his ministrations so he carried on until she was moaning and had his head pressed against her pussy. He sucked on her clit until she came, then helped her down and they went to sit down on the sofa to relax for a while.

They chatted for a while until Vicky said she was going to shower. Mike asked her if she wanted him to do her back and they ended up showering together. He washed her hair and made sure that her breasts and pussy were thoroughly clean, then she cleaned off his (hard) cock. Once dried off, they got ready to head out for the day and Mike convinced Vicky to go without panties. They spent the day wandering around the shops and had a nice lunch. While she was using him to help select looked around but nobody was near them so she let him play with her pussy for a short while – not enough to cum, but enough to get his fingers wet enough to taste her.

Mike knows that Vicky has done a few adventurous things in the past and he teased her about some of them and asked if she was still as ready to experiment. She asked what he had in mind and they ended up down a dead-end alleyway with Vicky holding her skirt up and Mike kneeling in front of her, eating her. He made her cum and when Vicky asked if he was as adventurous he said that he didn’t want to cum again as he wanted some left for later on, but he gladly let her kneel in front of him and suck him for a bit. Before they left, he had her up against the wall and pushed into her – he would have quite happily cum in her, but knew that he was unlikely to produce much at that point and really did want to have some left for that night, so after a brief semi-fuck, they straightened themselves up and rejoined the masses.

In order to make up for the less than salubrious location of their afternoon fuck, Mike promised to take Vicky out somewhere nice for dinner. She had already arranged to meet up with some of her work friends to introduce him to them so they settled on an early(ish) dinner and meeting people a little later than originally planned. They spent the late afternoon sitting on the sofa chatting, one at each end with their legs pointing towards each other. This allowed Mike to fondle Vicky’s legs (she does have quite good legs and legs are Mike’s second favourite thing after pussy). As the conversation went on, he pulled her closer to him and his hands roamed higher up her thighs. He pointed out that if she were to cum again now, she would have cum 10 times in the previous 24 hours and she agreed that it would be better to reach a round number. She asked if they should move into the bedroom and Mike suggested they stay where they were and see how things went.

He carried on gently stroking her legs, but also brushed his hands over her pussy from time to time. Vicky ended up lying on her side with one leg bent and Mike lay facing her so he count get his mouth to her pussy. Vicky didn’t just lie there, but undid his jeans and freed his cock, then took it in her mouth. With a bit of shuffling around, Mike lost his jeans and Vicky ended up on top of him in a 69 position so they could eat each other. They carried on like this for a while and Mike said that he could easily cum, but wanted to be inside Vicky when he did so. The rest of their clothes were quickly removed and they ended up back on the sofa with Mike on top of Vicky, her legs wrapped around him and them both thrusting against each other. To finish up, Mike knelt up and pumped into Vicky while playing with her clit and once she had cum, he came inside her. This time, he stayed buried in her for a while and just lay down on top of her so they could kiss and keep each other warm – at least until it was time for them to get ready to go out.

Vicky wore a medium length skirt (suitable both for dinner and dancing with her friends) but this time she insisted on wearing panties as she didn’t want Mike’s cum leaking out and staining her dress. They went to a fairly nice place for dinner (and I’ve been promised a nice dinner to make up for it) and the conversation made its way round to Lis. Vicky admitted that she thought she shouldn’t have split up with Lis and missed her, but she is genuinely happy that Lis is happy with Lucy. (Vicky has a fairly mature attitude to life and Mike thinks that given the conversation they were having, if she really wanted Lis back, she would have said so). Mike really likes both Lis and Vicky (in the sense of friends – not just wanting to fuck them) and even though he really likes Lucy as well (possibly more in the sense of wanting to repeatedly fuck her) he would like Lis and Vicky to get back together. I’m sure that his fantasy of having a threesome with them – which now he’s slept Vicky might be slightly more likely – has nothing to do with it (but I guess it means that he realises that he stand absolutely no chance of ever getting to do anything with Lucy). He does appreciate though that Lis really seems to love Lucy and he wants them to be happy.

Mike kindly offered the services of Jen and I, should Vicky ever decide that she wanted a woman’s touch again and mentioned just how much Jen especially would love to have a chance to play with her breasts. This made Vicky blush and Mike took advantage of the situation and teased her relentlessly about it (also trying to cheer her up and take her mind off the Lis conversation). They finished their coffee with a much lighter chat and then headed off to meet up with Vicky’s work friends in a pub.

Mike was introduced and he chatted with a number of them, explaining a few times how he knew Vicky (through me). A few of them thought it was a little odd that I didn’t mind him visiting Vicky and staying with her but Vicky pointed out that he was married (which technically wasn’t denying the fact that he had been fucking her since he arrived). After the pub, they went on to a club and danced (well, Vicky danced, Mike’s dancing isn’t much better than mine). They headed home fairly late and Mike found out about something Lis had hinted at (but I can’t remember if I ever told him). Vicky really enjoys her dancing (and as I’ve said before, she is very good at it) and when she’s had a good night’s dancing, she often gets quite worked up and very horny. Lis has told me that some of her best sessions with Vicky had been after they’d been out with people and had gone clubbing, then back home for a fairly serious session.

It was pretty much as soon as Mike and Vicky separated from the rest of the group that Mike realised what sort of mood Vicky was in. They stopped off and kissed a little on the way but Mike couldn’t find a suitable place to do much more so they ended up hurrying home. As soon as they were inside, they started to pull off each other’s clothes and quickly moved into the bedroom. Mike asked Vicky what she wanted to do and she said that she didn’t care so he pushed her down onto the bed and buried his face between her legs. He quickly ate her to her first orgasm of the night, briefly kitty kissed her and then climbed on top of her to kiss her properly. He didn’t bother cleaning his face off his time but she didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that her juices were smeared around his mouth and they kissed as he pushed his cock into her. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deeper in while telling him to fuck her.

Mike was more than happy to oblige and they rolled around on the bed while he thrust into her and she pushed back. Vicky ended up on top, riding him, sliding up and down on his cock while he played with her clit. She asked him to hold her breasts and he did as requested, one in each hand, squeezing them and rubbing her nipples. Mike told her that when she got close to cumming (although not too close) he would start to fuck her properly and Vicky played with her clit to help things along. She told him that she could feel her orgasm beginning to build so he pulled her down on top of him, grabbed her ass and started to pump into her with long strokes. As his movements slowly sped up, he told her how he was going to fuck her right through her orgasm and how he would pound her tight cunt with his cock.

He had a tight grasp on Vicky’s ass and guided her up and down in time with his thrusts, all the time telling her how good her cunt felt and how he wanted to feel it cum around his cock (as much as both Mike and I enjoy this position, he’s moving way too fast to actually feel Vicky, me or anyone actually cum around him). He was pounding into Vicky at full speed and she was panting, saying that she was about to cum and he told her to keep telling him what she could feel. She kept saying how good his cock felt and how deep he was inside her and then came, moaning and panting into his ear. As promised, Mike didn’t let up and pumped away until she had finished cumming, then asked if she wanted him to fill her with cum. Vicky told him to give her everything he had and he carried on pumping until he felt his orgasm building, told her he was about to cum and then emptied himself inside her. He doesn’t know how much he actually came, but it felt quite strong and he tried to hold Vicky very still while he recovered. She seemed to realise what he was doing though and sat up so she could slowly rock back and forth.

Mike was still rather sensitive and tried to get her to stop moving, but the best he could manage was to get her to easy off slightly. Vicky teased him and said that he had better be prepared to play some more so he promised her that he would happily finger, eat and fuck her as much as she wanted. Vicky was definitely in a playful mood and asked if there was anything he wanted her to do. Mike thought about this for a minute and asked her to put on some black tights for him. As soon as Vicky had obliged, he stroked her legs (as I’ve said, she does have pretty nice legs). He played with her breasts while he stroked her and once he got to the point of humping against her, he tore the crotch of her tights (the key here is to make a small hole and then tear) and started to finger her properly. He ended up with two and then three fingers inside her and his thumb on her clit and she begged him to fuck her again. He told her that he’d promised to finger, eat and fuck her, and that was exactly what he was going to do, but in that order. He carried on fingering her and ended up using his other hand to play with her clit until she came, then immediately went down on her and kitty kissed her.

Vicky seemed to have figured out what to expect and she let him keep licking her gently and told him when he could be a bit more aggressive. He did as asked and began to eat her harder and faster until she came yet again while his tongue pushed into her and lapped all around her pussy and clit. He then returned to kitty kissing to help bring her back down and give her time to recover and once her breathing was back to normal, he climbed up and pushed into her while giving her a big kiss.

Vicky told him that she wasn’t used to cumming quite that much, but that it felt good and she wanted him to cum again. Mike happily pumped into her and got her to describe what she could feel, then said that to finish off, he wanted to use a different position. He got Vicky to stand up and asked her where she kept her vibrators – Vicky blushed a bit but told him and he pulled out a couple, then asked her to turn off the lights and open the curtains. He pushed her up against the window and slipped back into her, then pulled out and got her to turn around. Vicky leant against the window and Mike slid into her from behind, then reached around, got a hold of the front of her tights and tore them properly. He did the same at the back so that her whole groin was properly exposed and then pressed her up against the window again so her breasts were flattened against the glass (which was apparently cold). They then fucked and Mike leant round and pressed one of the vibes against Vicky’s clit.

