Sunday, 2 September 2012

Pleasing the Neighbour - Part 2

Lis and Lucy visited us this weekend - still no sex with Lucy (unsurprisingly), but we had a good time anyway and it was good to see them. Back to the end of May now...

We’d had a rough plan as to what we were going to do but I changed my mind and told Abrahii to move so I could turn over. I then got her to kneel over my body again so she could do the front of my legs and pussy and as she worked, I gently pulled her back so her legs and ass were in range of my mouth (if I lifted my head up). As she rubbed cream over my pussy and mons, I quietly told her to carry on and pulled her back a bit more forcefully. My legs were spread wide and aimed at where the neighbour had been peering through the bushes – I couldn’t quite see him (due to Abrahii’s ass being in the way), but was fairly sure I could see movement.

I caressed Abrahii’s ass and quickly progressed to rubbing her crotch. She pushed back against my fingers, which I took as an invitation and I pulled her bikini to the side to expose her pussy. Although I’ve played with her a number of times before, I rarely get the chance to properly examine her so I took the opportunity and spread her lips. I love the way the pink inner skin contrasts with her skin (her pussy wasn’t as shocking a pink as her bikini, but it still looked good). I rubbed around her cunt and clit and pulled her to my mouth, just gently lapping at first, but then burying my tongue in her. She now had a couple of fingers working in my cunt and I soon felt her tongue join them. We were no longer playing and teasing and I could feel her rocking back and forth, grinding her pussy against my mouth as I ate her.

My extra experience won out and even though I was really enjoying what she was doing to me, it was clear that I was going to make her cum first. I pulled her bikini bottoms hard so the crotch ended up around one of her ass cheeks and I now had even better access. I briefly pushed her away and called Julia over, telling her to sit behind my head. I told Abrahii that she could just enjoy herself and got her to sit up over my face so I could eat her and Jules could reach around and play with her breasts while kissing and licking her earlobe. It would have been even better if someone had continued to play with me, but I quite enjoyed imagining the view that the neighbour had. I kept my legs spread wide and gently humped the air. I also occasionally licked a lot further forwards than I needed to in the hope that this would make my tongue more visible as I ate Abrahii. Julia told her to be more vocal and she moaned and panted, telling everyone that she was cumming. I heard her say that it felt too strong and she tried to pull away, but I held on to her legs and lashed her clit with my tongue while trying to suck it into my mouth.

This got a good few yelps out of her before she finally broke free, but I hadn’t finished yet and immediately climbed up, pushed her onto her back and planted myself over her face. I had calmed down a bit due to the lack of stimulation, but this just meant that I could enjoy using Abrahii for longer. I humped against her face and to her credit, she started to eat me straight away. I thought that she had put on a fairly good show for the neighbour, but was sure I could add something extra. I told her in detail how I wanted her to eat my cunt, how her tongue felt hand how she was making me feel. I reached forwards a couple of times to spread her pussy, slip my fingers into her and then wipe her juices over my nipples so I could lick them clean. I soon started to feel my orgasm building and told Abrahii (and everyone else) that I was getting close and was about to cum. She lapped away at my cunt and I had a nice strong orgasm. I moaned and panted in a slightly exaggerated way (but I was trying to put on a show) and then lifted myself off her face so I could lie on top of her and kiss her while I slowly ground my cunt against her leg.

While I had been drawing his attention, Julia had crept around to where the neighbour was standing (still on our side of the hedge) and asked him if he was enjoying watching us. She was now completely naked and stroked her pussy as she stood there. He was somewhat flustered to say the least and Julia said that we didn’t care if he watched, but that we thought we should really invite him and his wife round so they could see properly. He didn’t seem to think this was a good idea and muttered an apology before running off, but not before Julia had caught sight of the obvious bulge in his trousers. She called after him that he could finger her if he wanted and just before he went indoors she shouted that he could even fuck her and told him how wet her cunt felt.

We assumed that he had learned his lesson (although only after having been given a treat) and I untangled myself from Abrahii and thanked her for the orgasm. There didn’t seem much point in covering up again so I let a couple of the guys help run some suncream into my ass and over my pussy (again, just so I wouldn’t burn). Abrahii let them do the same to her and I’m actually really impressed as to how adventurous she is given she’ll be spending the next few years at Uni with some of these people. Once we were creamed up, I felt we should thank Julia for helping out with Abrahii’s orgasm and we both attacked her (in a good way).

