Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bachelorette Parties

Just as I did with my wedding to Mike, I’m probably not going to write too much about the actual event and associated things, but Jen and I agreed that we didn’t mind sharing some of the details of our bachelorette parties with you. My party was on the second last Saturday in June. Jen obviously wasn’t invited (and nor was I to her one). We did consider attending each other’s parties, but felt that if we were doing things properly, then we should each have freedom to do whatever our friends set up for us.

My party was in Newcastle and I had let Lis arrange it (she was my ‘head bridesmaid’). I had some of my York friends coming along with Sue and some of Jen’s friends – who were of course my friends as well). Lucy was Jen’s head bridesmaid and so the two of them had consulted quite a bit on what was going to be involved in the two parties, although some of the other people had a bit of influence (as will become apparent). It was pretty much the standard sort of thing on the Friday night – I was dressed up in a ridiculous costume and had the compulsory pink headband with antennae (as did the rest of the group). I wasn’t too bothered about what happened with my (much tamer) York friends around as I could just put all the blame onto Lis.

After food and a few drinks, we headed to a club where we had booked a private area (not quite a room, but we at least all got seats and booth service for drinks). We danced, drunk some more and I was then blindfolded and loosely tied to a chair (I could have easily slipped my hands out if I wanted). When the blindfold was removed, there was a very muscular man standing in front of me who was quite clearly about to remove his clothes (he had a good figure, but obviously spent too long under the sunbeds). He proceeded to rub up against me as his clothing was removed and he eventually ended up wearing just a tiny jock strap that covered what was clearly a decent sized cock.

He rubbed against me and I told him that if he’d gone that far then I wanted to see what he had to offer. Apparently not all women want their strippers to go all the way so he had waited for my invitation, but he didn’t hesitate in revealing himself to me. I was a little surprised that he was allowed to do this in the club, but I later found out that Lis (with Julia’s help) had contacted the club and asked them to recommend a stripper – there are enough stag/hen parties held there that this isn’t that unusual an occurrence). He was prepared for it though as once his cock was free, he rolled on a condom and he carried on rubbing against me, both body and face.

The next stage was the whipped cream – he squirted some onto the end of his cock and I was challenged to lick it clean (which I did) and this was followed by another couple of squirts. A number of people in my group (and a few near us in the club) challenged me to finish him off and I felt that I was drunk enough that I could justify to my more prudish friends that I just got caught up in the moment (I know I possibly shouldn’t worry about this so much, but they’ve been my friends for a long time and they think I’m a relatively ‘nice’ girl – I think they would be incredibly shocked if they knew the ‘real’ me). I took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it while stroking up and down the shaft. He told me it felt good and I was cheered as I worked, so I carried on. He pumped in and out of my mouth (but I kept my hand on the shaft so he couldn’t push too far it) and continued to use my tongue until he said he was about to cum and asked if he could do it in my mouth. I just nodded and hummed a ‘mmmm-mmm’ and felt the texture of the condom change as it filled with his cum.

When he pulled out, I surveyed my work and wished that I had been able to let him cum over me. I kept a hold of his cock and rubbed it against my cheek and neck for a bit before releasing him. Once he’d cleaned up and covered up, he stayed and chatted to us for a while and was actually quite a nice bloke with a steady girlfriend (who knew what he did). I think he was hoping to get a bit more action, but other than stroking his cock through his clothes (which I think I was justified in doing), he didn’t get anything. I would have actually quite liked to try fucking him as he was a reasonable size and I would hope he was quite experienced (although maybe only in receiving blowjobs). I behaved myself though and we let him go after about an hour.

