Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Expanding Sue's Horizons - Part 2

When I woke up the next morning, I was told to stay where I was and Ryan crawled down between my legs. I was surprised to see Sue do the same to Jen but once they had finished eating us (to orgasm of course) we found out that they had agreed between themselves to treat us to a wake-up orgasm this way. In return, we did the same to them – I sucked Ryan and Jen ate Sue. I didn’t really want to waste his first cum of the day so I told him to warn me when he was getting close. At this point, I lay on my front and let him slide into me from behind (this is Sue’s favourite position). He pumped into me quite rapidly and then pushed hard into me a few times as he moaned. As I had hoped, I was rewarded with a nice amount of his cum so when I knelt up, it leaked out of me and trickled down my legs. I made a show of rubbing it around my pussy and over my breasts and as Sue got closer to cumming, I covered my fingers in it and fed it to her. Ryan decided to go one better and got Sue to suck him clean and he said that it had felt quite good with her moaning as she came.

We headed down for breakfast and I filled Sue and Ryan in on our plan for the day. I told them that we had invited Mel and Julia round – explained a little about some of the things that Jen and I had got up to with them and mentioned that Julia was especially keen to meet Ryan as she enjoyed cock as much as pussy, but was dating Mel. Sue seemed to be a little unsure about this – I don’t think she could figure out how she felt about letting Ryan do something with (yet) another girl (I’m family so I guess that makes it a bit better). I told her that Julia was equally keen to have a play with her – if she was interested and that she (Jules) already knew that Jen had sampled her so wanted a go herself. Sue initially blushed when she found out that other people knew what she had got up to with Jen, but I assured her that neither Mel nor Jules was going to judge her and I set about describing just how much fun it could be to have a number of girls all pleasuring you at the same time.

Ryan was obviously on board with our plan and Sue seemed to be coming round slightly. I assured her that she didn’t have to do anything, but urged her to at least let them be present and said that we could watch them doing things – providing of course that we were prepared to put on a similar show for them. Sue agreed that letting them watch would be okay and I told her that was just as well as they would be turning up fairly shortly. As I should have expected, they were actually a bit late (having overslept) – they would probably have been even later if it hadn’t been for the appeal of getting to help ‘turn’ Sue (Julia really wanted to have a proper play with her and in her mind, there was no question as to whether this would actually happen).

Things were a little awkward when they first arrived so I suggested that we head straight upstairs and let people get comfortable. Unsurprisingly, Julia didn’t have anything on under her coat and I (quietly) suggested to Mel that she should get at least semi-naked and start playing with Jules. She did as requested and they started fooling around on the bed while the rest of us sat on our makeshift bed on the floor and watched. I told Jen that I needed to say hello to Julia properly so moved over to the bed, pulled her legs apart and gave her cunt a good licking. When I returned, I let Ryan kiss me while Jen took my place and then returned to kiss Sue. She didn’t shy away from Jen’s kiss, even though Jen obviously had a fair amount of Julia-juice on her lips and I decided that the best thing was probably to go for it. I told Sue to watch while Jen and I returned to the bed. Jen climbed over Julia’s face and I played with her (Julia’s) breasts. I took turns with Mel at eating Jules and we fingered her (separately and together) while caressing her body and kept this up until she came.

When I looked over at Sue and Ryan, I could see that he already had his cock out and was stroking it. I told him not to waste it, walked over and plopped myself down on the shaft, then bobbed up and down until he was inside me. Despite just having cum, Julia complained that I was hogging the only cock and said that it was obvious that Sue didn’t mind sharing him. Ryan asked if he could play with both of us and Sue told him that he may as well, so we relocated to the bed. We used the tried and tested position of Ryan sitting on the bed with me on his cock, facing away from him. Jules knelt between his knees and licked him (and me) as we fucked. She also fondled his balls and gave them a good suck (which Ryan really seemed to enjoy).

I was facing towards Jen and Sue so could watch while Jen caressed her and slipped her hand between Sue’s legs. I could see that she was whispering something to her and could see Jen’s fingers moving between Sue’s pussy lips. Sue definitely seemed to at least have made peace with doing things while Mel and Jules were there and lay back so Jen could climb on top of her. I offered to switch with Julia and she eagerly took my place on Ryan’s cock, so I knelt in front of them and took over fondling his balls and licking them both. It wasn’t long before the taste of my juices was replaced with that of Julia’s and I tried to focus on her clit as much as possible (as I knew Ryan would be ahead of her). Of course, my tongue lashed his shaft a fair amount as well and I even replicated Julia’s ball sucking for a short while. I’m now fairly experienced in what Julia likes so was able to stimulate her quite well (and I think the fact that she had a new cock in her helped things along). She actually came before Ryan did, but let him continue to fuck her through and beyond her orgasm. I carried on licking, but now tried to lick his cock more (it was only the shaft, but he enjoyed it) and Julia kept riding up and down his cock until he came.

We hadn’t actually taken that long and Jen was still playing with Sue. Sue was on her back with Jen between her legs – Sue was clearly quite aroused from whatever Jen had been doing to her (I found out later that it had just been fingering and licking). When Julia got off Ryan’s cock, she crawled over to Sue and knelt up over her face. When Sue opened her eyes, she looked rather surprised but Julia told her that she should take back some of her boyfriend’s cum. Julia spread her lips and a couple of drops leaked out onto Sue’s face (I think it would have been more impressive if Ryan had cum in her as much as he’d cum in me earlier on).

