Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pleasing the Neighbour - Part 1

We couldn’t get an early flight on the Friday (well, we could have, but the later one was cheaper) so we didn’t arrive until about 11. This wasn’t too much of a problem as most of the gang had finished their exams so were no longer worried about having to get to bed early. We dropped our things off at Jen’s place and headed back out to meet up with everyone. Jen was quite well lubricated by the time we arrived and didn’t object to me greeting her properly (big kiss, sliding hands under skirt and reaching between her cheeks to fondle her pussy). Jen enthusiastically kissed me back and fondled me in like – now all of her friends have seen this many times, but we got a number of whistles and cheers from other people in the pub. It wasn’t the sort of place that we could get away with behaving like that for long, so I pulled back (after enjoying Jen’s caresses) and kissed some of the others hello (I also gave Julia a brief fondle and pressed up against a couple of the guys).

Mike got a big kiss out of Jen and a smaller one out of Lucy (but it still made his night). We stayed out for about another hour before I suggested to Jen that we should head home (she was quite drunk). Lucy was also fairly drunk so Lis convinced her to head home with us and between Mike, Lis and me we got them both home and into bed. I asked Lis if she would help get Jen out of her clothes (not that Mike and I couldn’t have managed this alone) and she eagerly agreed. We slowly stripped Jen naked and I then let Lis help me get undressed. I pushed a couple of fingers into Jen’s cunt and fucked her, then wiped my fingers across Lis’ lips. Mike decided to join in as well and he fingered me before adding my juices to Lis’ lips. I then pulled Jen’s legs further apart and bent over so I could lick her before offering to give Lis a goodnight kiss. Lis accepted my tongue and tasted Jen and I told her that she could always stay and watch us play if she wanted, but that there would be a price.

Lis and I actually have to be fairly careful as we both know that we would very much like to fuck each other. We’ve come close a couple of times – and if Lis wasn’t dating Lucy then I think it’s safe to say that we certainly would have (probably many times). I told Lis that she could watch us, but she would have to play with herself and I got to keep her panties afterwards. She agreed with this and I buried my face back between Jen’s legs to eat her while Mike pulled his trousers down and pushed into me (unsurprisingly he was already hard). I looked up a couple of times to make sure Lis was keeping her end of the bargain and saw her busily rubbing her crotch, so I returned to Jen and ate her until she came.

Mike had been fucking me and rubbing my clit so I wasn’t far off cumming and ended up lying on the bed with my legs spread so Lis could see Mike’s cock sliding into me while I played with my clit and came. As much as Mike prefers cumming inside me, he also liked the idea of Lis watching so just before he came, he pulled out and aimed his cock at me. I got a couple of decent squirts of cum on me before he aimed at Jen, but he only got a small amount on her legs. I quickly got up and told Lis that it was time for me to have her panties and she could then go and play with Lucy (who had so far been asleep, but I was quite certain that Lis would remedy that). Lis went to pull her panties down but I told her that I needed to do it so I got her to hold her skirt up.

I was surprised that she agreed as Mike was there, but as soon as I knelt in front of her I could immediately smell her and guessed that she had done a bit more than just gentle teasing. I considered trying to remove her panties with my mouth only, but still (just) had enough self-control to realise where that would probably lead to, so I hooked my thumbs in the sides of her panties and slid them slowly down her legs. I got her to step out of one side first and then the other. As she put her second leg back down, I pushed her foot so she spread her legs a bit and knelt closer to her pussy. The scent was even stronger now and I came really close to kissing or licking her, but ended up contenting myself with just keeping my mouth and nose right beside her pussy. During one of our phone calls the next week, Lis said that she had felt my breath on her cunt and had come quite close herself to ‘accidentally’ pushing forwards slightly to get some contact. (As a side note, Lucy knows how I feel about Lis and knows that Lis likes the idea of doing things with Jen and me again – they even occasionally use us in some of their fantasies. Lucy also knows that Lis and I have had phone sex and she doesn’t mind this – as long as it doesn’t move to actual sex.)

