Sunday, 6 May 2012

Getting the Gang Involved - Part 2

While we’d been gone, Mike had gone out to lunch with Lis and Lucy as planned and Lucy told Lis a bit more about the club they were going to. I don’t think Lis really believed that the place was quite as ‘bad’ as Lucy had told her, so once lunch was over they wandered around looking for something suitable for her to wear. Mike found a pair of fishnet tights with about the same amount (or lack of) material as my fishnet bodysuit and showed them to Lis, telling her that this was the only thing I had worn during my last visit to the club. He recounted a number of the tales that I’ve told him about the place and how people really did openly play with each other in the side rooms (as well as the live sex on stage, which unfortunately wasn’t going to be happening that night). He then told Lis what I was planning on wearing that night (which I’ll save as a surprise for later) and she gave in to him and Lucy and said that they could help her choose something more appropriate for the setting.

They looked round a couple of shops and Lis tried on a few outfits (some of which she let Mike see and some she only let Lucy see) and even though she tried some fairly sexy outfits, Mike suggested that they visit some more ‘specialist’ shops. They started off at one of the sex shops we’ve visited a number of times but the clothing there was mostly too tacky (I don’t think a PVC nurses uniform would suit Lis). They then went on to a couture shop that turned out to be much more suitable. Lucy selected some items and Lis went to try them on. At first, she wouldn’t show Mike, but Lucy convinced her that if she was going to wear the outfit to the club, everyone would be seeing her in it anyway. Lis eventually emerged and Mike got to see her in a black basque with stockings. It was meant to be worn with matching sexy panties (which Lis obviously wasn’t allowed to try on) but she had said that if she was going to wear this, she wanted a less revealing pair, so Lucy had found her a very small pair of black boyshorts to go with the outfit.

Mike liked the view she presented, but he suggested that she try the outfit in white to see which was sexier. Lucy went off and found the appropriate items (but the shop didn’t have white shorts so Lis had to keep the black ones on (still over her own panties). Mike preferred the white look, but Lucy said she thought the black outfit was sexier, so this is the one Lis went with. The basque had lacy side panels but a solid front and bra and Mike told Lis that he was looking forwards to seeing her wear it out to the club. On the way back home, the subject of Vicky came up and Mike told them he was planning on visiting her. Lis knew that he was friends with her so this wasn’t too much of a surprise and she seemed fine with things (but seeing as she is now happily with Lucy, the heartbreak of the breakup seems to be well behind her and she still thinks fondly of Vicky).

When they arrived home, they found Jen and I dozing and decided this would be a good idea to ensure they had enough energy for a late night. I think Lis and Lucy had a bit of a play before they dozed, although I can’t say much as Mike ended up inside me while he described Lis’ outfit (we didn’t actually fuck, just spooned). We were woken by then knocking on the bedroom door and invited them in (we were under the covers but it was obvious we were naked). Lucy asked what the plan for dinner was and Jen volunteered me to make something, dressed just in the little frilly apron. The others ended up helping out (but they were properly dressed – or at least covered) and we had a nice meal before we started to get ready.

To save time, Jen and I showered together and washed each other down thoroughly. We didn’t bother locking the bathroom door so Lucy and Lis could chat to us. Jen had bought a new clear shower curtain a few weeks before, so they could sort of see what we were doing (we weren’t actually doing anything naughty, but Mike ended up wandering in to watch us as well). Lucy and Lis then showered separately and we weren’t allowed in to watch, but we did get to chat to them afterwards while they were just clad in towels. I used the excuse of looking at the scar on Lis’ leg to give her leg a stroke and then tickled her. I threatened to keep tickling her until her towel fell off, but relented when it actually started to come undone. I was told I was mean, but only when she was standing by the door and could make a run for it upstairs as soon as I moved to tickle her again.

Mike freshened up last while we got dressed and prepared. My outfit consisted of my half cup bra (that left a fair portion of my nipples visible) under my very lacy top (so the exposed parts of my nips were still fairly visible – in good light at least). For my bottom half, I was given a pair of seamless opaque tights to wear and once I had put them on, Jen marked them, I removed them and she cut them so they didn’t come up too high (I’m fairly short and if I try really hard I can get a pair of tights to go well over my stomach). Mike and Jen checked and my pussy was sort of visible in the light, but I was still more covered than when I’d worn my fishnet outfit.

