Saturday, 16 June 2012

Expanding Sue's Horizons - Part 4

A slightly longer entry to help with a decent weekend wank/frig... I need to post this quickly as Vicky is visiting us and she's on a bathroom break.

Before I got up, I asked if he knew how much he’d cum – he said that it had felt like a reasonable amount, but then added the disclaimer that he’d cum a few times already earlier in the day. I slowly pulled myself off his cock and stood up with my legs slightly spread. A little cum came out straight away and about 30 seconds later, a bit more started to drip out and (mostly) run down my legs. Jen said that I shouldn’t waste the cum and suggested I share it with Sue. I wasn’t quite sure what she had in mind, but Jen knows I’ll only go so far with Sue and moved over to the bed to see what they had planned.

I was told that she wanted to eat us both at the same time and was presented with our double ended dildo. One end was quickly pushed into Sue and I was told to get on the other end. I did as asked and once I had a few inches inside of me, pumped back and forth until my cunt was up against Sue’s, then lay back and let Jen have her fun. She licked back and forth between our clits, sometimes pushing her tongue down between our cunts as well. It didn’t feel too intense so was a nice way to relax and catch my breath after being fucked. As I’d guessed, Jen wasn’t the only one who wanted to taste us both at the same time and our cunts were visited in turn by Julia’s, Mel’s and Ryan’s tongues.

I was beginning to feel some interest in round two by this point and this was only heightened by Julia getting us to move far enough apart that she could get a grip on the dildo between us and then piston it back and forth, with the side of her fist slapping against our cunts as the dildo slid into us. She got quite carried away and really worked it back and forth – it felt quite good, but this got even better when Jen suggested that they help out with some vibes. Sue and I each had a vibrating egg held against our clits and we were told that they weren’t going to stop until we’d both cum again. Julia couldn’t keep up the pace she had set, so the dildo was handed over (figuratively – it remained buried between Sue and I) to Ryan and he carried on pumping it back and forth.

I had been oblivious to the fact that Jen and Julia had been fondling Sue while Mel, Ryan and I had been playing, so she ended up cumming first. True to their word, she wasn’t given any respite though and had to endure the dildo and vibe until I caught up with her and came. It was actually quite an arousing sight, watching her squirming, panting and begging them to let her go (a feeling I know well enough from Jen and Mike’s teasings). She didn’t have to endure this torture for too long though as my orgasm wasn’t too far behind her one. The eggs were kept in place until I had finished cumming properly and I was then told to once again slide down the vibe so our pussies touched. Jen then gently lapped at us – mostly avoiding our clits and then left us alone to catch our breath.

Julia seemed as horny as ever but I knew that I needed a bit of a break before doing anything more (and Sue looked like she needed a much longer break). The others were happy to sit and chat for a while, although Jules kept teasing Ryan’s cock with her feet – enough to keep him hard. Mel also fondled Jen a little but things stayed relatively calm for a while until Julia suggested we suck Ryan for a while to get him in the mood for more fun. I was happy to let her and Sue take care of this and just watched as they kissed around his cock and licked up and down the shaft. I wasn’t entirely left out though as Jules got me to join in later on and we just about managed to get the three of us around his cock and sufficient tongue contact for it to feel good for him.

It was then suggested that he shouldn’t be the only one to get double treatment and so Sue and I were given the task of eating each of the girls. Having tried this before, we knew that it is rather difficult to get two tongues onto one pussy at the same time, but with a bit of flexibility (not on our part), we managed to do well enough and could at least have one of us licking close to the cunt while the other one had their tongue in it or right on the clit. Jen decided that with us both kneeling beside the bed, they could take advantage of our position and we ended up with two fingers inside us. Initially this was just Jen, but Ryan joined in and so we each had two pairs of fingers in us. At least this arrangement is much easier to accommodate than four fingers from one person and I quite enjoyed being fingered by two people at the same time (it’s not the first time either Sue or I have felt something like this).

It wasn’t enough to cum though and after a while, we decided to go for the final ‘proper’ round of fun that evening. I mentioned that it might be nice to let Sue and Ryan do things together and Julia agreed, but only on the condition she could ‘help’. Her version of helping involved Sue and her 69ing on their sides while Ryan fucked Sue from behind. This let Jules lick both him and her and satisfied her as she had Sue’s tongue on her cunt. This left Jen, Mel and I to figure out what we wanted to do – I was happy to have a three way but Mel said she had cum enough for the night and was happy to just watch, so Jen and I 69ed and left the others to get on with it. It was actually quite nice to be able to do things just with Jen to round the evening off and we had a nice little session and didn’t hurry things along. This meant that we were the last to finish, but as a bonus (I’m not sure if was a bonus for us or them), Jen gave Sue a quick lick while I sucked Ryan’s cock clean.

