Wednesday, 25 July 2012

April 2012 Sex Party - Part 3

I probably won't be replying to comments/emails for the next few days as Jen and I have our commitment ceremony at the weekend and will then finally live together. I'll schedule a post for Sat and will be back online properly sometime next week. For now, back to the part of the party weekend that Mike enjoyed the most...

In the morning, Mike went down on Emily and I took care of Sara. Mike had a good idea of what he wanted to do next – he planned on fucking Emily and emptying his load into her and wanted me (or Sara) to 69 with Emily while he did so. Emily had other plans though and asked Mike to help her with Sara. Initially Mike assumed that this would be another case of having two people eating Sara (one front, one back), but Emily soon filled him in on her plan. She wanted Mike to semi-spoon with Sara – not penetrating her but just rubbing his cock against her cunt – while Emily and I would take turns licking them both. As you can probably guess, Mike liked the idea of humping against Sara’s pussy, but he checked with Sara that she was okay with this (he is well aware that she is gay and is thankful enough that she sometimes lets him eat or lick her). Sara said that she had agreed to it so he took up position behind her and carefully slipped his cock between her legs.

Sara brought her foot up behind her left knee so right leg was raised and we (Emily and I) had a good view of Mike’s cock and Sara’s crinkle cut pussy lips. Emily pushed his cock against her and told him to slide back and forth and she then spread Sara’s lips so she could press his cock against her clit as he moved. Mike used long steady strokes back and forth and Em bent forwards to lick him as he did this. I swapped places with her after a few minutes and tried to lick around his cock so I could get some contact with Sara as well, but other than tasting her juices, I didn’t really achieve this too well.

Emily wanted to move to the next stage and got me to sit up beside Sara’s body and help spread her lips. Mike was instructed to pull back slightly and this allowed Em to lick them both properly. Sara seemed to enjoy this more (although she had said that Mike’s cock had felt nice against her clit) and when it was my turn (and Emily was spreading Sara for me) I got a good view of Mike’s glans rubbing back and forth over Sara’s pussy. I could now lick them both properly as well as occasionally quickly flick my tongue between Sara’s lips. I once again switched places with Emily and was told to spread Sara as far as I could (without it hurting her of course). I could see Emily licking between her legs and Mike said that her tongue kept pushing the head of his cock between Sara’s lips. He asked if he was allowed to cum over her cunt and Sara said that they would see.

Emily said that it was now Sara’s turn to rub against him and I was allowed to move round so we could both watch as she moved back and forth. We once against spread her lips and Emily pushed Mike’s cock against Sara to give her something to rub against. A couple of times, the head slipped a little way inside her and Mike told her to control how she moved or he would end up in her properly (and added that he wouldn’t mind if that happened). Emily held his cock in place and rubbed around Sara’s vagina with it. Sara pressed against him and I watched as the tip entered her. To his credit, Mike pulled back but Emily had a firm grip on him. He told Sara he was going in to her (as if she didn’t know) and Emily said it was fine.

Sara pushed down again and I watched her cunt envelop the whole head of Mike’s cock. Mike was instructed to let Sara do the moving and he stayed mostly still, but I could see him making small thrusts towards her cunt. Emily told him that she had got Sara to agree to experiment (that is what University is for after all) and that he was the first man to be inside her. She’d obviously been penetrated by many things before (brush handles, dildos, vibes, fingers), but had never had a guy’s cock in her. Mike asked Sara if he was really the first and she confirmed it. Sara had about half of his cock inside her by this point and Emily had to let go so they could carry on. Mike had been half propped up on one arm up until this point but he lay down properly behind Sara and pressed up against her properly. He reached an arm over her body and cupped one of her breasts and asked if he could fuck her properly and cum inside her. She told him that he wasn’t allowed to cum, but then said that if he was good and did as he was told, she might reconsider. Mike told her that he would do whatever she wanted and she told him to slowly press against her while she got all of him inside her.

Once she had achieved this, Emily returned to licking Sara’s clit and (between licks) told Mike to start fucking her, but reminded him not to cum. Fortunately Mike is good at holding back, but he did later tell me that the thought of being in a ‘virgin’ pussy which was being eaten by the owner’s girlfriend did make it a bit harder than usual to fuck without cumming. As she got more aroused, he kissed Sara’s neck and shoulders and fondled her breasts. He wasn’t moving in her at full speed, but was using fairly long strokes and going reasonably fast. Emily kept licking and sucking Sara’s clit and I told Sara to tell us what she could feel. She described how Mike’s cock felt and what Em was doing to her and her description became increasingly breathless. She told us she was going to cum soon and then just breathed heavily and let out small moans and ‘oohs’ (not porn-star ones, these actually sounded real and very erotic). Sara came and Mike pushed as far into her as he could while Emily’s face was still in the way, and when Em pulled back, Mike pushed all the way into Sara and stayed still (well, he kept moving slightly, but he wasn’t properly fucking her).

