Thursday, 3 May 2012

Getting the Gang Involved - Part 1

I wrote a fair amount about this weekend as well - I remember that I enjoyed writing this up. This will be the last post from my apartment - we've pretty much moved everything and are about to disconnect the internet, so Sunday's post will have to be done from Jen's place.
On the last weekend in Feb both Mike and I headed down to visit Jen. This was a special visit as he was going to finally get a chance to come along to the hardcore club and Lis was also going to get her first visit. We arrived reasonably early on the Friday night (about 9) and met up with people in the pub. Lis was already there and Mike spent a while chatting with her (he keeps in touch, but hadn’t actually seen her for a while) and of course he also chatted with his idol Lucy.

We (Mike, Jen and I) had agreed to avoid talking about the previous weekend until we were alone, so when we went back to Jen and Lucy’s place we just had conversations about random things and I caught up with what had been happening since my last visit. Of course I knew most of this anyway from Jen, but I liked having Lis and Lucy describe what the gang had been up to in my absence. Fortunately Julia had been as active as ever so the conversation quickly got onto ‘interesting’ topics. Jen had been curled up against me while we’d been talking and she slipped her hand up under my skirt. Jen told Lis that she (Lis) wouldn’t mind if I was fondled (it was technically a question, but the way she ‘asked’ it made it obvious that Lis didn’t have the option of minding (not that I can see why she would start to mind now after having seen me be fondled so many times). Mike moved over beside Lucy to watch us and Jen took advantage of the extra space on the sofa and got me to stretch out.

I had my right leg on the floor and the other on the sofa, but Jen thought I could do with being more exposed so I had to lift my left leg up over her head and rest it on the back of the sofa. Jen carried on chatting while she spread my lips and gently fucked me with a couple of fingers while slowly playing with my clit and nips (alternately). I didn’t take this lying down (despite the fact I was lying down) and as I got closer to cumming, I pushed a hand under Jen’s ass and gradually pulled on her skirt until I got it up far enough that my fingers could get to her pussy. I couldn’t really move my hand much as she was sitting on it, but I got the tips of my fingers between her lips and stroked her up and down, spreading her moisture around her cunt. Even though Mike, Lis and Lucy have seen me cum many times, it still felt nice being so exposed and I savoured the feelings that Jen’s fingers were giving me as my orgasm approached. I let my hips move, trying to push against her fingers (which of course she didn’t allow) and she kept me close to cumming for what seemed like ages (but was apparently only a few minutes) before she pushed her fingers deep inside me and wiggled them around while frigging my clit and I finally came.

My legs felt rather stiff when I was allowed to put them together, but the circulation soon returned and I thought it was time to take advantage of the new rules that meant I could do things to Jen (to make up for the fact that I mostly visit her). I asked Lucy if she minded seeing Jen cum and Lucy told me to go ahead. I know Jen is still getting used to this (but that probably makes it more exciting) so I got Jen to move off the sofa and I lay down with my head towards the others before getting Jen to climb over me. I quickly flipped up Jen’s skirt and pulled her to my mouth. As much as I like being shown off while I cum, I also appreciate showing Jen off and it certainly helped make the whole experience of eating her even nicer, knowing that Lis, Lucy and Mike were watching closely. I teased Jen and slowly licked her, mostly avoiding her clit. I spread her pussy with my fingers and she later told me that she felt really exposed when I did this and could almost feel everyone’s eyes staring inside her. I had missed tasting her so it wasn’t too long before I told our audience that I was going to start working on her properly and I pushed my tongue between her lips and then started to lick up and down her slit.

I was fairly certain I knew how embarrassed Jen felt as I recalled how it felt when she did things to me in front of Lis the first few times. It is very different being naked/masturbated/cumming in front of relative strangers than in front of friends who you thought would never see you that exposed. Of course, I also remembered just how nice it felt cumming in front of Lis those first times and even though I’m a bit more of an exhibitionist than Jen, I expected that she would end up enjoying it just as much as I had so I carried on. I could hear Mike, Lis and Lucy talking behind me but I wasn’t paying attention to them and I buried myself in Jen’s pussy. She felt reasonably wet and I could feel her body shaking slightly as I paid more attention to her clit so I decided it was time to go for the kill. I spread her lips once again and used my fingers to expose her clit, then attached my lips to it and sucked and licked until she came. I had a reasonably good view of her pussy and I could see her contracting as her orgasm pulsed through her. As this dies down, I eased off the pressure on her clit and kissed around her pussy. Once she had calmed down, I let her climb off me and pull her skirt down to cover herself.