If someone had insisted, I could have probably gone another round, but I was more than happy to call it a night. Julia and Mel started to get ready to head home but I suggested that they could always stay over if they wanted. Lucy had already told us that Sue and Ryan could use her room so they eagerly stripped off the few clothes they had put on and wander across the hall. Jen then realised that this was stupid as the four of us would be sleeping on the floor anyway so Julia and Mel came back and slept on Jen’s bed (using Lucy’s duvet).

I had a whispered conversation with Sue to see if she felt any differently about seeing Ryan fuck other girls, but she was still fine with it and said that she had really enjoyed herself. I told her that if she’d only listened to be sooner about the benefits of being bi, she could have been enjoying herself for much longer. I also promised her that Julia (at the very least) would want to have another go at her little cunt before she left, so the fun wasn’t over yet.
Ryan had been rubbing up against my ass while we’d been talking (and I may have been rubbing back). I told Sue I was going to borrow his cock again and she said that I was insatiable, but didn’t complain so I guided him into me and pumped back and forth against him. I asked him if he actually wanted to cum and he said that he wasn’t sure, but was willing to try so I pushed his hand down to my clit and said he could do as much as he wanted, but if he came, I had to as well. Julia had picked up on the fact that we were doing something and complained that she was being left out. I countered with the fact that I was the one who had found him, so I got first and last call on his cock (somewhat ignoring the fact that Sue really has this right). I told Jules that if she wanted, I was sure we could find someone to play with her, but she said it was fine and we could just make up for it in the morning.
I’d been squeezing myself around Ryan and he was moving in me fairly well by this point and I encouraged him to keep going (and keep rubbing my clit). I told Sue that if she wanted, she could have him but she said that she’d cum enough. I teased her about this and described how good his cock felt as it slid between my cunt lips and how I could feel the head moving inside me. Jen told Sue that if she wanted, she would take care of her, but other than a little gentle fondling, they didn’t do anything. Ryan came before I did but he at least kept frigging my clit. I tried to move on his cock, but he held me in place and said he felt too sensitive to keep fucking me. I managed to press myself against him so he was at least still as deep into me as he could get and helped out on my clit until I came. I then apologised to Sue for stealing his last cum of the day, but kept him inside me until his cock withered and slid out.
We all slept fairly well and when I woke up, I came up with a plan. I wanted to get Mel and Julia over so that instead of just waking up Sue and Ryan by going down on them, we could have one of us between their legs sucking/eating them and another on their face for them to eat. Unfortunately I disturbed Ryan while trying to climb out of bed to describe my plan to Jules and while explaining to him (so we could at least surprise Sue), she woke up. People agreed that it was a good plan but a couple of us needed a bathroom visit before we did anything. I suggested that we all go down and we could get our teeth brushed (or use mouthwash for Jules and Mel who didn’t have toothbrushes) so we would all be ready to kiss.

On the way down, I quietly suggested to Jen that she should pee while other people were brushing their teeth. Sue knows about Jen’s pee fetish (and I think she has seen her purposely wet herself), but this would be new for Ryan and even for Mel and Jules. To be fair, I didn’t get her to play with herself while peeing, she just sat on the toilet and then wiped herself clean when she had finished. Just so she wasn’t alone, I did the same thing, but while sitting, I used my toothbrush and gave Mel and Sue’s pussies a little buzz with it. We decided to wait for breakfast until after we’d played for a while and headed back upstairs.

Julia remembered that we owed her an orgasm and as repayment for all the good times she’s given me, I suggested that we give her star treatment. She is just as happy to be the centre of attention as I am (sexually anyway – I’m actually fairly shy in ‘normal’ life). She ended up on the floor-bed with a pillow under her ass and I told Ryan to go ahead and take her. By itself, this obviously wasn’t going to count for much, so I sat over her face and let Jules eat me for a few minutes, then got Sue to take my place. While Sue was riding her face, Jen had a suck on Julia’s nipples and I did the best I could to lick her clit (I just about managed this if Ryan pulled out most of the way – which was better for him as it meant my tongue also licked the head of his cock).

