Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sex Party, June 2012 - Part 3

I sort of felt a little sorry for Christine – she had agreed to make the most of her last party and be a bit more adventurous and we had somewhat taken advantage of her. We’d made her cum many times in a row (after a night of fucking) and she had eaten and been eaten by five girls instead of just the one or two she thought she would be playing with. At the same time I was still rather jealous and loved the sight of her squirming on the bed as Emily and Bennett pulled another orgasm from her. He carried on fucking her until he came but there was no sign of any cum in the condom when he pulled out (which is not unusual by this point in the party) and Christine was left lying on the bed with her legs spread. It had been an epic session and I think it pretty much marked the end of the party as nobody could think of a (reasonable) way to top it. A few people fooled around a bit more and we saw another two couples fucking (separately), but things certainly wound down.

Jen, Mike and I chatted to Clare and Giles a bit more and I once again tried to convince them to join in properly. Clare said that she would think about it (which from the way she said it I took as a ‘no’ – or at least ‘not yet’) but I was convinced that Giles was still interested. They promised that they would come back next (academic) year and we told them we would be looking forward to their return. A couple of people had already left and we tried to make sure we said goodbye to all the people who were graduating – often with one last fondle. We arranged to meet up with Sara and Emily the following day and Emily said that if we were up for it, we could have a mini party and that she had arranged for a couple of extra guys. I wasn’t sure Mike would enjoy they guys outnumbering the girls (Jen and Sara don’t really count in this case), but most of the times recently there have been more girls so I thought it would be fun for a change.

We wandered back to the hotel without our skirts on, taking care not to be seen. Before we entered, we did cheat and put our panties back on, but went through the lobby and upstairs with them peeking out from under out coats. We fell asleep pretty quickly without our usual session (but that can be forgiven in the circumstances). The following morning, Mike woke up with his cock pressed against Jen’s ass, but quickly turned over and slid into me. I reminded him that we were meeting Sara and Emily (and others) and he said that he would refrain from cumming, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t fuck me (this is why I love him so much). We fucked for a while and he then went down on me. With my orgasm out of the way, I took care of Jen while Mike showered and he then chatted to us while we showered together.

We got a text from Sara while we were having breakfast, asking if we still wanted to meet and we arranged to go to her place. I made a few adjustments to Jen’s outfit – nothing too bad, just bunches and white socks (she didn’t have a lot of different clothes with her so my options were limited). Fortunately she had been optimistic about the weather and had a light shift dress with her so I had her wear this. We headed over to Sara’s place and found that ‘the guys’ were David and Scott and Emily assured me that they had been tested and were clean, so if I wanted, we could have some proper fun.

Once again, we wanted to make sure that we got to taste Emily before she was polluted. Scott and David had tasted her at the unprotected party but Scott didn’t seem to get why we liked her taste so much. Naturally, the rest of us didn’t stand around waiting while Emily was being eaten and I let one of the guys eat me while I sucked the other one (sometimes Emily took care of the sucking). Once they’d had their turn with Emily, Jen and Sara sat and watched and I instructed Jen to spread her legs and finger herself and once we’d all had a go with her, it was time to get serious and start things properly.

I was kind of hoping that with three guys, we could each try a foursome, but I know Mike didn’t really enjoy feeling another cock rubbing against his when we did DP. I thought we should start off gently and suggested that Em and I could be fucked while we both licked whoever was left out. To be fair, we rolled a dice to select who would be licked and it ended up on Scott. Emily and I knelt on the bed with Mike behind Emily and David behind me while Scott knelt in front of us and held his cock out so we could suck him. It all sort of worked, but probably wasn’t quite as effective for Scott as I’d hoped (I had originally imagined Em and me kissing around his cock and lashing it with our tongues until he came over our faces). The other end worked a lot better though and the guys happily fucked us. Mike played with Emily’s clit and David copied what he was doing. We founf it was easier for one of us to suck Scott as we could then bob back and forth on his cock as we pushed back against the cock inside us. David came in me first but I got him to stay inside me (although he couldn’t move much) while he played with my clit. Mike got Em to cum and then fucked her harder until he emptied himself in her and it was now just up to us to finish off Scott.

