Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Visiting Vicky - Part 3

The next morning, Mike was woken up by Vicky getting out of bed to visit the bathroom. Their clothes from the previous night were strewn throughout the hallway and bedroom and when Vicky returned he asked if she had enjoyed her night (she had). She could see that his cock was already hard (as it usually is whenever he wakes up – even apparently if there isn’t a naked woman with him) and asked if he wanted his morning session. Mike said that he had a better idea and that they should have breakfast first. They teased each other a little while they ate, but it wasn’t until they had finished that Mike opened her robe and lifted Vicky up onto the table. He spread her legs and had a quick lick of her pussy before asking her to play with herself.

She acted all shy and said that she couldn’t possibly do that in front of him, but Vicky isn’t good at playing innocent (at least not for long) so soon gave in and started to slowly stroke up and down her pussy and play with her nipples. Mike got her to spread her pussy lips so he could have a good look (and as payment, he gave her another few licks) and then sat back and watched while she masturbated for him. He slowly stroked himself and Vicky told him that he’d better not waste any cum but he assured her that his cum would end up inside her if that’s where she wanted it. Once she was obviously getting aroused, he asked if she wanted to finish herself off or wanted him to eat her – she opted for the latter and lay back on the table so he could push his head between her legs and lick her.

He took things quite slowly and enjoyed exploring her pussy once more – he even flicked his tongue over her ass a couple of times which made her jump but she didn’t say anything (good or bad) about it. He mostly concentrated on her pussy though and soon had her panting and asking to cum, but he kept her waiting for a while before giving her an orgasm. He then helped her sit up and pulled her down onto his lap, with his cock trapped between them. He told her that she could choose the place and position for what was likely to be their final fuck (or at least the last one where he would produce a reasonable amount of cum) and Vicky decided to go down the traditional route and move back into the bedroom.

They used the good old missionary position and had a long, slow fuck with lots of kissing. Only when they’d had enough of this did things get a bit more heated, Vicky wrapped her legs around him once again and the session gradually became more frenzied until they finished off slamming against each other. Mike said that he really wanted to cum in her mouth and over her, but he didn’t want to stop what they were doing and Vicky wanted his cum inside her again. He satisfied himself with emptying himself into her and they stayed locked together for a while after they’d finished (at least until Mike got soft and slipped out of Vicky’s now somewhat wet cunt).

After another doze, they showered and tidied up and Mike packed his things, ready to return home. He told Vicky that if she ever wanted to visit, she was more than welcome or failing that, he would be happy to visit her again if she ever felt that she was getting too horny (not that I think she would have trouble finding numerous other guys who would be willing to take care of her – either for a night or on a permanent basis – but at least with Mike she knows that he is clean and safe.

Mike thought that it was a shame that he hadn’t managed to get Vicky to twenty orgasms, but he snuck in an extra one (to take it to eighteen) by getting her to stand in front of a window looking out, while he knelt on the floor in front of her and pushed his head up her skirt to eat her. He made her cum and carried on eating – really intending to keep going until she came again, but her legs ended up feeling too shaky so he only got the one orgasm out of her. He did push back into her and held her up while they kissed, but didn’t fuck her.

They then headed into town for lunch and they had a big goodbye kiss at the station. He told Vicky that if she’d had a long coat on, he would have fondled her there and might have been able to get her to cum yet again and she promised that next time she would dress in a more (or less) suitable fashion.

My longer term readers might wonder how my (somewhat hypocritical) jealous side coped with hearing about all these things. I won’t pretend that I’ve quite gotten past thinking that Mike and Jen should be mine alone, but I’m much better than I used to be and anything that gave me any pangs of jealously while I was transcribing this, I just got Mike to do with me and I felt much better! As you’ll see from the next part – I wasn’t exactly being entirely faithful that weekend either (Note – neither of us – not Jen – are ever unfaithful, we only ever do things with other people if the other(s) are happy with it).

Anyway – back to my weekend which I’m only going to summarise as I’ve written enough for this week...

The Friday night was pretty much the same as usual – arrive, see people, fool around and go to bed to fuck. We had to be a little more careful than usual as neither Jen nor I had shaved for a couple of days, so there was no grinding against each other, but we did use tongues and fingers to 69 and cum. Likewise the next morning our session was a little subdued, but this was all in aid of something I’d planned.

