Thursday, 14 June 2012

Expanding Sue's Horizons - Part 3

We remained naked for lunch and after a minor fondling session decided that it was really time to head out. We invited Mel and Julia along but they said they needed to get a few other things done and that we would see each other later that night. I would have been happy enough for them to come, but was glad that it was just the four of us. Jen and I had planned something special – just so we would have still been able to have some fun even if Sue hadn’t wanted to do things with Julia and Mel. After selecting appropriate (or inappropriate) outfits, we headed along to a cinema. Unfortunately it was warm out (this was only unfortunate as we had to wear jackets to cover our outfits), but this actually turned out to be a good thing as the air conditioning in the cinema was set a bit too low, so the jackets helped keep us warm.

As you might have guessed, this wasn’t just a randomly chosen cinema – it was a small venue that shows independent films. The film they were showing was a subtitled Polish film and both Ryan and Sue seemed rather unsure about wanting to see it, so I explained that it wasn’t really the film that we were there for. After convincing them to part with their cash to get the tickets, we headed in and sat near the back. Only a couple of other people turned up and once the film started, we moved down and sat near the front, on the other side of the cinema. Jen and I sat either side of Ryan and Sue and after about 10 minutes of the film, I reached over to Ryan’s crotch and started to caress him. I quickly unzipped his jeans and slipped my hand inside, then pulled his cock free.

Sue was looking over at us and I mouthed at her to watch, then slid down my seat and moved around in front of Ryan. I took his cock in my mouth and blew him – with a bit of rubbing thrown in. I asked if he thought he could cum again and he said that he probably could so I carried on until he tapped my head and said he was about to cum. I hadn’t decided if I wanted to let him cum in my mouth so I stopped sucking him and aimed his cock at the top of my breast. I had been hoping for a good amount of cum, but he only produced a few drops. I wiped his cock over my breasts, rubbing the (small amount of) cum in, then crawled round his leg and slid back up into my seat. I reached over and gave his rapidly deflating cock a few more strokes and nodded to Jen, who slid her hand between Sue’s legs (causing her to jump).

I whispered to Ryan to take hold of one of Sue’s legs and he lifted it across his legs and held it there. Jen started to fondle Sue, then slid down off her seat and crawled round in front of Sue. Sue looked a little nervous, but Ryan pointed out that nobody had caught me doing things to him and Sue settled back (slightly) as Jen pushed her head between Sue’s legs and started to lick her. I could sort of see that Jen was using her fingers on Sue, but only found out later that she was doing this ‘properly’ (both ass and cunt). It took a little while, but Jen got Sue off and as she climbed back up into her seat, I told Ryan to tell Sue that she had to reciprocate somehow. As soon as he had passed this on, I told him that it would be nice if he did something to me and said that he could use fingers or tongue, whichever he wanted. To help him out, I handed him our lipstick vibe – a small and quiet (and sadly also fairly weak) vibe disguised as lipstick and hiked up my skirt. I spread my legs and pushed his hand against my pussy. Between his fingers and the vibe, I came and while we were playing, Sue started to fondle Jen. Sue could at least use her right hand on Jen, so was much more easily able to frig her clit – she didn’t want to risk kneeling on the floor in front of Sue to eat her, but still managed to make Jen cum.

Once we had all finished and straightened ourselves up we left the cinema (we hadn’t exactly been paying attention to the film). Afterwards, over coffee, we told Sue and Ryan that they would have to be punished for not playing with Jen properly and going down on her. Sue at least seemed to have got the idea that our forms of ‘punishment’ can be quite enjoyable, so she just dared us to whatever we wanted. We hadn’t actually got anything planned, but following on from our session with Julia and Mel, a few ideas began to crystallise.

We picked up some food for dinner and headed home. The plan was to meet up with people for drinks later that night so once we had eaten, we started to get ready. I told Ryan that as part of his punishment, I would trim his pubic hair (he keeps it reasonably short, but I wanted to get it as short as I could). Jen thought this sounded like a good idea so she said she would shave Sue at the same time (not that Sue really needed shaving – Jen was just using this as an excuse to get an extended look at her cunt). After preparing hot water, towels and shaving/trimming equipment, Sue and Ryan had to sit on the bed while Jen and I defoliated them. I actually shaved around Ryan’s cock, but wasn’t quite brave enough to shave his balls, so just used a small pair of scissors and trimmed every bit of hair I could find. By the time I’d finished, he appeared to be almost bald and even when fondling his balls, they didn’t feel prickly.