He pulled her away from the window and cupped one of her breasts, holding the other vibe against her nipple (Lis told us that Vicky liked this) and after a bit more fucking, pushed her back up against the window again so the vibe was trapped and made a loud buzzing sound. Vicky didn’t seem to mind the chance that someone might see them and happily pushed back against his cock while he told her he wanted to feel her cum around him again. As much as Mike liked this position, he couldn’t really move enough so they ended up with Vicky bent over her desk (still with the vibes pressed against her nipple and clit) and Mike fucked her with long strokes. He would have really liked to be able to see properly and watch his cock sliding into her, but they had already moved once and he didn’t want to pause to turn on the light, so he had to make do with the light coming in the window. Vicky was getting quite close to cumming and he eased off with the vibe on her pussy until he caught up, then reapplied it and fucked her until she came. He came very soon after, pushed deep into her and leant over her so he could kiss her back. They then retired to bed and Vicky said that she didn’t think she could take any more so they just chatted (not that I think Mike could have done much more by that point either). Before they fell asleep, he did slide back into her and they spooned, but I think that was mostly habit on his part.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Visiting Vicky - Part 1

The second weekend in March I went down to visit Jen and Mike headed off to visit Vicky. I’m going to mostly concentrate on his visit as I’ve been writing a lot recently and I want to try to catch up to the present a bit.
Mike has been in regular contact with Vicky since she left York and she still flirts with him as much as ever. A part of me had thought that her flirting was just a cover for her secret relationship with Lis, but it seems that she might actually be attracted to him. I don’t mean to sound surprised by this – I obviously like him (just a little bit) but I don’t expect everyone to have the same tastes I do. Mike managed to get away from work a little early so he could head down and arrive at a sensible time. The two of them went out for dinner on the Friday night (nowhere fancy, but it gave them a chance to catch up in a relatively quiet environment).

Mike obviously wanted something to happen between them but he was unsure whether Vicky’s flirting was only flirting or whether she was really interested. After dinner, they went to a pub and carried on chatting - they discussed Lis and how she was doing with Lucy (Vicky actually seemed to be interested in this and said she was glad that Lis was happy). They flirted quite a bit more and ended up walking back to Vicky’s place arm in arm. They chatted for a while longer after they had got indoors and Mike said that it was obvious he was interested and he thought that she was too, but she still hadn’t said anything specific. In the end, Mike asked her where he was going to sleep and Vicky said that he could use the sofa. He said that was a pity as he was hoping to be able to use the bed and Vicky coyly replied that I (me) might not like it if he were to share a bed with her. He told her that I was fine with it and given I’d got to do things with Lis, I thought it only fair that he should get to spend some time with Vicky (assuming she wanted to of course).

Technically, neither of them had said that they wanted to fuck but the atmosphere was fairly intense and Vicky asked him if she should give me a call just to check. Mike told her to go ahead and stroked up her outer thigh but Vicky decided to trust him (either that or she didn’t care if I minded – I hope it was the former), took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom. There was a bit of an awkward moment until they kissed, but once things got started, they fell onto the bed and rolled around, kissing caressing and grinding against each other.

Vicky was sitting over Mike and he pulled her skirt up so her panties could get better contact with his crotch. He knows that Vicky is rather proud of her chest (her breasts are about the same size as mine) and he also knows from Lis that Vicky quite enjoys breast play so used this inside knowledge, undid her blouse and spent a good while suckling on her breasts and nipples. At first he played with them while keeping her bra on, but this eventually came off and he took turns teasing each of her nips, keeping them hard while his leg pressed against her crotch. She seemed quite aroused and he really wanted to get down between her legs to see what her pussy was like. He slipped a hand between her legs first and caressed her through her panties, then slipped a couple of fingers under the beg band and felt her wetness as her rubbed up and down her slit. Just so he knew what he was getting into, he rubbed his fingers over one of her nipples and took it into his mouth so he could taste her. We know that Lis has said that Vicky tastes good, but he was still quite surprised at how good – she wasn’t anywhere near as sweet as Emily, but still better (in his opinion) than Julia or Sara so he was even more eager to get down and taste her properly.

He kissed down across her stomach and started to kiss and lick her through her panties. He didn’t do this for long though and soon pulled the material to the side so he could lick her properly. He said she appeared to be quite wet (but I guess he had been playing with her breasts for a while and grinding against her) and between licks he got a good look at her pussy. He reminded her that she had showed herself to him in the park back in York (she had sat so he could look up her skirt), but said that now he could see her properly her pussy looked beautiful (if you haven’t guessed, Mike is a pussy man). Her lips were shaved but as he pulled the panties aside more to lick her clit, he saw a small patch of short hair on her mons. Mike explored her cunt with his tongue, inside and out, but took care not to make her cum too quickly. Only when Vicky started to beg to cum did he get really serious and eat her properly. It took hardly any time from this point and she came while holding his head hard against her with her legs.

She released him when her orgasm ended, but he wanted to get her in the mood to do more as quickly as possible so he stayed where he was and gently kitty kissed her, savouring her juices and once again exploring the textures of the different parts of her pussy. He discovered that she enjoyed it when he sucked her lips into his mouth and played with them and as she got more aroused, he added a couple of fingers and started to slowly fuck her with them. When it was clear that she was ready for more, he sat up, wiped his face clean and pulled off her panties and skirt. He quickly removed his own clothes and climbed on top of her, rubbing his cock against her hot wet cunt.

She immediately kissed him and wrapped her legs around him – he asked if she wanted him to wear a condom but she said he could fuck her as he was if he wanted. He rubbed his cock up and down her pussy a while longer, partly to tease her and partly as it felt good. Mike knows that Vicky isn’t an entirely sweet and innocent girl (from their flirting, her dirty sense of humour and information from Lis) so he whispered into her ear and asked what she wanted him to. Vicky played coy and said (in her best sweet and innocent voice) that she couldn’t possibly say things like that k against so Mike just kept teasing her and tried to slide against her clit as much as possible. Vicky ended up humping back against him and he pointed out that she didn’t seem to mind what he was doing to her. She agreed with this so he asked if she wanted him inside her. She did but he carried on just teasing her and asked if she wanted him to fuck her (she did), to slide his cock into her (she did) and to fill her cunt with his cum (she did).

They were both panting by this time and Mike repositioned the head of his cock and slowly pressed into her. He went slowly, even though his cock was more than adequately lubricated with her juices and she told him off for teasing her. Mike said that they had plenty of time and that he would make sure she came as much as she wanted. She made him promise to do just that and he said that he would fuck, finger and eat her tight little cunt for as long as she wanted. Vicky pulled him harder against her and they kissed while they started to hump against each other. Mike really wanted to cum, but he had promised Vicky a good ride so he held back and fucked her until she was panting and saying she was getting close. He didn’t want to hold back any longer so reached down around her legs and found her clit with his fingers. He fondled it until Vicky started to cum and then pumped into her with longer harder strokes and fucked her the whole way through her orgasm. He knew he wasn’t far off cumming and he kissed her hard and told her he was about to cum in her. She told him to let her have his load and he pushed as deep into her as he could and moaned as his cum squirted into her.

He stayed in her and they kissed while he recovered until Vicky said that she wanted to help clean him up. He rolled off her and she knelt up beside him, stroked his cock and then bent over to take it in her mouth. She licked up and down the shaft and sucked a good length of it into her mouth. When she released it, she commented on how much of his cum had leaked out of her and how she had almost forgotten what that felt like. He told her that she could have more if she wanted and she said that she would take him up on that offer once she’d had a chance to catch her breath. They ended up spooning with Mike’s cock pressed up against her ass and he reached round to fondle her breasts. He also remembered something I’d told him that Lis had said and he slid a hand down to her mons and gently played with her patch of pubic hair.

This progressed to him stroking his fingers back and forth over her clit and she asked if he was ready to do anything more. He answered her by pushing his cock against her pussy and easily sliding in. This time, he kept his fingers on her clit and stroked her the whole time while he fucked her. He got her to tell him what she could feel and moved in her the way she asked him to do until she came. He didn’t cum again but promised her that he would do so again before they went to sleep and they kissed for a while longer.

He rubbed his cock against her cunt again and then said it was time to go and explore her pussy once more. He kissed down to her cunt and kissed all around it. He could still taste his cum on and in her, but he could also taste her so he enjoyed another tasty Vicky snack and ate her to orgasm yet again. He kitty kissed her for a short while after this and then kissed his way back up her body to have another session with her breasts. Apparently Vicky’s breasts are relatively sensitive so once Mike had played with them for a while, she was up for another (but final) round so he could cum again. They finished up doing doggy style and Mike alternated between reaching around to fondle Vicky’s breasts and her pussy. Vicky was surprisingly energetic in this position and pushed back hard against his thrusts. He asked if she enjoyed having his cock deep inside her and she pushed back even harder so he used long strokes, going as deep as he could until she was about to cum, then switched to faster strokes so he wouldn’t be too far behind her. He emptied himself in her again and stayed pressed as deep in her as he could get while he caressed her ass and eventually pulled out.

Vicky couldn’t believe that he’d made her cum five times but he just reminded her that he’d promised to fuck her as much as she’d wanted. They spooned again and Mike asked if he could go back inside her while they fell asleep. Vicky couldn’t believe that he was still hard but he pointed out that he’d only cum twice. He gently played with her breasts and pubic hair as she dozed off and thinks that he was still hard when she fell asleep, but he softened before he dozed off and slipped out of her.

