Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pleasing the Neighbour - Part 1

We couldn’t get an early flight on the Friday (well, we could have, but the later one was cheaper) so we didn’t arrive until about 11. This wasn’t too much of a problem as most of the gang had finished their exams so were no longer worried about having to get to bed early. We dropped our things off at Jen’s place and headed back out to meet up with everyone. Jen was quite well lubricated by the time we arrived and didn’t object to me greeting her properly (big kiss, sliding hands under skirt and reaching between her cheeks to fondle her pussy). Jen enthusiastically kissed me back and fondled me in like – now all of her friends have seen this many times, but we got a number of whistles and cheers from other people in the pub. It wasn’t the sort of place that we could get away with behaving like that for long, so I pulled back (after enjoying Jen’s caresses) and kissed some of the others hello (I also gave Julia a brief fondle and pressed up against a couple of the guys).

Mike got a big kiss out of Jen and a smaller one out of Lucy (but it still made his night). We stayed out for about another hour before I suggested to Jen that we should head home (she was quite drunk). Lucy was also fairly drunk so Lis convinced her to head home with us and between Mike, Lis and me we got them both home and into bed. I asked Lis if she would help get Jen out of her clothes (not that Mike and I couldn’t have managed this alone) and she eagerly agreed. We slowly stripped Jen naked and I then let Lis help me get undressed. I pushed a couple of fingers into Jen’s cunt and fucked her, then wiped my fingers across Lis’ lips. Mike decided to join in as well and he fingered me before adding my juices to Lis’ lips. I then pulled Jen’s legs further apart and bent over so I could lick her before offering to give Lis a goodnight kiss. Lis accepted my tongue and tasted Jen and I told her that she could always stay and watch us play if she wanted, but that there would be a price.

Lis and I actually have to be fairly careful as we both know that we would very much like to fuck each other. We’ve come close a couple of times – and if Lis wasn’t dating Lucy then I think it’s safe to say that we certainly would have (probably many times). I told Lis that she could watch us, but she would have to play with herself and I got to keep her panties afterwards. She agreed with this and I buried my face back between Jen’s legs to eat her while Mike pulled his trousers down and pushed into me (unsurprisingly he was already hard). I looked up a couple of times to make sure Lis was keeping her end of the bargain and saw her busily rubbing her crotch, so I returned to Jen and ate her until she came.

Mike had been fucking me and rubbing my clit so I wasn’t far off cumming and ended up lying on the bed with my legs spread so Lis could see Mike’s cock sliding into me while I played with my clit and came. As much as Mike prefers cumming inside me, he also liked the idea of Lis watching so just before he came, he pulled out and aimed his cock at me. I got a couple of decent squirts of cum on me before he aimed at Jen, but he only got a small amount on her legs. I quickly got up and told Lis that it was time for me to have her panties and she could then go and play with Lucy (who had so far been asleep, but I was quite certain that Lis would remedy that). Lis went to pull her panties down but I told her that I needed to do it so I got her to hold her skirt up.

I was surprised that she agreed as Mike was there, but as soon as I knelt in front of her I could immediately smell her and guessed that she had done a bit more than just gentle teasing. I considered trying to remove her panties with my mouth only, but still (just) had enough self-control to realise where that would probably lead to, so I hooked my thumbs in the sides of her panties and slid them slowly down her legs. I got her to step out of one side first and then the other. As she put her second leg back down, I pushed her foot so she spread her legs a bit and knelt closer to her pussy. The scent was even stronger now and I came really close to kissing or licking her, but ended up contenting myself with just keeping my mouth and nose right beside her pussy. During one of our phone calls the next week, Lis said that she had felt my breath on her cunt and had come quite close herself to ‘accidentally’ pushing forwards slightly to get some contact. (As a side note, Lucy knows how I feel about Lis and knows that Lis likes the idea of doing things with Jen and me again – they even occasionally use us in some of their fantasies. Lucy also knows that Lis and I have had phone sex and she doesn’t mind this – as long as it doesn’t move to actual sex.)

I told Lis to go and play with Lucy and that we would make use of her panties. She knew that this meant that I (and probably Mike) would end up tasting and smelling her panties while we played but she didn’t object to this and hurried into Lucy’s room for her own fun. As an added treat, she left Lucy’s door open and Mike and I crept over to listen in. We very nearly peeked round the door, but the light wasn’t on and I was kneeling on all fours with Mike’s cock buried in my cunt so we decided that it would probably be better to just stay as we were and enjoy each other while listening in.

Lis had obviously woken Lucy up and Lucy seemed perfectly willing to play with Lis. It was incredibly hot hearing them tell each other what they wanted and Lucy got fairly vocal as she came. Mike eagerly pumped away into me as Lucy came and I knew full well that he was imagining he was fucking her (as was I). We stayed where we were until Lis had also cum (and I wished Mike had fucked me again as she came, but he’s only a guy so I guess I can’t ask for too much) and then headed back into Jen’s room. We got one extra surprise, Lis wandered in and handed me Lucy’s panties, telling us that she had given Lucy’s pussy a thorough rubbing through them before she had removed them. I turned on the bedside light to reveal a naked Lis, who jumped at first and tried to cover herself, but then realised that it probably wasn’t worth it and at least stopped covering her pussy.

Mike thanked her and tried to taste Lucy, then compared it to what he could taste from Lis’ panties. This was enough to get him hard again although he didn’t want to fuck (or I would have put on another show for Lis). I wrapped Lis’ panties around Mike’s cock and stroked him with them and suggested to Lis that she might need to wash them before she wore them again. Lis said that we were incorrigible, but when I handed her one of our vibes and asked for a final helping of her juices, she ran it back and forth along her pussy before shyly handing it to us (it’s amazing how she could act coy while doing such a thing, but she managed it). We realised that we were heading towards dangerous territory again and so Lis said goodnight and went back to Lucy’s room while Mike and I tasted her from the vibe and agreed that we needed a proper vibe’s helping of Lucy juice at some point. Technically Mike was meant to sleep on the sofa, but we hadn’t made it up so I said he may as well stay in the bed. I slept on one side of Jen and he spooned against her (no penetration).

Neither Jen nor Lucy were feeling too good the following morning (they had both drunk quite a bit) and Lis, Mike and I ended up having breakfast together. Lis had a long t-shirt on and Mike had Jen’s robe but I remained naked. Due to Jen’s hangover, I hadn’t had my morning session with her and Lis had appeared downstairs just after I went down, so I hadn’t even had time to do things with Mike, who was making up for this by fondling me while we ate. There was still no sign of life from upstairs by the time we’d finished so we moved into the living room where Mike started to fondle me in a more serious way and soon had a couple of fingers curled into my pussy. I apologised to Lis and she said it was fine, so Mike pushed me over and went down on me. I continued my conversation with Lis as he ate me but he stopped before I came so he could move up behind me and slide into me.

We could now both chat to Lis and while I’m more than used to fucking with people watching, it was a little strange how we were having a perfectly normal conversation about the party later that day while Mike’s cock was sliding in and out of me and his fingers were playing with my clit. We were lying facing Lis (which was only polite as we were talking to her), and this meant that she could easily see what we were doing as well as allowing us to watch her reaction. As Mike got closer to cumming, he got me to rest my foot on my lower knee and bend my upper leg – this was apparently just to make it easier for him to play with my clit but I knew full well that he was just trying to give Lis a better view of the action. He carried on playing with me until I was fairly close to cumming and then pumped into me faster as I came. I had assumed he was just going to cum inside me but had underestimated how much he enjoyed Lis seeing him cum so was surprised when he pulled out, rolled me over onto my back and covered my front with his cum just as he had done the night before.

He used Lis’ panties to wipe me clean (before Lis had joined us downstairs we had planned on getting her and Lucy’s panties covered in a mix of our juices before handing them back). We then sat and chatted some more and I gently stroked Mike’s cock to keep him hard (or at least stop him from going completely soft). As I did this, I told Lis that she was missing out on quite a bit by only wanting to fuck girls (just as Jen wants to make Sue gay – or at least bi – I really like the idea of seeing Lis’ cunt being filled by a cock). Lis did a few things with guys back in school (sucking and jerking), so she isn’t unfamiliar with cocks, but since she realised (or admitted) she was gay, she had been fairly staunchly interested in girls only (well, Vicky, then Jen and me and finally Lucy). We talked a bit about exactly when it was that her interest in girls had started and how it now made sense that she hadn’t dated any guys the whole way through Uni (despite having a number of them who were clearly interested in her).

I dared her to come and retrieve her panties and placed them on my breasts. As she reached for them, I quickly pulled them away and draped them over the end of Mike’s cock. I wasn’t sure whether she would take them from there but she slowly leaned forwards (probably assuming I was going to pull them away again) and lifted them off. She commented on how damp they were and Mike apologised but said that having spent the night in bed with Jen and me, he had been feeling quite horny so had cum a fair bit. We talked a bit more and Mike moved onto the floor so he could eat me once again, but this time he got me much closer to cumming. He pulled away (again) before I came, but this time instead of fucking me, he went to the bathroom and fetched both Jen’s and my toothbrushes. I was subjected to about 15 minutes of torture as he repeatedly got me close to cumming and then backed off. He found that using the back of both toothbrushes again each side my clit at the same time stimulated me a lot more than using a single toothbrush..

Lis said she was enjoying the show so Mike dashed back to the bathroom and returned with her toothbrush (a non-electric one) and asked if he could use the handle inside me. Lis hesitated briefly but said it would be fine and I watched as Mike slipped it into me and briefly fucked me with it (I obviously didn’t feel a great deal from this, but the idea that it was Lis’ certainly appealed. He resumed using the electric toothbrushes on me and I got close to cumming again, but for my actual orgasm he said that it should be done in a different way. I was a bit disappointed as I’d really been enjoying the dual stimulation, but I was too close to cumming to argue about it (as long as I got to cum). Mike pulled Lis’ toothbrush out of me and pushed the other (brush) end into my cunt – not too far, just enough to cover it with my juices and he then started to gently brush my clit with it while using one of the electric toothbrushes at the same time. He was only brushing lightly, but it was still quite an intense feeling and I had a fairly strong orgasm.

I had been aware that he was actually using Lis’ toothbrush on me, but didn’t really think about it until I’d cum and he handed it back to her. I apologised to her and told her that I would clean it for her or get her a new one but Lis said it was fine and that she might not even clean it before she used it (she later claimed that she used it as it was, but I have a feeling she might have cleaned it beforehand). Mike said (to me) that if he’d known Lis was going to use it, he would have either cum in me or left some of his cum on my body to rub into the brush (he still hasn’t forgotten the times she lay with her head on his lap when he was comforting her after she broke up with Vicky).

