Monday, 17 September 2012

Another visit from Vicky - Part 3

I'm quite tired as I'm on a course this week - I *might* even skip our usual evening session tonight (or just have some coffee to wake me up for it). Back to Vicky's visit...

I woke Jen up in the morning by fingering her from behind and she reached over to play with Vicky (causing her to wake with a start). Vicky needed to go and pee quite badly and we took the opportunity to all have a bathroom break and brush teeth before getting started for the day. Vicky wanted some privacy to pee but Jen had no problem with the rest of us being in the room with her (Vicky doesn’t know about Jen’s watersports fetish, but Jen wasn’t playing with herself, just using the toilet).

I thought I would be kind and let Jen have first go with Vicky. Jen knelt between her legs and used fingers, a vibe and her mouth on her (not all at the same time) and carried on until Vicky had cum. Mike and I had mostly just been watching them, but had played with each other a little so were ready for the next bit. Jen and I sat up against the headboard and Vicky had to kneel on all fours so Mike could fuck her from behind while she alternated between eating Jen and me. We had a couple of minutes of being licked before Vicky had to switch and Mike told her that she would get to cum as soon as both of us had cum. She took this quite well and worked quite hard on us both – sometimes even using a hand on the one she wasn’t eating. Jen came first (she was obviously really close by the end of one of her 2 minute sessions so I told Vicky to carry on and finish her off). As soon as Jen’s orgasm finished, I told Vicky to get me off and she moved over and resumed eating me. Mike was pumping into her quite hard and I could feel her being pushed against my pussy in time with his thrusts. I wasn’t too far from cumming and made sure that Mike knew this (although he’s seen me cum ‘a few’ times before, and it wasn’t difficult for him to read my expression. As soon as I came, he started playing with Vicky’s clit more seriously and once she’d cum, he pumped away inside her (quite forcefully) and emptied himself into her.

It had been a fairly intense start to the day so Mike and I went to make breakfast for our visitors (technically it wasn’t Jen’s home quite yet). When we returned, there was a damp patch by Vicky’s crotch where Mike’s cum had leaked out and I told Jen that she should have offered to clean her. Vicky said it was fine but Jen diligently lapped around Vicky’s cunt and removed most of the cum before we settled down to have breakfast. We chatted a bit more about what Vicky had been expecting from the weekend and she reiterated that she had known what we wanted to happen – or at least what Mike had wanted to happen (she hadn’t been entirely sure if it had been just his fantasy or if it was what Jen and I had also wanted). She had been amenable to experimenting a little and had intended to fool around with us, but only a little further than we’d done before and things had gone quite a way beyond her expectations. She wasn’t unhappy about this though and said that she was having fun.

With breakfast over, it was time to get things started again and Mike suggested that I share a dildo with Vicky. This time we used one of the long ones while allowed us to have an end each and be far enough apart for both Mike and Jen to lick us (one on each of us, then swapping over). This felt really good, but I also wanted to feel my cunt pressed up hard against Vicky’s so as we got closer to cumming we switched over to the shorted double ended dildo and scissored with each other. The only downside of this was that Mike and Jen then had to take turns licking us, but they both agreed that eating (or at least licking) two pussies at once was definitely better than just licking one.

To finish us off, we were given a challenge and subjected to our strong, mains powered vibe. We had to keep out pussies pressed together with the dildo buried in us while Mike and Jen spread our lips and exposed our clits. Jen then held the ball of the vibe against us both and whoever came first lost (and the punishment was the usual one of having to endure the vibe until the other person had also cum). Mike warned Vicky that I had training in this area but she is stubborn enough and said that she would hold her own against me. The vibe is incredibly strong but I thought of other things and held back long enough that it was clear I was going to win. I didn’t want to torture Vicky too much (or she might not want to do any more) so I suggested that Jen kneel over Vicky and be eaten. The idea was to have a mini-break and let Vicky calm down slightly while Jen repositioned herself, but it was a bit more effective that intended as Jen knelt on Vicky’s hair (this hurts) so she had an extra distraction from the pleasure. Fortunately she wasn’t hurt too badly though and we quickly resumed things.