We waited for Lis and Lucy to get up and once we’d all had breakfast, Jen told them that I needed a shave and asked if we could move into the bathroom to carry on chatting while she took care of me. They agreed and I removed my robe and climbed into the shower so I could hose my pussy down with warm water, then sat on the edge of the bath with my legs spread so Jen could lather and shave me. Once I was rinsed off, she licked around my pussy and having ensured there was no remaining hair, it was time to do her.

I pulled off Jen’s robe and we switched positions. Jen is a lot better at letting Lucy (as well as her other friends) see her completely exposed and I made the most of the opportunity by spreading her lips and taking my time, then thoroughly cleaning her pussy off and giving it a very thorough tongue test for any missed hairs. With our pussies nice and smooth – and Jen still sitting with her legs spread – I asked Lis how her shaving was going. She said that she was completely bald and I asked if I could see. Lucy looked a bit surprised when Lis parted her gown, but she pointed out that both Jen and I knew full well what her pussy was like. I was gently fondling Jen and had a finger slowly sliding in and out of her pussy and thought I may as well try, so I asked Lucy how she was shaved. Lis told us that Lucy was also completely bald and I asked if we were allowed to see. At first, Lucy said no (or more like ‘of course not’) but Lis encouraged her and in the end, she gave in and pulled her gown open. Jen said that I pushed my thumb much deeper into her pussy while I was looking at Lucy and I admired how well she had shaved herself. I didn’t get long to look though before she let her gown fall closed and asked if we were happy (which I said I was).

We moved into the living room and as a treat for having shown us their nicely shaved pussies, Jen and I put on a little show (we lay on the floor and 69ed in front of them). Jen and I then went to shower and I knew we’d gotten to Lis and Lucy as when we came out of the shower, we could hear them doing things together up in Lucy’s room. Just to be mean, we knocked on the door on the way past and told them that the shower was free once they had finished, then headed into Jen’s room to get ready. Most of the rest of the day was fairly usual (for a visit to Jen’s anyway) until we returned from our evening out, I found out that I had been nominated for a game.

Things started off in a familiar way and I was told that I was going to have to put on a show with messy masturbation including food. I had no objection to this and let my dress and bra be removed so I was naked (I was allowed to keep my socks on for some reason but I guess they weren’t really covering anything important). I don’t know why as the rest of the evening hadn’t been any different than normal, but people seemed to be in higher spirits than usual. I took my place up on the table as instructed and my legs were pulled wide apart. Julia took a banana, rubbed it up and down her own pussy (she still had her skirt on, but it wasn’t long so she had easy access) and then pushed it into me. I had been teased a little, but hadn’t cum all evening so I was certainly ready for some fun and as the banana started to slide in and out, I just lay back and enjoyed what was being done to me.

Things started to differ from usual around this point as various people took over pumping the banana into me and as time went on, a few more sets of hands joined in and fondled my breasts, thighs and pussy. Not everyone got involved, but I didn’t mind as it felt so good being the centre of attention. As expected, things got a little messier and someone poured some yoghurt over me. It felt very cold at first, but was soon rubbed in to my front and crotch. As I got closer to cumming, things got a bit more forceful and people groped my breasts harder, firmly squeezing them and a number of hands roamed around my pussy and clit. A part of me was curious as to who was actually touching me but I also tried not to pay too much attention as I really enjoyed just being randomly stimulated by ‘unknown’ people.

I knew that Jen was stroking my neck and someone else tried to help out with this, but they used much more force so it wasn’t that pleasant and I pushed their hand back down to my breasts. I told everyone that I was getting close to cumming and had my legs pulled farther apart and whoever was working the banana pumped it in and out pretty fast. I begged to have people touch and stroke my cunt (there didn’t seem to be any point in denying what I was feeling and wanted) and I felt a couple of hands tub around the area and over my clit. I came while imagining everyone around me naked and either fondling each other or playing with me. In my fantasy, the banana was a cock that was pumping cum into me and the other guys were cumming over me while the girls either knelt over me and rubbed against my breasts or squirted onto me so their juices joined the rest of the mess covering my body.