We didn’t stay out too late as we had a spa day planned on the Saturday and returned to the hotel. I had intended to share a room with Sue (for new readers, that’s my younger sister) but changed my mind following the previous weekend and ended up sharing with Vicky. This wasn’t entirely for the purpose of sex – I was also a little worried about her as I wasn’t sure how she was going to be around Lis and Lucy (she is over Lis, but it is somewhat different when you have to spend a weekend with your ex and their new partner – or so I’m told). Vicky was actually okay and agreed that Lucy was incredibly hot. I ended up promising to send Vicky some of the pictures of Pavlina, but our discussion about Lucy and Lis ended up being interrupted when we climbed into bed (naked) and gravitated towards each other. It had been a long day (between work, travelling and drinking) so we only managed to 69 once before falling asleep. We didn’t do much better the following morning as we woke up a little late and needed to get down for breakfast, but I ate Vicky and she fingered me (with a little clit licking), we tidied ourselves up and went downstairs. I found out that Sue hadn’t spent the night alone and Mel had relaxed her rules on Julia not doing things with other people in order to let Sue spend the night with them (we could have saved the money on a room!).

After breakfast we showered together and then gathered downstairs to head off for a day of pampering. It was a pretty nice spa and I ended up getting a very relaxing massage, having a naked sauna, steam room and solarium session (which was fun – although not all of us were naked – I did get to see Valerie and Jo topless though). In the Jacuzzi, Julia slid her hand up my leg and played with me while I was chatting to people. I later found out that her other hand was between Sue’s pussy (the Jacuzzi was quite full so we were squished together) and Mel also had a hand between Sue’s legs.

We didn’t do anything too wild that night, but stayed up reasonably late. Once I’d finished my session with Vicky (only cumming once each again), I told her I was going to check on Sue (Vicky didn’t know Sue was in with Mel and Julia). I went along and interrupted their fun, but gave Mel and Julia a treat by letting both of them have both Sue and I at the same time. In Julia’s case, I let her eat me while Sue ate her and for Mel’s turn, Sue and I switched position. I was going to head back to Vicky but then had an idea and decided to give Sue a ‘present’. Technically you could consider it more of a present for Jen as while Sue has definitely crossed the line to being bi (or at least being prepared to play with girls on a frequent basis), Jen wants her to be as far over that line as possible.

I led Sue down the hallway and as an added twist, I made her leave her clothes in Mel and Julia’s room. To be fair, I left my dressing gown in there as well and we wandered down the hall to Abrahii’s room. I had been debating offering Sue to Emily and Sara but decided that as Sue had already been double teamed, she deserved some one on one time. Abrahii was a bit groggy when she answered the door and a little confused at the fact that we were both naked but we pushed into her room (there is a difference between quickly walking down a hallway naked and standing in it to have a conversation). I told her that Jen wanted Sue to be trained in playing with girls (and that she knew a little) and asked if Abrahii was interested in helping with her education. I wasn’t sure if she was going to say yes so I sidled up to her and slid a hand down to her crotch and told her that Mel and Julia had just been training Sue.

As I curled a finger between her lips and pushed into her pussy, she asked Sue if she wanted to do things and Sue said that she was happy to ‘experiment’ some more if it meant she could cum. I sucked my finger clean of Abrahii’s juices and gave Sue a slap on her ass as I left the room, telling her to enjoy herself (it wasn’t worth telling her not to do anything I wouldn’t do as we both know that wouldn’t discount many things). I headed back down to Julia’s room and retrieved my gown before going back to Vicky’s room (it would have been difficult to explain to her why I was naked) and I found her asleep.

We had a quick session the following morning before I crept back to my room (so nobody would know I’d been with Vicky). Sue was already there and as we washed, she gave me the details of her session with Abrahii as well as what Mel and Julia had done with her before I’d arrived. I made her promise to phone Jen and give her all the details (which she later did). We had a relaxed breakfast and everyone was quite well behaved. We just relaxed and a few of us went swimming in the hotel pool, but for once didn’t do anything sexual (although getting to see Jo again in her swimsuit was an added bonus, I had almost forgotten just how incredibly cute I used to think she was).

