Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Vicky's Visit - Part 1

Jen and I have just finished dinner and are about to head off for a walk along the beach. We're away for a few days on our honeymoon while Mike tidies up the house in preparation for Jen finally moving in with us and starting our life as an extended family.
This entry took a proper group effort between Mike, Jen and me to write... Vicky came up to visit us on the last weekend of April (just as she had promised him a couple of weeks before). We were in the midst of packing to move to our new house (the apartment isn’t really big enough for both of us with all our stuff and it will only get worse when Jen also moves in).

Jen arrived mid-afternoon on the Friday. She had been very good at sticking to her revision and we decided that she deserved a weekend’s rest – plus she was hoping to get a chance to do something with Vicky, even though Vicky was only intending to let Mike do things to her. Jen had died her hair so it was slightly redder (as she knew I thought our little redhead Sara was cute). It wasn’t too much of a change, but it looked good on her (although her hair pretty much always looks perfect – except after we’ve been rolling around in bed of course!).

Mike went to meet Vicky at the airport by himself and brought her home where Jen and I each got a hello hug from her. It was wonderful to actually see her again, although she clearly seemed a little nervous about me being there. (She knows that I know what she and Mike have been doing, but I think she still finds it a little odd that I’m willing to share him with her – occasionally).

We grabbed a quick snack and went out for a drink. Mike flirted quite a bit with Vicky, but I had Jen to keep me company. We couldn’t find anywhere quiet enough to chat properly so ended up going home fairly early and chatting there. Mike sat up on the sofa with Vicky and Jen and I sat on our makeshift floor-bed. When I went to get a drink, Vicky followed me into the kitchen and asked if I was really all right with her being there and spending the night with Mike. I told her that it was really fine – and if it wasn’t, then I would have been a bit miffed about his previous visits to her, given the things they had gotten up to. We chatted a bit more and returned to the living room where the conversation moved round to Lis (briefly) and Vicky seemed happy that Lis was doing well.

We called it a night and once the usual chores were out of the way, headed off to bed. I sent Jen in to the bedroom naked to fetch one of our vibrating eggs and this gave Mike the chance to tell Vicky (again) how Jen had to do what I said when we were at home and I had to do what she said when I visited her. Vicky insisted on shutting the bedroom door before they started to play with each other. Once this had been done though, she was more than happy to let Mike strip her off, push her onto the bed and busy his face between her legs. He didn’t mess around and ate her until she came, then climbed up her body and kissed her deeply, letting her taste her own juices, as he slid into her and started to fuck her. Vicky wrapped her legs around him and they rocked back and forth on the bed, panting into each other’s mouths.

Mike carried on fucking her for a fair time, then got her to kneel up on the bed so he could take her from behind (as well as play with her breasts and clit). Vicky had been fairly quiet at first (probably so Jen and I wouldn’t hear), but Mike kept encouraging her to tell him what she wanted him to do and he told her how hot her cunt felt and how he was going to fill it with his cum again. They encouraged each other to push harder and Vicky ended up with her head pressed up against the headboard while Mike pounded into her cunt. Jen and I could hear their skin slapping together and the headboard hitting the wall and it and we pictured them fucking while we toyed and fingered each other. We stayed fairly quiet (so we could hear) until Mike and Vicky finished, but then allowed ourselves much more freedom. We weren’t being deliberately noise (and weren’t actually too bad), but Mike later told us that they could just about hear our moans as we came.

Mike hadn’t actually finished with Vicky and as soon as she let him (she wanted a little break as she’d cum twice), he was back between her legs and he slowly ate her to another orgasm. He threatened to fuck her again, but they just ended up spooning and fell asleep with him inside her. In the morning, his alarm woke them up as he’d ‘forgotten’ to turn it off. He woke Vicky up properly by going down on her and ate her until she came, then kitty kissed her to get her in the mood for more.

As you probably guessed by my use of ‘forgotten’, this was actually planned and Jen and I had woken up a little beforehand and quietly started to prepare breakfast. We skipped our morning orgasms, although did fondle each other a fair amount while we were in the kitchen and by the time we’d listened at the bedroom door to Vicky’s orgasm, we were both feeling nice and horny. We gave them about 5 minutes and then returned with the breakfast, knocking on the door and waiting to be told to come in before we entered. Mike had still been kitty kissing Vicky, but he had moved up beside her and Vicky had pulled the covers up before we entered.

Jen was wearing just my little frilly apron (she had brought it up with her) and I had a fairly short t-shirt on. Vicky knew that we did this with Lucy and Lis and so wasn’t too surprised (although a little flustered from having been interrupted). Jen placed the tray down and Mike sat up against the headboard and encouraged Vicky to do the same. We’ve all seen her sunbathe topless before but she still seemed a little reserved and initially tried to pull the duvet up to cover her breasts, but realised that this wasn’t practical (especially as I was sitting on the bed so she couldn’t move the duvet).

Jen handed Vicky some coffee and toast, making sure she gave Vicky a good (and obvious) view of her bare ass as she bent over to pick things up. Once she had served breakfast to everyone, she joined me on the bed and we sat chatting. I commented that we had heard them enjoying themselves the previous night and Mike replied that Vicky had been wonderful. She made a fake-coy look, but seemed to have accepted the fact that I was completely fine with her fucking my husband (as I’ve told her before, Jen and I got to fuck Lis, so it only seems fair that Mike gets to have her).

We moved the breakfast things off the bed and carried on chatting. Mike moved closer to Vicky and they moved down the bed slightly (still under the covers). He started to gently fondle her pussy and slowly increased the pressure and speed. Jen and I pretended not to notice until he moved up behind her and positioned himself to spoon with her. At this point I said that if they were going to do things, then I should make Jen do the things she has me do in front of Lucy and I slipped a hand between her legs. Mike asked Vicky if she minded watching Jen cum and added that he really wanted to watch us (Jen and I) do things. (Vicky knows that he doesn’t get to watch us do things too often and she is well aware how much he likes the idea of women doing things together). She gave him her approval and he pressed up against her while telling us to put on a nice show.

I got Jen to remove the apron and sit with her legs spread so she could start to play with herself while I fetched a vibe for Jen from the drawer. She took this, lay back on the bed and started to tease herself properly with it. I joined in and used my fingers on her clit and then leant forwards to suck on her nipples. I was facing away from Mike and Vicky and was perfectly aware that my t-shirt wasn’t long enough to cover my ass in this position (not that we’d spent any time planning things…) and I felt the familiar excitement from knowing my pussy is being looked at. I pushed my ass out to give as good a view of my cunt as possible and only just resisted reaching between my legs to finger myself.

Meanwhile, Mike had reached around Vicky and was stroking her breasts while rubbing his cock back and forth against her ass. Vicky wasn’t saying much, but she had started to push back against him and he was fairly sure that she was enjoying the show. We had tried to come up with a way of communicating without Vicky realising, but decided in the end to just go with things and see how she reacted and as Jen got more and more excited, I decided it was time to switch to the next stage. I sat up and pulled my t-shirt off, then lay on my back with my head pointing towards Vicky and told Jen to climb over me. This position allowed me to eat Jen and let Vicky see everything that I was doing. I pulled Jen’s lips apart and used fingers and tongue on her (she still had a hold of the vibe and was using it on me) and I hungrily ate her. It only took a few minutes in this position before Jen started mewing away and a short while longer before I felt her bucking against me as she came.
Mike and Vicky had moved round a bit so they were almost lying across the bed (this made it easier for them to watch what we were doing). Mike had slipped inside Vicky while we had been busy and was now slowly fucking her, pushing as deep into her with each stroke as he could. When Jen came, he moved his hand from her breasts down to her clit and started to play with her more seriously while he whispered in her ear how good her hot little cunt felt and asking if she wanted him to fuck her, cum in her and make her cum again (she did).

Jen had carried on playing with me while she came (she’s gotten a lot better at doing this) and my orgasm was beginning to build. I could feel my skin getting more flushed and took another couple of messy licks from Jen’s cunt (mostly for show). Even though I was somewhat distracted by Jen’s ministrations, I was concentrating on listening on what was going on behind me and could tell that Mike and Vicky were also going at it. The plan was for me to cum first so Jen and I could witness Vicky’s orgasm - I was fairly sure that Mike would hold out, but I also wanted to cum as quickly as possible, just to be on the safe side. I reached down and pushed Jen’s head against my cunt and rocked back and forth against her face - she seemed to get the message and concentrated her sucking on my clit until I came with a fairly sharp orgasm (which caused me to yelp a few times).

Jen kitty kissed me for a little bit and then rolled off me so we could kiss and watch. Mike was fucking Vicky properly by this point and had her left leg lifted up and over him so he could easily play with her clit. Although his hand blocked our view of her pussy most of the time, when he reached up to play with her breasts, we got a really good look at her engorged lips and his cock sliding in and out of her. He had her head bent round to the side so they could kiss and we got to watch for a while before she realised that she was now part of the main attraction. Fortunately, by the time she realised this, she was too close to cumming to care and she allowed Mike to carry on fucking and fingering her until she came. She half buried her face in the covers as she came and Mike pumped hard and fast into her and wasn’t too far behind her. He pressed deep into her and stayed there while they both calmed down, before finally pulling out and letting Vicky pull the covers up to half-cover herself.

Mike rolled back up against her and reached over to fondle her breasts (which were still mostly visible) and he whispered to her that she had probably just made Jen’s day. Vicky blushed a bit at this and told him he was a bad person, to which he just retorted that she seemed to have enjoyed cumming in front of us. Mike slipped his cock back inside her and asked if she wanted to fuck again and she told him that it would be nice, but she wanted to experience our shower (Mike had told her about the pulse setting on it and how we use it to masturbate fairly often). I wasn’t sure if Vicky was just using this as an excuse to not cum in front of Jen an me again, but I’d already had a good look at her naked body and watched her orgasm so I didn’t mind if she wanted some privacy. He told her to head into the bathroom and he would fetch towels and join her.

Vicky climbed out of bed and looked around for something to wear and then obviously decided it wasn’t worth it given what had just happened. I was trying to look at her thighs to see if Mike’s cum was leaking out of her, but I didn’t get to see before she went out of the door (although Mike said that when he met her in the bathroom, her thighs were rather damp). Our fantasy plan had included Mike feeding Jen and I Vicky’s juices from his fingers (repeatedly – possibly even until she came again – and then Jen and I taking turns to go down on her), although we hadn’t really expected this to happen and were happy with what wed got. Jen got to taste a little of Vicky from Mike’s fingers while I took the more substantial serving and quickly sucked his cock clean. He dashed off to join Vicky and we soon heard the shower running. Jen and I both wanted to go for a second round and we ended up using the double ended dildo and the scissor position. We energetically humped against each other, not trying to be at all quiet. We would have been quite happy for Vicky to walk in on us fucking, but Mike kept her busy in the shower until we’d both cum.

