Saturday, 18 August 2012

Watching Pavlina Cum - Part 2

Not unreasonably, I was feeling quite horny from my mini-show and Lis described what had happened to Lucy and Jen pretty much as soon as we got back. Jen wanted to see the bikini and so we all headed down into the living room and I stripped off and then put it on properly (with no panties in the way this time). Jen did the top up much tighter and it certainly held my breasts in place, but also squished them quite a bit. It wasn’t an entirely unpleasant feeling but did make my breasts take on an unusual shape. As I had anticipated, the bottoms really only just covered my pussy and no more – I certainly wouldn’t have been able to wear them around decent company and it only took the smallest of movements to get my lips showing on either or both sides of the material.

Jen thought it was an excellent outfit and she stroked my neck and pussy until my nipples were hard enough to be clearly noticeable through the bikini top. I noticed that I could see up Lis’ skirt to her (still exposed) pussy and kept surreptitiously glancing over towards her as Jen’s fingers rubbed my pussy and pushed the meagre scrap of material out of the way. I could see that Lis was alternating between pressing her thighs together and resting her hand fairly high up on her thigh and I whispered to Jen to take things slowly. I added to the heat by sliding my hand under Jen’s skirt and fondling her pussy, then getting her to pull her top off so I could easily play with her breasts.

Jen and I started to kiss and I pulled her on top of me so I could get my hands onto her back and slide them down to her skirt. As we got more excited, I pulled this up and stroked her ass for a while before sliding my hands between her cheeks and caressing her pussy (only with fingertips as I couldn’t reach properly). I stole a few more glances up towards Lis and watched the situation develop on the sofa: at first Lis had a hand between her legs, the next time was clearly masturbating and the next time I looked she was kissing Lucy and was holding Lucy’s hand between her legs.

I really wanted to stop (or pause) and watch what Lis and Lucy were doing, but I wasn’t sure they really wanted us to watch, and they seemed to be watching what we were doing, so I thought we should carry on with the show. Between kisses I told Jen to follow my lead and we rolled over onto our sides. I quickly pulled off my bikini (the top was no longer containing my breasts anyway). I turned around and planted my pussy onto Jen face and quickly buried my face between her legs. I ate Jen quite forcefully but took breaks to kiss my way down (technically up in this orientation) her thighs to her knees. Whatever I did this, I got a chance to glance up at Lis and Lucy and each time things seemed to be progressing. At first, Lis had her hand between her legs, the next time, she was now clearly masturbating under her dress, and by the third time Lis was holding Lucy’s hand between her (Lis’) legs and they were kissing while Lucy fondled her.

Lis pawed at Lucy’s breasts through her top and after I’d eaten Jen a bit more, I looked up and saw that Lis had moved her hand between Lucy’s legs. Lucy still had her legs mostly closed, but Lis was obviously playing with her. Fortunately Lis wasn’t being quite as reserved, and while I still couldn’t see too much, she had her legs spread enough that I could (sort of) see Lucy’s fingers stroking her pussy (my view was helped by the fact that she hadn’t put any panties on after we’d returned home). I couldn’t resist trying to watch them more closely and sat up so I could hump against Jen’s face. I didn’t start directly at them and just pretended I was really enjoying what Jen was doing to me so wasn’t really looking at them (I was getting quite close to cumming anyway so I didn’t have to act too much). I didn’t leave Jen out and reached down to her pussy to rub and finger it (which Lucy and Lis would have been able to see in detail as Jen’s pussy was aimed directly at them).

Lis’ hand seemed to be moving quite quickly between Lucy’s legs and Lucy was holding tightly onto Lis. I really wanted to tell Lucy to spread her legs (or tell Lis to pull them open), but didn’t want to interrupt what I was watching. Lucy’s body shook slightly and I could hear her breathing heavily and I carried on watching until Lis slowed down her movements. Lucy was still rubbing away between Lis’ legs and while I really wanted to see Lis cum as well, common sense got the better of me and I decided to give them some privacy (so Lucy wouldn’t even really know I’d seen her cum) and buried my head back between Jen’s legs.

As you would expect from someone who had just seen their idol cum (even if I hadn’t seen any of the ‘detail’), I was very close to cumming myself, but I tried to hold back while I ate Jen. Only when I felt her moaning into my pussy did I let my mind replay what I’d seen and adapt the scene to how I could have helped them cum. This was enough to speed me towards my own orgasm (Jen’s tongue helped as well) and I came pretty much at the same time Jen did. I moaned quite loudly into Jen and humped against her face even more and then pulled away so we could lie panting as we recovered (I thought this would look more effective than just resorting to gentle kitty kissing).

