Monday, 2 July 2012

A Weekend of Many Pussies - Part 2

Oops, late again. Next post on Wed to make up for it.

Jen and I had warned them that we would demand a morning session and when I woke up, I found that Emily was already awake. I crawled out from between Jen and Sara without disturbing them and Emily and I started to play with each other. We’d made it as far as starting to 69 before Jen woke up and she decided she wanted in on the action, so woke Sara and started to do the same with her. With orgasms out of the way, we headed down for breakfast and showered. I went in with Sara and left Jen to take care of Emily. In each case, we demonstrated the pulse setting on the shower and made sure that we were all thoroughly rinsed (not to orgasm, just so it felt nice).

The weather wasn’t too bad so we could all wear fairly light dresses. Sara and Jen could get away without having bras on while Em and I needed them – none of us hand panties on though. We wandered into town and shopped for a while. We would have been remiss in our duties if we hadn’t made full use of the changing rooms and in two different shops, I help Emily to cum and Jen helped Sara to cum. This (naturally) left me wanting to cum and Jen decided that they could use my horniness for a bit of fun.

We headed to one of the private shops that we knew and stood chatting about the best kinds of toys. There were a couple of other guys in the shop (not together) and they seemed interested in our discussion, which may have had something to do with us giving graphic descriptions to each other of what we felt with each kind of toy (or how we imagined it could feel for the ones we hadn’t tried). I bent over a number of times to fetch things from the lower shelves and made sure each time I did so that I was appropriately positioned to give a view of my ass and cunt to one of the patrons (there is a reason I usually wear short flippy skirts). I also wanted to get some information and wandered up to the desk and asked if they had any sybian machines (I’m sure most of you will know what these are – if not, try Googling and enjoy some of the videos). Unfortunately they didn’t have any in stock but he told me he could order one – I hadn’t actually been intending on buying one and just wanted to see it (I actually wanted to try it, but I don’t imagine that would have gone down too well!).

We went for lunch and carried on our discussion of sex toys (but in a much more discreet way). We got a few ideas for ways to pass time when we got home and by the time we left the cafĂ©, I really wanted to cum. It would have been fairly easy to find somewhere suitable (either indoors or outdoors) where I could have relieved myself, but Jen thought I should continue my demonstration of how I enjoy displaying myself to others. This was a bit of a challenge as we had to find somewhere with a suitable target, but with not too many other people around. It took a bit of hunting, but we found a little alleyway beside a coffee shop and I sat on some stairs. There were two people facing in my general direction and I put my feet on the step just below the one I was sitting on and let me legs spread slightly – not in a completely lewd way, but enough to give a view up my skirt. Jen used a mirror to pretend she was fixing her makeup to watch my targets and told me when one of them had noticed what I was letting him see.

At first I didn’t do too much other than let me skirt slide up slightly higher and spread my legs a little further as I pretended to massage a calf muscle. I was careful not to look towards the window but decided that I had waited long enough and slid my hand up my leg and rubbed my fingers over my pussy. It felt amazing but I wasn’t in a safe enough place to let go and masturbate properly as I only really had Sara and Emily shielding me from the end of the alleyway. Jen didn’t think that was a good enough reason to stop though and reached between my legs and played with my clit. She got me quite close to cumming and then stopped, but I was now too far gone to want to wait any longer. We quickly moved a little further down the alleyway, I crouched down and rapidly frigged myself until I came – I wasn’t entirely silent but I wasn’t able to make as much noise as I would have liked and once my orgasm had ended, I was helped back up as my legs felt rather shaky.

After a quick rest, we carried on our tour of the city and at their request, decided to show Sara and Emily Jen’s old halls of residence (seeing as they’d heard a number of stories relating to events there). The place was empty (it was out of term and no conference guests were booked over Easter) but fortunately they don’t change the lock code so we could get in. We first went to Jen’s old kitchen and I sat up on the counter, facing the door with my legs spread. I switched places with Jen and we each had a little lick of her. We then made her lie on the table and Emily fingered her while I undid a couple of buttons at the top and bottom of her dress (front buttoning dresses are good for times like this). Jen accepted that it was her turn to provide the amusement and event let me lead her up to the roof with my fingers in her pussy.

