Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Weekend of Many Pussies - Part 1

We're all off to York for the end of year sex party tomorrow. A number of the usual people are graduating so it will be our last chance to do things with them (unless we can convince them to come back for the parties like we do). It should be good fun anyway, but for now we're going back to the start of April when Sara and Emily visited Jen...

I had the Friday of Easter weekend off and left in the morning to go down and see Jen. I felt a little bad about leaving Mike alone for the holiday, but he had a few things to do and I’d promised him that I would return and submit myself to his every desire on the Monday.

There was another reason that he didn’t come with me – Jen had invited Sara and Emily down to visit and thought that it was only fair that Jen and I get a chance to do things with them (seeing as Mike had got to play with them by himself). I arrived a little after lunch and we headed back to Jen’s place and then back out to collect Sara and Emily from the station. Jen had decided that we should start the visit off on the right note and so I was only wearing a long coat (well, not really long, but long enough to cover the fact that I was naked). After we’d met the girls, we wandered a little way away from the station and at the first opportunity, I discreetly undid the buttons on my coat and tuned to give them each a hug, ensuring that their hands went on the inside of my coat. Emily made a comment along the lines of ‘oh, so that’s how it’s going to be’ and I told her that if she wanted, we could have a completely innocent weekend, but that would be a waste and Jen wanted to sample them both properly.

Sara is Emily’s little sex toy in a similar way to how Jen and I submit to each other and at my suggestion, Emily thought it would be a good idea to let me fondle Sara outside. We couldn’t do much, but I briefly got a couple of fingers into her pussy and we decided that we should get back to Jen’s place and say hello properly. We hurried home and had a brief rest and drink before heading upstairs. I had of course been naked since we’d arrived and we’d taken off our coats but had felt a little out of place being the only one on display. My (slight) discomfort was soon forgotten though when we started to fool around and the others slowly lost their clothes.

It would have been nice to just strip everyone else and get straight into things, but we all knew why we were there and didn’t feel the need to hurry too much. I‘m not saying that things weren’t fairly passionate, but we did take time to just kiss and gently fondle each other. We weren’t completely restrained though and it wasn’t too long before the kissing, stroking and fondling became a bit more urgent. Hands started sliding between legs and into panties and we decided that we’d waited long enough and it was time to properly get into things.

We decided to strip Jen first and the other three of us quickly removed her clothes (which didn’t take long as we only had to pull her dress off. With her naked, we then turned on Sara and finally Emily. I knew that both Jen and I really wanted to get to eat Emily as her pussy tastes so sweet but I also felt a little bad for Sara as everyone (who has tasted her) always comments on how nice Emily tastes. I also really like the way Sara’s pussy feels in my mouth – her lips are very soft and squishy and are very cute (now if we could just combine Sara’s pussy with Emily’s juices – mmm yummy!) so I told Jen that I wanted Sara first and that it was up to her to take care of Em.

Sara wanted to start off in a 69 but I whispered to her that I wouldn’t be able to eat her ‘properly’ that way and she knew what I meant. Sara absolutely loves having her ass licked and she happily lay on the bed so I could crawl between her legs and lick al around her cunt and ass. I only gave her a couple of minutes of this stimulation before moving around so we could 69, but she was very appreciative of it and alternated between licking away at my pussy and fucking me with her tongue (which granted wasn’t exactly going to have the same effect as a cock or dildo, but still felt nice). Our first round didn’t last too long once we had got going properly and we stopped to have a quick break.

We didn’t stop for too long though and thought that we should switch partners so we could all finish greeting each other properly. We went for the easy option again and just 69ed, but this time I got to taste Emily’s wonderful juices. She didn’t taste quite as good as I’d remembered (it wasn’t just me, Jen later said that she thought the same) but was still fairly delicious and I made the most of the opportunity to sample her. This round lasted a little longer (as we’d all cum only a short while before) and I came a fair while before Emily did. I carried on slowly teasing her until Jen and Sara had finished and only then went at her properly. By the time she came, she was pleading with me to let her cum, but her orgasm didn’t seem as strong as I’d hoped it would be. She was satisfied enough though and we took a longer break to have a proper chat.

It was only a couple of weeks before the next sex party (the start of term one) and Sara tried to convince Jen to come along to it. I know that Jen enjoyed the last one she went to (despite her previous reservations about them), but she held fast and said that she couldn’t afford to take the time off from revision (I’m actually quite proud of her work ethic). We still thought that we should punish her for being so boring though and I pinned Jen down while Sara and Emily first tickled her and then (at my suggestion) had a rummage through our drawer of toys to find further ways to torture her.

They found Jen’s vibrating nipple clamps and asked if we really used them. I explained that they belonged to Jen and she really enjoyed having her nips squeezed and bitten (to an extent – although much harder than I can stand). Jen knew it was pointless resisting (especially as we were going to make her cum) and let us attach the clamps. I then pulled out a couple of other toys and we set to work on Jen. We teased her for a while and took turns sitting over her face so she was forced to eat us. I didn’t leave Sara and Emily out and also fondled them, but our attention was mostly focused on Jen. As she got closer to cumming, I pulled out our powerful mains powered vibe and plugged it in, then handed it to Emily to hold against Jen’s cunt. We then thought that we may as well do things properly so Sara and I each took one of Jen’s legs and held them apart and also helped to spread her pussy, each pulling on one side so her clit and inner lips were completely exposed to the vibe.

Having experienced this vibe for an extended time (or rather, having been forced to experience it) I knew that I was possibly being a little cruel, but on the other hand Jen was definitely going to cum and that can’t really be a bad thing can it? As soon as Emily pushed the vibe against Jen’s exposed clit, Jen started moaning and saying that it was too intense. I reminded her about how she had tied me to a chair in front of everyone and made me sit on the vibe for ages (or what felt like ages) and promised her that I wouldn’t be quite than mean to her. I don’t think Jen was actually listening to me though and her moans got louder until she was making incredibly guttural sounds as she came (none of her usual delicate mewing). She writhed around trying to break free and I told Emily to stop as soon as Jen had cum.

We thought we’d done a good job, but I felt the others should at least briefly experience the vibe so I rubbed the head between Emily’s legs and then gave Sara a quick go. They were impressed at how strong the vibrations were but neither of them were in the mood to cum again just yet so I contented myself with wiping the vibe clean on Jen’s body.

It was way past lunchtime and we headed down to have a snack. I’d hoped that everyone would stay naked, but we ended up compromising and just wearing long t-shirts. While we ate, we just chatted and decided to head into town for a bit of a girly afternoon (or at least what would be left of it by the time we got ready). We didn’t hurry too much as we weren’t sure how much would be open and knew we had the Saturday as well to shop. We ended up spending most of the time in a cafĂ© (for one of Jen’s coffee top-ups) and then went for a general wander and Jen showed off a number of the places that I had been made to do things for her and her friends.

Sara was confident that she wouldn’t be brave enough to exhibit herself the way I do and I told her that I thought it was much easier to fool around in another town where nobody knows you than it is to be naked at the sex parties in York. We agreed that my being displayed to Jen’s friends was probably similar to the sex parties and Sara sort of understood how I could be so free when visiting Jen (as I wasn’t likely to bump into anyone I knew – discounting Jen’s friends of course). Jen said that we could go to where it all began (her old halls of residence) later on and we would show Sara and Emily where I’d done some of the other things we’d been talking about. I had another idea on the way home, but kept it to myself and tried to think of a way to implement it.

We headed home but decided to head out for a drink later on that evening. We fooled around a little, but only stroking and kissing – not trying to make anyone actually cum. I was actually trying to get people sufficiently worked up so they would agree to my idea and by the time we thought that we were hungry enough for food I’d done as much as I could and pitched it to them. It was simple enough – I wanted to do the standard pizza dare, but take it a step further. Ideally, I wanted us all to be included but Sara was still a little nervous so we adapted my original plan slightly. After ordering food, we headed up to get ready. This was simple for Emily and me as we were going to be naked and I had an idea for Jen, but we had to find something for Sara to wear. Jen borrowed Lucy’s silk gown, which is sufficiently sheer that it is fairly easy to see the outline of her body and nipples through and we hunted out a set of underwear for Sara to wear. I had expected to find something suitable in Lucy’s drawer, but we actually went with a set belonging Lis’ – a black lacy bra and panties (I think she looks better in white or pale pink, but I remember Lis telling me that Lucy likes the way she looks in black).

Emily thought that the silk gown would go well over the black so Jen slipped it off and handed it to Sara. The underwear was clearly visible through the gown and looked very sexy, but now we had to find something else for Jen to wear. She settled on one of Lis’ short gowns, which was significantly shorter on Jen (there is about 3-4 inches of height difference between them). We didn’t know how long we had left before our food arrived, so we headed downstairs and moved one of the chairs so it was facing the door and positioned so it was visible from the hallway while the door was mostly closed. Emily sat on the chair while the I knelt knelt on the floor in front of the chair and started to lick her. We swapped round every couple of minutes or so and agreed that whoever was in the chair when the bell went would stay there. Jen and Sara did a similar thing, but on the sofa. I remember thinking that Jen seemed to spend more time licking Sara than the other way around, but I didn’t think too much of it as I was enjoying what Emily was doing to me and then enjoying her taste.

When the food arrived, Emily was the one sitting in the chair, with me between her legs. I had been hoping that I could have sat and cum but I made the best of it by raising my ass as high as I could so my pussy would be nice and visible. Sara and Jen got up to answer the door and I turned round to watch as they carefully ‘closed’ the living room door, leaving a gap of a couple of inches. We listened as they answered the front door and invited the guy in to pay him. I resumed licking Emily and tried to listen to what was going on.

I was later told that he openly eyed up Sara and Jen and they told him to dump the food in the kitchen. Jen wrapped an arm around Sara and kissed her while she handed him the money, then told Sara to take the food into the living room. He watched her leave the room, but caught sight of Emily and me when Sara pushed the door open. Jen pretended not to notice that he was watching us and fiddled with her purse, but after a minute, she ‘realised’ what he was looking at and apologised, saying that we had just got carried away and he wasn’t meant to see. He said it was fine but Jen pulled Sara back out and half closed the door again.

Emily had been moaning away ever since Sara had come into the living room with the pizza and as she left, her moaning got louder. I was frantically eating her, trying to make her cum (so it wasn’t all put on) and she started to pant and kept repeating that she was nearly there. Jen had initially intended to get the guy to leave, but once she heard Em saying that she was about to cum, she thought that he may as well get to hear. They dithered in the hallway and she made small talk with him about how late he had to work. He didn’t seem to be in any hurry leave and Jen once again wrapped an arm around Sara, but this time, let her hand slide down Sara’s back. She slide her hand under Sara’s gown and down the back of her panties. Emily was on the verge of cumming and wasn’t hiding this – Sara apologised again but Jen said that she didn’t think he minded and pushed her hand between Sara’s legs and kissed Sara once more.

