Saturday, 8 September 2012

'Wedding' Planning

There isn’t that much sex in this entry, it’s mostly background for my more loyal followers…

The following weekend in June I was feeling ill so ended up staying at home with Mike. It was actually quite useful as it meant that I could plan out things for the ‘wedding’ without Jen being there to distract me and us getting side-tracked into doing things that would undoubtedly be a lot more fun, but not as productive on the planning side. Not that Mike didn’t also try to distract me, but I had him doing the planning to prepare what was going to be Jen’s bedroom, which we were preparing as a surprise for her (she will know about it by the time this is published so it’s no longer a secret).

We have decided to have the same sort of setup as we did in York: both Jen and he will have a room and I will go between them, depending on whose turn it is to have the pleasure of my company that night. At the moment, Jen thinks that she is getting the smaller bedroom, but Mike has agreed that Jen and I will have the master bedroom (with more cupboards). We’ve gotten the landlords permission to redecorate (as long as we pay for it) and it is going to be a fairly girly room (not all pink and bows, but definitely feminine) and we’re fitting out a cupboard with storage to house our toys and have them easily to hand.

This may be a contentious point, but I would like to clarify about Jen and I getting ‘married’. My view on this is that we certainly aren’t getting married as I agree with the view that this is a religious ceremony and our relationship falls outside of the definition (quiet aside from the fact that I am already married). Technically I would say that Mike and I shouldn’t say that we got married in the religious sense either as we didn’t take the vow to forgo all others and our relationship isn’t within the parameters of a religious marriage either. I simply use the term as we can’t find a good way to describe what will be happening. The best we can come up with is a ‘commitment ceremony’, but in the invitations we invited people to our ‘joining’. The ceremony obviously won’t have any legal standing, it is simply a way for Jen and I to stand up in front of our friends and families to pledge our love for each other and our intention to share our lives. I take it just as seriously as I do my commitment to Mike through our marriage and that is why he will be the person giving me away to Jen (technically he will be doing something halfway between giving me away and lending me to her).

I’d like to point out that I fully support people in civil unions having exactly the same rights as married couples, I just don’t agree that it should be called marriage. With that out of the way (and possibly having angered some of my gay/bi readers), back to my weekend in bed…

In the morning, we had a lie in and then selected wallpaper and paint for the bedroom. There was no need for us to get dressed as I stayed in bed for most of the day and it’s not as if I haven’t seen Mike naked before! I had a light lunch and a nap in the early afternoon. I was feeling cold so Mike spooned up behind me to help keep me warm. Out of habit, I wriggled back against him and he was gentlemanly enough to ask if he could slide into me. We didn’t fuck, but he did slowly move in and out and as I dozed off, I told him that if he thought he could cum in me without waking me up (or stopping me from going to sleep), then he could keep moving and see what happened.

I managed to doze off for a couple of hours and when I woke up, he was still behind me, but was no longer inside me (or hard – as he was asleep). I could tell from the damp patch that he had either managed to cum in me or I’d wet myself (it was the former) and when he woke up he told me how he had stayed pressed inside me and gently moved back and forth while picturing the head of his cock rubbing against the depths of my cunt. I was impressed he’s managed to do this without disturbing me but he said it was quite easy. He offered to make me cum in whatever way I wanted, but I didn’t feel like it (which is how I knew I was ill) so we worked on some of the ‘joining ceremony’ planning (you see what I call it a wedding?). We finalised a number of details for the ceremony (in conjunction with Jen via Skype in most cases) and Mike went out to get some food. The evening was also spent in bed watching a film and I let Mike talk me into having one orgasm before we went to sleep. It was very gentle, he spooned me again and I held a vibe against my clit on low power. It took a while for my orgasm to build, but it felt very nice and seemed to spread warmth through my body as I came. Mike didn’t fuck me and just stayed inside me until I went to sleep before he got up and watched another film.

