Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cum Loving Lesbians - Part 2

She put her skirt back on and it was almost as if nothing had happened, apart from her having damp thighs and the used speculum sitting on the table. If I had thought about it at the time, I would have chased Lis with the speculum and threatened to wipe it over her legs (which I’m pretty sure she would have let me do). After chatting for a while longer, Mike, Lis and I went into the kitchen and (as promised) prepared dinner for everyone. While Mike distracted Lis, Jen and I managed to pop a fair few cherry tomatoes into our pussies and distribute them amongst the salad. Mike quite enjoyed this as he knew it meant we were all eating his cum as well as our juices (so he was halfway to his fantasy).

We got freshened up before people arrived and rested a bit more. When Julia turned up, she headed up to Jen’s room as she was borrowing some of our things to complete her outfit. She returned downstairs with what Mike termed a perfect cosplay outfit on – she wasn’t dressed as any specific anime character, but still looked quite authentic. Mike finally got a chance to see her patch of pubic hair – it was only a small amount on her mons, but as she had told him, it was a blue colour that (roughly) matched her hair. Mike really liked this look on her (and she did look quite cute, which is one of his main fetishes) and he spent a while caressing her (mostly her thighs and mons, but occasionally fingering her. I later found out that Mel had told him that he could touch, but he wasn’t allowed to fuck her. Mike later found out from Jules that this was due to the fact that Mel was becoming aware that she (Mel) was about to graduate and Julia would be there for another year (at least) so she didn’t want Julia being other people’s plaything in her absence. I was a bit surprised to find this out as Mel was effectively the one who started the competition with Jen as to which one of them could get their partners to show off / cum more often.

Mike seemed to be fascinated by Julia’s new look and even when we were out he kept gently playing with her – although it was much harder for him to get a look at her pussy (not impossible though, this is Julia we’re talking about). The teasing had an effect on Julia and by the middle of the night she got permission from Mel to let Mike eat her (he still wasn’t allowed to fuck her, but it was good enough for Jules and Mike enjoys it just as much). We weren’t at the hardcore club, so they had to find a suitable place and ended up in a corridor behind the ‘stage’. Julia just leant against the wall while Mike knelt in front of her and ate her. Once she had cum, he thanked her for her juices and they re-joined us.

We left a little after midnight and went back to Alison’s place. Julia had already told Abrahii about the fun she’d had with Mike earlier and Abrahii got Jules to ask him if he would do the same to her (Mike is actually quite good at eating pussy – mostly from lots of practice). There wasn’t a chance that he would have refused her, but he did ask her if he could fuck her after he’d eaten her and she agreed to this. For a change, they had decided not to do things where everyone could see (although Mel, Jules and Jen have made Abrahii cum a number of times in front of the group as well asin private so she’s now fairly accustomed to this) and they went up to Alison’s room. He then decided to push things a step further and got Abrahii to agree to eat Jen and me while he fucked her. Julia was sent to fetch us and by the time we arrived, Mike was on the bed with his head between Abrahii’s thighs.

It wasn’t quite what she had agreed to, but I liked the view and wanted to join in straight away so I climbed over her and lowered my pussy to her face. She didn’t mind at all and pulled me down so she could eat me. Abrahii had a fair head start on me so she came first, but carried on eating until I’d cum (Mike was kitty kissing her while she did this). Pretty much as soon as I’d cum (and dismounted), Mike rolled Abrahii over and told Jen to get onto the bed. He was inside Abrahii before Jen was in place, but stopped moving to allow everyone to get into position. Abrahii knows how Jen likes to be eaten and started work on her as Mike resumed his fucking. He really liked this position as he could be quite forceful with her (she likes a good hard fuck sometimes) and he could see his movements pushing her head harder against Jen’s cunt, so in a way he was doing things to Jen.

