Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Vicky's Visit - Part 1

Jen and I have just finished dinner and are about to head off for a walk along the beach. We're away for a few days on our honeymoon while Mike tidies up the house in preparation for Jen finally moving in with us and starting our life as an extended family.
This entry took a proper group effort between Mike, Jen and me to write... Vicky came up to visit us on the last weekend of April (just as she had promised him a couple of weeks before). We were in the midst of packing to move to our new house (the apartment isn’t really big enough for both of us with all our stuff and it will only get worse when Jen also moves in).

Jen arrived mid-afternoon on the Friday. She had been very good at sticking to her revision and we decided that she deserved a weekend’s rest – plus she was hoping to get a chance to do something with Vicky, even though Vicky was only intending to let Mike do things to her. Jen had died her hair so it was slightly redder (as she knew I thought our little redhead Sara was cute). It wasn’t too much of a change, but it looked good on her (although her hair pretty much always looks perfect – except after we’ve been rolling around in bed of course!).

Mike went to meet Vicky at the airport by himself and brought her home where Jen and I each got a hello hug from her. It was wonderful to actually see her again, although she clearly seemed a little nervous about me being there. (She knows that I know what she and Mike have been doing, but I think she still finds it a little odd that I’m willing to share him with her – occasionally).

We grabbed a quick snack and went out for a drink. Mike flirted quite a bit with Vicky, but I had Jen to keep me company. We couldn’t find anywhere quiet enough to chat properly so ended up going home fairly early and chatting there. Mike sat up on the sofa with Vicky and Jen and I sat on our makeshift floor-bed. When I went to get a drink, Vicky followed me into the kitchen and asked if I was really all right with her being there and spending the night with Mike. I told her that it was really fine – and if it wasn’t, then I would have been a bit miffed about his previous visits to her, given the things they had gotten up to. We chatted a bit more and returned to the living room where the conversation moved round to Lis (briefly) and Vicky seemed happy that Lis was doing well.

We called it a night and once the usual chores were out of the way, headed off to bed. I sent Jen in to the bedroom naked to fetch one of our vibrating eggs and this gave Mike the chance to tell Vicky (again) how Jen had to do what I said when we were at home and I had to do what she said when I visited her. Vicky insisted on shutting the bedroom door before they started to play with each other. Once this had been done though, she was more than happy to let Mike strip her off, push her onto the bed and busy his face between her legs. He didn’t mess around and ate her until she came, then climbed up her body and kissed her deeply, letting her taste her own juices, as he slid into her and started to fuck her. Vicky wrapped her legs around him and they rocked back and forth on the bed, panting into each other’s mouths.

Mike carried on fucking her for a fair time, then got her to kneel up on the bed so he could take her from behind (as well as play with her breasts and clit). Vicky had been fairly quiet at first (probably so Jen and I wouldn’t hear), but Mike kept encouraging her to tell him what she wanted him to do and he told her how hot her cunt felt and how he was going to fill it with his cum again. They encouraged each other to push harder and Vicky ended up with her head pressed up against the headboard while Mike pounded into her cunt. Jen and I could hear their skin slapping together and the headboard hitting the wall and it and we pictured them fucking while we toyed and fingered each other. We stayed fairly quiet (so we could hear) until Mike and Vicky finished, but then allowed ourselves much more freedom. We weren’t being deliberately noise (and weren’t actually too bad), but Mike later told us that they could just about hear our moans as we came.

Mike hadn’t actually finished with Vicky and as soon as she let him (she wanted a little break as she’d cum twice), he was back between her legs and he slowly ate her to another orgasm. He threatened to fuck her again, but they just ended up spooning and fell asleep with him inside her. In the morning, his alarm woke them up as he’d ‘forgotten’ to turn it off. He woke Vicky up properly by going down on her and ate her until she came, then kitty kissed her to get her in the mood for more.

As you probably guessed by my use of ‘forgotten’, this was actually planned and Jen and I had woken up a little beforehand and quietly started to prepare breakfast. We skipped our morning orgasms, although did fondle each other a fair amount while we were in the kitchen and by the time we’d listened at the bedroom door to Vicky’s orgasm, we were both feeling nice and horny. We gave them about 5 minutes and then returned with the breakfast, knocking on the door and waiting to be told to come in before we entered. Mike had still been kitty kissing Vicky, but he had moved up beside her and Vicky had pulled the covers up before we entered.

Jen was wearing just my little frilly apron (she had brought it up with her) and I had a fairly short t-shirt on. Vicky knew that we did this with Lucy and Lis and so wasn’t too surprised (although a little flustered from having been interrupted). Jen placed the tray down and Mike sat up against the headboard and encouraged Vicky to do the same. We’ve all seen her sunbathe topless before but she still seemed a little reserved and initially tried to pull the duvet up to cover her breasts, but realised that this wasn’t practical (especially as I was sitting on the bed so she couldn’t move the duvet).

