Friday, 22 June 2012

A Relaxing Weekend - Part 2

I'm heading off to Newcastle for my bachelorette party this weekend. Jen obviously won't be there but there are a few of her friends (also my friends) who are coming and it will probably be a bit more lively than the one I had for my wedding to Mike. Back to the relaxing weekend at the end of May for now though...

I didn’t bother doing my robe up and after we’d chatted a while longer, Jen and Lucy decided that they couldn’t put work off any longer. Lucy went to shower, I then showered with jen (just to help her wash herself) and Lis then showered. Lis and I decided to head into town to give them some peace to work. I assured Lucy that I wouldn’t do anything to corrupt Lis and Lucy told me that I would have my work cut out if I tried. At the time, I took that to mean that she didn’t think Lis would do anything to cheat on her (which is true), but as we wandered into town I realised that she might have meant something different.

We wandered round a few shops and chatted and I convinced Lis to try on a few outfits. She was planning a surprise for Lucy for their six month anniversary so I helped her pick out some sexy lingerie. As you may have guessed, I think Lis is quite cute so we went for white (apparently Lucy quite likes Lis in white). We found a very cute set and Lis tried on the bra. I think she has gotten over her fear of people not liking her small breasts (and I believe that I had a part to play in that as I always assure her that I think her breasts are incredibly sexy). Once she had the bra on, I convinced her to remove the rest of her clothes (skirt and panties) and admired the way she looked. I told her that if she hadn’t been dating Lucy, I would have happily made her cum there and then. This got a little blush out of her and I pocketed her panties, saying that she didn’t need them. We purchased the underwear and I helped Lis find a little black skirt to complete the outfit. She promised t show me the full outfit and we discussed how things were going between her and Lucy (good).

We met up with a couple of people for lunch (the ones who weren’t being as studious as Jen and Lucy), then wandered round a few more shops with them. Mel and Julia were at Mel’s parents’ for a few days so I had been expecting to have a quiet time, but it seems my training is beginning to bear fruit and one of the guys said that we should make things interesting and dared me to play with myself in an alleyway. Not being one to back down from a challenge (or at least one that could end with me cumming), we found a suitable place and I stood with one foot up on a box, lifted my skirt and fondled myself. I pointed out that I wasn’t in the most stable of positions and my challenger ended up standing behind me to help support me – if by ‘support’ you mean reaching around and pawing at my breasts. I leant back against him and rubbed my clit faster as my orgasm approached and he slid his hands under my top and got them onto my breasts properly (well, half onto them as my bra was still on). I came fairly quietly and told my helper that if he wanted, he could have a treat later on.

Fairly soon after that, Lis and I headed off by ourselves and over coffee we discussed my little display. She admired how uninhibited I was about nudity and cumming and I reminded her how much she had come along since she first came out to me. We (quietly) discussed a number of things that she and Lucy had done and I got Lis to describe a few in fair detail – maybe not as much as I describe things on here, but enough that I felt quite aroused again. We discussed her plans for their 6 month anniversary and I gave her a few tips on how to tease Lucy and drive her wild (I clearly didn’t know if they would work on Lucy, but they work on Jen).

I even got Lis to describe what she had been doing to Lucy the previous evening that we had made enough noise for Jen and I to overhear. Apparently it had mostly them using a vibe – or rather Lis sitting between Lucy’s legs and using a vibe on her while masturbating herself with her other hand. I told Lis what Jen and I had been doing that morning and Lis admitted that Lucy and her had been listening to us and fondling each other. I told Lis that I’d thought they had been doing something and if she wanted, I would make sure that Jen and I were as loud as they wanted us to be so they could join in with our excitement. On the way home, I made sure that Lis hadn’t minded me asking Lucy to make me cum and Lis said that it had been fun to watch (and admitted with a blush that it had been quite arousing as well). As a trade, I made a deal that Lis could fondle Jen (assuming Lucy didn’t mind).

