Friday, 14 September 2012

Another visit from Vicky - Part 2

Jen climbed onto the bed with Vicky between us and we removed her top and bra (with a bit of effort as she was lying down). Mike carried on eating Vicky and Jen and I once again took a breast each. This time, she wasn’t allowed a straight orgasm and between us we teased her for a fair time. I left Jen to take care of Vicky’s breasts and joined Mike between her legs. We took turns eating her and I reached over to fondle Jen – not really that effectively as I was concentrating on Vicky, but enough that Jen didn’t feel neglected. Likewise, Mike reached back and slipped a hand between my ass cheeks and onto my pussy. I would have happily let him roll on top of me and fuck me while I ate Vicky, but I also really wanted her to eat me. I moved back up to help Jen work on Vicky’s breasts and we got her close to cumming a number of times.

Mike alternated between fucking Vicky and eating her. I know how cruel it can be to do this to someone so decided it was time to let her cum – although there would be a price attached to her orgasm. I told Jen to go and help Mike out and she crawled down between Vicky’s legs to where I’d been a short time before. I asked Vicky if she wanted to cum and she panted that she did and I told her that I did as well. I don’t think she realised what I meant at first, but she presumably got the idea when I straddled her face and presented her with my pussy. This was something I’d been imagining for a while – at least since I’d found out about Lis and Vicky and more so since Mike had started playing with Vicky. I still wasn’t entirely sure what her response would be, I knew she’d eaten Jen already, but I had known Vicky for years so I was aware that it might be very different. She didn’t stop me as I moved my pussy closer to her face and I felt her hands come up, meet my body and pull me to her. I felt really relieved as she started to lick me (she wasn’t the only one desperate to cum – even though I hadn’t been subjected to the teasing that she had, I still felt incredibly turned on).

I soon got used to Vicky’s style of cunnilingus – fairly firm strokes, often inside the pussy, but also paying attention to my clit. I had a good view of Mike and Jen sharing Vicky’s cunt and reached forwards to hold on to her legs, pulling them up and apart to make their job easier. It looked like they were still teasing Vicky and a couple of times they both licked at her together (you don’t get anywhere near as much contact or pressure, but it still feels nice having two tongues on your pussy at the same time). I told them not to let her cum until I came (a bit mean I know, but I didn’t want her to stop) and I think Vicky heard this as she started to lick me harder and faster. I leant forwards a bit to make it easier for her to reach my clit and moaned about how good her tongue felt in and on me. She didn’t seem to need to be told, but I encouraged her to keep eating me and said how close I was getting to cumming. My orgasm was quite sharp and I had to tell her to back off but to keep licking me gently.

Mike and Jen had taken it in turns to eat Vicky and as I came I saw Mike push his face harder onto Vicky’s cunt and furiously eat her. I assumed he was just going to make her cum, but he was enough of a gentleman (if that phrase can be used in these circumstances) to switch with Jen and let her finish Vicky off. Apparently Vicky had quite a strong orgasm as she stopped licking me and was quite vocal. I crawled down the bed slightly and humped against her breasts. Jen carried on eating her and I could feel Vicky writhing around underneath me. Only when she panted for Jen to stop did Jen ease off and start to kitty kiss her and I felt Vicky relax. Mike was kneeling over Jen, gently rubbing his cock between Jen’s ass cheeks, but when I climbed off Vicky, he joined me beside her and we took turns kissing her and gently fondling her breasts while Jen carried on kitty kissing her.

Mike told Vicky that she had lots more cumming to do but Vicky looked quite out of breath. He quietly asked her how she had liked eating my pussy while he and Jen had been eating hers and she said that she couldn’t really believe what we were all doing, but added that she quite enjoyed it and might be willing to do it again ‘if we forced her’. I acted all innocent and said that we would never force her to do anything, so she could just sit and watch while the rest of us played for the remainder of the evening and she relented and said that she might want to join in again after a while.

Neither Jen nor Mike had cum yet (Mike had a reason due to his maleness and associated limited capacity to cum), but I felt that Jen should get started so I pulled out our stick on dildo and attached it to the window. I knew (having measured already) the appropriate height for it and I quickly rubbed some tingle gel onto the dildo before telling Jen to use it and put on a good show for us to get Vicky back in the mood. Jen stood up, positioned herself and eased herself back onto the dildo, then started to hump back and forth. Vicky asked what would happen if someone saw and I told her that was part of the attraction. I handed Jen a vibrating egg for her to use on her clit and then decided that I may as well take the opportunity to show her off properly. I added some tingle gel to her nipples and then attached her vibrating nipple clamps. I whispered in Jen’s ear that she had to cum as hard as she could and reached around to stroke her ass (just to help out). My fingers were still slippery with the tingle gel so I rubbed some over her ass and gently pressed my finger against it so the tip just entered.

