Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Another visit from Vicky - Part 1

Mid June – Mike had convinced Vick to come and visit us again. He had been ‘working’ on her over the phone and they’d had phone sex a number of times (occasionally while he was having actual sex with me) and Vicky knew that he wanted her to try things with Jen and me. We weren’t yet sure if she would actually do anything, but we felt that the fact she was coming to visit - knowing what we wanted and knowing that we knew she knew what we wanted – bode well. Naturally Jen came up to visit as well (there was no way she was going to pass up an opportunity to sample Vicky’s breasts) and she arrived early on the Friday while Mike and I were still at work. In a way, this was somewhat inconvenient as Jen hadn’t seen the new house yet and we’d wanted to keep it as a surprise for after our ceremony and she came to live with us, but this was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Jen met me at work and I left a little bit early with her. Meanwhile, Mike had gone to meet Vicky at the airport and brought her home. Things seemed even more awkward this time than during her previous visit, but I guess she knew that we were hoping for more than just having Mike fuck her this time. We didn’t try to rush anything though (as much as I wanted a chance to fuck Vicky, she was still also my friend so I wanted her to initiate things). We had dinner and chatted, then got changed (not into anything too special, just something more suitable to go out in) and went for a drink. Mike discreetly fondled Vicky while Jen and I played with each other a bit – we couldn’t do too much as the place was quite busy and we couldn’t find any privacy, but it was a fun couple of hours chatting and fooling around.

Jen was really hopeful that things had progressed far enough, but when we arrived back home, Mike and Vicky went into the main bedroom and Jen and I were relegated to the spare room. We inaugurated the bed and made use of a couple of our toys, ensuring that we were loud enough that Mike and Vicky would be able to hear us (both bedroom doors were open enough to carry the noise). Meanwhile, Mike and Vicky had been having their own fun – starting off with kissing and fondling while they undressed, then 69ing and finally fucking. Mike had eaten Vicky to orgasm but had held back from cumming until he was inside her. He said that although his orgasm felt good, he didn’t feel that sensitive afterwards (unlike he usually would) and carried on fucking her in what turned into quite a messy session (she went on top and he basically fucked quite a bit of his cum out of her). Fortunately, Vicky was kind enough to give him another good sucking afterwards so she at least cleaned his cock and balls and Mike ate her clean again.

Jen and I prepared breakfast in the morning and waited until we could hear that they were well on the way to cumming before entering the bedroom. At first, Vicky stopped moving, but Mike carried on rubbing her clit and encouraged her to keep going. We’ve seen her naked and cumming before so her passion got the better of her and Mike fucked and rubbed her to orgasm. He didn’t cum in her this time, but pulled out and allowed me to suck his cock clean before he pushed back into Vicky and pulled out to let me suck him clean again. Vicky was aware that I was doing this just to taste her juices, but just to make the point, Mike pumped a couple of fingers in and out of her before offering them to Jen for her to have a taste. I was still unsure as to what (if anything) was going to happen, but Mike pushed things ahead by moving around behind me and pushing his cock deep into my cunt (I was quite wet from playing with Jen earlier and then watching Vicky being fucked). I lifted my upper leg to give a better view and enjoyed having Mike slide in and out of me for a couple of minutes before he pulled out and asked Vicky if she would clean him off.

This was the first real test – she has tasted my juices off his cock before, but not quite so blatantly. She paused a little but then took the head into her mouth, quickly followed by a decent length of his shaft. She cleaned him off and Mike rolled over onto his back and asked Jen if she wanted a turn. She knew what he meant (as we had planned things) and sat over him, lowering herself so her cunt pressed against his cock and rubbing back and forth against him. Mike would have quite happily let her carry on doing this until they’d both cum (it’s the closest he gets to fucking her), but Jen wanted to see Vicky lick Mick clean of her juices so she climbed off and Mike asked Vicky if she wanted another taste. There was less hesitation this time and she licked up and down the length of his cock. Mike pulled her over him and started to eat her.

We’d guessed that we could go at least as far as we had done the previous time and Mike ended up spooning behind Vicky while Jen suckled on her breasts. Vicky certainly seemed to be enjoying herself and Mike suggested that she could return the favour and play with Jen’s breasts. Vicky agreed to this and Jen quickly moved up the bed so she could offer her nips to Vicky’s mouth. Jen pressed her body against Vicky’s, squishing Vicky’s breasts against her lower stomach. Mike carried on gently fucking and stroking Vicky and then asked her if she was ready to feel something more. I was sitting almost at their feet, reaching up to fondle Jen’s pussy and ass and Mike indicated that it was time for me to move up. I let him take my hand and guide it to Vicky’s pussy (so we could blame him if she decided she didn’t want me doing that) and I took over stroking her lips around his cock and her clit.

