Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cum Loving Lesbians - Part 1

We've just finished writing up the entry from my birthday - it was an epic day and we got distracted writing it quite a few times. It probably won't be too long before it gets posted so keep reading, there is more good stuff to come...

The first weekend in May, Mike came down to visit Jen with me. We’d had a busy week moving house and I didn’t think it was fair to leave him by himself to carry on sorting things out. Jen had also promised him that she would reward him for his help in her getting access to Vicky’s breasts (for me, I’m much more interested in pussy – when dealing with girls anyway). Jen had really enjoyed her time buried between ‘the ladies’ and Mike didn’t want to miss whatever his payment was.

We arrived on the Friday evening and made our way to one of our usual pubs to meet up with people (we didn’t bother getting Jen to come and collect us this time). The first thing we noticed on arrival was Julia had dyed her hair (again), but this time it was a light blue colour. Julia told Mike that there was another bit of blue hair he could see later (it didn’t take much to guess where she was talking about) and once he heard this, Mike was eager to leave so he could see. She told him to be patient though and we stayed for a while before heading home. Jules promised Mike that he would get a chance to look properly the following day and we headed home by ourselves and pretty much went straight to bed. Mike soon forgot about Julia (well, he didn’t forget, but was concentrating on Jen’s promise) and as we climbed into bed he asked what she had in mind.

Jen said that it would have to wait until the following day when other people were present for some of what she had in mind, but for the time being, she suggested that both she and Mike fuck me. Mike was fine with this and Jen pulled out our strap on and got him to help fasten it (which is the closest he has come to putting a dildo into her). She gave him the choice of my ass or cunt and he decided to go for cunt. He lay on the bed and I mounted him while Jen added some lube to ‘her’ cock and I leant forwards so she could press against my ass and slowly work her way into me. The strap on is a decent size (about the same as Mike), so I felt pretty full with both it and Mike in me, but I wasn’t given any time to savour the feeling as they both started to fuck me.

Jen could move much more easily, but with a bit of practice they found a nice rhythm and alternated between sliding in and out alternately and simultaneously. Both felt good in their way as I either had something always sliding in to me or had both holes being filled at the same time, but I soon decided that the latter was more likely to make me cum. Mike really liked the feeling of the vibe as well when they both pressed deep into me. We fucked for a while and I could feel my orgasm building, but I wasn’t sure I would actually be able to cum. I did find that with them both inside me, I could hump against Mike and get a bit of friction on my clit and he liked how he could feel the head of his cock pressing deep inside me. I tried contracting myself around him but it was a bit difficult to concentrate on this while moving and having two things in me and most of the pressure was on his shaft rather than the head as he was all the way inside.

Jen said that she would probably be able to cum from just the internal vibe (and the bit that was pressing against her clit) so I humped back and forth while Mike and Jen described what my cunt felt like and how my ass was swallowing the strap on. For a while I still wasn’t sure I could actually cum but then something changed and I started to feel a lot more. I told them I was going to cum and Mike said he thought he could cum if he pressed a bit deeper into me. Jen wasn’t quite there yet, but told us to go ahead (she knew that it’s not as if we would just stop without her cumming). I ground against Mike faster and he told Jen to fuck my ass a bit more. I came with her sliding in and out and Mike and I humping against each other. Mike was pretty close to cumming and got Jen to push hard into me (which she liked as it meant she could get better contact with the internal vibe). Mike moved around a bit to find the best position to feel the vibe and then stayed still.

The vibe felt quite nice in my ass and wasn’t too intense so I could enjoy the strange feeling of watching Mike getting closer to cumming while inside me, without him moving at all. He seemed to stay close to cumming for a few minutes and then said he was cumming. He squirted his cum into me and tried to stay in position until Jen had cum, but in the end he had to push harder into me so he got less sensation from the vibe – he did manage to stay like this until Jen came though and he watched her over my shoulder as her orgasm rolled through her (she said it felt like a fairly deep orgasm that lasted a while, but wasn’t too strong).