As soon as Emily had cum, she told him that he should probably leave as they (Jen and Sara) wanted to do things, but they weren’t quite as public as we were. Having said that, as he went out the door, Jen slipped her hand into Sara’s gown, pushing the top part aside and stroked one of her breasts (through her bra). She closed the door on him and they returned to the living room, congratulating us (Emily and me) on a job well done.

They filled us in on what had happened in the hall and Emily thought that Sara had done a good job and been very daring. She decided that she deserved a treat and asked if we minded postponing dinner for a while – which of course we didn’t if it was for some fun. Sara was bent over the arm of the sofa and Emily knelt on the floor behind her – she pulled Sara’s (or Lis’) panties aside and went down on her. I suggested to Jen that we should probably make use of the time and I could reward her for being brave enough to (semi)-display herself while in her home town and we scrunched up in the remaining space on the sofa and 69ed.

It didn’t take too long for us all to cum (Sara came first, but I think Em was licking both her cunt and ass). We then sat and ate dinner – Sara kept Lis’ underwear on, but Jen got her to remove Lucy’s silk gown as we didn’t want to get pizza grease on it. We didn’t have any problems getting her ‘grease’ on Lis’ panties though and once we’d finished eating, we took turns rubbing her panties and pushing them between her lips. We weren’t trying to make her cum again though and we spent the rest of the evening chatting, half watching a few films and occasionally teasing each other.

We went to bed fairly early and only had one session, although it lasted for a while. At one point, we lay in a circle, eating each other (which I’m informed in called daisy chaining) and agreed that we would keep going until all of us had cum. I was eating Sara, who ate Jen, who ate Emily who ate me. If I recall correctly, Emily actually came first, but this meant that she was a little distracted so it was easier for me to hold out. Jen was next, and finally Sara and myself. By the time we finished and moved apart, Em said that her pussy felt very sensitive, so we all gently kissed it better and curled up to go to sleep (another duvet-bed on the floor so we could all fit).

Monday, 25 June 2012

A Relaxing Weekend - Part 3

I had a great bachelorette party - it is Jen's turn to have her one tomorrow night. I don't know any details about it (but she doesn't know what happened at my one). I'll probably write about them both in time, but for now I'm just telling her to have fun... Back to a more relaxing weekend...

We managed to chase people away before it got too late. I told Lis to come and get me if she wanted to sit and chat for a while longer – once we had taken care of our respective partners of course. We each retired to our rooms (well, technically Lucy’s and Jen’s rooms) and Jen and I 69ed. Once we had cum, we kissed for a while and I got Jen to describe to me what she had been able to see while Ashraf had been fucking me. It sounded quite hot and I wished I had been able to watch (although then I wouldn’t have been fucked, so I guess I got the better deal). I had two fingers inside Jen and was going to do things to her when Lis knocked. I told her to come in and briefly carried on fingering Jen, then told her to get some sleep so she could work the following day. Jen told us not to be too long and Lis and I headed downstairs to chat.

It was a fairly cool night so we both had robes on, but I hadn’t bothered doing mine up. I got Lis to tell me what she and Lucy had done and with a bit of encouragement, I got her to describe their session – it was nothing too special, some fingering, humping and licking, but it’s always arousing hearing Lis describe such things and I almost started to play with myself. Lis then got me to describe what it had been like having two guys fuck me and I told her that technically only Ashraf had actually been fucking me, but it had still felt really fun.

We had another discussion about how I can enjoy playing with lots of people and how it means something completely different than actually making love to Mike or Jen. I know I’ve told her before (a couple of times) but I once again tried to explain to her that when we had done things (before she got together with Lucy), it had meant a lot more than just some fun. I asked if she had enjoyed being with Jen and myself and she had and I told her that if Lucy ever allowed it, we would happily do things with her – as often and for as long as she wanted. I was still turned on from Lis’ earlier description and decided that I may as well go for it and told her that I would love to be able to feel her tongue on my clit and between my lips. I described how good it had felt and how I still remembered the way she used her tongue – rapidly flicking and lapping away – and sort of still remembered how she had tasted and what she looked like when she came.

As intended, this got a blush out of Lis. It also felt as if our conversation had got something out of me (okay, so I wasn’t actually dripping wet, but my pussy certainly felt quite moist and was tingling). I slipped a hand between my legs and curled a couple of fingers into my pussy, then apologised to Lis. She said it was fine and she was used to seeing me play with myself. I got as far as spreading my legs a little and beginning to play with myself properly before catching myself and saying that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to carry on (I was trying to hint that I might get carried away and try and do things with Lis) unless Lucy was also there. I’m fairly certain that I could have got Lis to play with herself as she looked fairly aroused and decided that before anything bad happened, we should probably call it a night and head up to bed. On the way into the hall I moved up close behind Lis and wrapped my arm around her waist. I said that it was a pity that Lucy didn’t want to play with Jen and I properly or we could all have some proper fun and let my hand slide down her side and then pulled it away before I got too close to her pussy. Lis told me that I could always dream about it and I told her that I would – and she would hear the results in the morning.

We headed up and I couldn’t help myself from admiring Lis’ thighs and wished that her robe was s bit shorter so I could see her ass but I controlled myself and we just had a quick goodbye kiss (peck) before going off to bed. I really wanted to wake Jen up and fuck, but I knew that she needed her sleep so she could work so I just snuggled up behind her. I had great trouble getting sleep and kept fantasising about Jen, Lucy, Lis and I having an endless session. I nearly played with myself a couple of times but eventually managed to reign in my libido and drifted off to sleep. I don’t remember what I dreamt about, but I know that I woke up feeling just as horny as I’d been when I’d gone to sleep so I thought that I would be helpful and make sure Jen had an early start so she could get lots of work done (it wasn’t that early, just early for a student on a Sunday).

I didn’t want to be at all delicate so I moved around and climbed over Jen in a 69. She woke up before we started actually doing anything, but I didn’t give her time to come round before pushing my cunt down onto her face, pulling her legs apart and burying my face between them. I don’t think it took Jen long to realise how horny I was feeling as I really went to town on her – licking, sucking and fingering her cunt, then spreading her ass cheeks and running my fingers over her ass, pushing a little way into her from time to time. To her credit, she quickly got into the spirit and started to eat me back fairly ferociously – I even felt her tongue lash over my ass a few times.

I became fairly vocal – although what I was saying was mostly muffled by Jen’s cunt. I played out part of the fantasy I’d been having while going to sleep and described how we could eat, finger and fuck each other. Jen obviously came first as ‘d started off on her so forcefully and i tried to kitty kiss her while she ate me, but mostly ended up just moaning into her pussy and then moaning out loud in the hope Lis and Lucy would hear. As I came, I bit Jen’s inner thigh – a bit more forcefully than I had intended and left a mark but she carried on licking me until I rolled off her and said I couldn’t take any more.

Naturally, I only meant that I needed a quick break and as soon as my orgasm had ended properly, I told Jen that we should fuck again – just to get it out of the way and then she could concentrate on work afterwards. Jen asked why I was being so aggressively horny and as I positioned myself between her legs and started to grind my cunt against hers, I told her about my conversation with Lis and the subsequent fantasy. I held on to one of Jen’s legs so I could pull myself against her and get better friction and we carried on humping. I described my fantasy in more detail as we got more into things but I couldn’t decide how loud I wanted to be. Half of me was being cautious so we weren’t overheard, but the other half wanted Lucy and Lis to hear exactly what I wanted to do with them. I didn’t think Lis would mind at all and I know that Lucy is well aware that I fancy her and think she is incredibly sexy, but there is probably a difference between knowing that I think about her in that way and actually hear me describing how I want to make her cum and have her tongue buried in my cunt.

I was obviously going to cum first this time (but I think my mind was working overtime on the fantasy) so Jen played with her clit to help her catch up. She wasn’t too far behind me and soon told me to go for it and I sped up my humping. Our cunts mushed together over and over, our lips easily sliding back and forth. I made just as much noise this time, but now the sounds weren’t being muffled by Jen. We both came (Jen first, but not by much) and I carried on humping against her for as long as I could before falling back on the bed, but still trying to push against her and maintain contact.

We stayed like that for a while and chatted before finally getting up for breakfast. My legs felt quite stiff from lying in an awkward position but I soon recovered. By the time we’d finished eating, it was late enough that we thought it would b reasonable to wake up Lucy and Lis so we made another breakfast and took it up to them (which wasn’t an excuse to see them naked in any way - honest).

Jen and I sat on the bed and had another coffee while they ate breakfast and we discussed work and how revision was going. Lis ended up making a comment about having heard us earlier on so i told her that I couldn’t help it if I woke up horny and had to get Jen to satisfy my needs. If I hadn’t already cum twice and felt satisfied, I’m sure I would have ended up trying to tickle her or wrestle her so get some skin on skin contact, but I do occasionally behave myself and didn’t want to interrupt the work schedule.

While Lucy and Jen worked, Lis and I headed out to do the shopping for them. Lis got me to tell her what Jen and I had done that morning and in return, she described what she and Lucy had done. Lis had woken up during our first session and overheard the end of it (just the moaning) and woken up Lucy to listen in on our second session (well, technically she woke up Lucy to play with her as she didn’t know we were going to have a round two, but when we started, they listened in and Lis spooned up behind Lucy. She reached between Lucy’s legs from behind and fingered her (mostly with her fingers outside her pussy, rubbing over the lips and her clit) while she kissed her back and shoulders. Lis said that she imagined what we were doing, but didn’t describe it to Lucy (which I would have done if the situation had been reversed). Lucy came while Jen and I were being fairly loud (and I told Jen that I had been describing a foursome with them) and Lis then moved up a bit so she could nuzzle Lucy’s shoulders and earlobe while she fed Lucy her own juices (she got her to suck her fingers clean). They stayed like that until Jen and I finished and Lucy then went down on Lis. She thinks that she had cum by the time Jen and I headed downstairs but isn’t sure if she was just distracted and didn’t hear us or if they had dozed off again already.

I was horny yet again by the time we got home but wasn’t given a chance to entertain myself as we had to go out to meet the others for lunch. Jen knew that I wanted to cum and we tried to find somewhere suitable to let me put on a little display, but nowhere seemed suitable quiet so we had to settle for a corner table in a cafe. There was no way that I would be able to safely display myself to anyone in our group but I was still challenged to make myself cum. I settled for having my jacket over my lap and placing my hand under it, between my legs. I used a couple of fingers and made small movements over my clit. I was given warning whenever anyone came near our table so I could stop, but after a few near misses, I managed to keep going for long enough that I came, my fingers rapidly circling my clit. The only thing that I could actually show everyone was me sucking my fingers clean, but it was clear enough to them that I had actually cum.