To even it out, I was given Mike’s cock to suck – I didn’t do a great deal and just sucked the head, but he enjoyed me humming and moaning around it. As expected, I won and Vicky came first. Her moans were quite muffled by Jen’s pussy, but there was no disguising that she had cum and was feeling the intensity of the vibe. I wasn’t too far behind her, but by the time I’d cum and Jen climbed off Vicky, she was still very red and said that the vibe was far too powerful. Mike Jen and I took turns kitty kissing her to help calm her down and while Mike was working on her, I used the vibe on Jen to finish off what Vicky had started.

The room stank of sex by this point and as a way of taking a break - but still staying naked - Mike asked Vicky if he could have the honour of shaving her. She only had a small patch of hair on her mons (her lips were completely shaved) and she agreed (she’s been completely shaved before a number of times so it wasn’t a big deal). Mike fetched hot water, gel and his razor and after soaking the area, he set to work and soon a perfectly smooth pussy emerged. Even though he hadn’t shaved her lips (other than a quick going over) he gave them the usual tongue test and (just to be fair), Jen and I then did the same to her. We declared her pussy to be hair free and then set about carrying out one of the other things we’d planned (but thought less likely to happen).

It was much easier now that Vicky knew we’d planned a whole set of things to do and she said she was willing to collaborate. For this one, we moved into the living room and Vicky lay on her back on the sofa with her ass up on one of the arms. Jen climbed over her face and I stood between Vicky’s legs so I could eat her while Mike fucked me. Our aim was for everyone to do things to Vicky so after a few minutes, I let Mike take over eating her and he then fucked her for a short time. It was then Jen’s turn to 69 with Vicky and I then took my place at her cunt again. I dragged my tongue over her asshole a few times but didn’t try to spear her – she didn’t complain about this so I gave Mike the go ahead to do the same thing. We weren’t trying too hard to get anyone to cum so managed three full rounds of this before Jen said that she was getting quite close (which sort of made sense as Vicky had been constantly licking her while the rest of us had been having bursts of stimulation).

Mike and I moved out of the way and let Jen 69 with Vicky. This time it was Jen who ended up cumming first by quite a way but Vicky played along and carried on eating her until she had her own orgasm. Mike and I had semi-fucked while watching the two of them and he was now ready for his second cum of the day. We dragged Vicky back into the bedroom and told her that this was an exhibition fuck for her – she was happy to watch as long as she could rest (she really has no sexual stamina) so she lay on the bed while I knelt over her in a non-contact 69 position and Mike took me from behind. I was fucked and frigged knowing that Vicky had the best possible view of what was happening and wished that she had been up for me eating her. I ended up resting my head on the bed so I at least had a good view of her pussy and I did push my mouth against it as I came. Mike carried on and came inside me and I then stayed in position after he pulled out until his cum started to drip out of me. Vicky positioned herself to catch a little of his cum in her mouth and I then planted myself on her face so she could lick me clean.

I suggested that we do things the other way round so I could watch Mike fuck her but he wasn’t ready to fuck (let alone cum) again. Vicky wasn’t quite ready for more yet either so we moved on to our next fantasy situation and Jen took centre stage (well, centre of the bed). She lay on her back while Vicky and I played with her breasts, rubbed her body with our breasts and then tried to suffocate her with them (we weren’t actually trying to suffocate her, but she wanted as much breast in her face as we could get. Jen hungrily licked at our breasts and nipples and I got Vicky to help me tease Jen’s much smaller (but cuter) nips. I showed Vicky how Jen liked having her nipples pinched and rolled and she slowly increased the force she used. I still don’t understand how Jen can enjoy having that much pressure put on her nipples when they are much more sensitive than mine, but she told us to keep going so we did. It wasn’t all nipple play though and we also stroked and fingered her pussy – sometimes just one of us and sometimes both of us.