Without the distraction of being fucked, it was much easier and we stroked, sucked and licked him until he told us he was getting close. We then competed, taking turns sucking him for 30 seconds to see who could make him cum. I lost and he came in Emily’s mouth, but she shared his cum with me and we kissed messily letting it drip down out of our mouths onto our bodies (I didn’t actually like the taste of his cum that much so I was being messy on purpose. We rubbed some of his cum into our cunts and then took the cock that had been in the other person’s pussy to suck clean. Both David and Mike were fairly soft by this point but we managed to breathe a bit of life back into them.

Scott wanted to fuck one of us (after a little break) but I still hadn’t given up on my idea of DP (plus sucking) so I took Emily aside and asked her if she was up for it. We agreed that as long as they guys were willing and they were prepared to do us both, then we would go for it. It was somewhat easier than I had expected to convince the guys and even Mike said he was prepared to try it again. Emily and I tossed a coin to decide who should go first (one again trying to be fair) and she won. We got the guys to confirm that they would be able to cum a third time and with this promise in place, we set about preparing.

It had only been about 10-15 minutes since we’d cum so we spent a bit of time on foreplay to make sure that everyone was ready. Once we thought this was the case, Scott lay on his back on the bed and Emily climbed over him. Mike rubbed some lube onto his cock and pressed into Emily’s ass and David knelt in front of her. I helped out a little by holding his cock in place and offering it to Emily who took a fair length of it in her mouth. It took Mike and Scott a while to get a good rhythm going, but they eventually managed it and pumped in and out of Emily. It was obvious from Emily’s moaning that she was enjoying it but I wanted to hear her describe how it felt so I took over stroking David’s cock so she could tell me. She was certainly enjoying herself (although later told me it would have been better without having to worry about sucking at the same time, which I agreed with) and asked them to speed up as she wanted to cum.

Mike told her he was going to fill her ass with cum and Scott said he would fill her cunt and I let her take David back in her mouth. At his request I fondled his balls – I’m not used to doing this as Mike’s balls (or one of them) is quite tender following an infection a number of years ago, David didn’t complain though and I watched as Emily’s body repeatedly swallowed three cocks and felt my pussy begin to tingle with the thought of them all soon being inside me. Scott came first this time but he had to stay inside Emily. Mike fucked Emily’s ass a while longer before cumming in her and he stayed buried in her while Emily sucked and I pumped David’s cock until he emptied himself into her mouth. Once again Emily wanted to share this with me and I let her but then spat most of it out and rubbed it over my cunt (there hadn’t been much anyway so it wasn’t as bad as the first time and David tasted less salty than Scott did).

With two orgasms each, we felt it was time to help out Jen and Sara. This was partly to give us and the guys time to recover and was also designed to help them get hard again. They had already made each other cum once while watching us so were already behind, but we quickly took care of that. I let Em do Jen while I ate Sara and as I worked on her I enjoyed the feeling of her squishy little pussy lips on my tongue and between my lips. There didn’t seem to be any point in trying to be too delicate and I dragged the flat of my tongue over her ass a number of times before spearing her. This got the usual reaction from her so I did it a few more times before returning to her cunt. Jen ended up coming before Sara – I like to think that is just because she is simply hornier rather than having anything to do with Emily being better than I am at eating pussy. I didn’t intend to be left too far behind though and sped up my ministration on Sara, now alternating between licking her cunt and ass. As expected, this got her off quite quickly and even got a couple of interesting noises out of her.

Emily and I were now ready for round three and it looked like Mike and Scott were ready but David needed a little encouragement. Having all been at the parties together meant that this wasn’t an issue as one of the rules is that you don’t comment on someone if they don’t perform as well (or as long) as you want them to. Of course, the whole point is for everyone to enjoy themselves so people do try hard and if there is the occasional person who cums too soon, can get it up or can’t get wet enough, the idea is just to help them out. I sidled over to David and started to stroke his cock and asked him if he wanted to try fucking my ass. I pulled his hand round behind me and pressed one of his fingers against my ass and he got the idea and pushed it in. I encouraged him to keep going and kept stroking his cock which quickly inflated and looked ready for action.