They stayed joined together like this while Emily explained that this had all been planned (to some extent). She had been ‘working’ on Sara for a while to get her to try fucking a guy in the hope that she would really enjoy it and they could occasionally invite people to join them. Like me, Emily is bi and even though she really loves Sara, she doesn’t like the thought of never having a cock inside her (which is why Emily had talked Sara into going to the parties and she lets mike do things with her). Emily explained that Sara was now no longer a virgin (in the hetero or bi-sexual sense), but that Emily had been the first person to Make Sara cum while a guy had been inside her (this is why they hadn’t wanted Mike to fuck her ‘properly’).

I had taken Emily’s place between Sara’s legs and had been sort of kitty kissing her while Emily had been explaining all this and I could easily see how hard Mike was pressed into her. He asked if he had been good enough that he would be allowed to fuck her again with just the two of them and Sara told him that she would allow it this once. He pulled out, asked her to lie on her back and quickly took up position on top of her. We watched him slide in and start to fuck her in the missionary position and Emily helped to pull Sara’s legs up and got her to wrap them around Mike. They didn’t stay in this position for long though and Mike soon sat up, pulled Sara’s legs up against his body and fucked her with long deep strokes. I love the way it feels when he does this to me and I couldn’t wait any longer (I was now the only one of us who hadn’t cum) and started to play with myself. Fortunately Emily took pity on me and moved over to sit beside me and help play with my pussy (to be honest, I stopped and let her take care of me).

Emily kept asking Sara how it felt and she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself. I suggested to Mike that they finish things off with Sara on top and they moved around so Mike was on his back and Sara mounted him (if he’s fucking me, we can move to this position without him having to leave my cunt, but this was all brand new to Sara). Sara rode Mike’s cock while sitting up and then he pulled her down on top of him. I felt I should help out a little so moved between Mike’s legs and leant forwards to give Sara’s ass a couple of licks. She liked this so I did it for a while longer and I think this helped her get closer to cumming. Mike asked her if he could cum inside her and Sara told him to go ahead so he asked me to move out of the way and he started to fuck her faster.

He had his hands on her ass, guiding her up and down and he pumped in and out of her and he told her he was going to empty himself into her, but that he wanted to feel her cum. Emily reached over and rubbed a finger over Sara’s ass and then pushed a little way into her, but she couldn’t keep her hand in position as Sara was bouncing up and down too quickly. Sara didn’t seem to need any more help anyway as she was moaning and saying that she was nearly there. Mike kept pumping away until she came and carried on fucking her the whole way through her orgasm, Only when she had finished, did he let go and tell her he was about to fill her with cum. It took him hardly any time from when he started to say this until he made a few slower, deeper thrusts into her and then held her ass tightly, keeping her impaled on his cock.

They were both quite out of breath and Mike moved gently in her for a little while before giving her a big kiss and thanking her. He helped her off (which I’m sure she could have done herself) and as she lay beside him, Emily spread Sara’s pussy and we watched as his cum started to ooze out of her. I was going to suggest that Sara stood up so she could enjoy the feeling of it running down her legs, but Emily got stuck in and started to eat her. I climbed over Sara’s face to let her eat me (I still hadn’t cum as Emily had gotten distracted watching). Sara didn’t say anything and just started to eat me and I rocked back and forth on her face (fairly forcefully) until my orgasm hit me. I must have been fairly wet as I left a fair amount of juice on Sara’s face, but that just gave me the excuse to kiss and lick her clean as Emily ate her to another orgasm.

Sara was very breathless by this point and said she needed a break. We all rested for a while (with a little gentle teasing continuing) and Emily explained once more how she had talked Sara into experimenting with Mike and how they considered him trustworthy as he’d been around Jen a lot and hadn’t tried to force her to do anything. (I think they were worried that Sara might have changed her mind halfway through and wanting to know that she could stop things if she wanted). Mike said that he was glad she had gone through with it and complimented her on how soft and wet her cunt felt (another blush for Sara at this point). After a while, Mike asked if she thought she would do things with a guy again and she said that it had felt nice, but hadn’t felt as ‘right’ as when she did things with Emily (or other girls).

Sara was still satisfied, but the rest of us were now in the mood for a little more action and Mike still wanted to have his planned with Emily. She wasn’t at all opposed to this and she suggested that she take care of me at the same time, so I climbed over her face and Mike fucked her. This position allowed me to reach down and rub her clit, but after fucking her for a while, Mike decided that he wanted a chance to eat me and so he ended up on his back (again) with Emily on his cock and me on his face. We enjoyed this position for a while and Mike ate me to orgasm before we switched position again. To finish off, I lay on the bed with Emily licking me and Mike took her doggy-style. I felt Emily humming into my cunt as she came and the position also gave me the opportunity to watch Mike’s face as he got closer to cumming and finally came inside her.

