Sunday, 3 June 2012

Visiting Vicky - Part 4

Once Jen and I had said hello properly, we went down to make breakfast for everyone (as was becoming habit) and took it up to Lis and Lucy who were still in bed. I didn’t even bother with the little apron and Jen only wore one of her light nightdresses. Lis and Lucy were naked (or at least topless) and made less of an effort to stay covered. Over breakfast, I thanked them for having helped to make Jen and I cum the previous night and Lucy pointed out that it had been mostly Lis who had done things. With Lis’ help I teased Lucy a bit and told her that I had seen one of her hands covered in yoghurt so I knew that she had joined in and stroked me, then spread my legs and told her that if she wanted to do it again, she was more than welcome. As expected, she didn’t take me up on my offer (but I’m glad that we get on well enough that I can tease her in that way and not offend her). Lucy did concede that she might have helped to fondle me a bit, but she still maintained that Lis had done much more (which I knew as I remembered full well what Lis’ fingers had felt like inside me).

The mood seemed light enough that I thought I could get away with having a bit of fun so I turned on Lis and tickled her. She tried to hide under the covers, but I climbed under with her and gave her a full on tickle, using my body to help hold her still. This was rather dangerous as I am very ticklish myself so as soon as she started to fight back things got rather tricky. I wasn’t trying to be too naughty and did my best to avoid groping her, but did get handful of breast a few times and a couple of strokes of her ass. I also got fairly good contact between her pussy and my thigh for a while and when I finally managed to pin her down I was sitting over her with my crotch on her lower stomach and this felt wonderful as she struggled underneath me. We were both panting and declared a truce (although I won) and I eventually climbed off her and let her get up. I warned Lucy that she might be next but I was distracted by the sight of her naked body (the covers had been thrown around while Lis and I had been tickling each other. Only when Lis sat up did Lucy partially cover herself (and Lis) up again and said that she would easily win as she wasn’t as ticklish as me, but we didn’t have time to find out as Lucy had her drama society that morning and they needed to get ready.

While Lis and Lucy showered, Jen and I returned to her room and discussed what had happened. I described how it had felt rubbing up against Lis and how much more open they both seemed to at least letting us play (even if it wasn’t ‘play’ in the way we would really like to). I tried to get Jen to have another session, but she said that she had a surprise for me once the others left so I didn’t get any more that a small amount of teasing. Jen and I quickly showered and then said goodbye (Lis and I would have left to go home by the time Lucy returned). As I gave Lis her goodbye hug, I told her that I would be thinking of her fingers inside me that night, then gave her a quick peck on the lips.

With the house to ourselves, I asked Jen what the surprise was. I had a few ideas (Peter, Jules and Mel...), but was told to wait and see. Jen and I got dressed into fairly nice outfits (although I had the suspicion that they wouldn’t remain on for long once things started) and we waited downstairs. I figured that it wasn’t going to be Peter as Jen said she was going to be involved in things, but she wouldn’t give me any more clues. I was a little disappointed when I opened the door and found out that all the build up had just been for Mel and Julia (not that foursomes aren’t exciting) but this was short lived when Julia said that she had a present for me and pulled Abrahii over (who had been hiding by the side of the door). She had the red dress that I really like on and looked quite shy as she came into the house (which just made her look even cuter).

As we moved through to the living room, Jen whispered that Abrahii had now been tested and was suitable for anything we wanted to do with her. Mel explained to me that as payment for my exhibition the previous night, Jen and I could have as long a session with Abrahii as we wanted. I asked Abrahii if this was okay with her (I thought it was only polite to ask before we violated her) and she said that she was looking forwards to it and placed her hand on my leg. I asked Julia and Mel if they were going to join in and they said that they would try to refrain and let the three of us play together. I suggested we move upstairs so we didn’t have to interrupt things later on and after we had relocated to Jen’s room (and stolen Lucy’s chair), Jen, Abrahii and myself took position on the bed and Mel and Jules sat watching us.

Things started off slowly and we had a three way kiss with lots of tongue, but were berated by our audience for being lipstick lesbians, so we kissed properly and let our hands start to roam. We were soon mostly naked – Abrahii still had her underwear on (lacy red) but I told Jen to leave it for a while as I liked the way it looked and we kissed and fondled her body. I let Jen take care of her breasts while I bend between her legs and kissed around her thighs and slowly worked my way towards her panties. I could see the patch of dark hair through the lacy material, but even better, I could smell her scent and in the end I couldn’t hold back any more and started to kiss and lick her through her panties. Once they were wet I thought it was time to see her properly and so peeled them off and slid them down her legs. She eagerly spread her legs again and I gently pulled her lips open. It was a beautiful sight – her dark skin contrasting with the pink of her pussy and I lowered me head to have a lick.

