Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sex Party, June 2012 - Part 3

I sort of felt a little sorry for Christine – she had agreed to make the most of her last party and be a bit more adventurous and we had somewhat taken advantage of her. We’d made her cum many times in a row (after a night of fucking) and she had eaten and been eaten by five girls instead of just the one or two she thought she would be playing with. At the same time I was still rather jealous and loved the sight of her squirming on the bed as Emily and Bennett pulled another orgasm from her. He carried on fucking her until he came but there was no sign of any cum in the condom when he pulled out (which is not unusual by this point in the party) and Christine was left lying on the bed with her legs spread. It had been an epic session and I think it pretty much marked the end of the party as nobody could think of a (reasonable) way to top it. A few people fooled around a bit more and we saw another two couples fucking (separately), but things certainly wound down.

Jen, Mike and I chatted to Clare and Giles a bit more and I once again tried to convince them to join in properly. Clare said that she would think about it (which from the way she said it I took as a ‘no’ – or at least ‘not yet’) but I was convinced that Giles was still interested. They promised that they would come back next (academic) year and we told them we would be looking forward to their return. A couple of people had already left and we tried to make sure we said goodbye to all the people who were graduating – often with one last fondle. We arranged to meet up with Sara and Emily the following day and Emily said that if we were up for it, we could have a mini party and that she had arranged for a couple of extra guys. I wasn’t sure Mike would enjoy they guys outnumbering the girls (Jen and Sara don’t really count in this case), but most of the times recently there have been more girls so I thought it would be fun for a change.

We wandered back to the hotel without our skirts on, taking care not to be seen. Before we entered, we did cheat and put our panties back on, but went through the lobby and upstairs with them peeking out from under out coats. We fell asleep pretty quickly without our usual session (but that can be forgiven in the circumstances). The following morning, Mike woke up with his cock pressed against Jen’s ass, but quickly turned over and slid into me. I reminded him that we were meeting Sara and Emily (and others) and he said that he would refrain from cumming, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t fuck me (this is why I love him so much). We fucked for a while and he then went down on me. With my orgasm out of the way, I took care of Jen while Mike showered and he then chatted to us while we showered together.

We got a text from Sara while we were having breakfast, asking if we still wanted to meet and we arranged to go to her place. I made a few adjustments to Jen’s outfit – nothing too bad, just bunches and white socks (she didn’t have a lot of different clothes with her so my options were limited). Fortunately she had been optimistic about the weather and had a light shift dress with her so I had her wear this. We headed over to Sara’s place and found that ‘the guys’ were David and Scott and Emily assured me that they had been tested and were clean, so if I wanted, we could have some proper fun.

Once again, we wanted to make sure that we got to taste Emily before she was polluted. Scott and David had tasted her at the unprotected party but Scott didn’t seem to get why we liked her taste so much. Naturally, the rest of us didn’t stand around waiting while Emily was being eaten and I let one of the guys eat me while I sucked the other one (sometimes Emily took care of the sucking). Once they’d had their turn with Emily, Jen and Sara sat and watched and I instructed Jen to spread her legs and finger herself and once we’d all had a go with her, it was time to get serious and start things properly.

I was kind of hoping that with three guys, we could each try a foursome, but I know Mike didn’t really enjoy feeling another cock rubbing against his when we did DP. I thought we should start off gently and suggested that Em and I could be fucked while we both licked whoever was left out. To be fair, we rolled a dice to select who would be licked and it ended up on Scott. Emily and I knelt on the bed with Mike behind Emily and David behind me while Scott knelt in front of us and held his cock out so we could suck him. It all sort of worked, but probably wasn’t quite as effective for Scott as I’d hoped (I had originally imagined Em and me kissing around his cock and lashing it with our tongues until he came over our faces). The other end worked a lot better though and the guys happily fucked us. Mike played with Emily’s clit and David copied what he was doing. We founf it was easier for one of us to suck Scott as we could then bob back and forth on his cock as we pushed back against the cock inside us. David came in me first but I got him to stay inside me (although he couldn’t move much) while he played with my clit. Mike got Em to cum and then fucked her harder until he emptied himself in her and it was now just up to us to finish off Scott.

Without the distraction of being fucked, it was much easier and we stroked, sucked and licked him until he told us he was getting close. We then competed, taking turns sucking him for 30 seconds to see who could make him cum. I lost and he came in Emily’s mouth, but she shared his cum with me and we kissed messily letting it drip down out of our mouths onto our bodies (I didn’t actually like the taste of his cum that much so I was being messy on purpose. We rubbed some of his cum into our cunts and then took the cock that had been in the other person’s pussy to suck clean. Both David and Mike were fairly soft by this point but we managed to breathe a bit of life back into them.

Scott wanted to fuck one of us (after a little break) but I still hadn’t given up on my idea of DP (plus sucking) so I took Emily aside and asked her if she was up for it. We agreed that as long as they guys were willing and they were prepared to do us both, then we would go for it. It was somewhat easier than I had expected to convince the guys and even Mike said he was prepared to try it again. Emily and I tossed a coin to decide who should go first (one again trying to be fair) and she won. We got the guys to confirm that they would be able to cum a third time and with this promise in place, we set about preparing.

It had only been about 10-15 minutes since we’d cum so we spent a bit of time on foreplay to make sure that everyone was ready. Once we thought this was the case, Scott lay on his back on the bed and Emily climbed over him. Mike rubbed some lube onto his cock and pressed into Emily’s ass and David knelt in front of her. I helped out a little by holding his cock in place and offering it to Emily who took a fair length of it in her mouth. It took Mike and Scott a while to get a good rhythm going, but they eventually managed it and pumped in and out of Emily. It was obvious from Emily’s moaning that she was enjoying it but I wanted to hear her describe how it felt so I took over stroking David’s cock so she could tell me. She was certainly enjoying herself (although later told me it would have been better without having to worry about sucking at the same time, which I agreed with) and asked them to speed up as she wanted to cum.

Mike told her he was going to fill her ass with cum and Scott said he would fill her cunt and I let her take David back in her mouth. At his request I fondled his balls – I’m not used to doing this as Mike’s balls (or one of them) is quite tender following an infection a number of years ago, David didn’t complain though and I watched as Emily’s body repeatedly swallowed three cocks and felt my pussy begin to tingle with the thought of them all soon being inside me. Scott came first this time but he had to stay inside Emily. Mike fucked Emily’s ass a while longer before cumming in her and he stayed buried in her while Emily sucked and I pumped David’s cock until he emptied himself into her mouth. Once again Emily wanted to share this with me and I let her but then spat most of it out and rubbed it over my cunt (there hadn’t been much anyway so it wasn’t as bad as the first time and David tasted less salty than Scott did).

With two orgasms each, we felt it was time to help out Jen and Sara. This was partly to give us and the guys time to recover and was also designed to help them get hard again. They had already made each other cum once while watching us so were already behind, but we quickly took care of that. I let Em do Jen while I ate Sara and as I worked on her I enjoyed the feeling of her squishy little pussy lips on my tongue and between my lips. There didn’t seem to be any point in trying to be too delicate and I dragged the flat of my tongue over her ass a number of times before spearing her. This got the usual reaction from her so I did it a few more times before returning to her cunt. Jen ended up coming before Sara – I like to think that is just because she is simply hornier rather than having anything to do with Emily being better than I am at eating pussy. I didn’t intend to be left too far behind though and sped up my ministration on Sara, now alternating between licking her cunt and ass. As expected, this got her off quite quickly and even got a couple of interesting noises out of her.

Emily and I were now ready for round three and it looked like Mike and Scott were ready but David needed a little encouragement. Having all been at the parties together meant that this wasn’t an issue as one of the rules is that you don’t comment on someone if they don’t perform as well (or as long) as you want them to. Of course, the whole point is for everyone to enjoy themselves so people do try hard and if there is the occasional person who cums too soon, can get it up or can’t get wet enough, the idea is just to help them out. I sidled over to David and started to stroke his cock and asked him if he wanted to try fucking my ass. I pulled his hand round behind me and pressed one of his fingers against my ass and he got the idea and pushed it in. I encouraged him to keep going and kept stroking his cock which quickly inflated and looked ready for action.

I got Scott to take his position on the bed again and lowered myself onto him. I squeezed myself around him as hard as I could and whispered to him if I felt tighter than Emily (he whispered back that I did – I don’t know if he meant it or was just being nice to me as I was about to fuck him, but I liked hearing it). I felt David enter my ass and asked Emily to help hold Mike’s cock (for some reason Scott didn’t want Mike’s balls dangling in his face) and I took the head in my mouth. Mike got Sara and Emily over to have a closer look and they watched as my holes were repeatedly filled with cock. I rubbed myself against Scott, trying to get as much friction on my clit as possible and it worked quite well. Mike had reached down to stroke my neck and I realised I was going to cum a lot sooner than I’d thought, but didn’t want to hold back so I carried on and concentrated on my orgasm as it built and the feelings caused by the cocks in my mount, ass and cunt. I pictured what Jen could see and imagined how it would look from inside me as I was invaded over and over and ended up cumming. Unfortunately my orgasm wasn’t anything spectacular, but it still felt pretty good as if it was more distributed through my body than usual.
I bucked back and forth as I came (it was the easiest way to tell them I was cumming as I had my mouth full) and Emily told the guys to hurry up and fuck me faster. They were quite happy to do this and I felt them pump away inside me. I felt a little tender and was actually quite glad when they finished (David first, then Scott and finally Mike). I kissed Emily to share Mike’s cum, although he had hardly produced any (enough to taste, but much less than earlier) and then extricated myself from the tangle of flesh.

We all felt quite satisfied and fairly tired and it was clear that we weren’t likely to get much more out of the guys. After I’d got my breath back, I did help Emily give each of the cocks a big double kiss. We chatted for a while and eventually got rid of Scott and David. I knew that Mike wanted to have a chance to do ‘something’ with Sara and he had a plan to make this happen. She loves having her ass licked and we offered her the opportunity to 69 with me so I could eat her pussy and Mike could take her ass. She hesitated for a short time but her fetish got the better of her and she agreed. I lay with my legs at the end of the bed so she could lie on top of me and Mike to crouch behind us on the bed. This sort of worked but in the end we switched round so Mike was on top of me and Sara faced away from him and we made fairly short work of her. Mike got hard enough to rub against me and he pushed into me as things progressed, but we weren’t seriously fucking.