He had honoured Vicky’s wish and used the shower on her while she stood braced in the corner with one foot up on the side of the bath. She had no trouble cumming again (but it’s quite an effective method) and Mike licked her a little afterwards and then stood up so they could actually shower. He was hard again by this point (or still hard from earlier) and pushed back inside Vicky when she had her back to him. She wasn’t as well lubricated due to the thorough cleaning she’d been given but he made it most of the way in and pressed her up against the wall. He asked her if she had enjoyed her morning and then told her that I had sucked his cock clean of her juices and added that I had set that as the price for letting him play with her.

She turned around to face him (pulling herself off of his cock in the process) and asked him what we (Mike, Jen and I) wanted to happen. Mike told her honestly that Jen really wanted to do things with her (especially her breasts) and added how he and I had fantasised about having a proper threesome with her. He went on to say that we didn’t actually expect those things to happen and weren’t going to try to make her do anything, but he then added that she seemed to have enjoyed watching Jen and me and then cumming in front of us so if she were willing to do things, there were always options… She told him that it would be strange doing things with me as we’ve known each other for so long and Mike told her that was fine, he was perfectly happy keeping her to himself and he would take care of making her cum as much as she wanted. As they dried themselves off, he asked if she minded Jen and me being naked around her and Vicky said it didn’t bother her. When Mike asked if she was okay with Jen and me playing with each other, she hesitated a bit, but said that was okay as well.

Jen and I had finished our session and tidied the toys away by the time Mike and Vicky returned and we went off to shower together. We didn’t spend as long in the shower as we just washed each other but Mike still had time to kitty kiss Vicky on the bed. She commented on the fact that the curtains were now open and he told her not to worry about it and just enjoy the feelings. He gave her pussy a thorough licking until she tasted like herself once more and he could easily slide a couple of fingers in and get them covered in her juices. He got her fairly aroused – not close to cumming though – and when we returned from the shower, they stopped playing and we decided to get dressed and head out to look around the town. I made Jen wear one of her shorter dresses and commented on how lucky Jen was to be able to go without a bra. Once she had the dress on, I stood behind her and tweaked her nipples until they were hard enough to show through the dress and then went about getting myself dressed. Mike convinced Vicky to go without panties (not too difficult as she sometimes does this herself anyway) and on the way out the door he slid a hand under my skirt to finger me and then did the same to Vicky before licking his fingers clean.

I walked with Mike, letting Jen and Vicky chat for a while. Mike filled me in on the shower conversation and I eagerly asked if he thought we would get to do anything more. He said that we might get to repeat the morning’s actions, but didn’t think we would go much further, not that we intended to stop trying – although we didn’t want to push things too far. Fortunately Vicky isn’t the sort of girl to just go along with things and we were fairly confident that she would say something if we tried to do anything she didn’t want to. We had a fairly relaxed day – mostly just wandering round and seeing the sights with a bit of shopping and a stop for lunch. Jen and I had a little bit of changing room fun, but neither of us came (we were saving up to be able to give a better show later on).

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Mike's first times

Assuming everything is going to plan, Jen and I should be starting our ceremony right about now…

I forgot that I’d promised to write about Mike’s first times, so will do that now. Long term readers will know that I was the third girl that he’d actually slept with (or his third proper girlfriend as he puts it). You already know about our first time (as well as the subsequent ones – and if you don’t, they are all detailed in previous entries), so I’ll be leaving those out and concentrating on his ‘early years’).
Mike’s first girlfriend was at school with him. She was called Sally, and like me, had long dark hair. They actually started off very slowly and had been sort of flirting for a while, had spent an evening kissing at a party, she had then made out with another guy a week or so later (which he was rather upset about) and then when they talked about it and he told her that he liked her, they ended up getting together.

Sally is where his opaque tights fetish comes from (I think) – as she wore these most of the time when she wasn’t in school uniform (and often when she was). She almost always wore skirts, although quite a lot of the time they were ankle length, flowing skirts, but whenever she sat down, she would pull the material up to her knees and Mike would admire her legs.

Sally had large breasts – not quite as large as mine, but Mike thinks they were fairly close. Now Mike isn’t a breast man, but as a 16 year old boy, he was more than happy to play with her breasts and he got her top off a number of times to kiss, lick and fondle them. They did this outside a few times in the woods just by Mike’s house. One evening he had taken her out for dinner (he can’t remember if there was a specific reason for that) and had stopped in the woods on the way home to make out. He soon had her top and bra pulled up and his face buried between her breasts, but this time he also got his hands under her skirt (which he remembers was one of her long dark ones). He got his hands down the back of her tights and into her panties when she told him to stop and said they should head home. He thought that he had gone too far, but she didn’t seem to be angry and when they got in, they went straight up to his room (he says that he literally dragged her past his parents so they didn’t get caught up in a conversation about their meal).

They resumed their kissing on the bed and he ended up on top of her. She could feel his cock pressing against her through their clothes and after a few minutes, Mike pushed his hand down her body and between her legs. This was the first time he’d touched her crotch (with his hand) and he rubbed her through her tights and then when she didn’t object, he pushed his hand into her tights and found her wet, warm pussy. He didn’t really know what he was doing as this was the first time he’d actually touched a pussy, but he knew what he wanted to do as he’d seen enough porn already. He pulled her tights and panties off, spread her legs and crawled between them. Sally seemed a little nervous about him getting such a good look at her pussy, but he didn’t look for long and quickly started to lick up and down her cunt. He had wanted to do this to a girl for years and he eagerly ate her. He knew enough to try and concentrate his licking around her clit (although he didn’t really know exactly where this was). Despite it being his first attempt, he made her cum and she had to push him away when her orgasm had ended (he was enjoying himself quite a bit).

It was now Mike’s turn and after they had kissed a little bit more (Mike had wiped his face clean of Sal’s juices), he rolled off her and she stroked the front of his trousers. With his help, she undid his trousers and got her hand into his boxers and he ended up cumming over her hand almost immediately. They kissed a bit more and Mike briefly fingered her – he was going to go down on her again, but it was getting late and Sal needed to get home. He did at least walk her back home and they had a long goodbye kiss – he tried to get his hands back into her tights so he could get her juices on her fingers, but Sal was worried about her parents seeing, so he wasn’t allowed to and had to be content with just the kisses. He ended up masturbating again later that night (once he’d got home and gone to bed).

Sal didn’t want to do this again for a while and their sessions went back to just kissing, although he was sometimes allowed to rub her through her tights or dry hump her. The next time something happened was in her bedroom – they were making out and when he tried to get a hand between her legs, she didn’t stop him and he soon had her tights and panties off. This time he started off by stroking her – although from his description, stroking might not be the right phrase as he was quite forceful and strummed his fingers rapidly back and forth over her clit. She had to get him to stop a few times as he was using too much pressure and in the end he crawled back between her legs and went down on her again. He had no trouble making her cum this way.

Sal had begun to stroke him while they had been kissing so he had been able to grind his cock against her lower leg while he’d been eating her. Once she had cum, he sat up and she took hold of his cock again and within a few strokes he came over her thigh and across her skirt (which was pulled up over her stomach). Once they got her cleaned up (Mike remembers using her panties to do this), he got to play with her pussy again (more gently) and he explored it properly. In most of the porn he’d seen, the girls had been shaved or partially shaved, while Sal had a reasonably large bush, so he couldn’t see as much as he wanted. They ended up being disturbed by Sal’s little sister knocking on the door and Mike quickly fastened his trousers (Sal only had to slide her skirt down and hide her wet panties).

One time at school, they did things together while hiding behind one of the buildings. He knelt in front of her, pulled her panties down, got her to hold her skirt up and he ate her. Once she’d cum, he got her to suck him off – Sal didn’t enjoy doing this much and really didn’t like having him cum in her mouth (which I don’t blame her for – it took me quite a while to get used to the taste).

On another occasion at Sal’s house, Mike convinced her to let him shave her. She was quite nervous about this, but he trimmed the hair with scissors first and then used her razor to finish the job off. Even though he had played with and eaten her a good number of times by this point, he now got to see her properly and he discovered that it was far more pleasurable (both for him and her) to eat her shaved cunt. He ended up eating her three times in a row (to three orgasms) as he found the sight so appealing. By the time he’d finished, he was pretty much ready to blow and he just asked her to open her blouse so he could cum over her. It didn’t take long until he came and he squirted his cum over her breasts. At his request, she massaged this in and they then used her panties (again) to wipe up any remaining cum.

Sal didn’t enjoy having a fully shaved pussy as she found it too itchy. Mike tried to get her to not wear panties, but she would rarely do this (especially to school) and so in the end they settled on only shaving her lips, so he could easily eat her, but letting the hair grow back on her mons and keeping it trimmed. They carried on fingering, jerking and eating for a few months – sometimes in the woods, sometimes at school and most often at one of their houses. A few times Sal’s sister interrupted them – she never caught them actually doing anything, they thought that she knew what they’d been up to (one time Sal had forgotten to hide her soggy panties and they think that her sister saw them).

Things carried on like this and they ended up completely naked together a few times (when they had a house to themselves for a few hours). Sal let Mike hump against her once or twice and it was clear that the next step was to actually fuck properly. Eventually the day came and Sal had told him to come over one Saturday while the rest of her family was out. They had already bought some condoms and after a brief bit of foreplay, Mike suited up and slipped into her. They just used the standard missionary position, but he remembers even now how amazing it felt. While he’d gotten a bit better at delaying his orgasm, he still didn’t last too long and came before she had started to feel too much. This gave him the opportunity to go down on her though and he made sure that she came twice.

They tried again a few days later and once again Mike came first and had to finish Sal off with his fingers and mouth, but he lasted a bit longer and she enjoyed the actual penetration more. Over the following weeks, they ended up fucking at pretty much every opportunity they had. Mike even convinced her to fuck while at school and they got used to Sal leaning forwards against the wall and sticking her ass out so he could take her. He usually just lifted her skirt up and pulled her tights and panties down just enough to get inside her and they would fuck like that. He rarely managed to get Sal to cum by just fucking her (he didn’t really understand that he needed to stimulate her in other ways at the same time), but she liked this as it was cleaner than him cumming over her and it meant she didn’t have to suck him off.