I moved over to kiss Mike so he could taste her and then gave Lis a quick kiss. I watched Lis lick her lips and I offered Lucy a kiss so she could taste Jen as well but she thought it might be a bit strange. I told her that she was missing out as Jen tastes quite good and Lis agreed with me (Lucy knows that Lis has slept with Jen and I – before she started dating Lucy). I wiped my face clean and sat beside Mike – who had a nice sized bulge in his jeans. Jen had returned to her normal colour (she had been rather pink when she had first climbed off me) and I congratulated her for having done such a good job in letting everyone watch her cum so explicitly. Lis told Lucy how Jen and I had done things to each other in front of her and Lucy just said we were all just a bunch of horny sluts, but then hugged Lis and said that she loved her anyway.

It was getting reasonably late by this point and we decided to start to head up to bed. Jen went to the bathroom to get ready first and Lis asked Mike where he was going to be sleeping. He told them that he was allowed to sleep up with Jen and I but after further questioning, he explained that he still wasn’t allowed to do anything to Jen and that she belonged to me. Lis mentioned about me having kissed him and asked if he liked the way Jen tasted (Lis has come an awful long way from the sweet little girl she was a year or so ago) and he said that he really enjoyed being able to taste her like that. Lis knows from their post-Vicky-breakup conversation that Mike really loves going down on a girl (he was always hoping to get a chance to do that to her) and that even though it is nowhere near as nice as going directly to the source, he enjoys tasting other girls off my lips. He didn’t mention the time he did this with her juices, but she had clearly picked up on the hint as she blushed quite a bit.
I noticed Lis’ hand was stroking Lucy’s thigh (I’d actually been half watching this for a while, hoping that it would get a lot higher, but I was happy enough watching Lis’ fingers just dipping under the hem of Lucy’s skirt). I couldn’t see much as Lucy had thick tights on, but she did seem to be enjoying it and wasn’t trying to close her legs or stop Lis (her legs weren’t spread wide, but enough for Lis to get her fingers fairly high up). When Jen returned from the bathroom, I headed off to freshen up and then Mike went. We said goodnight to Lucy and Lis and headed up to bed.

We quickly undressed and climbed into bed. Mike immediately slipped into me from behind and I pressed a leg between Jen’s and pushed my thigh against her pussy. I kissed Jen and Mike kissed my neck while he fucked me. Jen ground against me and we discussed what had happened downstairs. Jen admitted that it had felt nice so I promised her I would do a lot more to her in front of her friends and she said that I could only do that if I got the same treatment. Mike fucked me until he came in me and it was then time for Jen and I to 69 so she could clean me out (I went on top to make it easier for her to do this). Mike enjoyed watching this so was hard enough by the time we finished that I could spoon with him a little bit more. We discussed what Jen had done with Sue and what Mike had got up to with Sara and Emily. As expected, the conversation got us fairly heated and Mike went from just moving inside me to fucking me while Jen played with my breasts. He didn’t cum again, but I did and I offered Jen the chance for another orgasm, but she declined and said she would wait until the morning.

After a good night’s sleep, I woke Jen by going down on her and slowly eating her. Mike watched this for a while and then decided that he wanted to join in so Jen and I scooched up the bed a bit and Mike lay on top of me and slipped into me from behind. He used me for a while and then retrieved our strong main-powered vibe. After plugging this in and pushing the head under me, he mounted me again and I was given a strong orgasm by the vibe while he pumped in and out of me. I actually made Jen cum before I did, but I’d been working on her much longer and just moaned into her pussy as my orgasm pulsed through my body. Mike had originally intended not to cum in me, but he enjoyed seeing and hearing Jen and I playing so he emptied his load into me as an extra gift for Mel and Julia (who we had plans with later that day). Jen decided that it would be better if I didn’t leak everywhere (she doesn’t mind his cum, but thought Lucy and Lis might object) so I was given a pair of her light blue panties to wear. These ones were chosen intentionally as Mike’s cum left an expanding dark patch as it seeped out of me. Jen pointed this out to Lis and Lucy when we went down for breakfast, but they had heard our little session anyway so it wasn’t too much of a surprise for them.