We chatted a while longer and I used Lucy’s panties to tease Mike’s cock with. I hadn’t been planning on making him cum, but he really loved the idea of her juices rubbing against his cock and covering them with his cum, so my idle stroking escalated into a proper wank. Seeing as Lis has seen me cum so many times I thought it only fair to offer her the chance to see Mike in close up and told her to come closer and watch. She moved over to sit on the floor in front of him and I alternated between wrapping Lucy’s panties around his shaft and pulling them over the head of his cock while I stroked him. When Mike told me he was getting close I made sure his cock was covered and wanked away until he came and a damp patch appeared on the panties. I gently stroked him until he had finished and then told Lis that she could take the panties back upstairs with her. Lis asked if she should really take them and then peeled them off Mike’s cock before placing them on the table beside her pair.

Lis stayed on the floor for a while and was clearly looking at Mike’s cock as it twitched, still shining with traces of his cum. Mike later told me that he wished the panties had ‘slipped’ just as he’d cum and he could have squirted his cum over Lis’ face instead, which in turn would have led to her offering to complete the job and suck him clean, then let him fuck her, while she ate me, Lucy would come down and join in and we could introduce her to our games (in our fantasies at least). Back in reality, she moved back over to her chair after a few minutes and I suggested that it was probably time to go and get the others out of bed so they could eat something and start to recover.

Once they had eaten breakfast and drunk lots of water, they felt a bit better and we spent the little remaining morning lazing around. Lucy and Jen started to look a bit better by lunchtime and we went off to shower, generally freshen up and prepare for the party. As it was such a nice day, we had decided to have a BBQ so headed out to have a light lunch, buy some food and drink to take with us and then wander over to the BBQ. The place we were having it was a reasonably large house that was shared by a number of students. It was in a residential street and we had been told that we couldn’t make too much noise once it got dark. The girls had also been warned that one of the neighbours enjoyed leering at them and they had even spotted him watching them sunbathing. The guy seemed like an ideal target for us and Julia and I had been tasked with giving him something to really watch.

We didn’t start with this straight away though and chatted to people for a while. Jen (and her friends) may only be a few years younger than me but I’m still quite impressed as to how quickly they recover from a hangover. I’m better at this than Mike is (due to his ancientness), but they still top my regenerative ability (which has been made worse by me having reduced my alcohol intake so I’ve lost my capacity to drink anyway). As tradition dictates, we left the BBQ to the men (this rule still seems to apply even when dealing with a LGBT crowd) and most of us girls went down to the other end of the garden away from the smoke to sunbathe. We wanted to get at least the beginnings of a tan before we went on holiday and applied cream to each other. A few of us went topless straight away but even Jules and I had bikini bottoms on.

We lazed around and chatted while the first batch of food was prepared and some of the guys joined us. Some of the straight and bi ones offered to help add more cream and a few of us took them up on their offer. I allowed my breasts to be fondled (a lot more than was really necessary to add the cream) and when my legs were being done, I was stroked through my bikini bottoms and had my ass nicely fondled. We’d eaten the first round of food and some people were playing football (in a half-hearted way as it was quite hot) before Abrahii informed us that the voyeuristic neighbour was watching us. I carefully looked round while pretending to look for more sun cream so I knew exactly where he was standing and then sat with my legs spread so I could rub cream into my inner thighs.

I asked Abrahii to do my back and she started off kneeling over my legs with her ass facing her neighbour. She had bright pink bikini bottoms on which contrasted nicely with her dark skin and she wiggled her ass around as she applied the cream to my back. She then moved around so she was kneeling over my head and body to rub cream into the back of my legs. I spread my legs as she stroked my thighs and her fingers played over my crotch. I told her to remove my bikini and lifted my ass in the air while she untied the strings and exposed my pussy to the air. She thoroughly rubbed cream over my ass, ensuring I was properly protected and then rubbed around my pussy. I felt her fingers slip into me a few times, but she wasn’t trying to finger fuck me so it just ended up making me feel hornier.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Making Use of the Sun

At the end of May, we had some really nice weather and decided to take advantage of it. Since moving to our new place, we had spent a little time exploring the area for both useful things as well as places that we could have some fun. On the Wednesday evening, it was still hot and sunny enough that we thought it would be sensible to find somewhere semi-sheltered so we didn’t burn and one place came immediately to mind. It was a little distance away, but we had talked about doing things in a set of trees that lay between two dual carriageways (70 m.p.h speed limit for non UK readers). The woods were only about 10m in width, but the trees and bushes were dense enough that you could only really see straight through and not at an angle. We felt this was perfect as while it meant that we could see all the cars going past (and that we could technically be seen), nobody would be likely to get a good enough look at us to see what we were actually doing.

I’ve found that this is the key to good exhibitionism – I want either the perception of being seen (with sufficient risk of it actually happening) but not to be seen by the wrong people (and naturally, to try to avoid being arrested!). The spot we’d chosen was perfect for this and as soon as we’d got the blanket down, we started to play with each other. We started off lying down and pulled each other’s clothes off while we kissed and fondled. We then fucked for a while, taking turns as to who was on top and what exact position we used.

We thought we should move things up a level and decided to finish up while standing. I bent forwards and leant against a tree so Mike could fuck me from behind and play with me and I came while standing upright with my legs spread and Mike kneeling in front of me so he could eat and finger me. It seemed only fair that he should get to cum in a similar way so I let him fuck me again briefly and then he stood against the tree while I knelt in front of him and sucked his cock clean of my juices. He warned me he was getting close so I leant back and he stroked himself until he came. He squirted his cum over me, most of it landed on my breasts and upper stomach but he leant forwards as he squeezed the last few drips out and they fell on my lower stomach. I stayed in the same position and let his cum run down my body until I felt it on my pussy. I only rubbed it in lightly before getting dressed so my dress stuck to my body and the cum seeped through in a couple of places or at least showed up as damp patches).

The following evening, we decided to go somewhere slightly more private and headed off to an area we had noticed a while ago. It is right beside a railway line and is a fairly thick (albeit narrow) forest. We headed down a road, then a track and then into the trees. We were far enough from the tracks that we could only just see the train and felt pretty isolated. From what we could see, there weren’t any well worn paths there so we assumed we were safe and set out a blanket. We intended to take a bit longer this time and do things properly (which means more than once). We started off gently enough, kissing, stroking and fingering and then moved on to Mike eating me. I was still mostly dressed at this point (my top was undone and breasts free) and I ended up sitting upright over Mike’s face with my skirt covering his head. He ate me to orgasm and then needed to cool off (it was a hot day and was even hotter trapped under me).

I freed his cock and after giving him a brief suck, I mounted him – not to actually fuck, more just as a thank you for making me cum. This progressed to gentle spooning and from there to more vigorous fucking, but Mike held back from cumming as he wanted me to cum a bit more first (and I wasn’t going to complain about this). I undressed and Mike sat up so I could lie with my head in his lap. He stroked my neck and I could occasionally sucked his cock. This felt really nice and we enjoyed being able to take our time and enjoy being naked outdoors. He got me quite close to cumming and I ended up lying with my legs spread wide, humping against the air as my orgasm slowly approached. It felt like I could feel my pussy pulsing and really wished there was someone present to watch and describe what they could see, but fortunately we weren’t interrupted and so could continue.

Before I came, Mike said he wanted to cum inside me. I was initially a bit disappointed as I really enjoy cumming from just having my neck stroked, but he promised me that if that was how I wanted to cum, then that’s how I would cum. He moved down between my legs and pushed into me, quickly pumping away and telling me he was going to cum as fast as he could. I was allowed to gently play with my clit, but wasn’t trying to make myself cum and as promised, Mike soon said he was getting close and then pushed into me harder a few times and said he had cum. He immediately returned to his previous position so I could lie on his lap again and he stroked my neck while I sucked him clean of our combined juices. I once again spread my legs and now I could also feel his cum slowly trickling out of me. He continued to stroke my neck and gently play with my nipples and I felt my orgasm continue to build in a deliciously agonising way. I teetered on the brink of cumming for a while and pulled my legs as far apart as I could. I was beginning to think that I might need a bit of direct stimulation but then my orgasm started and pulsed through my body.

One of the reasons I like cumming via having my neck stroked is that I get to feel my orgasm radiating out from my cunt (and it feels like it comes from deep within my cunt) as well as having what feels like a second (much weaker) orgasm radiating out from my neck. It is difficult to describe in detail, but it feels wonderful and the fact we were doing it outdoors ‘in public’ made it even better. I seemed to cum for quite a while before the pulses started to weaken and I was left panting. Mike knows how much I enjoy cumming like this and he loves being able to watch me closely as it happens. My pussy felt soaked by the time I’d finished and I’d like to think that at least some of that was due to my juices and not just Mike’s cum.

We lay for a while longer, enjoying the warm air and Mike then challenged me to show him Jen’s favourite way of playing with herself when she was younger. I got him to clarify (as unlike me, Jen was well aware of masturbation and what she liked when she was younger – and made full use of this). He told me to climb one of the trees and masturbate while peeing (a Jen has demonstrated to me) and I agreed. I put my trainers back on and with his help, climbed up onto a branch that was a couple of metres off the ground (climbing trees naked isn’t that easy – Jen used to do it while wearing her clothes and didn’t mind if she got her panties/tights wet when she peed).

I balanced myself on the branch and Mike passed me up a vibe to play with. My pussy still felt very wet and it slipped inside me easily so I got to work. Despite the fact that there were houses about 100m away, I couldn’t see anything even from my new vantage point and if you ignored the noise of the trains passing every now and then, it really felt like we were somewhere quite deserted. I played with my clit, fucked myself and rubbed the vibe over my ass until I got close to cumming. I almost dropped the vibe a couple of times as Mike’s cum had leaked out of me and covered it so it was rather slippery. As my orgasm approached, I tossed the vibe down to Mike and told him to stand clear (unlike Jen, he didn’t want to be on the receiving end of the shower). I made sure I had a good grip on a branch with one hand and used my other hand to spread my lips and rub my clit with one finger. A train went past just before I came and I imagined that everyone on-board was getting a good look at me, which helped things along a bit. I told Mike I was about to cum and as my orgasm hit, I pushed as hard as I could and let out a long arc of pee.

It felt incredibly liberating to be doing this and the more I experience it, the more I see why Jen enjoys it. I carried on for as long as I could, even after my orgasm had stopped and I could clearly see a long trail of moisture on the ground by the time I finished. Mike had to help me down as my legs were a bit shaky, but I quickly recovered and asked him if he wanted to cum again before we headed back. Mike kitty kissed me for a while to help get me in the mood (okay, so I was in the mood, I just wasn’t quite ready to cum again) and this progressed to us 69ing. We decided to risk a few scrapes and for our final fuck, we used the bare earth (plus leaves, twigs, stones) to screw on. Both of us spent some time being the one on top and I was fucked on my back and on my stomach. We got pretty wild (although not too noisy) and completely ignored the fact that we were getting dirty.