Julia stayed in this position and Jen carried on eating Sue. Mel had been sitting watching Jen and Sue and I told her to fondle one of Sue’s breasts (just as is the case with Jen, Sue’s nipples are fairly sensitive so she enjoys this much more than I do). Mel moved around to the other side of Sue and started to fondle her other breast and when Sue didn’t resist, I was fairly certain that we had her. To be fair, I know how difficult it is to resist once Jen starts eating me and while I don’t think Sue is quite as much of a nympho as I am, I think she is coming along nicely and seems to be enjoying herself much more. I don’t think that Julia was analysing the situation quite as much as I was, but she must have either decided that the time was right, or (more likely) just decided that she didn’t want to wait any longer and slowly lowered her pussy towards Sue’s face. I wasn’t at all sure what was going to happen, but I know Sue is capable of taking care of herself and we weren’t exactly holding her down or forcing her to do anything so I knew she could object if she wanted to.

I watched Julia’s pussy approach her mouth and then make contact. I might have been imagining it, but it looked like Sue arched her back and pushed her face towards the approaching delicacy just as Julia reached her face. Whatever happened, Sue didn’t do anything to object and after a short while, I saw her tongue licking Julia’s cunt – and licking it properly as well, pushing between her lips as well as licking around her clit. Jen sat up and started to vigorously finger Sue – pumping two fingers in and out. Mel had clearly also had enough of waiting and reached down to Sue’s pussy and started to rub her clit. I couldn’t believe that Sue was taking this so well (but from experience I can tell you that it feels incredible when you have multiple people doing things to you, so I did consider that it might just be that Sue was caught up in the whole thing and wasn’t really thinking. Either way, Julia humped against her face until she came and Mel and Jen rubbed and fingered Sue until she came.

Jules was sufficiently fired up that she didn’t want to let Sue go just yet and when Jen and Mel removed their hands, she fell forwards, took hold of Sue’s legs and pushed her face against Sue’s cunt. I told her to let Sue have a rest, but Jules gets just as carried away as I do and she gave Sue’s cunt a good lashing before finally rolling off her. I asked Sue if she was okay and she gave me a breathless nod so I asked if she had enjoyed herself and she gave another nod. I told her that was just as well as other people (indicating Mel) wanted to fuck her as well and Sue said that she needed a break first. As she wiped her face clean (which I remember thinking was a waste of good pussy juice) I suggested that we head downstairs and have a drink to recover. Sue reached for her clothes but Jen suggested that we all stay naked – which led to people suggesting that Mel should actually get naked. She hesitated a bit in doing this (although probably would have), so Jen, Julia and I pounced on her and literally tore her clothes off (no clothes were actually harmed in the making of this posting). It seemed a waste to let her go straight away, so the stripping turned to fondling and only after ensuring she was sufficiently aroused did we let her up.

Julia quizzed Ryan on the way downstairs and asked if he’d enjoyed seeing his girlfriend being group fucked by girls (although I think this was a redundant question as his cock was as stiff as I’ve ever seen it). Sue seemed to get used to being naked relatively quickly (I guess we’ve given her enough training over the years) and after we’d all had enough time to recover we though that we should head up for another round before lunch (you need to keep your energy up to do this sort of thing properly).

We didn’t quite make it upstairs in one go as Mel reached up between Sue’s legs and said that it was her turn to play with this (indicating Sue’s cunt). Once we got back into Jen’s room, Mel pulled Sue over onto the bed (the real one) and climbed over her in a 69. I wondered what Sue would make of the way Mel tasted, but could hardly ask while Mel was there so just watched as they got stuck in to each other. Jen handed them out some vibes from our drawer of fun and they started to use them – I asked Ryan how much ‘training’ he had been giving Sue (watching videos) and he said that (as I had suggested), they had been getting a fair amount of lesbian/bi stuff (University connections are good for this as they are fast and many of their fantasy sessions had involved Jen or some of Sue’s Uni friends).

Ryan wanted to join in and climbed up on the bed behind Mel – she pushed him away and said that he couldn’t fuck her so he asked if they could turn over so he could fuck Sue. Mel told him that she was hers for now and to leave them alone. I didn’t want him to feel left out and told Ryan that he could take Jules and I again if he wanted. This left Jen with nothing to do, but seeing as she was going to get to have Sue numerous times over the weekend, I didn’t feel too sorry for her. Jules and I lay on the duvets on the floor, 69ing on our sides. Ryan spooned behind me and Jules helped to guide him inside, then start to frig and lick my clit while Ryan fucked me. I did the same for her and then asked Jen to pass me a vibe so I could reproduce what Ryan was doing to me.

Jen ended up amusing herself by helping out with the vibes – she disappeared for a while to play with Mel and Sue, then returned to help out with Julia. They finished before we did so Ryan, Jules and I had an audience of three while we finished off. Julia came first, followed by Ryan and after he pulled out, Jules ate me to finish me off. I thought it was only fair that Jen should now get some attention and asked her if she wanted Sue to eat her or be eaten by her. Jen opted for the latter and I suggested to Ryan that he should fuck Sue (just so she didn’t get too jealous) but he’d done as much as he could for the morning sp Mel and Jules just took turns fingering Sue. I know that I should know better, but I ended up joining in and getting Ryan to help out as well so Sue had four sets of fingers pumping into her (not all at the same time) and playing with her pussy. I don’t think Sue had expected to cum again but we managed to get another orgasm out of her (and did it before she’d made Jen cum as well). Sue carried on licking Jen until Jen was satisfied and by that time, we really needed some food.

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