In the summer months, he convinced her to wear shorter skirts – sometimes with tights and sometimes with socks (white of course, but that was the uniform). This outfit made it particularly easy to fuck her as she could just lean forwards and he could pull her panties aside and get inside her. Pretty much whenever they fucked, he would always finger or eat her afterwards so she came as well (unless they were interrupted), so even though his technique was far from perfected, he wasn’t being selfish and made sure she enjoyed herself as well.

He remembers one time that she had a short skirt on (not indecently short – it was within school regulations), he fucked her and told her that he wanted to do it again or he wouldn’t give her panties back. Sal didn’t want to risk being caught so refused to do any more, and he actually kept her panties for the rest of the day. Looking back, he does feel quite bad about it, but he also found it an incredible turn on knowing that her exposed pussy was just under the hem of her skirt. She got them back after school and he ate her in the woods to make up for it and convinced her to keep them off for the walk back to her place.

They did have a scare at one point – her period was late by a couple of weeks and she really thought she was pregnant. She had promised him that if she actually was pregnant, she would let him fuck her without a condom on, but eventually her period came and he never actually got a chance to enter her bareback. They split up after about 6 months and she went off with another guy a few months later and Mike spent the rest of his time at school pining after her. They did manage to make up and become good friends, but never got back together other than a light make-out session at a party (nothing below the waist).

Mike didn’t have his next ‘real’ girlfriend (what he terms the ones who he got to sleep with) until his second year of Uni. He had a lot of female friends (and still gets on with girls really well), but always seemed to end up as the one they were moaning to about their boyfriend. Fortunately for him, this changed when he met Fiona, a small blonde girl (small both in height and body size). She was quite shy, but a very nice girl (from what he tells me) and it took quite a while for them to actually get together. He was her first actual boyfriend (she was very studious so was pretty much shunned by the boys in her school) and things moved very slowly between them even after they’d got together.

They progressed from holding hands (no, I’m not joking, holding hands was an actual ‘step’ for her) to kissing, and over time to him playing with her breasts through, and then under, her top. Fiona wore jeans most of the time, which frustrated Mike somewhat as he is something of a leg man (probably thanks to Sally), but she would occasionally wear a skirt for him. They finally made it to humping and grinding against each other, but never made it as far as either one of them cumming and Mike was getting very frustrated by this point. He really did care about her so didn’t want to force her to go faster than she wanted to, but at the same time, he was tired of playing with her and then going back to his room to jerk off.

They eventually progressed a little further and he was allowed to slide his hand into her jeans and play with her pussy – at which point it became much easier to make her cum. Fiona didn’t like the idea of him cumming over her though (and at that point, blow jobs were certainly out of the question), so the only way he was allowed to cum was to do it in his boxers. Despite the slow progress, Fiona seemed to be opening up and enjoying their fondling (and especially her orgasms) more and they had discussed taking things further and actually having sex.

Their 6 month anniversary was coming up and Mike had saved up to take her out for a nice dinner and she had even agreed to wear a dress. With the dinner over, they went back to her room and (as usual) ended up on her bed, kissing. Fiona ended up on top of him and he pulled her against him, trying to slide her dress up a bit each time she rubbed back and forth. Eventually his fingers found the hem of her dress and he worked his hands under it, down the back of her tights, into her panties and onto her ass. This gave him a much better grip and he pulled her against him as he ground against her. They ended up rolling over and Mike pushed her top and bra up so he could suck on her breasts while he used his thigh between her legs (and rubbed his crotch against her leg).

He pushed a hand into her tights and panties, fingered her a little and then sat up to pull her tights down. He’d never actually seen her pussy before and was greeted with the sight of her pink, wet lips and pubic hair matted with her juices (not that she was absolutely soaked, but he had smeared her juices over her when he’d been fingering her). She didn’t have a huge amount of hair and it was dark blond in colour, so didn’t completely hide her cunt, but Mike was now really used to shaved pussy from his advanced porn gathering & watching so he was a little disappointed (even though he knew from touching her previously that she wasn’t shaved).

Fiona was quite embarrassed that he was looking at her and she was really surprised when he moved down between her legs and started licking her. He still remembers that he didn’t like her taste as much as he liked Sal’s, but he was still back doing his favourite thing and he carried on eating her until she came. He moved up her body and tried to kiss her, but she made him wipe his face clean before she would let him kiss her (what sort of girl won’t even eat her own pussy juice?). He told her he wanted to make love to her and she said that he could, but he had to use a condom. Naturally, Mike had been carrying some around for a while in the hope that he was going to eventually get to sleep with her so he quickly fished one out of his jacket, pulled his trousers off and rolled the condom on.

Fiona was quite nervous and Mike had the sense to not try and rush things too much (even though he desperately wanted to fuck her, he did also love her). They kissed a bit more and he rubbed against her, then rolled onto his back and pulled her on top of him. They carried on kissing and he once again held onto her ass and guided her back and forth, slowly moving his cock down so he could position it by her pussy. When he was in place, he reached around and spread her pussy, then pressed the head of his cock against it. He told her to press back slowly and after a couple of attempts, they got lined up enough for him to slide the head inside her.

He slowly worked his way into her, a little more at a time until he was pretty much all the way into her and then he guided her back and forth in time with his movements. She felt quite tight, but he at least lasted longer than he had with Sal due to a number of years of additional practice (admittedly through masturbation, but he could at least hold back a bit now). He had dreamed of fucking her until she came a second time, but the pleasure of being back inside a girl ended up being too much and he ended up cumming. Fiona didn’t mind (and she wasn’t used to cumming more than once in an evening anyway) and he got her to stay on top of him with his cock buried in her so they could enjoy the feeling. He only pulled out when he started to go soft and once he had cleaned himself up, they lay beside each other and snuggled.

He still wasn’t allowed to spend the night with her, but now things had progressed that far, they had sex a few more times that week and she even let him eat her (she found this rather distasteful, but the fact that he always made her cum seemed to offset this). Fiona ended up going on the pill and Mike was finally allowed inside her without a condom on and he enjoyed this feeling even more. It took Fiona a while to get used to leaking cum after they’d had sex and Mike wasn’t too keen on eating her when she had his cum in her, but he always did this as she couldn’t cum just from him fucking her.

He finally had the revelation of getting her close to cumming and then having sex – usually he would do this by eating her beforehand until she was really close to cumming, but as they became more practiced, he started to play with her clit while they fucked as well and found that he could draw things out more. Fiona was still fairly conservative though and the most he could really get her to do was to occasionally go on top – sometimes sitting up properly so he could play with her breasts as she rode him, but most of the time they just used the missionary position. He never got her to shave her pussy (or let him do it), but as her pubic hair was sparser than Sal’s, he didn’t mind this too much and still ate her as often as she would let him.

He remembers one time when they were in the middle of sex and some of her friends knocked on her door. Fiona wanted to stop but Mike carried on moving in her and ended up making her cum while they were chatting outside. He couldn’t get her to do many other adventurous things though and it became clear over time that while he really liked her, they were fairly incompatible, both sexually and in other aspects. Eventually they broke up – at the time, neither of them was happy about this and they almost got back together a couple of times, but they realised that they were better off as friends (although Mike would have preferred friends-with-benefits).

Following Fiona, Mike had another dry spell until he met the love of his life (me) and he got to corrupt me in new and interesting ways that he had dreamt up while masturbating. I’ve already detailed our first time near the beginning of the blog as well as his first time with Sue (who wasn’t a virgin, so it doesn’t really count in his eyes). We’re still undecided if Sara counts as a virgin – he definitely took her heterosexual virginity, but she’d been with a few girls before that. All things considered, I don’t think he can complain too much with having taken 3 ½ girls’ ‘flowers’ and while I’m a little jealous that they got to fuck him before I did, I’m also thankful that he learned from them (and from masturbation) and can now last much (much) longer than the couple of seconds it took Sal to make him cum the first time she touched him!
My apologies for how this entry turned out – I wasn’t feeling too well when I wrote it and while I’m writing about what Mike has told me, I had hoped that it would come out a lot more sensual/erotic than I think it did. Technically I should try and rewrite it, but if I went back and fixed things I’d never stand a chance of catching up!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

April 2012 Sex Party - Part 3

I probably won't be replying to comments/emails for the next few days as Jen and I have our commitment ceremony at the weekend and will then finally live together. I'll schedule a post for Sat and will be back online properly sometime next week. For now, back to the part of the party weekend that Mike enjoyed the most...

In the morning, Mike went down on Emily and I took care of Sara. Mike had a good idea of what he wanted to do next – he planned on fucking Emily and emptying his load into her and wanted me (or Sara) to 69 with Emily while he did so. Emily had other plans though and asked Mike to help her with Sara. Initially Mike assumed that this would be another case of having two people eating Sara (one front, one back), but Emily soon filled him in on her plan. She wanted Mike to semi-spoon with Sara – not penetrating her but just rubbing his cock against her cunt – while Emily and I would take turns licking them both. As you can probably guess, Mike liked the idea of humping against Sara’s pussy, but he checked with Sara that she was okay with this (he is well aware that she is gay and is thankful enough that she sometimes lets him eat or lick her). Sara said that she had agreed to it so he took up position behind her and carefully slipped his cock between her legs.

Sara brought her foot up behind her left knee so right leg was raised and we (Emily and I) had a good view of Mike’s cock and Sara’s crinkle cut pussy lips. Emily pushed his cock against her and told him to slide back and forth and she then spread Sara’s lips so she could press his cock against her clit as he moved. Mike used long steady strokes back and forth and Em bent forwards to lick him as he did this. I swapped places with her after a few minutes and tried to lick around his cock so I could get some contact with Sara as well, but other than tasting her juices, I didn’t really achieve this too well.

Emily wanted to move to the next stage and got me to sit up beside Sara’s body and help spread her lips. Mike was instructed to pull back slightly and this allowed Em to lick them both properly. Sara seemed to enjoy this more (although she had said that Mike’s cock had felt nice against her clit) and when it was my turn (and Emily was spreading Sara for me) I got a good view of Mike’s glans rubbing back and forth over Sara’s pussy. I could now lick them both properly as well as occasionally quickly flick my tongue between Sara’s lips. I once again switched places with Emily and was told to spread Sara as far as I could (without it hurting her of course). I could see Emily licking between her legs and Mike said that her tongue kept pushing the head of his cock between Sara’s lips. He asked if he was allowed to cum over her cunt and Sara said that they would see.