Vicky couldn’t see exactly what I was doing, although she could see where my hand was (and as I’ve said, she isn’t stupid). Jen seemed to be surprisingly embarrassed (or at least she was quite flushed) but she nonetheless put on a fairly good show for us and humped against the dildo while using the vibe on her clit. I told her to keep us all informed as to how close she was to cumming and what she could feel and she did an admirable job. She even described my finger pressing into her ass a couple of times and then mewed her way through her orgasm. I helped her back onto the bed and carefully removed her nipple clamps to reveal her very hard and very pink nipples. I asked Vicky to help me kiss them better and she agreed more readily than I had expected. Mike disappeared and returned with some ice, which we used to cool Jen’s nips between sucking them (Jen really enjoyed this). As we worked on Jen, Mike slipped into Vicky, fucked her for a short time and then slipped into me. He went back and forth between us, his movements getting a bit more forceful and urgent and I was curious which one of us would make him cum. It turned out to be neither of us as he was trying to fulfil his earlier aim of cumming over us and when he got close to cumming, he knelt over Jen’s legs and stroked himself until he came, his cum splattering over Jen’s stomach, breasts (the bits that Vicky and I weren’t covering anyway) and our faces. Most of his cum landed on Jen and he squeezed out a couple of extra drops directly onto her pussy, but I rubbed a hand down her body and added a fair amount more to her cunt.

Now we had all cum, it seemed like a good time to break for food (it also seemed like it would be quite easy to start things up again, but we wanted a decent length of time for the ‘proper’ session later if we were going to do everything we had planned). I thought it would also give Vicky a chance to recover properly as we really had hoped to do a lot more with her (now we knew she was willing) and so we ordered some food. Mike took this opportunity to get Vicky to wear her new bra and panties and he thought that they looked quite sexy on her (which I reluctantly agree about as Jen often says how sexy underwear can be while my opinion is that no underwear is better).

Now we’re in our new house, we can’t have quite as much fun with the delivery people (we intend to be here for quite a while and it would be bad to get a ‘reputation’). I still made Jen answer the door and pay for the food while just wearing a towel, but it was long enough to cover her ass (just) and I didn’t tell her to let it ‘accidentally’ slip so she remained covered. While I helped Jen put the food out, Mike pulled Vicky’s panties down just enough to reveal her pussy and he slipped his cock into her. He used long slow strokes and fondled her breasts through her bra until the food was served and told her that they would continue once we’d eaten. During dinner we chatted about random things, but as we neared the end we started to look through some of the videos from our collection (Vicky was impressed with the amount we had) and we let her choose what to watch. She picked a number of different things, solo girls, lesbians, guy-girl, group (party) sex, cumshots… and then we looked through some pictures. She saw various ones of Mike, Jen and me and Mike fondled her as we watched them.

After a close up of Jen’s pussy, Jen said that it was only fair that we got to see Vicky in detail. We had all eaten her by this point, so were fairly familiar with her cunt, but it is quite different eating someone and actually taking the time to examine her closely. Vicky thought this was embarrassing but Mike put a close up of my pussy on screen and said that she had now seen both Jen’s and my cunt, so it seemed fair to him. Vicky relented and pulled her legs up onto the sofa so her feet were either side of her and Mike took his chopsticks and spread her lips. Jen and I knelt in front of her and spread her lips further, closely examining her and playing with her outer lips. It would have been a waste to not taste her, so we each ate her. We needed a bit of time to let our dinner settle before doing anything too strenuous (we’ve made that mistake before) so I let Jen carry on gently eating Vicky while Mike and I watched. I got Jen to kneel on all fours and used chopsticks to spread her pussy – I didn’t really need to look at this as I’m more than familiar with her cute little cunt, but Mike enjoyed the view and he mimed sliding his cock into her a couple of times and taking her cherry.

