Sunday, 22 July 2012

April 2012 Sex Party - Part 2

Someone suggested that he use something on me and when I didn’t object to this, a beer bottle was handed to him. It still had the dregs in it but Neil resolved this by pouring it over my ass and rubbing it in (it was only a small amount, but I’m glad I was on someone else’s bed!). He then pushed the bottle into me and fucked me with it quite rapidly while playing with my clit. I could have probably held back until Melissa had cum, but I was enjoying myself so I just went with the sensations and let him make me cum. As my orgasm approached, I told him to hold the bottle firm and I pushed back against it hard. I could feel my lips stretching around the broad neck but kept pushing back as his fingers strummed over my clit. I came and wasn’t as delicate as Melissa’s moans had been (but from experience I know that people at the party seem to enjoy me describing what I can feel). My fondling of Melissa was briefly interrupted, but as soon as my orgasm passed, I resumed and quickly finished her off. I crawled up her body to kiss her and to give Neil (and others) a good view of both of our pussies. As we kissed I whispered to Melissa how she seemed to have enjoyed her threesome and she gave me a little smile and said it looked like I’d had fun as well. I asked if she wanted to try eating me, but she said she wasn’t quite ready for that yet so I told her that I would be waiting if she changed her mind and crawled off her.

I’d almost forgotten about Clare and Giles, but saw them as I got up. They’d clearly enjoyed the show as Giles’ trousers were undone and Clare had her hand wrapped around his cock, stroking him. I moved over to them and Clare looked slightly embarrassed, but given what they’d seen me do, a hand job wasn’t really anything. I indicated that the bed was free and they could use it and Giles was quite eager to do this. I think it was obvious that he was the one who’d wanted to come to the party more, although Clare seemed to be willing enough to go where he led. They sat on the bed and Clare leant over and started to suck Giles’ cock while he pulled up her top and freed her breasts.

It was really obvious that it was their first time at the party as Clare had jeans on, but Giles wrestled with them and managed to get them undone without Clare having to interrupt her sucking. I was very tempted to offer to help him remove them, but they’d been fairly clear that they didn’t want other people involved so I just perched on the desk and watched them. Giles had a hand in Clare’s panties by this point and he got her to lie on the bed so he could pull her jeans off completely. As soon as he’d done this I called over for him to eat her and he crawled between her legs and started to do so. I was enjoying watching then and had idly started to play with myself when I was asked if I would mind sucking someone as we watched. I told him that as long as it didn’t interrupt my view I would happily oblige him and we shifted our position so he could stand beside me and I could get the end of his cock in my mouth.

I decided I may as well do things properly and picked up the bottle that had been used on me earlier, pushed the end into my cunt and started to play with my clit. Giles stopped eating Clare and moved up her body, then slid straight into her. She lifted her legs and then wrapped them around him (which looked a little silly as she still had her socks on), but it meant that I had a reasonably good view of the action. I could sort of see his cock sliding in and out of her and he gave her a fairly good fucking, which I tried to emulate with my bottle. It was mostly my clit-play that was stimulating me though and I tried to concentrate on the cock in my mouth to stop me from cumming too soon.

I still came first though and happily fucked and frigged myself through my orgasm while I concentrated on Giles’ ass bobbing up and down and his cock disappearing into Clare’s cunt. With my orgasm out of the way I thought I should concentrate on other people’s pleasure so I let the bottle fall to the floor and used a hand to stroke the cock I was sucking, while just gently toying with my wet pussy (just because I’m concentrating on someone else, it doesn’t mean I can’t still feel good as well). Giles was moving faster by this point and I pumped the cock faster still. Giles stopped moving with his cock buried in Clare and I turned slightly so I could suck better, swirling my tongue around the glans and taking the cock a bit deeper into my mouth. This seemed to do the trick and I felt the condom fill (or partially fill) with cum, so I slowed my sucking and just gently moved my head back and forth while applying gently pressure.

As soon as Giles climbed off Clare, she started to cover herself up, pulled her top down and put her legs together. The guy I’d been sucking thanked me and I (along with a couple of others) went over to chat to Clare and Giles and congratulate them on having completed their initiation display-fuck. Clare definitely looked a bit embarrassed, possibly not helped by the fact that Giles’ cum was clearly leaking out of her and running down her legs (well it was clear to me, but I was specifically looking for this). She tried to discreetly wipe her thighs clean while putting her panties on and then she slipped her jeans back on. On the way downstairs I suggested that if she came to another party, a skirt was much easier and she agreed. Before I headed off to find what Mike was doing, I told them I had enjoyed their display and hoped they enjoyed having people watch and as a final comment, I whispered to Clare that I thought she had a beautiful looking pussy (which caused her to turn a nice shade of pink).

I bumped into Laura and told her that I had got to play with Melissa – she was a little jealous as before I started coming to the parties, it was always her who got to help broaden the horizons of the girls (experiment with ‘straight’ girls) To be fair, she had fooled around a little with Melissa at a previous party, but only kissing and a little bit of fondling/fingering, she hadn’t eaten her or fingered her to orgasm. To help make up for her loss, I told her I would happily play with her and I reached under her skirt. She didn’t stop me and I easily slid a couple of fingers into her and we ended up kissing while I fingered her. As you would expect, her fingers found their way to my cunt but I told her I didn’t need to cum again as I’d just cum twice. This didn’t stop her and she said that she wanted to play with me anyway and if I *really* didn’t want to cum, she would just get me ready for the next person.