At one point, I ended up against a tree (facing it) and Mike fucked me from behind as I felt the bark rubbing against my stomach and between my breasts. We didn’t stay in this position for long though and were soon back on the ground with me on top. I sat up and rode Mike’s cock so he could fondle my breasts and play with my clit. To complete the session, I lay on top of him and he pounded into me over and over while spreading my ass. It was the perfect animalistic way to finish and Mike fucked me hard and fast until I’d cum before letting go and cumming himself.

We stayed in position, me on top and his cock still inside me, while we caught out breath and only then did we discover how much of a mess we were. The ground wasn’t really muddy, but it was far from dry so we had both picked up a fair amount of dirt and a few scratches. I had to pick a number of things out of my hair and we brushed each other down before getting dressed and heading home to clean up properly. I had the pleasure of feeling more of Mike’s cum dripping out of me as we walked back and I think a few people noticed the state we were in (I wonder if any of them guessed what we had been doing – I can’t think of any other reason for us looking the way we did).

We showered as soon as we got back and certainly turned the water an interesting colour. Mike tried to get me to cum again with the shower, but I wasn’t ready for it and told him to wait until bedtime. We tried to call Jen to bring her up to speed on what we’d just done but she was celebrating having finished her exams so was otherwise engaged. We weren’t too bothered as we were heading down to see her and help her celebrate the following day anyway.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Two Cocks - Two Cunts - Part 2

Sara and Emily are up visiting us for the weekend. We'r hoping the weather holds out so we can have some fun outside, but it isn't looking promising - oh well, delicious Emily pussy will have to be sampled indoors instead... back to May...

Julia wanted to have a go and I didn’t mind as I was slightly worried that the condoms might not hold up to what we were doing, and while it would have been wonderful to get two guys to cum in me at once, I still didn’t want their cum to actually end up in me. I checked that everything was intact by giving them both a quick suck to clean my juices off and then got Julia to take my place. I helped Ethan into her and then watched as they both slid in and out of her cunt. It was an incredible sight, and one that it just so much hotter than seeing the ‘usual’ DP. Julia let them fuck her for a while but she had the same concerns as I did and so they had to pull out of her. As compensation, we said that they could either cum over our breasts (not that we were expecting them to produce too much cum), or they could have the bed to themselves to carry on playing. They opted to play with each other (there’s nothing like offering a guy your body and having him want someone else!).

It was interesting to watch them. They lay and kissed while jerking each other off and then took turns sucking each other. (Apparently 69ing doesn’t work so well with two guys – which I guess is obvious as from experience I can say it is much easier 69ing with Jen than it is with Mike.) Taking turns didn’t seem to bother them though and they came in each other’s mouths. I had been gently toying with myself while watching them and by the time they finished I was ready for some more action, but I wanted to make sure we took care of Mel properly (as thanks for letting Julia out to play) and so we gave Simon and Ethan a bit of time to recover (they had cum three times) and then sent them on their way. Us girls remained naked as we went downstairs to show them out and we told them that if they went and got tested, then we could always play again, but could do things properly (no condoms).

We had a little break and a drink before we returned to the bedroom. Jen told Mel that we would do whatever she wanted but Mel said that she couldn’t really think of anything special, so we just lay her on the bed and caressed her all over. For the first few minutes, we avoided her pussy, but that didn’t last too long and we caressed her pussy individually and together. We moved around and took turns kissing her, licking and playing with her breasts, fingering and eating her, caressing her legs and thighs (Mel likes this a lot) and sitting over her so she could eat and play with us. We spent a while and got her pretty worked up so she was doing a good job at eating whoever sat over her face.

At one point, both Jen and I had a couple of fingers working on and in her pussy and I suggested to Jen that she could always give Mel the same treatment she had given Julia and me earlier and Jen quite liked this idea. It is of course quite rude to suddenly push your whole hand into a girl without* asking (no matter what porn movies might imply) so Jen checked with Mel if she was up for it and Mel said that as long as Jen went slowly then it was fine (it had apparently been a while since she’d had anything that big inside her and on further questioning she wouldn’t say what it had been but eventually said that she might show us at a future date).

We moved a mirror round to the foot of the bed propped Mel’s head up on some pillows so she would be able to see. Julia and I then sat either side of her and held her legs apart while Jen used the remainder of the lube to coat her hand and Mel’s pussy. Julia had fetched a couple of vibes as we intended to do this properly and while Jen finished preparing, we teased Mel’s nips with the vibes. Jen started off gently with three fingers and then added a fourth. She stood slightly to the side so we could watch in the mirror and Julia held a vibe against Mel’s clit as Jen worked her fingers in and out.

She added her thumb and pushed in a bit further each time until she had almost her whole hand in and told Mel that it was time. Mel said she was ready and Jen pushed in so her hand was buried up to the wrist. Mel told Jen to only move gently while she got used to the feeling and during this time, Julia and I played with her nips and carried on using the vibe on her clit. Jen didn’t stay still for long and started moving back and forth (not too much, but enough to be visible to us) and we told Mel that she had to cum for us all. She said that wasn’t going to be a problem and we just had to keep doing what we were doing (which we did). True to her word, she began moaning and I told her that she could put on a better show than that and dared her to be loud enough that the neighbours would be able to hear her clearly.

Mel isn’t anywhere near as much of an exhibitionist as Julia or me, but she played along, moaning and telling us what to do to her. I kept telling her to be louder until she was almost shouting for Jen to fuck he cunt with her fist (if the neighbours *did* actually hear, they would have been left in no doubt as to what we were doing). Likewise, we were in no doubt as to when she came as she moaned in a much more guttural way and interspersed this with a fair amount of swearing. Jen was instructed to stop moving and she said that she could feel Mel’s cunt pulsing around her. Jen didn’t pull out until Mel had completely finished cumming and this elicited another long ‘ooohhhh’ from her as Jen’s hand slid out and Mel’s lips stretched around it one last time. We held Mel’s lips open and watched as her cunt slowly contracted back towards its normal size and then took turns aggressively kitty kissing her until she said she’d really had enough.

Jen, Julia and I thought that we deserved some (more) action and as Jen had already played with Mel, I thought I should give her a turn with Jules (even though I prefer doing things with Julia, I was feeling generous). I sat over Mel’s face and let her eat me while Jen and Julia 69ed on the floor. Mel is actually very good at eating pussy so I certainly enjoyed myself and I didn’t need to do anything to her in return as she’d cum enough. I ended up cumming before Jen and Jules had finished so I moved onto the floor with them and caressed Julia’s ass (she was on top). I gave her a few playful slaps (not as hard as I slap Jen, but enough to get a slight pink glow). I then let them finish off by themselves (which didn’t take too long) and once Jen came I encouraged Jules to keep eating Jen until she (Jules) came as well.

We’d spent a fair amount of time playing, so decided that it was time to head back home. We knew that people weren’t going out that night and had planned just to watch a film with Lucy. Seeing as we’d had a pretty intense session, we agreed not to do anything sexual in front of her for the rest of the evening (unless she begged us to of course). Lucy was already home by the time we got back and she showed us a dress she had purchased as a reward for having finished (half of) her exams. We had a nice quiet evening in involving dinner and film as planned. Lucy commented on the fact that we were being so well behaved (we even kept our clothes on) and I told her that if she wanted we could put on a display for her, we just hadn’t wanted to get her worked up while Lis wasn’t there to take care of her later. Lucy thanked us for our consideration and I told her (again) that we (or I) would be happy to do things if she wanted and she told us that we were welcome to do whatever we wanted, but we didn’t have to. We sort of stuck to her wishes – I gently fondled Jen while we watched the film and I think Lucy was aware of what I was doing, but we were very discreet, nothing showed and I didn’t go as far as making Jen cum.

We went to bed fairly early and my extended fondling had gotten Jen pretty horny. I was quite happy to have a good fuck and we used a range of toys on each other. After we’d played for a while, we decided to cum using one of our double dildos and the powerful (mains powered) vibe. We buried the vibe between us and smushed our cunts together (in the scissors position) so we could get the vibe onto both of our clits at the same time. We made a deal to keep going until we’d both cum and then both held the vibe against our clits. It was a pretty intense feeling due to having played for quite a while before we started with the vibe. We didn’t want to make too much noise, but we were far from silent – there was quite a bit of moaning and gasping as we got closer and each tried to hold back so the other one would cum first and then have to endure the continued stimulation.

Usually I would have won this fairly easily, but Jen cheated and described how my cunt had looked with two cocks fucking me, how Mel’s cunt had felt as she pumped her hand into it and how Lucy might come and join us and allow me to eat her all night. All this imagery ended up being too much to resist and I started to cum – I made sure Jen knew I was cumming and between moans, I told her how Emily would sit over her face and let Jen savour her juices while Sara fingered and ate her. Jen held out for an impressively long time and she says my moans had turned into grunts near the end. When she finally came and I was released from the vibe, my whole pussy continued to tingle for ages. Jen tried to kitty kiss me to help me calm down, but I was too sensitive even for gently kissing.

It was a pity as I had set my mind on spooning with her while we had one of the long double dildos shared between us and seeing if we could fall asleep like that. In the end I had to satisfy myself with spooning against her and gently humping against her ass. We discussed Jen’s plan to do a Masters, but unsurprisingly she hadn’t had much time to investigate anything further. She knew that Mike and I had discussed things and had agreed that we would be able to afford to fund her living expenses, which as she would be living with us, probably wouldn’t be that large. (Jen was very grateful for this as initially she had assumed that she would just be adding to her student loans.)

I knew that Jen had planned to do some more revision on the Sunday, so when I woke up, I made sure that we had a nice gentle (but thorough) session and I got to cum twice. Jen said that when she fingered me, my pussy felt back to normal (which she thought Mike would appreciate) and I suggested that at some point, she should try self fisting (while I watched of course). She didn’t think she would be able to take it, but agreed she would consider it (and in her case it doesn’t matter how loose her cunt gets).

I let her stay in bed while I went down to prepare breakfast, which we then took in to Lucy’s room and ate together. Jen and I showered together and as an early reward for having finished exams, I let her pee over my hand and leg as we stood kissing and I fingered her. It wasn’t as much fun taking care of the shopping by myself, but I wanted Jen (and Lucy) to feel as prepared as she (they) could be for the last week of their exams, so I took care of the usual weekly jobs that Lis and I had been doing for the past few weeks. After lunch, I headed off home and filled Mike in on what we’d gotten up to. He really hoped that he would be allowed to have another play with Julia and I told him that if we asked Mel nicely and promised to repay her, then there was at least a chance. He knew he would only have to wait for the following week anyway as he was going to tag along to help celebrate the end of Jen’s exams.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Two Cocks - Two Cunts - Part 1

In the middle of May I went down to see Jen by myself. She was in the middle of her exams so we had a very quiet weekend. Unfortunately Lis was away at a conference so Lucy didn’t have anyone to help her relax (sexually or emotionally) and while I would have loved to help out (with both), the best I could do was to let her curl up against me (with Jen on my other side).

