Monday, 16 July 2012

Visiting Vicky Again

On the Friday evening, Mike had gone to visit Vicky again. This time though, there was no doubt what was going to happen and Vicky was also eagerly awaiting his arrival. She met him at the train station and had a surprise for him. She had a mid-length coat on and once they had move to the side of the platform, so he was standing up against a wall, she told him to unbutton it. He guessed what the surprise was, but was still delighted to see her naked body and he slid his hands into the coat and caressed her back and ass as they kissed hello. Once Vicky had done the coat up again, they set off home, but Mike suggested they stop and get a drink on the way.

Vicky realised that he was testing her and seeing how adventurous she would be – and she isn’t one to easily back down so she agreed and they sat and chatted while they drank. Mike demonstrated to her how you can generally get away with saying anything in a noisy place and he openly asked her if she liked being naked under her coat. At first, Vicky was a bit nervous of talking like this, but quickly picked up on the fact that as long as they were careful when anyone was really close, they could talk completely openly about what they were going to do when they got home. Mike told her how he had been thinking of her wet cunt and how he intended to fill it with his cum and Vicky told him that she was going to suck him and tit-fuck him until he had nothing left. Their conversation carried on until they’d finished their drinks and they headed back to Vicky’s place. Mike managed to fondle Vicky a couple of times on the way home and they briefly stopped in an alleyway to kiss, while he unbuttoned her coat and caressed her properly.

Once indoors, it obviously didn’t take Vicky long to get naked and Mike quickly followed suit. He pressed her up against the wall and they kissed. Vicky grabbed his cock and guided him to her cunt and with a bit of thrusting together he was inside her. They fucked where they were but before he came, Mike pulled out and said that he wanted to eat her. (Vicky knows how much Mike loves doing this, so she wasn’t really surprised). Mike had already had a good feel of Vicky’s pussy so he knew that she was fully shaved but this was his first chance to get to see it up close and he kissed around her mons, then her thighs and then the lips. Vicky told him not to tease her and she lifted a leg over his shoulder so he could get to her properly. Mike dived in and ate her until she came, then gently kissed and licked her to calm her down.

He stood up and kissed her properly (Vicky isn’t bothered about tasting herself either), then he spun her around and pushed into her from behind. Mike had got a few tips from Lis about things Vicky liked and one thing had been standing facing the wall with her breasts pressed up against it while Lis used a dildo on her from behind. Mike had the advantage that he had both hands free so he could not only fuck Vicky, but also reach around and play with her breasts. Vicky pressed back against him and he got quite deep into her. He very nearly came, but told her he wanted to have one more play with her before they did things properly (by which he meant a session in which they both came).

Vicky wasn’t having this though and said that if she was going to cum multiple times, then so was he and she told him that she wanted him to cum inside her. I’m impressed that she convinced him to change his mind, but it’s not too unusual for him to cum twice in a night and he said that if she wanted him to cum, then he would. They stayed in the hall with Vicky facing the wall, but she pushed her ass out more and Mike reached around to play with her clit. He had to concentrate on holding back, but managed to do so until Vicky started to cum and then he pushed faster into her until he emptied himself in her. He pushed as deep into her as he could and told her he was giving her his cum and stayed pressed inside her until he had completely finished cumming and recovered a bit.

As soon as he pulled out, his cum started to drip out of Vicky’s pussy and she wiped it over her thighs. She said that she was going to be in charge for their next session and Mike pointed out that he might need a few minutes to recover and prepare (he can sometimes stay hard – or mostly hard – between sessions, but he can’t usually fuck multiple times without a break). Vicky was willing to wait though and they gathered up their clothes and moved into the bedroom with a quick stop at the bathroom to prepare for bed.

Mike used some more tips he’d gotten from Lis and played with Vicky’s breasts, kissing and licking around them and along the underside, as well as fluttering his tongue over her nipples. She really enjoyed this and Mike added to her pleasure with a bit of finger work on her pussy and clit. She reached down to stroke his cock and ensure he stayed hard (not that this is usually an issue for him) and after a while, she said it was now her turn to take charge. Mike rolled onto his back and Vicky quickly mounted him, then started to grind against him while leaning forwards to offer him her breasts. Mike sucked on her nipples in turn and Vicky then sat up so she could easily ride up and down on his cock. She contracted herself around him (apparently she isn’t as good as I am at this – it’s nice to know the practice paid off) and told him to push up against her as she pushed down against him. Mike reached down to play with her clit and they humped together like this, gradually getting faster. He wanted to pull her down on top of him so he could pump into her fast and hard, but she stayed upright and reminded him that she was in charge. She wasn’t really trying to tease him though (or if she was, she didn’t do that good a job) as they just carried on fucking until they were both close to cumming. Mike held back until Vicky came, but she kept riding him and telling him to give her his cum again, so he happily did.

