Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sex Party, June 2012 - Part 1

In the last week in June, we had some torrential rain. Mike and I were sitting indoors after work and complaining about how bad the weather was and how we were glad we’d taken the chance to have some outdoors fun when we’d had the sun. We each knew that the other wanted to do something (basically because we were awake) and decided that we may as well make use of the fact that we now have a garden.

I changed into an old pair of long white socks, bra and cotton panties and put my hair up in a ponytail. Mike put on some old jeans and a t-shirt and we headed out into the rain. We rolled around on the grass and kissed – Mike’s hands quickly went into my panties and roughly fondled my ass and I soon had his jeans undone and his cock free. We humped against each other and he then pulled the crotch of my panties aside and pushed into me. He loved the way my cunt felt so hot after the cold rain (it wasn’t actually that cold). We fucked frantically, taking turns as to who was on top and then broke contact so we could quickly undress completely (I kept my long socks on as we both like that). We resumed fucking, telling each other what we could feel and what we wanted – it was nice being able to not worry about being quite as the rain was masking any sounds we made (it really was torrential).

I ended up on my back and Mike fucked me hard – I actually came without and clitoral stimulation and to finish off, Mike got me to turn over and he fucked me from behind, squishing my breasts and body into the grass. He came in me and we relaxed for a minute or so before realising that we were now getting quite cold, so we headed back in and showered together (partly to warm up, but also to get rid of the dirt and grass that we had on us). I had to bleach my bra panties and (especially) socks to restore their whiteness, but at least it meant that a day hadn’t been wasted just because of the rain, so it was worth it.

The last Saturday of June was to be the last sex party of the (academic) year. Jen had agreed to come along to this with us and she actually got there first and met up with Sara and Emily. Mike and I arrived later that evening and I immediately noticed (although I had to point it out to Mike) that Jen had died her hair red again (not really red, but closer to the colour of Sara’s). Mike, Jen and I were staying in a hotel again (it’s enough to ask Sara or Emily to put two of us up, three is just too much), but as we had done before, all of us headed back to the hotel room after we’d had some dinner.

We all wanted to have a chance to eat Emily before Mike got to her – he went first while Sara and Jen 69ed and I then 69ed with Emily. While Jen had her turn with Em, Mike asked Sara if he could eat her and she sighed and told him that he may as well (I know that she actually likes Mike eating her sometimes despite her being quite far towards the lesbian end of the spectrum. With the Emily eating out of the way (Sara doesn’t mind the fact that we all worship Emily’s pussy – she is well aware how good Emily tastes), we had a quick break to let Emily recover before Mike fucked her (he wanted her to cum again).

We knew that Emily had convinced Sara to let a guy join them on a couple of occasions (a different guy each time) and asked Sara to describe how it had been having other cocks inside her. She said that it had felt physically nice, but just as when Mike had fucked her, it hadn’t been as ‘right’ as when she did things with Emily. Mike admitted that he was a little jealous that other guys had got to fuck her (seeing as he had been her ‘first’, and although he was happy that he’d been the only one allowed to cum inside her (without a condom), he still feels quite protective towards her (if you can consider wanting to bury your cock in someone ‘protective’). He had been hoping for another chance to fuck Sara, but she told him that she didn’t want to do anything (other than let him eat her).

He said that he would be happy if he could fuck Emily and eat Sara at the same time, but we weren’t going to let him have all the fun, so he had to make do with Emily’s cunt. To be fair, he didn’t mind too much and it meant that Jen and I could play with Sara, taking turns to eat her or sit over her face until we’d each cum and made her cum. Meanwhile, Mike had been giving Em a long hard fuck. They’d used a few different positions but ended up with Mike spooning behind her so I could lick her clit as he fucked her. I like this as it meant I got to taste her once more before Mike came in her. I only got to lick her for a couple of minutes though as Mike wanted to finish her off himself. To do this he got her to kneel so he could take her doggy style and got her to eat Sara (who wasn’t really ready to cum again, but Emily pulled her legs apart and pushed her face between them anyway).

