Sunday, 10 June 2012

Expanding Sue's Horizons - Part 1

Apologies for the delay in posting - I've been unwell for the past couple of days. Mike is looking after me though and I'll post every two days for a while to catch up. These entries are about Sue and Ryan visiting Jen at Uni...

The weekend after the sex party, I went down to visit Jen. We had found out earlier in the week that Lucy was planning on visiting Lis for a fair amount of the holiday so we decided to take the opportunity and invite Sue and Ryan down to visit. Ryan was of course eager to repeat our earlier exploits and wanted to see Jen play with Sue again. I told him that as long as Sue was willing, he would get his wish – although I ‘forgot’ to mention that we had much bigger plans.

I left work a little early on the Friday so I could arrive before Sue and Ryan did. Jen met me at the airport and we dropped my things off before heading off to meet them at the train station. I pushed Ryan’s hand under my skirt as we hugged hello (just to make sure we started on the right foot) and Jen managed to slide her hand under Sue’s skirt to check that she had done as asked and was naked underneath (she was). We didn’t head home straight away and met up with a couple of people who were still around. I pushed Ryan’s hand into my lap a few more times and he took the hint and fondled me but he thought he was doing it without anyone (other than Jen and Sue) knowing. Jen had already told Julia about her ‘turning’ Sue (or at least steering her slightly towards the middle) and we intended to see if she still wanted to travel down that road (which I think is much more fun that just being on one side of the road or the other). I’m going to stop this metaphor before it becomes any more belaboured.

After the pub, we headed home (just Sue, Ryan, Jen and myself) and once indoors, Jen asked Sue if she was still allowed to play with her. Sue agreed and Jen quickly slipped out of her dress, then knelt in front of Sue, pushed her head under Sue’s skirt and started to lick her (we couldn’t actually see, but Sue’s reaction gave this away). Ryan wanted to watch properly, so he and I helped undress Sue (Jen had to move back so we could slip Sue’s skirt off) and we carried her over to the sofa. She was plonked down with Ryan and I either side of her and we held her legs wide apart while Jen positioned herself on the floor and pushed her face back into Sue’s cunt. Ryan eagerly watched and I reached over to give his crotch a stroke. I could tell that Jen was giving Sue’s pussy a proper lashing and thought that we should all help out for her first orgasm of the evening so I told Ryan to help me play with her breasts. After a bit of wriggling around, we both got our mouths onto Sue’s nipples and sucked on them. I was surprised at how quickly Sue seemed to be getting excited but didn’t want to waste the atmosphere so reached across to Ryan’s crotch and stroked him more purposefully than before.

With a bit of fumbling, I managed to get his jeans unzipped and my hand inside. As I pulled his cock free, I decided that I may as well do things properly or semi-properly) and kissed down from Sue’s breasts, across her stomach and crawled over so I could reach his cock. Once he figured out what I was trying to do, he pulled his jeans off and sat beside Sue. I was now lying across her stomach and could feel her squirming around under me as Jen worked on her. I stroked Ryan’s cock, then took it in my mouth and swallowed as much of it as I could (as I’ve said before, I can’t do deep throat). Ryan took hold of my head and started to move it up and down – I let him do this but also used my tongue, swirling it around the shaft and head as I moved up and down. Sue was gently moaning away and I then felt her stiffen under me and then start to move again while saying she was cumming. She panted quite a bit and then said she’d had enough – Jen didn’t stop, but I guessed she had switched to kitty kissing as Sue stopped complaining.

I kept sucking Ryan, but slowed my pace slightly (I didn’t think he would have much trouble cumming so didn’t see the need to hurry). My guess turned out to be right and Jen carried on kissing and licking Sue until she started to moan once again and say that it felt good. I was also right about not having to try too hard to get Ryan to cum (but at least he gave me a little warning). I felt his cum squirt into my mouth and I tried to keep a firm seal around his cock with my lips so I didn’t waste any. I hadn’t decided what I was going to do with it, but didn’t want to just let it escape so carried on sucking him with a mouthful of cum until he told me to stop moving.

I could hear that Sue was still enjoying Jen’s licking so sat up to watch. I let Ryan see his cum in my mouth, then leant over to Sue and kissed her. I pushed my tongue between her lips and when she opened her mouth, I opened mine as well and let the cum slide into Sue’s mouth. Sue didn’t flinch and carried on kissing me while the cum leaked out and down our chins. I heard Ryan comment on how hot it looked so I gave him a little smile and rubbed some of the cum that had dripped down into Sue’s breasts. Sue seemed to be approaching her second orgasm so I sat back to watch (but continued fondling her breasts). We watched her chest and neck get flushed as her orgasm approached (this is quite noticeable on Sue) and she held Jen’s head in place as she came (as if Jen was going to try to pull away). Her orgasm didn’t seem as strong as the first one, but she still came and that’s what counts.

I felt rather horny by this point and asked Ryan if he was ready to fuck me. I knew that Jen really deserved to cum as well and while it would have been better to get Sue to tend to her, I wanted some proper action so asked Jen to sit on the sofa so I could eat her. Before I went down on her, I kissed her deeply and tasted Sue’s juices, then kissed down her body and buried my face between her legs. She was (unsurprisingly I guess) very wet but I didn’t try to lick up all her juices and rubbed my face against her, smearing her juices over myself and her crotch and thighs. Ryan moved around behind me and I felt his fingers exploring my pussy. I was also quite wet and they easily slipped inside me, then I felt his cock press against me, which also easily slipped inside. I pushed back against him until I felt hid body pressing up against my ass and started to rock back and forth to encourage him to move (it didn’t take much).