Only when they’d both cum did she lie down on him (with his cock still inside her) and they kissed, then Vicky rolled off and lay beside him. Mike’s cock quickly deflated and Vicky pouted at him and said they wouldn’t be able to spoon if he was like that. He told her to give him a little time (again) and after they had chatted for a while, she slid a hand over his cock and stroked it back to life. Just to make sure, she went down on him and thoroughly cleaned it before turning away from him and offering him her cunt. He easily slipped into her (she was quite wet from his earlier secretions) and reached around to gently squeeze a breast while they chatted and dozed off.

The next morning, he woke her in the usual way – by going down on her. He said that he could still taste his cum a little, but he ate her to orgasm anyway and then spooned with her once more. This time though he wanted to do more than just be inside her and they pushed against each other so he was deep inside her. I quite like this position and enjoy the way the head of his cock feels as it moves. I can’t cum just with that and neither could Vicky, but she played with her clit so Mike could use a hand to fondle her breasts. Mike can cum just like this though and he carried on pushing into her after she had cum until he came.

They left bed to make breakfast but returned to eat it. They then showered together and Mike cleaned her pussy out before they got dressed and headed out. He convinced Vicky to go with one of her shorter skirts and forgo panties, but she looked perfectly decent and there was no chance of accidental flashing. They then headed out and walked to a number of different places. After lunch, they ended up at Vicky’s work and she showed him around her lab. A couple of PhD students were in working and Vicky introduced Mike to them, but they then found a sufficiently secluded spot for Mike to fondle Vicky under her skirt. At first she just intended to allow Mike to caress her a little, but once he got started, he soon convinced her to let him make her cum again.

They eventually went back home and had dinner. Vicky wanted to go out clubbing and talked Mike into this, as long as she went without panties (of course). They didn’t dance too much as Mike’s dancing is as bad as mine (possibly even a little worse), but Vicky made up for this. There was only a little fondling while they were in the club but they stopped off on the way home and played properly in a park under a tree. Mike fingered and licked Vicky and ended up inside her. He didn’t want to cum in her (so he could eat her properly once they got home and taste her without his cum spoiling the flavour) but Vicky had her own ideas. After she had cum, she got Mike to stand against the tree and sucked his cock. She can get a reasonable length of cock in her mouth – not quite deep throating, but from Mike’s description, more than I can manage (possibly closer to Sue’s league). She sucked him like this until he was going to cum, but pulled back and used her hand to finish him off. As he came, she aimed his cock at her chest and his cum splattered over the top of her breasts and ran down between them. Vicky rubbed the head of his cock over her cleavage and then pressed her breasts together so the insides were coated.

They went straight home after this and when she undressed, Mike saw that her breasts were still moist with his cum. They didn’t play around and immediately went to bed, where Mike spent a while eating Vicky properly and enjoying her soft wet pussy with his mouth and fingers. He made her cum and she asked him to fuck her breasts. He said he would happily do so, but then wouldn’t be able to fuck her properly. Vicky said that they would see about that and urged him to climb over her and position his cock between her breasts. She pushed ‘the ladies’ (her name for them) together and told him to start moving. Mike thought it was quite an erotic sight, and he knows how much Vicky likes her breasts so found it quite stimulating. He could feel his balls rubbing over her chest below her breasts and wished that he hadn’t cum earlier so he could see properly as he squirted cum all over her chest and face. As he expected, when he did cum, he didn’t have much left, but got one semi-reasonable squirt that reached up to her chin.

Vicky wanted him inside her again so they could spoon but Mike told her he was too sensitive. She insisted though and he ended up pushing into her and they kept still with his cock buried inside her. She kept trying to hump against him and Mike told her that if she wanted to do anything more, he would happily eat her, finger her or use toys on her, but he couldn’t cum again. This didn’t stop Vicky though and she reached down between her legs and played with her clit, occasionally also reaching lower to stroke his balls. After a while, Mike didn’t feel quite as sensitive (although he still didn’t think he could cum), but it at least allowed him to enjoy things more. He told Vicky that she was a naughty little slut and she seemed to like this so he played along. He caressed her breasts and neck, rubbing what was left of his cum into her and saying that if he’d known she was this horny, then he could have got her involved in things when we were all back in York.

As Vicky got closer to cumming he told her how much Jen would like to suck her breasts clean of his cum and got her to admit that Jen was quite attractive. He also knows that Vicky quite likes my breasts and got her to imagine licking and sucking on my nipples as she came. He was feeling slightly invigorated by this point and was able to move inside her properly and gave her a half-fucking for a few minutes but then slowed down and said he would wait until the morning to cum. Vicky protested at this and told him to cum but he explained that he’d cum much better in the morning if he waited and she eventually agreed.