I had an idea and got Mel to hand me some of the tingle gel. I half lay over Julia’s stomach and pulled her legs up under my arms so I could reach around under Ryan’s cock and pull her ass cheeks apart. This made it possible for him to get slightly deeper into her (at least he said it felt deeper) and while he was fucking her, I used my fingers to toy with her ass. I decided it was time to move on to the next part of my plan and dumped a fair amount of the tingle gel on Julia’s mons. I rubbed this around her pussy and over Ryan’s cock, then rubbed a bit into her ass and once again spread her cheeks. I told Ryan to use her other hole and he asked if it was really all right, then eagerly positioned his cock against her ass and pressed into her. I had a really good view but called Mel and Jen round to watch Ryan’s cock disappear into Julia’s ass. The three of us fondled and fingered her – fairly roughly, but she seemed to like it – and I then went down on her. This is definitely much easier the other way around (if Julia had been kneeling up and I’d been under her), but I managed to get a fairly good go at her pussy and licked until I couldn’t taste any more of the minty gel.

I thought it was only fair to let Sue get a proper look at her boyfriend ass-fucking the girl who’s tongue was buried in her cunt, so I moved out of the way and Sue leant forwards to 69 her. Mel and Jen weren’t happy just letting them get on with it though and decided to help out by both fingering Sue. It seemed rude to stand by and do nothing, so I added a finger to the mix and we managed to help bring her off without punching Julia in the face (she was still eating Sue).

Julia hadn’t cum yet, although she was getting close, so Jen took a turn sitting over her face and reached down to fondle her nipples while I resumed my earlier position and toyed with Julia’s cunt. Mel fondled my ass and pussy while I did this and I really wished that she would have done things properly instead of just teasing me as I was getting quite horny. I satisfied myself with eating Jules and letting Ryan’s body slap against my face as he pushed into her ass. I hadn’t really planned it that way, but later realised that my being in the way slowed his movements down enough that he lasted longer so we actually made Jules cum before he did. When it was obvious that she was cumming, I moved my head away and just used my fingers so he could pump into her properly as I know that (in my case at least) after I’ve cum, being ass-fucked doesn’t feel as good. Julia didn’t seem to mind though and it didn’t take Ryan long to cum, after which he pulled out fairly quickly anyway.

I gave her cunt one last good lashing with my tongue and then Jen and I helped Jules up. I asked if we had made up for leaving her out the previous night. Jules thought that her little session (as she called it) just about been okay. I still needed to cum (and by this point, ‘needed’ was definitely the right word). I pushed Jen down onto her back and straddled her face, then suggested that we try the multi-way fingering on her. We all (apart from Ryan of course) stroked and fondled her pussy and managed to get four fingers into her at once. Jen lapped away at my cunt and sucked my clit – I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to cum and I concentrated on rubbing Jen’s clit, leaving Sue, Julia and Mel to finger her. Jules decided to go one better and also slipped a finger into her ass (which made Jen jump enough that I felt her move under me). I came but Jen held me in place and carried on eating me – I told the others to hurry up and make her cum and in the end Mel took control and sucked Jen’s clit, bringing her off fairly quickly (although the fingering had obviously helped get her most of the way there).

With my orgasm out of the way, I was feeling a bit more generous and decided that we should give Mel some attention. She lay on the bed with her feet over the edge and said that we could eat her, so we took turns doing so. It was then time to finger her and this time we all joined in – now all at the same time as getting five hands close enough proved to be somewhat tricky – we could have probably managed it if we’d stopped and done it carefully, but not while we were all moving independently. Even do, Mel really enjoyed it and fairly soon told us that she was getting close to cumming. We let her decide how she wanted to cum and she opted to have Sue eat her. I thought that we could do better than that so suggested that Jen also sit over her face (I know Mel likes Jen’s pussy – as do I of course so I’m not surprised) and Julia and I fondled Mel’s breasts. To give him something to do, Ryan got to hold Mel’s legs up and apart to make it easier for Sue. With this combination, it took hardly any time to make Mel cum (if I’d been in her place, I would have tried to hold out and enjoy it for longer, but she seemed satisfied enough).