Jen had given Sue an extensive lick-test after she had shaved her (but she hadn’t let her cum) so I thought I should do the same and lapped around Ryan’s balls, up and down shaft and over his glans for a few minutes. I purposefully drooled a little over his cock so I left the area wet and told him he wasn’t allowed to dry off before putting on his shorts. Sue looked quite wet in a different way and Jen fed me a little of her juices before we selected an outfit for her to wear from my selection of clothes. We didn’t go for anything too daring as Jen’s friends (not counting Mel and Julia) didn’t know that we involved Sue in our games – but she ended up with a fairly short flippy skirt on and a push-up bra. Jen considered making Sue wear the strap-on harness with the internal vibe, but decided against it, but did (pointedly) leave it out, with the external vibe attached. Naturally, I went out wearing the revealing outfit I’d had on for our cinema trip and this prompted a few of Jen’s friends to ask Sue what they thought about me behaving the way I do. Sue gave a non-committal answer – neatly avoiding the fact that she isn’t exactly the most angelic of girls (since we corrupted her anyway).

It was a fun evening but we had to be careful about playing with each other – I did get Sue to take Ryan off and give him a good fondle (but not let him cum) and in return, Julia went to the bathroom with Sue and gave her a quick fingering (again, no cumming). We didn’t stay out too late and returned home just after midnight. We stopped off a couple of times on the way and teased each other in various combinations, but saved actually doing things properly until we were safely inside. I had been tempted to take them up to the roof of Jen’s old building and see if they were up for a proper rooftop fuck, but thought that we could always save that for another visit.

We had only got as far as getting up to the bedroom and being partially undressed when we heard the front door open. Sue asked who it was but I told her not to worry – and her question was answered a minute later when Mel and Julia appeared in the doorway. They had left the group a fair while after us, but hadn’t dallied on the way. I’d given them my key to let themselves in and now asked Sue and Ryan if they were willing to include them in another session. We were in a bit of a strange position as I had my hand wrapped around Ryan’s cock and Jen had her hand in Sue’s panties (probably with her fingers inside Sue’s cunt). Ryan said he didn’t mind (which I think meant yes, yes, yes!) and Sue just said that if we were going to do things, then we may as well do them properly (she has certainly come a long way, but that’s what I would expect from my little sis).

Julia actually said ‘oh goody’ and almost skipped over to the bed. I asked her what she wanted first – cunt or cock. Sue said that she wanted to do something with Ryan so I suggested that they start off together, but still stipulated that he wasn’t allowed to cum – I was h oping that the teasing throughout the evening would have helped with his sperm production and didn’t want to waste it on Sue (who can get his cum anytime). They said they felt a little self-conscious doing things while we all just watched (so we haven’t quite fully converted them to ways of debauchery) and Mel suggested that Jules and I could also fool around to make them feel more comfortable.

We quickly assumed our regular role, kissing, fingering and humping against each other and Ryan and Sue soon followed suit and started to fuck. We let them enjoy themselves for a while, but when it looked like they were enjoying themselves a bit too much, they were told to stop so we could all join in. I whispered something to Julia and she agreed it would be a good idea so I leant over the bed and got Ryan to slip into me. After a few strokes, he was told to pull out and slide into Jules and after a few strokes in her, he had to pull out again. I’d hoped that Mel would let him inside her, but she was still abstaining from cock so I rubbed her pussy until my fingers were coated in her juices, rubbed these on Ryan’s cock and then did the same to Jen and added those.

We than asked Sue to demonstrate her blowjob technique and got her to concentrate on the fact that she was going to be tasting four girl’s juices at the same time. Ryan sat up on the bed and as Sue crawled between his legs, Jen indicated to Mel that she could use the strap on if she wanted. Sue was presenting a nice target, so we helped Mel to fasten the harness and she climbed up behind Sue who was busy cleaning off Ryan’s cock. I warned him again that he wasn’t allowed to cum yet and we watched as Mel positioned the head of the vibe against Sue’s cunt and push it into her. She went fairly deep on the first stroke and by the third, had the vibe fully buried so her body was pressed up against Sue’s ass. Mel started to fuck her fairly roughly, but Sue didn’t seem to mind (if anything she looked as if she was really enjoying it). Ryan seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much so we had to get Sue to stop sucking him (which was a bit of a pity as she clearly liked being double teamed).