Once Jen had finished cumming, she and Mike positioned themselves and I lifted myself off them both at the same time, leaving me feeling quite empty. Mike helped remove the strap on and was allowed to suck the internal vibe clean on Jen’s juices (the closest he gets to being allowed to eat her). Jen’s bed isn’t really big enough for three to sleep in comfortable, so Mike was (as usual) consigned to the sofa for the rest of the night while Jen and I curled up together.

In the morning, I woke Jen up by gently stroking her pussy – by the time she actually woke up properly my fingers were fairly wet and sticky and she said that she’d been having a really nice dream. I told her to stay where she was and I would make the dream even better (yes, we do say things that corny sometimes). I moved down between her legs and slowly ate her until she was squirming around on the bed and asking to cum. I did as requested and flicked my tongue over her clit until she moaned and pulled on my hair and I briefly kitty kissed her (just for a few minutes) until she had calmed down.

Jen played with me for a while but (as I’d expected) she didn’t let me cum. We went downstairs to prepare breakfast and I was allowed to wake Mike and play with him while Jen took care of the food. He was already awake when I went into the living room and I only had to kneel in front of him and briefly suck him to get him hard, at which point I got him to lie on the sofa and I slowly rode up and down on his cock. I wasn’t trying to get either of us to cum as I assumed that would be saved for later and when Jen called us to help carry the breakfast I pulled myself off him and we all headed upstairs.

Jen and I went in naked but we thought it would be safer for Mike to wear a gown. Technically it covered him, but it was only one of Jen’s sheer gowns and if anything it only drew attention to Mike’s erection as it was clearly pressing against the gown and making a large bulge. Lis didn’t worry about covering her breasts but Lucy pulled the covers up and we let her put on her dressing gown before Mike entered. We sat and ate breakfast, during which Jen teased me in her usual way and asked if Jen and Lucy wanted to see my morning orgasm. They said they did so Jen fingered me for a little while and then slowly pulled on her robe (the one Mike was wearing) so the material slid over his cock (which was still hard – partly from what Jen had been doing to me, partly from the topless Lis but mostly from having Lucy sitting in bed with him). As the gown slid off his cock, she said that the best way to see me cum would be for Mike to take care of me and asked if he could fuck me. They once again agreed and I was told to lie on my back so he could take me.

Mike loved the fact that Lis and Lucy were watching and he lifted my legs up and slipped into me (I was pretty wet from Jen’s fondling). Jen stroked my breasts and told Mike to spread my legs so they could see everything and she pulled one leg down while asking Lis to take the other one. He fucked me and rubbed my clit and Jen pointed out that everyone in the room had made me cum at some point. I’ve made everyone (apart from Lucy) cum as well and told them that they were the people that I cared about most. Technically this isn’t quite true in Lucy’s case as while I do really like her and I am desperate to have a chance to sleep with her, I think I care more about Sara and Emily than I do Lucy (although I’ve actually slept with Sara and Emily, so that complicates things slightly).

Mike was enjoying having Lucy and Lis watching his cock sliding in and out of me and he had the added bonus of seeing Lis naked (he could only really see her back and legs due to the way she was crouching, but he enjoyed knowing that she was naked and sufficiently engrossed in watching us fuck that she hadn’t realised or didn’t care that he could see her. We carried on until I got close to cumming and I informed my audience (and Mike) that I was close. I was told to go ahead and cum and happily did so as his cock slid in and out of me, his fingers stroked my clit and Jen toyed with my nipples. Mike asked if he should cum and Jen told him to go ahead so he sped up his movements slightly and pumped into me a while longer before pushing hard into me a few times and finishing off.

My display wasn’t quite over yet though – when Mike pulled out of me, Jen pushed my legs towards my head up so my ass and pussy were raised in the air and told Mike to hold me in place. She disappeared and returned with a speculum and told me that it was time for people to see Mike’s cum inside me. Apparently she purchased this for another reason (which I still haven’t found out about), but decided that this would be a good chance to use it. She removed the packaging and slipped it into me and once it was deep enough, she slowly cranked it open. It was a very strange feeling – being so open and on display (which I know I usually like, but it’s rare that people ever get to see quite so far inside me). Mike and Jen looked first and then moved over to let Lis and Lucy have a look. With the help of a torch, they could all see Mike’s cum pooled at the bottom of my cunt and Jen said that it looked like I would end up dripping on Lucy’s bed when I stood up. She said it was fine as she would be changing the duvet the next day anyway and once people had finished examining me (even girls don’t usually get this good a chance to examine a pussy properly – it’s somewhat harder for them to see their own one than it is for guys to look at their cocks), Jen pulled the speculum out.