Lis had cum by the time we had finished but Lis and Lucy were still kissing. When Lucy noticed that we had stopped, she pulled Lis’ skirt down to cover her up and looked a little embarrassed. I thought I would be selfless and distract from the fact that they had obviously been playing with each other so I told Jen to go and get her toothbrush while I pulled myself up into a chair and spread my legs over the arms. Jen quickly padded back in, knelt in front of me, turned her toothbrush on and held the back of the head against my clit. I sat and enjoyed the feeling, knowing that I was still being watched by everyone and concentrated on the steady build up of my orgasm. Jen said that I looked quite wet and I told her that was her fault, but didn’t do anything to check how wet I was. Only when I’d cum did I take the toothbrush off her and slide the end inside myself (after having turned it off – I don’t really fancy having my insides scrubbed). I gently fucked myself with it before returning it to Jen. Lis asked if she was going to clean it and I pointed out that we’d just eaten each other so there didn’t seem much point. Jen then joined me on the chair and we curled up and carried on chatting for a while until it was time for dinner.

Jen dropped a bit of a bombshell – she had been looking for jobs for a while and hadn’t been able to find one so she had been considering doing a masters. I was immediately worried about *where* she was going to do it, but she assured me that she had been looking at places close to where Mike and I live and that the plan was still for us to live together after our ceremony. I didn’t feel quite as reassured as I wanted to, but it was soon time for us to make dinner and we all helped out. I cheered up a bit as we ate and chatted and by the time we had prepared for the evening, I felt a fair bit better.

We weren’t planning on doing much as exams started the following week for most of the final year students (a few had started already) and some of us just went round to Abrahii’s room and watched a couple of films. Her living room had a really deep windowsill and between films I was challenged to sit on it and strip naked (and then stay there obviously or it wouldn’t have been much of a challenge). I was allowed to finger both Abrahii and Julia and they were then told to gang up on me and make me cum. They only used fingers on me and it was a rather subdued display (compared to our usual ones), but people seemed happy enough and I was even allowed to get dressed again afterwards.

We all headed home (fairly) early and Jen and I slowly made love. She guessed that I was still feeling worried about not actually being with her next year and promised me that she would find something close enough that we would be able to live together. We still kissed a lot and ground against each other and it was one of the more sensual sessions we’d had for quite a while. My thigh felt very sticky by the time we finished but I didn’t care and curled up behind Jen as we went to sleep.

I woke her the next morning my lowering my pussy onto her face and attacking her pussy with my fingers. She said that she needed to pee before we did anything but I told her that she would have to wait until we’d finished. This led to a fairly energetic session where Jen got me off as quickly as she could, while I didn’t quite reciprocate. I wasn’t too cruel and let her cum after not too long, but she still jumped up and dashed down to the bathroom as soon as I climbed off her.

Lis and Lucy surfaced as Jen was coming back upstairs and we all went down to breakfast together. Jen made me wear the little frilly apron to serve everyone and once we’d eaten, I was told to go and use the shower to make myself cum (and be loud enough that they could all hear). I did as asked and have to say that I much prefer doing this with the clear shower curtain – even though nobody else was in the room (although the door to the kitchen was open) it just feels a lot more exposed and I ended up using a finger in my ass, the spray on my clit and decided to let go properly and peed as I came (I’ve been getting quite a few videos of girls peeing as they cum recently as Jen really likes them).

While Lucy was showering I went and fetched the panties that I had taken from Lis. While Lis was watching, I wiped them repeatedly over my cunt and then did the same over Jen’s before handing them back to her. I told Lis that if she really had to wear panties, then she should at least wear those ones for the journey home and hinted that she might feel like masturbating in them as well. She promised that she would wear them and implied that she might do something else as well, but said we would have to wait and see.

Lis and I did our usual duty of shopping and cleaning so that Jen and Lucy could get a final bit of revision done (despite us telling them that last minute revision doesn’t achieve much). We wished them both good luck and set off for the station and airport. I chatted to Lis later on that night and she filled me in on what she and Lucy had done on the sofa while Jen and I had been putting on our little display and I told her that I had managed to see a fair amount, but still hadn’t seen Lucy’s pussy being fondled. Lis assured me that she had got her fingers into Lucy’s panties and a little bit between her lips, but had mostly played with her clit - and added that she had really enjoyed be able to be so uninhibited. I told her that she could cum in front of us as much as she wanted, as well as adding that she was also welcome to make Lucy cum with us watching.

I played with myself while Lis and I had this discussion and didn’t hide that fact from Lis. In the end, I convinced her to make good on her promise and masturbate with her panties on (it didn’t take much convincing). Mike had been listening in on our conversation and ended up sliding into me so we could fuck while Lis rubbed Jen’s and my juices into her cunt. We carried on the ‘conversation’ until all three of us had cum and we then called Jen to wish her luck one last time. (Of course, I called again on the Monday before her first exam, so technically it hadn’t been the last time).

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