Saturday, 4 August 2012

Vicky's Visit - Part 2

Mike here - Andi asked me to post this for her so she could enjoy the end of her honeymoon with Jen without having to worry about anything. She (along with Jen) will return tomorrow and we'll finally all be together permanently. Now to continue Vicky's first visit...

We returned home mid-afternoon and decided to relax so we could go out dancing later that night (Vicky loves dancing so we thought we should give her a nice evening). We sat chatting and I started to idly caress Jen. I started off slowly, but eventually got her dress completely unbuttoned and was playing with her breasts and pussy. Mike asked Vicky if he could play with the ladies (her breasts) and Vicky told him to go ahead so he pulled her top and bra off and pushed her down on the sofa so he could take his time and do things properly. Vicky’s breasts are (slightly) larger than mine, but her nipples are smaller and (from what Mike says) more sensitive (why does everyone have more sensitive nipples than I do?). Mike had positioned himself between Vicky’s legs (she had one foot on the floor) and he was slowly pressing against her crotch with his thigh. We stayed like this for quite a while, with Mike teasing Vicky and me teasing Jen.

There was a definite aroma of sex in the air and everyone was breathing fairly heavily. Mike lay on top of Vicky and ground against her crotch. He whispered in her ear about how Jen fantasised about Vicky’s breast and how much she really wanted a chance to play with them and added how good she (apparently) was with a pair of breasts. He promised Vicky that if she let Jen have a play for a while, he would take her into the bedroom and give her as many orgasms as she wanted or could take. He worked a hand down between them and onto her pussy so he could play with her clit and asked again while he nibbled on her earlobe. She quietly panted ‘okay’ to him and he asked her if she was sure and Vicky said that if Jen was meant to be that good, then she may as well experience it.

Mike quickly climbed off Vicky (neither Jen nor I had heard any of their conversation) and told Jen that Vicky was willing to let Jen play with her breasts. The look of excitement on Jen’s face was obvious and she wriggled out from underneath me and bounced over to the sofa. Vicky was still lying down and Jen knelt on the floor, leant over and started to eagerly kiss Vicky’s breasts, moving from one to the other and then started to use a hand to play with the breasts she wasn’t sucking. Jen seemed to calm down a bit and started sucking and kissing Vicky’s breasts ‘properly’, lapping all around them, flicking her tongue over the nipple and gently biting them. Vicky mostly kept her eyes closed, but she was obviously enjoying what Jen was doing and soon resumed her heavy breathing.

Mike was still kneeling between Vicky’s legs after he’d given Jen a while to familiarise herself with Vicky’s breasts, he pushed his knee forwards against Vicky’s pussy. She started to push back against him so he reached down and lifted her skirt so he could stroke her pussy. Vicky let out a moan and Mike climbed off the sofa and pulled her body round a bit so he could kneel and get his mouth to her cunt. I had quietly moved over so I was behind Jen (and had a hand between her legs stroking her pussy) and I could see that Vicky’s cunt looked quite wet and pink. Mike gave it a few long licks and then rubbed and fingered her before reaching up to stroke one of her nipples. He did this a few times and I knew the idea was to get as much of Vicky’s juice onto her nips for Jen to eat off (as I’ve mentioned, we had planned things).

Once Jen had licked Vicky’s breasts clean, Mike concentrated on eating Vicky himself. He spread her legs and pushed his face into her pussy, which got a visible reaction from Vicky. I had two fingers working in Jen’s cunt, but didn’t want to distract her too much from what she was (clearly enjoying) doing to Vicky’s breasts and I decided that I’d waited long enough so I undid my skirt and let it slide down to my knees so I could use my other hand on my pussy. Vicky was clearly getting close to cumming and I waddled over slightly towards Mike (it’s not easy walking on your knees when you have a skirt around them). I carried on playing with Jen, but lifted my other hand from my pussy and stroked Vicky’s inner thigh, as high up as I could reach. I couldn’t quite reach her pussy, but Mike’s head was in the way anyway so all I really did was rub some of my juices into her leg. I returned to stroking myself (and Jen) as I didn’t want to interrupt what was happening and I just watched as Mike and Jen ate (and licked) Vicky until she came.

She arched her back a few times and moaned – not too loudly, but definite moans. Mike carried on eating her fairly hard but then switched to kitty kissing. Jen carried on playing with Vicky’s breasts for a few minutes and when she stopped, Mike sat up and kissed Jen deeply, letting her taste Vicky. I got a quick kiss from him and by this point Vicky had opened her eyes and started to calm down a bit. She was still breathing heavily and I told her that it looked like she had enjoyed herself. She blushed a bit and flipped her skirt down to cover her pussy, but didn’t bother trying to cover her breasts and said that it had felt wonderful.