Jen and Lucy had pretty much given up on work by the time we got home so we (separately) took some time to help them unwind and relax. I don’t know what the others did, but I started to give Jen a back massage and rubbed myself back and forth against her ass while doing this. She then turned over and I massaged her breasts until her nips were nice and stiff and we then shared a dildo and tried out a new position (for us). Jen pulled her legs up to her shoulders and held them under her arms while I slipped the dildo into her. In this position, her ass was raised a fair amount so the dildo almost pointed straight up. I then knelt over her and pushed down onto the dildo, then rode up and down on it.

It was an interesting position and would probably have been good to watch as someone would have probably seen a lot, but it wasn’t incredibly comfortable as I had to kneel in an awkward way and we didn’t get a lot of stimulation as I couldn’t make good contact with Jen. It’s always worth trying new things, but to finish off, we went back to good old traditional methods and ground against each other’s thighs while we kissed. Some people might consider this a ‘boring’ position, but I really love the way we end up panting into each other’s mouths as we approach orgasm. It’s actually also a good way to cum around the same time as it is easy to ease off or speed up stimulation. We weren’t trying for a simultaneous orgasm (they’re too much work), but we didn’t cum too far apart and afterwards we lay with Jen still on top of me, covered in sweat from the exertion of our session.

We showered, but didn’t bother to get dressed (robes only) and hung around the house until dinner. Lucy and Lis had dozed off after whatever they’d done (Lucy wouldn’t tell us and Lis wasn’t as forthcoming while Lucy was there) so they didn’t surface until we’d started cooking (yes, we actually cooked something). With dinner out of the way, we got ready to head out and meet people. The plan was to have a relatively early night and we didn’t stay out too late, but people ended up coming back to our place (or rather Jen and Lucy’s place) as usual.

Even without Mel around to push things along, Jen decided that it would still be fun for me to be on display and I was forced (or encouraged) to sit with my feet up on the sofa on either side of me and skirt folded out of the way. With the help of our porn collection, we discussed the sexiest ways a woman could sit and I was used to model a number of them (I like the view of a girl lying down with her legs curled up and her pussy peeking out from between her legs. As I had anticipated, just showing myself off wasn’t all I had to do and Jen soon used me to demonstrate the sexiest ways of being fondled/fingered. I ended up with my top pulled up and breasts hanging out, but none of my clothes removed (the consensus was that partially dressed looked sexier than being naked, which I tend to agree with). It was then decided that I should demonstrate some more and Jen fetched a couple of mini-courgettes from the fridge (they were Lucy’s but Jen promised to replace them).

I let out a yelp as she slid the first one into me as it felt so cold (and my pussy had been feeling rather warm from the teasing). Jen fucked me with it and then swapped them over so I got a second wave of cold from the new one. After being fucked with this one, she pulled it partially out and tried to push them both into me at the same time. Fortunately, they were quite small, but their combined size was still larger than anything I’m used to and I did feel quite stretched. She got them both into me the whole way and as I relaxed, it became less uncomfortable and I could enjoy it a little more. I was then offered to the crowd and anyone who wanted could take turns pushing them in and out of me. Some people were a bit too forceful, but overall it felt reasonably good and as a finale, Jen decided that I should be allowed to cum. I had to sit with my legs spread and the courgettes the whole way inside me and she held the tip of a vibrator against my clit. It didn’t take too long, but felt really good knowing that everyone could clearly see my cunt lips stretched around my pussy and I imagined they could see the whole area pulsing as my orgasm built and then burst.

I was allowed to remove the vegetables and felt somewhat empty. When I commented on this, Jen suggested that someone could fill me up if they wanted. At first there were no takers, but then Ashraf said that he would happily fill me if I wanted. His boyfriend (Steve – he’s new to our group) didn’t mind (as long as he could watch) and I ended up taking them upstairs to Jen’s room so we could do things properly in a more comfortable setting. Jen came up to watch as well and once Ashraf was inside me and pumping away, I suggested to Steve that he could always join in as well if he wanted. What I’d actually hoped for was for him to take my ass while Ashraf used my cunt – I assumed that they wouldn’t mind feeling their cocks almost rubbing against each other (which was what Mike had disliked when we’d tried DP at the party). That wasn’t what actually happened though and Steve knelt behind Ashraf and pushed into his ass (I couldn’t actually see this on account of being under Ashraf, but they were obviously fucking).