We didn’t stay out too long and returned home. Lis and I were both leaving a little later than usual so we could help out and ended up doing the laundry. As a challenge, we mixed their clothes together and Lis and I then had to sort them into the correct piles afterwards. This was somewhat easier for underwear as Jen hardly ever wears any and there was only one top that we both thought should be in our piles (it turns out it belonged to Lucy, but Jen has a very similar one).

Lis left first but Lucy wasn’t back before Jen and I set off to the airport. As a reward for having worked so hard that day, we popped into the toilets and I went down on Jen while she stood up against the wall. She offered to do the same to me, but I told her I needed to have some energy left to service Mike that night. I let her have a little lick just so she didn’t feel left out, but then sent her off back home to carry on revising.

As per usual on my return from a visit to Jen, I gave Mike a brief summary of the weekend while we fucked and then later that night, described things to him in more detail while we had our bedtime session. Mike complained that I hadn’t been as passionate with him as I’d been that morning with Jen so in the middle of the week we spent an evening fantasising and then after we’d fucked, we spent a while more fantasising about many things. For the latter fantast session, we didn’t actually do anything more than spooning (which is quite difficult when you get worked up). The following morning, I woke up feeling fairly horny (which was the plan) and I planted myself over Mike’s face and had him eat me while I sucked him. I didn’t make him cum, but this meant that as soon as I’d recovered, I could pounce on his cock and ride him properly (and loudly) until we both came. I was a bit out of breath by the time we’d finished, but it was a nice way to start the day.

Friday, 22 June 2012

A Relaxing Weekend - Part 2

I'm heading off to Newcastle for my bachelorette party this weekend. Jen obviously won't be there but there are a few of her friends (also my friends) who are coming and it will probably be a bit more lively than the one I had for my wedding to Mike. Back to the relaxing weekend at the end of May for now though...

I didn’t bother doing my robe up and after we’d chatted a while longer, Jen and Lucy decided that they couldn’t put work off any longer. Lucy went to shower, I then showered with jen (just to help her wash herself) and Lis then showered. Lis and I decided to head into town to give them some peace to work. I assured Lucy that I wouldn’t do anything to corrupt Lis and Lucy told me that I would have my work cut out if I tried. At the time, I took that to mean that she didn’t think Lis would do anything to cheat on her (which is true), but as we wandered into town I realised that she might have meant something different.

We wandered round a few shops and chatted and I convinced Lis to try on a few outfits. She was planning a surprise for Lucy for their six month anniversary so I helped her pick out some sexy lingerie. As you may have guessed, I think Lis is quite cute so we went for white (apparently Lucy quite likes Lis in white). We found a very cute set and Lis tried on the bra. I think she has gotten over her fear of people not liking her small breasts (and I believe that I had a part to play in that as I always assure her that I think her breasts are incredibly sexy). Once she had the bra on, I convinced her to remove the rest of her clothes (skirt and panties) and admired the way she looked. I told her that if she hadn’t been dating Lucy, I would have happily made her cum there and then. This got a little blush out of her and I pocketed her panties, saying that she didn’t need them. We purchased the underwear and I helped Lis find a little black skirt to complete the outfit. She promised t show me the full outfit and we discussed how things were going between her and Lucy (good).

We met up with a couple of people for lunch (the ones who weren’t being as studious as Jen and Lucy), then wandered round a few more shops with them. Mel and Julia were at Mel’s parents’ for a few days so I had been expecting to have a quiet time, but it seems my training is beginning to bear fruit and one of the guys said that we should make things interesting and dared me to play with myself in an alleyway. Not being one to back down from a challenge (or at least one that could end with me cumming), we found a suitable place and I stood with one foot up on a box, lifted my skirt and fondled myself. I pointed out that I wasn’t in the most stable of positions and my challenger ended up standing behind me to help support me – if by ‘support’ you mean reaching around and pawing at my breasts. I leant back against him and rubbed my clit faster as my orgasm approached and he slid his hands under my top and got them onto my breasts properly (well, half onto them as my bra was still on). I came fairly quietly and told my helper that if he wanted, he could have a treat later on.

Fairly soon after that, Lis and I headed off by ourselves and over coffee we discussed my little display. She admired how uninhibited I was about nudity and cumming and I reminded her how much she had come along since she first came out to me. We (quietly) discussed a number of things that she and Lucy had done and I got Lis to describe a few in fair detail – maybe not as much as I describe things on here, but enough that I felt quite aroused again. We discussed her plans for their 6 month anniversary and I gave her a few tips on how to tease Lucy and drive her wild (I clearly didn’t know if they would work on Lucy, but they work on Jen).

I even got Lis to describe what she had been doing to Lucy the previous evening that we had made enough noise for Jen and I to overhear. Apparently it had mostly them using a vibe – or rather Lis sitting between Lucy’s legs and using a vibe on her while masturbating herself with her other hand. I told Lis what Jen and I had been doing that morning and Lis admitted that Lucy and her had been listening to us and fondling each other. I told Lis that I’d thought they had been doing something and if she wanted, I would make sure that Jen and I were as loud as they wanted us to be so they could join in with our excitement. On the way home, I made sure that Lis hadn’t minded me asking Lucy to make me cum and Lis said that it had been fun to watch (and admitted with a blush that it had been quite arousing as well). As a trade, I made a deal that Lis could fondle Jen (assuming Lucy didn’t mind).

Jen and Lucy had pretty much given up on work by the time we got home so we (separately) took some time to help them unwind and relax. I don’t know what the others did, but I started to give Jen a back massage and rubbed myself back and forth against her ass while doing this. She then turned over and I massaged her breasts until her nips were nice and stiff and we then shared a dildo and tried out a new position (for us). Jen pulled her legs up to her shoulders and held them under her arms while I slipped the dildo into her. In this position, her ass was raised a fair amount so the dildo almost pointed straight up. I then knelt over her and pushed down onto the dildo, then rode up and down on it.

It was an interesting position and would probably have been good to watch as someone would have probably seen a lot, but it wasn’t incredibly comfortable as I had to kneel in an awkward way and we didn’t get a lot of stimulation as I couldn’t make good contact with Jen. It’s always worth trying new things, but to finish off, we went back to good old traditional methods and ground against each other’s thighs while we kissed. Some people might consider this a ‘boring’ position, but I really love the way we end up panting into each other’s mouths as we approach orgasm. It’s actually also a good way to cum around the same time as it is easy to ease off or speed up stimulation. We weren’t trying for a simultaneous orgasm (they’re too much work), but we didn’t cum too far apart and afterwards we lay with Jen still on top of me, covered in sweat from the exertion of our session.

We showered, but didn’t bother to get dressed (robes only) and hung around the house until dinner. Lucy and Lis had dozed off after whatever they’d done (Lucy wouldn’t tell us and Lis wasn’t as forthcoming while Lucy was there) so they didn’t surface until we’d started cooking (yes, we actually cooked something). With dinner out of the way, we got ready to head out and meet people. The plan was to have a relatively early night and we didn’t stay out too late, but people ended up coming back to our place (or rather Jen and Lucy’s place) as usual.

Even without Mel around to push things along, Jen decided that it would still be fun for me to be on display and I was forced (or encouraged) to sit with my feet up on the sofa on either side of me and skirt folded out of the way. With the help of our porn collection, we discussed the sexiest ways a woman could sit and I was used to model a number of them (I like the view of a girl lying down with her legs curled up and her pussy peeking out from between her legs. As I had anticipated, just showing myself off wasn’t all I had to do and Jen soon used me to demonstrate the sexiest ways of being fondled/fingered. I ended up with my top pulled up and breasts hanging out, but none of my clothes removed (the consensus was that partially dressed looked sexier than being naked, which I tend to agree with). It was then decided that I should demonstrate some more and Jen fetched a couple of mini-courgettes from the fridge (they were Lucy’s but Jen promised to replace them).

I let out a yelp as she slid the first one into me as it felt so cold (and my pussy had been feeling rather warm from the teasing). Jen fucked me with it and then swapped them over so I got a second wave of cold from the new one. After being fucked with this one, she pulled it partially out and tried to push them both into me at the same time. Fortunately, they were quite small, but their combined size was still larger than anything I’m used to and I did feel quite stretched. She got them both into me the whole way and as I relaxed, it became less uncomfortable and I could enjoy it a little more. I was then offered to the crowd and anyone who wanted could take turns pushing them in and out of me. Some people were a bit too forceful, but overall it felt reasonably good and as a finale, Jen decided that I should be allowed to cum. I had to sit with my legs spread and the courgettes the whole way inside me and she held the tip of a vibrator against my clit. It didn’t take too long, but felt really good knowing that everyone could clearly see my cunt lips stretched around my pussy and I imagined they could see the whole area pulsing as my orgasm built and then burst.

I was allowed to remove the vegetables and felt somewhat empty. When I commented on this, Jen suggested that someone could fill me up if they wanted. At first there were no takers, but then Ashraf said that he would happily fill me if I wanted. His boyfriend (Steve – he’s new to our group) didn’t mind (as long as he could watch) and I ended up taking them upstairs to Jen’s room so we could do things properly in a more comfortable setting. Jen came up to watch as well and once Ashraf was inside me and pumping away, I suggested to Steve that he could always join in as well if he wanted. What I’d actually hoped for was for him to take my ass while Ashraf used my cunt – I assumed that they wouldn’t mind feeling their cocks almost rubbing against each other (which was what Mike had disliked when we’d tried DP at the party). That wasn’t what actually happened though and Steve knelt behind Ashraf and pushed into his ass (I couldn’t actually see this on account of being under Ashraf, but they were obviously fucking).

This made it a bit harder for Ashraf to move (although he was obviously really enjoying the sensation) and I was worried that he would end up cumming too soon. With a bit of experimentation, we figured out that if Steve and I stayed still, Ashraf could move back and forth and alternate between burying his cock in me and Steve’s cock in his ass. We got a little better at this and Steve and I managed to push back in time with him, but Ashraf was obviously going to cum before I did so I gave up and just let him enjoy himself. As expected, he came and I crawled out from underneath him so he could lie on the bed and let Steve finish off. Jen and I watched Steve fuck Ashraf and I have to say that while I like almost any sight of people fucking and enjoying themselves, I find the sight of two women doing things to be much more beautiful than two men. Having said that, I still played with myself as we watched Steve’s cock slide into Ashraf’s ass and by the time he came, I was getting quite close.