Vicky was clearly getting aroused by Jen’s licking so Mike and I decided to help out and sat on either side of her so we could kiss her and play with her breasts. I went to fetch some tingle gel and added it to Vicky’s nipples. As Vicky got closer to cumming, Mike and I helped to spread her pussy so Jen could get her tongue deep into her and have unrestricted access to her clit. I thought that she had come far enough so as she came, I whispered in her ear how I was going to eat her next and Mike would then fuck her. She once again told us that we would end up breaking her if we kept going, but she didn’t say no so once she had finished cumming, we all moved into the bedroom.

I briefly went down on Jen as she wouldn’t be involved in the next bit and I didn’t want her to feel left out (although as she’d just got to eat Vicky, she wasn’t too bothered). As soon as Vicky was ready, I told her that we would let her watch Mike fuck me from a unique viewpoint and I once again climbed over her face. I knelt over her in a 69 position and Mike knelt behind me. He pushed into me and as he fucked me, I lowered my face to Vicky’s cunt and started to eat her. She really liked watching Mike’s cock slide in and out of me and a couple of times he pulled out and let her suck the head. We tried to 69 properly so she could lick us both, but we’ve always found it difficult to 69 while fucking as whoever is on the bottom gets hit in the face by the guy’s balls, so I ended up kneeling up again. Vicky did at least help by playing with my clit while Mike fucked me hard but as we got closer to cumming, he pulled out and let Vicky and me 69 properly. I felt her tongue push hard into my cunt again so I pulled her lips apart and did the same to her. I didn’t intend to be a cruel this time and wait until I’d cum so I just licked harder and faster, concentrating more on her clit until I felt her shudder underneath me. She did a pretty good job of continuing to lick me while she came and in return I ate her even harder until she cried out that it was too much. I immediately slowed my licking and moved my tongue away from her clit and just kitty kissed her until she got me off.

I rolled off her and had a quick lick at Jen’s pussy before turning round so I could kiss her properly and let her taste Vicky from my face. Meanwhile, Mike reminded Vicky that it was now his turn and he mounted her. He easily slipped into her and started moving in and out and then told her that she had another cunt to eat. Jen climbed over Vicky’s face and rubbed herself back and forth until Vicky started to eat her again. Mike rested his head on Jen’s leg so he could watch her being eaten (although he couldn’t really see much) and he carried on fucking Vicky. As much as he liked having his face so close so Jen’s cunt, he couldn’t move very well in this position so he ended up sitting up and lifting Vicky’s legs up so he could fuck her properly. I know Mike enjoys this position as he says it feels quite deep and I helped things out by running a vibe over her clit and mons. Mike wasn’t quite as kind to Vicky as I’d been and he teased her for a while until Jen had cum. He gave her a pretty good fucking and with my help (via the vibe) he gave her another orgasm before pumping away even harder and coming inside her.

Jen climbed off Vicky’s face and Mike lay on top of Vicky (still inside her) so he could kiss her and taste Jen. In return for this, Jen wanted to kitty kiss Vicky (again) and taste her with Mike’s cum in her. Vicky was a little worried that Jen as going to try and make her cum again but we assured her that she would have time to recover before we started again (and Mike needed some time for what we had planned next). Vicky couldn’t believe that we wanted to do more but Mike told her that we had promised she would cum as much as she possibly could and that we intended to do our best to keep that promise.

We gently toyed with each other while we rested and once Jen had finished kitty kissing Vicky, I took over and spent a while exploring her pussy with my tongue. Despite having seen me play with multiple girls (as well as other random girl-girl action), Mike is still turned on by it and thought that it was time to have a bit more fun. He got Vicky to roll over onto her side and told her that it was time to experiment with some more two on one action. He slid his cock into her and reached around to fondle her breasts while I lifted her leg out of the way and licked up and down her cunt and along Mike’s cock. Technically this was no different than what we had done earlier, but this time we were starting before Vicky was too horny to care so she could experience it properly. Mike kept asking her if she liked the feeling of his cock buried in her cunt at the same time my tongue lashed her clit and she said that it felt really good.

