Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sex Party - March 2012

The third weekend in March, we all headed down (or up in Jen’s case) to York for the end of term sex party. As there were three of us going this time, we had decided not to impose on Sara and Emily and got a hotel room. Just because we weren’t staying with them though didn’t mean that we didn’t want to meet up with them before e party and so we arranged to meet for drinks once we had dumped our stuff off.

It felt nice and easy meeting up with them, although Jen wasn’t quite as at ease as she didn’t know them as well as Mike and I did. After a while chatting and quietly talking about what we had done last time and what we wanted to do the following night, it was obvious that things were also going to happen that night and we decided to head back to our hotel room.

On the way, I arranged with Jen for us to (initially) take care of Sara and leave Emily to Mike – although both Jen and I would get to have a taste of her sweet cunt before Mike polluted her with his cum. There was no messing about and even little Sara seemed to be nowhere near as shy as the first time she turned up to the party – as soon as we were in the room, we removed each other’s clothes and quickly moved over onto the bed.

Mike was the first to get to taste Emily, but he only had a brief lick before moving out of the way and letting Jen have her first taste. She agreed that Emily’s pussy tasted quite sweet (although when I had a go, it was different from how I remembered). Jen obviously really enjoyed the taste and I decided to let her enjoy herself, so I knelt between Sara’s legs and ate her. This left Mike with nothing to do so he climbed up behind me and slid into me. He fucked me while I licked Sara and eventually Jen came up for air and said that she was ready to play with Sara.

Mike eagerly moved over and started to 69 with Emily (which at least meant that she was tasting me off his cock) and he ate her until she came. Meanwhile, I had climbed up over Sara’s face and Jen had taken my place between her legs. Mike started to fuck Emily and when he had finished with her, Emily moved round and tasted Jen. I couldn’t resist sucking Mike’s cock clean and getting another taste of Em’s juices but we could all see his cum leaking out of her so I knew she wasn’t going to taste as good for a while. Jen volunteered to try to clean Emily out on the condition that Sara went down on her. They were both up for this and it was a little strange watching Jen in a threesome that I wasn’t involved in.

Not that I was left to be bored, Mike went down on me and I alternated between stroking his cock and watching what the other three were doing. Jen and Emily both came (in that order) and Mike made me cum again before we decided to take a little break and get our strength back. Mike was clearly very happy to be in bed with four naked young girls (three of them being fairly young – not that I’m too much older). After we had rested a bit, Emily decided that she wanted to sample Jen. Seeing as I’d already done things with Sara, I opted to lick Em and this left Mike and Sara to watch us. Not wanting to miss out on the action, Mike convinced Sara to let him eat her again (I guess having done it once meant that she was a lot more amenable to the idea). He managed to make her cum fairly quickly and moved over to help me out with Emily.

As we’d discovered before, two people trying to lick someone is rather difficult (at least if that person is on their back), so Mike knelt behind me again and pushed into me. I felt a little bad for Sara, but not too much so as she had just cum and I was distracted by Mike fucking me and Emily’s pussy in my mouth. Jen and Emily both came before Mike and I and we were left to finish off ourselves. We decided to let them watch us properly so Mike sat against the headboard and I faced away from him. Everyone now had a clear view of his cock sliding in and out of me and I played with my clit until I came, then was pushed forwards onto all fours so Mike could move more easily and cum. He opted not to cum in me and pulled out at the last moment. I’m sure he would have loved to squirt cum all up my back and over my ass, but as his second orgasm of the night, it wasn’t quite that impressive. He did manage to get a reasonable amount of my ass though and I could feel it running down between my cheeks and over my ass.

If we hadn’t been going to a party the following night, I would have happily asked Sara and Emily to stay over and played with them for as long as we could manage, but I wanted to have the energy to enjoy the party (as did we all) so we decided to leave things for now. We didn’t entirely stop and there was still a little kissing and fondling while we chatted, but we resisted doing anything more and around midnight, Sara and Emily left. Mike then spooned in me while we went to sleep (for some reason he was still hard).