Mike didn’t want to be left out and wanted to cum over Jen’s cunt, but I told him that I needed to see him fuck Vicky (and I doubted he could cum four times in a morning). He contented himself with just watching us. As Jen got closer to cumming, I asked Vicky if she wanted to take pussy or clit and she chose clit. She frigged Jen and I used a couple of fingers in her cunt and I could feel Jen’s tongue frantically licking away at my nipple. Jen’s pussy felt pretty wet (even for her) and we pressed our breasts harder against her face and rubbed even faster. Jen came – not with as spectacular an orgasm as I’d thought might be the case, but by the time we stopped fingering her and uncovered her face, she was very flushed, covered in a sheen of sweat and looking very happy.

I asked Vicky to help Mike taste Jen (she knows he isn’t allowed to fuck/eat her) and Vicky played along by pushing a couple of fingers into Jen and then letting Mike suck them clean. I even got Vicky to rub her nipples over Jen’s pussy and then let Mike lick them clean (which Vicky also liked). This happened a few times and Mike spent progressively longer working on cleaning Vicky’s nipples (certainly longer than he usually spends licking mine). They ended up lying on the bed beside Jen, kissing and humping and as Mike pushed into her, I reminded them that I was due an exhibition fuck. Jen had to move out of the way for this, but she had caught her breath by this time so I took her place and got Vicky to kneel over me. I lifted my head and had a quick lick of her before Mike got into position and I then spread Vicky’s lips and watched as Mike slowly slid into her. I remember thinking how only a year or two ago (or less) I would have felt incredibly jealous and was pleased that I could enjoy watching him enjoy himself with someone else. I then came to my senses and realised that my view was too good to waste time thinking about such things so I stopped and paid attention.

Mike used different strokes on Vicky – fast and hard, long and deep and just letting the head slip in and out. I stole another few licks of them both as they fucked, but in the end decided that I could probably contribute in a more effective way and got Jen to hand me a couple of our vibrating eggs and the tingle gel. I applied some of the gel to Vicky’s clit and then put a blob on my hand and let Mike’s cock slide back and forth over it, with the aim of coating his cock (or the underside of it) and having him push it into Vicky. I wiped off the excess on my pussy, took the eggs and used them to stimulate Vicky’s clit and Mike’s shaft. Vicky really liked it when I used both eggs, one on either side of her clit and pressed them together and Mike said that he got to feel it as well. I didn’t keep the eggs in place the whole time as using them meant I didn’t get as good a view, but we decided to use them to try and go for another simultaneous cum.

Mike fucked Vicky until he was quite close and then slowed his movements. I used both eggs on her clit again while he kept himself close to cumming but he had to push deep into her and hardly move as he could feel the vibes on his cock (and it was less intense when the buzzing was lower down on the shaft away from the head). We got Vicky to tell us how close she was getting and Mike took occasional strokes to keep him close and as Vicky entered the final stretch he started moving again. I think they got it pretty much spot on – possibly Vicky came a couple of seconds before Mike, but it was certainly incredibly close and he pushed hard and deep into her a few times before staying buried in her until she had finished cumming. I had hoped to get a decent amount of his cum leak out of her, but I wasn’t really surprised when nothing materialised. I got Vicky to keep kneeling over me and I took the opportunity to examine her pussy again, spreading the lips, tasting her (I could only faintly taste Mike in her) and semi-kitty-kissing her.

