Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Getting the Gang Involved - Part 5

We went down and prepared breakfast naked, then had a quick freshen up. I wore just the little frilly apron, Mike pulled on a pair of track suit bottoms and I selected a set of Jen’s lingerie that I know Lis finds sexy – a pair of panties and babydoll nightdress that are very transparent. We knocked and entered (although I asked if Mike could come in first and Lucy said it was fine, but she pulled the covers up to cover her nakedness). We all sat on the bed (Lis and Lucy still under the covers) and ate breakfast. Part way through, I thanked Lucy for letting Mike have his fantasy and she went redder than I’ve ever seen her go. I asked if they had carried on playing after Lis had returned from Jen’s room but Lis said that by the time she got back, Lucy had been sound asleep. I asked if she had taken care of herself and she said that she had considered it, but had also been tired so had just gone to sleep feeling a bit frustrated (at which point Lucy said that it explained why Lis had been so desperate to do things earlier that morning).

We discussed the club and what had happened while we’d been there. I admitted to playing with Abrahii and Lis told us that she had seen a number of other people fondling, fingering, sucking and fucking throughout the evening. We also discussed what had happened amongst our group after we’d gone back to Mel’s place. We talked about Jen fisting Julia and I had to describe what it felt like (being the only person there who had been fisted), the cream incident and then got onto Mike’s handjob. He explained that it had felt rather odd touching another guy, but he’d been trying to prove a point. He did admit that it was a lot more difficult to jerk someone else off (he obviously knows how to do it to himself, but he now realises why I don’t know exactly how to move or when I’m putting too much pressure on the head). He has no real desire to repeat the experience, but thinks that the handjob, coupled with the fact that he has knowingly licked other guys cum out of girls, he thinks he has proved his point.

I decided to tease Lis a bit more so asked if she had told Lucy what she had seen when she came to bestow Lucy’s essence upon us (this is where it came out that I’d also had a taste – I omitted the fact that Jen had also done so). Lucy explained that she had only let Lis do that as a thank you for Mike for looking after her when she’d been upset and Mike thanked her again. Lucy had goon fairly deep red again so I brought the conversation back to Lis having watched us fuck (but made clear that she hadn’t been involved – I don’t think Lucy is the jealous type, but I wouldn’t want her to think that Lis was the unfaithful type as she isn’t).

Jen went to answer the phone and came back to say that we had been invited round to Julia’s place. ‘We’ turned out to be Mike, Jen and myself – Mel had decided that Mike deserved a treat for having been adventurous. I said that it was a shame as we could have put on another private showing for Lis and Lucy if they had been interested. I gave Mike’s cock a quick pat (the tracksuit hadn’t been doing much to hide the bulge, but that was the intention) and I said we should go and freshen up properly.
Once we were all showered, I got Jen to put her semi-transparent underwear back on and quickly pulled on a skirt and bra before we put coats on and prepared to head off. We said our goodbye’s to Lucy and Lis as they were planning on going out so we didn’t think we would see them again before Lis left.

We quickly headed over to Julia’s place (Mike still hadn’t cum that morning so was especially eager) and once indoors, Jen and I removed our coats to reveal our outfits. Julia had a whole white ensemble on (whether she had remembered that Mike liked ‘cute’ or it was coincidence I forgot to ask) and she sidled up to him and rubbed the growing bulge in his trousers. She didn’t waste any more time and unbuttoned his jeans, wrapping her hand around his cock and leading him upstairs by it. We all followed and as Mike and Julia started to get more serious on the bed, I reached over to Jen and suggested that we help to entertain Mel. Mel didn’t object to this in the least and we quickly had enough of her clothes undone to access all her important bits.

Mike had explained to Jules that he hadn’t cum that morning and wanted to empty himself inside her, but he wanted to give her a good fucking first (which she was willing to let him do). They used a number of different positions but Mike then said he wanted to eat me at the same time so he lay on his back and I climbed over his face. Mel handed me a vibe and I rubbed it against Julia’s clit while I described what had happened with Lis (I left out the part about tasting Lucy’s juices, but told them how she had watched us in a threesome). We (Mike and I) made Julia cum and Mike kept eating me until I came. Even though she had cum, Mike was still holding onto Julia’s thighs to keep her on his cock.

I climbed off his face and he asked Julia if she was ready to cum again. She ended up on her back and Mike used long strokes in and out of her cunt. Jen was busy fingering Mel but Julia asked her to sit over her face so I took over playing with Mel and let Jen enjoy Julia’s tongue. Mike played with Julia’s clit and I ended up kneeling in front of Mel, licking her. As Mike got closer to cumming, he asked Mel if he could eat her (he knew he wasn’t going to get to eat Jen) and she capitulated. He once again lay on his back with Julia riding his cock and Mel climbed over his face. This time, Jen knelt behind Mel and played with her clit while I knelt behind Jules and played with her clit. I had no idea how close to cumming Mike was, but I made Julia cum and he kept fucking her. It was obvious when he did actually cum though as he stopped moving and I could see how hard he was pulling her legs down to hold her in place. Mel had also cum at some point but Mike was still kitty kissing her so she didn’t want to get off his face.

Julia said her legs felt sore after riding Mike twice in a row so I moved out of the way to let her climb off him. As expected for his first (and delayed) cum of the day, he had indeed left quite a bit inside her and this started to leak out straight away. I like being able to push Jules past her limit and I guessed that she would be quite sensitive after having cum twice in a row so I suggested to Jen that we help clean her up. Jules didn’t put up much of a fight so we spread her legs and watched Mike’s cum ooze out of her, then took turns licking her clean and waiting for the next bit to drip out. When I looked over at Mike, I was surprised to see Mel was still on top of him, but she was now lying down on him and had his cock in her mouth. I know that Mel is technically bi, but she had been with far more girls than guys so I tend to think of her as gay. She certainly seemed to know how to suck cock though and it was obvious that Mike was no longer just kitty kissing her, but was eating her properly again.

