Monday, 21 May 2012

The House Hunt - Part 2

Jen removed her shorts and top so she just had her tights on and I let Mike have another play with her. He once again stroked her thighs and around her pussy and I played with her breasts until she was begging to be allowed to cum. I then whispered to her that it was time to give Mike something he really wanted and Jen agreed (she had agreed to this beforehand – it wasn’t just her horniness talking). I told Mike to pull Jen’s tights off and then to stand against the wall. Jen stood in front of him, facing away from him and I knelt in front of her and pulled is cock through her legs and nestled it against her pussy. This was exactly what Mike and I had done with Sue over a year ago and so we knew how best to make it work (okay, so we weren’t exactly experts in this position, but we had an idea of what we were doing).

Mike slid his cock back and forth between Jen’s lips – not entering her of course, just sliding along the length of her cunt. I positioned my head in front of her pussy and let his cock enter my mouth as her pushed forwards – at which point I would flick the head with my tongue and taste Jen’s juices off him. Mike was allowed to reach round and cup Jen’s breasts, giving them a good fondle. I tried to avoid much direct contact with Jen’s pussy as I knew she was much closer to cumming that Mike so the only stimulation she got was from his cock rubbing against her. As Mike got closer to cumming, I pushed his cock harder against Jen’s cunt and he rubbed bck and forth with small rapid movements while I flicked over his glans and Jen’s clit. They were both fairly close by this point so I got Mike to pull back slightly so I could lick the head of cock and Jen’s clit with each lick and told them they had to stay in that position until they had both cum. Mike said he was really close and I felt his cum squirt out into my mouth and over my face. I tried not to swallow too much as I wanted to lap it into Jen’s cunt when we had finished, but it took a little longer for Jen to cum so a fair amount of it leaked out of my mouth and dripped down my face and body. Mike stayed in place until Jen also came and I actually felt her shudder as her orgasm pulsed through her.

Once Mike’s cock was out of the way, I licked his remaining cum into Jen and we all moved over onto the bed to relax. Jen’s nipples looked very hard and somewhat pink and I found out that Mike had been pulling and pinching them fairly hard for the latter part of the session (Jen likes this, but she doesn’t usually let Mike play with her breasts in case it leads to other things – but seeing as his cock was already nestled against her cunt, she thought she may as well enjoy herself).

I sucked Mike’s cock clean of Jen’s juices and then thought that as I had been generous enough to let them cum first, it was time for them to service me. I ended up lying at an angle across the bed so my head was dangling down over the edge. Jen lay between my legs so she could lick and finger me and Mike knelt or stood by my head so he could either rub his cock over my neck or kiss and stroke it. I ended up sucking his cock a little as well, but this time was mostly about making me cum. Mike also fondled my breasts (much more gently than he had done with Jen’s – I don’t enjoy pain there – or anywhere really) and I could feel my orgasm rapidly building. I told them I was getting close but that I wanted to cum fairly quickly so we could do more and they obliged. Mike kissed and stroked my neck and Jen ate and fingered me until I came – and they kept going until my orgasm had completely ended. Jen helped to bring me back down with a bit of kitty kissing and when I finally climbed back up onto the bed properly, they said that I looked very flushed from all the blood having run to my head.

I needed a little time to recover before starting my next plan, but I spent the time getting a few things ready. Once everything was gathered (and I was ready for round two), I applied a bit of tingle gel to Jen’s pussy and then applied a coating to a small (but powerful) anal vibe. I inserted this into Jen’s cunt and got her to put on a pair of my seamless tights. They aren’t quite opaque (although not far off) but we could see Jen’s pussy through the crotch. I chose these as they feel very soft and smooth, which was ideal for what I had in mind.

Ever since I’d found out about Mike fucking Emily while helping her to double-lick Sara, I had wanted to try this. Obviously Mike wasn’t going to be allowed to fuck Jen so I had decided to settle for the next best thing. Jen lay on her back and I climbed over her face, facing away from her body and mostly lying down on the bed. Mike then had to climb between Jen’s legs and hump against her crotch. This allowed Jen to eat my pussy, Mike to take my ass and Mike and Jen to dry hump. I thought that this was idea, and didn’t realise the flaw in my plan until it was too late.