When he woke up in the morning, Vicky was lying against him and he could feel her breasts pressing against his side. He wanted to wake her up in our traditional way and slowly moved away from her, then crawled under the covers and kissed around her pussy until she moved her legs apart. Vicky had already started to wake up by this point but was still mostly asleep – it was only when Mike started to lick her properly that she came fully to and said that it felt good. With her legs fully open, he could get to work properly and he lapped around her cunt. Vicky said that she really needed to pee but he told her to wait and just hold it in. He didn’t try to tease her for too long, but neither did he go straight for the kill, so she was fairly turned on by the time she actually came.

He climbed up her body and slid straight into her but she said that she really needed to pee or she was going to burst so he let her visit the bathroom and waited for her return. When she came back, she said that it was time for her to have some fun (and up until that point Mike had thought that she’d been having fun with him eating her!). Vicky crouched beside his cock and took it in her mouth. She sucked and rubbed his cock and balls – he had to tell her to be gentl.e with his balls as one is rather sensitive, and she moved her attention back to his cock. Between sucks she said that she wanted to make him cum and he warned her that he would still want to give her a morning fuck, which Vicky said was fine. At one point she took her hair and wrapped it around his cock, then used her hand to rub up and down the shaft and over the head. This felt great but she only did it for a short while before freeing his cock and enveloping the head with her mouth again. She alternated between sucking the head and getting a fair amount of his cock into her mouth and he told her that he was getting close. She kept his cock in her mouth and licked around the head. He told her he was just about to cum but she didn’t change what she was doing and he felt his cum squirt out into her mouth. As soon as he started to cum, she changed her sucking to be gentler and bobbed her head up and down, taking everything he was emptying into her. She sucked until he had finished cumming, then licked around his cock and pulled away.

He thanked her and asked if she had swallowed all his cum, to which she replied that he had eaten her a few times so it was only fair she did the same to him. His cock was still twitching and she asked if he was still going to fuck her – he replied that he was, but he might need a few minutes to recover first. They decided that some breakfast might be a good idea until round two and moved into the kitchen. Vicky just pulled her robe on and Mike pulled on his jeans. They prepared and ate breakfast together and while Vicky was standing at the sink washing up, Mike moved up behind her and lifted her robe.

Monday, 21 May 2012

The House Hunt - Part 2

Jen removed her shorts and top so she just had her tights on and I let Mike have another play with her. He once again stroked her thighs and around her pussy and I played with her breasts until she was begging to be allowed to cum. I then whispered to her that it was time to give Mike something he really wanted and Jen agreed (she had agreed to this beforehand – it wasn’t just her horniness talking). I told Mike to pull Jen’s tights off and then to stand against the wall. Jen stood in front of him, facing away from him and I knelt in front of her and pulled is cock through her legs and nestled it against her pussy. This was exactly what Mike and I had done with Sue over a year ago and so we knew how best to make it work (okay, so we weren’t exactly experts in this position, but we had an idea of what we were doing).

Mike slid his cock back and forth between Jen’s lips – not entering her of course, just sliding along the length of her cunt. I positioned my head in front of her pussy and let his cock enter my mouth as her pushed forwards – at which point I would flick the head with my tongue and taste Jen’s juices off him. Mike was allowed to reach round and cup Jen’s breasts, giving them a good fondle. I tried to avoid much direct contact with Jen’s pussy as I knew she was much closer to cumming that Mike so the only stimulation she got was from his cock rubbing against her. As Mike got closer to cumming, I pushed his cock harder against Jen’s cunt and he rubbed bck and forth with small rapid movements while I flicked over his glans and Jen’s clit. They were both fairly close by this point so I got Mike to pull back slightly so I could lick the head of cock and Jen’s clit with each lick and told them they had to stay in that position until they had both cum. Mike said he was really close and I felt his cum squirt out into my mouth and over my face. I tried not to swallow too much as I wanted to lap it into Jen’s cunt when we had finished, but it took a little longer for Jen to cum so a fair amount of it leaked out of my mouth and dripped down my face and body. Mike stayed in place until Jen also came and I actually felt her shudder as her orgasm pulsed through her.

Once Mike’s cock was out of the way, I licked his remaining cum into Jen and we all moved over onto the bed to relax. Jen’s nipples looked very hard and somewhat pink and I found out that Mike had been pulling and pinching them fairly hard for the latter part of the session (Jen likes this, but she doesn’t usually let Mike play with her breasts in case it leads to other things – but seeing as his cock was already nestled against her cunt, she thought she may as well enjoy herself).

I sucked Mike’s cock clean of Jen’s juices and then thought that as I had been generous enough to let them cum first, it was time for them to service me. I ended up lying at an angle across the bed so my head was dangling down over the edge. Jen lay between my legs so she could lick and finger me and Mike knelt or stood by my head so he could either rub his cock over my neck or kiss and stroke it. I ended up sucking his cock a little as well, but this time was mostly about making me cum. Mike also fondled my breasts (much more gently than he had done with Jen’s – I don’t enjoy pain there – or anywhere really) and I could feel my orgasm rapidly building. I told them I was getting close but that I wanted to cum fairly quickly so we could do more and they obliged. Mike kissed and stroked my neck and Jen ate and fingered me until I came – and they kept going until my orgasm had completely ended. Jen helped to bring me back down with a bit of kitty kissing and when I finally climbed back up onto the bed properly, they said that I looked very flushed from all the blood having run to my head.

I needed a little time to recover before starting my next plan, but I spent the time getting a few things ready. Once everything was gathered (and I was ready for round two), I applied a bit of tingle gel to Jen’s pussy and then applied a coating to a small (but powerful) anal vibe. I inserted this into Jen’s cunt and got her to put on a pair of my seamless tights. They aren’t quite opaque (although not far off) but we could see Jen’s pussy through the crotch. I chose these as they feel very soft and smooth, which was ideal for what I had in mind.

Ever since I’d found out about Mike fucking Emily while helping her to double-lick Sara, I had wanted to try this. Obviously Mike wasn’t going to be allowed to fuck Jen so I had decided to settle for the next best thing. Jen lay on her back and I climbed over her face, facing away from her body and mostly lying down on the bed. Mike then had to climb between Jen’s legs and hump against her crotch. This allowed Jen to eat my pussy, Mike to take my ass and Mike and Jen to dry hump. I thought that this was idea, and didn’t realise the flaw in my plan until it was too late.

A couple of times I lifted myself off Jen’s face so I could ask (and she could reply) as to whether she was enjoying herself. She said that between the vibe, the tingle gel and Mike’s humping, she was enjoying herself, but didn’t know if she would actually cum. Mike was a bit more positive and said the material of the tights felt wonderful (and I’m sure the fact that Jen’s pussy was just on the other side of that material may have influenced him just a little). Having both their tongues able to freely work on me felt wonderful and Mike alternated between licking over my ass and spearing it and sliding his tongue down to my cunt. I could feel that he was not just licking in my cunt, but his tongue was making contact with Jen’s as well and I felt really happy that we had progressed to this stage. I imagined all the things we could do if we ever got to have ‘proper’ threesomes.

I got a bit distracted in one of these fantasies and before I knew it, I could feel my orgasm rapidly building. It was too late to do anything about it so I just let myself cum and enjoyed the feeling. The part I hadn’t thought through was that neither Mike nor Jen are known for always stopping when I’ve cum. This was one of those times and even when my orgasm had ended, they both kept licking away at me. My orgasm had been pretty strong itself, but the stimulation felt stronger and stronger as time went on. I tried to pull away, but with them both holding onto me I didn’t stand much of a chance and had to resign myself to letting them have their way. I was fairly certain that I could feel Mike’s breath getting faster and I could certainly feel the bed moving as he humped against Jen, but this seemed to go on for quite a while and I realised that I was actually going to cum again (i find it harder at times like this to feel the beginnings of the build up of my orgasm). I told them I was getting close and Jen sucked my clit into her mouth and stacked it with her tongue (her oral stamina has certainly increased over the years). My second orgasm was much sharper and I cried out quite a bit, but the assault didn’t stop and I wondered if they were just going to carry on forever.

Fortunately, Mike came and I was released. I turned around and watched as he rubbed his cock (which looked a bit pink from all the friction) against Jen’s cum-covered tights and Jen said that the vibe in her was beginning to feel uncomfortable. I didn’t want her to suffer, but I also had to get revenge so I got the strongest vibrating egg we have and held it against her clit (through the tights) and told her that she couldn’t take the vibe out until she’d cum. Fortunately for her, Mike’s rubbing had done a fair amount to stimulate her so it only took a minute or so before she came (she was also quite loud) and I then allowed her to reach into her tights and remove the vibe (she had to stand up to let it slide out of her pussy).

I made her pull the tights back up and I rubbed Mike’s cum over her pussy. As hot as the session had been, between over-stimulation and 1st degree friction burns, we were pretty much done for the night. We weren’t quite ready to fall asleep so we discussed the plans we had for the upcoming weekends. I was between Mike and Jen and I could feel Mike pressed up against my ass. His cock still felt quite warm but after a while he said that it no longer felt so tender and he was able to slide into me. I hadn’t expected to do anything more that night, but all the talk about what we were going to do with people in the future had gotten me quite aroused and I ended up being fucked by Mike while he kissed the side of my neck and Jen kissed the front of it and played with my breasts. I ended up reaching into Jen’s tights to play with her clit – at first she said she didn’t need to cum, but I insisted and she relented. Mike didn’t actually cum again (and even if he had, I doubt he would’ve had much cum left), but he said he enjoyed the session. With that out of the way, we were finally tired enough to sleep and eventually drifted off.