Jen said that it was only fair that if we’d had a final go with Sara that she should have Emily and so as we rested, we watched the two of them licking each other. Jen complained about the guys cum polluting Emily, but she still gave her a thorough licking and I was impressed to see that they both came again. By the time they finished, Mike was properly hard again (but still not ready to fuck) and as a thank you for helping her cum, Sara fed him some of her pussy juice from her fingers (he wanted to eat her, but she was standing firm on that and still saying no).

It was nearly time for us to head off so we dressed and wandered into town together. We didn’t have time to get food so just picked up sandwiches and Mike and I caught our train. Jen had a little while to wait so she, Emily and Sara sat and had a late lunch together before she set off for home. She arranged for Sara and Emily to come and visit us over the holidays and told them that they were welcome to share her bed, although they might have to squeeze up and Jen promised that they could experience our range of toys.

I dozed off on the train and it was only when we got up to leave that I found out I’d had more cum left inside me than I’d thought (I had assumed that most of it had dribbled out of me on my walk to the station). The back of my skirt had a large damp patch and Mike had to walk behind me until I could fish out a jacket to cover up the worst of it. Later that night (after Mike had given my pussy a thorough showering), he ate me and then fucked me while using a small vibe in my ass. I tried my best to describe to him how it felt being fucked by two guys at once and decided that while I liked the sound of also sucking someone off, it was much easier when I didn’t have to concentrate on that as well and could just enjoy the sensations of being fucked. Mike said that he much preferred being in my ass as he couldn’t feel the other cock as much so if I really wanted to do it again, he would be happy (or at least happier) to help out (unless I could find two guys who were willing).

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sex Party, June 2012 - Part 2

Sara and Laura had taken Jen upstairs and fucked her on one of the beds. They had started off with Laura eating Jen and Jen eating Sara (properly). Once Jen and Sara had cum, it was Laura’s turn and they took turns eating and fingering her. Their display was greatly appreciated by a number of the guys who wanted to join in, but neither Sara nor Jen (obviously) were willing to let them. Once Laura had cum, she allowed one of the guys to fuck her. He wanted Laura to eat Jen or Sara, but they were both satisfied for the time being so he had to make do with Laura (people don’t usually complain about this).

I found Mike buried between Hannah’s legs and briefly watched as he ate her to orgasm and then started to fuck her. I didn’t stay around to watch her cum again as I had been offered the use of Bennett’s cock. He wanted me to give it a bit of attention before we fucked so we ended up back downstairs with me sitting on the sofa. I let him fuck my breasts while I licked the head. I then sucked his cock for a while and he finally said he was ready to make me cum. I knelt over the arm of the sofa and let him slide into me from behind. He pushed deep inside me and used long slow strokes to start off, but soon sped up and pumped away inside me. He at least also reached around to play with my clit and fondle my breasts so the actual fuck felt better than it was with Brett. We got a good rhythm going and I pushed back against him in time with his strokes so it felt really deep and was greeting with the satisfying sound of our bodies slapping together. I told him to hold back until I’d cum and got him to rub my clit faster until I was very close. He slowed down his frigging but I still came first and got to enjoy my whole orgasm with him pumping in and out of me. I tried to keep pushing back in sync with his thrusts but as he got closer he sped up so I just let him move. I could feel him pulling my ass cheeks apart (he later told me this was so he could get a good look at my pussy swallowing his cock) and he then pushed into me four or five times as he came before staying still inside me.

When he pulled out, I took hold of his cock before he pulled the condom off and I took the head in my mouth once more to clean it off. I could feel his cum squishing around in the condom and thought back to the unprotected party when we were allowed to fuck properly. I imagined having his cum running out of my mouth and down my body but had to stop sucking him as his cock began to shrink and he removed the condom.

I went and did my duty to ensure that Sara didn’t get too lonely (there aren’t many girls at the party who will do things with other girls – at least not while they are sober) and once I’d found her, I went down on her. The guys enjoyed watching this and once again wanted to join in – I didn’t really need to cum again but it was the last party before the holidays so I told them that as long as I was between Sara’s legs, they could fuck me. We changed position on the bed to give better access to my cunt and I purposely didn’t look behind me so I had no idea who was doing what to me (okay, so I knew *what* they were doing, just not who was doing it). I enjoyed this a lot more than I had expected – having my cunt reamed by an unknown cock was an incredible turn on and I didn’t try to make Sara cum too quickly. The guy came, pulled out and rubbed against my ass and I asked if anyone else wanted a go, but told them not to tell me who they were.

Sara came almost as soon as I got my next mystery cock but I assured the guy that he could carry on and I asked Sara to go and fetch Laura for me. She was graduating so this was her last party as a student so I wanted to make sure that I had a chance to do things with her. I kept my face buried in the bedclothes so I still had no idea who was fucking me and when Laura appeared, I got her to climb onto the bed and assume the position Sara had been in. I fingered Laura and told her how much I would miss her cunt if she didn’t come back to the parties. She promised that she would try her best and I told her that we would make sure she was rewarded if she did. I felt the guy pull out of my cunt and was wondering if he’d already cum (he had been fucking me, but hadn’t been inside me for long and hadn’t been moving too quickly). I felt his cock press against my ass and I instinctively jumped forwards, but then relaxed and reached back to pull one of my cheeks to the side and told him to go ahead, but to start gently.

As the head of his cock pressed into me, I started to eat Laura. I couldn’t finger her cunt while eating her but decided if I was having my ass fucked, then I could do the same to her and pushed a finger against her. She immediately pushed back against me and my finger slid in a fair distance. Laura told me that I was a horny little slut and I just gave her a smile (which was probably hidden by her pussy). I continued to have my ass fucked and I broke contact with Laura’s cunt to tell the guy to play with my pussy and clit. He reached around and fondled me, but it wasn’t focused enough and I resigned myself to letting him just use me while I got Laura off. As she got closer to cumming, I concentrated on her clit and the guy in my ass came a short time before she did. I felt very exposed when he pulled out and it felt like my ass was gaping with everyone looking at me.

I now wanted to cum and considered getting Mike to give me a quick fuck so I could go and have a proper session with someone else, but decided to restrain myself and find my next target while feeling horny. I bumped in to Giles and Clare and told them I was glad that they had decided to return – unfortunately they had actually been at the party for a while and had already fucked each other, but said that they might well do things again later on. They still weren’t planning on doing things with other people and we talked about this for a while. I was completely naked (as were a few other people) and they at least seemed quite comfortable with this. I told Clare that I was glad to see she had taken my advice and worn a skirt this time and she agreed it was much easier. From the bulge in his trousers, Giles was clearly ready to do something more and I pointed this out to Clare and asked if I could watch. She was still nervous, but said it was okay and Giles quickly pulled her panties off and got his cock out.

I asked if I could help him get inside her, which I think he was up for but Clare wasn’t. I’d hoped to at least have a fondle of his cock, but in the end opted to try a different tack. I waited until their fucking was well underway and asked Clare if she minded if Giles played with my breasts. She agreed to this so I lay beside her and adjusted my position so he could lean over and suck on my breasts as I offered them to him. He was on top of Clare so I told him to reach over me to help hold himself up. This didn’t work too well, but meant that I was at least pressed up against Clare’s body I could entwine my legs with one of hers. He couldn’t move too well in this position so I had to let him hold himself up again but I didn’t free Clare’s leg. I wasn’t really holding onto it, but was now lying on my side facing them and still had one of her legs partly between mine.

As they got closer to cumming, I slowly moved down the bed so my head was in line with theirs and managed to get a little contact between my pussy and Clare’s leg. I didn’t rub against her, but did enjoy the movement caused by their fucking. Just before Clare came, I moved back a little and watched them as I stroked myself. I don’t think she realised that I’d been using her leg for stimulation, but she did realise when I moved down to have a look at her pussy after Giles had pulled out. She pulled her skirt down to cover herself and I said that I just wanted a quick look, which was only fair as she had seen my completely naked. I was allowed a brief look, enough to see Giles’s cum starting to dribble out of her, but I didn’t mention this and waited until she had a damp patch on her skirt. As payment, I sat on the bed with my legs spread and opened my pussy for Giles to have a close look. He still wasn’t allowed to touch me, but I could feel his breath on my cunt. I was now more than ready to cum and went off in search of some action, telling Clare and Giles that I hoped we could have some proper fun next time.

I went back downstairs which was where most people seemed to be and asked Scott if he wanted to fuck me. He said that he had only cum a short while ago but I told him that meant he should be able to last longer and give me a proper fuck. It wasn’t too difficult to convince him to try and we went into the kitchen so he could fuck me against the counter (maybe not hygienic, but fun). He took me from behind and played with my clit and breasts and we tried things the other way round with me sitting on a chair, but it was the wrong height so we moved back into the living room. This time I sat on the arm of the sofa so I could face him and he fucked me while I played with my clit. It was much easier to time things this way and with a bit of dirty talk I encouraged him to cum and he said that he was getting there. I really wanted to cum but held back until he did and we put on a fairly convincing simultaneous orgasm show. He stopped fucking me a bit sooner than I would have liked, but I at least came so it wasn’t too bad.

Jen had watched what we were doing and decided to get some revenge on me for earlier. When Scott pulled out of me, she knelt and started to kitty kiss me (which felt nice) and then eat me (which felt strong). I could have told her to go fuck herself (literally), but allowed her to ‘punish’ me and I sat and endured the build-up to another orgasm. Fortunately it wasn’t too strong but I was still left sitting with my legs spread and a very pink and moist pussy.

I had a rest for a while and just enjoyed watching what other people were doing and chatting. I spent a while with Melissa and Neil and caught up with them. Neil started to stroke my leg and I asked if they wanted to repeat the threesome we’d had at the previous party. Melissa said that she had agreed to this and I told her that Laura really wanted a chance to eat her. Neil seemed happy with this so we went off to find her and then commandeered a bed. We hadn’t quite figured out what we were going to do, but things worked out fairly naturally. Laura pushed Melissa down onto her back and went down on her. Neil took Laura and this only left Melissa’s mouth for me. I carefully climbed over her face (making sure not to crawl on her hair) and asked if she was up to helping me cum. She nodded so I lowered myself onto her mouth and after a few seconds, I felt her tongue start to lick me.

