Friday, 18 May 2012

The House Hunt - Part 1

During the first week in March, Jen came up to visit to help look for a new place to live (plus I’d only spent one weekend at home since the start of the year). She arrived early on the Friday evening and joined us for drinks with some of Mike’s work colleagues. This was the first time they had met her and some of them knew a little about our unique relationship so they asked us lots of questions (some of them not entirely appropriate), but we coped fairly well and they seemed to be mostly satisfied with our responses.

We headed back home and had a look online at some of the places we were going to view and then got ready for bed. We all climbed under the covers and Jen complained about having stiff shoulders, so Mike offered to give her a massage. This meant that he got to sit over her and as he rubbed back and forth, he leant forwards so his cock pressed against her lower back. I let him work on her for a while until she felt a bit better and then decided it was time for some fun.

I lay on my back and got Jen to climb over me – while we 69ed, Mike rubbed his cock between Jen’s ass cheeks. This had the unfortunate side effect of his balls hanging down onto my face, but I concentrated on eating Jen and enjoyed what she was doing to me. After a while, Mike left us to finish each other off and just watched while gently playing with himself. Once Jen and I had cum, it was his turn - I lay on my side and let him spoon behind me. He slid into my cunt and I got Jen to lie facing us so I could use a vibe on her pussy. This meant that while we fucked (or were stimulated), we could all watch each other (or at least Mike and I could watch Jen and she could watch us). Mike gave me a good deep fucking – he didn’t move a great deal, but stayed pressed inside me moving a little while I contracted myself around him. My pussy feels really filled in this position and he whispered in my ear how hot and soft my cunt felt. As he got closer to cumming, he started to nibble my earlobe and tell me how he was going to cover e inside of my cunt with his cum.

All through this he had been playing with my clit and I had continued to use the vibe on Jen. She came first and we enjoyed the sight of her orgasm face before concentrating on our own pleasure. Because he doesn’t move as much in this position, it is more about rhythm so it was harder to time our orgasms. It became clear that Mike was going to cum first and he kept playing with my clit, but I encouraged him to let go and enjoy the feeling. I heard him moan as he started to cum and he pressed even harder into me. He stayed inside me after he’d cum and carried on playing with my clit and telling me how hot and wet my cunt was (mostly thanks to him by that point). When I came, I had to look Jen directly in the eyes and concentrate on her and once my orgasm ended, she leaned over and gave me a big kiss.

Mike stayed inside me for a while as we chatted and I told Jen some of the things she would have to do over the weekend. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be so I wasn’t going to be able to send her out in as flimsy a dress as I’d wanted (I want her to feel exposed, not to catch pneumonia), but I was sure we could find other ways to amuse ourselves. When it was time to go to sleep, Mike and I switched places so he could sleep between Jen and I. We’d been getting a lot of comments on the blog over the past week or so prior to Jen’s visit about what she and Mike did or didn’t do and how she should play with him more. As we said then, Jen is gay but she does care about Mike and thought that he deserved to have some fun with her (with certain conditions). ‘Proper’ sex was still out, but she didn’t mind him spooning up against her and feeling his cock nestled between her ass cheeks. Naturally, this didn’t help speed Mike to sleep as he was enjoying the feel of Jen’s body, but we eventually dozed off.

In the morning, I was woken by Mike going down on me and then fucking me. He then got up to have breakfast while I ate Jen awake (she had obviously woken up while Mike and I had been playing, I was just ensuring she was fully awake). Mike returned in time to see her cum (we hadn’t been hurrying) and we had a lazy breakfast in bed before heading off to shower.

As part of Mike’s ‘getting to play with Jen’ weekend, we all showered together. This would have worked better if we’d had a double shower as one of us was always out of the water so got a bit cold, but once I started to use the shower on Jen’s pussy, that was enough of a distraction that we didn’t notice. Mike stood behind Jen and rubbed against her ass while I held her pussy lips open and used the pulse setting on her clit. As Jen got closer to cumming I told Mike that if he could pee on her before she came then Jen would let him cum over her cunt and would have to walk around for the day in that state. Mike liked that idea, but between the rubbing and the sight of Jen close to cumming, he couldn’t get soft enough to pee before she came, so he lost out on his chance. As punishment, I was subjected to the shower spray and Jen held my lips open while he fingered me and used the get on my clit. As punishments go, it could certainly be a lot worse and once I’d cum, he gave my cunt a good lashing with his tongue (just to make sure I was properly clean). We then dried off and went to get dressed.

My new outfit for Jen was a more substantial dress – at least more substantial in that it was thicker and warmer, but still almost indecently short. She wasn’t allowed any underwear but I did provide her with a pair of thigh high black socks that only left an inch or so of bare skin between the top of the socks and the dress. I liked the look (as did Mike) and once we were all ready, we set off. On the way I told Jen that whenever we had to go up any stairs, she always had to go first, unless there were other people around, in which case she had to make sure that she always went up in front of someone else. Mike complained that this would have been much better if her cunt had been covered with his cum, but I told him it was his own fault for not being able to control his erections.