Vicky didn’t flinch and I was getting impatient so I moved to the next stage much earlier than planned. I lay down and lifted Vicky’s leg back over Mike’s, then pushed my face between her legs and licked her clit. Mike had seen what I was doing and he whispered into Vicky’s ear how he was going to fuck her while I lapped at her clit and she suckled on Jen’s hard nips. Vicky was either lost in lust or had decided that she wanted to go along with things as she spread her legs slightly further. I took this as an invitation to proceed and licked her harder and faster. I would have loved to get my tongue inside her, but Mike’s cock was in the way and was at least doing a good job of bringing fresh Vicky juice out of her. I could hear that Mike was talking dirty to Vicky, but I concentrated on doing whatever I could to help bring her off. Jen was meant to have been working on Vicky’s breasts, but she was clearly enjoying having Vicky sucking her nips to stick to the original plan. It didn’t seem to matter too much though as between Mike’s fucking and my licking (mostly me I think as Mike wasn’t moving too much), Vicky came.

She rolled away from Jen and lay panting with Mike’s cock still buried in her. She half covered her face but then lowered her hands and said that it had felt good. I told her that was sort of the idea, but we could always try harder – and pointed out that Jen wanted a go at some point. Vicky said that she needed a bit of a rest first, but Mike had reached his limit and said that he needed to cum. He had planned to wait until Jen or I was eating Vicky properly and cum over both of us (or all three of us, depending on what position we were in) but he carried on pumping into Vicky and she told him to cum in her (which he did). This at least meant that we got to see the nice view of his cum oozing out of her pussy after he’d pulled out, but also meant that if Jen was going to get a chance to eat Vicky, she would taste Mike. Now Jen actually quite likes Mike’s flavouring in me from time to time, but she really wanted to taste Vicky’s unpolluted cunt so she was happy to wait for a while.

Jen went back to playing with Vicky’s breasts and I gently fondled Jen’s pussy. I reached over a couple of times and stroked Vicky’s pussy, but it seemed like she still wasn’t entirely ready for us to play openly (which is why I think that the reason she proceeded earlier was due to lust). She liked Jen sucking on the ladies though and allowed her to do this for a fair while until it was really time to get up if we were going to do anything else that day (not that I would have objected to a whole day in bed playing with each other).

Mike suggested to Vicky that she shower with Jen, and pointed out that Jen was quite accomplished with the shower (we’d brought our pulse shower head from my flat with us and one of the criteria when looking for the house was good water pressure). Vicky knew what he was getting at (it was quite obvious and she is quite bright) and agreed. They headed off into the bathroom together and Mike quickly went down on me when I told him I hadn’t cum yet that day. I came fairly quickly and he half fucked me, but we then stopped so we could go and listen in on what was happening in the bathroom.

Jen and Vicky had started off gently enough, washing each other’s bodies and when she got to Vicky’s pussy, Jen slipped a couple of fingers into her and worked them around inside (just to help clean out Mike’s cum). Jen brought the shower into play and made sure that Vick’s pussy was completely clean (both inside and out) before she handed the shower back up to Vicky and pushed her face into Vicky’s crotch. A wet shower isn’t really the best place to surprise someone like this and Vicky nearly slipped and fell over, but Jen helped to steady her and ended up pulling one of Vicky’s legs over her shoulder so she could eat her properly. At first Jen couldn’t taste too much, but as she got stuck in properly (and Jen’s tongue is good at reaching fairly far into a pussy), she began to taste Vicky’s juices. Jen had intended to tease Vicky and take her time, but ended up just eating her straight to orgasm (which still took a little time – she might be good, but she’s not good enough to go from zero to orgasm in a matter of seconds!).

Jen stood and kissed Vicky and Vicky told her that she had really enjoyed that, but she needed to get out of the shower and sit down to recover. Jen was a bit disappointed as she had hoped Vicky would eat/finger/anything her back so she could cum, but they got out, dried off and returned to the main bedroom together. Mike and I had scampered back into the bedroom when we heard the shower go off (so Vicky wouldn’t know we’d been listening in) and as much as I wanted to stay and join in any further action, I thought it was only fair to let Jen carry on so Mike and I went to shower together. As we’d both cum only a short while ago, we didn’t do too much, although Mike did use the shower on my pussy for a short time and then used his fingers on my clit as he rubbed his cock between my ass cheeks.