Mike made up for not cumming a third time the following morning and instead of our usual gentle licking session to wake up, I ended up on all fours, eating Jen, while he fucked me doggystyle. It was certainly a more efficient way for us all to get our morning orgasms and meant that we could get up and have a nice breakfast together in comfort.

I decided that Jen really deserved some sort of reward for having played so much with Mike and quietly asked Mike if he was willing to play along (he was). Jen and I went to shower together but before we had gotten too far I told Jen that it was time for something she enjoyed. Given we were in the shower, it wasn’t too difficult for her to guess what I was offering. I gave her the choice of which position she wanted to be in and she said that she would sit down so she could use the shower on herself. I stood in front of her and told her that if she wanted, we could always get Mike to help – at first Jen thought that he would just end up with an erection again and wouldn’t be of much use but I told her that I had pre-warned him and if she wanted, he was ready. Jen said that if he could help, she would enjoy it more so I called Mike in and told him that we were ready.

Mike stood at the side of the bath and watched Jen use the shower on her pussy. She got me to step forwards a bit so she could also eat me while she played with herself. I told her that she didn’t need to worry about playing with me, but she wanted to taste me at the same time and I wasn’t going to object. Mike was clearly having to concentrate to keep himself from getting a full erection and a few times he looked away and examined other parts of the bathroom in detail until his cock softened again. As Jen got closer to cumming, I stepped back and Mike offered me an arm to help stabilise me and I watched as Jen got more flushed as her orgasm approached. I told Mike when to start and we both peed on her – mostly on her stomach pussy and breasts (although my aim wasn’t quite as good as Mike’s – for fairly obvious reasons). We had started just before she came so managed to keep going until she was a fair way into her orgasm (and was peeing herself – although the spray from the shower that she had aimed at her pussy meant that this didn’t really go anywhere).

By the time Jen had finished cumming, Mike had lost the battle to keep his cock down and it was proudly standing to attention. I told him he would have to wait as Jen and I now needed to finish our shower (and it’s not as if he never teases me). He left us to it and Jen and I spent a while washing each other down and she thanked me for indulging her fetish. When we left the shower, Mike was lying on the bed but he went in to shower without trying to do anything (he gave me a quick fondle, but not in a serious way). By the time he returned, I was dressed and Jen was ready (but still naked as we weren’t going out anywhere). We stayed in the flat and looked on line for more places to rent so Mike and I could investigate them, had a light lunch and it was eventually time to get Jen to the airport.

Before I allowed her to get dressed, I gave her pussy a good licking, but didn’t allow her to cum. I then had her lie on the bed while Mike stood beside her and I gave his cock a good suck. I let him finish himself off so he could aim at Jen and he came over her breasts and stomach. I massaged this in, rubbing his cum up as far as her neck and (of course) down between her legs, over and into her pussy. Once she was suitably coated I gave his cock a suck clean, then kissed Jen so she could taste his cum (although I’d probably only got a couple of drops out of him as he had squeezed himself dry over her). I allowed her to get dressed and we headed off to the airport. Both Mike and I got a goodbye kiss before she went through security but she warned Mike that he wouldn’t get to play with her like that all the time and he assured her that doing it occasionally was fine with him.

Later that night, Mike gave me a good number of orgasms to repay me for the weekend – I was eaten, double fingered (a thumb in both pussy and ass) and fucked. I had one more surprise for him and presented him with a pair of Jen’s panties that I had stuffed into her pussy while he’d been in the shower. He inhaled her scent from these while I knelt on the bed and he fucked me. I also had the powerful anal vibe in my ass which helped increase the sensation for both of us and once we had cum, we rolled over onto our sides and Mike stayed buried in me and enjoyed the buzzing (which kept him hard for quite a while).

Friday, 18 May 2012

The House Hunt - Part 1

During the first week in March, Jen came up to visit to help look for a new place to live (plus I’d only spent one weekend at home since the start of the year). She arrived early on the Friday evening and joined us for drinks with some of Mike’s work colleagues. This was the first time they had met her and some of them knew a little about our unique relationship so they asked us lots of questions (some of them not entirely appropriate), but we coped fairly well and they seemed to be mostly satisfied with our responses.

We headed back home and had a look online at some of the places we were going to view and then got ready for bed. We all climbed under the covers and Jen complained about having stiff shoulders, so Mike offered to give her a massage. This meant that he got to sit over her and as he rubbed back and forth, he leant forwards so his cock pressed against her lower back. I let him work on her for a while until she felt a bit better and then decided it was time for some fun.

I lay on my back and got Jen to climb over me – while we 69ed, Mike rubbed his cock between Jen’s ass cheeks. This had the unfortunate side effect of his balls hanging down onto my face, but I concentrated on eating Jen and enjoyed what she was doing to me. After a while, Mike left us to finish each other off and just watched while gently playing with himself. Once Jen and I had cum, it was his turn - I lay on my side and let him spoon behind me. He slid into my cunt and I got Jen to lie facing us so I could use a vibe on her pussy. This meant that while we fucked (or were stimulated), we could all watch each other (or at least Mike and I could watch Jen and she could watch us). Mike gave me a good deep fucking – he didn’t move a great deal, but stayed pressed inside me moving a little while I contracted myself around him. My pussy feels really filled in this position and he whispered in my ear how hot and soft my cunt felt. As he got closer to cumming, he started to nibble my earlobe and tell me how he was going to cover e inside of my cunt with his cum.

All through this he had been playing with my clit and I had continued to use the vibe on Jen. She came first and we enjoyed the sight of her orgasm face before concentrating on our own pleasure. Because he doesn’t move as much in this position, it is more about rhythm so it was harder to time our orgasms. It became clear that Mike was going to cum first and he kept playing with my clit, but I encouraged him to let go and enjoy the feeling. I heard him moan as he started to cum and he pressed even harder into me. He stayed inside me after he’d cum and carried on playing with my clit and telling me how hot and wet my cunt was (mostly thanks to him by that point). When I came, I had to look Jen directly in the eyes and concentrate on her and once my orgasm ended, she leaned over and gave me a big kiss.

Mike stayed inside me for a while as we chatted and I told Jen some of the things she would have to do over the weekend. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be so I wasn’t going to be able to send her out in as flimsy a dress as I’d wanted (I want her to feel exposed, not to catch pneumonia), but I was sure we could find other ways to amuse ourselves. When it was time to go to sleep, Mike and I switched places so he could sleep between Jen and I. We’d been getting a lot of comments on the blog over the past week or so prior to Jen’s visit about what she and Mike did or didn’t do and how she should play with him more. As we said then, Jen is gay but she does care about Mike and thought that he deserved to have some fun with her (with certain conditions). ‘Proper’ sex was still out, but she didn’t mind him spooning up against her and feeling his cock nestled between her ass cheeks. Naturally, this didn’t help speed Mike to sleep as he was enjoying the feel of Jen’s body, but we eventually dozed off.

In the morning, I was woken by Mike going down on me and then fucking me. He then got up to have breakfast while I ate Jen awake (she had obviously woken up while Mike and I had been playing, I was just ensuring she was fully awake). Mike returned in time to see her cum (we hadn’t been hurrying) and we had a lazy breakfast in bed before heading off to shower.

As part of Mike’s ‘getting to play with Jen’ weekend, we all showered together. This would have worked better if we’d had a double shower as one of us was always out of the water so got a bit cold, but once I started to use the shower on Jen’s pussy, that was enough of a distraction that we didn’t notice. Mike stood behind Jen and rubbed against her ass while I held her pussy lips open and used the pulse setting on her clit. As Jen got closer to cumming I told Mike that if he could pee on her before she came then Jen would let him cum over her cunt and would have to walk around for the day in that state. Mike liked that idea, but between the rubbing and the sight of Jen close to cumming, he couldn’t get soft enough to pee before she came, so he lost out on his chance. As punishment, I was subjected to the shower spray and Jen held my lips open while he fingered me and used the get on my clit. As punishments go, it could certainly be a lot worse and once I’d cum, he gave my cunt a good lashing with his tongue (just to make sure I was properly clean). We then dried off and went to get dressed.

My new outfit for Jen was a more substantial dress – at least more substantial in that it was thicker and warmer, but still almost indecently short. She wasn’t allowed any underwear but I did provide her with a pair of thigh high black socks that only left an inch or so of bare skin between the top of the socks and the dress. I liked the look (as did Mike) and once we were all ready, we set off. On the way I told Jen that whenever we had to go up any stairs, she always had to go first, unless there were other people around, in which case she had to make sure that she always went up in front of someone else. Mike complained that this would have been much better if her cunt had been covered with his cum, but I told him it was his own fault for not being able to control his erections.

We viewed three places and looked around the area of a couple more and – as instructed – Jen always went upstairs just in front of the person showing us around. One of the guys was especially indiscreet in looking up her skirt, but Jen didn’t say anything and just let him carry on. Seeing as we had an obviously interested participant, I had a quiet word with Jen to make sure that she would lean over to look in cupboards or under beds, knowing full well what this would do to the back of her skirt. She did as instructed and while I didn’t get to see it properly (as we wanted to let the guy peek while thinking that we weren’t noticing), he did end up walking around holding his coat in front of him so my guess is that Jen got him quite excited.

