Thursday, 16 August 2012

Watching Pavlina Cum - Part 1

We spent a lot of the following week sorting out our new house – it’s quite a nice little place. It has two bedrooms and we have purchased a king size bed for the main bedroom (which isn’t really big enough for the bed, but we don’t need much space for anything else). We had an interesting list of requirements, not all of which could we tell the letting agent:

• 2 bedrooms, initially this was so we could have one for a study/office, but we decided that as this was a long term solution we should really have a second bed for Mike or Jen. (The original plan had been for the other person to use a sofa-bed when one of them wanted a night alone with me.) We also realised that we needed something for anyone who visited (the three of us can share the main bed at times like those).
• Good water pressure – if you’ve read about our fun with showers, this will be self-evident.
• Enough space for us to have an additional ‘non-clothes’ wardrobe to house our joint collection of toys in one easy to use place.
• Enough cupboard space to cope with clothes for 2 girls.
• A sufficiently secluded garden (size wasn’t really important) so we could enjoy the summer (if it ever comes).
• Preferably detached so we could make as much noise as we wanted – we couldn’t afford this though. The main bedroom is at least on the other side of the house, so hopefully we won’t disturb the neighbours too much.

That’s not really what this entry is about – it’s only because we had a relatively quiet weekend that I thought I would add some background information in to help your imagination when I write about things we get up to in the new place. Mike stayed at home during the second weekend in June and I headed down to see Jen on my usual flight on the Friday night. We didn’t do anything much on the Friday night (we went straight to Jen’s house) and went to bed fairly early as we were both quite tired. Of course, we had a quick session before going to sleep, mostly grinding against each other and a little use of fingers (plus I had to have a taste of Jen once we’d finished).

On the Saturday morning, Jen woke up first but had to go downstairs to pee before we could do anything. On her return, she planted herself over my face and we 69ed for quite a while, slowly taking our time to bring each other off. We actually spent the best part of an hour in this position – I came first and Jen kitty kissed me while I got her off, by which point I wanted to continue and ended up cumming again while I kitty kissed Jen and then ate her until she came again. We were both quite stiff by the time Jen climbed off me and our faces covered in each other’s juices. We lay on the bed, top to tail, for a while until we decided that it was really time to get up and for Jen to start work.

Before that, we prepared breakfast and took it up to Lis and Lucy who we think (from the smell) had already been playing with each other. Jen and I were naked and neither Lis nor Lucy bothered covering up their breasts as we ate. It would have been nice to fool around again, but I felt pretty satisfied and we had agreed that they weren’t going to revise too much that day as their exams started the following week and we (Lis and I) thought that by that point, not overworking would be more effective preparation.

Lis and I headed out to spend the rest of the morning out of the way and were tasked with purchasing (and preparing) dinner. We followed our usual routine and looked round the shops, had lunch and then more shops. Lis confirmed that she and Lucy had been playing not long before Jen and I turned up with breakfast, but said they had finished so we hadn’t interrupted anything. I described my morning session with Jen to Lis and she said that it would be nice to have spent that long (Lucy is getting a bit stressed about exams, so while she still enjoyed sex, she wasn’t always relaxed enough to do things ‘properly’).

Lis helped me look for a new bikini for our holiday (which was rapidly approaching) and after we’d picked out a few I went to the changing rooms to try them on. The assistant didn’t mind me trying the bottoms on as long as I did it over my panties and this was the one time that I was glad that Lis keeps ignoring me and wearing them. She came into the changing room with me and slid her panties off and handed them to me. I put them on and tried a few bikinis on and then sent Lis to get another one we’d seen. When she returned, I opened the curtain and stepped out wearing the bikini I’d been trying on. I was still in the changing area, but I knew that some of the people waiting by the entrance (mostly men) would be able to see me and I asked Lis if she thought it suited me.