I think he was really enjoying himself as he almost immediately grabbed Em and pushed her onto her back so he could eat her. This wasn’t gentle kitty kissing, he was really eating her properly and it was obvious (to me anyway – but I know what he’s like) that he was going to carry on until she came again. Emily squirmed around on the bed, making all sorts of exciting noises, but she didn’t try to push him off and allowed him to have his way with her. She came with a series of little yelps (some not quite so little) and only then did she tell him to stop (which he did).

Even though I’d only cum a short while ago, I felt somewhat cheated that everyone else had cum three times and pointed this out. This time, it was Sara’s turn to come to my rescue and she promised that she would make sure I came. She pulled out a dildo and started to rub it up and down my pussy, then pushed it into me and went down on my clit. At the same time, Mike and Emily played with my breasts but I asked them to stroke my neck instead. They took a side each and Mike showed Emily how I liked to be touched there (she has seen it before, but I’m quite particular about it) and as I got more excited, Mike suggested that she ride my neck for a while to coat it in her juices and any of his cum left in her. She did this and my neck ended up feeling quite moist (which was nice) and then they returned to stroking it.

Sara told them to lift my legs up and I guessed what she would be doing. The dildo was discarded, but she made up for it by lapping all around my cunt and ass and even spearing me a couple of times. As I got closer to cumming, Mike and Emily used a hand each on my neck and their other hands on my breasts and it felt amazing. It almost felt like I had hands all over my body and I’m told that I was panting and almost grunting. They didn’t let up and carried on stroking, pinching and lapping away at my body until I came. It was one of the strongest orgasms I’ve had in quite a while and I was very vocal as I came. It felt like it lasted for ages and I’m sure it was at least two orgasms and possibly three (but definitely multiple).

I felt much better (if rather tired) by the time they finished and knew that I’d now more than caught up with everyone. Sara and Emily went off to get breakfast ready and Mike followed them a few minutes later, leaving me to rest. They returned and we ate while sitting on the floor. We didn’t have to leave for a little while and ended up going back to bed (to keep warm) while we chatted. As we talked, Mike’s cock started to stand to attention again and he crawled under the covers and gave my pussy a few licks and then crawled over to Emily to eat her. I told Sara that she shouldn’t be left out, so moved over between her legs and used the dildo that she had used on me in her. In order to help repay her for her part in my multiple-orgasm, I ended up sliding a finger into her ass and fucking both her holes at once. While I did this, I tried to describe to her what it felt like to be fucked by two guys at once and we discussed whether she would enjoy having her ass fucked properly.

Mike ate Emily until she came and then slipped back into her. He said that he wasn’t able to cum again (and later told me that his balls were aching by that point), but he just wanted to feel her cunt around his cock one last time. Once I’d made Sara cum, she wanted to help me cum again – at first I was going to refuse, but I didn’t want to waste the opportunity so I ended up sitting over Emily’s face and presenting my ass to Sara for her to lick (just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, she really loves ass). Mike watched us do this and then suggested a slightly different position – Em and I 69ed on our sides, which still allowed Sara to lick me but also allowed Mike to spoon with Emily (sort of). It was a nice position as there was so much going on, but it was too awkward to actually do a great deal, so after a while, we went back to the previous position and I let our hostesses give me my last orgasm of the morning.

We showered in pairs – first Mike and Em, followed by Sara and me and gathered up our things to head back home. At my request, Emily made Sara go out with just a long (mid-thigh) length coat on and nothing underneath. We stopped off for coffee and a snack and managed to fondle Sara a fair few times. On the way to the station, we popped into a shop and made use of their changing rooms – I got Sara to strip naked (shoes as well as coat) and knelt in front of her to eat her. As soon as she had cum (and she’d put her coat on), we left and it was instantly obvious to both Mike and Emily that I’d made her cum as she was still fairly flushed.

We had a decent amount of time at the station to say goodbye and both Mike and I got a chance to caress Sara’s body under her coat. We both got to kiss Emily properly as well, but she wasn’t dressed for fondling so we just had to make do with kissing. We dozed a fair amount on the train, but discussed the weekend in a couple of hushed conversations (the train was quite busy) and as soon as we got home, we gave Jen a call and told her everything. Needless to say, she was surprised that Sara had let Mike fuck her, but wished that she had been there to see it (as well as wishing she’d come along to the party). We promised her that she could make up for it at the end of (academic) year party and we’d get as many girls to fuck her as she wanted.


  1. Andi,
    It seems there are more straight people experimenting with lesbianism than the other way around. I don't think I can recall another time when someone who was gay experiment. (Though a lot of bi people have but that doesn't count as that's part of their sexual makeup anyway)

  2. Well my theory is that nobody (or very few people) are *completely* heterosexual - everyone has at least some bi tendencies - although many (most) people won't ever express them. Most of the gay people I know at least pretended to like the opposite sex when they were younger (or possibly hadn't realised what their feeling were). Julia and I have also convinced a couple of the gay guys in the group to try pussy (although they might just be bi tending towards gay).

    I wasn't expecting to post tonight but I'm staying in and going to bed early so I'm awake for tomorrow...