There are usually a couple of threesomes at the parties, but a foursome like this was relatively rare so a fair number of people came up to watch us. Melissa was surprisingly good for an apparently straight girl but I gave her a few pointers as to exactly where to lick me. I also ‘helped’ out Laura by telling Neil that she liked having a finger in her ass. I felt Melissa cum (she sort of shook a bit and moaned into my cunt) so I told Laura to back off a little on her. She didn’t stop eating her, but seemed to slow down a bit – at least until she got closer to cumming. Melissa carried on eating me and I felt my orgasm building and wanted to be able to play with her so I told Laura to move out of the way and after she had awkwardly crawled to the side, I fell forwards and pushed my face into Melissa’s cunt. I later confirmed that this was her first 69 with a girl and as she ate me to orgasm, I furiously lapped away at her cunt and clit and carried on until I felt her cum underneath me. Laura had cum soon after I’d started eating Melissa and Neil had cum sometime between my and Melissa’s orgasms. I rolled off her and we were clapped by our audience. I gently played with Melissa’s cunt and asked if she had ever thought of shaving herself completely (her lips were shaved but she has a patch of black hair on her mons). I told her if she ever wanted to go bald, I would be happy to shave her, although pointed out it would be a fair distance for her to travel just for that…

I was pretty beat by this time and went to have a look round. I caught up with Mike and found out he had fucked Christine while she had been sucking off another guy and had gone down on Emily (which I thought was a waste as he could do that later). He still wanted to eat Laura (for old time’s sake) and we went for another wander to find her. Unfortunately (for Mike), she was already busy when we found her and it was a bit of a surprise that she was with both Jen and Christine (who doesn’t usually do much with girls). She had apparently been convinced that as it was her last party, she should go for it and had agreed to let Laura play with her properly. Jen had got in on this and both of them were working on Christine’s cunt, taking turns to eat or finger her.

Sara was watching and I asked why she wasn’t getting in there with them and taking advantage of the situation. She said that she’d cum enough, but I wasn’t going to let her miss out and slid my hand down her back, between her ass cheeks and gently toyed with her pussy. Sara eventually got the message and joined them on the bed. At first she helped to play with Christine but then climbed over her face and let Christine eat her. Jen ate Christine and then switched places with Sara. Mike took this opportunity to go down on Laura and when it was her turn to eat Christine, he fucked her for a while.

Christine made Jen cum and Sara climbed back over her face. She had been playing with herself while watching so came pretty quickly and once she’d cum, Laura took her place. It only seemed fair that if Christine was really going to expand her horizons that we should all help out so I took Laura’s place and carried on licking. Mike pushed into me but I told him not to be greedy so he let someone else take me (again, I didn’t look) and I carried on eating Christine until she came again. I know it was a bit mean, but I called Emily over and suggested she have a go. The guy fucking me came and pulled out and once Laura had climbed off Christine’s face, I clambered over and took her place. We had pretty much everyone at the party in the bedroom now (or in the hallway looking in) and I felt quite jealous of Christine getting so much attention from so many people. I’m pretty sure that Emily made her cum and I stayed in place until I came and then climbed off and let Emily take my place.

We’d gone through the list of gay/bi girls and offered Christine’s (very pink) pussy to any other girls. I managed to ‘encourage’ (with a bit of pushing) Melissa to kneel down and have a little lick and with some encouragement from her boyfriend, Hannah also did this. Neither of them licked her for long and Laura ended up offering Christine to anyone who wanted her. Christine was still working on Emily and Bennett decided to take up the offer. He tossed the dental dam aside and pushed his cock into her and we watched her lips stretch around it. Emily helped to lift Christine’s legs up and Bennet fucked her hard. Emily didn’t last and ended up cumming, but tried to continue to hold Christine’s legs up so Bennett could carry on. She asked if Christine could cum again and was told no, but Laura didn’t find this an acceptable answer so sat beside Christine and reached down to play with her clit.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sex Party, June 2012 - Part 1

In the last week in June, we had some torrential rain. Mike and I were sitting indoors after work and complaining about how bad the weather was and how we were glad we’d taken the chance to have some outdoors fun when we’d had the sun. We each knew that the other wanted to do something (basically because we were awake) and decided that we may as well make use of the fact that we now have a garden.

I changed into an old pair of long white socks, bra and cotton panties and put my hair up in a ponytail. Mike put on some old jeans and a t-shirt and we headed out into the rain. We rolled around on the grass and kissed – Mike’s hands quickly went into my panties and roughly fondled my ass and I soon had his jeans undone and his cock free. We humped against each other and he then pulled the crotch of my panties aside and pushed into me. He loved the way my cunt felt so hot after the cold rain (it wasn’t actually that cold). We fucked frantically, taking turns as to who was on top and then broke contact so we could quickly undress completely (I kept my long socks on as we both like that). We resumed fucking, telling each other what we could feel and what we wanted – it was nice being able to not worry about being quite as the rain was masking any sounds we made (it really was torrential).

I ended up on my back and Mike fucked me hard – I actually came without and clitoral stimulation and to finish off, Mike got me to turn over and he fucked me from behind, squishing my breasts and body into the grass. He came in me and we relaxed for a minute or so before realising that we were now getting quite cold, so we headed back in and showered together (partly to warm up, but also to get rid of the dirt and grass that we had on us). I had to bleach my bra panties and (especially) socks to restore their whiteness, but at least it meant that a day hadn’t been wasted just because of the rain, so it was worth it.

The last Saturday of June was to be the last sex party of the (academic) year. Jen had agreed to come along to this with us and she actually got there first and met up with Sara and Emily. Mike and I arrived later that evening and I immediately noticed (although I had to point it out to Mike) that Jen had died her hair red again (not really red, but closer to the colour of Sara’s). Mike, Jen and I were staying in a hotel again (it’s enough to ask Sara or Emily to put two of us up, three is just too much), but as we had done before, all of us headed back to the hotel room after we’d had some dinner.

We all wanted to have a chance to eat Emily before Mike got to her – he went first while Sara and Jen 69ed and I then 69ed with Emily. While Jen had her turn with Em, Mike asked Sara if he could eat her and she sighed and told him that he may as well (I know that she actually likes Mike eating her sometimes despite her being quite far towards the lesbian end of the spectrum. With the Emily eating out of the way (Sara doesn’t mind the fact that we all worship Emily’s pussy – she is well aware how good Emily tastes), we had a quick break to let Emily recover before Mike fucked her (he wanted her to cum again).

We knew that Emily had convinced Sara to let a guy join them on a couple of occasions (a different guy each time) and asked Sara to describe how it had been having other cocks inside her. She said that it had felt physically nice, but just as when Mike had fucked her, it hadn’t been as ‘right’ as when she did things with Emily. Mike admitted that he was a little jealous that other guys had got to fuck her (seeing as he had been her ‘first’, and although he was happy that he’d been the only one allowed to cum inside her (without a condom), he still feels quite protective towards her (if you can consider wanting to bury your cock in someone ‘protective’). He had been hoping for another chance to fuck Sara, but she told him that she didn’t want to do anything (other than let him eat her).

He said that he would be happy if he could fuck Emily and eat Sara at the same time, but we weren’t going to let him have all the fun, so he had to make do with Emily’s cunt. To be fair, he didn’t mind too much and it meant that Jen and I could play with Sara, taking turns to eat her or sit over her face until we’d each cum and made her cum. Meanwhile, Mike had been giving Em a long hard fuck. They’d used a few different positions but ended up with Mike spooning behind her so I could lick her clit as he fucked her. I like this as it meant I got to taste her once more before Mike came in her. I only got to lick her for a couple of minutes though as Mike wanted to finish her off himself. To do this he got her to kneel so he could take her doggy style and got her to eat Sara (who wasn’t really ready to cum again, but Emily pulled her legs apart and pushed her face between them anyway).

Jen took the job of licking Emily clean – as much as she enjoys Mike’s cum, she still thinks that Emily tastes better without it, but she was happy to kitty kiss her for a while and I helped to clean Mike’s cock off. We told Emily and Sara that they could stay over if they wanted, but the bed wasn’t really big enough anyway so we weren’t too disappointed when they said they would head home and we would see them the following day.

We had a subdued session the following morning – it lasted a fair time, but none of us came (on purpose). I lay on my side and Mike spooned with me and I had my head between Jen’s legs (resting on her thigh) so I could eat her. We all got fairly close to cumming a few times and almost decided to allow ourselves one orgasm, but managed to hold back. We got showered and dressed for the day and headed out to meet up with Sara and Emily for lunch (technically brunch for us as we’d skipped breakfast to fuck).

Both Jen and I had opaque tights on underneath short denim shorts. Mike really loved this look and said that if we weren’t waiting until the party, he would have fucked me before we’d gotten out of the room. We wandered along to the café and found that Scott and David were joining us. I didn’t mind but Mike had hoped to have all four of us to himself (he didn’t really mind as he’s shared me with them at the parties before). I found out from Emily that David was one of the guys who had got to have a threesome with her and Sara, but didn’t share this with Mike at the time. We quietly discussed the upcoming party and how things would be different the following year (depending on who came back for the parties). Mike quite liked the idea of getting some fresh blood along, but I just teased him that if we kept going for much longer, he’d end up sleeping with girls half his age (he’s not quite that old yet, but we’d like to go to the parties for a long time to come).

With lunch over, Mike told Sara and Emily that he had a surprise for them. We had decided to buy some nice underwear for them as thanks for the times they had let us stay with them. Naturally this meant that he had to buy a set for Jen as well and I was even treated (now we’re living together, we have a bit more money). We wandered round and looked at things in a couple of shops before we found things we liked. Emily got a pale blue set, Sara went with an off-white pink, Jen went with yellow and I decided to get a matching set (but with a larger cup size!). We promised Scott and David that we would wear the underwear to the party, but that they would have to make sure they were there early so they could see it as we would be taking them off and storing them safely (I quite like having clothes ripped off me, but not when they are brand new and nice).

I had been intending on teasing Jen while we were out, but as we had extra guys along with us I decided to go a bit further than I’d originally planned. I bought a pair of scissors and (in a changing room) cut Jen’s shorts quite a bit higher. She still had her opaque tights on so nothing was actually visible, but there was now less material covering her lower ass. After wandering around a while longer, we popped into another shop and I made further adjustments. By the time we emerged, she only had a thin piece of denim covering her pussy and without the tights, she wouldn’t have been able to walk around (without someone complaining). None of the guys complained and I took every opportunity to get her to sit somewhere with one leg up or with her legs spread and directed her to pull the crotch of her shorts to the side.

