Sunday, 27 May 2012

Visiting Vicky - Part 2

Jen has finished her exams now

He reached round and caressed her pussy, then knelt behind her, got her to spread her legs and pushed his tongue between her ass cheeks and lapped at the bottom of her pussy. He the stood up, undid his jeans and rubbed his cock between her legs. He pushed into her cunt and Vicky adjusted her position so she could lean against the sink and they started to fuck. Her gown was first undone and then removed and Mike reached round to fondle a breast with one hand and her clit with the other. As the session continued, Vicky lowered the upper half of her body until it was almost horizontal with her breasts hanging down, but just as the night before, she pushed back against Mike’s thrusts so he went deep into her. When he stood up straight, Mike had a good view of her cunt grasping at his cock as he pulled out and her lips being pushed into her as he thrust in. He gently rubbed a thumb over her ass and told her to ask him to cum in her (which she did).

After a bit if ass play with his thumb (no penetration, but definite pressure) he resumed playing with her clit and used long strokes in and out as he felt his orgasm building. He slowed his movements and told Vicky to keep telling him how close she was and when she was in the final spurt of ‘nearly there’s, he sped up his movements and told her he wanted them to cum together. Mike held himself as close to the edge as he could until Vicky said she was about to cum and then after a few hard thrusts (and Vicky’s moans) he came inside her. He said that it felt like he didn’t cum too much (after Vicky had sucked him mostly dry), but the timing worked out quite well and he could feel her cumming around him after he had finished. They stayed in that position for a minute and when Vicky pulled away, she immediately turned around and kissed him, nestling her pussy up against his cock so as his cum leaked out of her, some of it dribbled down over his balls. He thinks that she did this on purpose because once they had kissed, she knelt in front of him and licked up and down his cock and over his balls, cleaning him of their juices.

Mike felt that it was only fair that if she cleaned him, he should do the same to her so once she stood up, he lifted her up onto the counter, pulled her forwards so her ass was right at the edge and then knelt and lapped at her pussy. He hadn’t intended to make her cum and was only going to lick her until she said she’d had enough, but she responded quite well to his ministrations so he carried on until she was moaning and had his head pressed against her pussy. He sucked on her clit until she came, then helped her down and they went to sit down on the sofa to relax for a while.

They chatted for a while until Vicky said she was going to shower. Mike asked her if she wanted him to do her back and they ended up showering together. He washed her hair and made sure that her breasts and pussy were thoroughly clean, then she cleaned off his (hard) cock. Once dried off, they got ready to head out for the day and Mike convinced Vicky to go without panties. They spent the day wandering around the shops and had a nice lunch. While she was using him to help select looked around but nobody was near them so she let him play with her pussy for a short while – not enough to cum, but enough to get his fingers wet enough to taste her.

Mike knows that Vicky has done a few adventurous things in the past and he teased her about some of them and asked if she was still as ready to experiment. She asked what he had in mind and they ended up down a dead-end alleyway with Vicky holding her skirt up and Mike kneeling in front of her, eating her. He made her cum and when Vicky asked if he was as adventurous he said that he didn’t want to cum again as he wanted some left for later on, but he gladly let her kneel in front of him and suck him for a bit. Before they left, he had her up against the wall and pushed into her – he would have quite happily cum in her, but knew that he was unlikely to produce much at that point and really did want to have some left for that night, so after a brief semi-fuck, they straightened themselves up and rejoined the masses.

In order to make up for the less than salubrious location of their afternoon fuck, Mike promised to take Vicky out somewhere nice for dinner. She had already arranged to meet up with some of her work friends to introduce him to them so they settled on an early(ish) dinner and meeting people a little later than originally planned. They spent the late afternoon sitting on the sofa chatting, one at each end with their legs pointing towards each other. This allowed Mike to fondle Vicky’s legs (she does have quite good legs and legs are Mike’s second favourite thing after pussy). As the conversation went on, he pulled her closer to him and his hands roamed higher up her thighs. He pointed out that if she were to cum again now, she would have cum 10 times in the previous 24 hours and she agreed that it would be better to reach a round number. She asked if they should move into the bedroom and Mike suggested they stay where they were and see how things went.