We did our usual breakfast in bed, with Jen and I naked but Lucy had a PJs on (as Lis hadn’t been there to remove them). We had decided not to be as sexual in front of Lucy, but before we finished breakfast Jen asked Lucy if she minded if I came and Lucy said I could go ahead if I wanted. She knows me well enough to know that there are very few times I don’t want to cum and so Jen fetched Lucy’s vibe and told me to put on a long display while they finished their breakfast. Lucy didn’t comment on me using her vibe so I just lay back, spread my legs and slowly ran it up and down my lips before working it into me and pushing it as deep inside as I (comfortably) could. I used a few positions – on my back, kneeling up and riding up and down on the vibe, on all fours pushing it into me from between my legs and finally on my back again, but using my heel to hold the vibe in while I used a hand on my clit and my other hand on my neck and breasts. This position felt really nice (and the fact I’d spent so long on things with Jen and Lucy watching probably helped). I had a nice long deep orgasm – not too strong, but certainly very pleasant and satisfying.

I hadn’t been paying any attention to my audience, but was pleased to find out that Jen had been gently masturbating herself while sitting next to Lucy. I would have been even more pleased if Lucy had played with herself as well, but I liked the fact that Jen was now open enough to stroke herself with Lucy watching (and without me asking/instructing her to do so). She hadn’t made herself cum, and when I had finished, she told me that we should head back into her room (which is where I found out she had been masturbating) and she wanted me to take care of her. As a reward, I ate her as she sat over my face, then kitty kissed her after she’d cum and then ate her until she came a second time.

They had agreed to take a little break from work and after a quiet morning, we went out into town for lunch (and met up with a few other people). Julia quietly told me that Mel had relented a bit on not wanting her to do things with other people and that we could have a chance to play if we wanted (I refer you to the previous statement about it being rare for me not to want to cum). It was easy enough to ditch Lucy as she had been cooped up revising for weeks (as had Jen) so she was glad to get a chance to just wander, meanwhile, Jen, Julia, Mel, Simon, Ethan and I went back to Julia’s place to have some fun.

On the way back I asked Mel what she had in mind and she said that she didn’t have anything specific in mind so we could just take things as they came (pun intended). I was glad that I was getting a chance to do things with Julia again as I had missed her enthusiasm since Mel had started to get jealous and I surreptitiously told Jen that we should make sure Mel got lots of attention so she didn’t feel left out. When we got to Julia’s place, the guys were reminded that they had to use condoms but they didn’t mind this and as soon as we got into Julia’s room, I started to slowly undress her and tease the guys as her naked body appeared. I thoroughly caressed her breasts, stomach, legs ass and pussy and together we moved over to Jen and repeated the scene with her.

Once Jen was naked, Jules knelt down and briefly licked her so I did the same and then had a quick taste of Jules. The two of them then undressed me and the guys were allowed to fondle my breasts as the girls fingered me. The three of us then turned on Mel and she didn’t resist as we removed her clothes (much more quickly than we’d been doing up until that point) and then fingered and caressed her together. I assumed we had teased the guys enough and suggested that Julia help to get them ready for action. They didn’t need any help getting undressed and when I looked over just a minute later, she already had condoms on them and was stroking and sucking them both.

I didn’t want to miss out so I told Mel that I would leave her in Jen’s capable hands and crawled over to Julia and the guys. I took Simon’s cock and started to suck it (Julia had Ethan’s in her mouth) and we then kissed each other around their cocks in turn. We ended up kneeling on Julia’s bed and the guys fucked us, switching places from time to time. We asked them to compare how we felt but didn’t get much useful feedback other than we both felt fucking good. I thought we should go for a more integrated approach and called Mel and Jen over. We couldn’t all fit on the bed so Julia, Simon and Jen took the floor (Jules eating Jen while being fucked by Simon) and I stayed on the bed, sandwiched between Mel and Ethan. I worked quite hard on Mel to make sure she came, but she was relatively far along anyway and came much faster than I had anticipated. I kitty kissed her for a while but when I tried to eat her properly again she said she wasn’t ready to cum yet and moved round beside me so she could reach under and play with my pussy and Ethan’s cock.

This felt much better than just being fucked and I told them both to carry on like that so I could cum. They did as I asked but Julia still came before I did and Simon came shortly after. I was fucked and rubbed to a nice orgasm and when Ethan pulled out of me, Simon asked to suck him clean (at first with the condom on and then he pulled it off and took Ethan’s bare cock in his mouth. Despite all my ‘adventures’, I still haven’t watched many men sucking each other off, but they were still ‘experimenting’ so I wasn’t sure they would have appreciated me kneeling beside them and taking notes (although I did make a note not to kiss him).

We took a little break but Julia soon told the guys that they had better be ready for more as she was expecting more than just one fuck out of them (you can probably see why I like her). It didn’t take a lot to get them hard again and we soon had them back on the bed with them swapping between Julia and me. We were on our backs this time so Jen and Mel could sit over us (I had Jen). I didn’t get to see the fact that Mel interrupted whoever was fucking Julia a couple of times and got them to pull out so she could suck him. If I’d known this at the time, the next part would have made more sense to me as Mel told us to assume a new position and Julia, Mel and I had to turn over so the three of us were presenting ourselves to the guys, who then got to give each one of us a fucking in turn. Jen wasn’t entirely left out as whoever wasn’t being serviced at the time was put in charge of playing with her using some of Julia’s toys.

As it seemed like we were taking more time with this round (and I didn’t know if the guys would be able to get it up again after they came a second time), I wanted to take the opportunity to try something. We pulled the duvet onto the floor and I got Mel to lie on her side with Ethan spooning behind her. I lay beside her in a 69 position and got Simon to spoon with me and we then edged closer together so we could 69. It wasn’t the easiest position as our heads got in the way of the guys fucking the other person, but we managed for a while to lick each other as we were fucked and it felt pretty good. I let Julia switch places with me so she could try and then I switched with Mel (just for completeness) and had another quick round.

Jen had been neglected for a while so we spent a while playing with her – we took turns eating her, playing with her breasts and offering ourselves for her to eat. We also let the guys slide into us while we did this and occasionally sucked each other’s juices off their cocks. All in all, we actually kept things going for quite a while before we started to get impatient and decided that it was time to cum again. Jen said that she would wait to cum and we could use her to help try to get the guys aroused and she sat out while Mel, Julia and I were fucked (round robin style again). Mel wasn’t too bothered about them actually cumming in her and said that they could cum in Jules and me (okay, not actually cumming in, but cumming while inside) so as they got closer, they concentrated on Jules and me and we decided that Simon should take me this time and Ethan have Julia so we finished off like this and then (after a quick breather) turned on Mel and Jen to help them out.

We used a couple more of Julia’s toys (she also had a good variety of things to make girls cum) and I was impressed at how neither Jen nor Mel seemed at all bothered about the guys seeing them being fucked and I wondered how much more fun we could have had if Jen had decided to do things like this earlier on (but I understand – I am still quite reserved around most of my friends and can only be so uninhibited at Jen’s place as I don’t see them most of the time). We played with them until they had both cum (and even made Mel cum with me eating her and Julia fingering her ass). Once we had finished, I took Julia aside and told her that I had one more thing I wanted to try and gave her the details. She agreed that it sounded like fun and we came up with a plan to get the guys ready.

It wasn’t too difficult to get them hard again (or at least hard enough to get condoms on) and Julia and I then took them in our mouths and sucked as hard and fast as we could. They complained that we were being too forceful and the sensation was too strong but we told them that they had to see how long they could take it and carried on. We gave them a good sucking and wanking and then told them that their next task was for both of them to fuck me at the same time. I didn’t want one in front and one in back this time though, I wanted them to both fuck my cunt at the same time. Fortunately, they seemed more than happy to try this and Simon lay on the edge of the bed so I could climb over him. Ethan moved up behind me and I felt him trying to press into me, but we didn’t have too much success. (He made it partway in but had to move and ended up slipping out).

Julia suggested that some lube might help so we decoupled and I let her apply a generous amount to my pussy and then to the guys’ cocks. Jen suggested that it might also help if I was stretched a little bit and she pushed a few fingers into me and then added a fourth. It was obvious that she was going to try and fist me so I suggested that she may as well take care of Julia at the same time so we were both ready for they guys. Jen really liked this idea and Julia was coaxed up onto the bed beside me. Jen dumped a good glow of lube onto Julia’s cunt and pushed it inside her and then added four fingers. She pushed her other hand back into me and worked on us both at the same time until her hands were covered in the lube. She then said that she would add her thumb in and I felt myself being stretched as she pushed her whole hand into me. It wasn’t as painful/unpleasant as it had been before (and I knew it was for a good cause) and within a minute Jen had her hands completely inside both Julia and me.

I didn’t want to be stretched too much so I got Jen to pull her hand out and told Simon to get back on the bed. I quickly mounted him and Simon moved up behind me once more. Julia helped to guide him in and he made it fairly easily this time. They couldn’t get really deep into me, but they were far enough in that I could enjoy the feeling and once we’d all got used to it, I got them to move a bit. They fucked me with opposing movements and really seemed to like the way my cunt pressed their cocks together (I can’t see Mike going for this – unfortunately). I got them to try and push in and out at the same time, which also felt nice, but they clearly didn’t enjoy it as much so I let them revert to sliding back and forth against each other.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Watching Pavlina Cum - Part 2

Not unreasonably, I was feeling quite horny from my mini-show and Lis described what had happened to Lucy and Jen pretty much as soon as we got back. Jen wanted to see the bikini and so we all headed down into the living room and I stripped off and then put it on properly (with no panties in the way this time). Jen did the top up much tighter and it certainly held my breasts in place, but also squished them quite a bit. It wasn’t an entirely unpleasant feeling but did make my breasts take on an unusual shape. As I had anticipated, the bottoms really only just covered my pussy and no more – I certainly wouldn’t have been able to wear them around decent company and it only took the smallest of movements to get my lips showing on either or both sides of the material.

Jen thought it was an excellent outfit and she stroked my neck and pussy until my nipples were hard enough to be clearly noticeable through the bikini top. I noticed that I could see up Lis’ skirt to her (still exposed) pussy and kept surreptitiously glancing over towards her as Jen’s fingers rubbed my pussy and pushed the meagre scrap of material out of the way. I could see that Lis was alternating between pressing her thighs together and resting her hand fairly high up on her thigh and I whispered to Jen to take things slowly. I added to the heat by sliding my hand under Jen’s skirt and fondling her pussy, then getting her to pull her top off so I could easily play with her breasts.