I hungrily ate Jen and really went for it, licking both her ass and cunt (I later found out that she had done the same to Sue earlier). Ryan pumped in and out of me and kneaded my ass with his hands, but didn’t play with my clit so I reached down to take care of this. Jen came in a surprisingly short time but I carried on eating her regardless and rubbed my clit franticly as I knew Ryan was likely to cum fairly quickly. I actually beat him to it so I got to enjoy my orgasm with him still thrusting in and out of me and I moaned loudly into Jen’s cunt. With my orgasm out of the way I concentrated on Ryan and Jen once more. I didn’t actually want to make Jen cum again (so she would be ready for Sue) so I switched to kitty kissing her and pushed back against Ryan in time with his thrusts. This became more difficult as he sped up so I let him guide my movements and pump into me faster until he said he was cumming. I contracted myself around his cock, trying to make myself as tight as I could and then told him to stay buried inside me for a while. He did this until I felt his cock start to wilt (you would have thought having three semi-naked girls would help him stay hard, but I guess he’d cum twice so I forgave him).

We took a little break and decided it was time to head upstairs. On the way, we finished removing each other’s clothes and left them scattered around the house. Both Ryan and Sue had cum twice by this point so I felt it was time for Jen and I to get some more action. Even by the time we got to the bedroom, Ryan didn’t seem to be ready to do any more so it was just left to us girls to entertain ourselves. Jen asked if Sue and I would both entertain her so we went with what I know is one of Jen’s favourite things. I sat over her face and Sue positioned herself between Jen’s legs to eat her. Sue said she felt a bit self conscious about kneeling on the bed with her ass in the air while the door was open behind her so Ryan went to close it. I pointed out that it hadn’t seemed like she had minded Jen eating her on the sofa downstairs and that we had the house to ourselves anyway. Whatever her issue was, once the door was shut, she seemed eager enough to go down on Jen (who was already eating me). I reached down to fondle Jen’s breasts – Ryan tried to join in with this but I told him that he wasn’t allowed to play with Jen, but if he wanted to, he could either play with my breasts or I would play with him properly again once Jen had finished with me. He had a half-hearted fondle of my breasts, but it was then harder for him to watch what Sue was doing so I told him to just wait and I would take care of him later. I ended up holding on to Jen’s legs to help pull her pussy up a bit and make it easier for Sue to eat her.

I could feel my orgasm starting to build so I told Sue to hurry up and make Jen cum. From what I could see, she was getting properly stuck in, but I still came first (I don’t know if this is just because Jen has more experience eating me or if I was just feeling particularly horny). I dismounted Jen and lay beside her. Fondling her breasts a bit more forcefully to help things along (not that I doubt Sue could have made her cum by herself) and closely watched Jen’s face as her orgasm built and then hit her. As it started to fade, I told Sue to try kitty kissing her (we’ve been giving her tutorials over the phone) and Jen gave a running commentary of how hard/fast (or rather slow and gently) she wanted Sue to kiss and lick her. Sue kept this up for about 5 minutes (which I was quite impressed with) before Jen said that she could stop.

Ryan eagerly kissed Sue (I know he did this so he could taste Jen) and he asked her if she wanted to do anything else. Sue said that she was getting a bit tired, but that he could go ahead with me if he wanted (it’s nice how people feel they can volunteer my body for things). I asked if he wanted to fuck me or eat me. I whispered to him to slide into Sue and I told him I would lick him clean (which he knows is about the closest his is likely to get to seeing me actually eat her) so he obliged. Sue knew what he was up to, but we’ve tasted each other’s juices a number of times now so this was nothing new. I was presented with his stiff cock, glistening with Sue’s juices and I made a show of carefully cleaning it and then pushing him down on the bed so I could climb over his face and let him lick me. I didn’t stay crouched over his face for long and soon moved back down to his cock, rubbing my pussy against it, telling him how hard it felt and then finally taking hold of it and guiding it back into me.

I intended to really enjoy myself this time (not that I hadn’t enjoyed being fucked and eaten earlier) and humped back and forth against his body. I know (from Mike) that this doesn’t feel as good for the guy as it does for me, so I interspersed my movements with riding up and down on his cock and contracting myself around him. I even fondled my breasts (more for him than me) and leant forwards to allow him to fondle and try to lick the nipples. Jen even got involved (just about) and slapped my ass a couple of times – Sue decided this was a good idea and did the same so I told Sue that Jen was the one who liked it rough and warned her that if she didn’t stop, I would do much worse to her. I was then left in peace to finish up with Ryan – I rode him until he came, then carried on until he couldn’t take any more (this is why Mike usually likes me cumming first). To finish off, I sat up (still impaled on his cock) and got him to play with my clit until I came.

We had decided that we would all sleep on the floor and constructed our makeshift bed out of the duvets. We curled up all spooning – Sue being held by Jen, who I was holding, with Ryan behind me. Unfortunately he couldn’t get hard enough to fall asleep inside me, but I did wriggle my ass against his crotch a few times. I heard Jen whispering to Sue that she was going to make her cum many times once we’d rested and dozed off imagining what was going to happen the following day (technically later that day).

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