I showed the places on the roof that I’d cum and with this done, we pushed Jen against the railings and took turns playing with her again. As I knelt in front of her eating her, I undid a few more buttons on her dress, exposing her stomach. I could tell that her orgasm was approaching so I offered her to Sara and Emily and Em asked to be allowed to make her cum. I moved aside and let Emily take my place, but wasn’t finished with helping so stood beside Jen and slid a hand up her stomach and onto her breasts. Sara wanted to join in as well and it was just too difficult with two hands under her dress, so I undid the few remaining buttons and let the dress fall back off her shoulders. We started off just fondling her breasts, but ended up with us each sucking on a nipple. I slid a hand down Jen’s back and cupped her ass, only to find that Sara already had a hand there with her fingers pressing between Jen’s cheeks. I broke contact with Jen to mention to Sara that she really was all about the ass and she just replied that Jen seemed to like it.

I wasn’t sure exactly what Sara was doing, but I could feel her hand moving and felt Jen flinch a couple of times (although that might have been due to Em eating her). Jen was happily mewing away and I guessed that she either thought we were high enough up that nobody would hear or she just didn’t care) and I bit her nipple a few times (which she likes) as she came. Her orgasm seemed to last a while and Jen was panting by the time we released her. She sat down and I took the opportunity to slip her dress off completely.

It was clear that she’d really enjoyed herself and I thought we should have one last bit of fun before we headed back to join society. Sara. Emily and I took turns standing over Jen, facing out and spreading our legs so we could lower ourselves onto Jen’s waiting mouth. She had to eat each of us in turn – only for a couple of minutes, just enough to start to feel nice. I would have happily let her carry on until I came, but I didn’t want to seem too greedy (although it’s not as if Sara and Em don’t know what I’m like). I said we should head off and as Jen stood up, I snatched her dress and said she would get it back at the appropriate time.

Now the buzz of her orgasm had passed, she felt rather exposed walking back across the roof naked (the roof is overlooked by a number of other buildings). She quickly got back to the stairwell and we headed down to the top floor of the building. I checked the coast was clear and we walked down the hall to the main stairs. Having checked that was clear, we started to head down the main stairwell with Jen still naked. The stairwell has a large drop in the centre and a full height window (or set of windows) out onto the main street, but Jen has made me walk down naked or semi-naked a number of times so I was enjoying getting revenge. About halfway down a couple of people came out of one of the lower floors and looked up at us – Jen is convinced that they saw her and she quickly ran down to the next floor and dashed into the kitchen to hide. We followed her down and I handed Jen her dress which she quickly put on, but made us go out to check that the people had gone before she would leave the kitchen.

The rest of the walk home was uneventful (due to it being daytime). We rested and chatted for a while about Jen and my ‘wedding’ plans before deciding what we were going to do that evening. We debated ordering some more food but to save money, decided to make dinner ourselves. I lamented the fact that this meant we wouldn’t get a chance to expose ourselves to another delivery guy and I said that it was a pity they hadn’t invited the guy from the previous night to come back once he’d finished work and he could have used Emily and me to have some fun. Emily liked that idea as well and I told her that if she wanted, we could always use the strap on after we’d eaten and someone could give her a good pounding with it.

Emily didn’t object to this suggestion so once we’d finished and allowed dinner to settle, I went up to fetched the strap on and returned suitably adorned. I hadn’t been able to decide on using the vibe or the one that squirts cum so had brought both, but was wearing the vibe. I told Emily to stand up and bend over and after roughly pulling her skirt down, I pushed into her in a few strokes and started to pump in and out. With a bit of difficulty, I shifted her around and pushed her face down between Jen’s legs, then (once she’d had a lick) pulled her back up and repeated this with Sara. We then moved to the end of the sofa and stayed there so I could finish her off. At Sara’s suggestion, I pushed a thumb into Emily’s ass and gently pumped it in and out while the vibe plundered her cunt. Emily reached down and played with her clit and as she came I pressed into her as hard and deep as I could, then stayed buried there until her orgasm had completely finished.

