Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Relaxing Weekend - Part 1

I was looking forwards to a relaxing weekend with Jen at the end of March – I had been very busy at work and hadn’t quite recovered from the previous weekend’s antics. It hadn’t helped that whenever I described what had happened to Mike, it put him in the mood to fuck. He loves the idea of Jen and Sue doing things together and we’ve been working on plans so he can get to watch properly (which are probably going to involve me ‘distracting’ Ryan so Mike can spend some time with them. He’s only going to watch – we don’t want Sue to be unfaithful (Ryan doesn’t mind Sue doing things with girls, but he hates the idea of other guys fucking her – which is somewhat hypocritical of him as he gets to fuck me).

I arrived late on the Friday night and briefly saw the gang (or at least those that were staying up over the holiday) but we didn’t stay out late and headed home together. Jen and I had a nice gentle session in her bed, mostly fingering and grinding against each other while we kissed, but we also briefly 69ed, just to get a taste. We’d finished by the time Lucy and Lis returned but didn’t bother getting out of bed to see them. I don’t know if they thought we were asleep, but they seemed to be a little louder than usual – possibly they’re now used to hearing and seeing us fuck that they don’t care if we hear them. It would have been nice to do things while listening in to them, but it would also have been harder to hear them and I was so tired that we contented ourselves by just snuggling up and making up what they were doing that sounded so good. Only after they had finished did we go to sleep and I had a pretty nice dream where I watched Lucy masturbating and endlessly cumming.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling quote horny but Jen was sound asleep. I debated waking her or just masturbating, but decided that I really needed a good rest so I tried to go back to sleep. It took quite a while and a couple of times I almost gave in and started to gently play with myself. I realised that this would probably be a bad idea though and eventually calmed down and drifted back to sleep.

When I woke in the morning, I wasn’t as well behaved and forced my head in between Jen’s legs to lick her awake. She could tell from how forceful I was being that I really wanted to fuck and we decided that if we were going to do things, then we may as well do them properly so we paused and went downstairs to brush our teeth. We had a listen in at Lucy’s door but couldn’t hear anything and quickly returned to Jen’s room. I convinced her to leave her door slightly ajar – not enough for much to be seen, but enough that Lis and Lucy would be able to hear us (if they woke up).

With all the preparations out of the way, I literally pounced on Jen, pushed her down onto the bed and buried my face between her legs. I spread her lips and pushed my tongue as far into her as I could, then sucked on her clit, flicking my tongue rapidly back and forth over it. Jen complained that she couldn’t do anything to me and I told her she would have her chance soon, but I wanted to hear her cum first. I carried on attacking her and soon had her mewing (a sure sign that she’s getting close to cumming). I lapped around her cunt and ass, then went in for the kill and made her cum. I was considerate enough to spend a little time kitty kissing her afterwards to help bring her down gently and give her a chance to relax, but then said that it was my turn to cum and told her how I wanted to use her.

I didn’t really need Jen to do much as I wanted to scissor with her and just grind against her. I did cheat a bit and used a vibe to get me part of the way there, but for the majority of the session I was positioned between Jen’s legs, with my pussy against hers, sliding back and forth. It felt really good and between us, we were wet enough (which was probably mostly Jen) that our cunts and thighs ended up rather sticky. I ended up holding onto her leg to help get better traction and humped myself against her. It wasn’t a really strong orgasm as I didn’t have a lot of pressure on my clit, but it was a nice and energetic way to cum and left me in the mood for more, which is always good (unless you’re on the last session of the night I guess).

Jen suggested that we go down and prepare breakfast for Lucy and Lis. This has become something of a habit, but it means I get to wander in and sit on their bed naked, as well as see them semi-naked (usually) so it was a habit I enjoyed. We went downstairs naked and I convinced Jen that she should also be naked when we presented them with breakfast. They were already awake when we arrived at their room and I was fairly certain that they looked a little flushed. As usual, they pulled the covers up but as I sat on the bed, I told them we’d all seen each other naked before (or at least we’ve all seen every part of each other, even if I haven’t seen Lucy completely naked) and they stopped being so prudish and at least let their breasts be exposed.

Lis commented on having heard us enjoying ourselves and I shot back with the fact that Jen and I had heard them doing the same thing the previous evening. Jen told them that I wasn’t yet satisfied, so if they wanted a show, I would put one on for them and asked Lis where Lucy’s vibe was (as if we didn’t know). Before Lucy could say anything, Lis told Jen which drawer to look in and Jen quickly got up and handed the vibe to me (I don’t think Lucy noticed the fact that Jen didn’t have to look around and knew which side it was hidden in). I was instructed to sit back with my legs spread and use the tip of the vibe on my clit, although I did slide in into me a few times, then wished I had licked it beforehand, just in case I could have tasted Lucy or Lis on it.

Jen made me stop before I came and I was left with my pussy pulsing (or feeling like it was). Jen then tickled me to take my mind off wanting to cum (although I was sure she would be teasing me more later on that day). Lis joined in but Jen backed off at this point, which meant it was a much more evenly matched fight. I tickled Lis back and managed to get her pinned down, then after she had surrendered I told her that my terms were raspberries. She didn’t understand at first so I explained that she had to let me give her raspberries (blowing again her body), but assured her (and Lucy) that I would avoid all her ‘important’ bits. I did her stomach, right thigh (outer – sadly) and lower back. It was enough for me to get a good look at her body (which brought back fond memories) and when I’d finished with Lis, I dived under the covers and quickly raspberried Lucy’s thigh (on the front).