Jen had a short black pleated skirt on and at my suggestion, she put a pair of white panties on under it and turned the skirt up at the waist so the crotch of her panties was visible. She had a tight halter neck top on that showed off the top part of her back nicely and (with a bit of tweaking) her nipples made nice little points in the front. Jen and I went to see how Lucy and Lis were doing and I got to see Lis’ outfit. I asked to see the (even) sexier version and Lis stripped off the shorts to reveal the lacy panties underneath (this was a bit of a hassle as she then had to refasten the suspenders). I think that Mike may have been right and she would have looked hotter in the white, but Jen agreed with Lucy and thought the black suited her. Lucy had a short, black, feathered skirt on with opaque tights. She had cur the tights in numerous places so her legs showed through and had a similar top to Jen (but not quite as tight – and Lucy had a bra on under her top).

Once Lucy and Lis had finished getting ready, we allowed Mike to give his opinion (although three of us probably weren’t too bothered what he thought). That wasn’t really an issue though as he thought we all looked very sexy and said if we just wanted to stay in and let him look at us all night, he could live with that. We weren’t going to miss an opportunity to go to the club though (and he really wanted to see the place too) so we set off (with suitably long coats to protect us from the cold and being hassled too much on the way) and went to meet up with the others.

We had a few drinks in a ‘normal’ bar first and discreetly showed off what we were wearing to each other. A couple of guys had come in full studded leather outfits and a couple of the girls had been adventurous in their costumes. We then went to the club and had to queue as our friendly doorman wasn’t on that night (although he was meant to be there). It was quite cold, but seeing as we were surrounded by other people going into the club, it was somewhat easier to do things to keep warm (or at least distract us). Mike tested the strength of my tights by pushing a finger between my lips and getting a fair way inside me. Fortunately we didn’t have to queue too long and could get out of the cold, dump our coats and enjoy the place.

Jen and I took Mike on a tour and Lucy showed Lis around. It was still reasonably early and we only saw the occasional couple playing (although there were a fair few exposed breasts). We then danced for a while with varying levels of fondling. I danced with Abrahii for a while who had a very sexy little red outfit on (her favourite colour – and it goes with her dark skin quite well). She danced quite provocatively and I remembered her demonstrating how flexible she was (she used to be a gymnast). I knew that Julia had got to have a little play with Abrahii on a couple of occasions over the previous couple of weeks and Jen had sort of helped out once so I had been looking forwards to an opportunity to catch up. I reciprocated in my dancing (although nowhere near as fluidly as she moved). I ran my hands over her body and when I didn’t meet any resistance, allowed them to slide under her shirt skirt and onto her ass. By touch, I determined that she had a g-string on and I slipped my fingers between her ass cheeks and forwards until I felt her pussy.

We moved to a more secluded area (not much more, just one of the side rooms) where things had certainly heated up from our initial tour. There were a number of people sitting around, one guy being sucked off and a couple of couples had hands in trousers and under skirts. I stood behind Abrahii and reached around her, stroking up and down her body and over her breasts, having a good feel of them as I did so. I wanted my real prize though (like Mike, I am generally all about the pussy – at least when it comes to girls) and I slid my hands down over her skirt and lifted the hem so I could stroke her panties. She leaned back against me (which I took as a good sign) and I stroked up and down the edge of her panties. I couldn’t resist any longer and pushed my fingers under the sides of her panties (much easier to do with a g-string) and found the little patch of hair that Jen had mentioned. I gently teased this with my left hand while I pushed my right hand down onto her pussy.

Her lips felt very soft and she was nice and wet as I rubbed around her cunt. She turned to face me and I thought she might have wanted me to stop, but she kissed me so I slid my left hand under her skirt onto her ass and tried to pull her panties to the side to make it easier to finger her. I asked if she wanted to cum and she let out a long ‘yessss’ so I started to rub her clit with my thumb while using a couple of fingers to play with her pussy. Her hands were kneading my ass through my tights and then were inside them, but I had a good head start on her and I used a circular motion on her clit which she seemed to really enjoy. I told her I wanted her to cum for me and rubbed my thumb back and forth over her clit until she held onto me really tightly and sort of shuddered. She didn’t make any noise or at least not anything I could hear over the music) but I was pretty sure she was cumming and so kept stimulating her until she told me she’d had enough.

