Monday, 6 August 2012

Vicky's Visit - Part 3

Jen and I are now legally... (well, no different than before, but as far as our friends and family are concerned, we've promised ourselves to each other). Jen is now living with us and when I got home today, she was waiting and had prepared dinner. I'm sure this won't last, but it was very nice :) Now for the conclusion of Vicky's visit...

Jen and I quickly stripped off and started to fool around in the living room while Mike and Vicky headed into the bedroom. Jen wanted to go and see if Vicky was up for any more fun but I thought it would be better to leave things for the night. I promised Jen that we would see in the morning and told her that I wanted to pretend that we’d done things with the pizza guy properly. Jen reluctantly agreed and we settled down into our floor bed to play. I haven’t written about any fantasies for a while, but we ended up developing what ‘could’ have happened (if you ignore reality) so far that I thought it should be written down somewhere…

It started off in the same way, we invited the guy in and I fondled Jen’s ass while she bent over to get the money. Once she handed the money to me, I dropped it (on purpose) and when Jen bent over again, I caressed her ass again, but this time I slipped my fingers onto her pussy and stroked up and down her slit. I pushed two fingers into Jen and slowly fucked her with them. I slid my other hand under my nightdress and slid it up to my breasts, pulling the nightdress up with it. I asked pizza guy if he liked what we were doing and he said he did so I told him that he could stay and watch us do things properly.

I dropped my hand from my breasts and started to rub my pussy while I got Jen to stand up and spread her legs so I could kneel in front of her. I fingered her a bit more and then buried my face in her cunt. I gave Jen a good licking and considered carrying on until she came, but decide to draw things out a bit longer and get pizza guy involved. I reached over to his crotch and caressed the bulge and broke contact with Jen for just long enough to tell him to get his cock out. He quickly did this and I alternated between eating Jen and sucking him off, but soon decided that I wanted some action so I got Jen to sit up on the worktop.

I could now bend over and eat her while letting pizza-guy fuck me. He reached around and played with my breasts and I ate Jen until she came and carried on eating her so her orgasm lasted until pizza guy came in me and I came (it’s a fantasy, cumming at the same time is easy in these!). I then crouched over the pizza and let his cum drip out of me onto it and he watched while Jen and I each ate a piece. I then sucked his cock clean and told him that if he wanted to come back later and bring some friends, we could have more fun. He even promised to bring some girls along for Jen (because all pizza delivery guys know gay/bi girls) and we sent him on his way.

Once we returned from our night out, we gave him a call and told him to turn up. Mike and Vicky weren’t a part of this fantasy at first, so for the sake of completeness we’ll pretend they went straight to the bedroom while Jen and I greeted our guests in the living room and got straight down to business. I think we had 3 girls and 4 guys in the fantasy and we imagined fucking in every position possible. I took 3 guys at once (cunt, ass and mouth) and Jen took turns with the girls in various positions (fingering, humping, eating), using as many of them at a time as she could.

Jen ate some of the guys’ cum out of me and the other girls (I couldn’t find a way to constantly keep 4 guys amused, even in a fantasy) and I 69ed with one of the girls while we were both being fucked by guys. Each time they guys came, they produced enough cum to squirt a load inside me as well as being able to pull out and cover me and/or Jen. The girls all tasted wonderful (and magically the guys cum didn’t change their taste) so we could happily all eat each other clean after each round.

It was at this point that Jen thought we should get Vicky involved so we fetched her from the bedroom (in the original fantasy she just magically appeared) and she decided that there was enough cock that she could probably do a bit of girl-girl action as well and she proceeded to eat Jen while someone fucked her. Naturally Jen then got to eat her out afterwards and I felt that I should join in so I ate Vicky while Jen sat over her face and one guy fucked me from behind while the others played with Vicky’s breast and wanked off over us (producing another massive amount of cum each).

(Back in reality) Jen and I fingered and ate each other while we went through this fantasy and managed to both cum twice and get close a third time (but we held back on purpose so we’d be ready he following morning). Meanwhile in the bedroom, Mike had eaten Vicky, used our silicone vibe on her (which she liked), played with her breasts while rubbing his cock against her cunt and finally had fucked her. He says that he doesn’t think he came too much, but it didn’t really matter as it was inside her. They spooned while they fell asleep and Mike got Vicky to describe what it would have been like to let him eat and fuck her in the middle of the club and he teased her breasts while she described this. They almost ended up fucking again but Vicky said that even though she was feeling horny, she didn’t think she had the energy to cum again so they slowly stopped and went to sleep.

Jen and I woke up at our arranged time again the next morning and had a mini-session to get us nicely turned on (without cumming) before preparing breakfast. We did this as quietly as possible and then waited at the bedroom door until we heard Vicky’s deep breathing. Mike had woken her up and started off by fondling and sucking on her breasts until she was asking for him to do more. He then stroked her pussy and mounted her so they could briefly fuck before he moved down between her legs to eat her. He spent a while doing this and slowly brought her closer to cumming. The idea had been that Jen and I would enter with the breakfast and interrupt them just before Vicky came, which would lead to either her relenting and letting us join in properly so she could cum, or (more likely) having a break for breakfast with her in a horny frame of mind.