I didn’t want Jen to feel left out, so I did the same to her, then did it a bit further up her thighs and finally did it right beside her pussy. I could still smell and taste her juices from our earlier session and ended up having a proper lick of her pussy – not enough to make her cum, but enough for it to be clear to everyone what I was doing.

As we didn’t have anything planned for the day (other than Jen and Lucy having to do some revision) I suggested that we head downstairs and relax for a bit (and Jen added that we could have more coffee). Jen and I headed down first, donning our robes and Lucy and Lis joined us a couple of minutes later. We sat and chatted for a while and eventually Jen started to gently tease me. She slid a hand inside my robe and stroked my nipples, then dipped between my legs and played with my pussy. Lis asked why I was wearing a robe when I was usually naked and I told her that I was trying to be sensitive to Lucy’s generally prudishness. Now of course, Lucy isn’t actually a prude, but she is certainly more reserved than Jen or I (or even Lis). Lucy objected to this and said that only a short while ago, she had sat watching me playing with myself using her vibe, but I teased her some more anyway.

I ended up lying on the sofa, with my head on Lucy’s lap and Jen said that she would make me cum. She then changed her mind and told Lucy that she could prove she wasn’t a prude by stroking my neck and making me cum. Lucy said that there was no way I could cum just from having my neck stroked (even though I’m sure she had seen Jen do this to me a while ago) so Jen dared her to try it. Lis was keen to see this happen (even though I can’t actually do things with Lis anymore, she has told me that she enjoys watching Jen and I play our little games). I stretched my head back and presented my neck to Lucy and told her that she could do whatever she wanted (and she knows that I actually meant that).

In the end, Lucy put her coffee down and said that if I wanted it, she would do it (which was something of a change of attitude for her as she’s known for ages that I fancy her – if only she’d been willing to do *everything* that I wanted her to...). She stroked up and down my neck and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. She asked Jen how long it would take and Jen explained that it could be a while, but she (Lucy) would be able to tell if it was working on me. They carried on chatting and Lucy kept gently stroking – a couple of times I told her to press slightly harder as her touch had got too light, but I mostly stayed silent and enjoyed the sensation.

It had been a while since I’d cum like this, but the fact that it was Lucy stroking me (and the fact that I’d been fairly horny to begin with) meant that it didn’t actually take too long before I started squirming around and arching my back slightly. Lucy asked if I wanted her to stop but I opened my eyes to look up at her and asked her to please keep going. I think she could hear the lust in my voice and this got a wry little smile out of her. I went back to my own little world and concentrated on what I was feeling and before too long, I was flexing my thighs and squirming around a lot more.

Jen unfastened my robe and pushed it aside to expose my front. Apparently, Lis told Lucy to carry on (but I didn’t hear that). It was a gradual build up, but this just meant that I was in a state of high arousal for longer. I knew that it was obvious to everyone how turned on I was as I was moving around a fair bit, spreading and closing my legs and breathing heavily. I felt Jen’s hand slide up to my pussy but I told her not to play with me as I wanted to see if Lucy was really going to go through with it and make me cum. I can’t remember exactly how I phrased it, but my intention was to make sure that she would want to demonstrate that she would go the whole way.

I could feel my orgasm getting really close and knew that if Lucy stopped, I would have just had to reach down to my clit and played with myself for a few seconds to cum, but the thing I really enjoy about cumming from just having my neck stroked is how deliciously drawn out it can be. I now had my legs spread (but was still flexing them partly closed) and was panting heavily. I was trying to keep my language clean, but allowed myself to moan and as I felt by orgasm finally approaching, I told Lucy to keep going.

When it hit, it was a really deep, rolling orgasm that seemed to flow through my whole body. I remember arching my back and alternating between moaning, panting and encouraging Lucy to keep stroking my neck. My pussy felt really wet and at that point I would have loved for Jen to go down on me, but I also didn’t want to change a thing of what was happening. It felt like my orgasm lasted for ages (and Jen told me that it was fairly long), but it eventually subsided and I relaxed back down onto the sofa, with my head still in Lucy’s lap. She removed her hand from my neck but I asked her to keep stroking, gently, for a minute or so and she obliged me. While she was doing that I mumbled how it felt just like being kitty kissed and imagined Lucy’s tongue licking up and down the length of my pussy, gathering up my juices and swallowing them.

At any other time, that image would probably have got me going again very quickly, but my orgasm had been pretty strong so I felt very satisfied. I sat up and sincerely thanked Lucy, told her that it had felt wonderful, said that I wouldn’t tease her about being a prude anymore and then (while leaning close to her) said that if there was any way I could repay her, she only d to ask. It was obvious what I was offering but I didn’t really expect her to take me up on the offer. I didn’t push the matter as I really was genuinely grateful for the orgasm she’d just given me and I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.


  1. I agree, if he gets to fuck you then she should get to fuck other guys.

    Drawing that boundary and double standard will either kill the relationship or eventually put a halt to the 'fun'. If it continues resentment will eventually build up as it truly is a double standard. The whole "I get to play but you can't" deal...

  2. I've mentioned this to her (it would be wonderful if Mike was able to fuck her while Ryan took care of me - we could even take turns to double team each other).

    Sue doesn't seem to mind too much (for now anyway) and she at least is getting to do things with Jen, which is a new an exciting experience for her (and Ryan isn't allowed to do anything with Jen, so it sort of evens out).