Jen took the job of licking Emily clean – as much as she enjoys Mike’s cum, she still thinks that Emily tastes better without it, but she was happy to kitty kiss her for a while and I helped to clean Mike’s cock off. We told Emily and Sara that they could stay over if they wanted, but the bed wasn’t really big enough anyway so we weren’t too disappointed when they said they would head home and we would see them the following day.

We had a subdued session the following morning – it lasted a fair time, but none of us came (on purpose). I lay on my side and Mike spooned with me and I had my head between Jen’s legs (resting on her thigh) so I could eat her. We all got fairly close to cumming a few times and almost decided to allow ourselves one orgasm, but managed to hold back. We got showered and dressed for the day and headed out to meet up with Sara and Emily for lunch (technically brunch for us as we’d skipped breakfast to fuck).

Both Jen and I had opaque tights on underneath short denim shorts. Mike really loved this look and said that if we weren’t waiting until the party, he would have fucked me before we’d gotten out of the room. We wandered along to the cafĂ© and found that Scott and David were joining us. I didn’t mind but Mike had hoped to have all four of us to himself (he didn’t really mind as he’s shared me with them at the parties before). I found out from Emily that David was one of the guys who had got to have a threesome with her and Sara, but didn’t share this with Mike at the time. We quietly discussed the upcoming party and how things would be different the following year (depending on who came back for the parties). Mike quite liked the idea of getting some fresh blood along, but I just teased him that if we kept going for much longer, he’d end up sleeping with girls half his age (he’s not quite that old yet, but we’d like to go to the parties for a long time to come).

With lunch over, Mike told Sara and Emily that he had a surprise for them. We had decided to buy some nice underwear for them as thanks for the times they had let us stay with them. Naturally this meant that he had to buy a set for Jen as well and I was even treated (now we’re living together, we have a bit more money). We wandered round and looked at things in a couple of shops before we found things we liked. Emily got a pale blue set, Sara went with an off-white pink, Jen went with yellow and I decided to get a matching set (but with a larger cup size!). We promised Scott and David that we would wear the underwear to the party, but that they would have to make sure they were there early so they could see it as we would be taking them off and storing them safely (I quite like having clothes ripped off me, but not when they are brand new and nice).

I had been intending on teasing Jen while we were out, but as we had extra guys along with us I decided to go a bit further than I’d originally planned. I bought a pair of scissors and (in a changing room) cut Jen’s shorts quite a bit higher. She still had her opaque tights on so nothing was actually visible, but there was now less material covering her lower ass. After wandering around a while longer, we popped into another shop and I made further adjustments. By the time we emerged, she only had a thin piece of denim covering her pussy and without the tights, she wouldn’t have been able to walk around (without someone complaining). None of the guys complained and I took every opportunity to get her to sit somewhere with one leg up or with her legs spread and directed her to pull the crotch of her shorts to the side.

We ducked down an alleyway and I knelt in front of Jen while the others kept watch. I got her to slip her shorts down enough to expose her crotch and I carefully cut the gusset of her tights (it wasn’t really the gusset as they were seamless tights). I didn’t make too large a cut so her shorts would still hide it, but it had the desired effect that if Jen now spread her legs and moved her shorts to the side, her pussy was clearly visible. We visited a few more places and I had Jen show herself off as much as possible before deciding I’d had enough so we headed back to Emily’s room and rested for the afternoon. Mike got a private viewing of our undies and we almost fooled around a bit, but didn’t want to do too much and stain the panties. In the end, Mike got Emily to remove her panties and he kitty kissed her for quite a while. She really enjoyed this but he didn’t get her too close to cumming. I think he was trying to make Sara jealous so he could eat her, but she didn’t rise to the occasion (although Mike’s cock did). We had our usual light dinner and we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and prepare.