Emily said that it was now Sara’s turn to rub against him and I was allowed to move round so we could both watch as she moved back and forth. We once against spread her lips and Emily pushed Mike’s cock against Sara to give her something to rub against. A couple of times, the head slipped a little way inside her and Mike told her to control how she moved or he would end up in her properly (and added that he wouldn’t mind if that happened). Emily held his cock in place and rubbed around Sara’s vagina with it. Sara pressed against him and I watched as the tip entered her. To his credit, Mike pulled back but Emily had a firm grip on him. He told Sara he was going in to her (as if she didn’t know) and Emily said it was fine.

Sara pushed down again and I watched her cunt envelop the whole head of Mike’s cock. Mike was instructed to let Sara do the moving and he stayed mostly still, but I could see him making small thrusts towards her cunt. Emily told him that she had got Sara to agree to experiment (that is what University is for after all) and that he was the first man to be inside her. She’d obviously been penetrated by many things before (brush handles, dildos, vibes, fingers), but had never had a guy’s cock in her. Mike asked Sara if he was really the first and she confirmed it. Sara had about half of his cock inside her by this point and Emily had to let go so they could carry on. Mike had been half propped up on one arm up until this point but he lay down properly behind Sara and pressed up against her properly. He reached an arm over her body and cupped one of her breasts and asked if he could fuck her properly and cum inside her. She told him that he wasn’t allowed to cum, but then said that if he was good and did as he was told, she might reconsider. Mike told her that he would do whatever she wanted and she told him to slowly press against her while she got all of him inside her.

Once she had achieved this, Emily returned to licking Sara’s clit and (between licks) told Mike to start fucking her, but reminded him not to cum. Fortunately Mike is good at holding back, but he did later tell me that the thought of being in a ‘virgin’ pussy which was being eaten by the owner’s girlfriend did make it a bit harder than usual to fuck without cumming. As she got more aroused, he kissed Sara’s neck and shoulders and fondled her breasts. He wasn’t moving in her at full speed, but was using fairly long strokes and going reasonably fast. Emily kept licking and sucking Sara’s clit and I told Sara to tell us what she could feel. She described how Mike’s cock felt and what Em was doing to her and her description became increasingly breathless. She told us she was going to cum soon and then just breathed heavily and let out small moans and ‘oohs’ (not porn-star ones, these actually sounded real and very erotic). Sara came and Mike pushed as far into her as he could while Emily’s face was still in the way, and when Em pulled back, Mike pushed all the way into Sara and stayed still (well, he kept moving slightly, but he wasn’t properly fucking her).

They stayed joined together like this while Emily explained that this had all been planned (to some extent). She had been ‘working’ on Sara for a while to get her to try fucking a guy in the hope that she would really enjoy it and they could occasionally invite people to join them. Like me, Emily is bi and even though she really loves Sara, she doesn’t like the thought of never having a cock inside her (which is why Emily had talked Sara into going to the parties and she lets mike do things with her). Emily explained that Sara was now no longer a virgin (in the hetero or bi-sexual sense), but that Emily had been the first person to Make Sara cum while a guy had been inside her (this is why they hadn’t wanted Mike to fuck her ‘properly’).

I had taken Emily’s place between Sara’s legs and had been sort of kitty kissing her while Emily had been explaining all this and I could easily see how hard Mike was pressed into her. He asked if he had been good enough that he would be allowed to fuck her again with just the two of them and Sara told him that she would allow it this once. He pulled out, asked her to lie on her back and quickly took up position on top of her. We watched him slide in and start to fuck her in the missionary position and Emily helped to pull Sara’s legs up and got her to wrap them around Mike. They didn’t stay in this position for long though and Mike soon sat up, pulled Sara’s legs up against his body and fucked her with long deep strokes. I love the way it feels when he does this to me and I couldn’t wait any longer (I was now the only one of us who hadn’t cum) and started to play with myself. Fortunately Emily took pity on me and moved over to sit beside me and help play with my pussy (to be honest, I stopped and let her take care of me).

Emily kept asking Sara how it felt and she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself. I suggested to Mike that they finish things off with Sara on top and they moved around so Mike was on his back and Sara mounted him (if he’s fucking me, we can move to this position without him having to leave my cunt, but this was all brand new to Sara). Sara rode Mike’s cock while sitting up and then he pulled her down on top of him. I felt I should help out a little so moved between Mike’s legs and leant forwards to give Sara’s ass a couple of licks. She liked this so I did it for a while longer and I think this helped her get closer to cumming. Mike asked her if he could cum inside her and Sara told him to go ahead so he asked me to move out of the way and he started to fuck her faster.

He had his hands on her ass, guiding her up and down and he pumped in and out of her and he told her he was going to empty himself into her, but that he wanted to feel her cum. Emily reached over and rubbed a finger over Sara’s ass and then pushed a little way into her, but she couldn’t keep her hand in position as Sara was bouncing up and down too quickly. Sara didn’t seem to need any more help anyway as she was moaning and saying that she was nearly there. Mike kept pumping away until she came and carried on fucking her the whole way through her orgasm, Only when she had finished, did he let go and tell her he was about to fill her with cum. It took him hardly any time from when he started to say this until he made a few slower, deeper thrusts into her and then held her ass tightly, keeping her impaled on his cock.

They were both quite out of breath and Mike moved gently in her for a little while before giving her a big kiss and thanking her. He helped her off (which I’m sure she could have done herself) and as she lay beside him, Emily spread Sara’s pussy and we watched as his cum started to ooze out of her. I was going to suggest that Sara stood up so she could enjoy the feeling of it running down her legs, but Emily got stuck in and started to eat her. I climbed over Sara’s face to let her eat me (I still hadn’t cum as Emily had gotten distracted watching). Sara didn’t say anything and just started to eat me and I rocked back and forth on her face (fairly forcefully) until my orgasm hit me. I must have been fairly wet as I left a fair amount of juice on Sara’s face, but that just gave me the excuse to kiss and lick her clean as Emily ate her to another orgasm.

Sara was very breathless by this point and said she needed a break. We all rested for a while (with a little gentle teasing continuing) and Emily explained once more how she had talked Sara into experimenting with Mike and how they considered him trustworthy as he’d been around Jen a lot and hadn’t tried to force her to do anything. (I think they were worried that Sara might have changed her mind halfway through and wanting to know that she could stop things if she wanted). Mike said that he was glad she had gone through with it and complimented her on how soft and wet her cunt felt (another blush for Sara at this point). After a while, Mike asked if she thought she would do things with a guy again and she said that it had felt nice, but hadn’t felt as ‘right’ as when she did things with Emily (or other girls).

Sara was still satisfied, but the rest of us were now in the mood for a little more action and Mike still wanted to have his planned with Emily. She wasn’t at all opposed to this and she suggested that she take care of me at the same time, so I climbed over her face and Mike fucked her. This position allowed me to reach down and rub her clit, but after fucking her for a while, Mike decided that he wanted a chance to eat me and so he ended up on his back (again) with Emily on his cock and me on his face. We enjoyed this position for a while and Mike ate me to orgasm before we switched position again. To finish off, I lay on the bed with Emily licking me and Mike took her doggy-style. I felt Emily humming into my cunt as she came and the position also gave me the opportunity to watch Mike’s face as he got closer to cumming and finally came inside her.

I think he was really enjoying himself as he almost immediately grabbed Em and pushed her onto her back so he could eat her. This wasn’t gentle kitty kissing, he was really eating her properly and it was obvious (to me anyway – but I know what he’s like) that he was going to carry on until she came again. Emily squirmed around on the bed, making all sorts of exciting noises, but she didn’t try to push him off and allowed him to have his way with her. She came with a series of little yelps (some not quite so little) and only then did she tell him to stop (which he did).

Even though I’d only cum a short while ago, I felt somewhat cheated that everyone else had cum three times and pointed this out. This time, it was Sara’s turn to come to my rescue and she promised that she would make sure I came. She pulled out a dildo and started to rub it up and down my pussy, then pushed it into me and went down on my clit. At the same time, Mike and Emily played with my breasts but I asked them to stroke my neck instead. They took a side each and Mike showed Emily how I liked to be touched there (she has seen it before, but I’m quite particular about it) and as I got more excited, Mike suggested that she ride my neck for a while to coat it in her juices and any of his cum left in her. She did this and my neck ended up feeling quite moist (which was nice) and then they returned to stroking it.

Sara told them to lift my legs up and I guessed what she would be doing. The dildo was discarded, but she made up for it by lapping all around my cunt and ass and even spearing me a couple of times. As I got closer to cumming, Mike and Emily used a hand each on my neck and their other hands on my breasts and it felt amazing. It almost felt like I had hands all over my body and I’m told that I was panting and almost grunting. They didn’t let up and carried on stroking, pinching and lapping away at my body until I came. It was one of the strongest orgasms I’ve had in quite a while and I was very vocal as I came. It felt like it lasted for ages and I’m sure it was at least two orgasms and possibly three (but definitely multiple).

I felt much better (if rather tired) by the time they finished and knew that I’d now more than caught up with everyone. Sara and Emily went off to get breakfast ready and Mike followed them a few minutes later, leaving me to rest. They returned and we ate while sitting on the floor. We didn’t have to leave for a little while and ended up going back to bed (to keep warm) while we chatted. As we talked, Mike’s cock started to stand to attention again and he crawled under the covers and gave my pussy a few licks and then crawled over to Emily to eat her. I told Sara that she shouldn’t be left out, so moved over between her legs and used the dildo that she had used on me in her. In order to help repay her for her part in my multiple-orgasm, I ended up sliding a finger into her ass and fucking both her holes at once. While I did this, I tried to describe to her what it felt like to be fucked by two guys at once and we discussed whether she would enjoy having her ass fucked properly.

Mike ate Emily until she came and then slipped back into her. He said that he wasn’t able to cum again (and later told me that his balls were aching by that point), but he just wanted to feel her cunt around his cock one last time. Once I’d made Sara cum, she wanted to help me cum again – at first I was going to refuse, but I didn’t want to waste the opportunity so I ended up sitting over Emily’s face and presenting my ass to Sara for her to lick (just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, she really loves ass). Mike watched us do this and then suggested a slightly different position – Em and I 69ed on our sides, which still allowed Sara to lick me but also allowed Mike to spoon with Emily (sort of). It was a nice position as there was so much going on, but it was too awkward to actually do a great deal, so after a while, we went back to the previous position and I let our hostesses give me my last orgasm of the morning.

We showered in pairs – first Mike and Em, followed by Sara and me and gathered up our things to head back home. At my request, Emily made Sara go out with just a long (mid-thigh) length coat on and nothing underneath. We stopped off for coffee and a snack and managed to fondle Sara a fair few times. On the way to the station, we popped into a shop and made use of their changing rooms – I got Sara to strip naked (shoes as well as coat) and knelt in front of her to eat her. As soon as she had cum (and she’d put her coat on), we left and it was instantly obvious to both Mike and Emily that I’d made her cum as she was still fairly flushed.