Julia was dying to take his place and ‘let’ Sue eat her, but I suggested that it would be better to let Jen enjoy Sue’s mouth (otherwise she would be left out). Looking back at it, I guess I could have eaten her while Ryan fucked me, but I was already fixated on riding him while he ate someone and didn’t think of this. Fortunately, Julia didn’t really mind either way (as long as she got to have fun with Sue later on) and eagerly moved over onto the duvets with Ryan and I. I didn’t think it would be wise to try to do things with him straight away as I though he needed some time to calm down – although the sight on the bed probably wasn’t going to help with that. I started playing with Julia and when Ryan complained that he was being left out I told him he had better be able to make us both cum before he did. He promised to do this, so I let Jules climb over his face and I slid down onto his cock, relishing the way it felt inside me.

I wasn’t really paying attention to what was happening on the bed, but I occasionally glanced over and watched Mel pounding into Sue and Jen pulling Sue’s head against her pussy. I mostly concentrated on helping Jules to cum – I fondled her ass and ended up leaning forwards so I could help lick her. She didn’t stand much of a chance with two tongues working on her and ended up cumming only just after the group on the bed (well, Jen and Sue – the internal vibe on the strap on didn’t seem to be enough to get Mel off). I wasn’t really worried about this though and once Julia had vacated Ryan’s face, I kissed and licked him to gather up her juices. He took hold on my ass and started pumping into me harder and faster and I reminded him that I had to cum before he was allowed to.

To help things along, I sat upright again and played with my clit. Julia offered to help me out but I told her I wasn’t far from cumming anyway. To my surprise, Mel appeared beside us and then crouched over Ryan’s face. She said that even though she didn’t want to let him fuck her, he could eat her if he wanted. She didn’t really give him much of a choice and lowered her cunt onto his mouth, then started to rock back and forth, rubbing herself against his face. I slowed down what I was doing to my clit and watched as his tongue occasionally appeared and lapped at her cunt.

I’ve never really watched Mel closely before while someone was playing with her – her face was quite expressive and it was easy to tell that whatever Ryan was doing to her, she liked it. I told her that if she wanted, she could always have his cock (although I would have milked him dry beforehand) but she said she was happy just letting him lick her. She asked me to carry on playing with myself so I slowly and deliberately stroked my clit and fondled my breasts. As she got closer to cumming (she was letting us know how the stimulation felt), I started to up the pace of my own fondling. I wasn’t trying to cum at the same time as her, just use her excitement to help spur me on. I watched Mel grind her cunt back and forth against Ryan’s face and when she had finished and dismounted, I leaned forwards again to kiss him and taste her juices. Long term readers may remember that the first time I tasted Mel I really wasn’t that keen on the way she tasted. I don’t know if I’ve gotten used to it or we just caught heron a bad day (I’m well aware that the flavour changes throughout the month), but her juice doesn’t seem to be as bad now. Of course, she doesn’t taste as good as Jen or Emily, but at least I no longer find it unpleasant.

I was fairly close to cumming and tried to split my concentration between making myself cum (I was still playing with my clit) and squeezing myself around Ryan’s cock. Now he was free to move again, he was pumping into me and this helped to get me off. Just before my orgasm started, I told him to pump into me as hard and fast as he could and I removed my hand from my clit to I could lie against him properly. Unfortunately, Ryan isn’t as good at giving me a good jackhammering as Mike is, but he pumped in and out and I tried to meet his thrusts. To be honest, I’d been so close to cumming that my orgasm started very soon anyway (which is what I’d intended). His cock thrusting repeatedly into me was enough to give me a pretty decent orgasm and he kept going for a little while afterwards (also what I’d hoped for). I kept telling him how good his cock felt as it pounded into my cunt and told him that I wanted to feel him cum in me again. As he got closer, I told him over and over to fill me with his cum and to empty himself deep inside my cunt. He did just that and moaned in my ear as he told me he was cumming – I think he sort of forgot that everyone else was there as he looked a little embarrassed once we had finished, but he’d done his job and he was getting enough of a bonus to make up for any slight discomfort.


  1. dear andi it was a fun and sexy post im impressed with sue . I think sue feel more comfortable with jen than julia or other girls right?

  2. I think she is more used to Sue, but she certainly put a good showing in...