Jen decided that I shouldn’t ‘waste’ an orgasm by cumming upstairs where nobody could see so we returned to the rest of the group and Jen quickly made me cum, then we described what had happened up in her room. For a change, I wasn’t the focus of that story and a more people were curious about how it has felt for Ashraf than for Steve or myself. The guy who had helped me out earlier clearly hadn’t forgotten my promise to repay him and while Ashraf was describing things, he moved over beside me and asked if I felt like doing anything else. I didn’t feel like cumming again straight away but told him that I would happily repay him in kind – as he fondled me, I would do the same for him, but said that we would have to do things where we were.

He was sufficiently drunk that he didn’t mind if people got to see what we were doing so I slid my hand into his trousers and helped to straighten his cock (it was already mostly hard, but was caught at an odd angle). Someone (Alison I think) said that if I was going to do things, then they should all at least be able to see, so I unbuttoned the trousers and pulled his cock free. He wasn’t a bad size and I considered actually doing things properly with him, but thought that I could always save that for later on. I stroked up and down his cock and decided that it really needed some lubrication so leaned over and let my saliva drip down over the head, then rubbed this in with my hand. I drooled a fair amount over his cock and by the time I pulled my head away, both his cock and my hand were rather wet, but it had the desired effect and made it much easier to wank him.

I sat back so everyone could watch as my hand slid up and down his cock – rubbed over the head (which he seemed to like) and rapidly pumped along the shaft. Everyone seemed to like watching what I was doing and kept telling me to make him cum (which was the general idea). I considered telling Jen to get a condom so I could also suck him off. The thought of feeling his cum filling the condom in my mouth was nice, but I didn’t want to interrupt things so decided to just carry on with my hand. I got him to pull his trousers down a bit more and reached around so I could use my other hand on his balls. I carried on stroking up and down his shaft, getting a bit faster and squeezing a bit harder (not too hard though) until he started to moan slightly and say he was getting close to cumming.

I had been hoping for something a bit more spectacular (like his cum squirting up high) but had to be content with only small squirts. He did cum a fair bit though and the benefit of small squirts was that most of the cum ran back over my hand, which I dutifully used to help lubricate him while I rubbed some more. By the time he finished cumming, he had made a fair mess and I wiped my hand clean on his trousers before going to clean off properly. With his passion sated, he seemed a bit more self-conscious and started to stuff his cock back into his somewhat wet shorts before doing up his trousers. I nearly asked if anyone else needed a hand with anything, but thought I had done enough that night to bring pleasure to other people, so just sat and chatted.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Relaxing Weekend - Part 1

I was looking forwards to a relaxing weekend with Jen at the end of March – I had been very busy at work and hadn’t quite recovered from the previous weekend’s antics. It hadn’t helped that whenever I described what had happened to Mike, it put him in the mood to fuck. He loves the idea of Jen and Sue doing things together and we’ve been working on plans so he can get to watch properly (which are probably going to involve me ‘distracting’ Ryan so Mike can spend some time with them. He’s only going to watch – we don’t want Sue to be unfaithful (Ryan doesn’t mind Sue doing things with girls, but he hates the idea of other guys fucking her – which is somewhat hypocritical of him as he gets to fuck me).

I arrived late on the Friday night and briefly saw the gang (or at least those that were staying up over the holiday) but we didn’t stay out late and headed home together. Jen and I had a nice gentle session in her bed, mostly fingering and grinding against each other while we kissed, but we also briefly 69ed, just to get a taste. We’d finished by the time Lucy and Lis returned but didn’t bother getting out of bed to see them. I don’t know if they thought we were asleep, but they seemed to be a little louder than usual – possibly they’re now used to hearing and seeing us fuck that they don’t care if we hear them. It would have been nice to do things while listening in to them, but it would also have been harder to hear them and I was so tired that we contented ourselves by just snuggling up and making up what they were doing that sounded so good. Only after they had finished did we go to sleep and I had a pretty nice dream where I watched Lucy masturbating and endlessly cumming.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling quote horny but Jen was sound asleep. I debated waking her or just masturbating, but decided that I really needed a good rest so I tried to go back to sleep. It took quite a while and a couple of times I almost gave in and started to gently play with myself. I realised that this would probably be a bad idea though and eventually calmed down and drifted back to sleep.

When I woke in the morning, I wasn’t as well behaved and forced my head in between Jen’s legs to lick her awake. She could tell from how forceful I was being that I really wanted to fuck and we decided that if we were going to do things, then we may as well do them properly so we paused and went downstairs to brush our teeth. We had a listen in at Lucy’s door but couldn’t hear anything and quickly returned to Jen’s room. I convinced her to leave her door slightly ajar – not enough for much to be seen, but enough that Lis and Lucy would be able to hear us (if they woke up).

With all the preparations out of the way, I literally pounced on Jen, pushed her down onto the bed and buried my face between her legs. I spread her lips and pushed my tongue as far into her as I could, then sucked on her clit, flicking my tongue rapidly back and forth over it. Jen complained that she couldn’t do anything to me and I told her she would have her chance soon, but I wanted to hear her cum first. I carried on attacking her and soon had her mewing (a sure sign that she’s getting close to cumming). I lapped around her cunt and ass, then went in for the kill and made her cum. I was considerate enough to spend a little time kitty kissing her afterwards to help bring her down gently and give her a chance to relax, but then said that it was my turn to cum and told her how I wanted to use her.

I didn’t really need Jen to do much as I wanted to scissor with her and just grind against her. I did cheat a bit and used a vibe to get me part of the way there, but for the majority of the session I was positioned between Jen’s legs, with my pussy against hers, sliding back and forth. It felt really good and between us, we were wet enough (which was probably mostly Jen) that our cunts and thighs ended up rather sticky. I ended up holding onto her leg to help get better traction and humped myself against her. It wasn’t a really strong orgasm as I didn’t have a lot of pressure on my clit, but it was a nice and energetic way to cum and left me in the mood for more, which is always good (unless you’re on the last session of the night I guess).

Jen suggested that we go down and prepare breakfast for Lucy and Lis. This has become something of a habit, but it means I get to wander in and sit on their bed naked, as well as see them semi-naked (usually) so it was a habit I enjoyed. We went downstairs naked and I convinced Jen that she should also be naked when we presented them with breakfast. They were already awake when we arrived at their room and I was fairly certain that they looked a little flushed. As usual, they pulled the covers up but as I sat on the bed, I told them we’d all seen each other naked before (or at least we’ve all seen every part of each other, even if I haven’t seen Lucy completely naked) and they stopped being so prudish and at least let their breasts be exposed.

Lis commented on having heard us enjoying ourselves and I shot back with the fact that Jen and I had heard them doing the same thing the previous evening. Jen told them that I wasn’t yet satisfied, so if they wanted a show, I would put one on for them and asked Lis where Lucy’s vibe was (as if we didn’t know). Before Lucy could say anything, Lis told Jen which drawer to look in and Jen quickly got up and handed the vibe to me (I don’t think Lucy noticed the fact that Jen didn’t have to look around and knew which side it was hidden in). I was instructed to sit back with my legs spread and use the tip of the vibe on my clit, although I did slide in into me a few times, then wished I had licked it beforehand, just in case I could have tasted Lucy or Lis on it.

Jen made me stop before I came and I was left with my pussy pulsing (or feeling like it was). Jen then tickled me to take my mind off wanting to cum (although I was sure she would be teasing me more later on that day). Lis joined in but Jen backed off at this point, which meant it was a much more evenly matched fight. I tickled Lis back and managed to get her pinned down, then after she had surrendered I told her that my terms were raspberries. She didn’t understand at first so I explained that she had to let me give her raspberries (blowing again her body), but assured her (and Lucy) that I would avoid all her ‘important’ bits. I did her stomach, right thigh (outer – sadly) and lower back. It was enough for me to get a good look at her body (which brought back fond memories) and when I’d finished with Lis, I dived under the covers and quickly raspberried Lucy’s thigh (on the front).

I didn’t want Jen to feel left out, so I did the same to her, then did it a bit further up her thighs and finally did it right beside her pussy. I could still smell and taste her juices from our earlier session and ended up having a proper lick of her pussy – not enough to make her cum, but enough for it to be clear to everyone what I was doing.

As we didn’t have anything planned for the day (other than Jen and Lucy having to do some revision) I suggested that we head downstairs and relax for a bit (and Jen added that we could have more coffee). Jen and I headed down first, donning our robes and Lucy and Lis joined us a couple of minutes later. We sat and chatted for a while and eventually Jen started to gently tease me. She slid a hand inside my robe and stroked my nipples, then dipped between my legs and played with my pussy. Lis asked why I was wearing a robe when I was usually naked and I told her that I was trying to be sensitive to Lucy’s generally prudishness. Now of course, Lucy isn’t actually a prude, but she is certainly more reserved than Jen or I (or even Lis). Lucy objected to this and said that only a short while ago, she had sat watching me playing with myself using her vibe, but I teased her some more anyway.

I ended up lying on the sofa, with my head on Lucy’s lap and Jen said that she would make me cum. She then changed her mind and told Lucy that she could prove she wasn’t a prude by stroking my neck and making me cum. Lucy said that there was no way I could cum just from having my neck stroked (even though I’m sure she had seen Jen do this to me a while ago) so Jen dared her to try it. Lis was keen to see this happen (even though I can’t actually do things with Lis anymore, she has told me that she enjoys watching Jen and I play our little games). I stretched my head back and presented my neck to Lucy and told her that she could do whatever she wanted (and she knows that I actually meant that).

In the end, Lucy put her coffee down and said that if I wanted it, she would do it (which was something of a change of attitude for her as she’s known for ages that I fancy her – if only she’d been willing to do *everything* that I wanted her to...). She stroked up and down my neck and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. She asked Jen how long it would take and Jen explained that it could be a while, but she (Lucy) would be able to tell if it was working on me. They carried on chatting and Lucy kept gently stroking – a couple of times I told her to press slightly harder as her touch had got too light, but I mostly stayed silent and enjoyed the sensation.

It had been a while since I’d cum like this, but the fact that it was Lucy stroking me (and the fact that I’d been fairly horny to begin with) meant that it didn’t actually take too long before I started squirming around and arching my back slightly. Lucy asked if I wanted her to stop but I opened my eyes to look up at her and asked her to please keep going. I think she could hear the lust in my voice and this got a wry little smile out of her. I went back to my own little world and concentrated on what I was feeling and before too long, I was flexing my thighs and squirming around a lot more.