I felt a bit better the following morning – or at least well enough to wake Mike by sucking his cock and then telling him that he could fuck me if he wanted. We used Sue’s favourite position with my lying on my front, with him on top of me and rubbing my clit. He fucked me slowly and I tried contracting myself around him while I concentrated on the feeling of his cock sliding between my lips. It felt nice having his full weight lying on me. I ended up cumming and Mike carried on slowly fucking me – sort of showing how he came in me while I’d been asleep, but moving a bit more that he had done then. I ended up getting a protein injection from him to help me get better (I’m not sure that’s how it works, but I enjoyed having him cum in me anyway) and I was then given breakfast in bed.

I rested for most of Sunday and Mike took care of the shopping (which he usually does when I’m away anyway). Later in the afternoon I had a cyber session with Jen – nothing too strenuous, Mike just positioned the laptop to give Jen a good view of my pussy and I used a vibe on my clit so Jen could watch my lips getting flushed and then quivering (her term) as I came. She then put on a display for Mike and me during which Mike spooned me, but pulled out so Jen could see him cum over me. I was feeling quite a bit better by this point, but we went to bed fairly early anyway and rested before one final gentle session and sleep. All the rest meant I was well enough for our usual morning fuck before work on the Monday, which meant I was in a good mood (I hate missing these).

We got some news from Sue later that week – during one of her post-exam parties, she had gotten off with Katie again (one of her Uni friends). It had been at (or after) another party. They had flirted a bit at the party and at the request of their (mostly male) friends had kissed a bit and fondled each other’s breasts (through clothes). As people started to head home, Ryan got Sue to ask Katie if she wanted to go back to their place (well, Sue’s room) and she agreed. They got home without incident and fall into Sue’s bed. Sue immediately started to kiss Katie and quickly got her top off so she could play with her breasts – Katie mentioned about Ryan seeing them but Sue said that he knew that they’d done before anyway and she pushed her hand between Katie’s legs and roughly rubbed her panties.

Ryan sat and watched but it wasn’t long before he had his cock out and was happily wanking away. Meanwhile, Sue had removed Katie’s panties and started to finger her properly and Katie had fought her way through Sue’s top to her breasts. Sue pulled her own panties off and quickly removed her skirt before going back to kissing and fingering Katie. Katie’s hand found its way to Sue’s pussy and they started to grind against each other. Sue kissed her way down Katie’s body and asked if she wanted to be eaten again and Katie told her she did, so (with protection – she listened to our warnings), she buried her face between Katie’s legs and gave her a good licking. This ended up being too much for Ryan to watch and he moved up behind Sue and pushed into her – this hadn’t been part of the original plan, but neither Sue nor Katie objected and Ryan happily pumped away inside Sue as Katie got closer and closer to cumming. Sue says that Katie seemed to get into it a lot more this time and she pulled Sue’s head against her pussy and told her to keep going. Despite starting after them, Ryan came in Sue before Katie came and he pulled out to watch the grand finale of Katie’s orgasm (it wasn’t that grand, but he seemed to think he’d get a better view from the side). Sue could feel his cum dripping out of her as she lapped away at Katie’s pussy, but concentrated on making her friend cum.

Once Katie had finished, Sue moved back up her body and kissed her again while she slid her fingers back into her cunt. She asked Katie to make her cum and asked if she would mind returning the favour and eating her this time. Katie hesitated a bit and said that she wasn’t sure how as she’d never done it before, but Sue said it was fine and she would tell her if she got it wrong. Katie nervously moved down between Sue’s legs and Sue put a dental dam in place and told her to just lick her wherever she liked being licked. Katie was very hesitant at first, but after a couple of licks, she applied a bit more pressure and realised that it wasn’t that difficult. It took her a while, but with encouragement, Katie slowly got bolder and was eventually eating Sue properly. Sue felt Katie licking around the dental dam and she assumes that she must have tasted some of Ryan’s cum, but she concentrated on Sue’s pussy and clit and Sue told her to carry on like that so she could cum.

