Monday, 27 August 2012

Making Use of the Sun

At the end of May, we had some really nice weather and decided to take advantage of it. Since moving to our new place, we had spent a little time exploring the area for both useful things as well as places that we could have some fun. On the Wednesday evening, it was still hot and sunny enough that we thought it would be sensible to find somewhere semi-sheltered so we didn’t burn and one place came immediately to mind. It was a little distance away, but we had talked about doing things in a set of trees that lay between two dual carriageways (70 m.p.h speed limit for non UK readers). The woods were only about 10m in width, but the trees and bushes were dense enough that you could only really see straight through and not at an angle. We felt this was perfect as while it meant that we could see all the cars going past (and that we could technically be seen), nobody would be likely to get a good enough look at us to see what we were actually doing.

I’ve found that this is the key to good exhibitionism – I want either the perception of being seen (with sufficient risk of it actually happening) but not to be seen by the wrong people (and naturally, to try to avoid being arrested!). The spot we’d chosen was perfect for this and as soon as we’d got the blanket down, we started to play with each other. We started off lying down and pulled each other’s clothes off while we kissed and fondled. We then fucked for a while, taking turns as to who was on top and what exact position we used.

We thought we should move things up a level and decided to finish up while standing. I bent forwards and leant against a tree so Mike could fuck me from behind and play with me and I came while standing upright with my legs spread and Mike kneeling in front of me so he could eat and finger me. It seemed only fair that he should get to cum in a similar way so I let him fuck me again briefly and then he stood against the tree while I knelt in front of him and sucked his cock clean of my juices. He warned me he was getting close so I leant back and he stroked himself until he came. He squirted his cum over me, most of it landed on my breasts and upper stomach but he leant forwards as he squeezed the last few drips out and they fell on my lower stomach. I stayed in the same position and let his cum run down my body until I felt it on my pussy. I only rubbed it in lightly before getting dressed so my dress stuck to my body and the cum seeped through in a couple of places or at least showed up as damp patches).

The following evening, we decided to go somewhere slightly more private and headed off to an area we had noticed a while ago. It is right beside a railway line and is a fairly thick (albeit narrow) forest. We headed down a road, then a track and then into the trees. We were far enough from the tracks that we could only just see the train and felt pretty isolated. From what we could see, there weren’t any well worn paths there so we assumed we were safe and set out a blanket. We intended to take a bit longer this time and do things properly (which means more than once). We started off gently enough, kissing, stroking and fingering and then moved on to Mike eating me. I was still mostly dressed at this point (my top was undone and breasts free) and I ended up sitting upright over Mike’s face with my skirt covering his head. He ate me to orgasm and then needed to cool off (it was a hot day and was even hotter trapped under me).

I freed his cock and after giving him a brief suck, I mounted him – not to actually fuck, more just as a thank you for making me cum. This progressed to gentle spooning and from there to more vigorous fucking, but Mike held back from cumming as he wanted me to cum a bit more first (and I wasn’t going to complain about this). I undressed and Mike sat up so I could lie with my head in his lap. He stroked my neck and I could occasionally sucked his cock. This felt really nice and we enjoyed being able to take our time and enjoy being naked outdoors. He got me quite close to cumming and I ended up lying with my legs spread wide, humping against the air as my orgasm slowly approached. It felt like I could feel my pussy pulsing and really wished there was someone present to watch and describe what they could see, but fortunately we weren’t interrupted and so could continue.

Before I came, Mike said he wanted to cum inside me. I was initially a bit disappointed as I really enjoy cumming from just having my neck stroked, but he promised me that if that was how I wanted to cum, then that’s how I would cum. He moved down between my legs and pushed into me, quickly pumping away and telling me he was going to cum as fast as he could. I was allowed to gently play with my clit, but wasn’t trying to make myself cum and as promised, Mike soon said he was getting close and then pushed into me harder a few times and said he had cum. He immediately returned to his previous position so I could lie on his lap again and he stroked my neck while I sucked him clean of our combined juices. I once again spread my legs and now I could also feel his cum slowly trickling out of me. He continued to stroke my neck and gently play with my nipples and I felt my orgasm continue to build in a deliciously agonising way. I teetered on the brink of cumming for a while and pulled my legs as far apart as I could. I was beginning to think that I might need a bit of direct stimulation but then my orgasm started and pulsed through my body.