Jen unfastened my robe and pushed it aside to expose my front. Apparently, Lis told Lucy to carry on (but I didn’t hear that). It was a gradual build up, but this just meant that I was in a state of high arousal for longer. I knew that it was obvious to everyone how turned on I was as I was moving around a fair bit, spreading and closing my legs and breathing heavily. I felt Jen’s hand slide up to my pussy but I told her not to play with me as I wanted to see if Lucy was really going to go through with it and make me cum. I can’t remember exactly how I phrased it, but my intention was to make sure that she would want to demonstrate that she would go the whole way.

I could feel my orgasm getting really close and knew that if Lucy stopped, I would have just had to reach down to my clit and played with myself for a few seconds to cum, but the thing I really enjoy about cumming from just having my neck stroked is how deliciously drawn out it can be. I now had my legs spread (but was still flexing them partly closed) and was panting heavily. I was trying to keep my language clean, but allowed myself to moan and as I felt by orgasm finally approaching, I told Lucy to keep going.

When it hit, it was a really deep, rolling orgasm that seemed to flow through my whole body. I remember arching my back and alternating between moaning, panting and encouraging Lucy to keep stroking my neck. My pussy felt really wet and at that point I would have loved for Jen to go down on me, but I also didn’t want to change a thing of what was happening. It felt like my orgasm lasted for ages (and Jen told me that it was fairly long), but it eventually subsided and I relaxed back down onto the sofa, with my head still in Lucy’s lap. She removed her hand from my neck but I asked her to keep stroking, gently, for a minute or so and she obliged me. While she was doing that I mumbled how it felt just like being kitty kissed and imagined Lucy’s tongue licking up and down the length of my pussy, gathering up my juices and swallowing them.

At any other time, that image would probably have got me going again very quickly, but my orgasm had been pretty strong so I felt very satisfied. I sat up and sincerely thanked Lucy, told her that it had felt wonderful, said that I wouldn’t tease her about being a prude anymore and then (while leaning close to her) said that if there was any way I could repay her, she only d to ask. It was obvious what I was offering but I didn’t really expect her to take me up on the offer. I didn’t push the matter as I really was genuinely grateful for the orgasm she’d just given me and I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Expanding Sue's Horizons - Part 4

A slightly longer entry to help with a decent weekend wank/frig... I need to post this quickly as Vicky is visiting us and she's on a bathroom break.

Before I got up, I asked if he knew how much he’d cum – he said that it had felt like a reasonable amount, but then added the disclaimer that he’d cum a few times already earlier in the day. I slowly pulled myself off his cock and stood up with my legs slightly spread. A little cum came out straight away and about 30 seconds later, a bit more started to drip out and (mostly) run down my legs. Jen said that I shouldn’t waste the cum and suggested I share it with Sue. I wasn’t quite sure what she had in mind, but Jen knows I’ll only go so far with Sue and moved over to the bed to see what they had planned.

I was told that she wanted to eat us both at the same time and was presented with our double ended dildo. One end was quickly pushed into Sue and I was told to get on the other end. I did as asked and once I had a few inches inside of me, pumped back and forth until my cunt was up against Sue’s, then lay back and let Jen have her fun. She licked back and forth between our clits, sometimes pushing her tongue down between our cunts as well. It didn’t feel too intense so was a nice way to relax and catch my breath after being fucked. As I’d guessed, Jen wasn’t the only one who wanted to taste us both at the same time and our cunts were visited in turn by Julia’s, Mel’s and Ryan’s tongues.

I was beginning to feel some interest in round two by this point and this was only heightened by Julia getting us to move far enough apart that she could get a grip on the dildo between us and then piston it back and forth, with the side of her fist slapping against our cunts as the dildo slid into us. She got quite carried away and really worked it back and forth – it felt quite good, but this got even better when Jen suggested that they help out with some vibes. Sue and I each had a vibrating egg held against our clits and we were told that they weren’t going to stop until we’d both cum again. Julia couldn’t keep up the pace she had set, so the dildo was handed over (figuratively – it remained buried between Sue and I) to Ryan and he carried on pumping it back and forth.

I had been oblivious to the fact that Jen and Julia had been fondling Sue while Mel, Ryan and I had been playing, so she ended up cumming first. True to their word, she wasn’t given any respite though and had to endure the dildo and vibe until I caught up with her and came. It was actually quite an arousing sight, watching her squirming, panting and begging them to let her go (a feeling I know well enough from Jen and Mike’s teasings). She didn’t have to endure this torture for too long though as my orgasm wasn’t too far behind her one. The eggs were kept in place until I had finished cumming properly and I was then told to once again slide down the vibe so our pussies touched. Jen then gently lapped at us – mostly avoiding our clits and then left us alone to catch our breath.

Julia seemed as horny as ever but I knew that I needed a bit of a break before doing anything more (and Sue looked like she needed a much longer break). The others were happy to sit and chat for a while, although Jules kept teasing Ryan’s cock with her feet – enough to keep him hard. Mel also fondled Jen a little but things stayed relatively calm for a while until Julia suggested we suck Ryan for a while to get him in the mood for more fun. I was happy to let her and Sue take care of this and just watched as they kissed around his cock and licked up and down the shaft. I wasn’t entirely left out though as Jules got me to join in later on and we just about managed to get the three of us around his cock and sufficient tongue contact for it to feel good for him.

It was then suggested that he shouldn’t be the only one to get double treatment and so Sue and I were given the task of eating each of the girls. Having tried this before, we knew that it is rather difficult to get two tongues onto one pussy at the same time, but with a bit of flexibility (not on our part), we managed to do well enough and could at least have one of us licking close to the cunt while the other one had their tongue in it or right on the clit. Jen decided that with us both kneeling beside the bed, they could take advantage of our position and we ended up with two fingers inside us. Initially this was just Jen, but Ryan joined in and so we each had two pairs of fingers in us. At least this arrangement is much easier to accommodate than four fingers from one person and I quite enjoyed being fingered by two people at the same time (it’s not the first time either Sue or I have felt something like this).

It wasn’t enough to cum though and after a while, we decided to go for the final ‘proper’ round of fun that evening. I mentioned that it might be nice to let Sue and Ryan do things together and Julia agreed, but only on the condition she could ‘help’. Her version of helping involved Sue and her 69ing on their sides while Ryan fucked Sue from behind. This let Jules lick both him and her and satisfied her as she had Sue’s tongue on her cunt. This left Jen, Mel and I to figure out what we wanted to do – I was happy to have a three way but Mel said she had cum enough for the night and was happy to just watch, so Jen and I 69ed and left the others to get on with it. It was actually quite nice to be able to do things just with Jen to round the evening off and we had a nice little session and didn’t hurry things along. This meant that we were the last to finish, but as a bonus (I’m not sure if was a bonus for us or them), Jen gave Sue a quick lick while I sucked Ryan’s cock clean.

If someone had insisted, I could have probably gone another round, but I was more than happy to call it a night. Julia and Mel started to get ready to head home but I suggested that they could always stay over if they wanted. Lucy had already told us that Sue and Ryan could use her room so they eagerly stripped off the few clothes they had put on and wander across the hall. Jen then realised that this was stupid as the four of us would be sleeping on the floor anyway so Julia and Mel came back and slept on Jen’s bed (using Lucy’s duvet).

I had a whispered conversation with Sue to see if she felt any differently about seeing Ryan fuck other girls, but she was still fine with it and said that she had really enjoyed herself. I told her that if she’d only listened to be sooner about the benefits of being bi, she could have been enjoying herself for much longer. I also promised her that Julia (at the very least) would want to have another go at her little cunt before she left, so the fun wasn’t over yet.
Ryan had been rubbing up against my ass while we’d been talking (and I may have been rubbing back). I told Sue I was going to borrow his cock again and she said that I was insatiable, but didn’t complain so I guided him into me and pumped back and forth against him. I asked him if he actually wanted to cum and he said that he wasn’t sure, but was willing to try so I pushed his hand down to my clit and said he could do as much as he wanted, but if he came, I had to as well. Julia had picked up on the fact that we were doing something and complained that she was being left out. I countered with the fact that I was the one who had found him, so I got first and last call on his cock (somewhat ignoring the fact that Sue really has this right). I told Jules that if she wanted, I was sure we could find someone to play with her, but she said it was fine and we could just make up for it in the morning.
I’d been squeezing myself around Ryan and he was moving in me fairly well by this point and I encouraged him to keep going (and keep rubbing my clit). I told Sue that if she wanted, she could have him but she said that she’d cum enough. I teased her about this and described how good his cock felt as it slid between my cunt lips and how I could feel the head moving inside me. Jen told Sue that if she wanted, she would take care of her, but other than a little gentle fondling, they didn’t do anything. Ryan came before I did but he at least kept frigging my clit. I tried to move on his cock, but he held me in place and said he felt too sensitive to keep fucking me. I managed to press myself against him so he was at least still as deep into me as he could get and helped out on my clit until I came. I then apologised to Sue for stealing his last cum of the day, but kept him inside me until his cock withered and slid out.
We all slept fairly well and when I woke up, I came up with a plan. I wanted to get Mel and Julia over so that instead of just waking up Sue and Ryan by going down on them, we could have one of us between their legs sucking/eating them and another on their face for them to eat. Unfortunately I disturbed Ryan while trying to climb out of bed to describe my plan to Jules and while explaining to him (so we could at least surprise Sue), she woke up. People agreed that it was a good plan but a couple of us needed a bathroom visit before we did anything. I suggested that we all go down and we could get our teeth brushed (or use mouthwash for Jules and Mel who didn’t have toothbrushes) so we would all be ready to kiss.

On the way down, I quietly suggested to Jen that she should pee while other people were brushing their teeth. Sue knows about Jen’s pee fetish (and I think she has seen her purposely wet herself), but this would be new for Ryan and even for Mel and Jules. To be fair, I didn’t get her to play with herself while peeing, she just sat on the toilet and then wiped herself clean when she had finished. Just so she wasn’t alone, I did the same thing, but while sitting, I used my toothbrush and gave Mel and Sue’s pussies a little buzz with it. We decided to wait for breakfast until after we’d played for a while and headed back upstairs.

Julia remembered that we owed her an orgasm and as repayment for all the good times she’s given me, I suggested that we give her star treatment. She is just as happy to be the centre of attention as I am (sexually anyway – I’m actually fairly shy in ‘normal’ life). She ended up on the floor-bed with a pillow under her ass and I told Ryan to go ahead and take her. By itself, this obviously wasn’t going to count for much, so I sat over her face and let Jules eat me for a few minutes, then got Sue to take my place. While Sue was riding her face, Jen had a suck on Julia’s nipples and I did the best I could to lick her clit (I just about managed this if Ryan pulled out most of the way – which was better for him as it meant my tongue also licked the head of his cock).