Mike said that he was ready to keep his end of the bargain up and indicated the bulge in his jeans. I watched as he undid the zip and button, pulled them down and freed his cock from his shorts. As much as I would have loved to watch him fuck Vicky again, I told him to take her into the bedroom and do whatever she wanted (I think I’ve learned a bit about how to slowly progress things). I couldn’t resist bending down and quickly taking his cock in my mouth – if I wasn’t going to get to eat Vicky, I at least wanted to get some of my saliva into her cunt so I sloppily sucked him until he was (literally) dripping wet. As a final measure, I wiped Jen’s pussy, then mine and rubbed the mixture over the end of Mike’s cock (if I was going for saliva I thought I may as well get all our juices in her in one go).

Mike helped Vicky up and quickly pulled her skirt down before leading her into the bedroom. Jen and I quickly removed our remaining clothes and fell into a 69 on our floor-bed. We had a fairly quick but very energetic session and humped against each other’s faces. There was nothing delicate about how we fucked, it was a lot more animalistic than usual, but as Jen had just got one of her fantasies (and I’d got to see Vicky cum), I guess that’s to be expected.

In the meantime, Mike and Vicky had started to fuck as soon as Mike had stripped off. As they pounded against each other, he kept asking her if she had enjoyed having Jen sucking on her nips and getting her to tell him what her orgasm had felt like. He really wanted to let go and fuck her until he came, but he also knew that he was probably a lot closer to cumming than she was (especially as she’d just cum) and he *had* promised to make her cum as many time as she wanted. They ended up with her on top so he could pump into her at high speed and he reached around to tease her ass while he did this. This turned out to be enough to take Vicky to her second orgasm and he carried on pumping into her as she moaned into his ear.

Once she rolled off him, he moved down between her legs again and kitty kissed her. He had intended to do this until she got excited again, but Vicky said that she wanted to suck him so they ended up switching positions and she knelt between his legs. He watched as she kissed up and down his cock, then took the head into her mouth and flicked back and forth with her tongue. She stroked up and down his shaft and he asked her to turn around so they could 69 but Vicky said it was easier to suck him from the position she was in. He said that he wanted to cum inside her and she told him that he could do that later, but for now she wanted to play and she carried on sucking, licking and pumping him until he told her he was getting close. They changed position so Mike was sitting on the edge of the bed and Vicky knelt in front of him. She took his cock between her breasts and rubbed them up and down, mostly over the head.

She told him that she wanted him to cum over her, but while he was enjoying the feeling, the stimulation wasn’t quite enough to make him cum. In the end, Vicky sucked him until he was close and then wrapped her breasts around his cock again and he pumped between them. He came that time and his cum squirted up onto her chin and splattered over her breasts. She carried on moving and he let out a couple more good squirts before it tailed off. Vicky was pretty covered and had cum over her lower face, breasts and one shoulder. She seemed quite pleased with herself though and kept his cock sandwiched between her breasts until he started to deflate.

Mike asked her if she would go in and let Jen and me lick her clean but Vicky reminded him that he had promised to do whatever she wanted. (As a compromise, she did let him take a picture of her so that we could see the mess later on.) He asked what she wanted and she told him that it would be fun to explore the wonderful collection of toys that we have (we lent a number of them to Lis and Vicky in the past, so she knows we have some good things). Mike was more than happy to use these on her and he started off by applying some tingle gel to her pussy and nipples and once that started to take effect, he used a couple of different vibes on her. At one point, he had one in her cunt – held in with his knee – and one held against each of her nipples (which were nice and hard so he could flick them back and forth with the vibes).

He used the double dildo that Jen and I had used that morning (although he didn’t know we had used it) and also used the long one, which allowed him to get one end completely into her cunt and bend it round to rub the other end against her ass. He sort of pressed it slightly into her ass but didn’t double fuck her properly with it. Vicky was kneeling on all fours while he did this and he ended up pulling the dildo out so he could fuck her cunt. He applied a little tingle gel to his thumb and used it in her ass (up to the first knuckle) and ended up half lying on top of her with his full weight on her so he could use his other hand to play with one of her breasts. He couldn’t move in her that effectively, but she seemed to enjoy the position. She wanted to hold him properly so he could ‘finish her off’ (her words) and she lay on her back so he could enter her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and told him to fuck her – he pointed out that he probably couldn’t cum again just yet, but he would do what he could and they kissed messily as he pumped into her. Most of his cum had either dripped off or soaked in to her chest, but her breasts still felt a bit moist and sticky. She ended up reaching down and spreading her ass cheeks which let him push just a little deeper into her and she asked him to talk dirty to her while they fucked.