The continued to spoon and gently move and Mike carried on discussing with Vicky how much of a dark horse she was. He’s known for ages that she has a filthy sense of humour (one of the reasons they’re such good friends) but was pleasantly surprised how she was being so assertive and playful. He once again broached the subject of getting Jen and I involved, but without the thrill of approaching orgasm, she was a bit more reserved about this. He did at least convince her to come and visit us and even agreed (as long as I was okay with it) that she would sleep with him again (if I used the other room). He pushed deep into her and told her that if she came up, he would gladly fill her again. They fell asleep like this (although Mike softened and fell out before he was asleep).

On the Sunday morning, Mike ate Vicky awake and then fucked her from behind (she lay on her front and Mike slid into her cunt – Sue’s favourite position, although Vicky obviously doesn’t know this). He fucked her and got her to play with her clit until she came again and they had a break for breakfast. They stayed naked for this and Mike stayed hard the whole time with a combination of sliding into Vicky whenever she was in a suitable position (against the counter, over the table, bending down to get things out of the fridge), stroking himself and having her suck him.

Vicky tried to get him to cum a couple of times but he told her he wanted to give her all of his cum in one load, and the longer they played, the better he would probably cum. He fucked her some more as she did the washing up (although she wasn’t really doing much washing) and they returned to bed to play some more. They sort of 69ed – lying their sides, Mike played with Vicky’s pussy, fingering and eating her and Vicky mostly sucked the head of Mike’s cock. He got too close to cumming and had to pull away, but this allowed him to concentrate on her more. In a rather insensitive move (which I have rebuked him for), he got Vicky to describe a session between Lis and herself (Mike assures me that Vicky doesn’t mind the fact that Lis is dating Lucy). Mike eagerly listened to the description and imagined Lis sitting over Vicky’s face with her tongue buried between Vicky’s soft pussy lips (as his was). In the end, he made her cum with three of his fingers working in her and his tongue on her clit.

They then quickly moved on to fucking with Vicky on her back and Mike holding her legs up. I love this position as it usually feels really deep (which is why Mike was using it as he wanted to cum as deep inside her as he could). He got Vicky to pass him one of her vibes so he could use it on her clit, although this took a little while as he refused to stop fucking her so she kept bouncing back and forth as she tried to open her drawer and fish her vibe out. Once he had it and held it against her clit, he realised that he could probably hold out a little longer than she could and he carried on fucking her until she came again. Mike was really close to cumming by this point but he concentrated on the Greek debt crisis (and other tedious things) for a while until he felt his orgasm receding.

He wanted to give Vicky a really good fucking (or more of one) so he lay on top of her and then rolled over, pulling her with him. He wanted to keep the vibe between them (pressing on her clit) but he needed both hands for what he had in mind and he doubted Vicky was going to hold it in place so he tossed it to the side and left it buzzing beside them. He used one of his favourite positions (not involving eating pussy) and took a hold of Vicky’s ass and fucked her hard and fast, pushing up into her over and over. Vicky lay on him with her full weight and he could feel her breasts squashed against his chest. Her face was buried in the pillow beside his head and he told her hoe good her cunt felt and how he loved plowing into her. He had a firm grip on her ass and spread her cheeks, kneading and mashing them. Mike tells me that this is by far the most physically stimulating way for him to fuck and it took a lot of restraint not to cum. He carried on fucking Vicky like this for a while with her whimpering into the pillow and then panting in his ear that she was going to cum again.

He hadn’t been expecting this (and neither had Vicky) so he once again concentrated on Greece and told Vicky how he wanted to feel her cunt contracting around his cock and hear her cum. He was slamming into her now and she came with a series of ‘oh fucks’. Mike couldn’t hold back much longer and as soon as Vicky had finished cumming (although she was still panting), he rolled her back over and returned to their previous position with him holding her legs up. He pushed into her as deep as he could and only moved back and forth slightly. Her cunt felt quite tight around his cock with it this deep inside her and he asked her to tell him she wanted him to cum. Between pants, Vicky told him that she wanted to feel him cum inside her and to fill her cunt with his cum and Mike finally let go. With each squirt, he tried to push even deeper into her and he said that it felt like he let about 6 squirts of cum out inside her. She certainly felt a lot wetter when he had finished cumming and he let her legs fall on either side of him so he could lie on top of her and kiss her.

They were both rather breathless by this time as well as being somewhat sweaty, but it didn’t bother either of them. Mike couldn’t move too much as he felt very sensitive, but Vicky wasn’t really in any state to do anything more either so they continued to kiss deeply while his cock stayed buried in her. Eventually, they broke contact and he rolled off her, but he grabbed Vicky’s mirror and placed it between her legs so they could both watch as his cum leaked out of her and it pooled on the bed between her ass cheeks. Vicky ran her fingers up and down her pussy, spreading his cum around and said that the session had felt amazing. Mike told her that she’d been pretty impressive and she asked how he managed to hold back for so long. I was going to write about it here, but I think I’ll save it for another entry.