We pushed her onto one of the sun loungers, spread her legs and took turns eating her. I then had what I feel was an inspired idea and I took Julia’s beer and poured a small amount over her cunt. I licked her clean, then added some more for Abrahii to ‘drink’ and we continued doing this until Julia had a beery orgasm. Julia certainly enjoyed what we’d done but I later found out that Mel hadn’t been happy about her doing things with Abrahii. It’s not that Mel doesn’t like her (she’s played with her often enough), I think that she’s still just worried about Julia fooling around when Mel has graduated (which is why she doesn’t seem to mind her doing things with me or Jen as much as Jen graduates at the same time as Mel).

Later on in the afternoon, when people had drunk a bit more, Mike offered to rub some more sun-cream into Lis’ back. She had been sunbathing topless for some of the time already and she unsnapped her bikini and lay on her front so he could proceed. He did her back and sides (copping a feel of some side boob as he did so) and then asked if he should do her legs. Mike isn’t bad at back massages (although he doesn’t give them to me as much as I’d like) and he had spent a while caressing Lis so she seemed quite relaxed and agreed to his request. He worked his way up each leg, starting at her heels. As he got to the first thigh, he pulled her legs slightly apart and then continued to stroke his hands higher and higher. He stroked right up to her hip, but didn’t go all the way up on the inside and then moved back down to her other heel and started again. He moved her legs slightly further apart again when he reached her thigh and caressed her higher and higher. This time, his fingers stroked right up to the hem of her bikini bottoms the whole way round from her crotch to her hip and he only just restrained himself from ‘accidentally’ brushing against her crotch. When they were in bed later that night, Lucy told Lis that Mike’s shorts had a large bulge in them and she teased Lis about letting him fuck her. Lis decided that she had to prove to Lucy that she wasn’t interested in guys and pinned her down while she attacked her pussy, making her cum twice before Lucy ‘escaped’ (given Lucy is stronger than Lis, I’m sure she was just pretending to be trapped).

Mike got to sit with his head in Abrahii’s lap and he gently fondled her breasts before deciding that he should try using her to drink some beer from (just as she and I had done earlier to Jules). He ‘drank’ a good quantity of beer off her pussy and mons before getting stuck in more seriously and used the empty bottle to tease her lips with. He played with her for quite a while and later said that he quite liked the way she tasted (I guess the beer might have helped with that). She was quite loud when she came and a few people clapped her. Mike kitty kissed her for a fair time after she’d cum and I expected her to cum again but she didn’t (although she did seem to enjoy the extended pussy licking).

I had let a couple more people fondle me (my breasts seemed quite popular that day), but nobody had made me cum for a while and I gratefully accepted Mike’s request to fuck. I knew that he had already asked Julia and had been turned down (as part of Mel wanting to keep her for herself), but seeing as I’d gotten to play with her earlier, I couldn’t really complain about this. We started off gently enough, lying on a blanket at the edge of where people were sitting and Mike suggested that I could eat Jen at the same time. I didn’t object to this but Jen hesitated a bit. Fortunately (although not for her), other people also thought this was a good idea and she was carried over to our blanket and I pulled her bikini bottoms aside and buried my face between her legs. Her friends have seen me eat her often enough before that it wasn’t really that big a deal and I know she enjoyed the tongue lashing I gave her. I came first and carried on eating Jen while Mike continued to fuck me. Mike held back until Jen was about to cum before he came in me and to add an extra touch, once Jen had finished cumming, I sat over her face and made her eat Mike’s cum out of me. Mike really likes this as it sort of proves to the gang that she is ‘almost’ his.

Things started to wind down as it got darker and colder and people covered up more, we stayed out in the garden for a while longer chatting and drinking and a number of people ended up quite drunk (at least the final year students who had finished). Once everyone had eaten ‘dinner’ and all the BBQ food was gone, we moved back inside and things got a bit more interesting again (not that I don’t find chatting to people interesting – it’s just harder to cum by just talking). What made it even better is that a couple more people were involved in doing things – unfortunately only with their partners, but it’s better than nothing. I selflessly let Mike and Jen fondle me to orgasm and even Lis and Lucy had a little make-out session (nothing too heavy, but Lucy did fondle Lis’ breasts under her top).