In the middle of the viewings we had stopped for lunch and I had hoped to get Jen to play with herself, but everywhere we’d looked had been too busy to find a quiet spot so I had to give up on this idea. To make up for it, once we had finished, we went for a wander round the shops and had a little changing room fun. In three different shops, Jen and I went into a changing room together and I ate/fingered her. I got her as close to cumming in each place as I could and then (as soon as I had cleaned myself up) we left. This had the desired effect on Jen and she became more and more fidgety as we wandered through the shops. She whispered to me that she really wanted to cum so I went to the bathroom with her and in a cubicle I got her to pull the top of her dress down so I could suck on her nipples (which were pretty hard) while I fingered her. I once again got her close to cumming but then stopped. There were other people in the bathroom so she couldn’t complain too loudly and it meant I had the chance to just gently play with her pussy, keeping her close to cumming but not letting her experience an orgasm.

We left the bathroom with her feeling even more frustrated and we decided to head home. Jen was hopeful that I would play with her once we arrived, but other than getting her to strip naked, I didn’t do anything to her. To heighten her arousal, I let Mike play with me (and I did the same to him) – not to the point of orgasm, I just wanted to make sure that the atmosphere stayed fairly charged. I even had Jen sit and watch closely while I sat on Mike’s cock and slowly rode him. I didn’t keep that up for long though as we were getting hungry and it was time to order some food.

I also had a plan for this part of the evening (even if I was copying things that Jen had got me to do) and then the food arrived, Jen had to answer the door with just a towel around her, having just got out of the shower (I wanted to make it look authentic). I had given Jen instructions and when she went to take the food off the guy, her towel ‘slipped’ and fell to the floor so she was standing there naked, holding the food. She had to then act flustered so it took her a little while to hand the food back and try to fasten the towel around herself again before she sorted out the money and let her towel fall off again. Mike and I watched all this happen through the bedroom door and he fingered me while Jen tried to hold the money, food and towel and failing to really cover herself up much. Once the transaction was completed, she dumped the food in the kitchen and slapped me when I joined her, saying I was mean. I gave her a kiss and a little finger, then asked if it had been so mean and she hadn’t enjoyed it, why she was so wet. She didn’t have a good answer to this and just said that she had better get to cum lots later on to make up for it.

We ate dinner and shared a bottle of wine before it was time to start getting ready to head out and meet up with a couple of my work friends. I’d chosen a pair of opaque tights and (short) denim shorts for Jen to wear. I like the way she looks in that outfit and she definitely has the legs to pull it off. Mike also liked the look so I decided to indulge his opaque tights fetish and tell him that he could play with Jen’s legs. He sat on the bed and she lay down with her legs across his lap and let him fondle them. He spent a while stroking up and down, mostly playing with her inner thighs, but also stroking the whole leg. After he’d had a fair while doing this, I got Jen to move around so she was lying on her back with her head between his legs and her pussy pointing towards him. She had to spread her legs and Mike stroked up and down her inner thighs, sliding his hands right up inside the legbands of her shorts to the top of her legs (but not actually touching her pussy – he knows the rules). He got close enough though that Jen was obviously aroused by it and I didn’t help matters by playing with her breasts, pinching and sucking her nips.

We got her fairly close to cumming and kept her there for a while before I decided we had delayed long enough, so told her to quickly get ready and we headed off. Mike had clearly enjoyed the session as well, but his erection had died down by the time we left the apartment and started our wander to the pub. We arrived a little late (not that it really mattered) and had a nice evening chatting. My work friends don’t know about my sexual side so we were well behaved while out with them but on the way home I took the opportunity to fondle Jen through her shorts. By the time we got home I had her nice and excited again and it was time for us to play properly.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Getting the Gang Involved - Part 5

We went down and prepared breakfast naked, then had a quick freshen up. I wore just the little frilly apron, Mike pulled on a pair of track suit bottoms and I selected a set of Jen’s lingerie that I know Lis finds sexy – a pair of panties and babydoll nightdress that are very transparent. We knocked and entered (although I asked if Mike could come in first and Lucy said it was fine, but she pulled the covers up to cover her nakedness). We all sat on the bed (Lis and Lucy still under the covers) and ate breakfast. Part way through, I thanked Lucy for letting Mike have his fantasy and she went redder than I’ve ever seen her go. I asked if they had carried on playing after Lis had returned from Jen’s room but Lis said that by the time she got back, Lucy had been sound asleep. I asked if she had taken care of herself and she said that she had considered it, but had also been tired so had just gone to sleep feeling a bit frustrated (at which point Lucy said that it explained why Lis had been so desperate to do things earlier that morning).

We discussed the club and what had happened while we’d been there. I admitted to playing with Abrahii and Lis told us that she had seen a number of other people fondling, fingering, sucking and fucking throughout the evening. We also discussed what had happened amongst our group after we’d gone back to Mel’s place. We talked about Jen fisting Julia and I had to describe what it felt like (being the only person there who had been fisted), the cream incident and then got onto Mike’s handjob. He explained that it had felt rather odd touching another guy, but he’d been trying to prove a point. He did admit that it was a lot more difficult to jerk someone else off (he obviously knows how to do it to himself, but he now realises why I don’t know exactly how to move or when I’m putting too much pressure on the head). He has no real desire to repeat the experience, but thinks that the handjob, coupled with the fact that he has knowingly licked other guys cum out of girls, he thinks he has proved his point.

I decided to tease Lis a bit more so asked if she had told Lucy what she had seen when she came to bestow Lucy’s essence upon us (this is where it came out that I’d also had a taste – I omitted the fact that Jen had also done so). Lucy explained that she had only let Lis do that as a thank you for Mike for looking after her when she’d been upset and Mike thanked her again. Lucy had goon fairly deep red again so I brought the conversation back to Lis having watched us fuck (but made clear that she hadn’t been involved – I don’t think Lucy is the jealous type, but I wouldn’t want her to think that Lis was the unfaithful type as she isn’t).

Jen went to answer the phone and came back to say that we had been invited round to Julia’s place. ‘We’ turned out to be Mike, Jen and myself – Mel had decided that Mike deserved a treat for having been adventurous. I said that it was a shame as we could have put on another private showing for Lis and Lucy if they had been interested. I gave Mike’s cock a quick pat (the tracksuit hadn’t been doing much to hide the bulge, but that was the intention) and I said we should go and freshen up properly.
Once we were all showered, I got Jen to put her semi-transparent underwear back on and quickly pulled on a skirt and bra before we put coats on and prepared to head off. We said our goodbye’s to Lucy and Lis as they were planning on going out so we didn’t think we would see them again before Lis left.

We quickly headed over to Julia’s place (Mike still hadn’t cum that morning so was especially eager) and once indoors, Jen and I removed our coats to reveal our outfits. Julia had a whole white ensemble on (whether she had remembered that Mike liked ‘cute’ or it was coincidence I forgot to ask) and she sidled up to him and rubbed the growing bulge in his trousers. She didn’t waste any more time and unbuttoned his jeans, wrapping her hand around his cock and leading him upstairs by it. We all followed and as Mike and Julia started to get more serious on the bed, I reached over to Jen and suggested that we help to entertain Mel. Mel didn’t object to this in the least and we quickly had enough of her clothes undone to access all her important bits.

Mike had explained to Jules that he hadn’t cum that morning and wanted to empty himself inside her, but he wanted to give her a good fucking first (which she was willing to let him do). They used a number of different positions but Mike then said he wanted to eat me at the same time so he lay on his back and I climbed over his face. Mel handed me a vibe and I rubbed it against Julia’s clit while I described what had happened with Lis (I left out the part about tasting Lucy’s juices, but told them how she had watched us in a threesome). We (Mike and I) made Julia cum and Mike kept eating me until I came. Even though she had cum, Mike was still holding onto Julia’s thighs to keep her on his cock.

I climbed off his face and he asked Julia if she was ready to cum again. She ended up on her back and Mike used long strokes in and out of her cunt. Jen was busy fingering Mel but Julia asked her to sit over her face so I took over playing with Mel and let Jen enjoy Julia’s tongue. Mike played with Julia’s clit and I ended up kneeling in front of Mel, licking her. As Mike got closer to cumming, he asked Mel if he could eat her (he knew he wasn’t going to get to eat Jen) and she capitulated. He once again lay on his back with Julia riding his cock and Mel climbed over his face. This time, Jen knelt behind Mel and played with her clit while I knelt behind Jules and played with her clit. I had no idea how close to cumming Mike was, but I made Julia cum and he kept fucking her. It was obvious when he did actually cum though as he stopped moving and I could see how hard he was pulling her legs down to hold her in place. Mel had also cum at some point but Mike was still kitty kissing her so she didn’t want to get off his face.

Julia said her legs felt sore after riding Mike twice in a row so I moved out of the way to let her climb off him. As expected for his first (and delayed) cum of the day, he had indeed left quite a bit inside her and this started to leak out straight away. I like being able to push Jules past her limit and I guessed that she would be quite sensitive after having cum twice in a row so I suggested to Jen that we help clean her up. Jules didn’t put up much of a fight so we spread her legs and watched Mike’s cum ooze out of her, then took turns licking her clean and waiting for the next bit to drip out. When I looked over at Mike, I was surprised to see Mel was still on top of him, but she was now lying down on him and had his cock in her mouth. I know that Mel is technically bi, but she had been with far more girls than guys so I tend to think of her as gay. She certainly seemed to know how to suck cock though and it was obvious that Mike was no longer just kitty kissing her, but was eating her properly again.