A couple of times I lifted myself off Jen’s face so I could ask (and she could reply) as to whether she was enjoying herself. She said that between the vibe, the tingle gel and Mike’s humping, she was enjoying herself, but didn’t know if she would actually cum. Mike was a bit more positive and said the material of the tights felt wonderful (and I’m sure the fact that Jen’s pussy was just on the other side of that material may have influenced him just a little). Having both their tongues able to freely work on me felt wonderful and Mike alternated between licking over my ass and spearing it and sliding his tongue down to my cunt. I could feel that he was not just licking in my cunt, but his tongue was making contact with Jen’s as well and I felt really happy that we had progressed to this stage. I imagined all the things we could do if we ever got to have ‘proper’ threesomes.

I got a bit distracted in one of these fantasies and before I knew it, I could feel my orgasm rapidly building. It was too late to do anything about it so I just let myself cum and enjoyed the feeling. The part I hadn’t thought through was that neither Mike nor Jen are known for always stopping when I’ve cum. This was one of those times and even when my orgasm had ended, they both kept licking away at me. My orgasm had been pretty strong itself, but the stimulation felt stronger and stronger as time went on. I tried to pull away, but with them both holding onto me I didn’t stand much of a chance and had to resign myself to letting them have their way. I was fairly certain that I could feel Mike’s breath getting faster and I could certainly feel the bed moving as he humped against Jen, but this seemed to go on for quite a while and I realised that I was actually going to cum again (i find it harder at times like this to feel the beginnings of the build up of my orgasm). I told them I was getting close and Jen sucked my clit into her mouth and stacked it with her tongue (her oral stamina has certainly increased over the years). My second orgasm was much sharper and I cried out quite a bit, but the assault didn’t stop and I wondered if they were just going to carry on forever.

Fortunately, Mike came and I was released. I turned around and watched as he rubbed his cock (which looked a bit pink from all the friction) against Jen’s cum-covered tights and Jen said that the vibe in her was beginning to feel uncomfortable. I didn’t want her to suffer, but I also had to get revenge so I got the strongest vibrating egg we have and held it against her clit (through the tights) and told her that she couldn’t take the vibe out until she’d cum. Fortunately for her, Mike’s rubbing had done a fair amount to stimulate her so it only took a minute or so before she came (she was also quite loud) and I then allowed her to reach into her tights and remove the vibe (she had to stand up to let it slide out of her pussy).

I made her pull the tights back up and I rubbed Mike’s cum over her pussy. As hot as the session had been, between over-stimulation and 1st degree friction burns, we were pretty much done for the night. We weren’t quite ready to fall asleep so we discussed the plans we had for the upcoming weekends. I was between Mike and Jen and I could feel Mike pressed up against my ass. His cock still felt quite warm but after a while he said that it no longer felt so tender and he was able to slide into me. I hadn’t expected to do anything more that night, but all the talk about what we were going to do with people in the future had gotten me quite aroused and I ended up being fucked by Mike while he kissed the side of my neck and Jen kissed the front of it and played with my breasts. I ended up reaching into Jen’s tights to play with her clit – at first she said she didn’t need to cum, but I insisted and she relented. Mike didn’t actually cum again (and even if he had, I doubt he would’ve had much cum left), but he said he enjoyed the session. With that out of the way, we were finally tired enough to sleep and eventually drifted off.

Mike made up for not cumming a third time the following morning and instead of our usual gentle licking session to wake up, I ended up on all fours, eating Jen, while he fucked me doggystyle. It was certainly a more efficient way for us all to get our morning orgasms and meant that we could get up and have a nice breakfast together in comfort.