I had an idea and got Mel to hand me some of the tingle gel. I half lay over Julia’s stomach and pulled her legs up under my arms so I could reach around under Ryan’s cock and pull her ass cheeks apart. This made it possible for him to get slightly deeper into her (at least he said it felt deeper) and while he was fucking her, I used my fingers to toy with her ass. I decided it was time to move on to the next part of my plan and dumped a fair amount of the tingle gel on Julia’s mons. I rubbed this around her pussy and over Ryan’s cock, then rubbed a bit into her ass and once again spread her cheeks. I told Ryan to use her other hole and he asked if it was really all right, then eagerly positioned his cock against her ass and pressed into her. I had a really good view but called Mel and Jen round to watch Ryan’s cock disappear into Julia’s ass. The three of us fondled and fingered her – fairly roughly, but she seemed to like it – and I then went down on her. This is definitely much easier the other way around (if Julia had been kneeling up and I’d been under her), but I managed to get a fairly good go at her pussy and licked until I couldn’t taste any more of the minty gel.

I thought it was only fair to let Sue get a proper look at her boyfriend ass-fucking the girl who’s tongue was buried in her cunt, so I moved out of the way and Sue leant forwards to 69 her. Mel and Jen weren’t happy just letting them get on with it though and decided to help out by both fingering Sue. It seemed rude to stand by and do nothing, so I added a finger to the mix and we managed to help bring her off without punching Julia in the face (she was still eating Sue).

Julia hadn’t cum yet, although she was getting close, so Jen took a turn sitting over her face and reached down to fondle her nipples while I resumed my earlier position and toyed with Julia’s cunt. Mel fondled my ass and pussy while I did this and I really wished that she would have done things properly instead of just teasing me as I was getting quite horny. I satisfied myself with eating Jules and letting Ryan’s body slap against my face as he pushed into her ass. I hadn’t really planned it that way, but later realised that my being in the way slowed his movements down enough that he lasted longer so we actually made Jules cum before he did. When it was obvious that she was cumming, I moved my head away and just used my fingers so he could pump into her properly as I know that (in my case at least) after I’ve cum, being ass-fucked doesn’t feel as good. Julia didn’t seem to mind though and it didn’t take Ryan long to cum, after which he pulled out fairly quickly anyway.

I gave her cunt one last good lashing with my tongue and then Jen and I helped Jules up. I asked if we had made up for leaving her out the previous night. Jules thought that her little session (as she called it) just about been okay. I still needed to cum (and by this point, ‘needed’ was definitely the right word). I pushed Jen down onto her back and straddled her face, then suggested that we try the multi-way fingering on her. We all (apart from Ryan of course) stroked and fondled her pussy and managed to get four fingers into her at once. Jen lapped away at my cunt and sucked my clit – I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to cum and I concentrated on rubbing Jen’s clit, leaving Sue, Julia and Mel to finger her. Jules decided to go one better and also slipped a finger into her ass (which made Jen jump enough that I felt her move under me). I came but Jen held me in place and carried on eating me – I told the others to hurry up and make her cum and in the end Mel took control and sucked Jen’s clit, bringing her off fairly quickly (although the fingering had obviously helped get her most of the way there).

With my orgasm out of the way, I was feeling a bit more generous and decided that we should give Mel some attention. She lay on the bed with her feet over the edge and said that we could eat her, so we took turns doing so. It was then time to finger her and this time we all joined in – now all at the same time as getting five hands close enough proved to be somewhat tricky – we could have probably managed it if we’d stopped and done it carefully, but not while we were all moving independently. Even do, Mel really enjoyed it and fairly soon told us that she was getting close to cumming. We let her decide how she wanted to cum and she opted to have Sue eat her. I thought that we could do better than that so suggested that Jen also sit over her face (I know Mel likes Jen’s pussy – as do I of course so I’m not surprised) and Julia and I fondled Mel’s breasts. To give him something to do, Ryan got to hold Mel’s legs up and apart to make it easier for Sue. With this combination, it took hardly any time to make Mel cum (if I’d been in her place, I would have tried to hold out and enjoy it for longer, but she seemed satisfied enough).

It was Sue’s turn next to get the group treatment - everyone (apart from me) took turns eating her and then we all fingered her. Ryan gave her a brief fucking and Mel and Julia took responsibility for the final push (Mel on Sue’s cunt and Julia sitting over her face). Jen and I took care of Sue’s breasts and even though it took a bit longer than it had with Mel, we still made her cum fairly quickly. I was eager to have my turn and quickly replaced Sue on the bed. They followed pretty much the same pattern - everyone but Sue ate me and then they all fingered me, Ryan fucked me and I ended up with Julia over my face and Mel between my legs. Sue and Jen took my breasts (Jen said it was better for girls to do this rather than leave it to a man) and I tried to concentrate on each sensation stimulating my body. I tried to make Jules cum before I did, but it was a losing battle and my concentration was lost when I had a pretty powerful orgasm (one of the strongest I’d had in a while).

When Mel moved away from between my legs, Ryan said that he wanted to fuck me (and it made me quite happy that even though he could have fucked Jules, he wanted me – and I know he could also have fucked Sue, but I’m not counting her as he probably figured he could have her anytime). I told him he was welcome to use me if he wanted, but that it was only fair that he got the group treatment as well. I needed a bit of a rest, but after a couple of minutes, Sue, Julia and I kneeled on the floor against the bed and Ryan took turns fucking us, moving from one to the next and round again. We also needed to give him oral so got him to sit on the edge of the bed and we took turns (apart from Jen of course) at sucking him – individually and in pairs. He said he was getting close, so to finish things off, we got Sue to mount him and Julia, Mel and I licked them both (I avoided licking Sue, but the aim was to get Ryan off so this didn’t matter). Ryan came while buried in Sue, with Julia licking his balls and Sue’s clit. Just so she could be involved Jen then licked Sue, in an attempt to extract some of Ryan’s cum, but she doesn’t think she got any.

It was definitely time for some food by this point and we sent Julia and Sue out to get something (we didn’t have enough for six). They were required to go out naked – except for their coats – but they didn’t have to go far to get to the local shop and they returned in about 10-15 minutes with supplies. As a parting session (as far as she was concerned), Sue was used for people to eat yoghurt from (lying on the kitchen table). Things got a bit messy so Julia and Jen took Sue in to shower her clean. Following that, Mel, Ryan and I showered (separately).

Our ‘morning’ session had extended way past where we had expected and it was nearly time for Ryan and Sue to head home (they were going back to Ryan’s place). To make their journey more interesting, Mel and Jen suggested that we ‘paint’ Sue in the same way we had done with Abrahii. Sue of course didn’t know what we were referring to, to I took Ryan aside and filled him in. He thought this was a good idea and so was quickly stripped of her clothes and subjected to each of us four girls rubbing our cunts over her body, trying to get as much of our juice on her as possible. We avoided her face (with the exception of Jen who decided she deserved on last lick) and then as a parting gift, once she was dressed (without panties of course), Jen Mel and Julia each had a final taste of Sue’s pussy. I didn’t want to be left out, so I lay back on the bed and told Ryan to take me one last time. I was only intending to play for as long as the others were teasing Sue, but once they saw that I was enjoying myself, they just kept going.

I don’t know which one of them actually made Sue cum as I was distracted with Ryan. I had told him not to worry about making me cum as I was going to get Julia to eat me clean. I half wrapped my legs around him and humped back against him (I wouldn’t have minded if I actually came, but we didn’t have much time before we really had to leave). Ryan pumped rapidly into me and then pushed deep and stayed still. I turned my head to Sue and apologised for taking the last of his cum, but said that if she teased him on the journey, he would probably be able to manage another load just for her that night.

We rushed down to the station and saw Sue and Ryan onto their train. Julia was happy that she’d managed to get to fuck a pair of sisters (it was one of her fantasies as well – she’s done a pair of brothers already) and as thanks, she let me rub one of my breasts against her cunt to take back some of her juices to Mike. She also went down on me to clean out any remaining Ryan-cum (not that I think he gave me much) and then she and Mel went home. Jen and I headed off to the airport and had an afternoon coffee together – just before I left, we popped into the toilets and Jen rubbed herself over my other breast (also as a gift for Ryan).

He really appreciated this, but by the time I got home, although he could smell them, he couldn’t really taste much (although he licked my breasts clean anyway). He gave me a really good fucking that night while I described everything Sue had done and during the week, he chatted to her over Skype and congratulated her for having learned how to enjoy women properly. We let her watch us fuck while she described how it had felt having everyone play with her. Sue then told us that she had decided to take a chance and try to get off with one of her girlfriends (one that Ryan and she had fantasised about together). We warned her to be careful (both in having safe sex and not alienating her friend) and she said that she thought she knew the best way to proceed. Whether she did or not is another entry though...

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Expanding Sue's Horizons - Part 3

We remained naked for lunch and after a minor fondling session decided that it was really time to head out. We invited Mel and Julia along but they said they needed to get a few other things done and that we would see each other later that night. I would have been happy enough for them to come, but was glad that it was just the four of us. Jen and I had planned something special – just so we would have still been able to have some fun even if Sue hadn’t wanted to do things with Julia and Mel. After selecting appropriate (or inappropriate) outfits, we headed along to a cinema. Unfortunately it was warm out (this was only unfortunate as we had to wear jackets to cover our outfits), but this actually turned out to be a good thing as the air conditioning in the cinema was set a bit too low, so the jackets helped keep us warm.

As you might have guessed, this wasn’t just a randomly chosen cinema – it was a small venue that shows independent films. The film they were showing was a subtitled Polish film and both Ryan and Sue seemed rather unsure about wanting to see it, so I explained that it wasn’t really the film that we were there for. After convincing them to part with their cash to get the tickets, we headed in and sat near the back. Only a couple of other people turned up and once the film started, we moved down and sat near the front, on the other side of the cinema. Jen and I sat either side of Ryan and Sue and after about 10 minutes of the film, I reached over to Ryan’s crotch and started to caress him. I quickly unzipped his jeans and slipped my hand inside, then pulled his cock free.

Sue was looking over at us and I mouthed at her to watch, then slid down my seat and moved around in front of Ryan. I took his cock in my mouth and blew him – with a bit of rubbing thrown in. I asked if he thought he could cum again and he said that he probably could so I carried on until he tapped my head and said he was about to cum. I hadn’t decided if I wanted to let him cum in my mouth so I stopped sucking him and aimed his cock at the top of my breast. I had been hoping for a good amount of cum, but he only produced a few drops. I wiped his cock over my breasts, rubbing the (small amount of) cum in, then crawled round his leg and slid back up into my seat. I reached over and gave his rapidly deflating cock a few more strokes and nodded to Jen, who slid her hand between Sue’s legs (causing her to jump).