He carried on gently stroking her legs, but also brushed his hands over her pussy from time to time. Vicky ended up lying on her side with one leg bent and Mike lay facing her so he count get his mouth to her pussy. Vicky didn’t just lie there, but undid his jeans and freed his cock, then took it in her mouth. With a bit of shuffling around, Mike lost his jeans and Vicky ended up on top of him in a 69 position so they could eat each other. They carried on like this for a while and Mike said that he could easily cum, but wanted to be inside Vicky when he did so. The rest of their clothes were quickly removed and they ended up back on the sofa with Mike on top of Vicky, her legs wrapped around him and them both thrusting against each other. To finish up, Mike knelt up and pumped into Vicky while playing with her clit and once she had cum, he came inside her. This time, he stayed buried in her for a while and just lay down on top of her so they could kiss and keep each other warm – at least until it was time for them to get ready to go out.

Vicky wore a medium length skirt (suitable both for dinner and dancing with her friends) but this time she insisted on wearing panties as she didn’t want Mike’s cum leaking out and staining her dress. They went to a fairly nice place for dinner (and I’ve been promised a nice dinner to make up for it) and the conversation made its way round to Lis. Vicky admitted that she thought she shouldn’t have split up with Lis and missed her, but she is genuinely happy that Lis is happy with Lucy. (Vicky has a fairly mature attitude to life and Mike thinks that given the conversation they were having, if she really wanted Lis back, she would have said so). Mike really likes both Lis and Vicky (in the sense of friends – not just wanting to fuck them) and even though he really likes Lucy as well (possibly more in the sense of wanting to repeatedly fuck her) he would like Lis and Vicky to get back together. I’m sure that his fantasy of having a threesome with them – which now he’s slept Vicky might be slightly more likely – has nothing to do with it (but I guess it means that he realises that he stand absolutely no chance of ever getting to do anything with Lucy). He does appreciate though that Lis really seems to love Lucy and he wants them to be happy.

Mike kindly offered the services of Jen and I, should Vicky ever decide that she wanted a woman’s touch again and mentioned just how much Jen especially would love to have a chance to play with her breasts. This made Vicky blush and Mike took advantage of the situation and teased her relentlessly about it (also trying to cheer her up and take her mind off the Lis conversation). They finished their coffee with a much lighter chat and then headed off to meet up with Vicky’s work friends in a pub.

Mike was introduced and he chatted with a number of them, explaining a few times how he knew Vicky (through me). A few of them thought it was a little odd that I didn’t mind him visiting Vicky and staying with her but Vicky pointed out that he was married (which technically wasn’t denying the fact that he had been fucking her since he arrived). After the pub, they went on to a club and danced (well, Vicky danced, Mike’s dancing isn’t much better than mine). They headed home fairly late and Mike found out about something Lis had hinted at (but I can’t remember if I ever told him). Vicky really enjoys her dancing (and as I’ve said before, she is very good at it) and when she’s had a good night’s dancing, she often gets quite worked up and very horny. Lis has told me that some of her best sessions with Vicky had been after they’d been out with people and had gone clubbing, then back home for a fairly serious session.

It was pretty much as soon as Mike and Vicky separated from the rest of the group that Mike realised what sort of mood Vicky was in. They stopped off and kissed a little on the way but Mike couldn’t find a suitable place to do much more so they ended up hurrying home. As soon as they were inside, they started to pull off each other’s clothes and quickly moved into the bedroom. Mike asked Vicky what she wanted to do and she said that she didn’t care so he pushed her down onto the bed and buried his face between her legs. He quickly ate her to her first orgasm of the night, briefly kitty kissed her and then climbed on top of her to kiss her properly. He didn’t bother cleaning his face off his time but she didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that her juices were smeared around his mouth and they kissed as he pushed his cock into her. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deeper in while telling him to fuck her.

Mike was more than happy to oblige and they rolled around on the bed while he thrust into her and she pushed back. Vicky ended up on top, riding him, sliding up and down on his cock while he played with her clit. She asked him to hold her breasts and he did as requested, one in each hand, squeezing them and rubbing her nipples. Mike told her that when she got close to cumming (although not too close) he would start to fuck her properly and Vicky played with her clit to help things along. She told him that she could feel her orgasm beginning to build so he pulled her down on top of him, grabbed her ass and started to pump into her with long strokes. As his movements slowly sped up, he told her how he was going to fuck her right through her orgasm and how he would pound her tight cunt with his cock.