We viewed three places and looked around the area of a couple more and – as instructed – Jen always went upstairs just in front of the person showing us around. One of the guys was especially indiscreet in looking up her skirt, but Jen didn’t say anything and just let him carry on. Seeing as we had an obviously interested participant, I had a quiet word with Jen to make sure that she would lean over to look in cupboards or under beds, knowing full well what this would do to the back of her skirt. She did as instructed and while I didn’t get to see it properly (as we wanted to let the guy peek while thinking that we weren’t noticing), he did end up walking around holding his coat in front of him so my guess is that Jen got him quite excited.

In the middle of the viewings we had stopped for lunch and I had hoped to get Jen to play with herself, but everywhere we’d looked had been too busy to find a quiet spot so I had to give up on this idea. To make up for it, once we had finished, we went for a wander round the shops and had a little changing room fun. In three different shops, Jen and I went into a changing room together and I ate/fingered her. I got her as close to cumming in each place as I could and then (as soon as I had cleaned myself up) we left. This had the desired effect on Jen and she became more and more fidgety as we wandered through the shops. She whispered to me that she really wanted to cum so I went to the bathroom with her and in a cubicle I got her to pull the top of her dress down so I could suck on her nipples (which were pretty hard) while I fingered her. I once again got her close to cumming but then stopped. There were other people in the bathroom so she couldn’t complain too loudly and it meant I had the chance to just gently play with her pussy, keeping her close to cumming but not letting her experience an orgasm.

We left the bathroom with her feeling even more frustrated and we decided to head home. Jen was hopeful that I would play with her once we arrived, but other than getting her to strip naked, I didn’t do anything to her. To heighten her arousal, I let Mike play with me (and I did the same to him) – not to the point of orgasm, I just wanted to make sure that the atmosphere stayed fairly charged. I even had Jen sit and watch closely while I sat on Mike’s cock and slowly rode him. I didn’t keep that up for long though as we were getting hungry and it was time to order some food.

I also had a plan for this part of the evening (even if I was copying things that Jen had got me to do) and then the food arrived, Jen had to answer the door with just a towel around her, having just got out of the shower (I wanted to make it look authentic). I had given Jen instructions and when she went to take the food off the guy, her towel ‘slipped’ and fell to the floor so she was standing there naked, holding the food. She had to then act flustered so it took her a little while to hand the food back and try to fasten the towel around herself again before she sorted out the money and let her towel fall off again. Mike and I watched all this happen through the bedroom door and he fingered me while Jen tried to hold the money, food and towel and failing to really cover herself up much. Once the transaction was completed, she dumped the food in the kitchen and slapped me when I joined her, saying I was mean. I gave her a kiss and a little finger, then asked if it had been so mean and she hadn’t enjoyed it, why she was so wet. She didn’t have a good answer to this and just said that she had better get to cum lots later on to make up for it.

We ate dinner and shared a bottle of wine before it was time to start getting ready to head out and meet up with a couple of my work friends. I’d chosen a pair of opaque tights and (short) denim shorts for Jen to wear. I like the way she looks in that outfit and she definitely has the legs to pull it off. Mike also liked the look so I decided to indulge his opaque tights fetish and tell him that he could play with Jen’s legs. He sat on the bed and she lay down with her legs across his lap and let him fondle them. He spent a while stroking up and down, mostly playing with her inner thighs, but also stroking the whole leg. After he’d had a fair while doing this, I got Jen to move around so she was lying on her back with her head between his legs and her pussy pointing towards him. She had to spread her legs and Mike stroked up and down her inner thighs, sliding his hands right up inside the legbands of her shorts to the top of her legs (but not actually touching her pussy – he knows the rules). He got close enough though that Jen was obviously aroused by it and I didn’t help matters by playing with her breasts, pinching and sucking her nips.

We got her fairly close to cumming and kept her there for a while before I decided we had delayed long enough, so told her to quickly get ready and we headed off. Mike had clearly enjoyed the session as well, but his erection had died down by the time we left the apartment and started our wander to the pub. We arrived a little late (not that it really mattered) and had a nice evening chatting. My work friends don’t know about my sexual side so we were well behaved while out with them but on the way home I took the opportunity to fondle Jen through her shorts. By the time we got home I had her nice and excited again and it was time for us to play properly.


  1. Andi,
    You should have a standing "FAQ box" concerning the dynamic between Jen/Mike so you don't have to keep answering it over and over. Maybe a box along the right or something.

  2. I'm getting around to that - although things have changed between Mike and Jen over the past 6 months or so - still no sex, but they are a lot more physical then they used to be.