We returned to the booth and I tried on the new one (which wasn’t as nice). As soon as I’d removed it, I told Lis how nice her panties felt on me. I lifted a leg up onto the stool and stroked myself through the panties, making a point of pushing the material between my lips. I carried on stroking myself until I felt the familiar buzz in my cunt and told Lis that I could easily cum in her panties, but that would be rude, so I stopped and pulled them off. Unfortunately I don’t get anywhere near as wet as Jen does, but the panties were definitely moist with my juices and I considered it a job well done. There was no way I could have possibly given damp panties back to Lis (although I did like the idea of her wearing them and Lucy unknowingly licking my juices off Lis’ pussy later on) so I put them in my bag them and reminded Lis that she had agreed to be more daring. She feigned outrage but couldn’t easily keep it up as we had to be quiet (there were people in the changing rooms on either side of us) and I had slipped a finger back into my pussy and was slowly stroking myself.

I quickly got dressed and we went to one of the sex shops I know to see if they had anything closer to what I was looking for. They didn’t have anything that I would have worn on a public beach but they did have a couple of things that I thought might be interesting. I asked the guy if I could try on one of the bikini tops and he said that they didn’t have a changing room. I was a little miffed that he didn’t recognise me (I assume that there aren’t too many people who have stripped in the store) and said that if it was okay, I could just stand in the corner and try it on. He said that was fine as long as I didn’t mind so I headed back over to Lis and told her I would need her help.

I pulled my top off and quickly removed my bra, then took the bikini top and tried to fit myself into it. It was similar to one of the ones I’ve already got with incredibly small pieces of material that didn’t even cover my nipples, let alone my breasts, but was made of black rubber. This was why I needed Lis to help – I held my breasts in place while she pulled the strings tight and tied it behind me. With a bit of fiddling, we managed to get it tight enough to hold my breasts up (sort of) and keep the bikini in place. They didn’t have any mirrors so I had to take Lis’ work for how it looked but I thought if she was going to give an opinion that she would need to see the whole outfit.

I wandered back down to the front (it wasn’t a huge shop and we were the only ones there) and asked the guy if I could try the bottoms on (over my panties of course). He said that it would be fine and I considered removing my skirt where I was, but decided to return to Lis before I did this. I had somehow ‘forgotten’ that I didn’t have any panties on until my skirt was off and I then fished around in my bag to retrieve Lis’ panties and slipped them on. I pulled the bikini bottoms (which were effectively just a g-string with a tiny patch of the black material) on and made sure they fitted snugly before again asking Lis for her opinion. She thought (as I had guessed) that the bottoms would barely cover my pussy (if they did at all) and I really wanted to see just how poor a job it would do, but I guessed I would have to buy it to find out. I tried out a few poses and heard the shop door open, but didn’t look round (at first anyway).

It was obvious that they guy had been looking over at us and I decided to get a second opinion so wandered over to him and asked if he thought the outfit looked any good on me as I couldn’t decide if I should buy it. He said it looked really good and I rubbed my nipples through the top (although only the actual nipples were covered as most of my areola were visible. I then asked him if he thought the bottoms would cover enough of my pussy and bent over to let him see. Although he was staring straight at my ass and cunt, I didn’t feel as excited as I’d hoped as I knew Lis’ panties were blocking his view. I was really tempted to pull my panties down or at least pull the crotch to the side, but ended up just thanking him for his opinion and heading back over to Lis.

I still wasn’t entirely sure about the bikini, but decided to take it anyway. I got Lis to untie the top and I slipped off the bottoms, then pulled Lis’ panties off (and put them back in my bag, which involved me bending over, now naked from the knees up). I pulled my skirt up and only then did I put my bra and top back on before wandering down to pay. The guy at the till was very friendly and told me if I needed anything else, I was more than welcome to come back and I promised him that I would do so. On the way out, I pulled up the back of my skirt and have him a flash of my ass and we then quickly grabbed stuff for dinner and headed back home.

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