Thursday, 19 July 2012

April 2012 Sex Party - Part 1

I'm heading down to Jen's place (her home) this weekend for a final check of the plans for our ceremony. If I'm lucky, I'll get to enjoy her brother again before he moves a step closer to becoming family :)

Mid April – It was time to head down to York again for the start of term sex party. Jen wasn’t with us as her exams were imminent and so we decided to take Sara and Emily up on the offer of a bed (and anything else they might ‘offer’ us).

We arrived on the Friday night, went out for drinks with their friends and returned to Emily’s place. There was no doubt that we were going to fuck and as soon as we got indoors, we started to tease each other. Mike and I both wanted to eat Emily, who didn’t taste quite as sweet as usual, but still very nice. We took turns eating her but then felt a little guilty for leaving Sara out. We decided to remedy this in the best way possible (for her tastes) and I lay on the bed, let her climb over my face and Mike entered me and fucked me while we both ate Sara (me cunt, Mike ass). Once she had cum, he asked if he could eat her ‘properly’ later on as payment for servicing her fetish and she said that she would consider it.

Mike hadn’t cum in me as he wanted to save that for Emily, so for round two (or technically round 1.25 as only one of the four of us had cum), Emily took my place on the bed, I climbed over her face and Mike fucked her. I was facing him so I could watch as his cock slid in and out of her and I reached down to help things along by playing with her clit and stroking his cock (really keeping my hand still and letting his cock slide against it as he fucked Em). Emily was doing a good job of eating me and Mike was clearly enjoying her cunt, but he held back from cumming until both Emily and I had cum (but then happily emptied himself into her).

We had a brief break, but I couldn’t help myself from sampling Emily once more. She definitely didn’t taste as good with Mike’s cum in her and I got Sara to have a taste to give her opinion (she is obviously far more experience with Emily’s juices than either Mike or I are). Lastly, Mike had a taste of her and we all agreed that she tasted better when unpolluted with boy-cum (Emily fingered and tasted herself and also agreed). Mike pretended to be put out by this and Sara agreed to let him have a little lick of her to help make up for the insult. I took the chance and resumed licking Emily – I was allowed to make her cum but Mike was only allowed to eat Sara for a minute or so and then had to stop. To make up for *this*, Mike was allowed to fuck Emily again while Sara and I 69ed.

We slept after this, but discussed the upcoming party while we went to sleep. We decided to make sure that Emily really enjoyed the party as her exams were coming up soon (as were Sara’s, but Emily had her exams first). In the morning, we decided to start the teasing early and when Mike woke up, he woke Emily and me and we ganged up on Sara. I went down on her while Mike and Emily took care of one of her breasts each. She wasn’t allowed to cum as we all wanted to be nice and worked up for the evening (it makes the first orgasm at the party feel much better), but we kept her close to cumming for a while.

It was Emily’s turn next and we repeated things with her, except we all took turns eating her and Mike pushed his cock into her mouth for a while. When she was as aroused as we could get her (without letting her cum), it was Mike’s turn. Emily and I took turns sitting on his cock and riding him and we then both licked and socked his cock together. Sara kissed him while we did this (given Mike’s been allowed to eat Sara’s ass and cunt, she doesn’t mind kissing him). We got Mike nice and hard and it was finally my turn. I got everyone to eat me and Mike to fuck me a little while Sara and Emily licked my nipples. I nearly came a couple of times, so ended up pulling them (in turn) to my mouth to give them another few licks (quite a few) as payment.

We then gave Jen a call (I thought it was unfair that we should all be having fun while she was by herself) and chatted to her as we fondled each other. We encouraged her to ‘join in’ (it didn’t take much) to convince her) and we watched her use a vibe on herself while Emily and Sara told her what they would do to her the next time they saw her. By the time Jen came, we were certainly all aroused and knew that we should probably stop if we wanted to actually refrain from cumming so we stopped for breakfast. Neither Sara nor Emily were being as diligent about revision as Jen was (but neither of them had finals to worry about) and so said that they could spend some of the day with us. It was nice to have a wander around York again (as an added benefit, the parties meant that we came back every couple of months) and we did a bit of shopping and visited some of our old haunts.

