Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sex Party, June 2012 - Part 2

Sara and Laura had taken Jen upstairs and fucked her on one of the beds. They had started off with Laura eating Jen and Jen eating Sara (properly). Once Jen and Sara had cum, it was Laura’s turn and they took turns eating and fingering her. Their display was greatly appreciated by a number of the guys who wanted to join in, but neither Sara nor Jen (obviously) were willing to let them. Once Laura had cum, she allowed one of the guys to fuck her. He wanted Laura to eat Jen or Sara, but they were both satisfied for the time being so he had to make do with Laura (people don’t usually complain about this).

I found Mike buried between Hannah’s legs and briefly watched as he ate her to orgasm and then started to fuck her. I didn’t stay around to watch her cum again as I had been offered the use of Bennett’s cock. He wanted me to give it a bit of attention before we fucked so we ended up back downstairs with me sitting on the sofa. I let him fuck my breasts while I licked the head. I then sucked his cock for a while and he finally said he was ready to make me cum. I knelt over the arm of the sofa and let him slide into me from behind. He pushed deep inside me and used long slow strokes to start off, but soon sped up and pumped away inside me. He at least also reached around to play with my clit and fondle my breasts so the actual fuck felt better than it was with Brett. We got a good rhythm going and I pushed back against him in time with his strokes so it felt really deep and was greeting with the satisfying sound of our bodies slapping together. I told him to hold back until I’d cum and got him to rub my clit faster until I was very close. He slowed down his frigging but I still came first and got to enjoy my whole orgasm with him pumping in and out of me. I tried to keep pushing back in sync with his thrusts but as he got closer he sped up so I just let him move. I could feel him pulling my ass cheeks apart (he later told me this was so he could get a good look at my pussy swallowing his cock) and he then pushed into me four or five times as he came before staying still inside me.

When he pulled out, I took hold of his cock before he pulled the condom off and I took the head in my mouth once more to clean it off. I could feel his cum squishing around in the condom and thought back to the unprotected party when we were allowed to fuck properly. I imagined having his cum running out of my mouth and down my body but had to stop sucking him as his cock began to shrink and he removed the condom.

I went and did my duty to ensure that Sara didn’t get too lonely (there aren’t many girls at the party who will do things with other girls – at least not while they are sober) and once I’d found her, I went down on her. The guys enjoyed watching this and once again wanted to join in – I didn’t really need to cum again but it was the last party before the holidays so I told them that as long as I was between Sara’s legs, they could fuck me. We changed position on the bed to give better access to my cunt and I purposely didn’t look behind me so I had no idea who was doing what to me (okay, so I knew *what* they were doing, just not who was doing it). I enjoyed this a lot more than I had expected – having my cunt reamed by an unknown cock was an incredible turn on and I didn’t try to make Sara cum too quickly. The guy came, pulled out and rubbed against my ass and I asked if anyone else wanted a go, but told them not to tell me who they were.

Sara came almost as soon as I got my next mystery cock but I assured the guy that he could carry on and I asked Sara to go and fetch Laura for me. She was graduating so this was her last party as a student so I wanted to make sure that I had a chance to do things with her. I kept my face buried in the bedclothes so I still had no idea who was fucking me and when Laura appeared, I got her to climb onto the bed and assume the position Sara had been in. I fingered Laura and told her how much I would miss her cunt if she didn’t come back to the parties. She promised that she would try her best and I told her that we would make sure she was rewarded if she did. I felt the guy pull out of my cunt and was wondering if he’d already cum (he had been fucking me, but hadn’t been inside me for long and hadn’t been moving too quickly). I felt his cock press against my ass and I instinctively jumped forwards, but then relaxed and reached back to pull one of my cheeks to the side and told him to go ahead, but to start gently.

As the head of his cock pressed into me, I started to eat Laura. I couldn’t finger her cunt while eating her but decided if I was having my ass fucked, then I could do the same to her and pushed a finger against her. She immediately pushed back against me and my finger slid in a fair distance. Laura told me that I was a horny little slut and I just gave her a smile (which was probably hidden by her pussy). I continued to have my ass fucked and I broke contact with Laura’s cunt to tell the guy to play with my pussy and clit. He reached around and fondled me, but it wasn’t focused enough and I resigned myself to letting him just use me while I got Laura off. As she got closer to cumming, I concentrated on her clit and the guy in my ass came a short time before she did. I felt very exposed when he pulled out and it felt like my ass was gaping with everyone looking at me.