We ducked down an alleyway and I knelt in front of Jen while the others kept watch. I got her to slip her shorts down enough to expose her crotch and I carefully cut the gusset of her tights (it wasn’t really the gusset as they were seamless tights). I didn’t make too large a cut so her shorts would still hide it, but it had the desired effect that if Jen now spread her legs and moved her shorts to the side, her pussy was clearly visible. We visited a few more places and I had Jen show herself off as much as possible before deciding I’d had enough so we headed back to Emily’s room and rested for the afternoon. Mike got a private viewing of our undies and we almost fooled around a bit, but didn’t want to do too much and stain the panties. In the end, Mike got Emily to remove her panties and he kitty kissed her for quite a while. She really enjoyed this but he didn’t get her too close to cumming. I think he was trying to make Sara jealous so he could eat her, but she didn’t rise to the occasion (although Mike’s cock did). We had our usual light dinner and we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and prepare.

I didn’t let Jen put her tights back on so she had to walk back to the hotel with just her shorts, barely covering her pussy. Mike and I had to shield her on a couple of occasions, but we made it without incident and the only other people who we think really noticed were a group coming up the stairs in the hotel behind us. Once we were in the bedroom (but before we’d closed the door) I had Jen bend forwards so I could kneel behind her, pull the shorts aside and lick her. I didn’t get her too close to cumming, but she was very wet and I don’t think it would have taken too long if I’d been trying. We didn’t take long to shower and dress and Jen and I wore our new underwear, but to make up for it, I wanted us to just wear coats and no clothes. Unfortunately, neither of us had jackets long enough to get away with this so we had to wear skirts as well.

It was still too early to head off to the party and we sat around for a while, then decided to head down to the hotel bar and have a drink. Jen and I undid our jackets far enough that our upper chests were visible, but not enough to show we only had bras on. Knowing that we were about to have an extended session (or multiple sessions depending on how you view it) wasn’t helping to keep me calm and I felt very fidgety. To help pass the time, Jen and I accidentally sat in a way that allowed a group of guys to see up our skirts to our panties (the one good thing about light panties is that they are easier to see in lower lighting). I adjusted my position a couple of times and made sure I spread my legs a decent distance when I did this (not all the way, but enough to give a very clear view up my skirt).

We decided to head off and take a slow walk and on the way I took the opportunity to fondle Jen whenever I could. We found a sufficiently secluded alleyway and I got Mike to help out (only in the breast area). I undid Jen’s top and Mike stood behind her so he could reach round and caress her breasts through her bra while I rubbed Jen’s crotch and pushed her panties between her lips. Jen didn’t realise what I was trying to do (not that it would have made any difference as she has to do what I want when we’re in York), but I achieved my goal and got her wet enough to leave a large spot on the crotch of her panties. She only found this out when we arrived at the party and I helped to strip her down to her underwear. Naturally she was rather embarrassed at having everyone see how wet she was (or had been), but I didn’t allow her to remove her panties and she had to endure it.

Her situation was made worse by Laura who decided to play along and started to caress Jen. I took Jen’s bra for safekeeping while Laura and Jen made out on the sofa and Laura rubbed Jen’s crotch through her panties until the damp spot became even darker. Scott and David turned up (separately) with their partners and Emily and Sara came not long after. Mike helped Emily undress and once I’d told Sara what was going on, she helped out with stimulating Jen. Sara and Laura soon both had fingers inside Jen, but still occasionally stopped to rub her panties into her cunt. They were pretty soggy by this point (Jen hadn’t cum all day) and people thought it was probably time to remove them and let everyone see Jen properly.

The three of them headed upstairs to use one of the beds and a few people followed to watch. I stayed downstairs and chatted with a few people while gently stroking myself. I watched a couple make out and then finger and suck on the sofa and really couldn’t wait any longer, so I reached over to Brett’s crotch and rubbed the bulge there. He asked if I wanted to fuck and I told him off for being so indelicate, but if he insisted, he was welcome to use my cunt and I would fuck him dry. He was happy with this arrangement and I quickly shed my underwear (it had been getting in the way) and I rode him as he sat on the sofa. I tried to ride up and down the whole length of his cock and let him suck on my breasts as I did this. He cupped my ass and it felt really good, but apart from when I pushed myself down on him and ground against his body I wasn’t getting much clitoral stimulation. It was easy to see that he was enjoying himself and I told him that I would make him cum as long as he would eat me (so I could cum).

He agreed to this and I sped up my movements. He pumped back against me and told me he was getting close so I told him to go ahead and cum. I briefly rode him after he’d cum, but not for long as I wanted my turn. I got someone to pass us a dental dam (this is the only party I know of where protection is put out beside the drinks and nibbles). With this in place, I climbed up so I was standing on the sofa and lowered myself onto Brett’s face. I was facing the wall and if I’d thought about it I would have got us to move around so I could lean back against it and put on a good show, but I wanted to cum and just enjoyed the feeling of his tongue working on my cunt. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks – I don’t think this made much of a difference, but I felt more exposed (which was good). I wasn’t overly loud, but I told him to keep going, to lick my clit, lick faster, harder… and then was rewarded with my first orgasm of the day (which I told him afterwards). He said he was happy to help and I headed off to see what everyone else was doing and look for my next fuck.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bachelorette Parties

Just as I did with my wedding to Mike, I’m probably not going to write too much about the actual event and associated things, but Jen and I agreed that we didn’t mind sharing some of the details of our bachelorette parties with you. My party was on the second last Saturday in June. Jen obviously wasn’t invited (and nor was I to her one). We did consider attending each other’s parties, but felt that if we were doing things properly, then we should each have freedom to do whatever our friends set up for us.

My party was in Newcastle and I had let Lis arrange it (she was my ‘head bridesmaid’). I had some of my York friends coming along with Sue and some of Jen’s friends – who were of course my friends as well). Lucy was Jen’s head bridesmaid and so the two of them had consulted quite a bit on what was going to be involved in the two parties, although some of the other people had a bit of influence (as will become apparent). It was pretty much the standard sort of thing on the Friday night – I was dressed up in a ridiculous costume and had the compulsory pink headband with antennae (as did the rest of the group). I wasn’t too bothered about what happened with my (much tamer) York friends around as I could just put all the blame onto Lis.

After food and a few drinks, we headed to a club where we had booked a private area (not quite a room, but we at least all got seats and booth service for drinks). We danced, drunk some more and I was then blindfolded and loosely tied to a chair (I could have easily slipped my hands out if I wanted). When the blindfold was removed, there was a very muscular man standing in front of me who was quite clearly about to remove his clothes (he had a good figure, but obviously spent too long under the sunbeds). He proceeded to rub up against me as his clothing was removed and he eventually ended up wearing just a tiny jock strap that covered what was clearly a decent sized cock.

He rubbed against me and I told him that if he’d gone that far then I wanted to see what he had to offer. Apparently not all women want their strippers to go all the way so he had waited for my invitation, but he didn’t hesitate in revealing himself to me. I was a little surprised that he was allowed to do this in the club, but I later found out that Lis (with Julia’s help) had contacted the club and asked them to recommend a stripper – there are enough stag/hen parties held there that this isn’t that unusual an occurrence). He was prepared for it though as once his cock was free, he rolled on a condom and he carried on rubbing against me, both body and face.

The next stage was the whipped cream – he squirted some onto the end of his cock and I was challenged to lick it clean (which I did) and this was followed by another couple of squirts. A number of people in my group (and a few near us in the club) challenged me to finish him off and I felt that I was drunk enough that I could justify to my more prudish friends that I just got caught up in the moment (I know I possibly shouldn’t worry about this so much, but they’ve been my friends for a long time and they think I’m a relatively ‘nice’ girl – I think they would be incredibly shocked if they knew the ‘real’ me). I took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it while stroking up and down the shaft. He told me it felt good and I was cheered as I worked, so I carried on. He pumped in and out of my mouth (but I kept my hand on the shaft so he couldn’t push too far it) and continued to use my tongue until he said he was about to cum and asked if he could do it in my mouth. I just nodded and hummed a ‘mmmm-mmm’ and felt the texture of the condom change as it filled with his cum.

When he pulled out, I surveyed my work and wished that I had been able to let him cum over me. I kept a hold of his cock and rubbed it against my cheek and neck for a bit before releasing him. Once he’d cleaned up and covered up, he stayed and chatted to us for a while and was actually quite a nice bloke with a steady girlfriend (who knew what he did). I think he was hoping to get a bit more action, but other than stroking his cock through his clothes (which I think I was justified in doing), he didn’t get anything. I would have actually quite liked to try fucking him as he was a reasonable size and I would hope he was quite experienced (although maybe only in receiving blowjobs). I behaved myself though and we let him go after about an hour.

We didn’t stay out too late as we had a spa day planned on the Saturday and returned to the hotel. I had intended to share a room with Sue (for new readers, that’s my younger sister) but changed my mind following the previous weekend and ended up sharing with Vicky. This wasn’t entirely for the purpose of sex – I was also a little worried about her as I wasn’t sure how she was going to be around Lis and Lucy (she is over Lis, but it is somewhat different when you have to spend a weekend with your ex and their new partner – or so I’m told). Vicky was actually okay and agreed that Lucy was incredibly hot. I ended up promising to send Vicky some of the pictures of Pavlina, but our discussion about Lucy and Lis ended up being interrupted when we climbed into bed (naked) and gravitated towards each other. It had been a long day (between work, travelling and drinking) so we only managed to 69 once before falling asleep. We didn’t do much better the following morning as we woke up a little late and needed to get down for breakfast, but I ate Vicky and she fingered me (with a little clit licking), we tidied ourselves up and went downstairs. I found out that Sue hadn’t spent the night alone and Mel had relaxed her rules on Julia not doing things with other people in order to let Sue spend the night with them (we could have saved the money on a room!).

After breakfast we showered together and then gathered downstairs to head off for a day of pampering. It was a pretty nice spa and I ended up getting a very relaxing massage, having a naked sauna, steam room and solarium session (which was fun – although not all of us were naked – I did get to see Valerie and Jo topless though). In the Jacuzzi, Julia slid her hand up my leg and played with me while I was chatting to people. I later found out that her other hand was between Sue’s pussy (the Jacuzzi was quite full so we were squished together) and Mel also had a hand between Sue’s legs.

We didn’t do anything too wild that night, but stayed up reasonably late. Once I’d finished my session with Vicky (only cumming once each again), I told her I was going to check on Sue (Vicky didn’t know Sue was in with Mel and Julia). I went along and interrupted their fun, but gave Mel and Julia a treat by letting both of them have both Sue and I at the same time. In Julia’s case, I let her eat me while Sue ate her and for Mel’s turn, Sue and I switched position. I was going to head back to Vicky but then had an idea and decided to give Sue a ‘present’. Technically you could consider it more of a present for Jen as while Sue has definitely crossed the line to being bi (or at least being prepared to play with girls on a frequent basis), Jen wants her to be as far over that line as possible.