I wiped my fingers clean on her skirt and asked if she had enjoyed herself (she had) and she asked if I wanted her to do anything to me. I knew that with both Mike and Jen around (and not forgetting Julia), I wasn’t going to be short of opportunities to cum, but this was a chance to do things with someone new so I told her that it would be fun to see how good she could make me feel. We moved over to a bench and I sat half facing her so we could make out. I got a hand into her top so I could play with her breasts and she slipped a hand between my legs to rub my crotch. Only having a pair of tights on meant I could feel quite a lot even through them, but as I got more turned on, I wanted to feel her fingers on me properly. I pushed her hand into my tights and she stroked my pussy but said that she wanted to play with my breasts as well. I pulled my top off (but left my bra on) and Abrahii dropped her head to my breasts and started to lick around my exposed nipples while her fingers searched out my clit. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that any sexually active girl would be good at playing with another girl, but I was still pleasantly surprised at how nice her fingers felt and how she seemed to know what felt best (or looking at it another way, she *has* seen Julia make me cum a number of times).

My breasts were pulled free of my bra and Abrahii sucked on my nipples and licked around my breasts a fair amount. Her fingers mostly stayed outside my pussy, but occasionally dipped in a little and I could feel my orgasm approaching. I pushed my fingers into her hair and held her head in place as I came. I knew that a few people were watching us (which helped my orgasm along) and once I’d finished cumming, I pulled her head up from my breasts so I could kiss her properly and thank her. She told me that Julia had said I would be willing to play with her and she had enjoyed it, then wiped her fingers over my breasts, smearing them with my pussy juice (although they were damp from her saliva anyway). I straightened myself up and she helped arrange my breasts back in my bra (still with my nipples showing). I didn’t put my top back on but just carried it out with me.

We found Jen and she guessed that we had been up to something, but I filled her in on the details and handed my top to Mike for him to put in his pocket. I danced some more and a couple of people took advantage of my state of undress to have a fondle of my breasts. A couple of the more adventurous people groped my ass or rubbed against my crotch, while Mike, Jen and Jules all had hands in my tights and gave me a proper fondle. I gave as good as I got and had my hands inside Jen’s panties and under Julia’s skirt (she didn’t have panties so it was easier to get to her pussy) and I took Mike to a side room to have a play. He didn’t cum (he was saving himself until later), but I did ride his cock, allowing anyone who was interested to watch us.

On a trip to the bathroom, I convinced Jen to remove her panties, but she wanted to lower her skirt a little so her pussy wasn’t completely visible. I allowed this, but when we went back out, made sure that Lis and Lucy knew that Jen was now sans-panties. I badgered Lis for a bit and managed to convince her that it was dark enough for her to remove her shorts to reveal her sexy panties. I got Lis to work on Lucy, but as she had tights on she thought it would be too much hassle to get her panties off. I had a very close dance with Lucy and stroked down her back and over her ass. She turned away from me and pressed back against me so I pushed my crotch against her ass and ran my hands up the front of her body – I decided that it was worth taking the chance and cupped her breasts for a while, which she didn’t object to, so I had a little squeeze and fondle of them before running my hands down her body and legs and then back up her legs under her skirt so they were on her thighs. I reached around until my hands met and then dropped them down over her mons and dragged my fingers back around to the side of her body (I had been intending to just stroke her panties, but lost my nerve as I didn’t want to do more than she was comfortable with).

I pulled her back against me and told her that she was incredibly sexy and that Lis was a lucky girl, then added that she (Lucy) was also a luck girl to have Lis (I know I’m lucky to have both Mike and Jen). Julia then had a dance with Lucy and semi-fondled her, but not as much as I had. I later found out that Mike had danced with Lis and he hadn’t tried to hide the fact that he had an erection. Lis didn’t seem to mind this and after they had danced, they chatted for a while and Lis seemed comfortable with him admiring her legs and panties. Not much else happened of note – Jules and I were encouraged to play with each other a bit, but not to cum (Jen and Abrahii were the only ones who knew what we’d gotten up to earlier in the evening, although I quietly told Mike after we had left the club) and it was eventually time to head back to Mel’s place.

I assumed that there would be more playing at Mel’s place and that Julia and I would probably be the centre of the games so even though it was cold, I enjoyed the walk back. I was only wearing my tights and bra under my coat and I had convinced Lis to keep her shorts off, but she had insisted that they would be going back on once we got indoors (where it was properly lit). Jen was still naked under her skirt and I stole a few fondles along the walk but she did more to me and at one point I was trying to walk while Mike and Jen each had a hand in my tights fondling my ass. Once we got indoors, people pointed out that my nipples looked rather hard (but it had been cold out). More drinking ensued and Mike continued to flirt with both Lis and Lucy.

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