Mike is very practiced at this and he described how her cunt felt, how his cock would fuck her over and over and how he wanted to see, feel and hear her cum. He got her to talk back to him and she described how his cock felt and how good his thumb had felt in her ass. She told him how much she wanted him to fuck her pussy, snatch, twat, fanny and cunt and how she wanted to cum around him and he encouraged her to be a bit more vocal than she had been previously when cumming. She did as he requested and came with a series of ‘oh fuck’s and ‘yessss’s and when she let her legs slide back down, he pushed deep into her and stayed there while they kissed.

Meanwhile, Jen and I had rested a bit after our session and chatted. Jen had described how Vicky’s breasts had felt in her mouth and compared them to mine (Vicky’s are a little softer, although her nips are harder and clearly more sensitive). We compared notes on the way Vicky tasted and agreed that we would both like the chance to taste more and the way things were going, decided that there was at least a possibility that we would get to do this. I told Jen that I had missed being able to spend an afternoon fooling around with her (but added that I was proud that she had been concentrating on revision so much) and we started to play with each other again, mostly kissing and grinding against each other’s legs.

We decided to go and see what Mike and Vicky were up to and we arrived outside the bedroom door a little before he came over her breasts (we think). The door was slightly ajar, but opened the wrong way for us to actually see anything, so we stayed in the hallway and listened in. We pictured what they were doing from what they told each other to do and our imagination and took turns standing against the wall and being eaten. When Vicky came while describing how Mike’s cock felt, Jen was leaning against the wall and I was eating her (although I had a hand between my legs working on my own pussy). Jen was playing with her breasts and I thought that she may as well enjoy herself properly so I lubricated a couple of fingers with my juices and pushed them into Jen’s ass and fucked her with them. Between cunt, ass and nipples being stimulated, coupled with the sex talk in the bedroom, Jen came and had a good orgasm. Unfortunately when it was my turn, I just had to cope with Jen eating and fingering me as things had gone quiet (Mike and Vicky were just kissing while he moved inside her), but Jen still got me off and we made our way back into the living room to lie down and wait.

After about 30 minutes of chatting and gentle stroking, we went to see what they were doing and found that they had both fallen asleep. We considered letting them sleep (well, we *considered* doing many things!) but decided to gently wake them up as we were hungry and needed food if we were going to go out clubbing. They weren’t in a deep sleep and once they’d come round we agreed to get some pizza. This was a deliberate choice as I wanted to use our last weekend in the apartment to do a final ‘pizza dare’. We showed Vicky some videos of this while we waited for the order to arrive, but this time I’d decided to do things slightly differently than just getting Jen to answer the door in a towel which she would ‘accidentally’ drop.

I pulled out our short, very fine (and pretty transparent) baby-doll nightdresses and Jen and I slipped them on. I then decided that if we were going to do things, then we may as well do them properly and we quickly put our hair up in bunches. I had just sorted out some long white socks when the doorbell went and I left Jen to put them on (one pair is better than none) while I went to answer the door. Vicky asked if I was really going to answer the door like that, but Mike didn’t have to reply as I opened it and greeted the delivery guy as she asked the question. Mike indicated to her to stay quiet and Jen ran out into the hall to join us.

I asked how much we owed and then asked Jen if she had any money. She said that her bag was in the kitchen, so I asked the guy if he could bring the pizza through as I followed Jen. As she bent over, I ran my hand over her ass (which was fully exposed) and dipped my fingers between her legs. I slowly caressed one of Jen’s breasts through her top and leant forwards to hand the money to him. I told him to keep the change and as we walked him back down the hall, I once again caressed Jen’s ass. As he turned to say goodbye I finally plucked up the courage and slid a hand down to my pussy and gently played with it. Only when the door shut did Jen ask why I’d hesitated and I explained that even though we were moving house, we might well end up bumping into him again and it was a very different thing doing things like that when I was at home.

Vicky was still impressed (or surprised) that we’d answered the door dressed the way we were. We kept the outfits out over dinner and watched a few more pizza dare videos while we ate. Once we finished, we started to get ready and seeing as Jen already had bunches in and long socks on, I decided that should be her outfit for the night (not much of a reason as she took them out/off to get ready and then had to get dressed again. Mike convinced Vicky to go out without panties again, along with one of Jen’s skirts (not too short, but enough to give him access if he got the chance) and by about 9, we were ready to leave.

Vicky walked arm in arm with Mike and I held Jen’s hand. We visited a couple of our usual pubs and then found a club at about 12 (at least it was about 12 by the time we got in). We only danced for a couple of hours and each of us got to dance with Vicky (who is very good at dancing in an incredibly sexy way). Jen even managed to rub her pussy against Vicky’s leg a few times, but I managed to finger Jen at the side of the room during a break from dancing (not to orgasm, but enough that it was more than a brief fondle). Mike caressed Vicky a fair amount on the journey home and by the time we arrived, it was clear that we all wanted a decent session before heading off to bed.

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