Jen handed Vicky some coffee and toast, making sure she gave Vicky a good (and obvious) view of her bare ass as she bent over to pick things up. Once she had served breakfast to everyone, she joined me on the bed and we sat chatting. I commented that we had heard them enjoying themselves the previous night and Mike replied that Vicky had been wonderful. She made a fake-coy look, but seemed to have accepted the fact that I was completely fine with her fucking my husband (as I’ve told her before, Jen and I got to fuck Lis, so it only seems fair that Mike gets to have her).

We moved the breakfast things off the bed and carried on chatting. Mike moved closer to Vicky and they moved down the bed slightly (still under the covers). He started to gently fondle her pussy and slowly increased the pressure and speed. Jen and I pretended not to notice until he moved up behind her and positioned himself to spoon with her. At this point I said that if they were going to do things, then I should make Jen do the things she has me do in front of Lucy and I slipped a hand between her legs. Mike asked Vicky if she minded watching Jen cum and added that he really wanted to watch us (Jen and I) do things. (Vicky knows that he doesn’t get to watch us do things too often and she is well aware how much he likes the idea of women doing things together). She gave him her approval and he pressed up against her while telling us to put on a nice show.

I got Jen to remove the apron and sit with her legs spread so she could start to play with herself while I fetched a vibe for Jen from the drawer. She took this, lay back on the bed and started to tease herself properly with it. I joined in and used my fingers on her clit and then leant forwards to suck on her nipples. I was facing away from Mike and Vicky and was perfectly aware that my t-shirt wasn’t long enough to cover my ass in this position (not that we’d spent any time planning things…) and I felt the familiar excitement from knowing my pussy is being looked at. I pushed my ass out to give as good a view of my cunt as possible and only just resisted reaching between my legs to finger myself.

Meanwhile, Mike had reached around Vicky and was stroking her breasts while rubbing his cock back and forth against her ass. Vicky wasn’t saying much, but she had started to push back against him and he was fairly sure that she was enjoying the show. We had tried to come up with a way of communicating without Vicky realising, but decided in the end to just go with things and see how she reacted and as Jen got more and more excited, I decided it was time to switch to the next stage. I sat up and pulled my t-shirt off, then lay on my back with my head pointing towards Vicky and told Jen to climb over me. This position allowed me to eat Jen and let Vicky see everything that I was doing. I pulled Jen’s lips apart and used fingers and tongue on her (she still had a hold of the vibe and was using it on me) and I hungrily ate her. It only took a few minutes in this position before Jen started mewing away and a short while longer before I felt her bucking against me as she came.
Mike and Vicky had moved round a bit so they were almost lying across the bed (this made it easier for them to watch what we were doing). Mike had slipped inside Vicky while we had been busy and was now slowly fucking her, pushing as deep into her with each stroke as he could. When Jen came, he moved his hand from her breasts down to her clit and started to play with her more seriously while he whispered in her ear how good her hot little cunt felt and asking if she wanted him to fuck her, cum in her and make her cum again (she did).

Jen had carried on playing with me while she came (she’s gotten a lot better at doing this) and my orgasm was beginning to build. I could feel my skin getting more flushed and took another couple of messy licks from Jen’s cunt (mostly for show). Even though I was somewhat distracted by Jen’s ministrations, I was concentrating on listening on what was going on behind me and could tell that Mike and Vicky were also going at it. The plan was for me to cum first so Jen and I could witness Vicky’s orgasm - I was fairly sure that Mike would hold out, but I also wanted to cum as quickly as possible, just to be on the safe side. I reached down and pushed Jen’s head against my cunt and rocked back and forth against her face - she seemed to get the message and concentrated her sucking on my clit until I came with a fairly sharp orgasm (which caused me to yelp a few times).

Jen kitty kissed me for a little bit and then rolled off me so we could kiss and watch. Mike was fucking Vicky properly by this point and had her left leg lifted up and over him so he could easily play with her clit. Although his hand blocked our view of her pussy most of the time, when he reached up to play with her breasts, we got a really good look at her engorged lips and his cock sliding in and out of her. He had her head bent round to the side so they could kiss and we got to watch for a while before she realised that she was now part of the main attraction. Fortunately, by the time she realised this, she was too close to cumming to care and she allowed Mike to carry on fucking and fingering her until she came. She half buried her face in the covers as she came and Mike pumped hard and fast into her and wasn’t too far behind her. He pressed deep into her and stayed there while they both calmed down, before finally pulling out and letting Vicky pull the covers up to half-cover herself.