I helped out by stroking and sucking on Jen’s nipples – I briefly considered trying to get Jen to eat me at the same time, but everyone would have had to move around and seeing as I’d just cum I thought it would be a bit greedy so concentrated on helping Jen enjoy herself. Mike tried to push his thumb into Abrahii’s ass but she made it clear that she didn’t want him to do that so he contented himself with fucking her and playing with her clit. As he got closer to cumming he asked if he should cum in her or over her – this is quite often a difficult decision for him to make as he really likes the feeling of cumming inside a pussy (as well as liking the idea of his cum being inside someone) but he also really likes the idea of covering them with cum (okay, so not actually *covering* - he isn’t a fire hydrant, but you get the idea). He ended up deciding to stay inside her – partially as he wasn’t sure if he would produce that much anyway after having cum earlier – and he liked the idea of cumming in three girls in one day (or at least his cum ending up in three girls in one day as
Jen wants to point out that he didn’t technically cum inside her).

He doesn’t know how to read Abrahii’s movements yet and while it became obvious that she was getting close to cumming, he wasn’t confident he could keep her there and he didn’t want to frustrate her, so he slowed down slightly, but carried on fucking and frigging her until she came. She slammed herself back against him quite hard and we could all hear her moaning into Jen’s cunt, but once her orgasm had ended, she stopped moving and just carried on eating Jen. Mike has seen Jen cum enough times that he could match her timing fairly well and as her mewing intensified, he pumped into Abrahii faster and he came while Jen was still cumming. He remained buried deep inside Abrahii while she kitty kissed Jen (they have been training her to do this). When he pulled out, I sucked him clean and then stole a few licks of Abrahii’s cunt (I couldn’t taste any of Mike’s cum so I think he was right to cum inside her).

We rested for a few minutes and caught our breath before getting dressed and heading downstairs. We went down in pairs so we didn’t draw as much attention but we hadn’t been gone for too long and people were in a number of rooms so we don’t think anyone (discounting Julia) knew we’d disappeared. It wasn’t much longer before we decided to head home and pretty much went to bed straight away. Jen and I had a quick session and I left her to go to sleep while I went downstairs to say goodnight to Mike properly. He gave me a quick fucking, but didn’t think he could cum again so he gave me the choice of using his cock to fuck myself with or letting him eat me. I guessed he wanted the latter so we ended up 69ing and I played with his cock as his tongue gave me my final orgasm of the night. I mounted and briefly rode him one last time before heading up to bed where I curled up beside an already sleeping Jen.

I woke her the usual way the next morning and when she’d cum, I told her to stay in bed while Mike and I prepared breakfast. He was already awake and was happy to briefly 69 before we went into the kitchen but we didn’t cum as I already had something planned. We once again knocked to wake up Lis and Lucy and gave them warning that we were coming in and Mike wore Jen’s robe again (but this time he didn’t have an erection). We all ate breakfast and chatted and when we had finished I asked if we should put on one of our customary morning shows. Everyone was in agreement so Mike shed his (Jen’s) gown and moved up behind me. We started to spoon and I grabbed Jen’s leg and told her to lie on her side so I could eat her. We moved around to find the best position and ended up with Mike’s feet up near Lucy, still spooning with me and my head resting on Jen’s thigh, with her head and body pointing down the bed away from Lucy and Lis.

The plan was to let our audience see everything that was happening and we were partially successful. Mike really liked this position as he had a close up view of me eating Jen (even though he couldn’t actually see anything much as my head was in the way). We didn’t try to do anything fancy (having three people involved pretty much makes anything fancy impossible anyway) and I ate Jen until she came and then concentrated on fucking Mike. We ended up moving away from the wall slightly so Mike could move in me more and he played with my clit until I came and then pumped into me briefly until he came.

I felt quite wet and checked that Lucy still intended to change her covers before I sat up (Japanese style) and let his cum drip out of me and make a small puddle on the bed underneath me. I took some of Mike’s cum and rubbed it into Jen’s pussy and then decided that I may as well show off properly so pushed Jen down onto her back and crawled over her face so she could eat me clean. We discussed Jen’s love of boy-cum while she did this (well, she didn’t discuss it as her mouth was busy) and agreed that it was a little strange for a lesbian to enjoy it so much, but Mike wasn’t complaining and it meant I could always get a thorough pussy cleaning from her.