We had a lazy morning until it was time for Jen and I to head off and meet Mel and Jules. We owed them a session for Mel having let (or encouraged) Julia to do various things with Jen and myself (mostly with me). I was initially undecided as to whether I should let Lis know where we were going, but Lucy already knew about the four of us and so had told Lis. You might think that I was being a bit mean by leaving Mike behind while Jen and I went off to have hot lesbian sex (which he always enjoys seeing) but he had an even bigger treat in store for him. He was getting to take his beloved Pavlina look alike (Lucy) to lunch (with Lis as well of course) and then going out to help Lis find something suitable to wear for the club.

Jen and I headed over to Mel’s place and we were greeted by a mostly naked Jules who took us straight up to the bedroom where Mel was waiting. She had decided that as Jules and I usually got to have all the fun, that it was time for her and Jen (but mostly her) to get some action. Fortunately, Mel doesn’t really have many strange fetishes that we needed to service, and I knew that she didn’t have anywhere near the sexual appetite that Julia does so I expected it to be fairly easy to satisfy her (and hoped to have a bit of fun in the process). Jen and I quickly undressed and joined Mel in bed while Julia brought a couple of toys over.

We started off with Jen sitting over Mel’s face while Jules played with her (Mel’s) breasts and I went down on her (Mel again). I still feel slightly jealous when I see Mel doing things to Jen as I know Jen used to look up to her (as well as fancy her), but I couldn’t really say much while I had my tongue in Mel’s cunt. Between the three of us (although technically only Jules and I were doing things to Mel) it didn’t take long to get her off and I spent a while kitty kissing her afterwards. Jen came while I was doing this (she was still sitting over Mel’s face).

Julia and I had to put on some entertainment while Mel and Jen prepared for the next round. We didn’t do too much more than kissing and gentle fondling for a while and Mel said that it was Jen’s turn to make her cum. Julia got to sit on Mel’s face and was eaten while I played with Mel’s breasts and we got her off a second time without it taking too much longer than her first orgasm. This gave us (Jen and I) the chance to help make Jules cum and we ended up getting her to lie forwards on Mel and using a vibe in her pussy while Mel continued to eat her. It’s quite easy to make Jules cum, so this didn’t last too long and we had another break. I really wanted to cum as I was now the only one who hadn’t but Mel needed some time to recover so I had to content myself with being fondled by Julia and Jen in turn. Mel said that neither of them were allowed to make me cum so it was a little frustrating, but I wasn’t taken to the edge of orgasm so it could have been a lot worse.

Mel eventually said that it was my turn and I eagerly climbed up on to the bed but she wanted a different position this time. I had to lie on my back (well, partially sitting up against the headboard) and Mel knelt between my legs. I had a vibe thrust into me and Mel started to eat me while Julia crawled up from the bottom of the bed and slid her head between Mel’s legs (presumably to eat her). Jen was told to sit over Mel’s back and reach around to play with her breasts. Jen ended up having to mostly lie on Mel’s back so she could do this, but it meant that she got a good view of Mel licking and fucking me. I warned her that it probably wasn’t going to take long to make me cum and mentioned that I had expected Jules to eat me first so Mel might taste Mike inside me. This didn’t seem to put her off and she alternated between the vibe, her tongue and her fingers inside me until I came. She didn’t stop just because I’d cum though and just attacked my pussy more. Fortunately I’ve built up some (only a little) resistance to this sort of thing so I coped with the continued onslaught better than I would have a few years ago and just moaned and panted (which I guessed is what Mel wanted to hear). I told Julia to hurry up and make Mel cum and it was only a few minutes (or so) before I felt Mel panting on my cunt and I watched her cum. Jen climbed off and once Mel rolled over, we saw a very red Julia emerge. I hadn’t realised (or thought about it), but with Jen lying on top of Mel, Julia had been partially crushed by both of them – not badly so, but it did take her a while to return to her usual colour.

We’d all cum by this point (3 times for Mel) and we had a longer rest and chatted about plans for the evening. As I had expected, we had pretty much satisfied Mel and she didn’t want to cum anymore, but we did all fondle her a bit more and spent a little while three-way fingering her. Before we got ready to head back to Jen’s place, Mel said that we should be marked as her property and had to take turns lying on the bed while she rubbed her pussy against our breasts and up and down our thighs. Julia got to do the same thing to us and then for good measure, we had to do it to each other. There was no doubt that we had a strong sexual odour about us and as an added bonus, we weren’t allowed any underwear for the journey back (no bra either for me). We said our goodbyes and headed back to Jen’s house to see what the others had been up to, but they were still absent when we got back so we took the opportunity to have a shower and clean off (not that I mind the smell of pussy juice, but I felt a bit sticky) and then had a doze while we waited.

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