I whispered to Ryan to take hold of one of Sue’s legs and he lifted it across his legs and held it there. Jen started to fondle Sue, then slid down off her seat and crawled round in front of Sue. Sue looked a little nervous, but Ryan pointed out that nobody had caught me doing things to him and Sue settled back (slightly) as Jen pushed her head between Sue’s legs and started to lick her. I could sort of see that Jen was using her fingers on Sue, but only found out later that she was doing this ‘properly’ (both ass and cunt). It took a little while, but Jen got Sue off and as she climbed back up into her seat, I told Ryan to tell Sue that she had to reciprocate somehow. As soon as he had passed this on, I told him that it would be nice if he did something to me and said that he could use fingers or tongue, whichever he wanted. To help him out, I handed him our lipstick vibe – a small and quiet (and sadly also fairly weak) vibe disguised as lipstick and hiked up my skirt. I spread my legs and pushed his hand against my pussy. Between his fingers and the vibe, I came and while we were playing, Sue started to fondle Jen. Sue could at least use her right hand on Jen, so was much more easily able to frig her clit – she didn’t want to risk kneeling on the floor in front of Sue to eat her, but still managed to make Jen cum.

Once we had all finished and straightened ourselves up we left the cinema (we hadn’t exactly been paying attention to the film). Afterwards, over coffee, we told Sue and Ryan that they would have to be punished for not playing with Jen properly and going down on her. Sue at least seemed to have got the idea that our forms of ‘punishment’ can be quite enjoyable, so she just dared us to whatever we wanted. We hadn’t actually got anything planned, but following on from our session with Julia and Mel, a few ideas began to crystallise.

We picked up some food for dinner and headed home. The plan was to meet up with people for drinks later that night so once we had eaten, we started to get ready. I told Ryan that as part of his punishment, I would trim his pubic hair (he keeps it reasonably short, but I wanted to get it as short as I could). Jen thought this sounded like a good idea so she said she would shave Sue at the same time (not that Sue really needed shaving – Jen was just using this as an excuse to get an extended look at her cunt). After preparing hot water, towels and shaving/trimming equipment, Sue and Ryan had to sit on the bed while Jen and I defoliated them. I actually shaved around Ryan’s cock, but wasn’t quite brave enough to shave his balls, so just used a small pair of scissors and trimmed every bit of hair I could find. By the time I’d finished, he appeared to be almost bald and even when fondling his balls, they didn’t feel prickly.

Jen had given Sue an extensive lick-test after she had shaved her (but she hadn’t let her cum) so I thought I should do the same and lapped around Ryan’s balls, up and down shaft and over his glans for a few minutes. I purposefully drooled a little over his cock so I left the area wet and told him he wasn’t allowed to dry off before putting on his shorts. Sue looked quite wet in a different way and Jen fed me a little of her juices before we selected an outfit for her to wear from my selection of clothes. We didn’t go for anything too daring as Jen’s friends (not counting Mel and Julia) didn’t know that we involved Sue in our games – but she ended up with a fairly short flippy skirt on and a push-up bra. Jen considered making Sue wear the strap-on harness with the internal vibe, but decided against it, but did (pointedly) leave it out, with the external vibe attached. Naturally, I went out wearing the revealing outfit I’d had on for our cinema trip and this prompted a few of Jen’s friends to ask Sue what they thought about me behaving the way I do. Sue gave a non-committal answer – neatly avoiding the fact that she isn’t exactly the most angelic of girls (since we corrupted her anyway).

It was a fun evening but we had to be careful about playing with each other – I did get Sue to take Ryan off and give him a good fondle (but not let him cum) and in return, Julia went to the bathroom with Sue and gave her a quick fingering (again, no cumming). We didn’t stay out too late and returned home just after midnight. We stopped off a couple of times on the way and teased each other in various combinations, but saved actually doing things properly until we were safely inside. I had been tempted to take them up to the roof of Jen’s old building and see if they were up for a proper rooftop fuck, but thought that we could always save that for another visit.

We had only got as far as getting up to the bedroom and being partially undressed when we heard the front door open. Sue asked who it was but I told her not to worry – and her question was answered a minute later when Mel and Julia appeared in the doorway. They had left the group a fair while after us, but hadn’t dallied on the way. I’d given them my key to let themselves in and now asked Sue and Ryan if they were willing to include them in another session. We were in a bit of a strange position as I had my hand wrapped around Ryan’s cock and Jen had her hand in Sue’s panties (probably with her fingers inside Sue’s cunt). Ryan said he didn’t mind (which I think meant yes, yes, yes!) and Sue just said that if we were going to do things, then we may as well do them properly (she has certainly come a long way, but that’s what I would expect from my little sis).

Julia actually said ‘oh goody’ and almost skipped over to the bed. I asked her what she wanted first – cunt or cock. Sue said that she wanted to do something with Ryan so I suggested that they start off together, but still stipulated that he wasn’t allowed to cum – I was h oping that the teasing throughout the evening would have helped with his sperm production and didn’t want to waste it on Sue (who can get his cum anytime). They said they felt a little self-conscious doing things while we all just watched (so we haven’t quite fully converted them to ways of debauchery) and Mel suggested that Jules and I could also fool around to make them feel more comfortable.

We quickly assumed our regular role, kissing, fingering and humping against each other and Ryan and Sue soon followed suit and started to fuck. We let them enjoy themselves for a while, but when it looked like they were enjoying themselves a bit too much, they were told to stop so we could all join in. I whispered something to Julia and she agreed it would be a good idea so I leant over the bed and got Ryan to slip into me. After a few strokes, he was told to pull out and slide into Jules and after a few strokes in her, he had to pull out again. I’d hoped that Mel would let him inside her, but she was still abstaining from cock so I rubbed her pussy until my fingers were coated in her juices, rubbed these on Ryan’s cock and then did the same to Jen and added those.

We than asked Sue to demonstrate her blowjob technique and got her to concentrate on the fact that she was going to be tasting four girl’s juices at the same time. Ryan sat up on the bed and as Sue crawled between his legs, Jen indicated to Mel that she could use the strap on if she wanted. Sue was presenting a nice target, so we helped Mel to fasten the harness and she climbed up behind Sue who was busy cleaning off Ryan’s cock. I warned him again that he wasn’t allowed to cum yet and we watched as Mel positioned the head of the vibe against Sue’s cunt and push it into her. She went fairly deep on the first stroke and by the third, had the vibe fully buried so her body was pressed up against Sue’s ass. Mel started to fuck her fairly roughly, but Sue didn’t seem to mind (if anything she looked as if she was really enjoying it). Ryan seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much so we had to get Sue to stop sucking him (which was a bit of a pity as she clearly liked being double teamed).

Julia was dying to take his place and ‘let’ Sue eat her, but I suggested that it would be better to let Jen enjoy Sue’s mouth (otherwise she would be left out). Looking back at it, I guess I could have eaten her while Ryan fucked me, but I was already fixated on riding him while he ate someone and didn’t think of this. Fortunately, Julia didn’t really mind either way (as long as she got to have fun with Sue later on) and eagerly moved over onto the duvets with Ryan and I. I didn’t think it would be wise to try to do things with him straight away as I though he needed some time to calm down – although the sight on the bed probably wasn’t going to help with that. I started playing with Julia and when Ryan complained that he was being left out I told him he had better be able to make us both cum before he did. He promised to do this, so I let Jules climb over his face and I slid down onto his cock, relishing the way it felt inside me.

I wasn’t really paying attention to what was happening on the bed, but I occasionally glanced over and watched Mel pounding into Sue and Jen pulling Sue’s head against her pussy. I mostly concentrated on helping Jules to cum – I fondled her ass and ended up leaning forwards so I could help lick her. She didn’t stand much of a chance with two tongues working on her and ended up cumming only just after the group on the bed (well, Jen and Sue – the internal vibe on the strap on didn’t seem to be enough to get Mel off). I wasn’t really worried about this though and once Julia had vacated Ryan’s face, I kissed and licked him to gather up her juices. He took hold on my ass and started pumping into me harder and faster and I reminded him that I had to cum before he was allowed to.

To help things along, I sat upright again and played with my clit. Julia offered to help me out but I told her I wasn’t far from cumming anyway. To my surprise, Mel appeared beside us and then crouched over Ryan’s face. She said that even though she didn’t want to let him fuck her, he could eat her if he wanted. She didn’t really give him much of a choice and lowered her cunt onto his mouth, then started to rock back and forth, rubbing herself against his face. I slowed down what I was doing to my clit and watched as his tongue occasionally appeared and lapped at her cunt.

I’ve never really watched Mel closely before while someone was playing with her – her face was quite expressive and it was easy to tell that whatever Ryan was doing to her, she liked it. I told her that if she wanted, she could always have his cock (although I would have milked him dry beforehand) but she said she was happy just letting him lick her. She asked me to carry on playing with myself so I slowly and deliberately stroked my clit and fondled my breasts. As she got closer to cumming (she was letting us know how the stimulation felt), I started to up the pace of my own fondling. I wasn’t trying to cum at the same time as her, just use her excitement to help spur me on. I watched Mel grind her cunt back and forth against Ryan’s face and when she had finished and dismounted, I leaned forwards again to kiss him and taste her juices. Long term readers may remember that the first time I tasted Mel I really wasn’t that keen on the way she tasted. I don’t know if I’ve gotten used to it or we just caught heron a bad day (I’m well aware that the flavour changes throughout the month), but her juice doesn’t seem to be as bad now. Of course, she doesn’t taste as good as Jen or Emily, but at least I no longer find it unpleasant.

I was fairly close to cumming and tried to split my concentration between making myself cum (I was still playing with my clit) and squeezing myself around Ryan’s cock. Now he was free to move again, he was pumping into me and this helped to get me off. Just before my orgasm started, I told him to pump into me as hard and fast as he could and I removed my hand from my clit to I could lie against him properly. Unfortunately, Ryan isn’t as good at giving me a good jackhammering as Mike is, but he pumped in and out and I tried to meet his thrusts. To be honest, I’d been so close to cumming that my orgasm started very soon anyway (which is what I’d intended). His cock thrusting repeatedly into me was enough to give me a pretty decent orgasm and he kept going for a little while afterwards (also what I’d hoped for). I kept telling him how good his cock felt as it pounded into my cunt and told him that I wanted to feel him cum in me again. As he got closer, I told him over and over to fill me with his cum and to empty himself deep inside my cunt. He did just that and moaned in my ear as he told me he was cumming – I think he sort of forgot that everyone else was there as he looked a little embarrassed once we had finished, but he’d done his job and he was getting enough of a bonus to make up for any slight discomfort.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Expanding Sue's Horizons - Part 2

When I woke up the next morning, I was told to stay where I was and Ryan crawled down between my legs. I was surprised to see Sue do the same to Jen but once they had finished eating us (to orgasm of course) we found out that they had agreed between themselves to treat us to a wake-up orgasm this way. In return, we did the same to them – I sucked Ryan and Jen ate Sue. I didn’t really want to waste his first cum of the day so I told him to warn me when he was getting close. At this point, I lay on my front and let him slide into me from behind (this is Sue’s favourite position). He pumped into me quite rapidly and then pushed hard into me a few times as he moaned. As I had hoped, I was rewarded with a nice amount of his cum so when I knelt up, it leaked out of me and trickled down my legs. I made a show of rubbing it around my pussy and over my breasts and as Sue got closer to cumming, I covered my fingers in it and fed it to her. Ryan decided to go one better and got Sue to suck him clean and he said that it had felt quite good with her moaning as she came.