We had a decent amount of time at the station to say goodbye and both Mike and I got a chance to caress Sara’s body under her coat. We both got to kiss Emily properly as well, but she wasn’t dressed for fondling so we just had to make do with kissing. We dozed a fair amount on the train, but discussed the weekend in a couple of hushed conversations (the train was quite busy) and as soon as we got home, we gave Jen a call and told her everything. Needless to say, she was surprised that Sara had let Mike fuck her, but wished that she had been there to see it (as well as wishing she’d come along to the party). We promised her that she could make up for it at the end of (academic) year party and we’d get as many girls to fuck her as she wanted.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

April 2012 Sex Party - Part 2

Someone suggested that he use something on me and when I didn’t object to this, a beer bottle was handed to him. It still had the dregs in it but Neil resolved this by pouring it over my ass and rubbing it in (it was only a small amount, but I’m glad I was on someone else’s bed!). He then pushed the bottle into me and fucked me with it quite rapidly while playing with my clit. I could have probably held back until Melissa had cum, but I was enjoying myself so I just went with the sensations and let him make me cum. As my orgasm approached, I told him to hold the bottle firm and I pushed back against it hard. I could feel my lips stretching around the broad neck but kept pushing back as his fingers strummed over my clit. I came and wasn’t as delicate as Melissa’s moans had been (but from experience I know that people at the party seem to enjoy me describing what I can feel). My fondling of Melissa was briefly interrupted, but as soon as my orgasm passed, I resumed and quickly finished her off. I crawled up her body to kiss her and to give Neil (and others) a good view of both of our pussies. As we kissed I whispered to Melissa how she seemed to have enjoyed her threesome and she gave me a little smile and said it looked like I’d had fun as well. I asked if she wanted to try eating me, but she said she wasn’t quite ready for that yet so I told her that I would be waiting if she changed her mind and crawled off her.

I’d almost forgotten about Clare and Giles, but saw them as I got up. They’d clearly enjoyed the show as Giles’ trousers were undone and Clare had her hand wrapped around his cock, stroking him. I moved over to them and Clare looked slightly embarrassed, but given what they’d seen me do, a hand job wasn’t really anything. I indicated that the bed was free and they could use it and Giles was quite eager to do this. I think it was obvious that he was the one who’d wanted to come to the party more, although Clare seemed to be willing enough to go where he led. They sat on the bed and Clare leant over and started to suck Giles’ cock while he pulled up her top and freed her breasts.

It was really obvious that it was their first time at the party as Clare had jeans on, but Giles wrestled with them and managed to get them undone without Clare having to interrupt her sucking. I was very tempted to offer to help him remove them, but they’d been fairly clear that they didn’t want other people involved so I just perched on the desk and watched them. Giles had a hand in Clare’s panties by this point and he got her to lie on the bed so he could pull her jeans off completely. As soon as he’d done this I called over for him to eat her and he crawled between her legs and started to do so. I was enjoying watching then and had idly started to play with myself when I was asked if I would mind sucking someone as we watched. I told him that as long as it didn’t interrupt my view I would happily oblige him and we shifted our position so he could stand beside me and I could get the end of his cock in my mouth.

I decided I may as well do things properly and picked up the bottle that had been used on me earlier, pushed the end into my cunt and started to play with my clit. Giles stopped eating Clare and moved up her body, then slid straight into her. She lifted her legs and then wrapped them around him (which looked a little silly as she still had her socks on), but it meant that I had a reasonably good view of the action. I could sort of see his cock sliding in and out of her and he gave her a fairly good fucking, which I tried to emulate with my bottle. It was mostly my clit-play that was stimulating me though and I tried to concentrate on the cock in my mouth to stop me from cumming too soon.

I still came first though and happily fucked and frigged myself through my orgasm while I concentrated on Giles’ ass bobbing up and down and his cock disappearing into Clare’s cunt. With my orgasm out of the way I thought I should concentrate on other people’s pleasure so I let the bottle fall to the floor and used a hand to stroke the cock I was sucking, while just gently toying with my wet pussy (just because I’m concentrating on someone else, it doesn’t mean I can’t still feel good as well). Giles was moving faster by this point and I pumped the cock faster still. Giles stopped moving with his cock buried in Clare and I turned slightly so I could suck better, swirling my tongue around the glans and taking the cock a bit deeper into my mouth. This seemed to do the trick and I felt the condom fill (or partially fill) with cum, so I slowed my sucking and just gently moved my head back and forth while applying gently pressure.

As soon as Giles climbed off Clare, she started to cover herself up, pulled her top down and put her legs together. The guy I’d been sucking thanked me and I (along with a couple of others) went over to chat to Clare and Giles and congratulate them on having completed their initiation display-fuck. Clare definitely looked a bit embarrassed, possibly not helped by the fact that Giles’ cum was clearly leaking out of her and running down her legs (well it was clear to me, but I was specifically looking for this). She tried to discreetly wipe her thighs clean while putting her panties on and then she slipped her jeans back on. On the way downstairs I suggested that if she came to another party, a skirt was much easier and she agreed. Before I headed off to find what Mike was doing, I told them I had enjoyed their display and hoped they enjoyed having people watch and as a final comment, I whispered to Clare that I thought she had a beautiful looking pussy (which caused her to turn a nice shade of pink).

I bumped into Laura and told her that I had got to play with Melissa – she was a little jealous as before I started coming to the parties, it was always her who got to help broaden the horizons of the girls (experiment with ‘straight’ girls) To be fair, she had fooled around a little with Melissa at a previous party, but only kissing and a little bit of fondling/fingering, she hadn’t eaten her or fingered her to orgasm. To help make up for her loss, I told her I would happily play with her and I reached under her skirt. She didn’t stop me and I easily slid a couple of fingers into her and we ended up kissing while I fingered her. As you would expect, her fingers found their way to my cunt but I told her I didn’t need to cum again as I’d just cum twice. This didn’t stop her and she said that she wanted to play with me anyway and if I *really* didn’t want to cum, she would just get me ready for the next person.

I allowed her to continue to work her fingers inside me, but increased the speed and pressure I was using on her. As intended, this helped to get her off fairly quickly, but her plan had also worked and I felt ready for more by the time she had finished cumming. Fortunately, our little display had been eagerly watched - as are most of the girl-girl things that happen at these parties (you’d think that guys don’t ever get to see girls do things with each other). It was easy to find someone willing to fuck me and we headed upstairs back to the room I’d done Neil and Melissa in. The bed was free and we started off with me on my back, but soon flipped over so I was on top. I wanted to do a bit more and asked Ben (the guy who was inside me) if he minded me offering myself to other people and he told me to go ahead. I was already in the appropriate position and asked the people in the room if anyone was up for a bit of DP.

Corey seemed eager to join in with us and climbed up on the bed behind me. I felt his cock press against my ass and I held myself in position to let him work his way in and I then resumed riding Ben’s cock. It took a bit of practice, but we found a good way to move that meant we all enjoyed it. I couldn’t really move fast enough to cum, but I loved how filled I felt – and there was the added bonus that we had a lot of people watching us. (Generally whenever a threesome or anything ‘interesting/unusual’ happens at the parties, most people want to watch – it is part of the reason we’re there after all). I guessed that if we carried on as we were, at least one (and possibly both) of them would cum before I did and I really didn’t want this, so I asked them to slow down a little while I reached between Ben and I to play with my clit.

It was a bit of an awkward position, but the extra bit of stimulation was all I really needed and I was soon really enjoying myself. Once I knew I was close enough that I would cum first, we resumed our earlier rhythm and I let them both fuck me to a wonderful orgasm (I was also still rubbing myself). I was then treated to further fucking as they took care of their own pleasure, with Cory cumming first (and unfortunately pulling out once he’d cum), but Ben wasn’t too far behind him. Once again, I really wished that we’d done this at the unprotected party as I would have loved to have two sets of cum oozing out of me (although they had both cum already that night, so I doubt it would have been a huge amount anyway). I thanked them for their participation and then went to chat to Mike who had been standing watching us.

We decided to take a break and I got a quick update on what he’d been up to (but we mostly save that for post-party conversation) and filled him in on who had been filling *me*. I quite liked the fact that it had been a cock-heavy party for me (I’m not saying I prefer cock to pussy, but it felt good to be fucked by a selection of guys for a change). We chatted with a few other people and watched another couple fuck while the guy fingered Mike enjoys watching me be fucked (which is just as well as it’s his fault I’m like this) and he suggested I offer my mouth to some people again. Even though it was getting late, I still managed to find a couple of guys who wanted me to blow them and I lay on the bed with them on either side of me. I kept a hold of both cocks and stroked one while I sucked the other, but slowly pulled them both closer to me so I didn’t have to move my head as much. Laura decided that it was time for her to repay me for the orgasm I’d given her earlier and she joined us on the bed and pushed her head between my legs. I didn’t mind this at all (as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, Laura is good at eating pussy) and I let her do as she pleased and concentrated on the cocks that were in my care.

I ended up getting them close enough together that I could lick them in turn by just turning by head slightly and with a little more gentle persuasion, got them pretty much touching so I could lick them both with a continuous movement. I had sort of noticed that Laura had someone behind her (and could feel her face being rhythmically being pushed against my cunt, but I had failed to realise that a couple of people had actually decided to join in and they were taking turns fucking her. If I’d known that, I would have probably wanted to swap with her, but as I was blissfully (and literally so) unaware, I carried on sucking and stroking. Laura’s fingers invaded my cunt and then she added one to my ass (I’ve done this to her before) and I had to concentrate on my sucking. I did well enough though and made one of them cum and then I came while sucking the second one. He seemed to enjoy me humming and moaning around his cock and he fucked my mouth and then came not long after I had.

I looked down between my legs and watched Laura being fucked until she came – I had briefly considered lying underneath her in a 69 position so I could play with her clit and watch as her cunt swallowed the cock over and over, but she came before I got round to suggesting this. I did get a good view of her face though which I thought was a nice end to the session and once she had finished, I excused myself and went off to get another drink (only of water – I’m still trying to stick to my low(er) alcohol resolution). I half-watched Mike going down on Sue (not my sister) and after she’d cum, he kitty kissed her for a while, which she really seemed to enjoy.