I was told to kneel on all fours with my legs slightly spread and I soon felt some of Mike’s cum drip out of me. Jen caught some and rubbed it over my ass and Lis even let a couple of drops fall onto her hand before she rubbed it over my ass. I was hoping this would continue and I could end up being fingered by three of them while I sucked Mike off (I’d only cum once), but that was all I got. We thought we should leave Lis and Lucy in case they wanted to have any fun together (we knew that we wouldn’t get to watch) and Mike told Lis to make sure she cleaned her hand before touching anywhere ‘important’. While he (in theory) loves the idea of his cum inside Lis and Lucy, he doesn’t actually want to get anyone pregnant unless it is Jen or me (and we’re on the pill, while I know Lis and Lucy aren’t – for fairly obvious reasons).

Back in Jen’s room, I had a proper look at the speculum and formulated my own plan for later in the day (part of the deal of me visiting Jen more is that I get to order her around from time to time and she has to do as instructed). As usual, Jen was planning on working for most of the day, so Mike, Lis and I spent the day out around town and promised to prepare dinner. It was nice having Mike there with me, but it did mean that I couldn’t goad Lis into doing anything daring. We did put on a mini-display of Mike fingering me and Mike mentioned how much he’d enjoyed seeing Lis’ naked body earlier on (at which she blushed so much she almost started to glow), but he’s seen her practically naked on holiday before anyway and I know Lis likes Mike so she didn’t seem to mind too much. Mike continued to flirt with her and asked if she’d liked the way his cum felt but Lis isn’t exactly a shrinking violet and told him that she had just wanted a chance to have my juices on her hand and to stroke my ass.

We had a quick visit to a sex shop to look for new toys, but our collection is fairly large now and we can’t really expand it too much without buying really expensive things, so we left empty handed. By about 3 we thought we had given them enough time to work so went to buy dinner and slowly made our way home. They seemed glad to have an excuse to stop work (I think revision fatigue was setting in) and we all went downstairs to have a drink and relax before dinner and meeting up with people.
In a not unexpected turn of events, Jen started to fondle me and I reached into Mike’s jeans and played with his cock. We ended up talking about different types of porn and how Lucy didn’t mind (or rather enjoyed) watching hetero porn and how just because she didn’t actually want to do things with a penis, it could still be exciting to watch. By this point I had Mike’s cock freed from his jeans and was steadily stroking it. I had already decided that it was time to put my earlier plan into action, but I let Jen carry on stroking my pussy for a while (it felt nice) and then told her that she could eat me if she wanted. This is nothing new for Lis or Lucy to see and so Jen knelt on the floor, pushed my skirt up and pushed her head between my legs. She carried on until I’d cum and I told her that it was now her turn, but promised Mike that he would get something nice as well if he waited.

Jen is now much less nervous about being naked or cumming with Lucy around and she didn’t stop me as I undid her skirt and pulled it off. I sent Mike up to fetch some supplies (but didn’t let anyone else hear what I told him. I meanwhile got to work on Jen and by the time Mike returned, she was completely naked and I had a couple of fingers working in her pussy. Mike handed me one of our vibrating eggs and I used this on Jen’s nipples and then her clit, both of which she really liked. As she got more excited and was obviously getting closer to cumming, I told Mike to hand me the other item and he passed the speculum to me. I told Jen that seeing as she had shown off the depths of my cunt to people, then it was only fair that they got to see her in the same way. She started to object, but realised that it would be pointless and when I told her to hold the egg in place she did.