I got Scott to take his position on the bed again and lowered myself onto him. I squeezed myself around him as hard as I could and whispered to him if I felt tighter than Emily (he whispered back that I did – I don’t know if he meant it or was just being nice to me as I was about to fuck him, but I liked hearing it). I felt David enter my ass and asked Emily to help hold Mike’s cock (for some reason Scott didn’t want Mike’s balls dangling in his face) and I took the head in my mouth. Mike got Sara and Emily over to have a closer look and they watched as my holes were repeatedly filled with cock. I rubbed myself against Scott, trying to get as much friction on my clit as possible and it worked quite well. Mike had reached down to stroke my neck and I realised I was going to cum a lot sooner than I’d thought, but didn’t want to hold back so I carried on and concentrated on my orgasm as it built and the feelings caused by the cocks in my mount, ass and cunt. I pictured what Jen could see and imagined how it would look from inside me as I was invaded over and over and ended up cumming. Unfortunately my orgasm wasn’t anything spectacular, but it still felt pretty good as if it was more distributed through my body than usual.
I bucked back and forth as I came (it was the easiest way to tell them I was cumming as I had my mouth full) and Emily told the guys to hurry up and fuck me faster. They were quite happy to do this and I felt them pump away inside me. I felt a little tender and was actually quite glad when they finished (David first, then Scott and finally Mike). I kissed Emily to share Mike’s cum, although he had hardly produced any (enough to taste, but much less than earlier) and then extricated myself from the tangle of flesh.

We all felt quite satisfied and fairly tired and it was clear that we weren’t likely to get much more out of the guys. After I’d got my breath back, I did help Emily give each of the cocks a big double kiss. We chatted for a while and eventually got rid of Scott and David. I knew that Mike wanted to have a chance to do ‘something’ with Sara and he had a plan to make this happen. She loves having her ass licked and we offered her the opportunity to 69 with me so I could eat her pussy and Mike could take her ass. She hesitated for a short time but her fetish got the better of her and she agreed. I lay with my legs at the end of the bed so she could lie on top of me and Mike to crouch behind us on the bed. This sort of worked but in the end we switched round so Mike was on top of me and Sara faced away from him and we made fairly short work of her. Mike got hard enough to rub against me and he pushed into me as things progressed, but we weren’t seriously fucking.

Jen said that it was only fair that if we’d had a final go with Sara that she should have Emily and so as we rested, we watched the two of them licking each other. Jen complained about the guys cum polluting Emily, but she still gave her a thorough licking and I was impressed to see that they both came again. By the time they finished, Mike was properly hard again (but still not ready to fuck) and as a thank you for helping her cum, Sara fed him some of her pussy juice from her fingers (he wanted to eat her, but she was standing firm on that and still saying no).

It was nearly time for us to head off so we dressed and wandered into town together. We didn’t have time to get food so just picked up sandwiches and Mike and I caught our train. Jen had a little while to wait so she, Emily and Sara sat and had a late lunch together before she set off for home. She arranged for Sara and Emily to come and visit us over the holidays and told them that they were welcome to share her bed, although they might have to squeeze up and Jen promised that they could experience our range of toys.

I dozed off on the train and it was only when we got up to leave that I found out I’d had more cum left inside me than I’d thought (I had assumed that most of it had dribbled out of me on my walk to the station). The back of my skirt had a large damp patch and Mike had to walk behind me until I could fish out a jacket to cover up the worst of it. Later that night (after Mike had given my pussy a thorough showering), he ate me and then fucked me while using a small vibe in my ass. I tried my best to describe to him how it felt being fucked by two guys at once and decided that while I liked the sound of also sucking someone off, it was much easier when I didn’t have to concentrate on that as well and could just enjoy the sensations of being fucked. Mike said that he much preferred being in my ass as he couldn’t feel the other cock as much so if I really wanted to do it again, he would be happy (or at least happier) to help out (unless I could find two guys who were willing).

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