I told Jen to climb over Julia’s face (Jen hadn’t cum yet) and I told Mel that if she wanted to fuck Mike, I would eat her at the same time. I didn’t expect her to do this, but I know Mike likes the idea. Mel considered my proposal and said she wanted to try it, so climbed off Mike’s face (he initially resisted and tried to hold her in place, but she told him she wanted to fuck him so he let her go). Mel is a bit larger than Jules so it took a while to figure out the best position to use, but they ended up with Mel on all fours with me under her and Mike fucking her doggystyle. With a bit of wiggling around, I got Mel to kneel low enough that I could get to her pussy and lick around it while Mike fucked her. It wasn’t ideal and his balls repeatedly bumped into my head but it meant I had a good view (especially when he spread her lips and I could see almost everything).

At first, Mel just enjoyed what Mike and I were doing to her, but as things progressed, she ended up lowering herself and obviously decided that while her mouth was near my pussy, she may as well do something for me and started to eat me. I could feel her breasts squished on my stomach and I called for someone to hand me a vibe to use on her clit (Mike was fucking her a bit more forcefully by this point so it was harder to get close enough to lick her). The vibe that I’d used on Jules was pushed into my hand and I did the best I could to hold it against Mel’s clit. She was licking me quite hard so I guessed she was close to cumming and as expected, she soon started to moan into my cunt.

I think Mike figured out she was cumming as well as he started to pound into her faster. I could feel Mel’s breath as she panted into me but she didn’t pull away or try to get us to stop so I kept the vibe on her cunt and Mike carried on fucking her. It was obvious that he was trying to hold back as he gave her a really long, hard pounding (and I know he can cum faster than that if he wants). Mel had been moaning and panting into my cunt the whole time, but she became more animated and I guessed she was cumming again. Mike carried on fucking her until she started to let out higher pitch moans and he then slammed into her really hard a few times and stayed buried in her. I moved the vibe away from Mel’s clit and watched Mike pull his cock out shortly after.

Unfortunately, once Mel had started cumming the first time, she had stopped eating me properly (although there had been a bit of contact) and her moaning into me had just made me want to cum again (not that there are many times when I *don’t* want to cum again). Mike was a bit out of breath but I knew that Julia would almost certainly be up for more action (she had finished with Jen) so I convinced her to 69 with me. I got kind of wrapped up in that so wasn’t paying attention to what else was going on, but Mike, Mel and Jen mostly just rested and caught their breath.

They had been discussing use of toys (I think Mike was looking for some new ideas) and Mel had told him about one of their (her and Julia’s) favourite ways to use their double dildo. Julia and I had been nominated to demonstrate the method so out 69 session was interrupted and we had to lie on our backs on the bed with or cunt’s facing each other. Mel applied some of the tingle gel to their double ended dildo (I was the one who told them about the tingle gel) and an end was pushed into Julia and the other end into me. We then edged closer together so there was about 6 inches of space between our pussies and the dildo was pushed as far into me as it could comfortably go. Mike wrapped his hand around the dildo right by my pussy and slid it towards Jules until his fist was pressed up against her cunt. He adjusted the dildo by sliding it slightly further into her and then started pumping back and forth so it filled us in turn. Once he had a good rhythm going, his pumping got faster and harder. His hand (wrapped around the dildo) slammed against my and then Julia’s cunt as we were repeatedly violated. It felt quite strong and this wasn’t helped by Jen suggesting that she and Mel should hold vibes against our clits. Mel upped the stakes even more by saying that the vibes would stay in place until both of us had cum (so whoever came first would have to endure the dildo pumping and the vibe even after they had cum).

I don’t know if it because of her youth or practise from a younger age, but Jules managed to cum first and I was treated to the sight of her squirming around as she continued to be stimulated. I wasn’t too far behind her though so she wasn’t made to suffer for too long before I came. Naturally, the assault didn’t stop straight away even after I’d cum and I ended pushing myself towards Jules so Mike could no longer pump the dildo in us. They decided that we had given enough by that point, so they stopped using the vibes on us, but Mike wanted to have a lick of us both while we were still joined together. He did a good job of gently kissing and licking our clits and once he had finished we stayed in the position we were in, still both impaled by the dildo.

The morning was gone by this point and we decided to head out and get some lunch before Mike and I had to head home. As usual Jen, Julia and I went without underwear and we convinced Mel to join in. This allowed a little game during lunch – each of us took one of Mike’s carrot batons and slipped then under out skirts to coat them with our juices. He was then given the task of telling who’s taste was on which stick. He didn’t do that well and only got Jen’s right (but I think that was more b luck than judgement). He said that he would happily have a rematch on his next visit as long as he could taste directly from the source.

With lunch over, we said goodbye to Mel and Julia and headed back to Jen’s place to pick up our things. It had been another fun weekend and we were somewhat tired, so dozed on the flight back and had a relatively early night. We had a gentle session that evening while discussing the weekend and fantasised about the other things we could do. Mike really wanted to get Julia into Jen’s Japanese schoolgirl outfit as he thought she would be an ideal anime character. Her hair is now a reasonable length and (that weekend) was bright pink so Mike thought that with an appropriate set of bunches she would look the part. I told him I would see what I could do but later in the week, I did put my Japanese outfit on and we spent an evening with me riding him.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Getting the Gang Involved - Part 4

The next round of fun was centred on Abrahii (now that Mel has added her to her collection of playthings). Julia started it off while dancing with her – I saw her hands slide under Abrahii’s skirt and pointed out to Mike that something was (probably) about to start. As expected, the dancing got quite close and Julia was rubbing herself up against Abrahii and we watched as her hands moved round to the front and started to rub Abrahii’s pussy. I was feeling surprisingly horny again (although that may have had something to do with wandering around wearing just a pair of tights that didn’t really hide anything) and I moved over beside Lucy to watch what would happen. I know that she thinks Abrahii is pretty and was hoping that she would be interested in what was going on. While we watched Jules slide her hand into Abrahii’s panties and pull down the top of her dress to get access to her breasts I teased Lucy about how nice it felt having two people doing things to you at once.

Julia moved things onto the sofa and sucked on Abrahii’s dark nips while her fingers worked on her pussy. Her panties didn’t hide much so we could see most of what was happening, but fortunately other people decided that it still wasn’t enough so there were calls for the panties to come off. Abrahii herself pulled them down and Julia helped by finishing the job and then returning to fingering her. We could now see everything and watched Julia’s fingers plunging into Abrahii’s cunt. She spread her legs wider and Julia kissed her hard as her orgasm hit (it was quite obvious that she was cumming).

I had my hand on my pussy (through my tights) and was openly rubbing myself, which once the distraction of Jules and Abrahii ended, Lucy noticed and commented on. I just said that I bet she was just as aroused as I was and I hoped that she was going to have the energy to have a good session with Lis when we all got home. Lucy blushed a bit, but didn’t deny that she had been affected by the evening’s games. I hadn’t intended to go quite this far, but my rubbing had started to feel good so I leant closer to Lucy and asked her if me playing with myself bothered her. She said it was fine and she had seen me cum enough times before so I pulled myself right against her and put a leg over hers and asked if she wanted me to stop. Lucy seemed to be trying to play it cool and said I could do what I want so I told her I would and I pressed harder against my pussy and pushed the tights between my lips. I guessed that Lucy wouldn’t be able to see exactly what I was doing from her angle, but even if she couldn’t see, I knew she knew I was rubbing myself. Even at this stage, I intended to just tease myself a bit and then stop, but (as usually happens), the more I rubbed, the more it seemed like a good idea to go the whole way and finish things off properly.

I asked Lis (who was sitting on the other side of Lucy) if she minded if I came and when she said that she didn’t have a problem with it I knew that I wasn’t going to stop. As nice as what I was doing felt, I still prefer skin on skin contact and instead of sliding my tights down or pushing my hand into them, I just tore a hole in the crotch (the one advantage of thin tights) and pushed my fingers through it. This felt much better but I still wasn’t satisfied so I ripped the tights more and got better access so I could rub my clit as well as my slit. I apologised to Lucy and told her I needed to cum (which technically was her fault) and after a short but intense session, I did so. I still had a leg lying over Lucy’s legs and I pressed my foot against Lis. Needless to say, I had been imagining the two of them helping me out.

I felt quite satisfied by the time my orgasm faded and as I pulled my fingers out of my pussy, Julia said that Lis should suck them clean. I liked that idea, but (despite my lack of self control) I didn’t want to push things too far and said that there was no way she could do that. It became apparent that everyone knew that Lis had done things with Jen and I before she started to date Lucy, so this wouldn’t be anything she hadn’t done before. I briefly thought that Lucy was going to tell her to go ahead but I ended up sucking them clean myself while I lifted my leg off of Lucy and thanked her for letting me cum near her.

It was quite late by this point and after not too much longer, we decided to head home. I only had Julia’s torn tights on under my coat but we walked quickly while chatting. I once again apologised to Lucy for masturbating while sitting on her lap but told her that it was really her fault for being so incredibly sexy. On arriving at home, we all got ready for bed and I once again told Lucy to make sure that she and Lis had a good session before going to sleep.