My own pussy felt like it was throbbing, from both the tingle gel and the stimulation from what I’d just watched and Mike suggested that someone might want to help me cum. Jen was quite willing to do this and took one of the eggs I’d used on Vicky and rubbed it up and down my slit and around my clit. Vicky was still kneeling over me and had a good view, but her legs were getting tired so she clambered off and let Jen have more room. Jen pushed the egg into me and started to lick my clit, but then took the second egg and used it instead. This gave me a really strong sensation and apart from when the eggs touched and there was a horrible buzzing sound, it was wonderful. Mike presented me with his cock (now only semi-hard) so I could suck Vicky’s juices off and I did this, although I was now used to tasting her (not that I was objecting). As I got closer to cumming, Jen resumed licking my clit and used the second egg to press against my ass and the triple sensation quickly sent me over the edge. I’m not sure if I had a single, really long orgasm or it was a proper multiple orgasm (sadly, I rarely have these, but they are amazing when they happen).

When I finished cumming I told Jen to get the egg that she had pushed into me out – fortunately (for me) she realised that I’d had a pretty strong orgasm and did as I asked. Even Vicky seemed impressed at how I’d cum and I had to admit that I couldn’t usually cum that hard for that long, but then added that having watched her cunt being fucked by Mike’s cock had probably helped. She blushed a little at this comment but then said she was glad she could help.

Time was getting on – Vicky didn’t have to leave until later in the afternoon, but other than breakfast, we hadn’t even really gotten up yet and so we headed off to the bathroom to freshen up and get ready to go out for lunch. Mike showered with Vicky this time and he caressed her, but neither of them came (neither did Jen or I when we showered). We went on a local cafĂ© for a light lunch and once again we convinced Vicky to go without panties, but this time she wore one of Jen’s short pleated skirts. Vicky does have nice legs (one of the things Mike always liked about her – long before he got to fuck her) and we found a table by the window. As we were close to our new (hopefully long-ish term) home, we weren’t too daring, but We did get Jen and Vicky to spread their legs as far as they dared whenever the coast was clear. Mike got Vicky to lift her skirt so he could see her pussy and even managed to rub her clit for a minute or so and then offered his finger to Jen to suck clean.

I gave someone a quick flash while bending over to pick up my bag, but it was quick enough that it ‘must’ have been an accident and I’m not even sure they would have seen too much. When we returned home, we helped Vicky gather up her things (including fishing out her new underwear from where it had been discarded the previous day) and talked her in to having a final quick session before we headed off to the airport. We (Mike, Jen and I) already knew what we wanted the outcome of this to be, but decided to give Vicky a final treat before we marked her as our own. We let her have centre stage and once again took turns fucking, fingering, eating her as well as ‘letting’ her eat or play with us (if there is a spare hand or mouth going, it just seems a shame to waste it). We all enjoyed ourselves immensely and as Vicky got closer to cumming (she was the one getting the most stimulation by quite a margin), we pulled out the eggs that had been used on me, coated them with tingle gel and got to work properly.

Just as had been the case with me, she had one pushed into her cunt, one pressed against her ass and I licked her clit while Mike and Jen played with her breasts. We should have used some vibes on them, or maybe even Jen’s nipple clamps (not fastened as tightly as Jen likes them) but didn’t think of it at the time. Vicky came (unsurprisingly) and said that it was a pretty strong orgasm, but we didn’t manage to give her one as impressive as my pre-lunch cum. I extracted the egg from her cunt and let Mike and Jen kitty kiss her for a short time before we stepped back to admire our work.

She guessed that the rest of us would also want to cum (we don’t always make sure we have equal numbers of orgasms, but we try to be fair) and I told her I wanted to try something new. I twisted her hair into a rope and bent it in two, then got Jen to sit on the bed so I could push the new hair dildo into Jen’s cunt. With a bit of fiddling (and further twisting of the hair to tighten it up), I got a decent length into Jen and fucked her with it. Jen and I then switched places and she did the same to me, but with another part of Vicky’s hair. We knew that we weren’t going to cum with just the hair, but that wasn’t really the point.