Jen and I started to kiss and I pulled her on top of me so I could get my hands onto her back and slide them down to her skirt. As we got more excited, I pulled this up and stroked her ass for a while before sliding my hands between her cheeks and caressing her pussy (only with fingertips as I couldn’t reach properly). I stole a few more glances up towards Lis and watched the situation develop on the sofa: at first Lis had a hand between her legs, the next time was clearly masturbating and the next time I looked she was kissing Lucy and was holding Lucy’s hand between her legs.

I really wanted to stop (or pause) and watch what Lis and Lucy were doing, but I wasn’t sure they really wanted us to watch, and they seemed to be watching what we were doing, so I thought we should carry on with the show. Between kisses I told Jen to follow my lead and we rolled over onto our sides. I quickly pulled off my bikini (the top was no longer containing my breasts anyway). I turned around and planted my pussy onto Jen face and quickly buried my face between her legs. I ate Jen quite forcefully but took breaks to kiss my way down (technically up in this orientation) her thighs to her knees. Whatever I did this, I got a chance to glance up at Lis and Lucy and each time things seemed to be progressing. At first, Lis had her hand between her legs, the next time, she was now clearly masturbating under her dress, and by the third time Lis was holding Lucy’s hand between her (Lis’) legs and they were kissing while Lucy fondled her.

Lis pawed at Lucy’s breasts through her top and after I’d eaten Jen a bit more, I looked up and saw that Lis had moved her hand between Lucy’s legs. Lucy still had her legs mostly closed, but Lis was obviously playing with her. Fortunately Lis wasn’t being quite as reserved, and while I still couldn’t see too much, she had her legs spread enough that I could (sort of) see Lucy’s fingers stroking her pussy (my view was helped by the fact that she hadn’t put any panties on after we’d returned home). I couldn’t resist trying to watch them more closely and sat up so I could hump against Jen’s face. I didn’t start directly at them and just pretended I was really enjoying what Jen was doing to me so wasn’t really looking at them (I was getting quite close to cumming anyway so I didn’t have to act too much). I didn’t leave Jen out and reached down to her pussy to rub and finger it (which Lucy and Lis would have been able to see in detail as Jen’s pussy was aimed directly at them).

Lis’ hand seemed to be moving quite quickly between Lucy’s legs and Lucy was holding tightly onto Lis. I really wanted to tell Lucy to spread her legs (or tell Lis to pull them open), but didn’t want to interrupt what I was watching. Lucy’s body shook slightly and I could hear her breathing heavily and I carried on watching until Lis slowed down her movements. Lucy was still rubbing away between Lis’ legs and while I really wanted to see Lis cum as well, common sense got the better of me and I decided to give them some privacy (so Lucy wouldn’t even really know I’d seen her cum) and buried my head back between Jen’s legs.

As you would expect from someone who had just seen their idol cum (even if I hadn’t seen any of the ‘detail’), I was very close to cumming myself, but I tried to hold back while I ate Jen. Only when I felt her moaning into my pussy did I let my mind replay what I’d seen and adapt the scene to how I could have helped them cum. This was enough to speed me towards my own orgasm (Jen’s tongue helped as well) and I came pretty much at the same time Jen did. I moaned quite loudly into Jen and humped against her face even more and then pulled away so we could lie panting as we recovered (I thought this would look more effective than just resorting to gentle kitty kissing).

Lis had cum by the time we had finished but Lis and Lucy were still kissing. When Lucy noticed that we had stopped, she pulled Lis’ skirt down to cover her up and looked a little embarrassed. I thought I would be selfless and distract from the fact that they had obviously been playing with each other so I told Jen to go and get her toothbrush while I pulled myself up into a chair and spread my legs over the arms. Jen quickly padded back in, knelt in front of me, turned her toothbrush on and held the back of the head against my clit. I sat and enjoyed the feeling, knowing that I was still being watched by everyone and concentrated on the steady build up of my orgasm. Jen said that I looked quite wet and I told her that was her fault, but didn’t do anything to check how wet I was. Only when I’d cum did I take the toothbrush off her and slide the end inside myself (after having turned it off – I don’t really fancy having my insides scrubbed). I gently fucked myself with it before returning it to Jen. Lis asked if she was going to clean it and I pointed out that we’d just eaten each other so there didn’t seem much point. Jen then joined me on the chair and we curled up and carried on chatting for a while until it was time for dinner.

Jen dropped a bit of a bombshell – she had been looking for jobs for a while and hadn’t been able to find one so she had been considering doing a masters. I was immediately worried about *where* she was going to do it, but she assured me that she had been looking at places close to where Mike and I live and that the plan was still for us to live together after our ceremony. I didn’t feel quite as reassured as I wanted to, but it was soon time for us to make dinner and we all helped out. I cheered up a bit as we ate and chatted and by the time we had prepared for the evening, I felt a fair bit better.

We weren’t planning on doing much as exams started the following week for most of the final year students (a few had started already) and some of us just went round to Abrahii’s room and watched a couple of films. Her living room had a really deep windowsill and between films I was challenged to sit on it and strip naked (and then stay there obviously or it wouldn’t have been much of a challenge). I was allowed to finger both Abrahii and Julia and they were then told to gang up on me and make me cum. They only used fingers on me and it was a rather subdued display (compared to our usual ones), but people seemed happy enough and I was even allowed to get dressed again afterwards.

We all headed home (fairly) early and Jen and I slowly made love. She guessed that I was still feeling worried about not actually being with her next year and promised me that she would find something close enough that we would be able to live together. We still kissed a lot and ground against each other and it was one of the more sensual sessions we’d had for quite a while. My thigh felt very sticky by the time we finished but I didn’t care and curled up behind Jen as we went to sleep.

I woke her the next morning my lowering my pussy onto her face and attacking her pussy with my fingers. She said that she needed to pee before we did anything but I told her that she would have to wait until we’d finished. This led to a fairly energetic session where Jen got me off as quickly as she could, while I didn’t quite reciprocate. I wasn’t too cruel and let her cum after not too long, but she still jumped up and dashed down to the bathroom as soon as I climbed off her.

Lis and Lucy surfaced as Jen was coming back upstairs and we all went down to breakfast together. Jen made me wear the little frilly apron to serve everyone and once we’d eaten, I was told to go and use the shower to make myself cum (and be loud enough that they could all hear). I did as asked and have to say that I much prefer doing this with the clear shower curtain – even though nobody else was in the room (although the door to the kitchen was open) it just feels a lot more exposed and I ended up using a finger in my ass, the spray on my clit and decided to let go properly and peed as I came (I’ve been getting quite a few videos of girls peeing as they cum recently as Jen really likes them).

While Lucy was showering I went and fetched the panties that I had taken from Lis. While Lis was watching, I wiped them repeatedly over my cunt and then did the same over Jen’s before handing them back to her. I told Lis that if she really had to wear panties, then she should at least wear those ones for the journey home and hinted that she might feel like masturbating in them as well. She promised that she would wear them and implied that she might do something else as well, but said we would have to wait and see.

Lis and I did our usual duty of shopping and cleaning so that Jen and Lucy could get a final bit of revision done (despite us telling them that last minute revision doesn’t achieve much). We wished them both good luck and set off for the station and airport. I chatted to Lis later on that night and she filled me in on what she and Lucy had done on the sofa while Jen and I had been putting on our little display and I told her that I had managed to see a fair amount, but still hadn’t seen Lucy’s pussy being fondled. Lis assured me that she had got her fingers into Lucy’s panties and a little bit between her lips, but had mostly played with her clit - and added that she had really enjoyed be able to be so uninhibited. I told her that she could cum in front of us as much as she wanted, as well as adding that she was also welcome to make Lucy cum with us watching.

I played with myself while Lis and I had this discussion and didn’t hide that fact from Lis. In the end, I convinced her to make good on her promise and masturbate with her panties on (it didn’t take much convincing). Mike had been listening in on our conversation and ended up sliding into me so we could fuck while Lis rubbed Jen’s and my juices into her cunt. We carried on the ‘conversation’ until all three of us had cum and we then called Jen to wish her luck one last time. (Of course, I called again on the Monday before her first exam, so technically it hadn’t been the last time).

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Watching Pavlina Cum - Part 1

We spent a lot of the following week sorting out our new house – it’s quite a nice little place. It has two bedrooms and we have purchased a king size bed for the main bedroom (which isn’t really big enough for the bed, but we don’t need much space for anything else). We had an interesting list of requirements, not all of which could we tell the letting agent:

• 2 bedrooms, initially this was so we could have one for a study/office, but we decided that as this was a long term solution we should really have a second bed for Mike or Jen. (The original plan had been for the other person to use a sofa-bed when one of them wanted a night alone with me.) We also realised that we needed something for anyone who visited (the three of us can share the main bed at times like those).
• Good water pressure – if you’ve read about our fun with showers, this will be self-evident.
• Enough space for us to have an additional ‘non-clothes’ wardrobe to house our joint collection of toys in one easy to use place.
• Enough cupboard space to cope with clothes for 2 girls.
• A sufficiently secluded garden (size wasn’t really important) so we could enjoy the summer (if it ever comes).
• Preferably detached so we could make as much noise as we wanted – we couldn’t afford this though. The main bedroom is at least on the other side of the house, so hopefully we won’t disturb the neighbours too much.

That’s not really what this entry is about – it’s only because we had a relatively quiet weekend that I thought I would add some background information in to help your imagination when I write about things we get up to in the new place. Mike stayed at home during the second weekend in June and I headed down to see Jen on my usual flight on the Friday night. We didn’t do anything much on the Friday night (we went straight to Jen’s house) and went to bed fairly early as we were both quite tired. Of course, we had a quick session before going to sleep, mostly grinding against each other and a little use of fingers (plus I had to have a taste of Jen once we’d finished).

On the Saturday morning, Jen woke up first but had to go downstairs to pee before we could do anything. On her return, she planted herself over my face and we 69ed for quite a while, slowly taking our time to bring each other off. We actually spent the best part of an hour in this position – I came first and Jen kitty kissed me while I got her off, by which point I wanted to continue and ended up cumming again while I kitty kissed Jen and then ate her until she came again. We were both quite stiff by the time Jen climbed off me and our faces covered in each other’s juices. We lay on the bed, top to tail, for a while until we decided that it was really time to get up and for Jen to start work.

Before that, we prepared breakfast and took it up to Lis and Lucy who we think (from the smell) had already been playing with each other. Jen and I were naked and neither Lis nor Lucy bothered covering up their breasts as we ate. It would have been nice to fool around again, but I felt pretty satisfied and we had agreed that they weren’t going to revise too much that day as their exams started the following week and we (Lis and I) thought that by that point, not overworking would be more effective preparation.