Once in bed, I dove down between Jen’s legs and started to eat her while she rubbed my pussy. As soon as Mike climbed into bed with us I pulled away from her though and said it was only fair that he should get to cum at the same time (I know that he had enjoyed the evening’s entertainment a lot). We ended up in a 69 position with me on top and Mike taking me doggy style. Jen wasn’t eating me (due to Mike’s cock being there), but she did get a good view of him fucking me. Mike held my lips apart so she could see as much as possible and I tried to simultaneously distract her by licking her clit and using a vibe in her. Mike and Jen had a bit of an advantage over me in that they hadn’t cum anywhere near as many times as I had, but with his cock in me, his fingers on my clit and my face inhaling Jen’s scent, I managed to cum again. Jen then licked me so she could taste Mike’s cum from me and I let Mike taste Jen as I kissed him.

While we were in the final stages of our little session, there was a knock on the door and Mike said ‘come in’. I was still sitting over Jen in a 69 position and instinctively thought I should cover myself up but then realised it could only be Lucy or Lis so relaxed. The door opened and Lis came in. I asked what she wanted (in a nice way) and she said that she had something for Mike. This confused me a bit, but I was even more confused when she walked over and let him kiss her. His cock had shrunk somewhat after he had finished fucking me, but I watched it inflate once more. When Lis pulled away, she also noticed this (but she had seen it earlier when he’d fucked me so I guess it wasn’t anything new) and I finally asked what was going on.

Mike explained that on the way home, he had been once again discussing cunnilingus with Lis and telling her how much he really wanted to be able to taste Lucy (Lis knows that Mike was the one who first found the Pavlina pictures – before I even started to date him). Lis had decided (or been encouraged) to repay Mike for helping her through the break-up with Vicky and had somehow convinced Lucy to let him taste her off Lis’s face (just as he does with Jen and my face). Mike hadn’t actually been kissing her – or at least not really on the lips, he had just kissed and licked her cheek. Of course I felt rather jealous and asked if I could have a go as well and Lis said that she’d thought I would want that and offered me her other cheek. I wasn’t quite as well behaved as Mike and kissed her lips as well. I didn’t want Jen to feel left out so I climbed off her face and (after wiping her clean so my juices didn’t pollute the taste) let Lis give her a quick kiss (I don’t really think there was much of Lucy left by this point, but it was the principal of the matter).

I wondered if anything else was going to happen and the tension was broken by Mike spooning up behind me and pushing his cock back into my cunt. He thanked Lis for giving him his present and said that if she wanted to watch, we could put on another show for her. He was already sliding in and out of me and lifted my upper leg so she got a better view. She said that she should really get back to Lucy, but didn’t actually move anywhere and when he started to play with my clit and whispered in my ear that I should do something to Jen, I reached over and rubbed up and down Jen’s pussy. We ended up in a bit of a strange position – Jen was on her back and had one leg lifted up so her knee was on her chest. This meant that I could lie on my side and sort of get to her pussy – at least enough to be able to finger her and partially lick her clit (and allow Lis to see what I was doing). Mike was still behind me and had my upper leg raised so Lis could see him fucking me and he also rubbed my clit (so I would cum).

Lis obviously wasn’t going anywhere and stood watching us, then sat on the edge of the bed and glanced back and forth between what I was doing to Jen and what Mike was doing to me. Mike was clearly enjoying having Lis watch and he was pumping in and out of me quite hard and fast. I ended up with three fingers inside Jen’s pussy and decided to go for it and pushed my little finger against her ass. Mike told Lis that if she wanted to play with herself then she should go ahead, but I didn’t think she was quite ready for that and said it was fine for her just to watch. Jen actually came first, but once she had cum, I pulled my fingers out and buried my face in her pussy while Mike carried on fucking me. I took over playing with my clit (using Jen’s juices as lubrication) and moaned into Jen’s cunt as my orgasm built. I really hadn’t expected to be cumming again, but having (sort of) finally got to taste Lucy and putting on a private show for Lis helped (as did Mike’s cock) and I came. Mike pumped into me a while longer before he finally came and he then pulled out (and later told me this was so his cock would be visible to Lis).

I asked Lis if she was going to go back and do things with Lucy and she said she was so I offered her a goodbye kiss, which she accepted and kissed around my mouth, tasting Jen (which is why I’d offered). Lis left us, looking rather flushed and aroused and I congratulated Mike on getting his fantasy of tasting Lucy. I also teased Jen about how keen she had been to taste her and asked how she had enjoyed having Li swat us do things again. Mike was amazed at how she had changed over the previous few months and we wondered if we stood a better chance of getting to do things with Lis again (preferably including Lucy). We discussed this while we dozed off and it helped keep Mike nice and hard so he could spoon with me while I cupped Jen’s pussy and gently fingered her (so she didn’t feel left out).

In the morning, Mike woke me up our usual way (by going down on me). Jen woke up while he was eating me and said that she needed to pee – I told her to leave the door open as she went out so in the event that Lis and Lucy came out of their room, they had the chance to watch (if they wanted). We weren’t interrupted though until Jen returned and decided that she was now awake enough to join in, so straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. Mike was licking all around my pussy and ass, so I passed this on to Jen and soon had her mewing above me. We stayed in this position until both she and I had cum and Mike then knelt between my legs and pushed into me. I kept a hold of Jen to keep her in place over me and gently licked her while Mike fucked me, but then had a better idea and slapped her ass to indicate I wanted her to climb off. Once Mike had finished kissing me (my face was covered in Jen’s juices) I told them my idea which was to go and prepare breakfast and take it in to Lis and Lucy. I know we’ve don’t this before, but after what had happened the previous night, I said that we might even get to put on another display for them and maybe even get to taste Lucy again. I wasn’t overly hopeful that that last few parts would happen now that Lucy had sobered up (she is more adventurous when drunk), but just the possibility was enough to be appealing so we agreed to try (and at the very least, seeing them in bed is always nice).

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Getting the Gang Involved - Part 3

As per usual, Julia and I were made to perform. We started off with Jules on the sofa and I fingered her, but Mel soon produced a dildo and Jen used this on me (after pulling my tights down over my ass just enough to expose my pussy). I made Julia cum fairly quickly (but I think Mel had been teasing her on the way home more severely than I had been teased) so as she ‘won’, I wasn’t allowed to cum and had to pull my tights up while leaving the dildo inside me. It didn’t fit the whole way in and the end made a visible bulge in my tights which had been pulled up tight to keep the dildo in place (as much as possible).

I tried to convince Lis and Lucy to strip off at least a little, but failed so I turned my attention to Jen. Julia was well aware that Jen was naked under her skirt and as a reward for winning the challenge earlier on, she asked to be allowed to play with her. Jen had given up objecting and didn’t seem to care what happened so I told Jules to go ahead and watched as she pushed her head between Jen’s legs. Seeing Jen having things done to her is still a relatively new thing (for the gang), so Julia was encouraged to give Jen a good licking and she did so. I told Lis that I wanted a demonstration of how she had fondled Jen’s breasts and Lucy told her to go ahead so she sat beside Jen, lifted her top and had a play. I tried to convince Lucy to take the other side (I’m sure you can guess where I was hoping this could lead to) but Lucy said it would feel weird so I sat on the other side of Jen and fondled her other breast. By the time Jen came, she had Lis and I licking and sucking one of her breasts each and we got a round of applause. Julia sat up and let me kiss her, then she gave Lis a kiss, allowing her to taste Jen.

Jen didn’t seem to be overly embarrassed at what had happened but covered herself up once we had finished. I asked Lis if she still liked the way Jen tasted and then spent a while chatting with her and Lucy. As much as I enjoyed our games, I was still unsure if Lucy really appreciated the difference between sex and love (that isn’t quite what I mean, but I hope the following will make it clearer). I really wanted Lucy to understand that Lis was in love with her (from what I could see and had been told anyway) and that playing with other people in the way she just had, didn’t mean any romantic or emotional connection – and as long as Lucy was fine with it, then it was just good fun. I also took the opportunity to explain to Lis (once again – but you can get away with that when everyone is drunk) how the things Jen and I had done with her were more than just random fun and that I really cared about her. I made sure they knew I wasn’t saying I was in love with her, but it still felt important to me for Lis (and Lucy to some extent) to know that I really cared about Lis and the brief times we’d got to spend together had meant something.

I was saved from getting in too far into a deep conversation that I would have probably messed up and just confused matters more by cheering from the kitchen. It became apparent before we got there (to me at least) what people wanted to see and when Mel reappeared with a bottle of lube, I guessed that the crowds wishes were going to be granted. Julia was sitting up on the table and had a person on each side of her holding her legs open. A few people were stroking her pussy and fingering her, but the call that had gone up had been to fist her. I had guessed that Jen would be the one who would do the actual fisting (she has relatively small hands) and as expected, she was sitting on a chair in front of Jules waiting for Mel to return. Lis didn’t believe that Jen would actually fist Jules but as Mel applied a generous amount of lube to Jen’s hand, I told Lis that Jen knew what she was doing (Lis figured out that I knew this from personal experience) and I added that if there was any one of us who’s cunt had been violated enough to be used to a fist, it was probably Julia.

