Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Weekend of Many Pussies - Part 1

We're all off to York for the end of year sex party tomorrow. A number of the usual people are graduating so it will be our last chance to do things with them (unless we can convince them to come back for the parties like we do). It should be good fun anyway, but for now we're going back to the start of April when Sara and Emily visited Jen...

I had the Friday of Easter weekend off and left in the morning to go down and see Jen. I felt a little bad about leaving Mike alone for the holiday, but he had a few things to do and I’d promised him that I would return and submit myself to his every desire on the Monday.

There was another reason that he didn’t come with me – Jen had invited Sara and Emily down to visit and thought that it was only fair that Jen and I get a chance to do things with them (seeing as Mike had got to play with them by himself). I arrived a little after lunch and we headed back to Jen’s place and then back out to collect Sara and Emily from the station. Jen had decided that we should start the visit off on the right note and so I was only wearing a long coat (well, not really long, but long enough to cover the fact that I was naked). After we’d met the girls, we wandered a little way away from the station and at the first opportunity, I discreetly undid the buttons on my coat and tuned to give them each a hug, ensuring that their hands went on the inside of my coat. Emily made a comment along the lines of ‘oh, so that’s how it’s going to be’ and I told her that if she wanted, we could have a completely innocent weekend, but that would be a waste and Jen wanted to sample them both properly.

Sara is Emily’s little sex toy in a similar way to how Jen and I submit to each other and at my suggestion, Emily thought it would be a good idea to let me fondle Sara outside. We couldn’t do much, but I briefly got a couple of fingers into her pussy and we decided that we should get back to Jen’s place and say hello properly. We hurried home and had a brief rest and drink before heading upstairs. I had of course been naked since we’d arrived and we’d taken off our coats but had felt a little out of place being the only one on display. My (slight) discomfort was soon forgotten though when we started to fool around and the others slowly lost their clothes.

It would have been nice to just strip everyone else and get straight into things, but we all knew why we were there and didn’t feel the need to hurry too much. I‘m not saying that things weren’t fairly passionate, but we did take time to just kiss and gently fondle each other. We weren’t completely restrained though and it wasn’t too long before the kissing, stroking and fondling became a bit more urgent. Hands started sliding between legs and into panties and we decided that we’d waited long enough and it was time to properly get into things.

We decided to strip Jen first and the other three of us quickly removed her clothes (which didn’t take long as we only had to pull her dress off. With her naked, we then turned on Sara and finally Emily. I knew that both Jen and I really wanted to get to eat Emily as her pussy tastes so sweet but I also felt a little bad for Sara as everyone (who has tasted her) always comments on how nice Emily tastes. I also really like the way Sara’s pussy feels in my mouth – her lips are very soft and squishy and are very cute (now if we could just combine Sara’s pussy with Emily’s juices – mmm yummy!) so I told Jen that I wanted Sara first and that it was up to her to take care of Em.

Sara wanted to start off in a 69 but I whispered to her that I wouldn’t be able to eat her ‘properly’ that way and she knew what I meant. Sara absolutely loves having her ass licked and she happily lay on the bed so I could crawl between her legs and lick al around her cunt and ass. I only gave her a couple of minutes of this stimulation before moving around so we could 69, but she was very appreciative of it and alternated between licking away at my pussy and fucking me with her tongue (which granted wasn’t exactly going to have the same effect as a cock or dildo, but still felt nice). Our first round didn’t last too long once we had got going properly and we stopped to have a quick break.

We didn’t stop for too long though and thought that we should switch partners so we could all finish greeting each other properly. We went for the easy option again and just 69ed, but this time I got to taste Emily’s wonderful juices. She didn’t taste quite as good as I’d remembered (it wasn’t just me, Jen later said that she thought the same) but was still fairly delicious and I made the most of the opportunity to sample her. This round lasted a little longer (as we’d all cum only a short while before) and I came a fair while before Emily did. I carried on slowly teasing her until Jen and Sara had finished and only then went at her properly. By the time she came, she was pleading with me to let her cum, but her orgasm didn’t seem as strong as I’d hoped it would be. She was satisfied enough though and we took a longer break to have a proper chat.

