Monday, 25 June 2012

A Relaxing Weekend - Part 3

I had a great bachelorette party - it is Jen's turn to have her one tomorrow night. I don't know any details about it (but she doesn't know what happened at my one). I'll probably write about them both in time, but for now I'm just telling her to have fun... Back to a more relaxing weekend...

We managed to chase people away before it got too late. I told Lis to come and get me if she wanted to sit and chat for a while longer – once we had taken care of our respective partners of course. We each retired to our rooms (well, technically Lucy’s and Jen’s rooms) and Jen and I 69ed. Once we had cum, we kissed for a while and I got Jen to describe to me what she had been able to see while Ashraf had been fucking me. It sounded quite hot and I wished I had been able to watch (although then I wouldn’t have been fucked, so I guess I got the better deal). I had two fingers inside Jen and was going to do things to her when Lis knocked. I told her to come in and briefly carried on fingering Jen, then told her to get some sleep so she could work the following day. Jen told us not to be too long and Lis and I headed downstairs to chat.

It was a fairly cool night so we both had robes on, but I hadn’t bothered doing mine up. I got Lis to tell me what she and Lucy had done and with a bit of encouragement, I got her to describe their session – it was nothing too special, some fingering, humping and licking, but it’s always arousing hearing Lis describe such things and I almost started to play with myself. Lis then got me to describe what it had been like having two guys fuck me and I told her that technically only Ashraf had actually been fucking me, but it had still felt really fun.

We had another discussion about how I can enjoy playing with lots of people and how it means something completely different than actually making love to Mike or Jen. I know I’ve told her before (a couple of times) but I once again tried to explain to her that when we had done things (before she got together with Lucy), it had meant a lot more than just some fun. I asked if she had enjoyed being with Jen and myself and she had and I told her that if Lucy ever allowed it, we would happily do things with her – as often and for as long as she wanted. I was still turned on from Lis’ earlier description and decided that I may as well go for it and told her that I would love to be able to feel her tongue on my clit and between my lips. I described how good it had felt and how I still remembered the way she used her tongue – rapidly flicking and lapping away – and sort of still remembered how she had tasted and what she looked like when she came.

As intended, this got a blush out of Lis. It also felt as if our conversation had got something out of me (okay, so I wasn’t actually dripping wet, but my pussy certainly felt quite moist and was tingling). I slipped a hand between my legs and curled a couple of fingers into my pussy, then apologised to Lis. She said it was fine and she was used to seeing me play with myself. I got as far as spreading my legs a little and beginning to play with myself properly before catching myself and saying that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to carry on (I was trying to hint that I might get carried away and try and do things with Lis) unless Lucy was also there. I’m fairly certain that I could have got Lis to play with herself as she looked fairly aroused and decided that before anything bad happened, we should probably call it a night and head up to bed. On the way into the hall I moved up close behind Lis and wrapped my arm around her waist. I said that it was a pity that Lucy didn’t want to play with Jen and I properly or we could all have some proper fun and let my hand slide down her side and then pulled it away before I got too close to her pussy. Lis told me that I could always dream about it and I told her that I would – and she would hear the results in the morning.

We headed up and I couldn’t help myself from admiring Lis’ thighs and wished that her robe was s bit shorter so I could see her ass but I controlled myself and we just had a quick goodbye kiss (peck) before going off to bed. I really wanted to wake Jen up and fuck, but I knew that she needed her sleep so she could work so I just snuggled up behind her. I had great trouble getting sleep and kept fantasising about Jen, Lucy, Lis and I having an endless session. I nearly played with myself a couple of times but eventually managed to reign in my libido and drifted off to sleep. I don’t remember what I dreamt about, but I know that I woke up feeling just as horny as I’d been when I’d gone to sleep so I thought that I would be helpful and make sure Jen had an early start so she could get lots of work done (it wasn’t that early, just early for a student on a Sunday).

I didn’t want to be at all delicate so I moved around and climbed over Jen in a 69. She woke up before we started actually doing anything, but I didn’t give her time to come round before pushing my cunt down onto her face, pulling her legs apart and burying my face between them. I don’t think it took Jen long to realise how horny I was feeling as I really went to town on her – licking, sucking and fingering her cunt, then spreading her ass cheeks and running my fingers over her ass, pushing a little way into her from time to time. To her credit, she quickly got into the spirit and started to eat me back fairly ferociously – I even felt her tongue lash over my ass a few times.

I became fairly vocal – although what I was saying was mostly muffled by Jen’s cunt. I played out part of the fantasy I’d been having while going to sleep and described how we could eat, finger and fuck each other. Jen obviously came first as ‘d started off on her so forcefully and i tried to kitty kiss her while she ate me, but mostly ended up just moaning into her pussy and then moaning out loud in the hope Lis and Lucy would hear. As I came, I bit Jen’s inner thigh – a bit more forcefully than I had intended and left a mark but she carried on licking me until I rolled off her and said I couldn’t take any more.