I told Lis to go and play with Lucy and that we would make use of her panties. She knew that this meant that I (and probably Mike) would end up tasting and smelling her panties while we played but she didn’t object to this and hurried into Lucy’s room for her own fun. As an added treat, she left Lucy’s door open and Mike and I crept over to listen in. We very nearly peeked round the door, but the light wasn’t on and I was kneeling on all fours with Mike’s cock buried in my cunt so we decided that it would probably be better to just stay as we were and enjoy each other while listening in.

Lis had obviously woken Lucy up and Lucy seemed perfectly willing to play with Lis. It was incredibly hot hearing them tell each other what they wanted and Lucy got fairly vocal as she came. Mike eagerly pumped away into me as Lucy came and I knew full well that he was imagining he was fucking her (as was I). We stayed where we were until Lis had also cum (and I wished Mike had fucked me again as she came, but he’s only a guy so I guess I can’t ask for too much) and then headed back into Jen’s room. We got one extra surprise, Lis wandered in and handed me Lucy’s panties, telling us that she had given Lucy’s pussy a thorough rubbing through them before she had removed them. I turned on the bedside light to reveal a naked Lis, who jumped at first and tried to cover herself, but then realised that it probably wasn’t worth it and at least stopped covering her pussy.

Mike thanked her and tried to taste Lucy, then compared it to what he could taste from Lis’ panties. This was enough to get him hard again although he didn’t want to fuck (or I would have put on another show for Lis). I wrapped Lis’ panties around Mike’s cock and stroked him with them and suggested to Lis that she might need to wash them before she wore them again. Lis said that we were incorrigible, but when I handed her one of our vibes and asked for a final helping of her juices, she ran it back and forth along her pussy before shyly handing it to us (it’s amazing how she could act coy while doing such a thing, but she managed it). We realised that we were heading towards dangerous territory again and so Lis said goodnight and went back to Lucy’s room while Mike and I tasted her from the vibe and agreed that we needed a proper vibe’s helping of Lucy juice at some point. Technically Mike was meant to sleep on the sofa, but we hadn’t made it up so I said he may as well stay in the bed. I slept on one side of Jen and he spooned against her (no penetration).

Neither Jen nor Lucy were feeling too good the following morning (they had both drunk quite a bit) and Lis, Mike and I ended up having breakfast together. Lis had a long t-shirt on and Mike had Jen’s robe but I remained naked. Due to Jen’s hangover, I hadn’t had my morning session with her and Lis had appeared downstairs just after I went down, so I hadn’t even had time to do things with Mike, who was making up for this by fondling me while we ate. There was still no sign of life from upstairs by the time we’d finished so we moved into the living room where Mike started to fondle me in a more serious way and soon had a couple of fingers curled into my pussy. I apologised to Lis and she said it was fine, so Mike pushed me over and went down on me. I continued my conversation with Lis as he ate me but he stopped before I came so he could move up behind me and slide into me.

We could now both chat to Lis and while I’m more than used to fucking with people watching, it was a little strange how we were having a perfectly normal conversation about the party later that day while Mike’s cock was sliding in and out of me and his fingers were playing with my clit. We were lying facing Lis (which was only polite as we were talking to her), and this meant that she could easily see what we were doing as well as allowing us to watch her reaction. As Mike got closer to cumming, he got me to rest my foot on my lower knee and bend my upper leg – this was apparently just to make it easier for him to play with my clit but I knew full well that he was just trying to give Lis a better view of the action. He carried on playing with me until I was fairly close to cumming and then pumped into me faster as I came. I had assumed he was just going to cum inside me but had underestimated how much he enjoyed Lis seeing him cum so was surprised when he pulled out, rolled me over onto my back and covered my front with his cum just as he had done the night before.