As much fun as all this was, we didn’t want to keep Jen and Lucy from their work for too long, so we got up (no morning sex for Lis/Lucy that day) and got ready. Lis later told me that she had really been enjoying our threesome show and had gently masturbated under the covers so she had really wanted to do things with Lucy, but in the end had to content herself with using the shower and getting herself off that way. She told me this over the phone in the week and I told her that if she’d asked, I would have happily joined her and made her cum as many times as she wanted and then spent the rest of the morning eating her while Mike fucked me and filled me with cum for her to eat out of me.

I’m aware that Lis and I have a strange relationship – we are able to openly (and explicitly) flirt like that, but we know that she will never cheat on Lucy, so unless they split up, nothing is going to happen again (sob). I guess I’m happy enough letting her watch me cum and knowing that she occasionally thinks of the things that Jen and I did with her while she masturbates (and sometimes even while she’d doing things with Lucy).

Jen Mike and I helped out and did the cleaning and laundry, during which, Mike made use of a few of the cuter pairs of Lucy’s panties (Note: cuter – not sexier) to get her scent and masturbate with (not to orgasm). The three of us then went and did the food shopping for the week and stacked it away in the cupboards when we returned. Having ensured that they weren’t going to starve or die in their own filth, we had a quick lunch and it was time for us to head off. We had time to wander into town to see Lis get her train before we headed to the airport and caught our flight back home.

We (or rather Mike) heard an interesting tale early the next week – when talking to Sue, he found out that she had finally got up the courage to act on the fantasy of making out with one of her (female) friends (Katie), that she and Ryan had been using in their fantasies. It had been at a party on the Saturday night and both of them were fairly drunk, they had started off gently kissing and Sue had fondled Katie’s breasts through her top. A couple of people had noticed what they were doing and they were encouraged to do more (sigh, men and lesbians – or any lesbian like behaviour) and Sue had thrown caution to the wind and pulled her top right up so Katie could fondle her breasts properly.

Naturally, people wanted them to go further but Sue had the sense to lead Katie up to a bedroom and lock the door behind them (not even Ryan was allowed in, although I think it was Katie who requested that). A few people waited outside and listened in while they fooled around on the bed. At first they just kissed and there was some breast play, but Sue ended up taking the lead and slipping her hand under Katie’s skirt and quickly into her panties. She fingered Katie and convinced her to do the same in return, but had to stop to pull her panties off and make it easier for Katie to touch her (which is why I always say that wearing panties is a bad idea).

They fingered each other for a while as they continued to kiss and it was obviously more than just a little make-out session. Sue removed Katie’s panties and went down on her, which apparently surprised Katie quite a bit, but she didn’t ask Sue to stop so she carried on and ended up making her first ‘straight’ friend cum. Sue was (understandably) quite horny by this point and asked Katie to eat her, but Katie wasn’t too sure about doing this. Fortunately she wasn’t entirely selfish and said that they could carry on kissing and fingering and did this until Sue came. Having got that far, Sue was ready to eat Katie again, but Katie thought they had done enough and they had to stop. They have a custom at Sue’s Uni where the guy often gets to keep the panties of a girl he’s screwed, so they ended up exchanging panties before they straightened themselves up and left the room to the cheers of the people who were still waiting and listening.

Sue gave Ryan a detailed description of what had happened and he fucked her a couple of times as she described it. Katie says that she hasn’t told anyone exactly what happened, but all of their friends know that *something* happened between them. Sue doesn’t seem to bothered by this, although she finds it a bit odd that some of her friends who know me (and know that I have a girlfriend) have asked her if she is now gay. Ryan doesn’t seem to mind at all and has told her that anytime she wants to get Katie into bed again, she can – although he really wants to at least watch (and preferably join in) next time.

When Mike passed this news onto Jen, she phoned Sue straight away to congratulate her on her migration away from guys (Jen’s ideal situation would be for Sue to become a lesbian so she could have her all to herself). Initially we had been concerned that Sue hadn’t done things safely, but she assured us that she had used the protection we had given her (trying to bed Katie had been part of the plan for the night, so she had specifically taken it with her to the party). I was pleased to hear this as while I am all for encouraging Sue (and others) to enjoy sex as much as possible, I do have to look out for my little sis and don’t want her to end up with some nasty disease!

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