I led Sue down the hallway and as an added twist, I made her leave her clothes in Mel and Julia’s room. To be fair, I left my dressing gown in there as well and we wandered down the hall to Abrahii’s room. I had been debating offering Sue to Emily and Sara but decided that as Sue had already been double teamed, she deserved some one on one time. Abrahii was a bit groggy when she answered the door and a little confused at the fact that we were both naked but we pushed into her room (there is a difference between quickly walking down a hallway naked and standing in it to have a conversation). I told her that Jen wanted Sue to be trained in playing with girls (and that she knew a little) and asked if Abrahii was interested in helping with her education. I wasn’t sure if she was going to say yes so I sidled up to her and slid a hand down to her crotch and told her that Mel and Julia had just been training Sue.

As I curled a finger between her lips and pushed into her pussy, she asked Sue if she wanted to do things and Sue said that she was happy to ‘experiment’ some more if it meant she could cum. I sucked my finger clean of Abrahii’s juices and gave Sue a slap on her ass as I left the room, telling her to enjoy herself (it wasn’t worth telling her not to do anything I wouldn’t do as we both know that wouldn’t discount many things). I headed back down to Julia’s room and retrieved my gown before going back to Vicky’s room (it would have been difficult to explain to her why I was naked) and I found her asleep.

We had a quick session the following morning before I crept back to my room (so nobody would know I’d been with Vicky). Sue was already there and as we washed, she gave me the details of her session with Abrahii as well as what Mel and Julia had done with her before I’d arrived. I made her promise to phone Jen and give her all the details (which she later did). We had a relaxed breakfast and everyone was quite well behaved. We just relaxed and a few of us went swimming in the hotel pool, but for once didn’t do anything sexual (although getting to see Jo again in her swimsuit was an added bonus, I had almost forgotten just how incredibly cute I used to think she was).

Jen had her party on the Tuesday (most of her friends are/were students) and they went to a hotel in London. It was mainly her University friends who were present (a number of whom had come to my party as well). Just as had been the case at my party, she also had a few ‘more conservative’ friends, so the party wasn’t as wild as it would have been if she’d just had the usual crowd. She did manage something that I didn’t, but we’ll get to that in time…

It started off with a dinner on the Friday night and then out dancing. Nothing too wild happened but they did pick up a couple of guys who seemed even more interested once they found out that half the girls were gay/bi. Other than a bit of humping and grinding while dancing, the guys didn’t get much though (even Julia was well behaved and didn’t fuck them, although one of them did discover that she didn’t have panties on). It was quite late by the time they returned to the hotel – Sue was sharing a room with Jen, but most of the other people didn’t know that anything had happened between them. Naturally, Jen took the opportunity to sample Sue thoroughly and licked as far into her cunt as she could, as well as getting Sue to show her what she had done with Abrahii. Ryan knew (and approved) of the fact that Sue was with Jen (and that she had been with girls at my party) and was looking forwards to getting to play with someone at the wedding (not Jen – she would be mine alone for that night).

They had a treasure hunt on the Wednesday during the day and had a much wilder evening than the previous night. Drinking started quite early and when it got to 10pm, they were collected by limos to take Jen to a particular club. The people in the limos were split roughly along the lines of the groups of friends, and Mel took the opportunity to have a little bit of fun. They shared a bottle of champagne and while they drank and chatted, Mel fiddled with the bottle and peeled off all the foil from the neck. Mel told Julia to play with Jen and light kissing moved on to Julia stroking Jen’s leg and then stroking her pussy. Julia ended up kneeling on the floor in front of Jen and fingered her properly before being handed the champagne bottle and working a decent length of the neck into Jen. Unfortunately, they reached their destination before Jen got to cum, but there had been time for a few of the girls to have a turn holding and pumping the bottle into Jen.

At this point, Jen still didn’t know what had happened at my party, but she had assumed that the girls would have arranged a stripper for her (it’s tradition after all). Fortunately, Mel and Julia had been on hand to help out Lucy (Jen’s head bridesmaid) so there was indeed a stripper. They had also managed to find a suitable club that allowed them to play properly. Jen wasn’t tied to a chair in the way I had been, but she was given a more interactive strip (for the early part anyway). Jen had to help remove her stripper’s clothes and was allowed to fondle her (quite large and not entirely natural) breasts. When it came to her panties, Jen pulled them down and was greeted with the sight of a nicely shaved pussy with a little V of hair on her mons, but the largest clit she had ever seen (we’ve seen videos of comparable clits, but nothing like it IRL). Mel and Julia had stipulated that the stripper should allow Jen to play with her (if Jen wanted to) and it didn’t take much encouragement to get Jen to do this. Just as I’d sucked and wanked my guy, Jen was more than happy to help her girl cum. She couldn’t eat her (no protection), but used three and then four fingers to pump into her and then used her juices to lubricate her clit as she played with it. It was of sufficient size that Jen could actually wank her (maybe not as easily as with a cock, but it was more like wanking than frigging).

As would be expected of someone with Jen’s experience, she got the stripper to cum but once this was done, she didn’t stick around to talk. Jen’s more prudish friends seemed more shocked at what they’d seen than my non-nympho friends had been at me sucking off my stripper. Jen quite enjoyed the experience though and we’ve since found quite a few videos of oversized clits that she has used to masturbate to.
On returning to the hotel, I had arranged one last surprise for Jen. Seeing as I’d got to play with Mel and Jules, I felt it was only fair that Jen got to as well, so once she was in bed, they came knocking and Sue let them in. Jen was treated to being played with in turn by each of them while she took care of one of the other two. They had been seen entering Jen’s room so it was common knowledge (amongst some of them at least) that Jen had received a ‘special present’ from them, but nobody other than Mel and Julia knew about Sue. From what Sue told us, Ryan greatly enjoyed hearing about everything she had got up to at the parties and Sue said that she got fucked more times than she could remember over the following few days.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Another visit from Vicky - Part 3

I'm quite tired as I'm on a course this week - I *might* even skip our usual evening session tonight (or just have some coffee to wake me up for it). Back to Vicky's visit...

I woke Jen up in the morning by fingering her from behind and she reached over to play with Vicky (causing her to wake with a start). Vicky needed to go and pee quite badly and we took the opportunity to all have a bathroom break and brush teeth before getting started for the day. Vicky wanted some privacy to pee but Jen had no problem with the rest of us being in the room with her (Vicky doesn’t know about Jen’s watersports fetish, but Jen wasn’t playing with herself, just using the toilet).

I thought I would be kind and let Jen have first go with Vicky. Jen knelt between her legs and used fingers, a vibe and her mouth on her (not all at the same time) and carried on until Vicky had cum. Mike and I had mostly just been watching them, but had played with each other a little so were ready for the next bit. Jen and I sat up against the headboard and Vicky had to kneel on all fours so Mike could fuck her from behind while she alternated between eating Jen and me. We had a couple of minutes of being licked before Vicky had to switch and Mike told her that she would get to cum as soon as both of us had cum. She took this quite well and worked quite hard on us both – sometimes even using a hand on the one she wasn’t eating. Jen came first (she was obviously really close by the end of one of her 2 minute sessions so I told Vicky to carry on and finish her off). As soon as Jen’s orgasm finished, I told Vicky to get me off and she moved over and resumed eating me. Mike was pumping into her quite hard and I could feel her being pushed against my pussy in time with his thrusts. I wasn’t too far from cumming and made sure that Mike knew this (although he’s seen me cum ‘a few’ times before, and it wasn’t difficult for him to read my expression. As soon as I came, he started playing with Vicky’s clit more seriously and once she’d cum, he pumped away inside her (quite forcefully) and emptied himself into her.

It had been a fairly intense start to the day so Mike and I went to make breakfast for our visitors (technically it wasn’t Jen’s home quite yet). When we returned, there was a damp patch by Vicky’s crotch where Mike’s cum had leaked out and I told Jen that she should have offered to clean her. Vicky said it was fine but Jen diligently lapped around Vicky’s cunt and removed most of the cum before we settled down to have breakfast. We chatted a bit more about what Vicky had been expecting from the weekend and she reiterated that she had known what we wanted to happen – or at least what Mike had wanted to happen (she hadn’t been entirely sure if it had been just his fantasy or if it was what Jen and I had also wanted). She had been amenable to experimenting a little and had intended to fool around with us, but only a little further than we’d done before and things had gone quite a way beyond her expectations. She wasn’t unhappy about this though and said that she was having fun.

With breakfast over, it was time to get things started again and Mike suggested that I share a dildo with Vicky. This time we used one of the long ones while allowed us to have an end each and be far enough apart for both Mike and Jen to lick us (one on each of us, then swapping over). This felt really good, but I also wanted to feel my cunt pressed up hard against Vicky’s so as we got closer to cumming we switched over to the shorted double ended dildo and scissored with each other. The only downside of this was that Mike and Jen then had to take turns licking us, but they both agreed that eating (or at least licking) two pussies at once was definitely better than just licking one.

To finish us off, we were given a challenge and subjected to our strong, mains powered vibe. We had to keep out pussies pressed together with the dildo buried in us while Mike and Jen spread our lips and exposed our clits. Jen then held the ball of the vibe against us both and whoever came first lost (and the punishment was the usual one of having to endure the vibe until the other person had also cum). Mike warned Vicky that I had training in this area but she is stubborn enough and said that she would hold her own against me. The vibe is incredibly strong but I thought of other things and held back long enough that it was clear I was going to win. I didn’t want to torture Vicky too much (or she might not want to do any more) so I suggested that Jen kneel over Vicky and be eaten. The idea was to have a mini-break and let Vicky calm down slightly while Jen repositioned herself, but it was a bit more effective that intended as Jen knelt on Vicky’s hair (this hurts) so she had an extra distraction from the pleasure. Fortunately she wasn’t hurt too badly though and we quickly resumed things.

To even it out, I was given Mike’s cock to suck – I didn’t do a great deal and just sucked the head, but he enjoyed me humming and moaning around it. As expected, I won and Vicky came first. Her moans were quite muffled by Jen’s pussy, but there was no disguising that she had cum and was feeling the intensity of the vibe. I wasn’t too far behind her, but by the time I’d cum and Jen climbed off Vicky, she was still very red and said that the vibe was far too powerful. Mike Jen and I took turns kitty kissing her to help calm her down and while Mike was working on her, I used the vibe on Jen to finish off what Vicky had started.