He used Lis’ panties to wipe me clean (before Lis had joined us downstairs we had planned on getting her and Lucy’s panties covered in a mix of our juices before handing them back). We then sat and chatted some more and I gently stroked Mike’s cock to keep him hard (or at least stop him from going completely soft). As I did this, I told Lis that she was missing out on quite a bit by only wanting to fuck girls (just as Jen wants to make Sue gay – or at least bi – I really like the idea of seeing Lis’ cunt being filled by a cock). Lis did a few things with guys back in school (sucking and jerking), so she isn’t unfamiliar with cocks, but since she realised (or admitted) she was gay, she had been fairly staunchly interested in girls only (well, Vicky, then Jen and me and finally Lucy). We talked a bit about exactly when it was that her interest in girls had started and how it now made sense that she hadn’t dated any guys the whole way through Uni (despite having a number of them who were clearly interested in her).

I dared her to come and retrieve her panties and placed them on my breasts. As she reached for them, I quickly pulled them away and draped them over the end of Mike’s cock. I wasn’t sure whether she would take them from there but she slowly leaned forwards (probably assuming I was going to pull them away again) and lifted them off. She commented on how damp they were and Mike apologised but said that having spent the night in bed with Jen and me, he had been feeling quite horny so had cum a fair bit. We talked a bit more and Mike moved onto the floor so he could eat me once again, but this time he got me much closer to cumming. He pulled away (again) before I came, but this time instead of fucking me, he went to the bathroom and fetched both Jen’s and my toothbrushes. I was subjected to about 15 minutes of torture as he repeatedly got me close to cumming and then backed off. He found that using the back of both toothbrushes again each side my clit at the same time stimulated me a lot more than using a single toothbrush..

Lis said she was enjoying the show so Mike dashed back to the bathroom and returned with her toothbrush (a non-electric one) and asked if he could use the handle inside me. Lis hesitated briefly but said it would be fine and I watched as Mike slipped it into me and briefly fucked me with it (I obviously didn’t feel a great deal from this, but the idea that it was Lis’ certainly appealed. He resumed using the electric toothbrushes on me and I got close to cumming again, but for my actual orgasm he said that it should be done in a different way. I was a bit disappointed as I’d really been enjoying the dual stimulation, but I was too close to cumming to argue about it (as long as I got to cum). Mike pulled Lis’ toothbrush out of me and pushed the other (brush) end into my cunt – not too far, just enough to cover it with my juices and he then started to gently brush my clit with it while using one of the electric toothbrushes at the same time. He was only brushing lightly, but it was still quite an intense feeling and I had a fairly strong orgasm.

I had been aware that he was actually using Lis’ toothbrush on me, but didn’t really think about it until I’d cum and he handed it back to her. I apologised to her and told her that I would clean it for her or get her a new one but Lis said it was fine and that she might not even clean it before she used it (she later claimed that she used it as it was, but I have a feeling she might have cleaned it beforehand). Mike said (to me) that if he’d known Lis was going to use it, he would have either cum in me or left some of his cum on my body to rub into the brush (he still hasn’t forgotten the times she lay with her head on his lap when he was comforting her after she broke up with Vicky).

We chatted a while longer and I used Lucy’s panties to tease Mike’s cock with. I hadn’t been planning on making him cum, but he really loved the idea of her juices rubbing against his cock and covering them with his cum, so my idle stroking escalated into a proper wank. Seeing as Lis has seen me cum so many times I thought it only fair to offer her the chance to see Mike in close up and told her to come closer and watch. She moved over to sit on the floor in front of him and I alternated between wrapping Lucy’s panties around his shaft and pulling them over the head of his cock while I stroked him. When Mike told me he was getting close I made sure his cock was covered and wanked away until he came and a damp patch appeared on the panties. I gently stroked him until he had finished and then told Lis that she could take the panties back upstairs with her. Lis asked if she should really take them and then peeled them off Mike’s cock before placing them on the table beside her pair.

Lis stayed on the floor for a while and was clearly looking at Mike’s cock as it twitched, still shining with traces of his cum. Mike later told me that he wished the panties had ‘slipped’ just as he’d cum and he could have squirted his cum over Lis’ face instead, which in turn would have led to her offering to complete the job and suck him clean, then let him fuck her, while she ate me, Lucy would come down and join in and we could introduce her to our games (in our fantasies at least). Back in reality, she moved back over to her chair after a few minutes and I suggested that it was probably time to go and get the others out of bed so they could eat something and start to recover.