We didn’t quite get it right as Vicky was being a bit more vocal than we’d heard her be before so we thought she was a lot closer to cumming than she actually was. Mike later told us that he thought he could have easily got another 5 minutes of build-up out of her, but we hadn’t invented a secret signal so we had to cope with what we had. Having said that, he’d still done a fairly good job on her and she was pretty flushed with nice hard nipples (Jen noticed these, I concentrated on her pussy). Mike gave me a good morning kiss so I got to taste Vicky off him (again) and once she had straightened herself out and half climbed under the covers, we sat and ate.

Naturally, we apologised for having interrupted them and said that they could carry on after breakfast. Vicky didn’t even comment on the fact that both Jen and I were naked, but I was pleased to see that she didn’t even attempt to cover up her breasts and hadn’t seemed too panicked about us having walked in on her in the middle of sex. Jen and I gave a brief description of the fantasy from the previous night (editing out the section involving Vicky) and I wiped a little jam onto Jen’s nipples before slowly and deliberately licking them clean. As the fantasy continued I reached over and gently played with Jen, getting her aroused much more rapidly that I’d intended.

It was obvious that Jen really wanted to cum so I told her to finish herself off and put on a good display for us, but added that she had to make it last. This wasn’t quite in the plan, but Jen was aware that drawing things out would be better and she blushed, but spread her legs and toyed with her pussy – playing with the lips and her clit as well as fingering herself. I couldn’t help myself from dropping a hand to my crotch and masturbating as well – not as openly as Jen was, but I certainly wasn’t hiding it. Mike took Vicky’s hand and rubbed it against his cock and Vicky asked if he wanted to do things with Jen and I present and he told her he did, as long as she didn’t mind. She was already stroking him by the time he said this so he assumed she was fine with it and they lay down so he could finger her at the same time.

I took this as my cue and almost dived on Jen so we could 69 (I was pretty desperate to cum as well). We wantonly humped against and ate each other with no regard to our audience and were soon rewarded with orgasms (Jen came first, but she had been playing with herself properly). By the time we surfaced, Mike was on top of Vicky, steadily fucking her while they kissed. Vicky had her legs half wrapped around him and we could just about see some of the action, but not very well. Mike noticed that we had finished (he had been half-watching us and moved down slightly so he slipped out of Vicky, but kept his leg pressed against her cunt so she could grind against him. He licked her breasts and sucked on her nips then pushed back into her and told her that Jen would be happy to take care of her breasts again while he ate her. Vicky made him promise to fuck her again and he told her she had a deal.

Mike slid down between Vicky’s legs and started to eat her and Jen quickly moved over and started lapping away at Vicky’s breasts. This time, Vicky held on to the back of Jen’s head and it felt like we’d made a little progress. I moved round to the other side of Vicky to watch and ended up using the vibe that Mike had used on Vicky the previous night. I sat with it buried in my cunt, using my heel to press it in harder from time to time, switching my gaze from Vicky’s face to Jen sucking on her nips to Mike eating her. It wasn’t too long before Vicky said that she was going to cum. She’d had her eyes shut most of the time and looked a bit surprised when she saw me sitting beside her, but was clearly past caring as she told Mike to fuck her. I think she had imagined that Mike would move Jen out of the way, but he just sat between her legs and pushed into her. He held her legs open and fucked her while Jen continued to suckle on her breasts (and I noted that Vicky was still holding Jen’s head in place).

Mike played with Vicky’s clit (I considered reaching down to help with this and wondered if she would notice as Jen was in the way, but decided against it) and he did this until she came. He fucked her through her orgasm and then slowed down. Mike told me to go and use the vibe on Jen so I moved round behind her and Mike immediately moved round behind me and slid into me. I knew what this part of the plan was for – he fucked me briefly and then returned to Vicky to fuck her again, switching back and forth between us to mix our juices together. He told Vicky that he hadn’t cum yet and wanted her to cum again and spent longer working on her than he did on me.

I got another couple of brief fuckings, but as Vicky neared her second orgasm, Mike concentrated on her and I concentrated on Jen. As Jen got closer to cumming, she started mewing into Vicky’s breasts (it was muffled, but unmistakable). Jen came with me using the vibe inside her and my fingers on her clit. I could tell that Mike was close to cumming but he held out until Vicky came again and he then quickly emptied himself into her. He indicated that he wanted the vibe and I handed it to him to use on Vicky – this was with the excuse of being able to get his cum into Jen and Vicky relented and let him fuck her with it to coat it with his cum before handing it back to me to use on Jen. We went back and forth a few times and she didn’t seem to realise that the idea was also to get her juices into Jen and Jen’s into her (or if she did realise, she didn’t say anything).