It was only a couple of weeks before the next sex party (the start of term one) and Sara tried to convince Jen to come along to it. I know that Jen enjoyed the last one she went to (despite her previous reservations about them), but she held fast and said that she couldn’t afford to take the time off from revision (I’m actually quite proud of her work ethic). We still thought that we should punish her for being so boring though and I pinned Jen down while Sara and Emily first tickled her and then (at my suggestion) had a rummage through our drawer of toys to find further ways to torture her.

They found Jen’s vibrating nipple clamps and asked if we really used them. I explained that they belonged to Jen and she really enjoyed having her nips squeezed and bitten (to an extent – although much harder than I can stand). Jen knew it was pointless resisting (especially as we were going to make her cum) and let us attach the clamps. I then pulled out a couple of other toys and we set to work on Jen. We teased her for a while and took turns sitting over her face so she was forced to eat us. I didn’t leave Sara and Emily out and also fondled them, but our attention was mostly focused on Jen. As she got closer to cumming, I pulled out our powerful mains powered vibe and plugged it in, then handed it to Emily to hold against Jen’s cunt. We then thought that we may as well do things properly so Sara and I each took one of Jen’s legs and held them apart and also helped to spread her pussy, each pulling on one side so her clit and inner lips were completely exposed to the vibe.

Having experienced this vibe for an extended time (or rather, having been forced to experience it) I knew that I was possibly being a little cruel, but on the other hand Jen was definitely going to cum and that can’t really be a bad thing can it? As soon as Emily pushed the vibe against Jen’s exposed clit, Jen started moaning and saying that it was too intense. I reminded her about how she had tied me to a chair in front of everyone and made me sit on the vibe for ages (or what felt like ages) and promised her that I wouldn’t be quite than mean to her. I don’t think Jen was actually listening to me though and her moans got louder until she was making incredibly guttural sounds as she came (none of her usual delicate mewing). She writhed around trying to break free and I told Emily to stop as soon as Jen had cum.

We thought we’d done a good job, but I felt the others should at least briefly experience the vibe so I rubbed the head between Emily’s legs and then gave Sara a quick go. They were impressed at how strong the vibrations were but neither of them were in the mood to cum again just yet so I contented myself with wiping the vibe clean on Jen’s body.

It was way past lunchtime and we headed down to have a snack. I’d hoped that everyone would stay naked, but we ended up compromising and just wearing long t-shirts. While we ate, we just chatted and decided to head into town for a bit of a girly afternoon (or at least what would be left of it by the time we got ready). We didn’t hurry too much as we weren’t sure how much would be open and knew we had the Saturday as well to shop. We ended up spending most of the time in a cafĂ© (for one of Jen’s coffee top-ups) and then went for a general wander and Jen showed off a number of the places that I had been made to do things for her and her friends.

Sara was confident that she wouldn’t be brave enough to exhibit herself the way I do and I told her that I thought it was much easier to fool around in another town where nobody knows you than it is to be naked at the sex parties in York. We agreed that my being displayed to Jen’s friends was probably similar to the sex parties and Sara sort of understood how I could be so free when visiting Jen (as I wasn’t likely to bump into anyone I knew – discounting Jen’s friends of course). Jen said that we could go to where it all began (her old halls of residence) later on and we would show Sara and Emily where I’d done some of the other things we’d been talking about. I had another idea on the way home, but kept it to myself and tried to think of a way to implement it.

We headed home but decided to head out for a drink later on that evening. We fooled around a little, but only stroking and kissing – not trying to make anyone actually cum. I was actually trying to get people sufficiently worked up so they would agree to my idea and by the time we thought that we were hungry enough for food I’d done as much as I could and pitched it to them. It was simple enough – I wanted to do the standard pizza dare, but take it a step further. Ideally, I wanted us all to be included but Sara was still a little nervous so we adapted my original plan slightly. After ordering food, we headed up to get ready. This was simple for Emily and me as we were going to be naked and I had an idea for Jen, but we had to find something for Sara to wear. Jen borrowed Lucy’s silk gown, which is sufficiently sheer that it is fairly easy to see the outline of her body and nipples through and we hunted out a set of underwear for Sara to wear. I had expected to find something suitable in Lucy’s drawer, but we actually went with a set belonging Lis’ – a black lacy bra and panties (I think she looks better in white or pale pink, but I remember Lis telling me that Lucy likes the way she looks in black).