I decided that Jen really deserved some sort of reward for having played so much with Mike and quietly asked Mike if he was willing to play along (he was). Jen and I went to shower together but before we had gotten too far I told Jen that it was time for something she enjoyed. Given we were in the shower, it wasn’t too difficult for her to guess what I was offering. I gave her the choice of which position she wanted to be in and she said that she would sit down so she could use the shower on herself. I stood in front of her and told her that if she wanted, we could always get Mike to help – at first Jen thought that he would just end up with an erection again and wouldn’t be of much use but I told her that I had pre-warned him and if she wanted, he was ready. Jen said that if he could help, she would enjoy it more so I called Mike in and told him that we were ready.

Mike stood at the side of the bath and watched Jen use the shower on her pussy. She got me to step forwards a bit so she could also eat me while she played with herself. I told her that she didn’t need to worry about playing with me, but she wanted to taste me at the same time and I wasn’t going to object. Mike was clearly having to concentrate to keep himself from getting a full erection and a few times he looked away and examined other parts of the bathroom in detail until his cock softened again. As Jen got closer to cumming, I stepped back and Mike offered me an arm to help stabilise me and I watched as Jen got more flushed as her orgasm approached. I told Mike when to start and we both peed on her – mostly on her stomach pussy and breasts (although my aim wasn’t quite as good as Mike’s – for fairly obvious reasons). We had started just before she came so managed to keep going until she was a fair way into her orgasm (and was peeing herself – although the spray from the shower that she had aimed at her pussy meant that this didn’t really go anywhere).

By the time Jen had finished cumming, Mike had lost the battle to keep his cock down and it was proudly standing to attention. I told him he would have to wait as Jen and I now needed to finish our shower (and it’s not as if he never teases me). He left us to it and Jen and I spent a while washing each other down and she thanked me for indulging her fetish. When we left the shower, Mike was lying on the bed but he went in to shower without trying to do anything (he gave me a quick fondle, but not in a serious way). By the time he returned, I was dressed and Jen was ready (but still naked as we weren’t going out anywhere). We stayed in the flat and looked on line for more places to rent so Mike and I could investigate them, had a light lunch and it was eventually time to get Jen to the airport.

Before I allowed her to get dressed, I gave her pussy a good licking, but didn’t allow her to cum. I then had her lie on the bed while Mike stood beside her and I gave his cock a good suck. I let him finish himself off so he could aim at Jen and he came over her breasts and stomach. I massaged this in, rubbing his cum up as far as her neck and (of course) down between her legs, over and into her pussy. Once she was suitably coated I gave his cock a suck clean, then kissed Jen so she could taste his cum (although I’d probably only got a couple of drops out of him as he had squeezed himself dry over her). I allowed her to get dressed and we headed off to the airport. Both Mike and I got a goodbye kiss before she went through security but she warned Mike that he wouldn’t get to play with her like that all the time and he assured her that doing it occasionally was fine with him.

Later that night, Mike gave me a good number of orgasms to repay me for the weekend – I was eaten, double fingered (a thumb in both pussy and ass) and fucked. I had one more surprise for him and presented him with a pair of Jen’s panties that I had stuffed into her pussy while he’d been in the shower. He inhaled her scent from these while I knelt on the bed and he fucked me. I also had the powerful anal vibe in my ass which helped increase the sensation for both of us and once we had cum, we rolled over onto our sides and Mike stayed buried in me and enjoyed the buzzing (which kept him hard for quite a while).


  1. The 'rules' jen/mike have are a bit confusing sometimes. It would seem to me that anal would be a lot less than what she let him do but whatever, hope he enjoyed it!

  2. Um - Mike didn't fuck Jen's ass, what bit are you referring to (it's quite possible I've worded it badly)? All he is ever allowed to do is rub against her and sometimes to cum over her.

  3. I meant it seems to me that what they did do seems a lot more intimate (to me anyway) than if they were to do anal.

  4. I see what you mean. Well, as I think I've said elsewhere, things have changed a bit between Mike and Jen over the past year or so. They are a lot closer than before and a lot more intimate in many ways (still no actual sex though - apart from Jen occasionally humping against him).