This wasn’t to be a straight fuck though and after a few minutes it was time to change round. Mike pulled out of Vicky and moved round behind me. He asked Vicky if she would try licking us and she hesitated a little but then slid down and I felt her tongue press against me. Mike slowly but steadily fucked me, pushing deep into me and then pulling almost the whole way out and Vicky lapped away at us both. It certainly felt good and this was helped by Mike whispering in my ear and asking how much I enjoyed having my friend eating my cunt. Mike told Vicky that if she made me cum, she would get a nice reward. Vicky murmured a reply to this but we didn’t hear it (I assume it was sarcastic). She carried on licking and I felt my orgasm gradually building. Mike kept moving inside me, using slow(ish), careful and deep strokes and encouraging me to cum. I pushed Vicky’s head against my cunt as I got closer and she licked a bit harder until I grunted and had another pretty good orgasm. It wasn’t anywhere near as sharp as the one I’d had earlier so I could endure it for longer, and Mike kept moving in me until I had finished cumming and Vicky pulled away.

Jen kissed Vicky and told her that it was now their turn to cum. Jen moved to the head of the bed and lay with her legs spread and got Vicky to kneel on all fours to eat her. I helped out by getting Jen to raise her ass and pushing a couple of pillows under it. Mike knelt behind Vicky and slid his cock into her and used the same long strokes he’d been using on me (but a bit faster as it was easier for him to move). He told Vicky that she could cum again, along with Jen and he enjoyed fucking her hard, knowing that each time he pushed into her, Vicky’s face was pressed against Jen’s cunt (again, this is his surrogate fucking of Jen). He gave her cunt a good reaming and then pulled out and lay on his back under her. He pulled her down to his face and started to eat her, clearly enjoying himself immensely. If the bed had been longer, I would have mounted his cock and we could have fucked in a long chain, but his ass was already at the edge and I didn’t really want to break him. I changed position a few times to watch what was going on but I got a much better view of Mike eating Vicky than I did of Vicky eating Jen. It was Jen who won (came first) and I told Vicky to keep going and kitty kiss Jen. Mike carried on eating Vicky until she came and she rolled onto her side and said that she couldn’t take much more.

We had no intention of letter her escape that easily, but we gave her another breather before we carried on. It was now time for us to use some toys and Jen pulled out one of our short double ended vibes and rubbed some of the tingle gel over it (even with all this fun, we can only produce so much lubrication in a given time). This time it was Jen’s turn to fuck Vicky and she pushed one end of the dildo into Vicky and then mounted the other end. Jen pushed down on the dildo until their cunts met and then humped up and down, rubbing herself against Vicky’s cunt. I find this to be one of the sexiest sights there is, two pussies smushed together, both within reach of a single lick. It would have been unfair to expect me to resist this so I lowered my mouth and lapped away at them both. Once I’d had my fill, I moved back and allowed them to hump against each other. Mike sat beside Vicky and told her to fuck Jen and I helped Jen move as she thrust herself against Vicky. We decided to try and get them to cum together and Vicky agreed to tell us how close she was. I helped out by rubbing the clit of whoever we thought was lagging behind and it wasn’t too long before they both said that they were getting pretty close.

Now I know how to read Jen’s orgasmic build up well, but Vicky was still an unknown to me so I had to rely on Mike’s advice (as well of course as what Vicky told us). I got Jen as close to cumming as I could and waited until Vicky was about to burst before telling them to go for it. They both pumped against each other and I did the best I could to give some clitoral stimulation (not easy when the clit is rapidly moving). They may not have cum at the same time, but there was definitely a point that they were both cumming. I loved seeing both their faces contort with the ecstasy of orgasm at the same time and as it passed, Jen just pressed herself hard against Vicky and stayed there. I had another lick of them both (but a lot more gently) and then helped Jen disengage herself from Vicky.

Mike was going to fuck Vicky again, but she really had been pushed as far as she could go and said that she couldn’t take any more. To be fair, she had done pretty well and cum a fair number of times in a relatively short period, but we had been hoping to really push her to her limit. We did at least manage to convince her to let Jen have a gentle play with her breasts and Mike lay on the other side of her and slowly caressed her body. I convinced Jen to leave Vicky and join me for a final 69 session while Mike gently spooned with Vicky. He didn’t do anything too strenuous with her as she said she felt quite tender, but he concentrated on how her cunt felt (and watching Jen and me apparently helped) until he told her that he could cum again. Vicky said that he could as long as he carried on being gentle and he did as asked. The only difference was that just before he came, he pushed as far into her as he could so his cum (whatever he had left) would end up right inside her. He had hoped to spoon with her as we went to sleep, but ended up going soft. The bed wasn’t really big enough for four of us, but I wanted for us to all spend the night together. Mike spooned behind Vicky, I went behind Jen and we slowly drifted off to sleep (faster in some cases than others).

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