This made it a bit harder for Ashraf to move (although he was obviously really enjoying the sensation) and I was worried that he would end up cumming too soon. With a bit of experimentation, we figured out that if Steve and I stayed still, Ashraf could move back and forth and alternate between burying his cock in me and Steve’s cock in his ass. We got a little better at this and Steve and I managed to push back in time with him, but Ashraf was obviously going to cum before I did so I gave up and just let him enjoy himself. As expected, he came and I crawled out from underneath him so he could lie on the bed and let Steve finish off. Jen and I watched Steve fuck Ashraf and I have to say that while I like almost any sight of people fucking and enjoying themselves, I find the sight of two women doing things to be much more beautiful than two men. Having said that, I still played with myself as we watched Steve’s cock slide into Ashraf’s ass and by the time he came, I was getting quite close.

Jen decided that I shouldn’t ‘waste’ an orgasm by cumming upstairs where nobody could see so we returned to the rest of the group and Jen quickly made me cum, then we described what had happened up in her room. For a change, I wasn’t the focus of that story and a more people were curious about how it has felt for Ashraf than for Steve or myself. The guy who had helped me out earlier clearly hadn’t forgotten my promise to repay him and while Ashraf was describing things, he moved over beside me and asked if I felt like doing anything else. I didn’t feel like cumming again straight away but told him that I would happily repay him in kind – as he fondled me, I would do the same for him, but said that we would have to do things where we were.

He was sufficiently drunk that he didn’t mind if people got to see what we were doing so I slid my hand into his trousers and helped to straighten his cock (it was already mostly hard, but was caught at an odd angle). Someone (Alison I think) said that if I was going to do things, then they should all at least be able to see, so I unbuttoned the trousers and pulled his cock free. He wasn’t a bad size and I considered actually doing things properly with him, but thought that I could always save that for later on. I stroked up and down his cock and decided that it really needed some lubrication so leaned over and let my saliva drip down over the head, then rubbed this in with my hand. I drooled a fair amount over his cock and by the time I pulled my head away, both his cock and my hand were rather wet, but it had the desired effect and made it much easier to wank him.

I sat back so everyone could watch as my hand slid up and down his cock – rubbed over the head (which he seemed to like) and rapidly pumped along the shaft. Everyone seemed to like watching what I was doing and kept telling me to make him cum (which was the general idea). I considered telling Jen to get a condom so I could also suck him off. The thought of feeling his cum filling the condom in my mouth was nice, but I didn’t want to interrupt things so decided to just carry on with my hand. I got him to pull his trousers down a bit more and reached around so I could use my other hand on his balls. I carried on stroking up and down his shaft, getting a bit faster and squeezing a bit harder (not too hard though) until he started to moan slightly and say he was getting close to cumming.

I had been hoping for something a bit more spectacular (like his cum squirting up high) but had to be content with only small squirts. He did cum a fair bit though and the benefit of small squirts was that most of the cum ran back over my hand, which I dutifully used to help lubricate him while I rubbed some more. By the time he finished cumming, he had made a fair mess and I wiped my hand clean on his trousers before going to clean off properly. With his passion sated, he seemed a bit more self-conscious and started to stuff his cock back into his somewhat wet shorts before doing up his trousers. I nearly asked if anyone else needed a hand with anything, but thought I had done enough that night to bring pleasure to other people, so just sat and chatted.


  1. Great post. My fiancé enjoys using her dildo on my ass as I fuck her and loves to feel me slam into her when she pulls it out.

    After all you have done, what is your remaining kinky fantasies?

  2. That's easy - I would still love to have a proper group fuck where everyone is dedicated to pleasuring me. We've come close at the unprotected sex party, but that was everyone doing things to each other. I would really love to have a whole group of people fucking, fingering and licking me so I got to take all of their juices and cum and be fucked until I really couldn't take any more.