The room stank of sex by this point and as a way of taking a break - but still staying naked - Mike asked Vicky if he could have the honour of shaving her. She only had a small patch of hair on her mons (her lips were completely shaved) and she agreed (she’s been completely shaved before a number of times so it wasn’t a big deal). Mike fetched hot water, gel and his razor and after soaking the area, he set to work and soon a perfectly smooth pussy emerged. Even though he hadn’t shaved her lips (other than a quick going over) he gave them the usual tongue test and (just to be fair), Jen and I then did the same to her. We declared her pussy to be hair free and then set about carrying out one of the other things we’d planned (but thought less likely to happen).

It was much easier now that Vicky knew we’d planned a whole set of things to do and she said she was willing to collaborate. For this one, we moved into the living room and Vicky lay on her back on the sofa with her ass up on one of the arms. Jen climbed over her face and I stood between Vicky’s legs so I could eat her while Mike fucked me. Our aim was for everyone to do things to Vicky so after a few minutes, I let Mike take over eating her and he then fucked her for a short time. It was then Jen’s turn to 69 with Vicky and I then took my place at her cunt again. I dragged my tongue over her asshole a few times but didn’t try to spear her – she didn’t complain about this so I gave Mike the go ahead to do the same thing. We weren’t trying too hard to get anyone to cum so managed three full rounds of this before Jen said that she was getting quite close (which sort of made sense as Vicky had been constantly licking her while the rest of us had been having bursts of stimulation).

Mike and I moved out of the way and let Jen 69 with Vicky. This time it was Jen who ended up cumming first by quite a way but Vicky played along and carried on eating her until she had her own orgasm. Mike and I had semi-fucked while watching the two of them and he was now ready for his second cum of the day. We dragged Vicky back into the bedroom and told her that this was an exhibition fuck for her – she was happy to watch as long as she could rest (she really has no sexual stamina) so she lay on the bed while I knelt over her in a non-contact 69 position and Mike took me from behind. I was fucked and frigged knowing that Vicky had the best possible view of what was happening and wished that she had been up for me eating her. I ended up resting my head on the bed so I at least had a good view of her pussy and I did push my mouth against it as I came. Mike carried on and came inside me and I then stayed in position after he pulled out until his cum started to drip out of me. Vicky positioned herself to catch a little of his cum in her mouth and I then planted myself on her face so she could lick me clean.

I suggested that we do things the other way round so I could watch Mike fuck her but he wasn’t ready to fuck (let alone cum) again. Vicky wasn’t quite ready for more yet either so we moved on to our next fantasy situation and Jen took centre stage (well, centre of the bed). She lay on her back while Vicky and I played with her breasts, rubbed her body with our breasts and then tried to suffocate her with them (we weren’t actually trying to suffocate her, but she wanted as much breast in her face as we could get. Jen hungrily licked at our breasts and nipples and I got Vicky to help me tease Jen’s much smaller (but cuter) nips. I showed Vicky how Jen liked having her nipples pinched and rolled and she slowly increased the force she used. I still don’t understand how Jen can enjoy having that much pressure put on her nipples when they are much more sensitive than mine, but she told us to keep going so we did. It wasn’t all nipple play though and we also stroked and fingered her pussy – sometimes just one of us and sometimes both of us.

Mike didn’t want to be left out and wanted to cum over Jen’s cunt, but I told him that I needed to see him fuck Vicky (and I doubted he could cum four times in a morning). He contented himself with just watching us. As Jen got closer to cumming, I asked Vicky if she wanted to take pussy or clit and she chose clit. She frigged Jen and I used a couple of fingers in her cunt and I could feel Jen’s tongue frantically licking away at my nipple. Jen’s pussy felt pretty wet (even for her) and we pressed our breasts harder against her face and rubbed even faster. Jen came – not with as spectacular an orgasm as I’d thought might be the case, but by the time we stopped fingering her and uncovered her face, she was very flushed, covered in a sheen of sweat and looking very happy.

I asked Vicky to help Mike taste Jen (she knows he isn’t allowed to fuck/eat her) and Vicky played along by pushing a couple of fingers into Jen and then letting Mike suck them clean. I even got Vicky to rub her nipples over Jen’s pussy and then let Mike lick them clean (which Vicky also liked). This happened a few times and Mike spent progressively longer working on cleaning Vicky’s nipples (certainly longer than he usually spends licking mine). They ended up lying on the bed beside Jen, kissing and humping and as Mike pushed into her, I reminded them that I was due an exhibition fuck. Jen had to move out of the way for this, but she had caught her breath by this time so I took her place and got Vicky to kneel over me. I lifted my head and had a quick lick of her before Mike got into position and I then spread Vicky’s lips and watched as Mike slowly slid into her. I remember thinking how only a year or two ago (or less) I would have felt incredibly jealous and was pleased that I could enjoy watching him enjoy himself with someone else. I then came to my senses and realised that my view was too good to waste time thinking about such things so I stopped and paid attention.

Mike used different strokes on Vicky – fast and hard, long and deep and just letting the head slip in and out. I stole another few licks of them both as they fucked, but in the end decided that I could probably contribute in a more effective way and got Jen to hand me a couple of our vibrating eggs and the tingle gel. I applied some of the gel to Vicky’s clit and then put a blob on my hand and let Mike’s cock slide back and forth over it, with the aim of coating his cock (or the underside of it) and having him push it into Vicky. I wiped off the excess on my pussy, took the eggs and used them to stimulate Vicky’s clit and Mike’s shaft. Vicky really liked it when I used both eggs, one on either side of her clit and pressed them together and Mike said that he got to feel it as well. I didn’t keep the eggs in place the whole time as using them meant I didn’t get as good a view, but we decided to use them to try and go for another simultaneous cum.

Mike fucked Vicky until he was quite close and then slowed his movements. I used both eggs on her clit again while he kept himself close to cumming but he had to push deep into her and hardly move as he could feel the vibes on his cock (and it was less intense when the buzzing was lower down on the shaft away from the head). We got Vicky to tell us how close she was getting and Mike took occasional strokes to keep him close and as Vicky entered the final stretch he started moving again. I think they got it pretty much spot on – possibly Vicky came a couple of seconds before Mike, but it was certainly incredibly close and he pushed hard and deep into her a few times before staying buried in her until she had finished cumming. I had hoped to get a decent amount of his cum leak out of her, but I wasn’t really surprised when nothing materialised. I got Vicky to keep kneeling over me and I took the opportunity to examine her pussy again, spreading the lips, tasting her (I could only faintly taste Mike in her) and semi-kitty-kissing her.

My own pussy felt like it was throbbing, from both the tingle gel and the stimulation from what I’d just watched and Mike suggested that someone might want to help me cum. Jen was quite willing to do this and took one of the eggs I’d used on Vicky and rubbed it up and down my slit and around my clit. Vicky was still kneeling over me and had a good view, but her legs were getting tired so she clambered off and let Jen have more room. Jen pushed the egg into me and started to lick my clit, but then took the second egg and used it instead. This gave me a really strong sensation and apart from when the eggs touched and there was a horrible buzzing sound, it was wonderful. Mike presented me with his cock (now only semi-hard) so I could suck Vicky’s juices off and I did this, although I was now used to tasting her (not that I was objecting). As I got closer to cumming, Jen resumed licking my clit and used the second egg to press against my ass and the triple sensation quickly sent me over the edge. I’m not sure if I had a single, really long orgasm or it was a proper multiple orgasm (sadly, I rarely have these, but they are amazing when they happen).

When I finished cumming I told Jen to get the egg that she had pushed into me out – fortunately (for me) she realised that I’d had a pretty strong orgasm and did as I asked. Even Vicky seemed impressed at how I’d cum and I had to admit that I couldn’t usually cum that hard for that long, but then added that having watched her cunt being fucked by Mike’s cock had probably helped. She blushed a little at this comment but then said she was glad she could help.

Time was getting on – Vicky didn’t have to leave until later in the afternoon, but other than breakfast, we hadn’t even really gotten up yet and so we headed off to the bathroom to freshen up and get ready to go out for lunch. Mike showered with Vicky this time and he caressed her, but neither of them came (neither did Jen or I when we showered). We went on a local café for a light lunch and once again we convinced Vicky to go without panties, but this time she wore one of Jen’s short pleated skirts. Vicky does have nice legs (one of the things Mike always liked about her – long before he got to fuck her) and we found a table by the window. As we were close to our new (hopefully long-ish term) home, we weren’t too daring, but We did get Jen and Vicky to spread their legs as far as they dared whenever the coast was clear. Mike got Vicky to lift her skirt so he could see her pussy and even managed to rub her clit for a minute or so and then offered his finger to Jen to suck clean.

I gave someone a quick flash while bending over to pick up my bag, but it was quick enough that it ‘must’ have been an accident and I’m not even sure they would have seen too much. When we returned home, we helped Vicky gather up her things (including fishing out her new underwear from where it had been discarded the previous day) and talked her in to having a final quick session before we headed off to the airport. We (Mike, Jen and I) already knew what we wanted the outcome of this to be, but decided to give Vicky a final treat before we marked her as our own. We let her have centre stage and once again took turns fucking, fingering, eating her as well as ‘letting’ her eat or play with us (if there is a spare hand or mouth going, it just seems a shame to waste it). We all enjoyed ourselves immensely and as Vicky got closer to cumming (she was the one getting the most stimulation by quite a margin), we pulled out the eggs that had been used on me, coated them with tingle gel and got to work properly.

Just as had been the case with me, she had one pushed into her cunt, one pressed against her ass and I licked her clit while Mike and Jen played with her breasts. We should have used some vibes on them, or maybe even Jen’s nipple clamps (not fastened as tightly as Jen likes them) but didn’t think of it at the time. Vicky came (unsurprisingly) and said that it was a pretty strong orgasm, but we didn’t manage to give her one as impressive as my pre-lunch cum. I extracted the egg from her cunt and let Mike and Jen kitty kiss her for a short time before we stepped back to admire our work.

She guessed that the rest of us would also want to cum (we don’t always make sure we have equal numbers of orgasms, but we try to be fair) and I told her I wanted to try something new. I twisted her hair into a rope and bent it in two, then got Jen to sit on the bed so I could push the new hair dildo into Jen’s cunt. With a bit of fiddling (and further twisting of the hair to tighten it up), I got a decent length into Jen and fucked her with it. Jen and I then switched places and she did the same to me, but with another part of Vicky’s hair. We knew that we weren’t going to cum with just the hair, but that wasn’t really the point.