Naturally, I only meant that I needed a quick break and as soon as my orgasm had ended properly, I told Jen that we should fuck again – just to get it out of the way and then she could concentrate on work afterwards. Jen asked why I was being so aggressively horny and as I positioned myself between her legs and started to grind my cunt against hers, I told her about my conversation with Lis and the subsequent fantasy. I held on to one of Jen’s legs so I could pull myself against her and get better friction and we carried on humping. I described my fantasy in more detail as we got more into things but I couldn’t decide how loud I wanted to be. Half of me was being cautious so we weren’t overheard, but the other half wanted Lucy and Lis to hear exactly what I wanted to do with them. I didn’t think Lis would mind at all and I know that Lucy is well aware that I fancy her and think she is incredibly sexy, but there is probably a difference between knowing that I think about her in that way and actually hear me describing how I want to make her cum and have her tongue buried in my cunt.

I was obviously going to cum first this time (but I think my mind was working overtime on the fantasy) so Jen played with her clit to help her catch up. She wasn’t too far behind me and soon told me to go for it and I sped up my humping. Our cunts mushed together over and over, our lips easily sliding back and forth. I made just as much noise this time, but now the sounds weren’t being muffled by Jen. We both came (Jen first, but not by much) and I carried on humping against her for as long as I could before falling back on the bed, but still trying to push against her and maintain contact.

We stayed like that for a while and chatted before finally getting up for breakfast. My legs felt quite stiff from lying in an awkward position but I soon recovered. By the time we’d finished eating, it was late enough that we thought it would b reasonable to wake up Lucy and Lis so we made another breakfast and took it up to them (which wasn’t an excuse to see them naked in any way - honest).

Jen and I sat on the bed and had another coffee while they ate breakfast and we discussed work and how revision was going. Lis ended up making a comment about having heard us earlier on so i told her that I couldn’t help it if I woke up horny and had to get Jen to satisfy my needs. If I hadn’t already cum twice and felt satisfied, I’m sure I would have ended up trying to tickle her or wrestle her so get some skin on skin contact, but I do occasionally behave myself and didn’t want to interrupt the work schedule.

While Lucy and Jen worked, Lis and I headed out to do the shopping for them. Lis got me to tell her what Jen and I had done that morning and in return, she described what she and Lucy had done. Lis had woken up during our first session and overheard the end of it (just the moaning) and woken up Lucy to listen in on our second session (well, technically she woke up Lucy to play with her as she didn’t know we were going to have a round two, but when we started, they listened in and Lis spooned up behind Lucy. She reached between Lucy’s legs from behind and fingered her (mostly with her fingers outside her pussy, rubbing over the lips and her clit) while she kissed her back and shoulders. Lis said that she imagined what we were doing, but didn’t describe it to Lucy (which I would have done if the situation had been reversed). Lucy came while Jen and I were being fairly loud (and I told Jen that I had been describing a foursome with them) and Lis then moved up a bit so she could nuzzle Lucy’s shoulders and earlobe while she fed Lucy her own juices (she got her to suck her fingers clean). They stayed like that until Jen and I finished and Lucy then went down on Lis. She thinks that she had cum by the time Jen and I headed downstairs but isn’t sure if she was just distracted and didn’t hear us or if they had dozed off again already.

I was horny yet again by the time we got home but wasn’t given a chance to entertain myself as we had to go out to meet the others for lunch. Jen knew that I wanted to cum and we tried to find somewhere suitable to let me put on a little display, but nowhere seemed suitable quiet so we had to settle for a corner table in a cafe. There was no way that I would be able to safely display myself to anyone in our group but I was still challenged to make myself cum. I settled for having my jacket over my lap and placing my hand under it, between my legs. I used a couple of fingers and made small movements over my clit. I was given warning whenever anyone came near our table so I could stop, but after a few near misses, I managed to keep going for long enough that I came, my fingers rapidly circling my clit. The only thing that I could actually show everyone was me sucking my fingers clean, but it was clear enough to them that I had actually cum.

We didn’t stay out too long and returned home. Lis and I were both leaving a little later than usual so we could help out and ended up doing the laundry. As a challenge, we mixed their clothes together and Lis and I then had to sort them into the correct piles afterwards. This was somewhat easier for underwear as Jen hardly ever wears any and there was only one top that we both thought should be in our piles (it turns out it belonged to Lucy, but Jen has a very similar one).

Lis left first but Lucy wasn’t back before Jen and I set off to the airport. As a reward for having worked so hard that day, we popped into the toilets and I went down on Jen while she stood up against the wall. She offered to do the same to me, but I told her I needed to have some energy left to service Mike that night. I let her have a little lick just so she didn’t feel left out, but then sent her off back home to carry on revising.

As per usual on my return from a visit to Jen, I gave Mike a brief summary of the weekend while we fucked and then later that night, described things to him in more detail while we had our bedtime session. Mike complained that I hadn’t been as passionate with him as I’d been that morning with Jen so in the middle of the week we spent an evening fantasising and then after we’d fucked, we spent a while more fantasising about many things. For the latter fantast session, we didn’t actually do anything more than spooning (which is quite difficult when you get worked up). The following morning, I woke up feeling fairly horny (which was the plan) and I planted myself over Mike’s face and had him eat me while I sucked him. I didn’t make him cum, but this meant that as soon as I’d recovered, I could pounce on his cock and ride him properly (and loudly) until we both came. I was a bit out of breath by the time we’d finished, but it was a nice way to start the day.

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