A few people had already left by this point and I noticed that Clare and Giles were heading off so I went to say goodbye and told them I hoped they would come again (pun intended). Sara and Emily seemed to be finished and Mike was ready to head home so we retrieved the bits of clothing (Em was also topless, although her top was in a better state than mine and she could actually wear it on the way home). We traded stories during the walk and I found out that Emily had also Enjoyed Bennett’s cock, along with Gareth and a couple of the girls (like me, Emily believes in equal opportunities).

We quickly got ready for bed and Mike took turns spooning with Emily and me – he asked Sara if he could spoon with her, but unsurprisingly she declined the offer. He gave us both a decent semi-fuck but said he wasn’t going to cum again and we all decided to wait until the morning to actually do things properly. He fell asleep spooning with Emily, but I moved around so I could curl up with Sara and enjoyed having her ass nestled against my crotch.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

April 2012 Sex Party - Part 1

I'm heading down to Jen's place (her home) this weekend for a final check of the plans for our ceremony. If I'm lucky, I'll get to enjoy her brother again before he moves a step closer to becoming family :)

Mid April – It was time to head down to York again for the start of term sex party. Jen wasn’t with us as her exams were imminent and so we decided to take Sara and Emily up on the offer of a bed (and anything else they might ‘offer’ us).

We arrived on the Friday night, went out for drinks with their friends and returned to Emily’s place. There was no doubt that we were going to fuck and as soon as we got indoors, we started to tease each other. Mike and I both wanted to eat Emily, who didn’t taste quite as sweet as usual, but still very nice. We took turns eating her but then felt a little guilty for leaving Sara out. We decided to remedy this in the best way possible (for her tastes) and I lay on the bed, let her climb over my face and Mike entered me and fucked me while we both ate Sara (me cunt, Mike ass). Once she had cum, he asked if he could eat her ‘properly’ later on as payment for servicing her fetish and she said that she would consider it.

Mike hadn’t cum in me as he wanted to save that for Emily, so for round two (or technically round 1.25 as only one of the four of us had cum), Emily took my place on the bed, I climbed over her face and Mike fucked her. I was facing him so I could watch as his cock slid in and out of her and I reached down to help things along by playing with her clit and stroking his cock (really keeping my hand still and letting his cock slide against it as he fucked Em). Emily was doing a good job of eating me and Mike was clearly enjoying her cunt, but he held back from cumming until both Emily and I had cum (but then happily emptied himself into her).

We had a brief break, but I couldn’t help myself from sampling Emily once more. She definitely didn’t taste as good with Mike’s cum in her and I got Sara to have a taste to give her opinion (she is obviously far more experience with Emily’s juices than either Mike or I are). Lastly, Mike had a taste of her and we all agreed that she tasted better when unpolluted with boy-cum (Emily fingered and tasted herself and also agreed). Mike pretended to be put out by this and Sara agreed to let him have a little lick of her to help make up for the insult. I took the chance and resumed licking Emily – I was allowed to make her cum but Mike was only allowed to eat Sara for a minute or so and then had to stop. To make up for *this*, Mike was allowed to fuck Emily again while Sara and I 69ed.

We slept after this, but discussed the upcoming party while we went to sleep. We decided to make sure that Emily really enjoyed the party as her exams were coming up soon (as were Sara’s, but Emily had her exams first). In the morning, we decided to start the teasing early and when Mike woke up, he woke Emily and me and we ganged up on Sara. I went down on her while Mike and Emily took care of one of her breasts each. She wasn’t allowed to cum as we all wanted to be nice and worked up for the evening (it makes the first orgasm at the party feel much better), but we kept her close to cumming for a while.

It was Emily’s turn next and we repeated things with her, except we all took turns eating her and Mike pushed his cock into her mouth for a while. When she was as aroused as we could get her (without letting her cum), it was Mike’s turn. Emily and I took turns sitting on his cock and riding him and we then both licked and socked his cock together. Sara kissed him while we did this (given Mike’s been allowed to eat Sara’s ass and cunt, she doesn’t mind kissing him). We got Mike nice and hard and it was finally my turn. I got everyone to eat me and Mike to fuck me a little while Sara and Emily licked my nipples. I nearly came a couple of times, so ended up pulling them (in turn) to my mouth to give them another few licks (quite a few) as payment.

We then gave Jen a call (I thought it was unfair that we should all be having fun while she was by herself) and chatted to her as we fondled each other. We encouraged her to ‘join in’ (it didn’t take much) to convince her) and we watched her use a vibe on herself while Emily and Sara told her what they would do to her the next time they saw her. By the time Jen came, we were certainly all aroused and knew that we should probably stop if we wanted to actually refrain from cumming so we stopped for breakfast. Neither Sara nor Emily were being as diligent about revision as Jen was (but neither of them had finals to worry about) and so said that they could spend some of the day with us. It was nice to have a wander around York again (as an added benefit, the parties meant that we came back every couple of months) and we did a bit of shopping and visited some of our old haunts.

We tried to have low-level teasing throughout the day, using changing rooms, alleyways and pretty much wherever suitable to quickly fondle each other. Nobody got really close to cumming, but we certainly enjoyed ourselves and managed to keep each other aroused. We had an early dinner out and then returned to Emily’s place to prepare for the evening. We took turns showering and Emily and Sara shaved each other (Mike had done me the previous morning). Sara only left a little patch of dark hair on Emily’s mons and Em was going to do the same, but succumbed to our pleas to leave a fair sized patch of red hair on Sara and just neatened it up (her lips and clit were completely bald, so all the good stuff was visible). We were given an extra treat as Sara had been convinced to go in a very cute outfit (we had nothing to do with this, the request had come from some of the other guests) – it was even more cutesy than my schoolgirl outfit and consisted of thigh high white socks with little blue ribbons, matching bra and panties (complete with more ribbons) and a pale blue short dress. Sara was a little embarrassed at the thought of going out like that (only for the walk, she didn’t mind people at the party seeing her wearing it), but she seemed to have resigned herself to it as she didn’t object when I suggested that we complete the look with pigtails.

I let her do the same to me and Emily decided to play along but went with bunches. I couldn’t restrain myself from kneeling in front of Sara and kissing her crotch – not enough to make her panties wet (as I didn’t want to spoil the innocent look), but enough that she certainly felt it and started to push back against my face. We were all on the verge of just fucking where we were, but having spent the day restraining ourselves, it would have been a waste so we set off a little early and headed straight to the house (I did suggest that we stop off for a drink on the way, but Sara didn’t want to stand in a pub in her outfit).

We were pretty much the first to arrive and thought that we should wait for a few more people to turn up before we got stuck in. We didn’t entirely waste our time though and fooled around a little with the people who were there. Emily fondled Sara a bit more and got her on the sofa with her legs spread. I know it was a bit greedy of me as I could (and intended to) have her after the party, but I joined Emily and we sat either side of Sara, each holding one of her legs and we caressed her panties and thighs. Our position meant that the sight of Sara’s panties were pretty much the first thing to greet people as they arrived, but she was now so turned on that she didn’t care in the slightest (and didn’t seem to consider the fact that someone unrelated to the party might knock on the door).

People seemed to appreciate the greeting we’d laid on for them and Laura made a bee-line for us when she arrived. She knelt between Sara’s legs and joined us in fondling her panties, which were now damp with her juices. Laura pulled the crotch aside, revealing Sara’s moist pink lips and pushed a couple of fingers into her. Emily and I fiddled around with the buttons on the back of Sara’s dress and managed to undo it, then pulled the front down to expose her bra, which was quickly pulled up to reveal her hard nips. One of the guys wanted to join in and fuck Laura so we pulled Sara’s panties off (it’s easier to use protection that way) and Laura buried her face between Sara’s legs while she raised her ass and offered her pussy. It was clear that Emily and I weren’t needed anymore (Laura is pretty good at eating pussy), so we headed off to find our own fun.

In the meantime, Mike had started talking to Christine, then had started kissing and fondling her and by the time I saw him, he was standing with Christine kneeling in front of him, sucking away on his cock. I didn’t stay to watch and went upstairs to see if there was anyone available, but Mike tells me that he ended up taking her from behind with her bent over the table. By the time they came, he had pushed her dress the whole way up her body so it was bunched under her arms. He had hoped to fuck her to two orgasms, but the day’s teasing had left him needing to cum so he only managed to make her cum once and then let himself cum.

Upstairs I had joined a few people who were watching a couple fuck on one of the beds and I decided that I’d really held out long enough. I reached over to the guy standing next to me (Bennett) and caressed the front of his jeans. There was already a visible bulge there and I quickly moved from caressing to frantically undoing his jeans and freeing his cock. I asked if he wanted to do anything in particular and he said he didn’t mind as long as he could fuck me. I would have loved to let him do me bareback (as we’d done at the unprotected party), but we all knew the rules and he slipped a condom on while I lay on the bed, just to the side of the other couple. I lifted and spread my legs and then help guide Bennett into me. He held my legs up and pushed deep inside and started to pump in and out. He wanted to see my breasts (unusually for me at the parties, I was still dressed) and I told him that I didn’t want to stop to undress (and interrupt what we were doing) so he pushed my top and bra up over my breasts.

He roughly mauled my breasts as we fucked – not painfully so, but it reminded me a lot of the way girls are ‘fondled’ in some of the Japanese porn we have. I told him that as long as he didn’t damage my bra (it was one of my good ones that Jen had bought me), he could tear my top off and I watched as he eagerly grabbed at the neck and ripped it open. It took him two tugs to completely tear it, but it felt really good with his hard cock slamming into me as he did it. I made a note to wear more expendable clothing next time but was really concentrating more on my approaching orgasm. I told Bennett to try and hold back as I was close and he pushed faster into me and squeezed my breasts a bit harder (a bit *too* hard really, but he was enjoying himself and it didn’t hurt too much). I came and was reasonably vocal about it and Bennett came soon after me. It almost felt like I could feel his cum squirting into me and for a moment I thought the condom might have broken with the force of our session, but when he pulled out I could see it was intact.

I felt a lot better with my first orgasm out of the way and I discarded my top and bra and made my way downstairs to get a drink. I saw Emily enjoying herself with a guy and then saw a couple of new faces so wandered over to introduce myself. They were friends of Gareth (most people ended up at the parties through invites like this) and while it seemed perfectly normal to me to chat to them while topless, they were still obviously getting used to the whole scene (given there were other people in the room fucking, then me being topless was hardly that much). The guy was obviously staring at my breasts and I told him that he could have a play with them if he wanted but they said that they weren’t planning on doing things with other people, they just wanted to be able to watch and play with each other. I told them that was fine and explained how Mike and I had only done things with each other at first, but added that if they changed their mind, then there would be plenty of opportunity for them to branch out.