We then took turns humping against Vicky, her legs, pussy, breasts, face and hands and Mike had a go at fucking her. While doing this, she pointed out that she would need to shower again before she left and I told her that she wasn’t allowed to and we were marking her. She thought we were joking at first, but now she knew what we were doing, it was easier to rub against her arms and lower legs as well as roll her onto her front and grind against her back. To show her we were really serious, Jen, Mike and I all rubbed bits of our bodies against her pussy as well so she could mark us with her scent. We were running out of time by this point and told Vicky that it was time for the rest of us to cum.

I sat over her and humped against her face while she ate me. Jen sat over her breasts and rubbed herself against them while Mike fucked her (Vicky). As soon as I’d cum, Jen and I switched places and I tried to also rub against her arms. I don’t think Vicky had been planning on cumming again, but Mike utilised one of the vibes on her clit and managed to get one last orgasm out of her. He couldn’t decide if he should cum in her or over her but we ended up deciding that he probably wasn’t going to cum enough to have it dribbling out of her so he may as well cum over her and we could rub it in to her body. He pulled out and actually produced a semi-reasonable squirt of cum (reasonable at least for his fourth cum of the day – especially as his third one had probably been hardly anything) as well as a couple of drops extra. Once Jen came, we rubbed this, along with our pussy juice and Vicky’s sweat, all over her body, neck and face and then pointed out how little time we had to get to the airport.

Vicky complained that she felt sticky but we assured her it would dry in no time. She quickly got dressed and Jen said that she could borrow the pleated skirt until her next visit. She did have to brush her hair, but we could still smell ourselves on it after she had tied it back. The rest of us got dressed and we headed off. She said that it was going to take her the rest of the month to recover but we got her to promise to come back and repeat things whenever she got bored – or horny.

After arriving at the airport and checking in, we had a little time as the flight was slightly delayed. Never one to miss an opportunity, Mike made use of Vicky’s short skirt and played with her clit while Jen and I stood holding our coats to hide what was happening. He didn’t make Vicky cum, but is sure he could have if he’d continued. This was a present for Jen and me though as once he’d got her sufficiently turned on, he told her that he should really stop. She said that he was being cruel but realised when we (the girls) went to the bathroom that he had just been getting her turned on. We used our usual disabled toilet and as soon as we were inside I told Vicky that Jen wanted a final taste of her. She didn’t really have any time to protest as Jen got on her knees and pushed her face into Vicky’s crotch while I was talking. I didn’t let Jen have all the fun as I had a quick go, but I let Jen finish Vicky off and we both had a little hump against her legs again (just to freshen up the coating of pussy juice) before we returned to Mike and reported success.

We saw Vicky off and returned home. The place really did reek of sex and we realised that we would have to find a way to limit the scent to the bedrooms in case we had ‘decent’ company. We didn’t really care much about it though and spent the rest of the day resting and recovering (it had been a fairly strenuous weekend). Jen wasn’t leaving until the Monday so she got to stay over. We had considered all sleeping the master bedroom together, but decided in the end that Jen and I would sleep in the smaller bedroom (the one that she still thought was going to be her one). We allowed Mike to come in and watch our bedtime session – he hadn’t wanted to do anything as his balls were aching from the day’s action and watching us just made things worse (although he stayed until the end).

I woke early on the Monday so I had enough time for sessions with both Mike and Jen before heading off to work. Jen left while we were at work and we knew it would be a while before we saw each other, but at least the next time was going to be at the end of year sex party in York that we had convinced Jen to come along to (it hadn’t taken much effort – the promise of Sara, Emily, Laura and possibly some ‘straight’ girls to eat (and be eaten by) was enough. The additional benefit of seeing me be fucked by many people was an added bonus (which I was happy to provide).

We spoke to Vicky during the week and she was still amazed at what we had actually done. She didn’t seem to regret any of it (but still said that she felt a bit tender). Mike convinced her to go to work wearing Jen’s skirt and no panties (we had her provide a picture to prove she was doing as she said) and as a reward, Mike and I had a Skype session with her later that night. We let her watch us fuck and Mike pulled out of me to cum, covering my cunt, while Vicky fingered herself and then used a dildo.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Another visit from Vicky - Part 2

Jen climbed onto the bed with Vicky between us and we removed her top and bra (with a bit of effort as she was lying down). Mike carried on eating Vicky and Jen and I once again took a breast each. This time, she wasn’t allowed a straight orgasm and between us we teased her for a fair time. I left Jen to take care of Vicky’s breasts and joined Mike between her legs. We took turns eating her and I reached over to fondle Jen – not really that effectively as I was concentrating on Vicky, but enough that Jen didn’t feel neglected. Likewise, Mike reached back and slipped a hand between my ass cheeks and onto my pussy. I would have happily let him roll on top of me and fuck me while I ate Vicky, but I also really wanted her to eat me. I moved back up to help Jen work on Vicky’s breasts and we got her close to cumming a number of times.

Mike alternated between fucking Vicky and eating her. I know how cruel it can be to do this to someone so decided it was time to let her cum – although there would be a price attached to her orgasm. I told Jen to go and help Mike out and she crawled down between Vicky’s legs to where I’d been a short time before. I asked Vicky if she wanted to cum and she panted that she did and I told her that I did as well. I don’t think she realised what I meant at first, but she presumably got the idea when I straddled her face and presented her with my pussy. This was something I’d been imagining for a while – at least since I’d found out about Lis and Vicky and more so since Mike had started playing with Vicky. I still wasn’t entirely sure what her response would be, I knew she’d eaten Jen already, but I had known Vicky for years so I was aware that it might be very different. She didn’t stop me as I moved my pussy closer to her face and I felt her hands come up, meet my body and pull me to her. I felt really relieved as she started to lick me (she wasn’t the only one desperate to cum – even though I hadn’t been subjected to the teasing that she had, I still felt incredibly turned on).

I soon got used to Vicky’s style of cunnilingus – fairly firm strokes, often inside the pussy, but also paying attention to my clit. I had a good view of Mike and Jen sharing Vicky’s cunt and reached forwards to hold on to her legs, pulling them up and apart to make their job easier. It looked like they were still teasing Vicky and a couple of times they both licked at her together (you don’t get anywhere near as much contact or pressure, but it still feels nice having two tongues on your pussy at the same time). I told them not to let her cum until I came (a bit mean I know, but I didn’t want her to stop) and I think Vicky heard this as she started to lick me harder and faster. I leant forwards a bit to make it easier for her to reach my clit and moaned about how good her tongue felt in and on me. She didn’t seem to need to be told, but I encouraged her to keep eating me and said how close I was getting to cumming. My orgasm was quite sharp and I had to tell her to back off but to keep licking me gently.

Mike and Jen had taken it in turns to eat Vicky and as I came I saw Mike push his face harder onto Vicky’s cunt and furiously eat her. I assumed he was just going to make her cum, but he was enough of a gentleman (if that phrase can be used in these circumstances) to switch with Jen and let her finish Vicky off. Apparently Vicky had quite a strong orgasm as she stopped licking me and was quite vocal. I crawled down the bed slightly and humped against her breasts. Jen carried on eating her and I could feel Vicky writhing around underneath me. Only when she panted for Jen to stop did Jen ease off and start to kitty kiss her and I felt Vicky relax. Mike was kneeling over Jen, gently rubbing his cock between Jen’s ass cheeks, but when I climbed off Vicky, he joined me beside her and we took turns kissing her and gently fondling her breasts while Jen carried on kitty kissing her.

Mike told Vicky that she had lots more cumming to do but Vicky looked quite out of breath. He quietly asked her how she had liked eating my pussy while he and Jen had been eating hers and she said that she couldn’t really believe what we were all doing, but added that she quite enjoyed it and might be willing to do it again ‘if we forced her’. I acted all innocent and said that we would never force her to do anything, so she could just sit and watch while the rest of us played for the remainder of the evening and she relented and said that she might want to join in again after a while.

Neither Jen nor Mike had cum yet (Mike had a reason due to his maleness and associated limited capacity to cum), but I felt that Jen should get started so I pulled out our stick on dildo and attached it to the window. I knew (having measured already) the appropriate height for it and I quickly rubbed some tingle gel onto the dildo before telling Jen to use it and put on a good show for us to get Vicky back in the mood. Jen stood up, positioned herself and eased herself back onto the dildo, then started to hump back and forth. Vicky asked what would happen if someone saw and I told her that was part of the attraction. I handed Jen a vibrating egg for her to use on her clit and then decided that I may as well take the opportunity to show her off properly. I added some tingle gel to her nipples and then attached her vibrating nipple clamps. I whispered in Jen’s ear that she had to cum as hard as she could and reached around to stroke her ass (just to help out). My fingers were still slippery with the tingle gel so I rubbed some over her ass and gently pressed my finger against it so the tip just entered.

Vicky couldn’t see exactly what I was doing, although she could see where my hand was (and as I’ve said, she isn’t stupid). Jen seemed to be surprisingly embarrassed (or at least she was quite flushed) but she nonetheless put on a fairly good show for us and humped against the dildo while using the vibe on her clit. I told her to keep us all informed as to how close she was to cumming and what she could feel and she did an admirable job. She even described my finger pressing into her ass a couple of times and then mewed her way through her orgasm. I helped her back onto the bed and carefully removed her nipple clamps to reveal her very hard and very pink nipples. I asked Vicky to help me kiss them better and she agreed more readily than I had expected. Mike disappeared and returned with some ice, which we used to cool Jen’s nips between sucking them (Jen really enjoyed this). As we worked on Jen, Mike slipped into Vicky, fucked her for a short time and then slipped into me. He went back and forth between us, his movements getting a bit more forceful and urgent and I was curious which one of us would make him cum. It turned out to be neither of us as he was trying to fulfil his earlier aim of cumming over us and when he got close to cumming, he knelt over Jen’s legs and stroked himself until he came, his cum splattering over Jen’s stomach, breasts (the bits that Vicky and I weren’t covering anyway) and our faces. Most of his cum landed on Jen and he squeezed out a couple of extra drops directly onto her pussy, but I rubbed a hand down her body and added a fair amount more to her cunt.

Now we had all cum, it seemed like a good time to break for food (it also seemed like it would be quite easy to start things up again, but we wanted a decent length of time for the ‘proper’ session later if we were going to do everything we had planned). I thought it would also give Vicky a chance to recover properly as we really had hoped to do a lot more with her (now we knew she was willing) and so we ordered some food. Mike took this opportunity to get Vicky to wear her new bra and panties and he thought that they looked quite sexy on her (which I reluctantly agree about as Jen often says how sexy underwear can be while my opinion is that no underwear is better).