Jen and Vicky chatted while we showered and Vicky described how it felt a little strange to be doing things with people who had just been friends, but as they talked, Jen gently stroked and kissed Vicky’s breasts and then ended up on top of her so she could get a leg between Vicky’s legs and grind against her. Jen asked if Vicky could help her to cum and offered to 69 but Vicky said that she needed a break and wasn’t ready to cum again. She carried on to say that even though she didn’t want to cum, she would happily go down on Jen if she wanted. Jen did want – and she quickly climbed off Vicky and asked if she should lie on the bed or sit over her. Vicky let Jen choose and she decided to go on top so she climbed up beside Vicky’s head, straddled her face and lowered her pussy to Vicky’s mouth. Vicky didn’t waste any time and pushed her tongue into Jen, delving between the folds of her pussy. Jen sat almost upright and played with her nips, pulling and tweaking them as Vicky ate her. It didn’t take long for Jen to cum, mostly as this was her first orgasm of the day and she had spent the previous few hours being quite aroused. Jen had a fairly vocal orgasm and Mike and I wandered in to watch the tail end of it (she had finished cumming by the time we arrived, but she was still flushed and gently mewing).

Jen gave us a big smile and carried on gently humping Vicky’s face for a while before climbing off. Vicky got a bit of a start when she realised that we had been watching her and blushed but Mike lay beside her and told her that it had been an incredibly sexy sight and that he was jealous that she had got to make Jen cum like that (Vicky knows that Mike isn’t allowed to eat or fuck Jen). He kissed her face, cleaning a little of Jen’s juices off it and rubbed his cock against her leg. He asked if she wanted to have some more fun and she smiled but said that she couldn’t take any more straight away. Mike told her that it was okay, but that she would be made to cum much more later on so she should start to prepare herself. Vicky told us that we would end up being the death of her if we carried on like that, but I pointed out that I couldn’t think of a better way to die and she didn’t have a response.

We got ready and headed out into town. Mike had convinced Vicky to go without panties on and the girls all had fairly short skirts on (not indecently so). Vicky’s skirt was tighter than Jen’s and mine, but this didn’t stop Mike from getting a hand underneath her as she sat down on the bus and rubbing around her pussy through the journey. He didn’t get her anywhere near cumming, but did at least get his fingers wet with her juices and he had to strategically hold his jacket over his crotch as we left the bus to hide the bulge. We spent a fair amount of the time in town doing low-level teasing whenever we got the opportunity. The best part was when Mike kindly offered to buy Vicky a sexy new set of underwear (as I’ve said before, Vicky is quite proud of her breasts, so she liked this idea). She hadn’t realised that Jen and I would be ‘helping’ her to try on the various bras and even though the assistant may have thought it a little strange, she didn’t stop the three of us going in to the changing room together.

Jen and I did actually help with the first couple of bras, but as Vicky went through the selection, our checking that the bras fitted became more of an excuse to caress her breasts. Jen and I ended up each sucking on Vicky’s nipples as she held our heads in place. We knew we didn’t have much time and things quickly progressed to rubbing her pussy and wiping her juices over her nipples so we could then lick them clean. At one point both Jen and I went for Vicky’s pussy at the same time and we ended up both fingering her. We didn’t make her cum, but I don’t think it would have been difficult for us to do so if we’d tried.

Mike could see that Vicky looked flushed when she emerged from the changing room – we had tried to convince her to wander out just wearing her chosen bra (and skirt) to show Mike, but she felt that her nipples were far too prominent (and she isn’t anywhere near as much of an exhibitionist as I am – despite her leanings in that direction). I presented Mike with the set of underwear and he purchased them for her and told her that he wanted a private viewing of them later, which she agreed to. For the remainder of the afternoon (coffee, more shopping and general wandering) Mike kept whispering to Vicky about how many times she would be made to cum when we got home. I think at least one person saw him sliding his hand up under her skirt (which is why flippy skirts are better), but we didn’t tell Vicky that someone had seen her being caressed.

The bus was busier on the way home and we ended up standing. Mike liked this as it meant he could press against Vicky’s ass and just rock back and forth with the motion of the bus. Vicky pressed back against him and he once again had to hide his bulge as we exited the bus. Once we were indoors, there was no longer any need to hold back and we all agreed that we should have at least one round of fun before we worried about getting food. Jen and I quickly undressed and we followed Mike and Vicky into the bedroom. Vicky was a little passive, but she seemed quite happy when Mike pulled her legs apart and started to eat her. I was desperate to get some action (I’d cum far less than usual for a weekend – especially a ‘special’ one where I’d hoped to have lots of fun) and I told Jen that it was time to start working on Vicky a bit more seriously.


  1. Mike isn't allowed to lick Jen? That's weird. I say that because there are a lot more serious things that he DOES do then lick...

    1. He's not allowed to lick her or have his cock inside her cunt. I know the licking thing might seem strange, but Jen knows that this is (almost) as good as actual intercourse for him (he really enjoys eating pussy) and she thinks it would be too far to go at the present time. He still enjoys having her hump against him and squirting his cum over her body/face/pussy so it's not as if he's that hard done by (and he always has a willing cunt to fuck - me).