I now wanted to cum and considered getting Mike to give me a quick fuck so I could go and have a proper session with someone else, but decided to restrain myself and find my next target while feeling horny. I bumped in to Giles and Clare and told them I was glad that they had decided to return – unfortunately they had actually been at the party for a while and had already fucked each other, but said that they might well do things again later on. They still weren’t planning on doing things with other people and we talked about this for a while. I was completely naked (as were a few other people) and they at least seemed quite comfortable with this. I told Clare that I was glad to see she had taken my advice and worn a skirt this time and she agreed it was much easier. From the bulge in his trousers, Giles was clearly ready to do something more and I pointed this out to Clare and asked if I could watch. She was still nervous, but said it was okay and Giles quickly pulled her panties off and got his cock out.

I asked if I could help him get inside her, which I think he was up for but Clare wasn’t. I’d hoped to at least have a fondle of his cock, but in the end opted to try a different tack. I waited until their fucking was well underway and asked Clare if she minded if Giles played with my breasts. She agreed to this so I lay beside her and adjusted my position so he could lean over and suck on my breasts as I offered them to him. He was on top of Clare so I told him to reach over me to help hold himself up. This didn’t work too well, but meant that I was at least pressed up against Clare’s body I could entwine my legs with one of hers. He couldn’t move too well in this position so I had to let him hold himself up again but I didn’t free Clare’s leg. I wasn’t really holding onto it, but was now lying on my side facing them and still had one of her legs partly between mine.

As they got closer to cumming, I slowly moved down the bed so my head was in line with theirs and managed to get a little contact between my pussy and Clare’s leg. I didn’t rub against her, but did enjoy the movement caused by their fucking. Just before Clare came, I moved back a little and watched them as I stroked myself. I don’t think she realised that I’d been using her leg for stimulation, but she did realise when I moved down to have a look at her pussy after Giles had pulled out. She pulled her skirt down to cover herself and I said that I just wanted a quick look, which was only fair as she had seen my completely naked. I was allowed a brief look, enough to see Giles’s cum starting to dribble out of her, but I didn’t mention this and waited until she had a damp patch on her skirt. As payment, I sat on the bed with my legs spread and opened my pussy for Giles to have a close look. He still wasn’t allowed to touch me, but I could feel his breath on my cunt. I was now more than ready to cum and went off in search of some action, telling Clare and Giles that I hoped we could have some proper fun next time.

I went back downstairs which was where most people seemed to be and asked Scott if he wanted to fuck me. He said that he had only cum a short while ago but I told him that meant he should be able to last longer and give me a proper fuck. It wasn’t too difficult to convince him to try and we went into the kitchen so he could fuck me against the counter (maybe not hygienic, but fun). He took me from behind and played with my clit and breasts and we tried things the other way round with me sitting on a chair, but it was the wrong height so we moved back into the living room. This time I sat on the arm of the sofa so I could face him and he fucked me while I played with my clit. It was much easier to time things this way and with a bit of dirty talk I encouraged him to cum and he said that he was getting there. I really wanted to cum but held back until he did and we put on a fairly convincing simultaneous orgasm show. He stopped fucking me a bit sooner than I would have liked, but I at least came so it wasn’t too bad.

Jen had watched what we were doing and decided to get some revenge on me for earlier. When Scott pulled out of me, she knelt and started to kitty kiss me (which felt nice) and then eat me (which felt strong). I could have told her to go fuck herself (literally), but allowed her to ‘punish’ me and I sat and endured the build-up to another orgasm. Fortunately it wasn’t too strong but I was still left sitting with my legs spread and a very pink and moist pussy.

I had a rest for a while and just enjoyed watching what other people were doing and chatting. I spent a while with Melissa and Neil and caught up with them. Neil started to stroke my leg and I asked if they wanted to repeat the threesome we’d had at the previous party. Melissa said that she had agreed to this and I told her that Laura really wanted a chance to eat her. Neil seemed happy with this so we went off to find her and then commandeered a bed. We hadn’t quite figured out what we were going to do, but things worked out fairly naturally. Laura pushed Melissa down onto her back and went down on her. Neil took Laura and this only left Melissa’s mouth for me. I carefully climbed over her face (making sure not to crawl on her hair) and asked if she was up to helping me cum. She nodded so I lowered myself onto her mouth and after a few seconds, I felt her tongue start to lick me.