Jen had her party on the Tuesday (most of her friends are/were students) and they went to a hotel in London. It was mainly her University friends who were present (a number of whom had come to my party as well). Just as had been the case at my party, she also had a few ‘more conservative’ friends, so the party wasn’t as wild as it would have been if she’d just had the usual crowd. She did manage something that I didn’t, but we’ll get to that in time…

It started off with a dinner on the Friday night and then out dancing. Nothing too wild happened but they did pick up a couple of guys who seemed even more interested once they found out that half the girls were gay/bi. Other than a bit of humping and grinding while dancing, the guys didn’t get much though (even Julia was well behaved and didn’t fuck them, although one of them did discover that she didn’t have panties on). It was quite late by the time they returned to the hotel – Sue was sharing a room with Jen, but most of the other people didn’t know that anything had happened between them. Naturally, Jen took the opportunity to sample Sue thoroughly and licked as far into her cunt as she could, as well as getting Sue to show her what she had done with Abrahii. Ryan knew (and approved) of the fact that Sue was with Jen (and that she had been with girls at my party) and was looking forwards to getting to play with someone at the wedding (not Jen – she would be mine alone for that night).

They had a treasure hunt on the Wednesday during the day and had a much wilder evening than the previous night. Drinking started quite early and when it got to 10pm, they were collected by limos to take Jen to a particular club. The people in the limos were split roughly along the lines of the groups of friends, and Mel took the opportunity to have a little bit of fun. They shared a bottle of champagne and while they drank and chatted, Mel fiddled with the bottle and peeled off all the foil from the neck. Mel told Julia to play with Jen and light kissing moved on to Julia stroking Jen’s leg and then stroking her pussy. Julia ended up kneeling on the floor in front of Jen and fingered her properly before being handed the champagne bottle and working a decent length of the neck into Jen. Unfortunately, they reached their destination before Jen got to cum, but there had been time for a few of the girls to have a turn holding and pumping the bottle into Jen.

At this point, Jen still didn’t know what had happened at my party, but she had assumed that the girls would have arranged a stripper for her (it’s tradition after all). Fortunately, Mel and Julia had been on hand to help out Lucy (Jen’s head bridesmaid) so there was indeed a stripper. They had also managed to find a suitable club that allowed them to play properly. Jen wasn’t tied to a chair in the way I had been, but she was given a more interactive strip (for the early part anyway). Jen had to help remove her stripper’s clothes and was allowed to fondle her (quite large and not entirely natural) breasts. When it came to her panties, Jen pulled them down and was greeted with the sight of a nicely shaved pussy with a little V of hair on her mons, but the largest clit she had ever seen (we’ve seen videos of comparable clits, but nothing like it IRL). Mel and Julia had stipulated that the stripper should allow Jen to play with her (if Jen wanted to) and it didn’t take much encouragement to get Jen to do this. Just as I’d sucked and wanked my guy, Jen was more than happy to help her girl cum. She couldn’t eat her (no protection), but used three and then four fingers to pump into her and then used her juices to lubricate her clit as she played with it. It was of sufficient size that Jen could actually wank her (maybe not as easily as with a cock, but it was more like wanking than frigging).

As would be expected of someone with Jen’s experience, she got the stripper to cum but once this was done, she didn’t stick around to talk. Jen’s more prudish friends seemed more shocked at what they’d seen than my non-nympho friends had been at me sucking off my stripper. Jen quite enjoyed the experience though and we’ve since found quite a few videos of oversized clits that she has used to masturbate to.
On returning to the hotel, I had arranged one last surprise for Jen. Seeing as I’d got to play with Mel and Jules, I felt it was only fair that Jen got to as well, so once she was in bed, they came knocking and Sue let them in. Jen was treated to being played with in turn by each of them while she took care of one of the other two. They had been seen entering Jen’s room so it was common knowledge (amongst some of them at least) that Jen had received a ‘special present’ from them, but nobody other than Mel and Julia knew about Sue. From what Sue told us, Ryan greatly enjoyed hearing about everything she had got up to at the parties and Sue said that she got fucked more times than she could remember over the following few days.

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