Now we’re in our new house, we can’t have quite as much fun with the delivery people (we intend to be here for quite a while and it would be bad to get a ‘reputation’). I still made Jen answer the door and pay for the food while just wearing a towel, but it was long enough to cover her ass (just) and I didn’t tell her to let it ‘accidentally’ slip so she remained covered. While I helped Jen put the food out, Mike pulled Vicky’s panties down just enough to reveal her pussy and he slipped his cock into her. He used long slow strokes and fondled her breasts through her bra until the food was served and told her that they would continue once we’d eaten. During dinner we chatted about random things, but as we neared the end we started to look through some of the videos from our collection (Vicky was impressed with the amount we had) and we let her choose what to watch. She picked a number of different things, solo girls, lesbians, guy-girl, group (party) sex, cumshots… and then we looked through some pictures. She saw various ones of Mike, Jen and me and Mike fondled her as we watched them.

After a close up of Jen’s pussy, Jen said that it was only fair that we got to see Vicky in detail. We had all eaten her by this point, so were fairly familiar with her cunt, but it is quite different eating someone and actually taking the time to examine her closely. Vicky thought this was embarrassing but Mike put a close up of my pussy on screen and said that she had now seen both Jen’s and my cunt, so it seemed fair to him. Vicky relented and pulled her legs up onto the sofa so her feet were either side of her and Mike took his chopsticks and spread her lips. Jen and I knelt in front of her and spread her lips further, closely examining her and playing with her outer lips. It would have been a waste to not taste her, so we each ate her. We needed a bit of time to let our dinner settle before doing anything too strenuous (we’ve made that mistake before) so I let Jen carry on gently eating Vicky while Mike and I watched. I got Jen to kneel on all fours and used chopsticks to spread her pussy – I didn’t really need to look at this as I’m more than familiar with her cute little cunt, but Mike enjoyed the view and he mimed sliding his cock into her a couple of times and taking her cherry.

Vicky was clearly getting aroused by Jen’s licking so Mike and I decided to help out and sat on either side of her so we could kiss her and play with her breasts. I went to fetch some tingle gel and added it to Vicky’s nipples. As Vicky got closer to cumming, Mike and I helped to spread her pussy so Jen could get her tongue deep into her and have unrestricted access to her clit. I thought that she had come far enough so as she came, I whispered in her ear how I was going to eat her next and Mike would then fuck her. She once again told us that we would end up breaking her if we kept going, but she didn’t say no so once she had finished cumming, we all moved into the bedroom.

I briefly went down on Jen as she wouldn’t be involved in the next bit and I didn’t want her to feel left out (although as she’d just got to eat Vicky, she wasn’t too bothered). As soon as Vicky was ready, I told her that we would let her watch Mike fuck me from a unique viewpoint and I once again climbed over her face. I knelt over her in a 69 position and Mike knelt behind me. He pushed into me and as he fucked me, I lowered my face to Vicky’s cunt and started to eat her. She really liked watching Mike’s cock slide in and out of me and a couple of times he pulled out and let her suck the head. We tried to 69 properly so she could lick us both, but we’ve always found it difficult to 69 while fucking as whoever is on the bottom gets hit in the face by the guy’s balls, so I ended up kneeling up again. Vicky did at least help by playing with my clit while Mike fucked me hard but as we got closer to cumming, he pulled out and let Vicky and me 69 properly. I felt her tongue push hard into my cunt again so I pulled her lips apart and did the same to her. I didn’t intend to be a cruel this time and wait until I’d cum so I just licked harder and faster, concentrating more on her clit until I felt her shudder underneath me. She did a pretty good job of continuing to lick me while she came and in return I ate her even harder until she cried out that it was too much. I immediately slowed my licking and moved my tongue away from her clit and just kitty kissed her until she got me off.

I rolled off her and had a quick lick at Jen’s pussy before turning round so I could kiss her properly and let her taste Vicky from my face. Meanwhile, Mike reminded Vicky that it was now his turn and he mounted her. He easily slipped into her and started moving in and out and then told her that she had another cunt to eat. Jen climbed over Vicky’s face and rubbed herself back and forth until Vicky started to eat her again. Mike rested his head on Jen’s leg so he could watch her being eaten (although he couldn’t really see much) and he carried on fucking Vicky. As much as he liked having his face so close so Jen’s cunt, he couldn’t move very well in this position so he ended up sitting up and lifting Vicky’s legs up so he could fuck her properly. I know Mike enjoys this position as he says it feels quite deep and I helped things out by running a vibe over her clit and mons. Mike wasn’t quite as kind to Vicky as I’d been and he teased her for a while until Jen had cum. He gave her a pretty good fucking and with my help (via the vibe) he gave her another orgasm before pumping away even harder and coming inside her.

Jen climbed off Vicky’s face and Mike lay on top of Vicky (still inside her) so he could kiss her and taste Jen. In return for this, Jen wanted to kitty kiss Vicky (again) and taste her with Mike’s cum in her. Vicky was a little worried that Jen as going to try and make her cum again but we assured her that she would have time to recover before we started again (and Mike needed some time for what we had planned next). Vicky couldn’t believe that we wanted to do more but Mike told her that we had promised she would cum as much as she possibly could and that we intended to do our best to keep that promise.

We gently toyed with each other while we rested and once Jen had finished kitty kissing Vicky, I took over and spent a while exploring her pussy with my tongue. Despite having seen me play with multiple girls (as well as other random girl-girl action), Mike is still turned on by it and thought that it was time to have a bit more fun. He got Vicky to roll over onto her side and told her that it was time to experiment with some more two on one action. He slid his cock into her and reached around to fondle her breasts while I lifted her leg out of the way and licked up and down her cunt and along Mike’s cock. Technically this was no different than what we had done earlier, but this time we were starting before Vicky was too horny to care so she could experience it properly. Mike kept asking her if she liked the feeling of his cock buried in her cunt at the same time my tongue lashed her clit and she said that it felt really good.

This wasn’t to be a straight fuck though and after a few minutes it was time to change round. Mike pulled out of Vicky and moved round behind me. He asked Vicky if she would try licking us and she hesitated a little but then slid down and I felt her tongue press against me. Mike slowly but steadily fucked me, pushing deep into me and then pulling almost the whole way out and Vicky lapped away at us both. It certainly felt good and this was helped by Mike whispering in my ear and asking how much I enjoyed having my friend eating my cunt. Mike told Vicky that if she made me cum, she would get a nice reward. Vicky murmured a reply to this but we didn’t hear it (I assume it was sarcastic). She carried on licking and I felt my orgasm gradually building. Mike kept moving inside me, using slow(ish), careful and deep strokes and encouraging me to cum. I pushed Vicky’s head against my cunt as I got closer and she licked a bit harder until I grunted and had another pretty good orgasm. It wasn’t anywhere near as sharp as the one I’d had earlier so I could endure it for longer, and Mike kept moving in me until I had finished cumming and Vicky pulled away.

Jen kissed Vicky and told her that it was now their turn to cum. Jen moved to the head of the bed and lay with her legs spread and got Vicky to kneel on all fours to eat her. I helped out by getting Jen to raise her ass and pushing a couple of pillows under it. Mike knelt behind Vicky and slid his cock into her and used the same long strokes he’d been using on me (but a bit faster as it was easier for him to move). He told Vicky that she could cum again, along with Jen and he enjoyed fucking her hard, knowing that each time he pushed into her, Vicky’s face was pressed against Jen’s cunt (again, this is his surrogate fucking of Jen). He gave her cunt a good reaming and then pulled out and lay on his back under her. He pulled her down to his face and started to eat her, clearly enjoying himself immensely. If the bed had been longer, I would have mounted his cock and we could have fucked in a long chain, but his ass was already at the edge and I didn’t really want to break him. I changed position a few times to watch what was going on but I got a much better view of Mike eating Vicky than I did of Vicky eating Jen. It was Jen who won (came first) and I told Vicky to keep going and kitty kiss Jen. Mike carried on eating Vicky until she came and she rolled onto her side and said that she couldn’t take much more.

We had no intention of letter her escape that easily, but we gave her another breather before we carried on. It was now time for us to use some toys and Jen pulled out one of our short double ended vibes and rubbed some of the tingle gel over it (even with all this fun, we can only produce so much lubrication in a given time). This time it was Jen’s turn to fuck Vicky and she pushed one end of the dildo into Vicky and then mounted the other end. Jen pushed down on the dildo until their cunts met and then humped up and down, rubbing herself against Vicky’s cunt. I find this to be one of the sexiest sights there is, two pussies smushed together, both within reach of a single lick. It would have been unfair to expect me to resist this so I lowered my mouth and lapped away at them both. Once I’d had my fill, I moved back and allowed them to hump against each other. Mike sat beside Vicky and told her to fuck Jen and I helped Jen move as she thrust herself against Vicky. We decided to try and get them to cum together and Vicky agreed to tell us how close she was. I helped out by rubbing the clit of whoever we thought was lagging behind and it wasn’t too long before they both said that they were getting pretty close.

Now I know how to read Jen’s orgasmic build up well, but Vicky was still an unknown to me so I had to rely on Mike’s advice (as well of course as what Vicky told us). I got Jen as close to cumming as I could and waited until Vicky was about to burst before telling them to go for it. They both pumped against each other and I did the best I could to give some clitoral stimulation (not easy when the clit is rapidly moving). They may not have cum at the same time, but there was definitely a point that they were both cumming. I loved seeing both their faces contort with the ecstasy of orgasm at the same time and as it passed, Jen just pressed herself hard against Vicky and stayed there. I had another lick of them both (but a lot more gently) and then helped Jen disengage herself from Vicky.

Mike was going to fuck Vicky again, but she really had been pushed as far as she could go and said that she couldn’t take any more. To be fair, she had done pretty well and cum a fair number of times in a relatively short period, but we had been hoping to really push her to her limit. We did at least manage to convince her to let Jen have a gentle play with her breasts and Mike lay on the other side of her and slowly caressed her body. I convinced Jen to leave Vicky and join me for a final 69 session while Mike gently spooned with Vicky. He didn’t do anything too strenuous with her as she said she felt quite tender, but he concentrated on how her cunt felt (and watching Jen and me apparently helped) until he told her that he could cum again. Vicky said that he could as long as he carried on being gentle and he did as asked. The only difference was that just before he came, he pushed as far into her as he could so his cum (whatever he had left) would end up right inside her. He had hoped to spoon with her as we went to sleep, but ended up going soft. The bed wasn’t really big enough for four of us, but I wanted for us to all spend the night together. Mike spooned behind Vicky, I went behind Jen and we slowly drifted off to sleep (faster in some cases than others).