We then took turns humping against Vicky, her legs, pussy, breasts, face and hands and Mike had a go at fucking her. While doing this, she pointed out that she would need to shower again before she left and I told her that she wasn’t allowed to and we were marking her. She thought we were joking at first, but now she knew what we were doing, it was easier to rub against her arms and lower legs as well as roll her onto her front and grind against her back. To show her we were really serious, Jen, Mike and I all rubbed bits of our bodies against her pussy as well so she could mark us with her scent. We were running out of time by this point and told Vicky that it was time for the rest of us to cum.

I sat over her and humped against her face while she ate me. Jen sat over her breasts and rubbed herself against them while Mike fucked her (Vicky). As soon as I’d cum, Jen and I switched places and I tried to also rub against her arms. I don’t think Vicky had been planning on cumming again, but Mike utilised one of the vibes on her clit and managed to get one last orgasm out of her. He couldn’t decide if he should cum in her or over her but we ended up deciding that he probably wasn’t going to cum enough to have it dribbling out of her so he may as well cum over her and we could rub it in to her body. He pulled out and actually produced a semi-reasonable squirt of cum (reasonable at least for his fourth cum of the day – especially as his third one had probably been hardly anything) as well as a couple of drops extra. Once Jen came, we rubbed this, along with our pussy juice and Vicky’s sweat, all over her body, neck and face and then pointed out how little time we had to get to the airport.

Vicky complained that she felt sticky but we assured her it would dry in no time. She quickly got dressed and Jen said that she could borrow the pleated skirt until her next visit. She did have to brush her hair, but we could still smell ourselves on it after she had tied it back. The rest of us got dressed and we headed off. She said that it was going to take her the rest of the month to recover but we got her to promise to come back and repeat things whenever she got bored – or horny.

After arriving at the airport and checking in, we had a little time as the flight was slightly delayed. Never one to miss an opportunity, Mike made use of Vicky’s short skirt and played with her clit while Jen and I stood holding our coats to hide what was happening. He didn’t make Vicky cum, but is sure he could have if he’d continued. This was a present for Jen and me though as once he’d got her sufficiently turned on, he told her that he should really stop. She said that he was being cruel but realised when we (the girls) went to the bathroom that he had just been getting her turned on. We used our usual disabled toilet and as soon as we were inside I told Vicky that Jen wanted a final taste of her. She didn’t really have any time to protest as Jen got on her knees and pushed her face into Vicky’s crotch while I was talking. I didn’t let Jen have all the fun as I had a quick go, but I let Jen finish Vicky off and we both had a little hump against her legs again (just to freshen up the coating of pussy juice) before we returned to Mike and reported success.

We saw Vicky off and returned home. The place really did reek of sex and we realised that we would have to find a way to limit the scent to the bedrooms in case we had ‘decent’ company. We didn’t really care much about it though and spent the rest of the day resting and recovering (it had been a fairly strenuous weekend). Jen wasn’t leaving until the Monday so she got to stay over. We had considered all sleeping the master bedroom together, but decided in the end that Jen and I would sleep in the smaller bedroom (the one that she still thought was going to be her one). We allowed Mike to come in and watch our bedtime session – he hadn’t wanted to do anything as his balls were aching from the day’s action and watching us just made things worse (although he stayed until the end).

I woke early on the Monday so I had enough time for sessions with both Mike and Jen before heading off to work. Jen left while we were at work and we knew it would be a while before we saw each other, but at least the next time was going to be at the end of year sex party in York that we had convinced Jen to come along to (it hadn’t taken much effort – the promise of Sara, Emily, Laura and possibly some ‘straight’ girls to eat (and be eaten by) was enough. The additional benefit of seeing me be fucked by many people was an added bonus (which I was happy to provide).

We spoke to Vicky during the week and she was still amazed at what we had actually done. She didn’t seem to regret any of it (but still said that she felt a bit tender). Mike convinced her to go to work wearing Jen’s skirt and no panties (we had her provide a picture to prove she was doing as she said) and as a reward, Mike and I had a Skype session with her later that night. We let her watch us fuck and Mike pulled out of me to cum, covering my cunt, while Vicky fingered herself and then used a dildo.

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