I knelt in front of her and worked the speculum into her and spread her pussy – no more than she had done to me (Mike told me how far to go) and Jen said that she felt really exposed. I told her that we were all going to watch her cum and then she would get something extra and took over rubbing the egg against her clit again. I got her to hook one leg over the arm of the sofa while Mike held onto the other one and we took turns gazing into her cunt. It was fairly easy to see her pussy contracting – these seemed to be correlated with her moans and mewing and I decided that further experimentation would be required to determine this properly, but for now the plan was just to make her cum for us. I wanted the next part of my plan prepared though and whispered to Mike before kneeling on the floor, using one of Jen’s legs to balance myself and presenting my pussy to Mike.

I know he would have enjoyed watching Jen’s pussy spasm as she came, but he liked what I had in mind even more and he happily used my pussy to get himself close to cumming. Meanwhile Jen’s orgasm was building and with Mike out of the way, Lucy, Lis and I could all watch reasonably well. Jen came quite unashamedly and it was obviously a fairly good orgasm (not that there are really any ‘bad’ orgasms). I eased off with the vibe as her orgasm ended and asked Mike how close he was. He said that he was good to go and I moved up to Jen’s head and told her that Mike was going to cum inside her. At first she didn’t understand (I think she thought I meant he was going to fuck her) but I said that he was going to squirt his cum into her with us watching and that this could be proper payment for him having convinced Vicky to let Jen play with her breasts.

Mike pulled out of me and I helped to spread her legs while I told the others what was about to happen. They seemed genuinely surprised that Jen would let him do this but I told them that Jen liked his cum and I’d fingered and licked it into her pussy at various times before anyway. The conversation was cut short as Mike hadn’t been joking about being ‘good to go’ – he had already positioned himself with his cock just in front of Jen’s spread pussy and was stroking it back and forth. He told Jen he was about to cum in her and pressed the head of his cock against the speculum. I told him to pull back a bit so we could see him cumming and he said he didn’t want to miss, but moved back ever so slightly and said he was just about there. We watched and saw his cum squirt into Jen – I saw two decent squirts, a third weaker one and a couple of weak ones that didn’t get inside her but landed on the speculum and her lower lips.

As soon as he’d finished, he knelt down to see his cum dribbling down into her and then moved aside so the rest of us could see. Jen acted all embarrassed, but later admitted that it had actually felt quite nice (both having us watch her cum and people examining Mike’s cum inside her). Once we’d all got a good look, I removed the speculum from her and she gave us a wonderful pussy fart. We found this hilarious and I got Jen to stand up with her legs ever so slightly spread so we could watch Mike’s cum drip out of her. He hadn’t emptied as much into her as he had into me earlier on so it took a minute or so, but a few bits started to leak out and run down her legs while a few drops dripped straight down off her lips. I smeared some of his cum over her thighs and offered to let someone else do the other leg. Lis took me up on this and wiped Mike’s cum over Jen’s thigh, getting quite close to her pussy (I was hoping for contact). As I said, he hadn’t cum that much in her so she didn’t leak for long and I eventually decided that she had shown enough and could sit down.


  1. If Jen is not interested in guys at all why is she on the pill? With all the health risks it seems like she's taking all the risk for no reward??

  2. Well you could consider not getting pregnant a reward... Jen and I play with each other quite a bit and I often have Mike's cum in (or on) me and Jen and I share dildos/vibes (and Mike also gets to cum on her from time to time). It's probably not that likely, but there is always the chance of cum-transferral so she's just guarding against it.

  3. ya anon is right being on pill is not good for healthy girls . It causes pre-mature diabities its true you can google it to make sure. you should be more careful about mike cum. Is jen also bisexual?

  4. Jen isn't bi - she has gone as far as grinding against Mike, but no penetrative sex. I honestly don't know how we could guarantee that none of Mike's cum would get into her. I'm not sure how likely pregnancy is from cum transferred from me to her, but I'm sure the odds are't zero. Jen is a bright girl and knows the risks of the pill and thinks they are worth it. Imagine the effect it would have had on her life if she'd got pregnant during her time as a student (I know people manage this, but it's not easy).