Lis and I headed out to spend the rest of the morning out of the way and were tasked with purchasing (and preparing) dinner. We followed our usual routine and looked round the shops, had lunch and then more shops. Lis confirmed that she and Lucy had been playing not long before Jen and I turned up with breakfast, but said they had finished so we hadn’t interrupted anything. I described my morning session with Jen to Lis and she said that it would be nice to have spent that long (Lucy is getting a bit stressed about exams, so while she still enjoyed sex, she wasn’t always relaxed enough to do things ‘properly’).

Lis helped me look for a new bikini for our holiday (which was rapidly approaching) and after we’d picked out a few I went to the changing rooms to try them on. The assistant didn’t mind me trying the bottoms on as long as I did it over my panties and this was the one time that I was glad that Lis keeps ignoring me and wearing them. She came into the changing room with me and slid her panties off and handed them to me. I put them on and tried a few bikinis on and then sent Lis to get another one we’d seen. When she returned, I opened the curtain and stepped out wearing the bikini I’d been trying on. I was still in the changing area, but I knew that some of the people waiting by the entrance (mostly men) would be able to see me and I asked Lis if she thought it suited me.

We returned to the booth and I tried on the new one (which wasn’t as nice). As soon as I’d removed it, I told Lis how nice her panties felt on me. I lifted a leg up onto the stool and stroked myself through the panties, making a point of pushing the material between my lips. I carried on stroking myself until I felt the familiar buzz in my cunt and told Lis that I could easily cum in her panties, but that would be rude, so I stopped and pulled them off. Unfortunately I don’t get anywhere near as wet as Jen does, but the panties were definitely moist with my juices and I considered it a job well done. There was no way I could have possibly given damp panties back to Lis (although I did like the idea of her wearing them and Lucy unknowingly licking my juices off Lis’ pussy later on) so I put them in my bag them and reminded Lis that she had agreed to be more daring. She feigned outrage but couldn’t easily keep it up as we had to be quiet (there were people in the changing rooms on either side of us) and I had slipped a finger back into my pussy and was slowly stroking myself.

I quickly got dressed and we went to one of the sex shops I know to see if they had anything closer to what I was looking for. They didn’t have anything that I would have worn on a public beach but they did have a couple of things that I thought might be interesting. I asked the guy if I could try on one of the bikini tops and he said that they didn’t have a changing room. I was a little miffed that he didn’t recognise me (I assume that there aren’t too many people who have stripped in the store) and said that if it was okay, I could just stand in the corner and try it on. He said that was fine as long as I didn’t mind so I headed back over to Lis and told her I would need her help.

I pulled my top off and quickly removed my bra, then took the bikini top and tried to fit myself into it. It was similar to one of the ones I’ve already got with incredibly small pieces of material that didn’t even cover my nipples, let alone my breasts, but was made of black rubber. This was why I needed Lis to help – I held my breasts in place while she pulled the strings tight and tied it behind me. With a bit of fiddling, we managed to get it tight enough to hold my breasts up (sort of) and keep the bikini in place. They didn’t have any mirrors so I had to take Lis’ work for how it looked but I thought if she was going to give an opinion that she would need to see the whole outfit.

I wandered back down to the front (it wasn’t a huge shop and we were the only ones there) and asked the guy if I could try the bottoms on (over my panties of course). He said that it would be fine and I considered removing my skirt where I was, but decided to return to Lis before I did this. I had somehow ‘forgotten’ that I didn’t have any panties on until my skirt was off and I then fished around in my bag to retrieve Lis’ panties and slipped them on. I pulled the bikini bottoms (which were effectively just a g-string with a tiny patch of the black material) on and made sure they fitted snugly before again asking Lis for her opinion. She thought (as I had guessed) that the bottoms would barely cover my pussy (if they did at all) and I really wanted to see just how poor a job it would do, but I guessed I would have to buy it to find out. I tried out a few poses and heard the shop door open, but didn’t look round (at first anyway).

It was obvious that they guy had been looking over at us and I decided to get a second opinion so wandered over to him and asked if he thought the outfit looked any good on me as I couldn’t decide if I should buy it. He said it looked really good and I rubbed my nipples through the top (although only the actual nipples were covered as most of my areola were visible. I then asked him if he thought the bottoms would cover enough of my pussy and bent over to let him see. Although he was staring straight at my ass and cunt, I didn’t feel as excited as I’d hoped as I knew Lis’ panties were blocking his view. I was really tempted to pull my panties down or at least pull the crotch to the side, but ended up just thanking him for his opinion and heading back over to Lis.

I still wasn’t entirely sure about the bikini, but decided to take it anyway. I got Lis to untie the top and I slipped off the bottoms, then pulled Lis’ panties off (and put them back in my bag, which involved me bending over, now naked from the knees up). I pulled my skirt up and only then did I put my bra and top back on before wandering down to pay. The guy at the till was very friendly and told me if I needed anything else, I was more than welcome to come back and I promised him that I would do so. On the way out, I pulled up the back of my skirt and have him a flash of my ass and we then quickly grabbed stuff for dinner and headed back home.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cum Loving Lesbians - Part 2

She put her skirt back on and it was almost as if nothing had happened, apart from her having damp thighs and the used speculum sitting on the table. If I had thought about it at the time, I would have chased Lis with the speculum and threatened to wipe it over her legs (which I’m pretty sure she would have let me do). After chatting for a while longer, Mike, Lis and I went into the kitchen and (as promised) prepared dinner for everyone. While Mike distracted Lis, Jen and I managed to pop a fair few cherry tomatoes into our pussies and distribute them amongst the salad. Mike quite enjoyed this as he knew it meant we were all eating his cum as well as our juices (so he was halfway to his fantasy).

We got freshened up before people arrived and rested a bit more. When Julia turned up, she headed up to Jen’s room as she was borrowing some of our things to complete her outfit. She returned downstairs with what Mike termed a perfect cosplay outfit on – she wasn’t dressed as any specific anime character, but still looked quite authentic. Mike finally got a chance to see her patch of pubic hair – it was only a small amount on her mons, but as she had told him, it was a blue colour that (roughly) matched her hair. Mike really liked this look on her (and she did look quite cute, which is one of his main fetishes) and he spent a while caressing her (mostly her thighs and mons, but occasionally fingering her. I later found out that Mel had told him that he could touch, but he wasn’t allowed to fuck her. Mike later found out from Jules that this was due to the fact that Mel was becoming aware that she (Mel) was about to graduate and Julia would be there for another year (at least) so she didn’t want Julia being other people’s plaything in her absence. I was a bit surprised to find this out as Mel was effectively the one who started the competition with Jen as to which one of them could get their partners to show off / cum more often.

Mike seemed to be fascinated by Julia’s new look and even when we were out he kept gently playing with her – although it was much harder for him to get a look at her pussy (not impossible though, this is Julia we’re talking about). The teasing had an effect on Julia and by the middle of the night she got permission from Mel to let Mike eat her (he still wasn’t allowed to fuck her, but it was good enough for Jules and Mike enjoys it just as much). We weren’t at the hardcore club, so they had to find a suitable place and ended up in a corridor behind the ‘stage’. Julia just leant against the wall while Mike knelt in front of her and ate her. Once she had cum, he thanked her for her juices and they re-joined us.

We left a little after midnight and went back to Alison’s place. Julia had already told Abrahii about the fun she’d had with Mike earlier and Abrahii got Jules to ask him if he would do the same to her (Mike is actually quite good at eating pussy – mostly from lots of practice). There wasn’t a chance that he would have refused her, but he did ask her if he could fuck her after he’d eaten her and she agreed to this. For a change, they had decided not to do things where everyone could see (although Mel, Jules and Jen have made Abrahii cum a number of times in front of the group as well asin private so she’s now fairly accustomed to this) and they went up to Alison’s room. He then decided to push things a step further and got Abrahii to agree to eat Jen and me while he fucked her. Julia was sent to fetch us and by the time we arrived, Mike was on the bed with his head between Abrahii’s thighs.

It wasn’t quite what she had agreed to, but I liked the view and wanted to join in straight away so I climbed over her and lowered my pussy to her face. She didn’t mind at all and pulled me down so she could eat me. Abrahii had a fair head start on me so she came first, but carried on eating until I’d cum (Mike was kitty kissing her while she did this). Pretty much as soon as I’d cum (and dismounted), Mike rolled Abrahii over and told Jen to get onto the bed. He was inside Abrahii before Jen was in place, but stopped moving to allow everyone to get into position. Abrahii knows how Jen likes to be eaten and started work on her as Mike resumed his fucking. He really liked this position as he could be quite forceful with her (she likes a good hard fuck sometimes) and he could see his movements pushing her head harder against Jen’s cunt, so in a way he was doing things to Jen.

I helped out by stroking and sucking on Jen’s nipples – I briefly considered trying to get Jen to eat me at the same time, but everyone would have had to move around and seeing as I’d just cum I thought it would be a bit greedy so concentrated on helping Jen enjoy herself. Mike tried to push his thumb into Abrahii’s ass but she made it clear that she didn’t want him to do that so he contented himself with fucking her and playing with her clit. As he got closer to cumming he asked if he should cum in her or over her – this is quite often a difficult decision for him to make as he really likes the feeling of cumming inside a pussy (as well as liking the idea of his cum being inside someone) but he also really likes the idea of covering them with cum (okay, so not actually *covering* - he isn’t a fire hydrant, but you get the idea). He ended up deciding to stay inside her – partially as he wasn’t sure if he would produce that much anyway after having cum earlier – and he liked the idea of cumming in three girls in one day (or at least his cum ending up in three girls in one day as
Jen wants to point out that he didn’t technically cum inside her).

He doesn’t know how to read Abrahii’s movements yet and while it became obvious that she was getting close to cumming, he wasn’t confident he could keep her there and he didn’t want to frustrate her, so he slowed down slightly, but carried on fucking and frigging her until she came. She slammed herself back against him quite hard and we could all hear her moaning into Jen’s cunt, but once her orgasm had ended, she stopped moving and just carried on eating Jen. Mike has seen Jen cum enough times that he could match her timing fairly well and as her mewing intensified, he pumped into Abrahii faster and he came while Jen was still cumming. He remained buried deep inside Abrahii while she kitty kissed Jen (they have been training her to do this). When he pulled out, I sucked him clean and then stole a few licks of Abrahii’s cunt (I couldn’t taste any of Mike’s cum so I think he was right to cum inside her).