It was quite late by the time we left and the five of us wandered back to Jen and Lucy’s place. It wasn’t incredibly warm out, but warm enough that we could still fool around and we made a few stops for Jen and I to fondle each other and take turns at walking with various bits of us exposed. We convinced Lis and Lucy to remove their panties, but they wouldn’t lift their skirts (and Mike had thought this was his best chance to get to see Lucy’s pussy). We made it home and Lis took Lucy up to bed and I took Mike into the living room – I had whispered to Lis on the way home that I might use her toothbrush again to masturbate with and she had told me that it was fine, so I fetched it from the bathroom and got Mike to give my clit a good (but gentle) brushing. He pushed the head inside me a few times before putting the toothbrush aside and going down on me. He knew that we didn’t have much time as I was meant to be with Jen so he didn’t tease me too much and just ate me hard until I came. As soon as my orgasm had ended, he pulled me down onto the floor and got me to kneel against the sofa. I was subjected to a long hard fuck that felt very intense (probably because I’d only just cum) and after he’d given my cunt a good reaming, Mike reached around to play with my clit and brought me off again. He carried on fucking me for a few minutes more before finally cumming in me and before I was allowed to move, he gave my cunt a final brushing with Lis’ toothbrush (both outside and in). Technically, Lis hadn’t said anything about getting Mike’s cum on her toothbrush, but Mike’s logic was that she was well aware that we fucked often so she should know that I would have his cum in me – I know this was a slightly convenient way of looking at it, but it worked for me.

I headed up to Jen, not really feeling ready to cum again, but certainly ready to make her cum as much as she wanted. She let me eat her and finger her, but was fairly drunk and pretty much asleep after she came the second time so I let her sleep and curled up beside her. I had begun to feel a little horny again while playing with Jen, but knew I’d just have better dreams if I went to sleep feeling like that so I didn’t masturbate or return to Mike to get him to eat me.

I don’t remember what I dreamt of, but I woke up ready to fuck. Unfortunately, Jen was hung over once again. I did manage to eat her (they say that sex is a good cure for a headache), but she wasn’t up to doing anything more so I headed down to Mike and rode his cock (I had to help inflate it first) until we’d both cum. We then went to prepare breakfast naked, his cum dripping out of my cock and running down my legs (mostly down one leg – for some reason, it never seems to run equally down both) and took it up to Jen, Lis and Lucy. Lucy was feeling as bad as Jen so we left them and went back downstairs with Lis to chat for a while.

I had been intending to behave myself, but Mike ‘forced’ me to carry on playing and we ended up spooning while talking to Lis (with her watching everything again). Mike came in me again (although not as much dripped out when he pulled out) and we told Lis that if she felt like playing with herself, she didn’t have to feel shy about it. At the time I thought that she was on the brink of doing so and when I spoke to her later in the week, she told me that if it had just been me and her, she would have. She knows that Mike (and Jen) and I tell each other everything so when Mike next spoke to her he told her that she should just have gone ahead and made herself cum and that he wouldn’t have minded in the least (which I don’t think is what was stopping her!). Unfortunately though all we got to see was a clearly aroused Lis (and I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t just my pussy that she likes watching). It was enough to keep Mike hard for quite a while though and he pushed back into me and we gently fucked a couple more times (he didn’t cum again but I did on the third mini-fuck).

Jen and Lucy eventually got up and I ate Jen one more time as she sat on the sofa. Lis enjoyed watching this as well and if Jen and Lucy had felt a bit better, I would have made Jen cum a few more times and tried to get Lis to help out with some breast play. I took Jen into the shower and helped her wash herself (she wasn’t really that hung over, but I like showering with her) and once we’d finished, Lis did the same with Lucy. I watched Lis brush her teeth and once she had finished, I reminded her that she had given me permission to use her toothbrush but she didn’t flinch and said that it was still fine.

We had a late lunch and lazed around for a while. Lis was taking Lucy away for their 6 month anniversary the following weekend and she asked me to check out the selection of clothing she was planning to take (it was still a secret from Lucy at this point). I had Mike and Jen take care of distracting Lucy (not in the way Mike would have liked to) while I headed upstairs with Lis. She put out a few pairs of underwear (including the set I had helped her choose a while ago) and I told her that if I was really going to give an opinion, then I needed to see them on her. Lis didn’t want to get caught, but agreed that this would be the best way for me to see them and quickly stripped off and tried them on in turn. We both knew that I had asked and Lis had agreed purely so I could see her naked and as she removed the final set, I asked how she was going to do her pussy. She said that she was just going to shave it as usual and I told her it was a pity we weren’t both still in York or I could have helped out and made sure it was done perfectly. Lis was sitting on the bed and I gently pushed her legs apart and had a closer look at her cunt – the light was much better than it had been in Jen’s room and I was really tempted to lick her. I was going to ask her to let me masturbate while looking at her, but once again knew that if I did this, I would probably go too far and eat her so I pulled back and asked her to try on the dresses she had bought.

We headed back downstairs and chatted a while longer before it was time for Mike and I to head home. Lis was getting a later train so we left her with Lucy and Jen joined us on the trip to the airport. Jen and I had our customary session in the toilets (I’m glad they keep them clean) and she headed home to rest and recover.

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