Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Getting the Gang Involved - Part 3

As per usual, Julia and I were made to perform. We started off with Jules on the sofa and I fingered her, but Mel soon produced a dildo and Jen used this on me (after pulling my tights down over my ass just enough to expose my pussy). I made Julia cum fairly quickly (but I think Mel had been teasing her on the way home more severely than I had been teased) so as she ‘won’, I wasn’t allowed to cum and had to pull my tights up while leaving the dildo inside me. It didn’t fit the whole way in and the end made a visible bulge in my tights which had been pulled up tight to keep the dildo in place (as much as possible).

I tried to convince Lis and Lucy to strip off at least a little, but failed so I turned my attention to Jen. Julia was well aware that Jen was naked under her skirt and as a reward for winning the challenge earlier on, she asked to be allowed to play with her. Jen had given up objecting and didn’t seem to care what happened so I told Jules to go ahead and watched as she pushed her head between Jen’s legs. Seeing Jen having things done to her is still a relatively new thing (for the gang), so Julia was encouraged to give Jen a good licking and she did so. I told Lis that I wanted a demonstration of how she had fondled Jen’s breasts and Lucy told her to go ahead so she sat beside Jen, lifted her top and had a play. I tried to convince Lucy to take the other side (I’m sure you can guess where I was hoping this could lead to) but Lucy said it would feel weird so I sat on the other side of Jen and fondled her other breast. By the time Jen came, she had Lis and I licking and sucking one of her breasts each and we got a round of applause. Julia sat up and let me kiss her, then she gave Lis a kiss, allowing her to taste Jen.

Jen didn’t seem to be overly embarrassed at what had happened but covered herself up once we had finished. I asked Lis if she still liked the way Jen tasted and then spent a while chatting with her and Lucy. As much as I enjoyed our games, I was still unsure if Lucy really appreciated the difference between sex and love (that isn’t quite what I mean, but I hope the following will make it clearer). I really wanted Lucy to understand that Lis was in love with her (from what I could see and had been told anyway) and that playing with other people in the way she just had, didn’t mean any romantic or emotional connection – and as long as Lucy was fine with it, then it was just good fun. I also took the opportunity to explain to Lis (once again – but you can get away with that when everyone is drunk) how the things Jen and I had done with her were more than just random fun and that I really cared about her. I made sure they knew I wasn’t saying I was in love with her, but it still felt important to me for Lis (and Lucy to some extent) to know that I really cared about Lis and the brief times we’d got to spend together had meant something.

I was saved from getting in too far into a deep conversation that I would have probably messed up and just confused matters more by cheering from the kitchen. It became apparent before we got there (to me at least) what people wanted to see and when Mel reappeared with a bottle of lube, I guessed that the crowds wishes were going to be granted. Julia was sitting up on the table and had a person on each side of her holding her legs open. A few people were stroking her pussy and fingering her, but the call that had gone up had been to fist her. I had guessed that Jen would be the one who would do the actual fisting (she has relatively small hands) and as expected, she was sitting on a chair in front of Jules waiting for Mel to return. Lis didn’t believe that Jen would actually fist Jules but as Mel applied a generous amount of lube to Jen’s hand, I told Lis that Jen knew what she was doing (Lis figured out that I knew this from personal experience) and I added that if there was any one of us who’s cunt had been violated enough to be used to a fist, it was probably Julia.

Jen pushed a few fingers into Julia, then added a fourth and finally folder her thumb against her fingers and pushed it in. Julia’s legs were held open and I could see a look of concentration on her face, but she certainly didn’t seem to be in pain. Each time Jen pushed her hand in, it slipped a little deeper and just as it got to the widest part, Jules told Jen to go for it and she pushed right in. This got a loud cheer and Jen pumped in and out (only a little – her hand stayed buried in Julia’s cunt). People asked what it felt like but other than ‘being full’ she didn’t really describe it much more. Mel thought that Jules deserved to cum again and rubbed her clit. Despite what you may have seen in porn videos, just having a fist inside them isn’t enough to make a girl cum, but with Mel’s help, Julia certainly did cum and only when her orgasm finished did Jen pull her hand out.

People were curious what Julia’s pussy would look like so she wasn’t allowed down from the table until people had looked at how stretched she was. She returned to normal (or at least appeared to) fairly quickly, but I knew that if someone fucked her at that point, they wouldn’t feel too much. I congratulated her on having put on such a good show and she said that I should be responsible for the next round of entertainment. It’s been quite a while since Jen fisted me and I wasn’t at all sure if I would be able to take it quite as readily as Jules had, but fortunately she had something else in mind and wanted a little break to recover anyway.