Jen pushed a few fingers into Julia, then added a fourth and finally folder her thumb against her fingers and pushed it in. Julia’s legs were held open and I could see a look of concentration on her face, but she certainly didn’t seem to be in pain. Each time Jen pushed her hand in, it slipped a little deeper and just as it got to the widest part, Jules told Jen to go for it and she pushed right in. This got a loud cheer and Jen pumped in and out (only a little – her hand stayed buried in Julia’s cunt). People asked what it felt like but other than ‘being full’ she didn’t really describe it much more. Mel thought that Jules deserved to cum again and rubbed her clit. Despite what you may have seen in porn videos, just having a fist inside them isn’t enough to make a girl cum, but with Mel’s help, Julia certainly did cum and only when her orgasm finished did Jen pull her hand out.

People were curious what Julia’s pussy would look like so she wasn’t allowed down from the table until people had looked at how stretched she was. She returned to normal (or at least appeared to) fairly quickly, but I knew that if someone fucked her at that point, they wouldn’t feel too much. I congratulated her on having put on such a good show and she said that I should be responsible for the next round of entertainment. It’s been quite a while since Jen fisted me and I wasn’t at all sure if I would be able to take it quite as readily as Jules had, but fortunately she had something else in mind and wanted a little break to recover anyway.

Back in the living room, one of the (hetero) girls complained that while it was fun watching us do random sex acts, they rarely got to see any of the guys naked or doing things. A number (and in increasing number) of other people in the group sometimes do things with each other while Julia and I are putting on a display, but this is usually mostly hidden by clothes or blankets and so we don’t get to see too much (sometimes the occasional wet patch spreading on jeans if a guy has cum, but very little else). I offered Mike’s services and said that if she really wanted to see something, then he would be happy to put on a display and fuck me (okay so this wasn’t entirely for her sake – I was sick of just having the dildo in me and not having cum since the club). A few of the other girls (and some of the guys) thought this was a good idea and Mike was certainly up for it (it’s not as if he’s shy about fucking in front of people – and a number of them have seen him do things with Julia) so after freeing his cock and giving it a good suck and handjob I pulled my tights off and mounted him (he was sitting on the sofa).

We fucked with me facing him, facing away from him and then I stood up and bent over the sofa so he could take me from behind. He actually found it slightly strange as at the parties, even though people are watching, they are generally doing things with each other as well so they don’t watch quite as closely. We somehow coped though, even with the requests for him to spread my ass cheeks to give a better view and I ended up playing with my clit so he could concentrate on fucking me. At first he wasn’t going to cum, just fuck me until I came, but he ended up giving in to peer pressure and pumped into me. Some people said he should cum in me and some said to cum over me, so he decided to take the first option and pushed deep into me when he came. I was instructed to stay leaning over the sofa until Mike’s cum started to leak out (I felt some run down my legs) and while I did this, Julia helped to clean off Mike’s cock (with her mouth). I has to put my tights back on to contain the cum (not that there was a vast quantity, but people wanted to see the wet spot on my tights grow as it leaked out.

The crowd was at least partially satisfied with the cock action but the conversation turned to how straight men liked the idea of lesbians but were afraid of ‘the other’ form of homosexuality. Mike admitted that he had no interest in men but tried to explain that he wasn’t ‘afraid’ of them and certainly didn’t mind spending time around gay men or being friends with them, which I would have thought would have been obvious as he visits Jen, Lucy and their gay male friends whenever he can – although that it was of course for Jen and Lucy (and now Lis) that he actually visited. It was suggested that if he deserved to spend time with Jen and I, then he should be made to prove that he wasn’t homophobic.

I wasn’t quite sure where this was going, but was also curious to see what would happen. In the end, it was suggested that (if there was someone willing), Mike should have to at least fondle his cock (this was also so that the straight and bi girls also got to see more cock). Julia suggested that Ashraf should volunteer as he has benefitted from her and my attention in the past (only through his clothes, but he’s certainly had a good grind with both of us). Ashraf seemed drunk enough that he thought this was a good idea and Mike sat down beside him and once Ashraf had undone his jeans, Mike slid a hand into them and found his cock. Was quite surprised that Mike had gone that far, but he is just as stubborn as I am and I guess he was trying to prove a point. We could see his hand moving in Ashraf’s shorts and the tip of Ashraf’s cock was just about visible but of course, this wasn’t enough to satisfy everyone. Ashraf was obviously enjoying the attention (although he had to tell Mike a couple of times to change how he was stroking him).

Mike stroked him for a little while and Julia moved over beside them and pulled Ashraf’s shorts down enough to expose what he was doing. At first Ashraf made a grab to pull them back up, but obviously decided that he enjoyed what was happening more than he wanted to be covered up (I’m not sure he really thought things through that much, but he stopped trying to cover himself up and just lay back). A chant of ‘make him cum’ started up and Mike gave what looked like a little shrug and sped up his movements. Julia reached down and fondled Ashraf’s balls and it wasn’t long before we were rewarded with the sight of cum squirting out of Ashraf’s cock and covering the front of his top. Mike wiped his hand on Ashraf’s jeans, took a bow and went into the kitchen to get another drink.

I followed him and asked if he had enjoyed himself. He quietly told me that it hadn’t really done anything for him, but other people had obviously enjoyed it (not just Ashraf who’s enjoyment was sufficiently obvious that Mike was washing it off his hands). A couple of other people followed us into the kitchen and told him he’d done a good job and even out militant gay (who almost borders on a heterophobe) said that Mike was now an honorary member of the group.

Mel decided that as we were in the kitchen, we may as well move onto the next round of fun. I had my crotch rubbed my Mel who commented that Mike’s cream seemed to have finished leaking out of me, but we could always add more. I didn’t know if she meant that she wanted Mike to fuck me again (he was certainly the only one there who I would actually let cum inside me without protection), but when I was pulled over to the fridge, I realised she meant ‘cream’ in the literal sense. She pulled the front of my tights away from my body and poured a large amount of thick cream into them, then let go of my tights and started to rub the outside of them. The cream felt incredibly cold on my cunt but I wasn’t given much time to think about this as Mel’s fingers were quite insistent and even though her hands were outside my tights, she was pushing them quite a way between my lips.

Mike ‘helped’ by removing my bra (it was quite an expensive one) and I had some cream poured down the back of my tights over my ass before being fondled more. It was beginning to feel really good – especially as I now had a number of pairs of hands fondling me (don’t forget that my real fantasy is group sex centred entirely around me – not that I’m selfish or anything...). Jen was thrust against me and she slipped a hand into my tights and fingered me properly before pulling her hand out and rubbing the creamy mess over one of my breasts. I told her that she was going to get dirty but she said she didn’t care so I reached around and pulled her tight against me, knowing that the cream had started to leak through my tights. I felt Jen press her leg against my crotch and she said that if I really wanted her friends to see her fool around, then she may as well enjoy it (Jen was reasonably drunk as well).

With all the fondling, I was sufficiently turned on that I certainly wasn’t going to argue with her so I reached under her skirt and kneaded her ass. We were interrupted so I could make the choice between two different flavours of ice cream. I chose vanilla and braced myself as a large scoop was dropped into my tights and immediately rubbed into my crotch. Jen was pushed against me and her leg squished the ice cream into me even more, but I did as expected (and because it felt good) and humped against her thigh. I had more ice cream put into the back of my tights and my ass rubbed by a few different hands (simultaneously). It felt really good to be actually doing things with Jen (rather than Julia) with everyone watching and I once again reached under her skirt to fondle her. Jen was instructed to reach into my tights and rub my pussy, then to rub her hand over my breasts (which got me quite a bit messier). When she was pressed up against me, this rubbed off on her top and even though I couldn’t see, I was certain that her skirt was going to be a complete mess as well.

I had ice cream rubbed directly onto my breasts and Mel poured some cream down the front of Jen’s top (inside). Jen fingered me again and I told her I was getting close to cumming (not really close, but I could feel my orgasm starting to build as her fingers rubbed my clit). Mel overheard me say this and said I wasn’t allowed to cum without people seeing properly, so I was told to pull my tights off (which got the rest of my legs covered in goop) and I had to lie on the table with my legs spread. Jen was then instructed to make me cum so she leant forwards and pushed her head between my legs and ate me. I had a bit more cream and ice cream put onto my breasts and this was rubbed in, but I was concentrating on what Jen’s tongue was doing to me as it lashed my clit and pushed between my lips. I tried to put on a good show as I came and Jen continued to eat me until my orgasm finished.

It wasn’t really the time or place for kitty kissing, so she pulled away and tried to wipe her face clean (although from what I could see, this was a rather pointless task as her face, cheeks and hair all had cream on them). I thought I was going to be allowed down, but Mel decided that I could provide a bit more entertainment so she told me to hold my pussy open and she pumped a couple of fingers in and out of me. This didn’t do a great deal for me by itself but Mel seemed to take pleasure in doing it to me. After a while, she decided that if I was putting on another show, I should at least enjoy it a well, so she paid some attention to my clit and this felt much better. I was told to finish myself off so I used the best position I know to let people watch this and reached a hand around under my legs to finger myself and used my other hand on my clit. It didn’t take long and I came, then sucked my fingers clean.

Jen and I were allowed to go and clean up and showered together (stealing some of Julia’s expensive shampoo in the process). Neither of us could wear our clothes to go home in so Julia leant me a pair of tights (black, but not opaque – nor seamless) and leant Jen a much shorter skirt and top. This meant that Jen had to be careful how she sat or stood for the rest of the evening, but she was pretty much covered (and everyone had seen a fair amount of her already).