In the morning, I was woken up by his cock prodding around my pussy and I sleepily helped him to slide into me. We had a quick fuck as I needed to pee and woke Jen up in the process (of fucking – not peeing). Once I returned from the bathroom, Jen asked me to eat her and kept saying how much she needed to pee as well so I drew out her pleasure until she said that she was really bursting. As soon as she had finished cumming, she dashed to the bathroom while I let Mike taste her juices off my lips.

We had a fairly restrained day as we were saving ourselves for the party. I took Jen to one of the sex shops and got her to ‘accidentally’ display herself to a couple of guys, then for good measure I decided to join in and do the same. We had a little bit of dressing room fun (teasing only – no orgasms) and returned to the hotel for some food and to freshen up for the party. I went with my traditional schoolgirl outfit and we presented Jen with a new outfit to wear to the party – a fishnet bodysuit that left her breasts and pussy exposed. It wasn’t really the cute look that I enjoy seeing her in, but seemed to be perfect to show her off to everyone. Fortunately it was a reasonably mild evening so I got to carry out my plan to the full and Jen was only allowed to wear a short jacket over the bodysuit (it was long enough to cover her pussy/ass but I only allowed her to do it up enough to just keep her breasts covered). As we often do, we stopped off for a drink on the way to the party and between our outfits, we got a fair bit of attention. We didn’t stay in the pub for too long though as we had more fun things ahead, so soon moved on and headed to the party.

A few people were already there (we don’t like being first but don’t want to be too late and miss anything) and a couple had even already started some heavy petting on the sofa. When Jen removed her coat, her outfit got general approval and it was one of the rare times I got to see Jen blush so much. I fondled her a little while allowing people to watch and allowed Laura to have a proper play with her (with protection).

On the whole, the party was basically fairly similar to the others we’ve been to, although I did manage one new experience... Mike and I had been up in one of the bedrooms, watching a couple fucking on the bed and chatting to a few other people (it’s generally considered bad form to distract people enjoying themselves) and Mike decided that it was a suitable time for us to do something together (we generally only fuck once at the parties so we can enjoy doing things with other people). Mike lay on the bed and after briefly 69ing with him, I positioned myself over his cock and we pushed together. Once he was all the way inside me, I leant forwards and kissed him while riding up and down the shaft of his cock – trying to feel the gaze of everyone watching us. This time though I didn’t just want people to watch and broke our kiss to ask if anyone wanted to take my ass.

As regular readers will know, I’ve often had dildos/vibes in both my pussy and ass at the same time and I’ve been fucked in one hole with a vibe in the other, but I wanted to try being properly double fucked with two cocks. It would have been better if I’d decided to try this at the unprotected party so I could have felt them cumming in both my holes, but I was happy enough to just have Mike bareback as long as I got to experience two cocks. Fortunately, I had a willing participant who climbed up on the bed behind me, positioned himself and then pushed into me. It’s difficult to describe exactly how it felt – it was different than I had expected (still very good). I could feel them moving at different speeds which was good as it meant there wasn’t a natural rhythm of only having one of them fully in me – sometimes I was almost empty, sometimes fully filled when they both pushed in at the same time.

I was fairly vocal and told them what I could feel and what I wanted to feel. This was also for the benefit of the people watching us – threesomes happen fairly often at these parties, but they are mostly what the guys call the ‘good kind’ (2 girls and 1 guy) – it is rarer to have two guys fucking a girl so when it happens, most people come and watch. I guess it is more interesting for the straight girls as they can imagine what it would feel like and the guys are interested as they seem to like watching a girl be so lewd. At some future date I’d like to repeat this but with a cock in my mouth as well so I can show off just how lewd I enjoy being, but at that point, I was just enjoying the sensations emanating from my cunt and ass.