We tried to have low-level teasing throughout the day, using changing rooms, alleyways and pretty much wherever suitable to quickly fondle each other. Nobody got really close to cumming, but we certainly enjoyed ourselves and managed to keep each other aroused. We had an early dinner out and then returned to Emily’s place to prepare for the evening. We took turns showering and Emily and Sara shaved each other (Mike had done me the previous morning). Sara only left a little patch of dark hair on Emily’s mons and Em was going to do the same, but succumbed to our pleas to leave a fair sized patch of red hair on Sara and just neatened it up (her lips and clit were completely bald, so all the good stuff was visible). We were given an extra treat as Sara had been convinced to go in a very cute outfit (we had nothing to do with this, the request had come from some of the other guests) – it was even more cutesy than my schoolgirl outfit and consisted of thigh high white socks with little blue ribbons, matching bra and panties (complete with more ribbons) and a pale blue short dress. Sara was a little embarrassed at the thought of going out like that (only for the walk, she didn’t mind people at the party seeing her wearing it), but she seemed to have resigned herself to it as she didn’t object when I suggested that we complete the look with pigtails.

I let her do the same to me and Emily decided to play along but went with bunches. I couldn’t restrain myself from kneeling in front of Sara and kissing her crotch – not enough to make her panties wet (as I didn’t want to spoil the innocent look), but enough that she certainly felt it and started to push back against my face. We were all on the verge of just fucking where we were, but having spent the day restraining ourselves, it would have been a waste so we set off a little early and headed straight to the house (I did suggest that we stop off for a drink on the way, but Sara didn’t want to stand in a pub in her outfit).

We were pretty much the first to arrive and thought that we should wait for a few more people to turn up before we got stuck in. We didn’t entirely waste our time though and fooled around a little with the people who were there. Emily fondled Sara a bit more and got her on the sofa with her legs spread. I know it was a bit greedy of me as I could (and intended to) have her after the party, but I joined Emily and we sat either side of Sara, each holding one of her legs and we caressed her panties and thighs. Our position meant that the sight of Sara’s panties were pretty much the first thing to greet people as they arrived, but she was now so turned on that she didn’t care in the slightest (and didn’t seem to consider the fact that someone unrelated to the party might knock on the door).

People seemed to appreciate the greeting we’d laid on for them and Laura made a bee-line for us when she arrived. She knelt between Sara’s legs and joined us in fondling her panties, which were now damp with her juices. Laura pulled the crotch aside, revealing Sara’s moist pink lips and pushed a couple of fingers into her. Emily and I fiddled around with the buttons on the back of Sara’s dress and managed to undo it, then pulled the front down to expose her bra, which was quickly pulled up to reveal her hard nips. One of the guys wanted to join in and fuck Laura so we pulled Sara’s panties off (it’s easier to use protection that way) and Laura buried her face between Sara’s legs while she raised her ass and offered her pussy. It was clear that Emily and I weren’t needed anymore (Laura is pretty good at eating pussy), so we headed off to find our own fun.

In the meantime, Mike had started talking to Christine, then had started kissing and fondling her and by the time I saw him, he was standing with Christine kneeling in front of him, sucking away on his cock. I didn’t stay to watch and went upstairs to see if there was anyone available, but Mike tells me that he ended up taking her from behind with her bent over the table. By the time they came, he had pushed her dress the whole way up her body so it was bunched under her arms. He had hoped to fuck her to two orgasms, but the day’s teasing had left him needing to cum so he only managed to make her cum once and then let himself cum.

Upstairs I had joined a few people who were watching a couple fuck on one of the beds and I decided that I’d really held out long enough. I reached over to the guy standing next to me (Bennett) and caressed the front of his jeans. There was already a visible bulge there and I quickly moved from caressing to frantically undoing his jeans and freeing his cock. I asked if he wanted to do anything in particular and he said he didn’t mind as long as he could fuck me. I would have loved to let him do me bareback (as we’d done at the unprotected party), but we all knew the rules and he slipped a condom on while I lay on the bed, just to the side of the other couple. I lifted and spread my legs and then help guide Bennett into me. He held my legs up and pushed deep inside and started to pump in and out. He wanted to see my breasts (unusually for me at the parties, I was still dressed) and I told him that I didn’t want to stop to undress (and interrupt what we were doing) so he pushed my top and bra up over my breasts.

