Saturday, 12 May 2012

Getting the Gang Involved - Part 4

The next round of fun was centred on Abrahii (now that Mel has added her to her collection of playthings). Julia started it off while dancing with her – I saw her hands slide under Abrahii’s skirt and pointed out to Mike that something was (probably) about to start. As expected, the dancing got quite close and Julia was rubbing herself up against Abrahii and we watched as her hands moved round to the front and started to rub Abrahii’s pussy. I was feeling surprisingly horny again (although that may have had something to do with wandering around wearing just a pair of tights that didn’t really hide anything) and I moved over beside Lucy to watch what would happen. I know that she thinks Abrahii is pretty and was hoping that she would be interested in what was going on. While we watched Jules slide her hand into Abrahii’s panties and pull down the top of her dress to get access to her breasts I teased Lucy about how nice it felt having two people doing things to you at once.

Julia moved things onto the sofa and sucked on Abrahii’s dark nips while her fingers worked on her pussy. Her panties didn’t hide much so we could see most of what was happening, but fortunately other people decided that it still wasn’t enough so there were calls for the panties to come off. Abrahii herself pulled them down and Julia helped by finishing the job and then returning to fingering her. We could now see everything and watched Julia’s fingers plunging into Abrahii’s cunt. She spread her legs wider and Julia kissed her hard as her orgasm hit (it was quite obvious that she was cumming).

I had my hand on my pussy (through my tights) and was openly rubbing myself, which once the distraction of Jules and Abrahii ended, Lucy noticed and commented on. I just said that I bet she was just as aroused as I was and I hoped that she was going to have the energy to have a good session with Lis when we all got home. Lucy blushed a bit, but didn’t deny that she had been affected by the evening’s games. I hadn’t intended to go quite this far, but my rubbing had started to feel good so I leant closer to Lucy and asked her if me playing with myself bothered her. She said it was fine and she had seen me cum enough times before so I pulled myself right against her and put a leg over hers and asked if she wanted me to stop. Lucy seemed to be trying to play it cool and said I could do what I want so I told her I would and I pressed harder against my pussy and pushed the tights between my lips. I guessed that Lucy wouldn’t be able to see exactly what I was doing from her angle, but even if she couldn’t see, I knew she knew I was rubbing myself. Even at this stage, I intended to just tease myself a bit and then stop, but (as usually happens), the more I rubbed, the more it seemed like a good idea to go the whole way and finish things off properly.

I asked Lis (who was sitting on the other side of Lucy) if she minded if I came and when she said that she didn’t have a problem with it I knew that I wasn’t going to stop. As nice as what I was doing felt, I still prefer skin on skin contact and instead of sliding my tights down or pushing my hand into them, I just tore a hole in the crotch (the one advantage of thin tights) and pushed my fingers through it. This felt much better but I still wasn’t satisfied so I ripped the tights more and got better access so I could rub my clit as well as my slit. I apologised to Lucy and told her I needed to cum (which technically was her fault) and after a short but intense session, I did so. I still had a leg lying over Lucy’s legs and I pressed my foot against Lis. Needless to say, I had been imagining the two of them helping me out.

I felt quite satisfied by the time my orgasm faded and as I pulled my fingers out of my pussy, Julia said that Lis should suck them clean. I liked that idea, but (despite my lack of self control) I didn’t want to push things too far and said that there was no way she could do that. It became apparent that everyone knew that Lis had done things with Jen and I before she started to date Lucy, so this wouldn’t be anything she hadn’t done before. I briefly thought that Lucy was going to tell her to go ahead but I ended up sucking them clean myself while I lifted my leg off of Lucy and thanked her for letting me cum near her.

It was quite late by this point and after not too much longer, we decided to head home. I only had Julia’s torn tights on under my coat but we walked quickly while chatting. I once again apologised to Lucy for masturbating while sitting on her lap but told her that it was really her fault for being so incredibly sexy. On arriving at home, we all got ready for bed and I once again told Lucy to make sure that she and Lis had a good session before going to sleep.

Once in bed, I dove down between Jen’s legs and started to eat her while she rubbed my pussy. As soon as Mike climbed into bed with us I pulled away from her though and said it was only fair that he should get to cum at the same time (I know that he had enjoyed the evening’s entertainment a lot). We ended up in a 69 position with me on top and Mike taking me doggy style. Jen wasn’t eating me (due to Mike’s cock being there), but she did get a good view of him fucking me. Mike held my lips apart so she could see as much as possible and I tried to simultaneously distract her by licking her clit and using a vibe in her. Mike and Jen had a bit of an advantage over me in that they hadn’t cum anywhere near as many times as I had, but with his cock in me, his fingers on my clit and my face inhaling Jen’s scent, I managed to cum again. Jen then licked me so she could taste Mike’s cum from me and I let Mike taste Jen as I kissed him.