Emily thought that the silk gown would go well over the black so Jen slipped it off and handed it to Sara. The underwear was clearly visible through the gown and looked very sexy, but now we had to find something else for Jen to wear. She settled on one of Lis’ short gowns, which was significantly shorter on Jen (there is about 3-4 inches of height difference between them). We didn’t know how long we had left before our food arrived, so we headed downstairs and moved one of the chairs so it was facing the door and positioned so it was visible from the hallway while the door was mostly closed. Emily sat on the chair while the I knelt knelt on the floor in front of the chair and started to lick her. We swapped round every couple of minutes or so and agreed that whoever was in the chair when the bell went would stay there. Jen and Sara did a similar thing, but on the sofa. I remember thinking that Jen seemed to spend more time licking Sara than the other way around, but I didn’t think too much of it as I was enjoying what Emily was doing to me and then enjoying her taste.

When the food arrived, Emily was the one sitting in the chair, with me between her legs. I had been hoping that I could have sat and cum but I made the best of it by raising my ass as high as I could so my pussy would be nice and visible. Sara and Jen got up to answer the door and I turned round to watch as they carefully ‘closed’ the living room door, leaving a gap of a couple of inches. We listened as they answered the front door and invited the guy in to pay him. I resumed licking Emily and tried to listen to what was going on.

I was later told that he openly eyed up Sara and Jen and they told him to dump the food in the kitchen. Jen wrapped an arm around Sara and kissed her while she handed him the money, then told Sara to take the food into the living room. He watched her leave the room, but caught sight of Emily and me when Sara pushed the door open. Jen pretended not to notice that he was watching us and fiddled with her purse, but after a minute, she ‘realised’ what he was looking at and apologised, saying that we had just got carried away and he wasn’t meant to see. He said it was fine but Jen pulled Sara back out and half closed the door again.

Emily had been moaning away ever since Sara had come into the living room with the pizza and as she left, her moaning got louder. I was frantically eating her, trying to make her cum (so it wasn’t all put on) and she started to pant and kept repeating that she was nearly there. Jen had initially intended to get the guy to leave, but once she heard Em saying that she was about to cum, she thought that he may as well get to hear. They dithered in the hallway and she made small talk with him about how late he had to work. He didn’t seem to be in any hurry leave and Jen once again wrapped an arm around Sara, but this time, let her hand slide down Sara’s back. She slide her hand under Sara’s gown and down the back of her panties. Emily was on the verge of cumming and wasn’t hiding this – Sara apologised again but Jen said that she didn’t think he minded and pushed her hand between Sara’s legs and kissed Sara once more.

As soon as Emily had cum, she told him that he should probably leave as they (Jen and Sara) wanted to do things, but they weren’t quite as public as we were. Having said that, as he went out the door, Jen slipped her hand into Sara’s gown, pushing the top part aside and stroked one of her breasts (through her bra). She closed the door on him and they returned to the living room, congratulating us (Emily and me) on a job well done.

They filled us in on what had happened in the hall and Emily thought that Sara had done a good job and been very daring. She decided that she deserved a treat and asked if we minded postponing dinner for a while – which of course we didn’t if it was for some fun. Sara was bent over the arm of the sofa and Emily knelt on the floor behind her – she pulled Sara’s (or Lis’) panties aside and went down on her. I suggested to Jen that we should probably make use of the time and I could reward her for being brave enough to (semi)-display herself while in her home town and we scrunched up in the remaining space on the sofa and 69ed.

It didn’t take too long for us all to cum (Sara came first, but I think Em was licking both her cunt and ass). We then sat and ate dinner – Sara kept Lis’ underwear on, but Jen got her to remove Lucy’s silk gown as we didn’t want to get pizza grease on it. We didn’t have any problems getting her ‘grease’ on Lis’ panties though and once we’d finished eating, we took turns rubbing her panties and pushing them between her lips. We weren’t trying to make her cum again though and we spent the rest of the evening chatting, half watching a few films and occasionally teasing each other.

We went to bed fairly early and only had one session, although it lasted for a while. At one point, we lay in a circle, eating each other (which I’m informed in called daisy chaining) and agreed that we would keep going until all of us had cum. I was eating Sara, who ate Jen, who ate Emily who ate me. If I recall correctly, Emily actually came first, but this meant that she was a little distracted so it was easier for me to hold out. Jen was next, and finally Sara and myself. By the time we finished and moved apart, Em said that her pussy felt very sensitive, so we all gently kissed it better and curled up to go to sleep (another duvet-bed on the floor so we could all fit).

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