She tasted slightly tangy, but not too bad so I started to lick away properly and used my tongue to play with her lips. I looked round to see what Jen was doing and saw that she had already climbed over Abrahii’s face and was busy being eaten. I moved round between Abrahii’s legs so I could watch Jen and pushed my face back between her legs. I decided to utilise Abrahii’s flexibility and got Jen to take hold of her legs and pull them towards her – raising Abrahii’s pussy in the air slightly and making it much easier to eat her. I made use of this position and almost buried my face in her pussy, licking deep inside her and lashing her clit. She was much more vocal then the time I played with her at the club and I could hear her moaning through the muffling effect of Jen’s pussy (although to be fair, we didn’t have really loud music playing so I could actually hear her properly). I slipped a couple of fingers into her and fucked her while sucking her clit and got oa satisfying shudder out of her as she came. I then resorted to kitty kissing her while she finished off eating Jen and once Jen climbed off, I moved up, lay over her and kissed her deeply, sharing her and Jen’s juices.

Naturally, I wanted to find out how good she was at cunnilingus as well so after a brief break, I climbed over her face and let Jen take a turn eating her. The result was pretty much the same - she came first but carried on licking until I came and we had another rest. Julia and Mel joined us and while they had kept their word and not got involved, they had clearly been enjoying themselves while watching us (and had utilised some of our toys in the process). I thought this was a good idea and said that if Abrahii was going to be properly inducted into our little group of harlots, then we should do it properly and see how much she could take. Mel and Julia had only had short session with her so I let Jules play with her (mostly fingers and kissing) while Jen helped me get our strap on attached. I lay on the bed and asked Abrahii if she thought she could take the vibe. She was fairly confident she could (it’s not really that big), knelt over me and slowly slid down the shaft. I felt her weight press down on my crotch as she reached the bottom and Jen moved around behind her so she could reach around to play with her breasts.

I reached down to play with Abrahii’s clit and pushed back against her as she started to ride the vibe. I got Mel to apply some of the tingle gel to Abrahii’s clit and between us we stroked and fucked her until she came again. The internal vibe was beginning to have an effect on me and I didn’t want to waste it so once Abrahii dismounted, I suggested Julia climb over her face. With this done, I indicated to the strap on and told Mel to kneel forwards and eat Abrahii again. (I specifically chose Mel for this as I knew she was the most likely to be willing to make Abrahii cum again so quickly after the previous time. Once Mel was in position, I moved around behind her and pushed into her cunt and fucked her with long strokes, burying the vibe the whole way in her, then pulling out so the tip was just buzzing against her lips. I moved so that the internal vibe pressed against my clit but didn’t neglect Mel and ended up rubbing her clit while pressed against her so the vibe was buried in her. We both came in this position (not at the same time) and Julia and Abrahii also came before we broke up and I remove the strap on.

Abrahii was feeling a little tender by this point and even though we hadn’t quite given her the mega-session I’d had in mind, I thought she’d done reasonably well in such a short space of time. I had one more idea as to how we could make her ours and after quickly conferring with the others, I told her that we would all go out for lunch together once we had finished marking her. She was a bit confused at first but I told her to just lie still while I crouched over her leg and rubbed it against my pussy. I started at one of her ankles and rubbed back and forth the whole way up, then did the same to the other leg. I briefly assumed the scissor position with her and humped against her pussy, then got her to turn over and rubbed up and down along the length of the backs of her legs. I humped her ass and back then got her to turn back and rubbed myself against her stomach and breasts (taking each one in turn), her neck and then finally her face (asking her to eat me at the same time). I dismounted and realised I had missed her arms, so got her to rub them against my pussy and decided we may as well go for broke so got her to lie on her side and humped her sides in turn.

Jen, Mel and Julia all did the same (not in exactly the same order, but to the same effect) and by the time we’d finished, she was definitely marked with our juices. Not liking to do things half-heartedly, we knelt around her and fingered each other briefly, wiping the resulting moisture over whatever parts of her body we had missed out. I also gave her pussy a good rub and added her own juices to the mix. For final effect, I gave Jen a quick rub, twisted Abrahii’s hair round and bent it in two, then pushed it into Jen and did the best I could to fuck her with it (it wasn’t so much fucking Jen as coating Abrahii’s hair with her juices).