We rested for a few minutes and caught our breath before getting dressed and heading downstairs. We went down in pairs so we didn’t draw as much attention but we hadn’t been gone for too long and people were in a number of rooms so we don’t think anyone (discounting Julia) knew we’d disappeared. It wasn’t much longer before we decided to head home and pretty much went to bed straight away. Jen and I had a quick session and I left her to go to sleep while I went downstairs to say goodnight to Mike properly. He gave me a quick fucking, but didn’t think he could cum again so he gave me the choice of using his cock to fuck myself with or letting him eat me. I guessed he wanted the latter so we ended up 69ing and I played with his cock as his tongue gave me my final orgasm of the night. I mounted and briefly rode him one last time before heading up to bed where I curled up beside an already sleeping Jen.

I woke her the usual way the next morning and when she’d cum, I told her to stay in bed while Mike and I prepared breakfast. He was already awake and was happy to briefly 69 before we went into the kitchen but we didn’t cum as I already had something planned. We once again knocked to wake up Lis and Lucy and gave them warning that we were coming in and Mike wore Jen’s robe again (but this time he didn’t have an erection). We all ate breakfast and chatted and when we had finished I asked if we should put on one of our customary morning shows. Everyone was in agreement so Mike shed his (Jen’s) gown and moved up behind me. We started to spoon and I grabbed Jen’s leg and told her to lie on her side so I could eat her. We moved around to find the best position and ended up with Mike’s feet up near Lucy, still spooning with me and my head resting on Jen’s thigh, with her head and body pointing down the bed away from Lucy and Lis.

The plan was to let our audience see everything that was happening and we were partially successful. Mike really liked this position as he had a close up view of me eating Jen (even though he couldn’t actually see anything much as my head was in the way). We didn’t try to do anything fancy (having three people involved pretty much makes anything fancy impossible anyway) and I ate Jen until she came and then concentrated on fucking Mike. We ended up moving away from the wall slightly so Mike could move in me more and he played with my clit until I came and then pumped into me briefly until he came.

I felt quite wet and checked that Lucy still intended to change her covers before I sat up (Japanese style) and let his cum drip out of me and make a small puddle on the bed underneath me. I took some of Mike’s cum and rubbed it into Jen’s pussy and then decided that I may as well show off properly so pushed Jen down onto her back and crawled over her face so she could eat me clean. We discussed Jen’s love of boy-cum while she did this (well, she didn’t discuss it as her mouth was busy) and agreed that it was a little strange for a lesbian to enjoy it so much, but Mike wasn’t complaining and it meant I could always get a thorough pussy cleaning from her.

As much fun as all this was, we didn’t want to keep Jen and Lucy from their work for too long, so we got up (no morning sex for Lis/Lucy that day) and got ready. Lis later told me that she had really been enjoying our threesome show and had gently masturbated under the covers so she had really wanted to do things with Lucy, but in the end had to content herself with using the shower and getting herself off that way. She told me this over the phone in the week and I told her that if she’d asked, I would have happily joined her and made her cum as many times as she wanted and then spent the rest of the morning eating her while Mike fucked me and filled me with cum for her to eat out of me.

I’m aware that Lis and I have a strange relationship – we are able to openly (and explicitly) flirt like that, but we know that she will never cheat on Lucy, so unless they split up, nothing is going to happen again (sob). I guess I’m happy enough letting her watch me cum and knowing that she occasionally thinks of the things that Jen and I did with her while she masturbates (and sometimes even while she’d doing things with Lucy).

Jen Mike and I helped out and did the cleaning and laundry, during which, Mike made use of a few of the cuter pairs of Lucy’s panties (Note: cuter – not sexier) to get her scent and masturbate with (not to orgasm). The three of us then went and did the food shopping for the week and stacked it away in the cupboards when we returned. Having ensured that they weren’t going to starve or die in their own filth, we had a quick lunch and it was time for us to head off. We had time to wander into town to see Lis get her train before we headed to the airport and caught our flight back home.

We (or rather Mike) heard an interesting tale early the next week – when talking to Sue, he found out that she had finally got up the courage to act on the fantasy of making out with one of her (female) friends (Katie), that she and Ryan had been using in their fantasies. It had been at a party on the Saturday night and both of them were fairly drunk, they had started off gently kissing and Sue had fondled Katie’s breasts through her top. A couple of people had noticed what they were doing and they were encouraged to do more (sigh, men and lesbians – or any lesbian like behaviour) and Sue had thrown caution to the wind and pulled her top right up so Katie could fondle her breasts properly.

Naturally, people wanted them to go further but Sue had the sense to lead Katie up to a bedroom and lock the door behind them (not even Ryan was allowed in, although I think it was Katie who requested that). A few people waited outside and listened in while they fooled around on the bed. At first they just kissed and there was some breast play, but Sue ended up taking the lead and slipping her hand under Katie’s skirt and quickly into her panties. She fingered Katie and convinced her to do the same in return, but had to stop to pull her panties off and make it easier for Katie to touch her (which is why I always say that wearing panties is a bad idea).

They fingered each other for a while as they continued to kiss and it was obviously more than just a little make-out session. Sue removed Katie’s panties and went down on her, which apparently surprised Katie quite a bit, but she didn’t ask Sue to stop so she carried on and ended up making her first ‘straight’ friend cum. Sue was (understandably) quite horny by this point and asked Katie to eat her, but Katie wasn’t too sure about doing this. Fortunately she wasn’t entirely selfish and said that they could carry on kissing and fingering and did this until Sue came. Having got that far, Sue was ready to eat Katie again, but Katie thought they had done enough and they had to stop. They have a custom at Sue’s Uni where the guy often gets to keep the panties of a girl he’s screwed, so they ended up exchanging panties before they straightened themselves up and left the room to the cheers of the people who were still waiting and listening.

Sue gave Ryan a detailed description of what had happened and he fucked her a couple of times as she described it. Katie says that she hasn’t told anyone exactly what happened, but all of their friends know that *something* happened between them. Sue doesn’t seem to bothered by this, although she finds it a bit odd that some of her friends who know me (and know that I have a girlfriend) have asked her if she is now gay. Ryan doesn’t seem to mind at all and has told her that anytime she wants to get Katie into bed again, she can – although he really wants to at least watch (and preferably join in) next time.

When Mike passed this news onto Jen, she phoned Sue straight away to congratulate her on her migration away from guys (Jen’s ideal situation would be for Sue to become a lesbian so she could have her all to herself). Initially we had been concerned that Sue hadn’t done things safely, but she assured us that she had used the protection we had given her (trying to bed Katie had been part of the plan for the night, so she had specifically taken it with her to the party). I was pleased to hear this as while I am all for encouraging Sue (and others) to enjoy sex as much as possible, I do have to look out for my little sis and don’t want her to end up with some nasty disease!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cum Loving Lesbians - Part 1

We've just finished writing up the entry from my birthday - it was an epic day and we got distracted writing it quite a few times. It probably won't be too long before it gets posted so keep reading, there is more good stuff to come...

The first weekend in May, Mike came down to visit Jen with me. We’d had a busy week moving house and I didn’t think it was fair to leave him by himself to carry on sorting things out. Jen had also promised him that she would reward him for his help in her getting access to Vicky’s breasts (for me, I’m much more interested in pussy – when dealing with girls anyway). Jen had really enjoyed her time buried between ‘the ladies’ and Mike didn’t want to miss whatever his payment was.

We arrived on the Friday evening and made our way to one of our usual pubs to meet up with people (we didn’t bother getting Jen to come and collect us this time). The first thing we noticed on arrival was Julia had dyed her hair (again), but this time it was a light blue colour. Julia told Mike that there was another bit of blue hair he could see later (it didn’t take much to guess where she was talking about) and once he heard this, Mike was eager to leave so he could see. She told him to be patient though and we stayed for a while before heading home. Jules promised Mike that he would get a chance to look properly the following day and we headed home by ourselves and pretty much went straight to bed. Mike soon forgot about Julia (well, he didn’t forget, but was concentrating on Jen’s promise) and as we climbed into bed he asked what she had in mind.

Jen said that it would have to wait until the following day when other people were present for some of what she had in mind, but for the time being, she suggested that both she and Mike fuck me. Mike was fine with this and Jen pulled out our strap on and got him to help fasten it (which is the closest he has come to putting a dildo into her). She gave him the choice of my ass or cunt and he decided to go for cunt. He lay on the bed and I mounted him while Jen added some lube to ‘her’ cock and I leant forwards so she could press against my ass and slowly work her way into me. The strap on is a decent size (about the same as Mike), so I felt pretty full with both it and Mike in me, but I wasn’t given any time to savour the feeling as they both started to fuck me.

Jen could move much more easily, but with a bit of practice they found a nice rhythm and alternated between sliding in and out alternately and simultaneously. Both felt good in their way as I either had something always sliding in to me or had both holes being filled at the same time, but I soon decided that the latter was more likely to make me cum. Mike really liked the feeling of the vibe as well when they both pressed deep into me. We fucked for a while and I could feel my orgasm building, but I wasn’t sure I would actually be able to cum. I did find that with them both inside me, I could hump against Mike and get a bit of friction on my clit and he liked how he could feel the head of his cock pressing deep inside me. I tried contracting myself around him but it was a bit difficult to concentrate on this while moving and having two things in me and most of the pressure was on his shaft rather than the head as he was all the way inside.

Jen said that she would probably be able to cum from just the internal vibe (and the bit that was pressing against her clit) so I humped back and forth while Mike and Jen described what my cunt felt like and how my ass was swallowing the strap on. For a while I still wasn’t sure I could actually cum but then something changed and I started to feel a lot more. I told them I was going to cum and Mike said he thought he could cum if he pressed a bit deeper into me. Jen wasn’t quite there yet, but told us to go ahead (she knew that it’s not as if we would just stop without her cumming). I ground against Mike faster and he told Jen to fuck my ass a bit more. I came with her sliding in and out and Mike and I humping against each other. Mike was pretty close to cumming and got Jen to push hard into me (which she liked as it meant she could get better contact with the internal vibe). Mike moved around a bit to find the best position to feel the vibe and then stayed still.

The vibe felt quite nice in my ass and wasn’t too intense so I could enjoy the strange feeling of watching Mike getting closer to cumming while inside me, without him moving at all. He seemed to stay close to cumming for a few minutes and then said he was cumming. He squirted his cum into me and tried to stay in position until Jen had cum, but in the end he had to push harder into me so he got less sensation from the vibe – he did manage to stay like this until Jen came though and he watched her over my shoulder as her orgasm rolled through her (she said it felt like a fairly deep orgasm that lasted a while, but wasn’t too strong).

Once Jen had finished cumming, she and Mike positioned themselves and I lifted myself off them both at the same time, leaving me feeling quite empty. Mike helped remove the strap on and was allowed to suck the internal vibe clean on Jen’s juices (the closest he gets to being allowed to eat her). Jen’s bed isn’t really big enough for three to sleep in comfortable, so Mike was (as usual) consigned to the sofa for the rest of the night while Jen and I curled up together.