He had a tight grasp on Vicky’s ass and guided her up and down in time with his thrusts, all the time telling her how good her cunt felt and how he wanted to feel it cum around his cock (as much as both Mike and I enjoy this position, he’s moving way too fast to actually feel Vicky, me or anyone actually cum around him). He was pounding into Vicky at full speed and she was panting, saying that she was about to cum and he told her to keep telling him what she could feel. She kept saying how good his cock felt and how deep he was inside her and then came, moaning and panting into his ear. As promised, Mike didn’t let up and pumped away until she had finished cumming, then asked if she wanted him to fill her with cum. Vicky told him to give her everything he had and he carried on pumping until he felt his orgasm building, told her he was about to cum and then emptied himself inside her. He doesn’t know how much he actually came, but it felt quite strong and he tried to hold Vicky very still while he recovered. She seemed to realise what he was doing though and sat up so she could slowly rock back and forth.

Mike was still rather sensitive and tried to get her to stop moving, but the best he could manage was to get her to easy off slightly. Vicky teased him and said that he had better be prepared to play some more so he promised her that he would happily finger, eat and fuck her as much as she wanted. Vicky was definitely in a playful mood and asked if there was anything he wanted her to do. Mike thought about this for a minute and asked her to put on some black tights for him. As soon as Vicky had obliged, he stroked her legs (as I’ve said, she does have pretty nice legs). He played with her breasts while he stroked her and once he got to the point of humping against her, he tore the crotch of her tights (the key here is to make a small hole and then tear) and started to finger her properly. He ended up with two and then three fingers inside her and his thumb on her clit and she begged him to fuck her again. He told her that he’d promised to finger, eat and fuck her, and that was exactly what he was going to do, but in that order. He carried on fingering her and ended up using his other hand to play with her clit until she came, then immediately went down on her and kitty kissed her.

Vicky seemed to have figured out what to expect and she let him keep licking her gently and told him when he could be a bit more aggressive. He did as asked and began to eat her harder and faster until she came yet again while his tongue pushed into her and lapped all around her pussy and clit. He then returned to kitty kissing to help bring her back down and give her time to recover and once her breathing was back to normal, he climbed up and pushed into her while giving her a big kiss.

Vicky told him that she wasn’t used to cumming quite that much, but that it felt good and she wanted him to cum again. Mike happily pumped into her and got her to describe what she could feel, then said that to finish off, he wanted to use a different position. He got Vicky to stand up and asked her where she kept her vibrators – Vicky blushed a bit but told him and he pulled out a couple, then asked her to turn off the lights and open the curtains. He pushed her up against the window and slipped back into her, then pulled out and got her to turn around. Vicky leant against the window and Mike slid into her from behind, then reached around, got a hold of the front of her tights and tore them properly. He did the same at the back so that her whole groin was properly exposed and then pressed her up against the window again so her breasts were flattened against the glass (which was apparently cold). They then fucked and Mike leant round and pressed one of the vibes against Vicky’s clit.

He pulled her away from the window and cupped one of her breasts, holding the other vibe against her nipple (Lis told us that Vicky liked this) and after a bit more fucking, pushed her back up against the window again so the vibe was trapped and made a loud buzzing sound. Vicky didn’t seem to mind the chance that someone might see them and happily pushed back against his cock while he told her he wanted to feel her cum around him again. As much as Mike liked this position, he couldn’t really move enough so they ended up with Vicky bent over her desk (still with the vibes pressed against her nipple and clit) and Mike fucked her with long strokes. He would have really liked to be able to see properly and watch his cock sliding into her, but they had already moved once and he didn’t want to pause to turn on the light, so he had to make do with the light coming in the window. Vicky was getting quite close to cumming and he eased off with the vibe on her pussy until he caught up, then reapplied it and fucked her until she came. He came very soon after, pushed deep into her and leant over her so he could kiss her back. They then retired to bed and Vicky said that she didn’t think she could take any more so they just chatted (not that I think Mike could have done much more by that point either). Before they fell asleep, he did slide back into her and they spooned, but I think that was mostly habit on his part.

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