Our conversation was interrupted by another couple (Melissa and Neil) who asked if I would be willing to help them out with something. I knew it was highly unlikely they were talking about revision so I agreed and asked if Clare and Giles (the new couple) wanted to come and watch. We headed upstairs together and Neil explained that he had convinced Melissa to try a ‘proper’ threesome and Laura was already busy (yes, I was a little insulted at this and almost told them to go ask Emily). I did like the idea of getting to play with Melissa though as she was a little Chinese or Singaporean girl and I knew (from previous experience) that Neil was reasonably good at fucking. I told Giles to watch us and I slipped out of my skirt (but, as usual, kept my long socks on) and asked how they wanted to do it. Neil wanted to be on his back so I could ride him and he could eat Melissa, but I was promised a go at her as well, so I eagerly mounted him and started to hump up and down on his cock.

Melissa mounted his face and I could see his tongue lapping around her clit and pushing between her lips. I leant forwards to kiss her and she started off fairly nervously, but soon got into it properly and kissed back quite passionately. I played with her breasts, gently teasing her nips and she did the same to me (which felt a lot better than the rough handling they’d gotten earlier). I enjoyed the way Neil was eagerly fucking me and expected him to keep going until he came, but after a while, he told us to get off of him so we could change position.

Melissa lay on the bed and I knelt between her legs to eat her while he took me doggy style (this is what he had meant earlier by a ‘proper’ threesome). I told him to play with my clit and then went to work on Melissa. She had a nicely shaved pussy with a little patch of long hair on her mons and I kissed around her lips briefly before starting to lick her in earnest. Neil fucked me, played with my clit (as requested) and reached under me to fondle my breasts. Neil must have got her quite worked up (or she had been looking forward to their ‘experiment’ a lot more than I’d thought) as Melissa responded well to my licking and I was treated to a series of moans from her as she squirmed around on the bed. I did my best to push back against Neil’s cock in time with his thrusts, but I was fairly certain that he was going to be able to cum without any intervention from me so I mostly concentrated on licking Melissa.

She came first and I kept a hold of her legs so I could keep my mouth in contact with her and carry on licking until her orgasm ended. I briefly kitty kissed her but then decided to have a proper play and once I’d removed the stupid bit of plastic, I slid a couple of fingers into her and slowly fucked her with them. Neil was fucking me faster and was doing a pretty good job on my clit so I assumed we didn’t have too long left, but I made good use of the time and explored the inside of Melissa’s cunt with my fingers. I watched as I pulled, pushed and stretched her lips and ended up using my other hand to play with her clit. Neil said he was going to cum and I told him he could go ahead as long as he played with my clit afterwards. He pushed hard into me a few times, stayed still for a short time and then pulled out. It was now obvious that I’d be able to get Melissa to cum again (which is a little greedy as I’m sure there were other people watching who would have gladly taken my place), but I ‘needed’ to stay in position so Neil could keep his end of the bargain up and make me cum.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Visiting Vicky Again

On the Friday evening, Mike had gone to visit Vicky again. This time though, there was no doubt what was going to happen and Vicky was also eagerly awaiting his arrival. She met him at the train station and had a surprise for him. She had a mid-length coat on and once they had move to the side of the platform, so he was standing up against a wall, she told him to unbutton it. He guessed what the surprise was, but was still delighted to see her naked body and he slid his hands into the coat and caressed her back and ass as they kissed hello. Once Vicky had done the coat up again, they set off home, but Mike suggested they stop and get a drink on the way.

Vicky realised that he was testing her and seeing how adventurous she would be – and she isn’t one to easily back down so she agreed and they sat and chatted while they drank. Mike demonstrated to her how you can generally get away with saying anything in a noisy place and he openly asked her if she liked being naked under her coat. At first, Vicky was a bit nervous of talking like this, but quickly picked up on the fact that as long as they were careful when anyone was really close, they could talk completely openly about what they were going to do when they got home. Mike told her how he had been thinking of her wet cunt and how he intended to fill it with his cum and Vicky told him that she was going to suck him and tit-fuck him until he had nothing left. Their conversation carried on until they’d finished their drinks and they headed back to Vicky’s place. Mike managed to fondle Vicky a couple of times on the way home and they briefly stopped in an alleyway to kiss, while he unbuttoned her coat and caressed her properly.

Once indoors, it obviously didn’t take Vicky long to get naked and Mike quickly followed suit. He pressed her up against the wall and they kissed. Vicky grabbed his cock and guided him to her cunt and with a bit of thrusting together he was inside her. They fucked where they were but before he came, Mike pulled out and said that he wanted to eat her. (Vicky knows how much Mike loves doing this, so she wasn’t really surprised). Mike had already had a good feel of Vicky’s pussy so he knew that she was fully shaved but this was his first chance to get to see it up close and he kissed around her mons, then her thighs and then the lips. Vicky told him not to tease her and she lifted a leg over his shoulder so he could get to her properly. Mike dived in and ate her until she came, then gently kissed and licked her to calm her down.

He stood up and kissed her properly (Vicky isn’t bothered about tasting herself either), then he spun her around and pushed into her from behind. Mike had got a few tips from Lis about things Vicky liked and one thing had been standing facing the wall with her breasts pressed up against it while Lis used a dildo on her from behind. Mike had the advantage that he had both hands free so he could not only fuck Vicky, but also reach around and play with her breasts. Vicky pressed back against him and he got quite deep into her. He very nearly came, but told her he wanted to have one more play with her before they did things properly (by which he meant a session in which they both came).

Vicky wasn’t having this though and said that if she was going to cum multiple times, then so was he and she told him that she wanted him to cum inside her. I’m impressed that she convinced him to change his mind, but it’s not too unusual for him to cum twice in a night and he said that if she wanted him to cum, then he would. They stayed in the hall with Vicky facing the wall, but she pushed her ass out more and Mike reached around to play with her clit. He had to concentrate on holding back, but managed to do so until Vicky started to cum and then he pushed faster into her until he emptied himself in her. He pushed as deep into her as he could and told her he was giving her his cum and stayed pressed inside her until he had completely finished cumming and recovered a bit.

As soon as he pulled out, his cum started to drip out of Vicky’s pussy and she wiped it over her thighs. She said that she was going to be in charge for their next session and Mike pointed out that he might need a few minutes to recover and prepare (he can sometimes stay hard – or mostly hard – between sessions, but he can’t usually fuck multiple times without a break). Vicky was willing to wait though and they gathered up their clothes and moved into the bedroom with a quick stop at the bathroom to prepare for bed.

Mike used some more tips he’d gotten from Lis and played with Vicky’s breasts, kissing and licking around them and along the underside, as well as fluttering his tongue over her nipples. She really enjoyed this and Mike added to her pleasure with a bit of finger work on her pussy and clit. She reached down to stroke his cock and ensure he stayed hard (not that this is usually an issue for him) and after a while, she said it was now her turn to take charge. Mike rolled onto his back and Vicky quickly mounted him, then started to grind against him while leaning forwards to offer him her breasts. Mike sucked on her nipples in turn and Vicky then sat up so she could easily ride up and down on his cock. She contracted herself around him (apparently she isn’t as good as I am at this – it’s nice to know the practice paid off) and told him to push up against her as she pushed down against him. Mike reached down to play with her clit and they humped together like this, gradually getting faster. He wanted to pull her down on top of him so he could pump into her fast and hard, but she stayed upright and reminded him that she was in charge. She wasn’t really trying to tease him though (or if she was, she didn’t do that good a job) as they just carried on fucking until they were both close to cumming. Mike held back until Vicky came, but she kept riding him and telling him to give her his cum again, so he happily did.

Only when they’d both cum did she lie down on him (with his cock still inside her) and they kissed, then Vicky rolled off and lay beside him. Mike’s cock quickly deflated and Vicky pouted at him and said they wouldn’t be able to spoon if he was like that. He told her to give him a little time (again) and after they had chatted for a while, she slid a hand over his cock and stroked it back to life. Just to make sure, she went down on him and thoroughly cleaned it before turning away from him and offering him her cunt. He easily slipped into her (she was quite wet from his earlier secretions) and reached around to gently squeeze a breast while they chatted and dozed off.

The next morning, he woke her in the usual way – by going down on her. He said that he could still taste his cum a little, but he ate her to orgasm anyway and then spooned with her once more. This time though he wanted to do more than just be inside her and they pushed against each other so he was deep inside her. I quite like this position and enjoy the way the head of his cock feels as it moves. I can’t cum just with that and neither could Vicky, but she played with her clit so Mike could use a hand to fondle her breasts. Mike can cum just like this though and he carried on pushing into her after she had cum until he came.

They left bed to make breakfast but returned to eat it. They then showered together and Mike cleaned her pussy out before they got dressed and headed out. He convinced Vicky to go with one of her shorter skirts and forgo panties, but she looked perfectly decent and there was no chance of accidental flashing. They then headed out and walked to a number of different places. After lunch, they ended up at Vicky’s work and she showed him around her lab. A couple of PhD students were in working and Vicky introduced Mike to them, but they then found a sufficiently secluded spot for Mike to fondle Vicky under her skirt. At first she just intended to allow Mike to caress her a little, but once he got started, he soon convinced her to let him make her cum again.

They eventually went back home and had dinner. Vicky wanted to go out clubbing and talked Mike into this, as long as she went without panties (of course). They didn’t dance too much as Mike’s dancing is as bad as mine (possibly even a little worse), but Vicky made up for this. There was only a little fondling while they were in the club but they stopped off on the way home and played properly in a park under a tree. Mike fingered and licked Vicky and ended up inside her. He didn’t want to cum in her (so he could eat her properly once they got home and taste her without his cum spoiling the flavour) but Vicky had her own ideas. After she had cum, she got Mike to stand against the tree and sucked his cock. She can get a reasonable length of cock in her mouth – not quite deep throating, but from Mike’s description, more than I can manage (possibly closer to Sue’s league). She sucked him like this until he was going to cum, but pulled back and used her hand to finish him off. As he came, she aimed his cock at her chest and his cum splattered over the top of her breasts and ran down between them. Vicky rubbed the head of his cock over her cleavage and then pressed her breasts together so the insides were coated.