One of the reasons I like cumming via having my neck stroked is that I get to feel my orgasm radiating out from my cunt (and it feels like it comes from deep within my cunt) as well as having what feels like a second (much weaker) orgasm radiating out from my neck. It is difficult to describe in detail, but it feels wonderful and the fact we were doing it outdoors ‘in public’ made it even better. I seemed to cum for quite a while before the pulses started to weaken and I was left panting. Mike knows how much I enjoy cumming like this and he loves being able to watch me closely as it happens. My pussy felt soaked by the time I’d finished and I’d like to think that at least some of that was due to my juices and not just Mike’s cum.

We lay for a while longer, enjoying the warm air and Mike then challenged me to show him Jen’s favourite way of playing with herself when she was younger. I got him to clarify (as unlike me, Jen was well aware of masturbation and what she liked when she was younger – and made full use of this). He told me to climb one of the trees and masturbate while peeing (a Jen has demonstrated to me) and I agreed. I put my trainers back on and with his help, climbed up onto a branch that was a couple of metres off the ground (climbing trees naked isn’t that easy – Jen used to do it while wearing her clothes and didn’t mind if she got her panties/tights wet when she peed).

I balanced myself on the branch and Mike passed me up a vibe to play with. My pussy still felt very wet and it slipped inside me easily so I got to work. Despite the fact that there were houses about 100m away, I couldn’t see anything even from my new vantage point and if you ignored the noise of the trains passing every now and then, it really felt like we were somewhere quite deserted. I played with my clit, fucked myself and rubbed the vibe over my ass until I got close to cumming. I almost dropped the vibe a couple of times as Mike’s cum had leaked out of me and covered it so it was rather slippery. As my orgasm approached, I tossed the vibe down to Mike and told him to stand clear (unlike Jen, he didn’t want to be on the receiving end of the shower). I made sure I had a good grip on a branch with one hand and used my other hand to spread my lips and rub my clit with one finger. A train went past just before I came and I imagined that everyone on-board was getting a good look at me, which helped things along a bit. I told Mike I was about to cum and as my orgasm hit, I pushed as hard as I could and let out a long arc of pee.

It felt incredibly liberating to be doing this and the more I experience it, the more I see why Jen enjoys it. I carried on for as long as I could, even after my orgasm had stopped and I could clearly see a long trail of moisture on the ground by the time I finished. Mike had to help me down as my legs were a bit shaky, but I quickly recovered and asked him if he wanted to cum again before we headed back. Mike kitty kissed me for a while to help get me in the mood (okay, so I was in the mood, I just wasn’t quite ready to cum again) and this progressed to us 69ing. We decided to risk a few scrapes and for our final fuck, we used the bare earth (plus leaves, twigs, stones) to screw on. Both of us spent some time being the one on top and I was fucked on my back and on my stomach. We got pretty wild (although not too noisy) and completely ignored the fact that we were getting dirty.

At one point, I ended up against a tree (facing it) and Mike fucked me from behind as I felt the bark rubbing against my stomach and between my breasts. We didn’t stay in this position for long though and were soon back on the ground with me on top. I sat up and rode Mike’s cock so he could fondle my breasts and play with my clit. To complete the session, I lay on top of him and he pounded into me over and over while spreading my ass. It was the perfect animalistic way to finish and Mike fucked me hard and fast until I’d cum before letting go and cumming himself.

We stayed in position, me on top and his cock still inside me, while we caught out breath and only then did we discover how much of a mess we were. The ground wasn’t really muddy, but it was far from dry so we had both picked up a fair amount of dirt and a few scratches. I had to pick a number of things out of my hair and we brushed each other down before getting dressed and heading home to clean up properly. I had the pleasure of feeling more of Mike’s cum dripping out of me as we walked back and I think a few people noticed the state we were in (I wonder if any of them guessed what we had been doing – I can’t think of any other reason for us looking the way we did).

We showered as soon as we got back and certainly turned the water an interesting colour. Mike tried to get me to cum again with the shower, but I wasn’t ready for it and told him to wait until bedtime. We tried to call Jen to bring her up to speed on what we’d just done but she was celebrating having finished her exams so was otherwise engaged. We weren’t too bothered as we were heading down to see her and help her celebrate the following day anyway.


  1. Andi,
    Please be careful with 'public' displays. i had a friend who was caught in public despite all their precautions and was arrested on charges. It ruined her teaching career because once you're on the sex-offender list you are not allowed on school property (not to mention nobody wants you teaching their kids or the damage to your reputation...)

    This is a very dangerous game you play...

  2. We're quite careful, but the danger is part of what adds to the excitement. None of us work with children (I can't imagine Jen is going to decide to become a teacher) so it wouldn't ruin our careers (but I'm aware it might not help them).