As Mike’s cock started to go soft, I sucked it back to life and really wished that I had the nerve to just take a lick of Vicky and see what happened (but feared that it would involve her never talking to me again). Mike toyed with Vicky’s pussy and whispered something to her and she agreed to give Jen a thank you kiss for having taken care of her breasts so well. Jen kissed Vicky (and had another fondle of her breasts at the same time) and Mike said that he wanted one more session with Vicky before we got up and went for lunch (the morning had started fairly late and we’d spent quite a while in bed). Jen and I reluctantly left them to it (I’d really been hoping to get a chance to do *something* with Vicky myself, even it was just kissing or breast play), but we sat outside the door and listened in on them.

Mike talked to Vicky about Jen playing with her as he slowly fucked her and Vicky said it had felt nice, but that it was still a bit strange. He tried to get her to elaborate and she said that she couldn’t quite pin it down so he asked if she thought Jen was beautiful (which she did). He then asked if she thought I was beautiful and she said she did and added that she especially liked my breasts. Mike told her that if she wanted, she could certainly play with them but Vicky said that it would just seem strange as she’d known me for so long. Fortunately Mike is good at playing the long game (better than I am anyway) and he didn’t push it much further. He ended up having a long gentle fuck with Vicky lying on her front and him on top of her (Sue’s favourite position) and he came in her while she used one of our eggs on her clit.

Jen and I went to shower before they finished and I fingered Jen to orgasm while she peed over my hand and legs. I was going to hold back and just let Mike make me cum later, but Jen talked me in to letting her eat me and so we returned to the living room and I sat on the sofa with my legs spread while she knelt on the floor and repeatedly pushed her tongue into me. We waited until Mike and Vicky went to freshen up before going into the bedroom to get dressed and we shared Vicky’s juices off the vibe and egg. I made Jen wear a very short, tight skirt that I knew would make her journey through security more interesting. Mike nearly convinced Vicky to go without panties but she wasn’t prepared to risk being frisked while commando. In the end, she agreed to wear one of Jen’s g-strings that didn’t really hide much, but obviously made her feel better.

We went to the airport for lunch and with a bit of help from Jen and me, we snuck Mike into the girls toilets and he had a final quick play with Vicky in one of the cubicles. He pulled her panties to the side and ate her until she nearly came, then got her to lean against the wall and fucked her. He wanted to fill her cunt with cum so it leaked out and soaked her panties – he managed the cumming in her and quickly pulled the crotch back over her cunt when he pulled out, but he doesn’t think he produced that much. We almost got caught on the way out but Mike just pretended he’d gone in the wrong direction and we got away with it.

Jen’s flight left first and we chatted while we waited for Vicky’s flight. I told her that I hoped she hadn’t found the weekend too weird and she said that she had enjoyed herself (and Mike) so I told her to come back again whenever she wanted. Vicky finally left and I even got a kiss from her (only a little one). I whispered that she could use Mike’s cock whenever she wanted and she said that she might take me up on that offer.

Mike and I returned home and I made him fuck me. He wasn’t really ready to cum again, but he was happy to do things and make me cum and as an added bonus, he ate me afterwards. We spent a while curled up in bed, discussing how things had gone and how they could have gone. We then had to do a load more packing to prepare for the move to our new place and didn’t return to bed until much later that night. We called Jen and gave Mike a fuller description of the fantasy Jen and I had developed the previous night. We adapted it slightly so Mike was involved and – both Vicky and I ended up being fucked by three guys at once while Jen was pleasured by all of the girls. Mike suggested that for Jen’s final orgasm, all of the girls could have peed on her while caressing and eating her and she quite liked this idea and had what sounded like a pretty good orgasm in real life.

We ended up shuttling items over to the new house for the first half of the week (when we weren’t at work) and were pretty much moved in by Wed. We had a final fuck in a couple of rooms (only one fuck but changing locations) to say goodbye to the house. I had a lot of good memories of the flat and will miss being able to masturbate or fuck on the bed with the guy opposite (and down a bit) watching, but I knew that in just a few months the three of us (that’s Jen, not the guy who watched me) would finally be living together properly and I fully expected to make a whole new set of good memories…


  1. You three have tried nearly everything. I'm surprised you haven't done a prostate massage. I have great stamina but as soon as my wife starts rubbing my prostate its impossible to hold out.

  2. That't not something we've even thought of doing . If I'm brave enough to do it to some of the other guys as well then it could make me a very popular girl!

  3. Agree with the other poster. Suck his dick while putting a finger or two up his ass will make him cum buckets. Anal beads work too.

  4. I know this will sound hypocritical (but long-time readers will know I'm often good at that), but the idea of fingering his ass doesn't really appeal to me. I'm sure we'll try it someday and will report back on the effect it has.