Back in the living room, one of the (hetero) girls complained that while it was fun watching us do random sex acts, they rarely got to see any of the guys naked or doing things. A number (and in increasing number) of other people in the group sometimes do things with each other while Julia and I are putting on a display, but this is usually mostly hidden by clothes or blankets and so we don’t get to see too much (sometimes the occasional wet patch spreading on jeans if a guy has cum, but very little else). I offered Mike’s services and said that if she really wanted to see something, then he would be happy to put on a display and fuck me (okay so this wasn’t entirely for her sake – I was sick of just having the dildo in me and not having cum since the club). A few of the other girls (and some of the guys) thought this was a good idea and Mike was certainly up for it (it’s not as if he’s shy about fucking in front of people – and a number of them have seen him do things with Julia) so after freeing his cock and giving it a good suck and handjob I pulled my tights off and mounted him (he was sitting on the sofa).

We fucked with me facing him, facing away from him and then I stood up and bent over the sofa so he could take me from behind. He actually found it slightly strange as at the parties, even though people are watching, they are generally doing things with each other as well so they don’t watch quite as closely. We somehow coped though, even with the requests for him to spread my ass cheeks to give a better view and I ended up playing with my clit so he could concentrate on fucking me. At first he wasn’t going to cum, just fuck me until I came, but he ended up giving in to peer pressure and pumped into me. Some people said he should cum in me and some said to cum over me, so he decided to take the first option and pushed deep into me when he came. I was instructed to stay leaning over the sofa until Mike’s cum started to leak out (I felt some run down my legs) and while I did this, Julia helped to clean off Mike’s cock (with her mouth). I has to put my tights back on to contain the cum (not that there was a vast quantity, but people wanted to see the wet spot on my tights grow as it leaked out.

The crowd was at least partially satisfied with the cock action but the conversation turned to how straight men liked the idea of lesbians but were afraid of ‘the other’ form of homosexuality. Mike admitted that he had no interest in men but tried to explain that he wasn’t ‘afraid’ of them and certainly didn’t mind spending time around gay men or being friends with them, which I would have thought would have been obvious as he visits Jen, Lucy and their gay male friends whenever he can – although that it was of course for Jen and Lucy (and now Lis) that he actually visited. It was suggested that if he deserved to spend time with Jen and I, then he should be made to prove that he wasn’t homophobic.

I wasn’t quite sure where this was going, but was also curious to see what would happen. In the end, it was suggested that (if there was someone willing), Mike should have to at least fondle his cock (this was also so that the straight and bi girls also got to see more cock). Julia suggested that Ashraf should volunteer as he has benefitted from her and my attention in the past (only through his clothes, but he’s certainly had a good grind with both of us). Ashraf seemed drunk enough that he thought this was a good idea and Mike sat down beside him and once Ashraf had undone his jeans, Mike slid a hand into them and found his cock. Was quite surprised that Mike had gone that far, but he is just as stubborn as I am and I guess he was trying to prove a point. We could see his hand moving in Ashraf’s shorts and the tip of Ashraf’s cock was just about visible but of course, this wasn’t enough to satisfy everyone. Ashraf was obviously enjoying the attention (although he had to tell Mike a couple of times to change how he was stroking him).

Mike stroked him for a little while and Julia moved over beside them and pulled Ashraf’s shorts down enough to expose what he was doing. At first Ashraf made a grab to pull them back up, but obviously decided that he enjoyed what was happening more than he wanted to be covered up (I’m not sure he really thought things through that much, but he stopped trying to cover himself up and just lay back). A chant of ‘make him cum’ started up and Mike gave what looked like a little shrug and sped up his movements. Julia reached down and fondled Ashraf’s balls and it wasn’t long before we were rewarded with the sight of cum squirting out of Ashraf’s cock and covering the front of his top. Mike wiped his hand on Ashraf’s jeans, took a bow and went into the kitchen to get another drink.

I followed him and asked if he had enjoyed himself. He quietly told me that it hadn’t really done anything for him, but other people had obviously enjoyed it (not just Ashraf who’s enjoyment was sufficiently obvious that Mike was washing it off his hands). A couple of other people followed us into the kitchen and told him he’d done a good job and even out militant gay (who almost borders on a heterophobe) said that Mike was now an honorary member of the group.

Mel decided that as we were in the kitchen, we may as well move onto the next round of fun. I had my crotch rubbed my Mel who commented that Mike’s cream seemed to have finished leaking out of me, but we could always add more. I didn’t know if she meant that she wanted Mike to fuck me again (he was certainly the only one there who I would actually let cum inside me without protection), but when I was pulled over to the fridge, I realised she meant ‘cream’ in the literal sense. She pulled the front of my tights away from my body and poured a large amount of thick cream into them, then let go of my tights and started to rub the outside of them. The cream felt incredibly cold on my cunt but I wasn’t given much time to think about this as Mel’s fingers were quite insistent and even though her hands were outside my tights, she was pushing them quite a way between my lips.