She was something of a state now but smelt incredibly sexy. If we’d had more time I would have happily stayed and eaten her again (and got her to do the same to me of course) but if we were going to get lunch we needed to set off, so I pulled myself away and said that we should get ready. Abrahii was allowed to clean her face and brush her hair, but not put any make up on (she really doesn’t need it and wears too much, which is a pity as it spoils her natural good looks). She wasn’t allowed to wear any panties (but neither were any of the rest of us) and we decided that even though she usually wore one, we wouldn’t let her wear a bra either, so she just had her red dress on. Our juices had mostly dried by the time she put her dress on so it didn’t stick too badly, but she still reeked of sex and so she didn’t feel quite as conspicuous, I let everyone wipe some of their juices over my breasts, thighs and pussy (I don’t think this actually helped her feel any better, but it certainly made me feel sexier).

We had a nice lunch together in a little cafe and Jules and I took every opportunity to fondle Abrahii. We could still smell our juices on her and it certainly had an effect on us. At one point, I took one of her hands and pushed it under my skirt so she could fondle my pussy and if we’d been in a more secluded spot I would have happily let her make me cum. By the time we finished lunch I didn’t have long before I needed to set off, but I really wanted some action or I knew I would be frustrated until I got back home (which would have been good for Mike, but it’s not as if I wasn’t going to fuck him anyway).

We went to a shop and selected a few items, then Abrahii and I headed into a changing room together. As soon as the curtain was shut I pulled her dress off, knelt in front of her and furiously ate her. We could hear everyone else around us, but I concentrated on her and with fingers and tongue, got her off. It was now my turn and I got her to kneel in front of me naked while I lifted my skirt, fondled my pussy and asked her to eat me. She started licking and it felt really good, but we were interrupted by the assistant asking if we needed any help (we had been in there a little while. I told Abrahii not to panic and (once she had stood up) opened the curtain a little to hand out a dress and asked the assistant to fetch a different size. As soon as she was gone, I pulled my skirt up again and told Abrahii to hurry before she came back (I knew I wasn’t likely to cum that quickly, but I liked the sense of urgency and it made her eat me all the more furiously).

I was coming along quite well but we were interrupted again by the assistant. I was sufficiently far along that I would have really liked (if I could have done it without being arrested) to just pull the curtain back and let everyone in the shop watch me being eaten. I resisted this though, but when I opened the curtain that time I know the assistant caught sight of the naked Abrahii. I also I knew that I looked rather flushed so I made a comment about it being quite warm in there and said we wouldn’t be much longer. As soon as the curtain was closed, I pulled my skirt off and spread my legs once more, telling Abrahii to finish me off. She did as requested and I soon came. Initially i had intended to be silent, but I realised that the shop was sufficiently noisy that I could afford to make a little sound and so I quietly moaned as I came and told her how good what she was doing felt.

We both got dressed, but before we left, I stood behind her and helped to smooth her dress down, then reached under it and had another quick fondle of her pussy. I gave my own pussy a rub and smeared my juices over her neck and chin – it wasn’t enough to be visible, but added an extra dose of my scent to her. On the way out I told the assistant that the dress had looked good on her, but the colour didn’t suit her. We then collected Jen, Jules and Mel and left.

I had to get to the airport so we said goodbye and on the way, Jen and I discussed the new member of our group. At the airport, we ducked into the toilets and Jen rubbed herself against my legs. We knew Mike wouldn’t really be able to taste her juices from me by the time I got home, but it was the thought that counted (and he really liked the idea of licking four girls’ juices off my breasts). Likewise, I enjoyed the thought that I was tasting Vicky while I sucked his cock.

I had a long chat with Vicky later that week. At first she seemed a little nervous but once it was clear that I was glad she had enjoyed her time with Mike she was a lot more forthcoming. She picked up on the fact that Mike and I were playing with each other while talking but I just blamed him for it. I did a pretty good job of having a conversation – with only a little interruption when I actually came. I promised Vicky that she could use Mike whenever she wanted and we talked a little more while Mike kitty kissed me. He had a chat with her while licking me (he obviously alternated licking and talking). He told her to imagine it was her cunt he was licking and gave me a long, hard series of licks (but didn’t make me cum again until we’d hung up).

I left Mike to tell Lis what he’d done with Vicky – she was okay with it, but he had sort of discussed it with her beforehand so it wasn’t really a surprise. I think it is clear now that even though Lis is always going to care about Vicky (possibly even always love her), Lis’ heart now really belongs to Lucy – so I just hope that everything works out between them as while I would undoubtedly enjoy helping to console Lis, I would much rather she stay happy (see – I don’t *always* want to have sex!).

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