Mike rolled back up against her and reached over to fondle her breasts (which were still mostly visible) and he whispered to her that she had probably just made Jen’s day. Vicky blushed a bit at this and told him he was a bad person, to which he just retorted that she seemed to have enjoyed cumming in front of us. Mike slipped his cock back inside her and asked if she wanted to fuck again and she told him that it would be nice, but she wanted to experience our shower (Mike had told her about the pulse setting on it and how we use it to masturbate fairly often). I wasn’t sure if Vicky was just using this as an excuse to not cum in front of Jen an me again, but I’d already had a good look at her naked body and watched her orgasm so I didn’t mind if she wanted some privacy. He told her to head into the bathroom and he would fetch towels and join her.

Vicky climbed out of bed and looked around for something to wear and then obviously decided it wasn’t worth it given what had just happened. I was trying to look at her thighs to see if Mike’s cum was leaking out of her, but I didn’t get to see before she went out of the door (although Mike said that when he met her in the bathroom, her thighs were rather damp). Our fantasy plan had included Mike feeding Jen and I Vicky’s juices from his fingers (repeatedly – possibly even until she came again – and then Jen and I taking turns to go down on her), although we hadn’t really expected this to happen and were happy with what wed got. Jen got to taste a little of Vicky from Mike’s fingers while I took the more substantial serving and quickly sucked his cock clean. He dashed off to join Vicky and we soon heard the shower running. Jen and I both wanted to go for a second round and we ended up using the double ended dildo and the scissor position. We energetically humped against each other, not trying to be at all quiet. We would have been quite happy for Vicky to walk in on us fucking, but Mike kept her busy in the shower until we’d both cum.

He had honoured Vicky’s wish and used the shower on her while she stood braced in the corner with one foot up on the side of the bath. She had no trouble cumming again (but it’s quite an effective method) and Mike licked her a little afterwards and then stood up so they could actually shower. He was hard again by this point (or still hard from earlier) and pushed back inside Vicky when she had her back to him. She wasn’t as well lubricated due to the thorough cleaning she’d been given but he made it most of the way in and pressed her up against the wall. He asked her if she had enjoyed her morning and then told her that I had sucked his cock clean of her juices and added that I had set that as the price for letting him play with her.

She turned around to face him (pulling herself off of his cock in the process) and asked him what we (Mike, Jen and I) wanted to happen. Mike told her honestly that Jen really wanted to do things with her (especially her breasts) and added how he and I had fantasised about having a proper threesome with her. He went on to say that we didn’t actually expect those things to happen and weren’t going to try to make her do anything, but he then added that she seemed to have enjoyed watching Jen and me and then cumming in front of us so if she were willing to do things, there were always options… She told him that it would be strange doing things with me as we’ve known each other for so long and Mike told her that was fine, he was perfectly happy keeping her to himself and he would take care of making her cum as much as she wanted. As they dried themselves off, he asked if she minded Jen and me being naked around her and Vicky said it didn’t bother her. When Mike asked if she was okay with Jen and me playing with each other, she hesitated a bit, but said that was okay as well.

Jen and I had finished our session and tidied the toys away by the time Mike and Vicky returned and we went off to shower together. We didn’t spend as long in the shower as we just washed each other but Mike still had time to kitty kiss Vicky on the bed. She commented on the fact that the curtains were now open and he told her not to worry about it and just enjoy the feelings. He gave her pussy a thorough licking until she tasted like herself once more and he could easily slide a couple of fingers in and get them covered in her juices. He got her fairly aroused – not close to cumming though – and when we returned from the shower, they stopped playing and we decided to get dressed and head out to look around the town. I made Jen wear one of her shorter dresses and commented on how lucky Jen was to be able to go without a bra. Once she had the dress on, I stood behind her and tweaked her nipples until they were hard enough to show through the dress and then went about getting myself dressed. Mike convinced Vicky to go without panties (not too difficult as she sometimes does this herself anyway) and on the way out the door he slid a hand under my skirt to finger me and then did the same to Vicky before licking his fingers clean.

I walked with Mike, letting Jen and Vicky chat for a while. Mike filled me in on the shower conversation and I eagerly asked if he thought we would get to do anything more. He said that we might get to repeat the morning’s actions, but didn’t think we would go much further, not that we intended to stop trying – although we didn’t want to push things too far. Fortunately Vicky isn’t the sort of girl to just go along with things and we were fairly confident that she would say something if we tried to do anything she didn’t want to. We had a fairly relaxed day – mostly just wandering round and seeing the sights with a bit of shopping and a stop for lunch. Jen and I had a little bit of changing room fun, but neither of us came (we were saving up to be able to give a better show later on).

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