Needless to say, it was a fairly powerful orgasm and I was left somewhat breathless, but brought back to reality when the banana was pressed up against my lips and I was told to lick it clean. I opened my mouth and did as requested and when people pretended to be surprised I just made a comment about how pretty much every girl has tasted her own juices. Julia decided to help me demonstrate this and she pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy, then brought them to my mouth to suck clean. Mel did the same and asked if anyone else wanted to be inside me and I had a few more takers. Some of them just slid into me and out again while a couple of people actually played with me properly. I was paying attention while all this happened and I was delighted when Lis slipped her fingers into me.

I began to get fairly aroused again and asked people to keep going. Mel decided to offer me up to the guys and I was sufficiently far gone that I just said that as long as they wore a condom and didn’t mind people watching, they could use me if they wanted. Fortunately (or unfortunately – I haven’t quite decided) either nobody was interested in fucking me or they weren’t brave enough to do things with people watching and it fell to Jen to eat me. She quickly tied her hair back and my thighs were wiped clean before she pushed her head between my legs and lapped away at my clit. I could tell that she was going for the quick kill but that was fine with me as the yoghurt was getting a bit sticky and I wanted to shower (although the stickyness did help with my fantasy of being covered in group cum). I had my second orgasm fairly quickly after she had started licking but made sure that people could tell that I was cumming (they seem to like me making noise) and once I’d had a minute to rest, I was allowed to go and shower.

By the time I had returned, someone had cleaned up the table and people had mostly migrated into the living room. I was presented with the banana and told that seeing as I had ruined it, I should eat it. It was somewhat mushy and a little warm, but the insides had stayed inside so I wasn’t really sure what the big deal was and ate it. I then went to chat to Jen and find out how much of what had happened had been planned.

She told me that on the middle of the previous week, people had done something similar with Jules (but without the food) and group fondled her. She explained that was the reason that Jules had been given a night off as people thought it was only fair I take the brunt of the action and let her rest (as if Jules ever wants to rest from sex). I later thanked Lis for fingering me and she told me that Lucy had been stroking my body along with other people – Lucy claimed that she had just got caught up in the heat of the moment but I told her that I didn’t mind at all and she could play with me whenever she wanted – even if I wasn’t allowed to do the same to her.

I managed to co-opt Lucy and Lis into helping me get revenge on Jen. I knew that she wouldn’t let anyone else play with her pussy and wasn’t likely to let many people touch her (sexually) at all, but I did have Lis as my trump card. I got Jen up onto the sofa beside us and I gently fondled her breasts while we talked. After a little while, Lis joined in and stroked the other breast. Jen’s top was removed and we fondled her nipples directly until they were nice and hard, then I got Jen to lie down across Lis’ lap and with her head on a pillow on Lucy’s lap. This gave Lis good access to Jen’s nips and while she prefers larger breasts, she certainly knows what she is doing and carried on teasing Jen’s nips and getting her more and more aroused. I stroked Jen’s legs and slowly worked my hand up under her skirt until I made contact with her pussy. At first I kept her (mostly) covered while I played with her but as she started to push back against my hand, I lifted her skirt and pushed one of her legs down onto the floor so I (and everyone else) could watch my fingers rubbing up and down her wet pussy.

I was going to move off the sofa and go down on her, but Julia said that she would take care of things. I had actually really wanted to eat Jen as she felt quite wet and I love the squishy feeling of her soft pussy in my mouth, but I knew that I would be able to do things with her later when we went to bed so I allowed Julia to push her head between Jen’s legs and start to eat her. I carried on stroking Jen’s thighs and occasionally played with her clit but I also tried to nonchalantly chat with Lis while we both helped her cum (there wasn’t much point trying to chat to Jules as her mouth was somewhat busy). I could feel Jen squirming around on my lap and it was clear that she was getting close to cumming so I just watched her face as her orgasm hit and coursed through her. I could tell that it was fairly strong as she mewed her way through it (I know I don’t have many times to go on, but she usually tried to hide this when she cums in front of her friends). When Julia pulled away, I made sure that she kissed me so I could at least taste Jen’s juices.

I returned to gently stroking her pussy and only when Jen had completely calmed down did she ask for me to cover her up again (I allowed this and let her pull her skirt and top down – which given I’d had to stay naked after my shower, I thought this was fairly generous of me). I didn’t do anything else until we went to bed, but another couple fondled each other – most of the action was hidden by their clothes until they got close to finishing and we got to see a bit of cock and then a very wet patch on his underwear (he didn’t seem to mind though). I got to have my proper session with Jen in bed that night, but the next interesting thing happened the following morning...

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