Once they had eaten breakfast and drunk lots of water, they felt a bit better and we spent the little remaining morning lazing around. Lucy and Jen started to look a bit better by lunchtime and we went off to shower, generally freshen up and prepare for the party. As it was such a nice day, we had decided to have a BBQ so headed out to have a light lunch, buy some food and drink to take with us and then wander over to the BBQ. The place we were having it was a reasonably large house that was shared by a number of students. It was in a residential street and we had been told that we couldn’t make too much noise once it got dark. The girls had also been warned that one of the neighbours enjoyed leering at them and they had even spotted him watching them sunbathing. The guy seemed like an ideal target for us and Julia and I had been tasked with giving him something to really watch.

We didn’t start with this straight away though and chatted to people for a while. Jen (and her friends) may only be a few years younger than me but I’m still quite impressed as to how quickly they recover from a hangover. I’m better at this than Mike is (due to his ancientness), but they still top my regenerative ability (which has been made worse by me having reduced my alcohol intake so I’ve lost my capacity to drink anyway). As tradition dictates, we left the BBQ to the men (this rule still seems to apply even when dealing with a LGBT crowd) and most of us girls went down to the other end of the garden away from the smoke to sunbathe. We wanted to get at least the beginnings of a tan before we went on holiday and applied cream to each other. A few of us went topless straight away but even Jules and I had bikini bottoms on.

We lazed around and chatted while the first batch of food was prepared and some of the guys joined us. Some of the straight and bi ones offered to help add more cream and a few of us took them up on their offer. I allowed my breasts to be fondled (a lot more than was really necessary to add the cream) and when my legs were being done, I was stroked through my bikini bottoms and had my ass nicely fondled. We’d eaten the first round of food and some people were playing football (in a half-hearted way as it was quite hot) before Abrahii informed us that the voyeuristic neighbour was watching us. I carefully looked round while pretending to look for more sun cream so I knew exactly where he was standing and then sat with my legs spread so I could rub cream into my inner thighs.

I asked Abrahii to do my back and she started off kneeling over my legs with her ass facing her neighbour. She had bright pink bikini bottoms on which contrasted nicely with her dark skin and she wiggled her ass around as she applied the cream to my back. She then moved around so she was kneeling over my head and body to rub cream into the back of my legs. I spread my legs as she stroked my thighs and her fingers played over my crotch. I told her to remove my bikini and lifted my ass in the air while she untied the strings and exposed my pussy to the air. She thoroughly rubbed cream over my ass, ensuring I was properly protected and then rubbed around my pussy. I felt her fingers slip into me a few times, but she wasn’t trying to finger fuck me so it just ended up making me feel hornier.


  1. I must have come late to the party. Why do you have to be careful with you/lucy?

    Also I'm lucky enough to have a house full of university girls next to me too. They know full well everything is in plain sight/easy to see so if they decide to do it I'm not dumb enough to pass up a free show!

  2. It's Lis I have to be careful with - she and I are very good friends and when she split up with her previous (first) gf, Jen and I 'comforted' her for a while. Since she started dating Lucy, Lis and I have 'slipped' a few times (not the whole way, but further than we should have) and we both know that we would gladly fuck again if we were allowed.

    If you've got a house full of girls who like showing off, then take advantage of it - if they enjoy being watched as much as I do then they'll thank you for it. (If by 'in plain view' you mean with a telescope through a crack in the curtains, that's a different matter though!)

  3. haha, no they have a garden patio and my apartment is 2 floors above ground level (3rd floor) right next door. Though it is surrounded by shrubbery and a rather tall fence it's, kind of obvious that anyone outside of 1st floor flats can see directly into their yard. They have put on shows multiple times upon them discovering they have an audience.

  4. What sort of shows have they put on? As much detail as possible please :) (of course, pics would be even better if they are willing!)