I allowed her to continue to work her fingers inside me, but increased the speed and pressure I was using on her. As intended, this helped to get her off fairly quickly, but her plan had also worked and I felt ready for more by the time she had finished cumming. Fortunately, our little display had been eagerly watched - as are most of the girl-girl things that happen at these parties (you’d think that guys don’t ever get to see girls do things with each other). It was easy to find someone willing to fuck me and we headed upstairs back to the room I’d done Neil and Melissa in. The bed was free and we started off with me on my back, but soon flipped over so I was on top. I wanted to do a bit more and asked Ben (the guy who was inside me) if he minded me offering myself to other people and he told me to go ahead. I was already in the appropriate position and asked the people in the room if anyone was up for a bit of DP.

Corey seemed eager to join in with us and climbed up on the bed behind me. I felt his cock press against my ass and I held myself in position to let him work his way in and I then resumed riding Ben’s cock. It took a bit of practice, but we found a good way to move that meant we all enjoyed it. I couldn’t really move fast enough to cum, but I loved how filled I felt – and there was the added bonus that we had a lot of people watching us. (Generally whenever a threesome or anything ‘interesting/unusual’ happens at the parties, most people want to watch – it is part of the reason we’re there after all). I guessed that if we carried on as we were, at least one (and possibly both) of them would cum before I did and I really didn’t want this, so I asked them to slow down a little while I reached between Ben and I to play with my clit.

It was a bit of an awkward position, but the extra bit of stimulation was all I really needed and I was soon really enjoying myself. Once I knew I was close enough that I would cum first, we resumed our earlier rhythm and I let them both fuck me to a wonderful orgasm (I was also still rubbing myself). I was then treated to further fucking as they took care of their own pleasure, with Cory cumming first (and unfortunately pulling out once he’d cum), but Ben wasn’t too far behind him. Once again, I really wished that we’d done this at the unprotected party as I would have loved to have two sets of cum oozing out of me (although they had both cum already that night, so I doubt it would have been a huge amount anyway). I thanked them for their participation and then went to chat to Mike who had been standing watching us.

We decided to take a break and I got a quick update on what he’d been up to (but we mostly save that for post-party conversation) and filled him in on who had been filling *me*. I quite liked the fact that it had been a cock-heavy party for me (I’m not saying I prefer cock to pussy, but it felt good to be fucked by a selection of guys for a change). We chatted with a few other people and watched another couple fuck while the guy fingered Mike enjoys watching me be fucked (which is just as well as it’s his fault I’m like this) and he suggested I offer my mouth to some people again. Even though it was getting late, I still managed to find a couple of guys who wanted me to blow them and I lay on the bed with them on either side of me. I kept a hold of both cocks and stroked one while I sucked the other, but slowly pulled them both closer to me so I didn’t have to move my head as much. Laura decided that it was time for her to repay me for the orgasm I’d given her earlier and she joined us on the bed and pushed her head between my legs. I didn’t mind this at all (as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, Laura is good at eating pussy) and I let her do as she pleased and concentrated on the cocks that were in my care.

I ended up getting them close enough together that I could lick them in turn by just turning by head slightly and with a little more gentle persuasion, got them pretty much touching so I could lick them both with a continuous movement. I had sort of noticed that Laura had someone behind her (and could feel her face being rhythmically being pushed against my cunt, but I had failed to realise that a couple of people had actually decided to join in and they were taking turns fucking her. If I’d known that, I would have probably wanted to swap with her, but as I was blissfully (and literally so) unaware, I carried on sucking and stroking. Laura’s fingers invaded my cunt and then she added one to my ass (I’ve done this to her before) and I had to concentrate on my sucking. I did well enough though and made one of them cum and then I came while sucking the second one. He seemed to enjoy me humming and moaning around his cock and he fucked my mouth and then came not long after I had.

I looked down between my legs and watched Laura being fucked until she came – I had briefly considered lying underneath her in a 69 position so I could play with her clit and watch as her cunt swallowed the cock over and over, but she came before I got round to suggesting this. I did get a good view of her face though which I thought was a nice end to the session and once she had finished, I excused myself and went off to get another drink (only of water – I’m still trying to stick to my low(er) alcohol resolution). I half-watched Mike going down on Sue (not my sister) and after she’d cum, he kitty kissed her for a while, which she really seemed to enjoy.

A few people had already left by this point and I noticed that Clare and Giles were heading off so I went to say goodbye and told them I hoped they would come again (pun intended). Sara and Emily seemed to be finished and Mike was ready to head home so we retrieved the bits of clothing (Em was also topless, although her top was in a better state than mine and she could actually wear it on the way home). We traded stories during the walk and I found out that Emily had also Enjoyed Bennett’s cock, along with Gareth and a couple of the girls (like me, Emily believes in equal opportunities).

We quickly got ready for bed and Mike took turns spooning with Emily and me – he asked Sara if he could spoon with her, but unsurprisingly she declined the offer. He gave us both a decent semi-fuck but said he wasn’t going to cum again and we all decided to wait until the morning to actually do things properly. He fell asleep spooning with Emily, but I moved around so I could curl up with Sara and enjoyed having her ass nestled against my crotch.

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