It was Sue’s turn next to get the group treatment - everyone (apart from me) took turns eating her and then we all fingered her. Ryan gave her a brief fucking and Mel and Julia took responsibility for the final push (Mel on Sue’s cunt and Julia sitting over her face). Jen and I took care of Sue’s breasts and even though it took a bit longer than it had with Mel, we still made her cum fairly quickly. I was eager to have my turn and quickly replaced Sue on the bed. They followed pretty much the same pattern - everyone but Sue ate me and then they all fingered me, Ryan fucked me and I ended up with Julia over my face and Mel between my legs. Sue and Jen took my breasts (Jen said it was better for girls to do this rather than leave it to a man) and I tried to concentrate on each sensation stimulating my body. I tried to make Jules cum before I did, but it was a losing battle and my concentration was lost when I had a pretty powerful orgasm (one of the strongest I’d had in a while).

When Mel moved away from between my legs, Ryan said that he wanted to fuck me (and it made me quite happy that even though he could have fucked Jules, he wanted me – and I know he could also have fucked Sue, but I’m not counting her as he probably figured he could have her anytime). I told him he was welcome to use me if he wanted, but that it was only fair that he got the group treatment as well. I needed a bit of a rest, but after a couple of minutes, Sue, Julia and I kneeled on the floor against the bed and Ryan took turns fucking us, moving from one to the next and round again. We also needed to give him oral so got him to sit on the edge of the bed and we took turns (apart from Jen of course) at sucking him – individually and in pairs. He said he was getting close, so to finish things off, we got Sue to mount him and Julia, Mel and I licked them both (I avoided licking Sue, but the aim was to get Ryan off so this didn’t matter). Ryan came while buried in Sue, with Julia licking his balls and Sue’s clit. Just so she could be involved Jen then licked Sue, in an attempt to extract some of Ryan’s cum, but she doesn’t think she got any.

It was definitely time for some food by this point and we sent Julia and Sue out to get something (we didn’t have enough for six). They were required to go out naked – except for their coats – but they didn’t have to go far to get to the local shop and they returned in about 10-15 minutes with supplies. As a parting session (as far as she was concerned), Sue was used for people to eat yoghurt from (lying on the kitchen table). Things got a bit messy so Julia and Jen took Sue in to shower her clean. Following that, Mel, Ryan and I showered (separately).

Our ‘morning’ session had extended way past where we had expected and it was nearly time for Ryan and Sue to head home (they were going back to Ryan’s place). To make their journey more interesting, Mel and Jen suggested that we ‘paint’ Sue in the same way we had done with Abrahii. Sue of course didn’t know what we were referring to, to I took Ryan aside and filled him in. He thought this was a good idea and so was quickly stripped of her clothes and subjected to each of us four girls rubbing our cunts over her body, trying to get as much of our juice on her as possible. We avoided her face (with the exception of Jen who decided she deserved on last lick) and then as a parting gift, once she was dressed (without panties of course), Jen Mel and Julia each had a final taste of Sue’s pussy. I didn’t want to be left out, so I lay back on the bed and told Ryan to take me one last time. I was only intending to play for as long as the others were teasing Sue, but once they saw that I was enjoying myself, they just kept going.

I don’t know which one of them actually made Sue cum as I was distracted with Ryan. I had told him not to worry about making me cum as I was going to get Julia to eat me clean. I half wrapped my legs around him and humped back against him (I wouldn’t have minded if I actually came, but we didn’t have much time before we really had to leave). Ryan pumped rapidly into me and then pushed deep and stayed still. I turned my head to Sue and apologised for taking the last of his cum, but said that if she teased him on the journey, he would probably be able to manage another load just for her that night.

We rushed down to the station and saw Sue and Ryan onto their train. Julia was happy that she’d managed to get to fuck a pair of sisters (it was one of her fantasies as well – she’s done a pair of brothers already) and as thanks, she let me rub one of my breasts against her cunt to take back some of her juices to Mike. She also went down on me to clean out any remaining Ryan-cum (not that I think he gave me much) and then she and Mel went home. Jen and I headed off to the airport and had an afternoon coffee together – just before I left, we popped into the toilets and Jen rubbed herself over my other breast (also as a gift for Ryan).

He really appreciated this, but by the time I got home, although he could smell them, he couldn’t really taste much (although he licked my breasts clean anyway). He gave me a really good fucking that night while I described everything Sue had done and during the week, he chatted to her over Skype and congratulated her for having learned how to enjoy women properly. We let her watch us fuck while she described how it had felt having everyone play with her. Sue then told us that she had decided to take a chance and try to get off with one of her girlfriends (one that Ryan and she had fantasised about together). We warned her to be careful (both in having safe sex and not alienating her friend) and she said that she thought she knew the best way to proceed. Whether she did or not is another entry though...

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