While we were in the final stages of our little session, there was a knock on the door and Mike said ‘come in’. I was still sitting over Jen in a 69 position and instinctively thought I should cover myself up but then realised it could only be Lucy or Lis so relaxed. The door opened and Lis came in. I asked what she wanted (in a nice way) and she said that she had something for Mike. This confused me a bit, but I was even more confused when she walked over and let him kiss her. His cock had shrunk somewhat after he had finished fucking me, but I watched it inflate once more. When Lis pulled away, she also noticed this (but she had seen it earlier when he’d fucked me so I guess it wasn’t anything new) and I finally asked what was going on.

Mike explained that on the way home, he had been once again discussing cunnilingus with Lis and telling her how much he really wanted to be able to taste Lucy (Lis knows that Mike was the one who first found the Pavlina pictures – before I even started to date him). Lis had decided (or been encouraged) to repay Mike for helping her through the break-up with Vicky and had somehow convinced Lucy to let him taste her off Lis’s face (just as he does with Jen and my face). Mike hadn’t actually been kissing her – or at least not really on the lips, he had just kissed and licked her cheek. Of course I felt rather jealous and asked if I could have a go as well and Lis said that she’d thought I would want that and offered me her other cheek. I wasn’t quite as well behaved as Mike and kissed her lips as well. I didn’t want Jen to feel left out so I climbed off her face and (after wiping her clean so my juices didn’t pollute the taste) let Lis give her a quick kiss (I don’t really think there was much of Lucy left by this point, but it was the principal of the matter).

I wondered if anything else was going to happen and the tension was broken by Mike spooning up behind me and pushing his cock back into my cunt. He thanked Lis for giving him his present and said that if she wanted to watch, we could put on another show for her. He was already sliding in and out of me and lifted my upper leg so she got a better view. She said that she should really get back to Lucy, but didn’t actually move anywhere and when he started to play with my clit and whispered in my ear that I should do something to Jen, I reached over and rubbed up and down Jen’s pussy. We ended up in a bit of a strange position – Jen was on her back and had one leg lifted up so her knee was on her chest. This meant that I could lie on my side and sort of get to her pussy – at least enough to be able to finger her and partially lick her clit (and allow Lis to see what I was doing). Mike was still behind me and had my upper leg raised so Lis could see him fucking me and he also rubbed my clit (so I would cum).

Lis obviously wasn’t going anywhere and stood watching us, then sat on the edge of the bed and glanced back and forth between what I was doing to Jen and what Mike was doing to me. Mike was clearly enjoying having Lis watch and he was pumping in and out of me quite hard and fast. I ended up with three fingers inside Jen’s pussy and decided to go for it and pushed my little finger against her ass. Mike told Lis that if she wanted to play with herself then she should go ahead, but I didn’t think she was quite ready for that and said it was fine for her just to watch. Jen actually came first, but once she had cum, I pulled my fingers out and buried my face in her pussy while Mike carried on fucking me. I took over playing with my clit (using Jen’s juices as lubrication) and moaned into Jen’s cunt as my orgasm built. I really hadn’t expected to be cumming again, but having (sort of) finally got to taste Lucy and putting on a private show for Lis helped (as did Mike’s cock) and I came. Mike pumped into me a while longer before he finally came and he then pulled out (and later told me this was so his cock would be visible to Lis).

I asked Lis if she was going to go back and do things with Lucy and she said she was so I offered her a goodbye kiss, which she accepted and kissed around my mouth, tasting Jen (which is why I’d offered). Lis left us, looking rather flushed and aroused and I congratulated Mike on getting his fantasy of tasting Lucy. I also teased Jen about how keen she had been to taste her and asked how she had enjoyed having Li swat us do things again. Mike was amazed at how she had changed over the previous few months and we wondered if we stood a better chance of getting to do things with Lis again (preferably including Lucy). We discussed this while we dozed off and it helped keep Mike nice and hard so he could spoon with me while I cupped Jen’s pussy and gently fingered her (so she didn’t feel left out).

In the morning, Mike woke me up our usual way (by going down on me). Jen woke up while he was eating me and said that she needed to pee – I told her to leave the door open as she went out so in the event that Lis and Lucy came out of their room, they had the chance to watch (if they wanted). We weren’t interrupted though until Jen returned and decided that she was now awake enough to join in, so straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. Mike was licking all around my pussy and ass, so I passed this on to Jen and soon had her mewing above me. We stayed in this position until both she and I had cum and Mike then knelt between my legs and pushed into me. I kept a hold of Jen to keep her in place over me and gently licked her while Mike fucked me, but then had a better idea and slapped her ass to indicate I wanted her to climb off. Once Mike had finished kissing me (my face was covered in Jen’s juices) I told them my idea which was to go and prepare breakfast and take it in to Lis and Lucy. I know we’ve don’t this before, but after what had happened the previous night, I said that we might even get to put on another display for them and maybe even get to taste Lucy again. I wasn’t overly hopeful that that last few parts would happen now that Lucy had sobered up (she is more adventurous when drunk), but just the possibility was enough to be appealing so we agreed to try (and at the very least, seeing them in bed is always nice).

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