He roughly mauled my breasts as we fucked – not painfully so, but it reminded me a lot of the way girls are ‘fondled’ in some of the Japanese porn we have. I told him that as long as he didn’t damage my bra (it was one of my good ones that Jen had bought me), he could tear my top off and I watched as he eagerly grabbed at the neck and ripped it open. It took him two tugs to completely tear it, but it felt really good with his hard cock slamming into me as he did it. I made a note to wear more expendable clothing next time but was really concentrating more on my approaching orgasm. I told Bennett to try and hold back as I was close and he pushed faster into me and squeezed my breasts a bit harder (a bit *too* hard really, but he was enjoying himself and it didn’t hurt too much). I came and was reasonably vocal about it and Bennett came soon after me. It almost felt like I could feel his cum squirting into me and for a moment I thought the condom might have broken with the force of our session, but when he pulled out I could see it was intact.

I felt a lot better with my first orgasm out of the way and I discarded my top and bra and made my way downstairs to get a drink. I saw Emily enjoying herself with a guy and then saw a couple of new faces so wandered over to introduce myself. They were friends of Gareth (most people ended up at the parties through invites like this) and while it seemed perfectly normal to me to chat to them while topless, they were still obviously getting used to the whole scene (given there were other people in the room fucking, then me being topless was hardly that much). The guy was obviously staring at my breasts and I told him that he could have a play with them if he wanted but they said that they weren’t planning on doing things with other people, they just wanted to be able to watch and play with each other. I told them that was fine and explained how Mike and I had only done things with each other at first, but added that if they changed their mind, then there would be plenty of opportunity for them to branch out.

Our conversation was interrupted by another couple (Melissa and Neil) who asked if I would be willing to help them out with something. I knew it was highly unlikely they were talking about revision so I agreed and asked if Clare and Giles (the new couple) wanted to come and watch. We headed upstairs together and Neil explained that he had convinced Melissa to try a ‘proper’ threesome and Laura was already busy (yes, I was a little insulted at this and almost told them to go ask Emily). I did like the idea of getting to play with Melissa though as she was a little Chinese or Singaporean girl and I knew (from previous experience) that Neil was reasonably good at fucking. I told Giles to watch us and I slipped out of my skirt (but, as usual, kept my long socks on) and asked how they wanted to do it. Neil wanted to be on his back so I could ride him and he could eat Melissa, but I was promised a go at her as well, so I eagerly mounted him and started to hump up and down on his cock.

Melissa mounted his face and I could see his tongue lapping around her clit and pushing between her lips. I leant forwards to kiss her and she started off fairly nervously, but soon got into it properly and kissed back quite passionately. I played with her breasts, gently teasing her nips and she did the same to me (which felt a lot better than the rough handling they’d gotten earlier). I enjoyed the way Neil was eagerly fucking me and expected him to keep going until he came, but after a while, he told us to get off of him so we could change position.

Melissa lay on the bed and I knelt between her legs to eat her while he took me doggy style (this is what he had meant earlier by a ‘proper’ threesome). I told him to play with my clit and then went to work on Melissa. She had a nicely shaved pussy with a little patch of long hair on her mons and I kissed around her lips briefly before starting to lick her in earnest. Neil fucked me, played with my clit (as requested) and reached under me to fondle my breasts. Neil must have got her quite worked up (or she had been looking forward to their ‘experiment’ a lot more than I’d thought) as Melissa responded well to my licking and I was treated to a series of moans from her as she squirmed around on the bed. I did my best to push back against Neil’s cock in time with his thrusts, but I was fairly certain that he was going to be able to cum without any intervention from me so I mostly concentrated on licking Melissa.

She came first and I kept a hold of her legs so I could keep my mouth in contact with her and carry on licking until her orgasm ended. I briefly kitty kissed her but then decided to have a proper play and once I’d removed the stupid bit of plastic, I slid a couple of fingers into her and slowly fucked her with them. Neil was fucking me faster and was doing a pretty good job on my clit so I assumed we didn’t have too long left, but I made good use of the time and explored the inside of Melissa’s cunt with my fingers. I watched as I pulled, pushed and stretched her lips and ended up using my other hand to play with her clit. Neil said he was going to cum and I told him he could go ahead as long as he played with my clit afterwards. He pushed hard into me a few times, stayed still for a short time and then pulled out. It was now obvious that I’d be able to get Melissa to cum again (which is a little greedy as I’m sure there were other people watching who would have gladly taken my place), but I ‘needed’ to stay in position so Neil could keep his end of the bargain up and make me cum.

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