I told Jen to climb over Julia’s face (Jen hadn’t cum yet) and I told Mel that if she wanted to fuck Mike, I would eat her at the same time. I didn’t expect her to do this, but I know Mike likes the idea. Mel considered my proposal and said she wanted to try it, so climbed off Mike’s face (he initially resisted and tried to hold her in place, but she told him she wanted to fuck him so he let her go). Mel is a bit larger than Jules so it took a while to figure out the best position to use, but they ended up with Mel on all fours with me under her and Mike fucking her doggystyle. With a bit of wiggling around, I got Mel to kneel low enough that I could get to her pussy and lick around it while Mike fucked her. It wasn’t ideal and his balls repeatedly bumped into my head but it meant I had a good view (especially when he spread her lips and I could see almost everything).

At first, Mel just enjoyed what Mike and I were doing to her, but as things progressed, she ended up lowering herself and obviously decided that while her mouth was near my pussy, she may as well do something for me and started to eat me. I could feel her breasts squished on my stomach and I called for someone to hand me a vibe to use on her clit (Mike was fucking her a bit more forcefully by this point so it was harder to get close enough to lick her). The vibe that I’d used on Jules was pushed into my hand and I did the best I could to hold it against Mel’s clit. She was licking me quite hard so I guessed she was close to cumming and as expected, she soon started to moan into my cunt.

I think Mike figured out she was cumming as well as he started to pound into her faster. I could feel Mel’s breath as she panted into me but she didn’t pull away or try to get us to stop so I kept the vibe on her cunt and Mike carried on fucking her. It was obvious that he was trying to hold back as he gave her a really long, hard pounding (and I know he can cum faster than that if he wants). Mel had been moaning and panting into my cunt the whole time, but she became more animated and I guessed she was cumming again. Mike carried on fucking her until she started to let out higher pitch moans and he then slammed into her really hard a few times and stayed buried in her. I moved the vibe away from Mel’s clit and watched Mike pull his cock out shortly after.

Unfortunately, once Mel had started cumming the first time, she had stopped eating me properly (although there had been a bit of contact) and her moaning into me had just made me want to cum again (not that there are many times when I *don’t* want to cum again). Mike was a bit out of breath but I knew that Julia would almost certainly be up for more action (she had finished with Jen) so I convinced her to 69 with me. I got kind of wrapped up in that so wasn’t paying attention to what else was going on, but Mike, Mel and Jen mostly just rested and caught their breath.

They had been discussing use of toys (I think Mike was looking for some new ideas) and Mel had told him about one of their (her and Julia’s) favourite ways to use their double dildo. Julia and I had been nominated to demonstrate the method so out 69 session was interrupted and we had to lie on our backs on the bed with or cunt’s facing each other. Mel applied some of the tingle gel to their double ended dildo (I was the one who told them about the tingle gel) and an end was pushed into Julia and the other end into me. We then edged closer together so there was about 6 inches of space between our pussies and the dildo was pushed as far into me as it could comfortably go. Mike wrapped his hand around the dildo right by my pussy and slid it towards Jules until his fist was pressed up against her cunt. He adjusted the dildo by sliding it slightly further into her and then started pumping back and forth so it filled us in turn. Once he had a good rhythm going, his pumping got faster and harder. His hand (wrapped around the dildo) slammed against my and then Julia’s cunt as we were repeatedly violated. It felt quite strong and this wasn’t helped by Jen suggesting that she and Mel should hold vibes against our clits. Mel upped the stakes even more by saying that the vibes would stay in place until both of us had cum (so whoever came first would have to endure the dildo pumping and the vibe even after they had cum).

I don’t know if it because of her youth or practise from a younger age, but Jules managed to cum first and I was treated to the sight of her squirming around as she continued to be stimulated. I wasn’t too far behind her though so she wasn’t made to suffer for too long before I came. Naturally, the assault didn’t stop straight away even after I’d cum and I ended pushing myself towards Jules so Mike could no longer pump the dildo in us. They decided that we had given enough by that point, so they stopped using the vibes on us, but Mike wanted to have a lick of us both while we were still joined together. He did a good job of gently kissing and licking our clits and once he had finished we stayed in the position we were in, still both impaled by the dildo.

The morning was gone by this point and we decided to head out and get some lunch before Mike and I had to head home. As usual Jen, Julia and I went without underwear and we convinced Mel to join in. This allowed a little game during lunch – each of us took one of Mike’s carrot batons and slipped then under out skirts to coat them with our juices. He was then given the task of telling who’s taste was on which stick. He didn’t do that well and only got Jen’s right (but I think that was more b luck than judgement). He said that he would happily have a rematch on his next visit as long as he could taste directly from the source.

With lunch over, we said goodbye to Mel and Julia and headed back to Jen’s place to pick up our things. It had been another fun weekend and we were somewhat tired, so dozed on the flight back and had a relatively early night. We had a gentle session that evening while discussing the weekend and fantasised about the other things we could do. Mike really wanted to get Julia into Jen’s Japanese schoolgirl outfit as he thought she would be an ideal anime character. Her hair is now a reasonable length and (that weekend) was bright pink so Mike thought that with an appropriate set of bunches she would look the part. I told him I would see what I could do but later in the week, I did put my Japanese outfit on and we spent an evening with me riding him.

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  1. Wow, that's a little out there. If it takes masturbating someone to prove you're not homophobic I think it's the people doing the suspecting are the ones with the problem.