I didn’t let Jen put her tights back on so she had to walk back to the hotel with just her shorts, barely covering her pussy. Mike and I had to shield her on a couple of occasions, but we made it without incident and the only other people who we think really noticed were a group coming up the stairs in the hotel behind us. Once we were in the bedroom (but before we’d closed the door) I had Jen bend forwards so I could kneel behind her, pull the shorts aside and lick her. I didn’t get her too close to cumming, but she was very wet and I don’t think it would have taken too long if I’d been trying. We didn’t take long to shower and dress and Jen and I wore our new underwear, but to make up for it, I wanted us to just wear coats and no clothes. Unfortunately, neither of us had jackets long enough to get away with this so we had to wear skirts as well.

It was still too early to head off to the party and we sat around for a while, then decided to head down to the hotel bar and have a drink. Jen and I undid our jackets far enough that our upper chests were visible, but not enough to show we only had bras on. Knowing that we were about to have an extended session (or multiple sessions depending on how you view it) wasn’t helping to keep me calm and I felt very fidgety. To help pass the time, Jen and I accidentally sat in a way that allowed a group of guys to see up our skirts to our panties (the one good thing about light panties is that they are easier to see in lower lighting). I adjusted my position a couple of times and made sure I spread my legs a decent distance when I did this (not all the way, but enough to give a very clear view up my skirt).

We decided to head off and take a slow walk and on the way I took the opportunity to fondle Jen whenever I could. We found a sufficiently secluded alleyway and I got Mike to help out (only in the breast area). I undid Jen’s top and Mike stood behind her so he could reach round and caress her breasts through her bra while I rubbed Jen’s crotch and pushed her panties between her lips. Jen didn’t realise what I was trying to do (not that it would have made any difference as she has to do what I want when we’re in York), but I achieved my goal and got her wet enough to leave a large spot on the crotch of her panties. She only found this out when we arrived at the party and I helped to strip her down to her underwear. Naturally she was rather embarrassed at having everyone see how wet she was (or had been), but I didn’t allow her to remove her panties and she had to endure it.

Her situation was made worse by Laura who decided to play along and started to caress Jen. I took Jen’s bra for safekeeping while Laura and Jen made out on the sofa and Laura rubbed Jen’s crotch through her panties until the damp spot became even darker. Scott and David turned up (separately) with their partners and Emily and Sara came not long after. Mike helped Emily undress and once I’d told Sara what was going on, she helped out with stimulating Jen. Sara and Laura soon both had fingers inside Jen, but still occasionally stopped to rub her panties into her cunt. They were pretty soggy by this point (Jen hadn’t cum all day) and people thought it was probably time to remove them and let everyone see Jen properly.

The three of them headed upstairs to use one of the beds and a few people followed to watch. I stayed downstairs and chatted with a few people while gently stroking myself. I watched a couple make out and then finger and suck on the sofa and really couldn’t wait any longer, so I reached over to Brett’s crotch and rubbed the bulge there. He asked if I wanted to fuck and I told him off for being so indelicate, but if he insisted, he was welcome to use my cunt and I would fuck him dry. He was happy with this arrangement and I quickly shed my underwear (it had been getting in the way) and I rode him as he sat on the sofa. I tried to ride up and down the whole length of his cock and let him suck on my breasts as I did this. He cupped my ass and it felt really good, but apart from when I pushed myself down on him and ground against his body I wasn’t getting much clitoral stimulation. It was easy to see that he was enjoying himself and I told him that I would make him cum as long as he would eat me (so I could cum).

He agreed to this and I sped up my movements. He pumped back against me and told me he was getting close so I told him to go ahead and cum. I briefly rode him after he’d cum, but not for long as I wanted my turn. I got someone to pass us a dental dam (this is the only party I know of where protection is put out beside the drinks and nibbles). With this in place, I climbed up so I was standing on the sofa and lowered myself onto Brett’s face. I was facing the wall and if I’d thought about it I would have got us to move around so I could lean back against it and put on a good show, but I wanted to cum and just enjoyed the feeling of his tongue working on my cunt. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks – I don’t think this made much of a difference, but I felt more exposed (which was good). I wasn’t overly loud, but I told him to keep going, to lick my clit, lick faster, harder… and then was rewarded with my first orgasm of the day (which I told him afterwards). He said he was happy to help and I headed off to see what everyone else was doing and look for my next fuck.

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