We headed down for breakfast and I filled Sue and Ryan in on our plan for the day. I told them that we had invited Mel and Julia round – explained a little about some of the things that Jen and I had got up to with them and mentioned that Julia was especially keen to meet Ryan as she enjoyed cock as much as pussy, but was dating Mel. Sue seemed to be a little unsure about this – I don’t think she could figure out how she felt about letting Ryan do something with (yet) another girl (I’m family so I guess that makes it a bit better). I told her that Julia was equally keen to have a play with her – if she was interested and that she (Jules) already knew that Jen had sampled her so wanted a go herself. Sue initially blushed when she found out that other people knew what she had got up to with Jen, but I assured her that neither Mel nor Jules was going to judge her and I set about describing just how much fun it could be to have a number of girls all pleasuring you at the same time.

Ryan was obviously on board with our plan and Sue seemed to be coming round slightly. I assured her that she didn’t have to do anything, but urged her to at least let them be present and said that we could watch them doing things – providing of course that we were prepared to put on a similar show for them. Sue agreed that letting them watch would be okay and I told her that was just as well as they would be turning up fairly shortly. As I should have expected, they were actually a bit late (having overslept) – they would probably have been even later if it hadn’t been for the appeal of getting to help ‘turn’ Sue (Julia really wanted to have a proper play with her and in her mind, there was no question as to whether this would actually happen).

Things were a little awkward when they first arrived so I suggested that we head straight upstairs and let people get comfortable. Unsurprisingly, Julia didn’t have anything on under her coat and I (quietly) suggested to Mel that she should get at least semi-naked and start playing with Jules. She did as requested and they started fooling around on the bed while the rest of us sat on our makeshift bed on the floor and watched. I told Jen that I needed to say hello to Julia properly so moved over to the bed, pulled her legs apart and gave her cunt a good licking. When I returned, I let Ryan kiss me while Jen took my place and then returned to kiss Sue. She didn’t shy away from Jen’s kiss, even though Jen obviously had a fair amount of Julia-juice on her lips and I decided that the best thing was probably to go for it. I told Sue to watch while Jen and I returned to the bed. Jen climbed over Julia’s face and I played with her (Julia’s) breasts. I took turns with Mel at eating Jules and we fingered her (separately and together) while caressing her body and kept this up until she came.

When I looked over at Sue and Ryan, I could see that he already had his cock out and was stroking it. I told him not to waste it, walked over and plopped myself down on the shaft, then bobbed up and down until he was inside me. Despite just having cum, Julia complained that I was hogging the only cock and said that it was obvious that Sue didn’t mind sharing him. Ryan asked if he could play with both of us and Sue told him that he may as well, so we relocated to the bed. We used the tried and tested position of Ryan sitting on the bed with me on his cock, facing away from him. Jules knelt between his knees and licked him (and me) as we fucked. She also fondled his balls and gave them a good suck (which Ryan really seemed to enjoy).

I was facing towards Jen and Sue so could watch while Jen caressed her and slipped her hand between Sue’s legs. I could see that she was whispering something to her and could see Jen’s fingers moving between Sue’s pussy lips. Sue definitely seemed to at least have made peace with doing things while Mel and Jules were there and lay back so Jen could climb on top of her. I offered to switch with Julia and she eagerly took my place on Ryan’s cock, so I knelt in front of them and took over fondling his balls and licking them both. It wasn’t long before the taste of my juices was replaced with that of Julia’s and I tried to focus on her clit as much as possible (as I knew Ryan would be ahead of her). Of course, my tongue lashed his shaft a fair amount as well and I even replicated Julia’s ball sucking for a short while. I’m now fairly experienced in what Julia likes so was able to stimulate her quite well (and I think the fact that she had a new cock in her helped things along). She actually came before Ryan did, but let him continue to fuck her through and beyond her orgasm. I carried on licking, but now tried to lick his cock more (it was only the shaft, but he enjoyed it) and Julia kept riding up and down his cock until he came.

We hadn’t actually taken that long and Jen was still playing with Sue. Sue was on her back with Jen between her legs – Sue was clearly quite aroused from whatever Jen had been doing to her (I found out later that it had just been fingering and licking). When Julia got off Ryan’s cock, she crawled over to Sue and knelt up over her face. When Sue opened her eyes, she looked rather surprised but Julia told her that she should take back some of her boyfriend’s cum. Julia spread her lips and a couple of drops leaked out onto Sue’s face (I think it would have been more impressive if Ryan had cum in her as much as he’d cum in me earlier on).

Julia stayed in this position and Jen carried on eating Sue. Mel had been sitting watching Jen and Sue and I told her to fondle one of Sue’s breasts (just as is the case with Jen, Sue’s nipples are fairly sensitive so she enjoys this much more than I do). Mel moved around to the other side of Sue and started to fondle her other breast and when Sue didn’t resist, I was fairly certain that we had her. To be fair, I know how difficult it is to resist once Jen starts eating me and while I don’t think Sue is quite as much of a nympho as I am, I think she is coming along nicely and seems to be enjoying herself much more. I don’t think that Julia was analysing the situation quite as much as I was, but she must have either decided that the time was right, or (more likely) just decided that she didn’t want to wait any longer and slowly lowered her pussy towards Sue’s face. I wasn’t at all sure what was going to happen, but I know Sue is capable of taking care of herself and we weren’t exactly holding her down or forcing her to do anything so I knew she could object if she wanted to.

I watched Julia’s pussy approach her mouth and then make contact. I might have been imagining it, but it looked like Sue arched her back and pushed her face towards the approaching delicacy just as Julia reached her face. Whatever happened, Sue didn’t do anything to object and after a short while, I saw her tongue licking Julia’s cunt – and licking it properly as well, pushing between her lips as well as licking around her clit. Jen sat up and started to vigorously finger Sue – pumping two fingers in and out. Mel had clearly also had enough of waiting and reached down to Sue’s pussy and started to rub her clit. I couldn’t believe that Sue was taking this so well (but from experience I can tell you that it feels incredible when you have multiple people doing things to you, so I did consider that it might just be that Sue was caught up in the whole thing and wasn’t really thinking. Either way, Julia humped against her face until she came and Mel and Jen rubbed and fingered Sue until she came.

Jules was sufficiently fired up that she didn’t want to let Sue go just yet and when Jen and Mel removed their hands, she fell forwards, took hold of Sue’s legs and pushed her face against Sue’s cunt. I told her to let Sue have a rest, but Jules gets just as carried away as I do and she gave Sue’s cunt a good lashing before finally rolling off her. I asked Sue if she was okay and she gave me a breathless nod so I asked if she had enjoyed herself and she gave another nod. I told her that was just as well as other people (indicating Mel) wanted to fuck her as well and Sue said that she needed a break first. As she wiped her face clean (which I remember thinking was a waste of good pussy juice) I suggested that we head downstairs and have a drink to recover. Sue reached for her clothes but Jen suggested that we all stay naked – which led to people suggesting that Mel should actually get naked. She hesitated a bit in doing this (although probably would have), so Jen, Julia and I pounced on her and literally tore her clothes off (no clothes were actually harmed in the making of this posting). It seemed a waste to let her go straight away, so the stripping turned to fondling and only after ensuring she was sufficiently aroused did we let her up.

Julia quizzed Ryan on the way downstairs and asked if he’d enjoyed seeing his girlfriend being group fucked by girls (although I think this was a redundant question as his cock was as stiff as I’ve ever seen it). Sue seemed to get used to being naked relatively quickly (I guess we’ve given her enough training over the years) and after we’d all had enough time to recover we though that we should head up for another round before lunch (you need to keep your energy up to do this sort of thing properly).

We didn’t quite make it upstairs in one go as Mel reached up between Sue’s legs and said that it was her turn to play with this (indicating Sue’s cunt). Once we got back into Jen’s room, Mel pulled Sue over onto the bed (the real one) and climbed over her in a 69. I wondered what Sue would make of the way Mel tasted, but could hardly ask while Mel was there so just watched as they got stuck in to each other. Jen handed them out some vibes from our drawer of fun and they started to use them – I asked Ryan how much ‘training’ he had been giving Sue (watching videos) and he said that (as I had suggested), they had been getting a fair amount of lesbian/bi stuff (University connections are good for this as they are fast and many of their fantasy sessions had involved Jen or some of Sue’s Uni friends).

Ryan wanted to join in and climbed up on the bed behind Mel – she pushed him away and said that he couldn’t fuck her so he asked if they could turn over so he could fuck Sue. Mel told him that she was hers for now and to leave them alone. I didn’t want him to feel left out and told Ryan that he could take Jules and I again if he wanted. This left Jen with nothing to do, but seeing as she was going to get to have Sue numerous times over the weekend, I didn’t feel too sorry for her. Jules and I lay on the duvets on the floor, 69ing on our sides. Ryan spooned behind me and Jules helped to guide him inside, then start to frig and lick my clit while Ryan fucked me. I did the same for her and then asked Jen to pass me a vibe so I could reproduce what Ryan was doing to me.

Jen ended up amusing herself by helping out with the vibes – she disappeared for a while to play with Mel and Sue, then returned to help out with Julia. They finished before we did so Ryan, Jules and I had an audience of three while we finished off. Julia came first, followed by Ryan and after he pulled out, Jules ate me to finish me off. I thought it was only fair that Jen should now get some attention and asked her if she wanted Sue to eat her or be eaten by her. Jen opted for the latter and I suggested to Ryan that he should fuck Sue (just so she didn’t get too jealous) but he’d done as much as he could for the morning sp Mel and Jules just took turns fingering Sue. I know that I should know better, but I ended up joining in and getting Ryan to help out as well so Sue had four sets of fingers pumping into her (not all at the same time) and playing with her pussy. I don’t think Sue had expected to cum again but we managed to get another orgasm out of her (and did it before she’d made Jen cum as well). Sue carried on licking Jen until Jen was satisfied and by that time, we really needed some food.