In the morning, I woke Jen up by gently stroking her pussy – by the time she actually woke up properly my fingers were fairly wet and sticky and she said that she’d been having a really nice dream. I told her to stay where she was and I would make the dream even better (yes, we do say things that corny sometimes). I moved down between her legs and slowly ate her until she was squirming around on the bed and asking to cum. I did as requested and flicked my tongue over her clit until she moaned and pulled on my hair and I briefly kitty kissed her (just for a few minutes) until she had calmed down.

Jen played with me for a while but (as I’d expected) she didn’t let me cum. We went downstairs to prepare breakfast and I was allowed to wake Mike and play with him while Jen took care of the food. He was already awake when I went into the living room and I only had to kneel in front of him and briefly suck him to get him hard, at which point I got him to lie on the sofa and I slowly rode up and down on his cock. I wasn’t trying to get either of us to cum as I assumed that would be saved for later and when Jen called us to help carry the breakfast I pulled myself off him and we all headed upstairs.

Jen and I went in naked but we thought it would be safer for Mike to wear a gown. Technically it covered him, but it was only one of Jen’s sheer gowns and if anything it only drew attention to Mike’s erection as it was clearly pressing against the gown and making a large bulge. Lis didn’t worry about covering her breasts but Lucy pulled the covers up and we let her put on her dressing gown before Mike entered. We sat and ate breakfast, during which Jen teased me in her usual way and asked if Jen and Lucy wanted to see my morning orgasm. They said they did so Jen fingered me for a little while and then slowly pulled on her robe (the one Mike was wearing) so the material slid over his cock (which was still hard – partly from what Jen had been doing to me, partly from the topless Lis but mostly from having Lucy sitting in bed with him). As the gown slid off his cock, she said that the best way to see me cum would be for Mike to take care of me and asked if he could fuck me. They once again agreed and I was told to lie on my back so he could take me.

Mike loved the fact that Lis and Lucy were watching and he lifted my legs up and slipped into me (I was pretty wet from Jen’s fondling). Jen stroked my breasts and told Mike to spread my legs so they could see everything and she pulled one leg down while asking Lis to take the other one. He fucked me and rubbed my clit and Jen pointed out that everyone in the room had made me cum at some point. I’ve made everyone (apart from Lucy) cum as well and told them that they were the people that I cared about most. Technically this isn’t quite true in Lucy’s case as while I do really like her and I am desperate to have a chance to sleep with her, I think I care more about Sara and Emily than I do Lucy (although I’ve actually slept with Sara and Emily, so that complicates things slightly).

Mike was enjoying having Lucy and Lis watching his cock sliding in and out of me and he had the added bonus of seeing Lis naked (he could only really see her back and legs due to the way she was crouching, but he enjoyed knowing that she was naked and sufficiently engrossed in watching us fuck that she hadn’t realised or didn’t care that he could see her. We carried on until I got close to cumming and I informed my audience (and Mike) that I was close. I was told to go ahead and cum and happily did so as his cock slid in and out of me, his fingers stroked my clit and Jen toyed with my nipples. Mike asked if he should cum and Jen told him to go ahead so he sped up his movements slightly and pumped into me a while longer before pushing hard into me a few times and finishing off.

My display wasn’t quite over yet though – when Mike pulled out of me, Jen pushed my legs towards my head up so my ass and pussy were raised in the air and told Mike to hold me in place. She disappeared and returned with a speculum and told me that it was time for people to see Mike’s cum inside me. Apparently she purchased this for another reason (which I still haven’t found out about), but decided that this would be a good chance to use it. She removed the packaging and slipped it into me and once it was deep enough, she slowly cranked it open. It was a very strange feeling – being so open and on display (which I know I usually like, but it’s rare that people ever get to see quite so far inside me). Mike and Jen looked first and then moved over to let Lis and Lucy have a look. With the help of a torch, they could all see Mike’s cum pooled at the bottom of my cunt and Jen said that it looked like I would end up dripping on Lucy’s bed when I stood up. She said it was fine as she would be changing the duvet the next day anyway and once people had finished examining me (even girls don’t usually get this good a chance to examine a pussy properly – it’s somewhat harder for them to see their own one than it is for guys to look at their cocks), Jen pulled the speculum out.

I was told to kneel on all fours with my legs slightly spread and I soon felt some of Mike’s cum drip out of me. Jen caught some and rubbed it over my ass and Lis even let a couple of drops fall onto her hand before she rubbed it over my ass. I was hoping this would continue and I could end up being fingered by three of them while I sucked Mike off (I’d only cum once), but that was all I got. We thought we should leave Lis and Lucy in case they wanted to have any fun together (we knew that we wouldn’t get to watch) and Mike told Lis to make sure she cleaned her hand before touching anywhere ‘important’. While he (in theory) loves the idea of his cum inside Lis and Lucy, he doesn’t actually want to get anyone pregnant unless it is Jen or me (and we’re on the pill, while I know Lis and Lucy aren’t – for fairly obvious reasons).

Back in Jen’s room, I had a proper look at the speculum and formulated my own plan for later in the day (part of the deal of me visiting Jen more is that I get to order her around from time to time and she has to do as instructed). As usual, Jen was planning on working for most of the day, so Mike, Lis and I spent the day out around town and promised to prepare dinner. It was nice having Mike there with me, but it did mean that I couldn’t goad Lis into doing anything daring. We did put on a mini-display of Mike fingering me and Mike mentioned how much he’d enjoyed seeing Lis’ naked body earlier on (at which she blushed so much she almost started to glow), but he’s seen her practically naked on holiday before anyway and I know Lis likes Mike so she didn’t seem to mind too much. Mike continued to flirt with her and asked if she’d liked the way his cum felt but Lis isn’t exactly a shrinking violet and told him that she had just wanted a chance to have my juices on her hand and to stroke my ass.

We had a quick visit to a sex shop to look for new toys, but our collection is fairly large now and we can’t really expand it too much without buying really expensive things, so we left empty handed. By about 3 we thought we had given them enough time to work so went to buy dinner and slowly made our way home. They seemed glad to have an excuse to stop work (I think revision fatigue was setting in) and we all went downstairs to have a drink and relax before dinner and meeting up with people.
In a not unexpected turn of events, Jen started to fondle me and I reached into Mike’s jeans and played with his cock. We ended up talking about different types of porn and how Lucy didn’t mind (or rather enjoyed) watching hetero porn and how just because she didn’t actually want to do things with a penis, it could still be exciting to watch. By this point I had Mike’s cock freed from his jeans and was steadily stroking it. I had already decided that it was time to put my earlier plan into action, but I let Jen carry on stroking my pussy for a while (it felt nice) and then told her that she could eat me if she wanted. This is nothing new for Lis or Lucy to see and so Jen knelt on the floor, pushed my skirt up and pushed her head between my legs. She carried on until I’d cum and I told her that it was now her turn, but promised Mike that he would get something nice as well if he waited.

Jen is now much less nervous about being naked or cumming with Lucy around and she didn’t stop me as I undid her skirt and pulled it off. I sent Mike up to fetch some supplies (but didn’t let anyone else hear what I told him. I meanwhile got to work on Jen and by the time Mike returned, she was completely naked and I had a couple of fingers working in her pussy. Mike handed me one of our vibrating eggs and I used this on Jen’s nipples and then her clit, both of which she really liked. As she got more excited and was obviously getting closer to cumming, I told Mike to hand me the other item and he passed the speculum to me. I told Jen that seeing as she had shown off the depths of my cunt to people, then it was only fair that they got to see her in the same way. She started to object, but realised that it would be pointless and when I told her to hold the egg in place she did.

I knelt in front of her and worked the speculum into her and spread her pussy – no more than she had done to me (Mike told me how far to go) and Jen said that she felt really exposed. I told her that we were all going to watch her cum and then she would get something extra and took over rubbing the egg against her clit again. I got her to hook one leg over the arm of the sofa while Mike held onto the other one and we took turns gazing into her cunt. It was fairly easy to see her pussy contracting – these seemed to be correlated with her moans and mewing and I decided that further experimentation would be required to determine this properly, but for now the plan was just to make her cum for us. I wanted the next part of my plan prepared though and whispered to Mike before kneeling on the floor, using one of Jen’s legs to balance myself and presenting my pussy to Mike.

I know he would have enjoyed watching Jen’s pussy spasm as she came, but he liked what I had in mind even more and he happily used my pussy to get himself close to cumming. Meanwhile Jen’s orgasm was building and with Mike out of the way, Lucy, Lis and I could all watch reasonably well. Jen came quite unashamedly and it was obviously a fairly good orgasm (not that there are really any ‘bad’ orgasms). I eased off with the vibe as her orgasm ended and asked Mike how close he was. He said that he was good to go and I moved up to Jen’s head and told her that Mike was going to cum inside her. At first she didn’t understand (I think she thought I meant he was going to fuck her) but I said that he was going to squirt his cum into her with us watching and that this could be proper payment for him having convinced Vicky to let Jen play with her breasts.

Mike pulled out of me and I helped to spread her legs while I told the others what was about to happen. They seemed genuinely surprised that Jen would let him do this but I told them that Jen liked his cum and I’d fingered and licked it into her pussy at various times before anyway. The conversation was cut short as Mike hadn’t been joking about being ‘good to go’ – he had already positioned himself with his cock just in front of Jen’s spread pussy and was stroking it back and forth. He told Jen he was about to cum in her and pressed the head of his cock against the speculum. I told him to pull back a bit so we could see him cumming and he said he didn’t want to miss, but moved back ever so slightly and said he was just about there. We watched and saw his cum squirt into Jen – I saw two decent squirts, a third weaker one and a couple of weak ones that didn’t get inside her but landed on the speculum and her lower lips.

As soon as he’d finished, he knelt down to see his cum dribbling down into her and then moved aside so the rest of us could see. Jen acted all embarrassed, but later admitted that it had actually felt quite nice (both having us watch her cum and people examining Mike’s cum inside her). Once we’d all got a good look, I removed the speculum from her and she gave us a wonderful pussy fart. We found this hilarious and I got Jen to stand up with her legs ever so slightly spread so we could watch Mike’s cum drip out of her. He hadn’t emptied as much into her as he had into me earlier on so it took a minute or so, but a few bits started to leak out and run down her legs while a few drops dripped straight down off her lips. I smeared some of his cum over her thighs and offered to let someone else do the other leg. Lis took me up on this and wiped Mike’s cum over Jen’s thigh, getting quite close to her pussy (I was hoping for contact). As I said, he hadn’t cum that much in her so she didn’t leak for long and I eventually decided that she had shown enough and could sit down.