He had another gently play with her breasts, utilising everything that Jen had taught him (and letting Vicky know this) and even gently stroked her pussy (but he wasn’t allowed to do anything too stimulating down there). He fed her a bit of his cum off his fingers and Vicky said there was a much better way. She rubbed her hand over her pussy and scooped out a bit more of his cum, then rubbed it over his cock (which was now soft). She then crouched beside him and took his entire cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked him as his cock inflated and once he was properly hard, she started to bob her head up and down, while stroking the shaft with her hand. Mike warned her that if she kept going, she would have to face the consequences and tried to reach around behind her ass to fondle her pussy. Vicky batted his hand away and shifted her position so she couldn’t reach her, but carried on sucking and stroking him.

Mike kept warning her that he would fuck her again if she kept going and Vicky goaded him on (between sucks). In the end, he pulled away from her and wrestled her onto her back. He slipped into her a few times as they writhed around together, but she always pulled away (and was still wet enough that he easily slid out). They ended up with Vicky on her front and Mike on top of her and he could now slide into her properly. She complained that her pussy was too sensitive to do anything more so Mike pulled out and pressed his cock against her ass. He asked if she would prefer him to use that hole and she said he wouldn’t dare.

He got Vicky to kneel up and slid back into her cunt, pumped in and out a few times and once again positioned his cock against her ass. He asked if she was sure he wouldn’t use her ass and she looked back at him and dared him to go ahead. Mike pushed slowly but firmly against her and the head of his cock began to slide in. He didn’t rush it, in case she really hadn’t thought he would do it, but she didn’t object and once the head was in, he pulled back slightly and then pushed in a little more. He asked again if she thought he wouldn’t dare and she just pushed back against him, which he took as a sign to continue. He ended up a good way inside her and reached around to play with her clit. He then had a better idea and retrieved the vibe and pushed it into her cunt. He got her to hold this in place and described to her how he could feel it buzzing against his cock. He reached around her body and played with her breasts as he slowly fucked her tight ass and asked her if she wanted another load of his cum inside her.

It transpires that Vicky hadn’t done a great deal of anal, but she occasionally enjoys it. Mike says that she certainly seemed to enjoy it that time – maybe not as much as her multiple orgasms earlier, but she was definitely pushing back against him and even contracted her ass around his cock. She came and he came not too far behind her (no thoughts of the Eurozone this time). He pulled out and Vicky slumped down onto the bed, saying she couldn’t do anything else so he curled up with her and they chatted. She got him to describe what he had felt when the vibe had been inside her and he ended up telling her about him fucking me while another guy had been in my ass.

They eventually surfaced and showered together. Mike had to get an early train back (or earlier than he would have liked), but they headed out for a quick lunch before he departed. They had one final make-out session at the station while standing up against a wall. Mike fingered Vicky (whose pussy was still noticeably damp) and he managed to make her cum. She rubbed his cock through his trousers and got him quite excited, but not enough to cum (which was good for me). He had to walk to the train with his bag held in front of him to hide the bulge, but it had subsided sufficiently that he was able to give Vicky a goodbye kiss before he boarded and he once again got her assurance that she would visit.

Mike and I had a good session that night as we told each other what we’d gotten up to. I was a little jealous that he’d done so much with Vicky (still working on the jealousy thing), but seeing as I’d been fucked by two guys in a row, I didn’t have much of a case. We figured out that Mike had probably been having his morning session with Vicky at the same time Jen and I had been playing on Lucy’s bed and wondered if there was any way Lucy would like to have a threesome with Vicky and Lis (which I can’t see happening outside of our fantasy).

I was pleased that Vicky was going to visit as I miss my York friends (email/messaging isn’t quite the same as being able to chat properly). Naturally I was interested in Vicky’s comments regarding Jen and I doing things with her, but was realistic about the likelihood of anything happening. Jen was even more interested (and not quite as realistic), but I know that she loves Vicky’s breasts (the only one of our friends with larger breasts than me), so the thought of having both sets at the same time is her idea of heaven.


  1. I have heard way to many women refer to their breasts as "the ladies"'s kind of like people named Katherine referring to themselves as "Cat". It is SO overdone and overused I find people who use these phrases tend to have personalities that can be described in generalities and stereotypes. Not saying that is Vicky at all but something that she should probably be aware of. Words have power and using certain phrases and words generally invoke stereotypes, be they accurate or not.

  2. I've never actually known anyone (other than Vicky) who uses this phrase. I see what you mean, but I don't think anyone who knows Vicky would describe her like that.