Even without any clitoral stimulation, I could tell that I was going to be able to cum quite easily like this and I told Mike I wanted him to cum in me. The guy in my ass said that he was about to cum so I told him to hold on for as long as he could as I was close. They carried on fucking me and I was fairly vocal as my orgasm built. Ass guy didn’t quite hold out long enough but at least he stayed inside me and Mike carried on fucking me so I came. I kept telling Mike to cum inside me and he carried on moving for a little while, then said he was going to fill me with cum (a little optimistic as he’d already cum a few times that night – but it was the thought that counted). Ass guy started to pull out but I asked him to stay still for a moment so I could enjoy being filled, but didn’t wait too long as I wanted him to pull out before he went soft.

I rolled off Mike and we got a small round of applause. I felt a little tender, but was happy that I’d achieved another goal. I took a break after that and chatted to a few people while I recovered. I encouraged Emily to have another play with Jen and the two of them put on a fairly good show on one of the beds while another couple fucked beside them. Laura couldn’t resist joining them and ended up fingering Emily (rapidly) which people really seemed to enjoy. Of course, Jen enjoyed Em eating her as well, so everyone was happy with the outcome.

We ended up staying later than usual – not that we came much more, we just took time between playing with people and managed to convince a few people at the end to have another round. By the end of the evening, Jen’s bodysuit was somewhat ripped (which was a little annoying as they aren’t that cheap). I made her open her jacket on the way home, but I did the same (I hadn’t bothered to put my clothes back on and was just carrying them so was completely naked under my coat). On the way home, Mike explained that while he had enjoyed seeing me cumming with two cocks in me, he hadn’t really liked feeling the other cock rubbing against his (through my internal membranes). Jen teased him and called him homophobic but he reminded her that he’d jerked Ashraf off. Jen teased him a bit more but in end conceded that he wasn’t homophobic – he just wasn’t that interested in guys (which was a point of view she could agree with).

We would have really liked to meet up with Sara and Emily the next morning to have some fun, but the best we could manage was to meet up for lunch. This meant that Mike, Jen and I (well, Mike and I and Jen and I) had to take care of things amongst ourselves, but we managed fairly well and felt quite satisfied by the time we checked out of the hotel. If Jen’s bodysuit had been in a better state, I would have made her wear it out but we had to make do with a short skirt and tight top. As you would expect, she wasn’t allowed anything under this and a quick (but forceful) fondle of her breasts just before we met up meant that her nips were easily visible through her top and both Emily and Sara noticed this.

Over lunch we discussed the party and told each other what we’d all got up to. I had to describe my double penetration episode and I gave the most graphic description I could (while still being sufficiently quiet that nobody else overheard). Once lunch was over, I offered Jen’s services and said that if they wanted, Jen would happily go down on one or both of them. They liked the sound of this, but weren’t willing to do things in the middle of town and didn’t want to try cumming in a changing room, so we had to regretfully postpone and just promise to meet up again soon.

Mike and I were leaving first so Sara stayed around to keep Jen company (Emily had some work to do). We had our usual farewell at the station (well, without the fondling as Jen’s coat wasn’t long enough). We (Mike as well) also got to give Sara a goodbye kiss and I promised her that when we next met up, we would spend as long as she wanted making her cum. I spent the train journey dozing and picturing her beautiful crinkle cut pussy lips, imagining what they would be like if they were paired with Emily’s sweet pussy juice and I managed to get myself quite wet. Unfortunately the train was too busy to do anything so we had to wait until we were back indoors before I could cum, but I made up for the wait and we called Jen to let her listen in (which was possibly a bit cruel as she was still travelling).

Jen told Lucy all about the party and described what it was like having numerous girls playing with her (in turn – not at the same time). By the end of the description, I don’t think there was any doubt in Lucy’s mind just how much Jen had enjoyed herself and Jen told her (as I had instructed her to) that she was going upstairs to play with herself. Jen did this and when she returned, she was fairly certain that Lucy had done the same thing, but she didn’t say anything about it.

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