Ryan was standing to attention again and Sue says that he considered trying to fuck Katie, but he couldn’t find a condom fast enough and didn’t want to miss the show. He settled for presenting his cock to Sue for her to suck (and as I’ve mentioned before, and Mike attests to, Sue is an incredibly good cocksucker). Katie was doing well enough by this point that Sue didn’t need to keep directing her so she took Ryan in her mouth, wrapped a hand around his shaft and started to suck him. She broke contact as she got very close to cumming though so she could moan and tell Katie what a good job she was doing. When she came, she was fairly loud and described to Katie how her tongue felt as it pushed against her pussy. Ryan meanwhile had taken over stroking his cock and he came again, squirting only a small amount of cum over Sue’s breasts.
Sue pulled Katie up so they could kiss again and Katie either hadn’t noticed or didn’t care about Ryan’s cum as their breasts pressed together. Sue asked Katie to stay and after a little hesitation, she said that she would. Sue slept in the middle, cuddled up with Katie and Ryan did his best to either spoon or cuddle Sue. Sue says that she felt his cock poke against her quite a few times, but they didn’t do anything else serious that night.

Sue considered trying to wake Katie in the morning by going down on her, but in the end she just gently caressed her body until her nipples were getting hard and then slipped a hand between Katie’s legs and teased her pussy. Katie woke up with a start, but once she realised where she was, she said that what Sue was doing felt nice. Sue said that she wanted to eat her again and crawled down between her legs to finger her. Sue worked two and then three fingers into Katie’s pussy and she had a good look at her cunt as she fingered it, spread her lips and played with her clit. Sue had to ask Ryan to pass her a dental dam which meant Ryan had to lean over Katie and he purposely pressed his cock against her body. He didn’t move away once he’d passed the dam to Sue. He asked Katie if he could fondle her breasts and she told him to go ahead. Between Ryan kissing her and playing with her breasts and Sue eating her, it took Katie hardly any time to cum and Sue did a fairly good job of kitty kissing her for a while afterwards.

Ryan started to fuck Sue but she said that she wanted Katie to make her cum again and Katie seemed much less hesitant about it this time. She moved between Sue’s legs and got stuck in and Ryan asked if he could fuck her. He knew that Sue was fine with this (they had agreed beforehand that if Katie was okay with it then he could) and Katie briefly broke contact with Sue to tell him to go ahead. He quickly put a condom on, knelt behind her and pushed into her. Sue could see Ryan moving as he fucked Katie and she could feel her being pushed against her cunt as he pumped into her. She says that she felt a little jealous, (just as I used to), but Katie’s licking quickly distracted her from this. Once again Ryan came fairly quickly, but this time he at least played with Katie’s cunt, fingering her and rubbing her clit. Sue came before Katie did but she carried on licking until Ryan got her off and they then broke and she laughed about what they had just done.

From what Sue said, I don’t think Katie felt ashamed or embarrassed about what had happened, but she didn’t want to stay around for any further fun. Sue seemed a little disappointed about this, but I had warned her that if she was going to try things with (formerly) straight girls, then she might have to take things slowly (and I think she’d done pretty well to get that far). I’ve had to embellish the story slightly (Sue doesn’t know about this blog, so while she is more than happy to tell us the details and we’ve gone over it a few times, I couldn’t get everything out of her to describe it in as much detail as I can with things that involved me, Mike or Jen).


  1. To be honest...the main point of contention by the religious right is that they believe we are trying to redefine a word then force them to use our definition of it.

    I agree that everyone (legally/gov. speaking) should get a civil union and leave "marriage" where it was originally...within your chosen religion. I think that is an acceptable compromise. We don't get 'marriage' but do get civil unions, on the other hand they don't get 'marriage' but don't have to force upon themselves our definition of it either.

    And yes, the rights should go to the civil union, which just so happens to be irrespective of orientation. :)

  2. Unfortunately due to silly bigamy laws, Jen and I can't even be 'unioned' legally. I would much prefer to be able to say I was married to her (than unioned) but tend I just tell people that she and Mike are both my partners which avoids married/unioned/husband/lesbian life partner...

  3. true, but laws against polygamous relationships make a ton of sense. in polygamous relationships the abuse rates (almost always non-violent) go through the roof so while your situation is functional and fine it makes sense that the laws are made for the statistical rule not the exception.