It always seems a shame to waste Emily’s sweet juices so I knelt behind her and had a taste and then offered my cock to Jen and Sara to lick clean (after turning the vibe off of course). Having gone to the trouble to attaching the strap on, I had a quick go with Jen and Sara – not to orgasm, just so they didn’t feel left out – and they offered to use it on me, but I declined and said we could do more later on. It was time to start getting ready if we were going to head out so we spent a while doing this – showering in pairs (Jen and Em, Sara and me), combing each other’s hair and helping with makeup. We went with similar outfits (with additions from Jen’s wardrobe for Sara) and all had short pleated skirts with long socks. Emily’s skirt was slightly longer than ours, but still looked sexy on her (not that I think skirts have to be short to look sexy, Jen has some ankle length skirts that I find irresistible).

Before we headed out, I suggested that we should all get a measure of cum. Jen knew exactly what I was going to do and Emily knows what it feels like to have a guy’s cum dripping out of her, but Sara didn’t really know what to expect. I got the three of them to stand by Jen’s bed and bend forwards, then flip up their skirts – I then took the squirting dildo and briefly went down on each of them (to get them wet enough to take the dildo), worked it inside them until it was all the way inside and pressed the button to make it ‘cum’. They stayed in that position while I quickly refilled the reservoir bent over and did the same to myself and we all stood up together. I felt the familiar dribble of ‘cum’ as it leaked out of me and ran down my thighs. Emily thought it felt nice and Sara asked how we were meant to go out in that state. I knelt down in front of her, lifted her skirt and rubbed around her thighs and pussy until the whole area was covered. I know the fake stuff doesn’t feel quite the same as cum, but it makes just as effective a mess (probably a bit more actually as the dildo gives out four really good squirts). I couldn’t help myself from reaching around behind her and rubbing my hand over her ass before I stood up and then gave my own thighs a wipe. The cum mostly dried in during our walk into town, but Em said that she could still feel it occasionally dripping out of her and that if it were just real cum, it would feel much naughtier. I told her that Mike would be more than happy to cum in her the next time we saw her and she said she would take me up on that offer.

We decided to go to a gay bar so we didn’t have to worry about fending off guys (not that I claim to be irresistible to men, but I did have three cute young girls with me which I think would have been more of a draw). We had a nice relaxed evening and it was a very different atmosphere to most other bars. You could still see the predators hunting their catch for the night (both men and women), but we were relatively safe as it was obvious that we were already paired off. We did get a couple of (slightly) older women interested in us, but once we’d told them we were taken, they only chatted to us for a short time before heading off. (I know at least one of them found someone as I saw her leaving with a dark skinned girl later that night). We debated taking a detour on the way home for some more roof play, but decided that we probably didn’t have the energy to go there and then do things. Instead, we went straight home and quickly showered pussies before heading up to bed.

I thought that we should help Sara enjoy herself properly and suggested a four way scenario on the bed. Emily sat at the top of the bed and Sara knelt on all fours to eat her. Jen crawled underneath so she could eat Sara and I lay on Jen so I could lick Sara’s ass (her favourite thing). It didn’t take long at all for her to cum and Jen carried on kitty kissing her while she finished off Emily. Jen and I were ready for some action and in order to give the others a chance to recover, we shared one of our double dildos and put on an energetic display of humping against each other in the scissor position (with the dildo buried between us). This actually worked out quite well as we could really get into it and enjoy ourselves and when we got close to cumming, Sara and Emily joined in and held and egg against each of our clits – having one person each meant that they could concentrate on keeping contact with us.

We retired to our floor-bed and spent a while gently kissing and fondling, swapping partners every now and then. Sometimes we ganged up on one person and they were kissed and had nipples sucked, but we weren’t trying to cum (or make anyone else cum). This lasted much longer than I had expected given how tired we’d felt when we got back, but apparently cumming had energised people. I knew that I wanted to cum one more time before we went to sleep so suggested the female equivalent of the circle jerk. We sat in a circle with our legs crossed and reached around to the next person – I played with Em, who did Jen, who did Sara who did me. We agreed to keep going until we’d all cum and started fingering. We told each other what we liked and tried doing what each other liked as well. Sara turned out to be quite skilled and while I could have held back, I just went with it and enjoyed her fingers until I came. Emily wasn’t too far behind me followed by Jen and finally Sara. We then curled up together and pulled the covers over us and fairly quickly dozed off with only a small amount more kissing and caressing.

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