Thursday, 24 May 2012

Visiting Vicky - Part 1

The second weekend in March I went down to visit Jen and Mike headed off to visit Vicky. I’m going to mostly concentrate on his visit as I’ve been writing a lot recently and I want to try to catch up to the present a bit.
Mike has been in regular contact with Vicky since she left York and she still flirts with him as much as ever. A part of me had thought that her flirting was just a cover for her secret relationship with Lis, but it seems that she might actually be attracted to him. I don’t mean to sound surprised by this – I obviously like him (just a little bit) but I don’t expect everyone to have the same tastes I do. Mike managed to get away from work a little early so he could head down and arrive at a sensible time. The two of them went out for dinner on the Friday night (nowhere fancy, but it gave them a chance to catch up in a relatively quiet environment).

Mike obviously wanted something to happen between them but he was unsure whether Vicky’s flirting was only flirting or whether she was really interested. After dinner, they went to a pub and carried on chatting - they discussed Lis and how she was doing with Lucy (Vicky actually seemed to be interested in this and said she was glad that Lis was happy). They flirted quite a bit more and ended up walking back to Vicky’s place arm in arm. They chatted for a while longer after they had got indoors and Mike said that it was obvious he was interested and he thought that she was too, but she still hadn’t said anything specific. In the end, Mike asked her where he was going to sleep and Vicky said that he could use the sofa. He said that was a pity as he was hoping to be able to use the bed and Vicky coyly replied that I (me) might not like it if he were to share a bed with her. He told her that I was fine with it and given I’d got to do things with Lis, I thought it only fair that he should get to spend some time with Vicky (assuming she wanted to of course).

Technically, neither of them had said that they wanted to fuck but the atmosphere was fairly intense and Vicky asked him if she should give me a call just to check. Mike told her to go ahead and stroked up her outer thigh but Vicky decided to trust him (either that or she didn’t care if I minded – I hope it was the former), took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom. There was a bit of an awkward moment until they kissed, but once things got started, they fell onto the bed and rolled around, kissing caressing and grinding against each other.

Vicky was sitting over Mike and he pulled her skirt up so her panties could get better contact with his crotch. He knows that Vicky is rather proud of her chest (her breasts are about the same size as mine) and he also knows from Lis that Vicky quite enjoys breast play so used this inside knowledge, undid her blouse and spent a good while suckling on her breasts and nipples. At first he played with them while keeping her bra on, but this eventually came off and he took turns teasing each of her nips, keeping them hard while his leg pressed against her crotch. She seemed quite aroused and he really wanted to get down between her legs to see what her pussy was like. He slipped a hand between her legs first and caressed her through her panties, then slipped a couple of fingers under the beg band and felt her wetness as her rubbed up and down her slit. Just so he knew what he was getting into, he rubbed his fingers over one of her nipples and took it into his mouth so he could taste her. We know that Lis has said that Vicky tastes good, but he was still quite surprised at how good – she wasn’t anywhere near as sweet as Emily, but still better (in his opinion) than Julia or Sara so he was even more eager to get down and taste her properly.

He kissed down across her stomach and started to kiss and lick her through her panties. He didn’t do this for long though and soon pulled the material to the side so he could lick her properly. He said she appeared to be quite wet (but I guess he had been playing with her breasts for a while and grinding against her) and between licks he got a good look at her pussy. He reminded her that she had showed herself to him in the park back in York (she had sat so he could look up her skirt), but said that now he could see her properly her pussy looked beautiful (if you haven’t guessed, Mike is a pussy man). Her lips were shaved but as he pulled the panties aside more to lick her clit, he saw a small patch of short hair on her mons. Mike explored her cunt with his tongue, inside and out, but took care not to make her cum too quickly. Only when Vicky started to beg to cum did he get really serious and eat her properly. It took hardly any time from this point and she came while holding his head hard against her with her legs.

She released him when her orgasm ended, but he wanted to get her in the mood to do more as quickly as possible so he stayed where he was and gently kitty kissed her, savouring her juices and once again exploring the textures of the different parts of her pussy. He discovered that she enjoyed it when he sucked her lips into his mouth and played with them and as she got more aroused, he added a couple of fingers and started to slowly fuck her with them. When it was clear that she was ready for more, he sat up, wiped his face clean and pulled off her panties and skirt. He quickly removed his own clothes and climbed on top of her, rubbing his cock against her hot wet cunt.

She immediately kissed him and wrapped her legs around him – he asked if she wanted him to wear a condom but she said he could fuck her as he was if he wanted. He rubbed his cock up and down her pussy a while longer, partly to tease her and partly as it felt good. Mike knows that Vicky isn’t an entirely sweet and innocent girl (from their flirting, her dirty sense of humour and information from Lis) so he whispered into her ear and asked what she wanted him to. Vicky played coy and said (in her best sweet and innocent voice) that she couldn’t possibly say things like that k against so Mike just kept teasing her and tried to slide against her clit as much as possible. Vicky ended up humping back against him and he pointed out that she didn’t seem to mind what he was doing to her. She agreed with this so he asked if she wanted him inside her. She did but he carried on just teasing her and asked if she wanted him to fuck her (she did), to slide his cock into her (she did) and to fill her cunt with his cum (she did).