They went straight home after this and when she undressed, Mike saw that her breasts were still moist with his cum. They didn’t play around and immediately went to bed, where Mike spent a while eating Vicky properly and enjoying her soft wet pussy with his mouth and fingers. He made her cum and she asked him to fuck her breasts. He said he would happily do so, but then wouldn’t be able to fuck her properly. Vicky said that they would see about that and urged him to climb over her and position his cock between her breasts. She pushed ‘the ladies’ (her name for them) together and told him to start moving. Mike thought it was quite an erotic sight, and he knows how much Vicky likes her breasts so found it quite stimulating. He could feel his balls rubbing over her chest below her breasts and wished that he hadn’t cum earlier so he could see properly as he squirted cum all over her chest and face. As he expected, when he did cum, he didn’t have much left, but got one semi-reasonable squirt that reached up to her chin.

Vicky wanted him inside her again so they could spoon but Mike told her he was too sensitive. She insisted though and he ended up pushing into her and they kept still with his cock buried inside her. She kept trying to hump against him and Mike told her that if she wanted to do anything more, he would happily eat her, finger her or use toys on her, but he couldn’t cum again. This didn’t stop Vicky though and she reached down between her legs and played with her clit, occasionally also reaching lower to stroke his balls. After a while, Mike didn’t feel quite as sensitive (although he still didn’t think he could cum), but it at least allowed him to enjoy things more. He told Vicky that she was a naughty little slut and she seemed to like this so he played along. He caressed her breasts and neck, rubbing what was left of his cum into her and saying that if he’d known she was this horny, then he could have got her involved in things when we were all back in York.

As Vicky got closer to cumming he told her how much Jen would like to suck her breasts clean of his cum and got her to admit that Jen was quite attractive. He also knows that Vicky quite likes my breasts and got her to imagine licking and sucking on my nipples as she came. He was feeling slightly invigorated by this point and was able to move inside her properly and gave her a half-fucking for a few minutes but then slowed down and said he would wait until the morning to cum. Vicky protested at this and told him to cum but he explained that he’d cum much better in the morning if he waited and she eventually agreed.

The continued to spoon and gently move and Mike carried on discussing with Vicky how much of a dark horse she was. He’s known for ages that she has a filthy sense of humour (one of the reasons they’re such good friends) but was pleasantly surprised how she was being so assertive and playful. He once again broached the subject of getting Jen and I involved, but without the thrill of approaching orgasm, she was a bit more reserved about this. He did at least convince her to come and visit us and even agreed (as long as I was okay with it) that she would sleep with him again (if I used the other room). He pushed deep into her and told her that if she came up, he would gladly fill her again. They fell asleep like this (although Mike softened and fell out before he was asleep).

On the Sunday morning, Mike ate Vicky awake and then fucked her from behind (she lay on her front and Mike slid into her cunt – Sue’s favourite position, although Vicky obviously doesn’t know this). He fucked her and got her to play with her clit until she came again and they had a break for breakfast. They stayed naked for this and Mike stayed hard the whole time with a combination of sliding into Vicky whenever she was in a suitable position (against the counter, over the table, bending down to get things out of the fridge), stroking himself and having her suck him.

Vicky tried to get him to cum a couple of times but he told her he wanted to give her all of his cum in one load, and the longer they played, the better he would probably cum. He fucked her some more as she did the washing up (although she wasn’t really doing much washing) and they returned to bed to play some more. They sort of 69ed – lying their sides, Mike played with Vicky’s pussy, fingering and eating her and Vicky mostly sucked the head of Mike’s cock. He got too close to cumming and had to pull away, but this allowed him to concentrate on her more. In a rather insensitive move (which I have rebuked him for), he got Vicky to describe a session between Lis and herself (Mike assures me that Vicky doesn’t mind the fact that Lis is dating Lucy). Mike eagerly listened to the description and imagined Lis sitting over Vicky’s face with her tongue buried between Vicky’s soft pussy lips (as his was). In the end, he made her cum with three of his fingers working in her and his tongue on her clit.

They then quickly moved on to fucking with Vicky on her back and Mike holding her legs up. I love this position as it usually feels really deep (which is why Mike was using it as he wanted to cum as deep inside her as he could). He got Vicky to pass him one of her vibes so he could use it on her clit, although this took a little while as he refused to stop fucking her so she kept bouncing back and forth as she tried to open her drawer and fish her vibe out. Once he had it and held it against her clit, he realised that he could probably hold out a little longer than she could and he carried on fucking her until she came again. Mike was really close to cumming by this point but he concentrated on the Greek debt crisis (and other tedious things) for a while until he felt his orgasm receding.

He wanted to give Vicky a really good fucking (or more of one) so he lay on top of her and then rolled over, pulling her with him. He wanted to keep the vibe between them (pressing on her clit) but he needed both hands for what he had in mind and he doubted Vicky was going to hold it in place so he tossed it to the side and left it buzzing beside them. He used one of his favourite positions (not involving eating pussy) and took a hold of Vicky’s ass and fucked her hard and fast, pushing up into her over and over. Vicky lay on him with her full weight and he could feel her breasts squashed against his chest. Her face was buried in the pillow beside his head and he told her hoe good her cunt felt and how he loved plowing into her. He had a firm grip on her ass and spread her cheeks, kneading and mashing them. Mike tells me that this is by far the most physically stimulating way for him to fuck and it took a lot of restraint not to cum. He carried on fucking Vicky like this for a while with her whimpering into the pillow and then panting in his ear that she was going to cum again.

He hadn’t been expecting this (and neither had Vicky) so he once again concentrated on Greece and told Vicky how he wanted to feel her cunt contracting around his cock and hear her cum. He was slamming into her now and she came with a series of ‘oh fucks’. Mike couldn’t hold back much longer and as soon as Vicky had finished cumming (although she was still panting), he rolled her back over and returned to their previous position with him holding her legs up. He pushed into her as deep as he could and only moved back and forth slightly. Her cunt felt quite tight around his cock with it this deep inside her and he asked her to tell him she wanted him to cum. Between pants, Vicky told him that she wanted to feel him cum inside her and to fill her cunt with his cum and Mike finally let go. With each squirt, he tried to push even deeper into her and he said that it felt like he let about 6 squirts of cum out inside her. She certainly felt a lot wetter when he had finished cumming and he let her legs fall on either side of him so he could lie on top of her and kiss her.

They were both rather breathless by this time as well as being somewhat sweaty, but it didn’t bother either of them. Mike couldn’t move too much as he felt very sensitive, but Vicky wasn’t really in any state to do anything more either so they continued to kiss deeply while his cock stayed buried in her. Eventually, they broke contact and he rolled off her, but he grabbed Vicky’s mirror and placed it between her legs so they could both watch as his cum leaked out of her and it pooled on the bed between her ass cheeks. Vicky ran her fingers up and down her pussy, spreading his cum around and said that the session had felt amazing. Mike told her that she’d been pretty impressive and she asked how he managed to hold back for so long. I was going to write about it here, but I think I’ll save it for another entry.

He had another gently play with her breasts, utilising everything that Jen had taught him (and letting Vicky know this) and even gently stroked her pussy (but he wasn’t allowed to do anything too stimulating down there). He fed her a bit of his cum off his fingers and Vicky said there was a much better way. She rubbed her hand over her pussy and scooped out a bit more of his cum, then rubbed it over his cock (which was now soft). She then crouched beside him and took his entire cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked him as his cock inflated and once he was properly hard, she started to bob her head up and down, while stroking the shaft with her hand. Mike warned her that if she kept going, she would have to face the consequences and tried to reach around behind her ass to fondle her pussy. Vicky batted his hand away and shifted her position so she couldn’t reach her, but carried on sucking and stroking him.

Mike kept warning her that he would fuck her again if she kept going and Vicky goaded him on (between sucks). In the end, he pulled away from her and wrestled her onto her back. He slipped into her a few times as they writhed around together, but she always pulled away (and was still wet enough that he easily slid out). They ended up with Vicky on her front and Mike on top of her and he could now slide into her properly. She complained that her pussy was too sensitive to do anything more so Mike pulled out and pressed his cock against her ass. He asked if she would prefer him to use that hole and she said he wouldn’t dare.

He got Vicky to kneel up and slid back into her cunt, pumped in and out a few times and once again positioned his cock against her ass. He asked if she was sure he wouldn’t use her ass and she looked back at him and dared him to go ahead. Mike pushed slowly but firmly against her and the head of his cock began to slide in. He didn’t rush it, in case she really hadn’t thought he would do it, but she didn’t object and once the head was in, he pulled back slightly and then pushed in a little more. He asked again if she thought he wouldn’t dare and she just pushed back against him, which he took as a sign to continue. He ended up a good way inside her and reached around to play with her clit. He then had a better idea and retrieved the vibe and pushed it into her cunt. He got her to hold this in place and described to her how he could feel it buzzing against his cock. He reached around her body and played with her breasts as he slowly fucked her tight ass and asked her if she wanted another load of his cum inside her.

It transpires that Vicky hadn’t done a great deal of anal, but she occasionally enjoys it. Mike says that she certainly seemed to enjoy it that time – maybe not as much as her multiple orgasms earlier, but she was definitely pushing back against him and even contracted her ass around his cock. She came and he came not too far behind her (no thoughts of the Eurozone this time). He pulled out and Vicky slumped down onto the bed, saying she couldn’t do anything else so he curled up with her and they chatted. She got him to describe what he had felt when the vibe had been inside her and he ended up telling her about him fucking me while another guy had been in my ass.

They eventually surfaced and showered together. Mike had to get an early train back (or earlier than he would have liked), but they headed out for a quick lunch before he departed. They had one final make-out session at the station while standing up against a wall. Mike fingered Vicky (whose pussy was still noticeably damp) and he managed to make her cum. She rubbed his cock through his trousers and got him quite excited, but not enough to cum (which was good for me). He had to walk to the train with his bag held in front of him to hide the bulge, but it had subsided sufficiently that he was able to give Vicky a goodbye kiss before he boarded and he once again got her assurance that she would visit.

Mike and I had a good session that night as we told each other what we’d gotten up to. I was a little jealous that he’d done so much with Vicky (still working on the jealousy thing), but seeing as I’d been fucked by two guys in a row, I didn’t have much of a case. We figured out that Mike had probably been having his morning session with Vicky at the same time Jen and I had been playing on Lucy’s bed and wondered if there was any way Lucy would like to have a threesome with Vicky and Lis (which I can’t see happening outside of our fantasy).

I was pleased that Vicky was going to visit as I miss my York friends (email/messaging isn’t quite the same as being able to chat properly). Naturally I was interested in Vicky’s comments regarding Jen and I doing things with her, but was realistic about the likelihood of anything happening. Jen was even more interested (and not quite as realistic), but I know that she loves Vicky’s breasts (the only one of our friends with larger breasts than me), so the thought of having both sets at the same time is her idea of heaven.