There are usually a couple of threesomes at the parties, but a foursome like this was relatively rare so a fair number of people came up to watch us. Melissa was surprisingly good for an apparently straight girl but I gave her a few pointers as to exactly where to lick me. I also ‘helped’ out Laura by telling Neil that she liked having a finger in her ass. I felt Melissa cum (she sort of shook a bit and moaned into my cunt) so I told Laura to back off a little on her. She didn’t stop eating her, but seemed to slow down a bit – at least until she got closer to cumming. Melissa carried on eating me and I felt my orgasm building and wanted to be able to play with her so I told Laura to move out of the way and after she had awkwardly crawled to the side, I fell forwards and pushed my face into Melissa’s cunt. I later confirmed that this was her first 69 with a girl and as she ate me to orgasm, I furiously lapped away at her cunt and clit and carried on until I felt her cum underneath me. Laura had cum soon after I’d started eating Melissa and Neil had cum sometime between my and Melissa’s orgasms. I rolled off her and we were clapped by our audience. I gently played with Melissa’s cunt and asked if she had ever thought of shaving herself completely (her lips were shaved but she has a patch of black hair on her mons). I told her if she ever wanted to go bald, I would be happy to shave her, although pointed out it would be a fair distance for her to travel just for that…

I was pretty beat by this time and went to have a look round. I caught up with Mike and found out he had fucked Christine while she had been sucking off another guy and had gone down on Emily (which I thought was a waste as he could do that later). He still wanted to eat Laura (for old time’s sake) and we went for another wander to find her. Unfortunately (for Mike), she was already busy when we found her and it was a bit of a surprise that she was with both Jen and Christine (who doesn’t usually do much with girls). She had apparently been convinced that as it was her last party, she should go for it and had agreed to let Laura play with her properly. Jen had got in on this and both of them were working on Christine’s cunt, taking turns to eat or finger her.

Sara was watching and I asked why she wasn’t getting in there with them and taking advantage of the situation. She said that she’d cum enough, but I wasn’t going to let her miss out and slid my hand down her back, between her ass cheeks and gently toyed with her pussy. Sara eventually got the message and joined them on the bed. At first she helped to play with Christine but then climbed over her face and let Christine eat her. Jen ate Christine and then switched places with Sara. Mike took this opportunity to go down on Laura and when it was her turn to eat Christine, he fucked her for a while.

Christine made Jen cum and Sara climbed back over her face. She had been playing with herself while watching so came pretty quickly and once she’d cum, Laura took her place. It only seemed fair that if Christine was really going to expand her horizons that we should all help out so I took Laura’s place and carried on licking. Mike pushed into me but I told him not to be greedy so he let someone else take me (again, I didn’t look) and I carried on eating Christine until she came again. I know it was a bit mean, but I called Emily over and suggested she have a go. The guy fucking me came and pulled out and once Laura had climbed off Christine’s face, I clambered over and took her place. We had pretty much everyone at the party in the bedroom now (or in the hallway looking in) and I felt quite jealous of Christine getting so much attention from so many people. I’m pretty sure that Emily made her cum and I stayed in place until I came and then climbed off and let Emily take my place.

We’d gone through the list of gay/bi girls and offered Christine’s (very pink) pussy to any other girls. I managed to ‘encourage’ (with a bit of pushing) Melissa to kneel down and have a little lick and with some encouragement from her boyfriend, Hannah also did this. Neither of them licked her for long and Laura ended up offering Christine to anyone who wanted her. Christine was still working on Emily and Bennett decided to take up the offer. He tossed the dental dam aside and pushed his cock into her and we watched her lips stretch around it. Emily helped to lift Christine’s legs up and Bennet fucked her hard. Emily didn’t last and ended up cumming, but tried to continue to hold Christine’s legs up so Bennett could carry on. She asked if Christine could cum again and was told no, but Laura didn’t find this an acceptable answer so sat beside Christine and reached down to play with her clit.

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