They were both panting by this time and Mike repositioned the head of his cock and slowly pressed into her. He went slowly, even though his cock was more than adequately lubricated with her juices and she told him off for teasing her. Mike said that they had plenty of time and that he would make sure she came as much as she wanted. She made him promise to do just that and he said that he would fuck, finger and eat her tight little cunt for as long as she wanted. Vicky pulled him harder against her and they kissed while they started to hump against each other. Mike really wanted to cum, but he had promised Vicky a good ride so he held back and fucked her until she was panting and saying she was getting close. He didn’t want to hold back any longer so reached down around her legs and found her clit with his fingers. He fondled it until Vicky started to cum and then pumped into her with longer harder strokes and fucked her the whole way through her orgasm. He knew he wasn’t far off cumming and he kissed her hard and told her he was about to cum in her. She told him to let her have his load and he pushed as deep into her as he could and moaned as his cum squirted into her.

He stayed in her and they kissed while he recovered until Vicky said that she wanted to help clean him up. He rolled off her and she knelt up beside him, stroked his cock and then bent over to take it in her mouth. She licked up and down the shaft and sucked a good length of it into her mouth. When she released it, she commented on how much of his cum had leaked out of her and how she had almost forgotten what that felt like. He told her that she could have more if she wanted and she said that she would take him up on that offer once she’d had a chance to catch her breath. They ended up spooning with Mike’s cock pressed up against her ass and he reached round to fondle her breasts. He also remembered something I’d told him that Lis had said and he slid a hand down to her mons and gently played with her patch of pubic hair.

This progressed to him stroking his fingers back and forth over her clit and she asked if he was ready to do anything more. He answered her by pushing his cock against her pussy and easily sliding in. This time, he kept his fingers on her clit and stroked her the whole time while he fucked her. He got her to tell him what she could feel and moved in her the way she asked him to do until she came. He didn’t cum again but promised her that he would do so again before they went to sleep and they kissed for a while longer.

He rubbed his cock against her cunt again and then said it was time to go and explore her pussy once more. He kissed down to her cunt and kissed all around it. He could still taste his cum on and in her, but he could also taste her so he enjoyed another tasty Vicky snack and ate her to orgasm yet again. He kitty kissed her for a short while after this and then kissed his way back up her body to have another session with her breasts. Apparently Vicky’s breasts are relatively sensitive so once Mike had played with them for a while, she was up for another (but final) round so he could cum again. They finished up doing doggy style and Mike alternated between reaching around to fondle Vicky’s breasts and her pussy. Vicky was surprisingly energetic in this position and pushed back hard against his thrusts. He asked if she enjoyed having his cock deep inside her and she pushed back even harder so he used long strokes, going as deep as he could until she was about to cum, then switched to faster strokes so he wouldn’t be too far behind her. He emptied himself in her again and stayed pressed as deep in her as he could get while he caressed her ass and eventually pulled out.

Vicky couldn’t believe that he’d made her cum five times but he just reminded her that he’d promised to fuck her as much as she’d wanted. They spooned again and Mike asked if he could go back inside her while they fell asleep. Vicky couldn’t believe that he was still hard but he pointed out that he’d only cum twice. He gently played with her breasts and pubic hair as she dozed off and thinks that he was still hard when she fell asleep, but he softened before he dozed off and slipped out of her.

When he woke up in the morning, Vicky was lying against him and he could feel her breasts pressing against his side. He wanted to wake her up in our traditional way and slowly moved away from her, then crawled under the covers and kissed around her pussy until she moved her legs apart. Vicky had already started to wake up by this point but was still mostly asleep – it was only when Mike started to lick her properly that she came fully to and said that it felt good. With her legs fully open, he could get to work properly and he lapped around her cunt. Vicky said that she really needed to pee but he told her to wait and just hold it in. He didn’t try to tease her for too long, but neither did he go straight for the kill, so she was fairly turned on by the time she actually came.

He climbed up her body and slid straight into her but she said that she really needed to pee or she was going to burst so he let her visit the bathroom and waited for her return. When she came back, she said that it was time for her to have some fun (and up until that point Mike had thought that she’d been having fun with him eating her!). Vicky crouched beside his cock and took it in her mouth. She sucked and rubbed his cock and balls – he had to tell her to be gentl.e with his balls as one is rather sensitive, and she moved her attention back to his cock. Between sucks she said that she wanted to make him cum and he warned her that he would still want to give her a morning fuck, which Vicky said was fine. At one point she took her hair and wrapped it around his cock, then used her hand to rub up and down the shaft and over the head. This felt great but she only did it for a short while before freeing his cock and enveloping the head with her mouth again. She alternated between sucking the head and getting a fair amount of his cock into her mouth and he told her that he was getting close. She kept his cock in her mouth and licked around the head. He told her he was just about to cum but she didn’t change what she was doing and he felt his cum squirt out into her mouth. As soon as he started to cum, she changed her sucking to be gentler and bobbed her head up and down, taking everything he was emptying into her. She sucked until he had finished cumming, then licked around his cock and pulled away.

He thanked her and asked if she had swallowed all his cum, to which she replied that he had eaten her a few times so it was only fair she did the same to him. His cock was still twitching and she asked if he was still going to fuck her – he replied that he was, but he might need a few minutes to recover first. They decided that some breakfast might be a good idea until round two and moved into the kitchen. Vicky just pulled her robe on and Mike pulled on his jeans. They prepared and ate breakfast together and while Vicky was standing at the sink washing up, Mike moved up behind her and lifted her robe.

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