Mike ‘helped’ by removing my bra (it was quite an expensive one) and I had some cream poured down the back of my tights over my ass before being fondled more. It was beginning to feel really good – especially as I now had a number of pairs of hands fondling me (don’t forget that my real fantasy is group sex centred entirely around me – not that I’m selfish or anything...). Jen was thrust against me and she slipped a hand into my tights and fingered me properly before pulling her hand out and rubbing the creamy mess over one of my breasts. I told her that she was going to get dirty but she said she didn’t care so I reached around and pulled her tight against me, knowing that the cream had started to leak through my tights. I felt Jen press her leg against my crotch and she said that if I really wanted her friends to see her fool around, then she may as well enjoy it (Jen was reasonably drunk as well).

With all the fondling, I was sufficiently turned on that I certainly wasn’t going to argue with her so I reached under her skirt and kneaded her ass. We were interrupted so I could make the choice between two different flavours of ice cream. I chose vanilla and braced myself as a large scoop was dropped into my tights and immediately rubbed into my crotch. Jen was pushed against me and her leg squished the ice cream into me even more, but I did as expected (and because it felt good) and humped against her thigh. I had more ice cream put into the back of my tights and my ass rubbed by a few different hands (simultaneously). It felt really good to be actually doing things with Jen (rather than Julia) with everyone watching and I once again reached under her skirt to fondle her. Jen was instructed to reach into my tights and rub my pussy, then to rub her hand over my breasts (which got me quite a bit messier). When she was pressed up against me, this rubbed off on her top and even though I couldn’t see, I was certain that her skirt was going to be a complete mess as well.

I had ice cream rubbed directly onto my breasts and Mel poured some cream down the front of Jen’s top (inside). Jen fingered me again and I told her I was getting close to cumming (not really close, but I could feel my orgasm starting to build as her fingers rubbed my clit). Mel overheard me say this and said I wasn’t allowed to cum without people seeing properly, so I was told to pull my tights off (which got the rest of my legs covered in goop) and I had to lie on the table with my legs spread. Jen was then instructed to make me cum so she leant forwards and pushed her head between my legs and ate me. I had a bit more cream and ice cream put onto my breasts and this was rubbed in, but I was concentrating on what Jen’s tongue was doing to me as it lashed my clit and pushed between my lips. I tried to put on a good show as I came and Jen continued to eat me until my orgasm finished.

It wasn’t really the time or place for kitty kissing, so she pulled away and tried to wipe her face clean (although from what I could see, this was a rather pointless task as her face, cheeks and hair all had cream on them). I thought I was going to be allowed down, but Mel decided that I could provide a bit more entertainment so she told me to hold my pussy open and she pumped a couple of fingers in and out of me. This didn’t do a great deal for me by itself but Mel seemed to take pleasure in doing it to me. After a while, she decided that if I was putting on another show, I should at least enjoy it a well, so she paid some attention to my clit and this felt much better. I was told to finish myself off so I used the best position I know to let people watch this and reached a hand around under my legs to finger myself and used my other hand on my clit. It didn’t take long and I came, then sucked my fingers clean.

Jen and I were allowed to go and clean up and showered together (stealing some of Julia’s expensive shampoo in the process). Neither of us could wear our clothes to go home in so Julia leant me a pair of tights (black, but not opaque – nor seamless) and leant Jen a much shorter skirt and top. This meant that Jen had to be careful how she sat or stood for the rest of the evening, but she was pretty much covered (and everyone had seen a fair amount of her already).


  1. Andi, some people can't separate love from sex no matter how much it's explained...I think the best course here would be to just respect their wishes.

    Also, interesting thought here on Mike's 'experience'. If he was willing to go that far, and is willing to go 'all the way' (Even though it really doesn't do much for him) it would end up putting Jen in a tough spot as to not doing anything with Mike (even though it really doesn't do much for her). In other words if Mike is willing to go the distance shouldn't Jen also?

  2. Oh I certainly wouldn't try to actually do anything with either of them unless they were completely willing (and the other one knew about and accepted it) - it's just a fantasy that I'll either get my little Lis back or get to sleep with my porn star fantasy (Lucy aka Pavlina).

    I don't think Mike would want to go any further (actually I know he wouldn't). Even if he did, he still wouldn't want to 'force; Jen into doing things with him that she didn't want to. As I've said elsewhere, she trusts him and I think she enjoys teasing him and while it's a bit frustrating for him, he'd rather have that than push too hard and fall out with her.

  3. Personally, in reading these, I look forward to the day Mike finally fucks Jen silly.

    Also, if Mike is game, you have to try having him lick your clit as someone fucks you. Having done it in the past, it was really erotic and she came extremely hard.

  4. I've felt this and I know how good it feels - it wasn't Mike licking me though. He's not up for doing it to me, but also likes having it done while he's inside me.