Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Our Last Group Holiday? Part 6

We stopped off at a café and chatted for quite a while. I apologised to her for having fondled her on the beach the previous day and she said that I didn’t need to worry and she had really enjoyed it. (Lis is almost always like that and it really doesn’t help to make things any easier). I had intended for the conversation to try and calm things down, but ended up telling Lis how I had needed to cum so badly that I’d had Jen play with me in the sea (and then told her how I’d lost my bikini bottoms and had to get Jen to get a second pair while I waited naked for her). We had a good laugh over this and Lis said that she should have got Jen to tell her so she could have kept me company instead of Mike. I pointed out that me being naked (and alone) with her would probably lead to bad things happening (from Lucy’s point of view) and Lis agreed but said that it could still have been fun. We discussed how things were going between her and Lucy, about Lucy moving in with Lis, their sex life (Lis knows I like hearing about this and is constantly getting better at giving me more explicit details about what they get up to). We had to be careful with our conversation as we were surrounded by people, but the café was in a fairly noisy area so it wasn’t too difficult to talk loudly enough for the other one to hear, but not loud enough for the people at tables near us.

We wandered back and continued our conversation. I gave Lis all the details of what I’d been up to with Paul and Lis said that it might be fun to watch (although she obviously wouldn’t be letting him fuck her). When we arrived at the villa nobody was there, but they had left a note saying they had gone to join the others at the beach as the clouds had begun to clear. We went to get changed but Lis soon came into my room and asked me that as I’d lost my nice bikini panties, if I would like to borrow a white pair she had. I told her that I had plenty more (including more revealing ones) but she thought that the white ones would look cute on me. As you can guess, I find it hard to say no to Lis and slipped off the pair I had on and put my hand out to take the white ones. Lis said that she would put them on for me and knelt in front of me, instructing me to step into them and then pulling them up my legs.

She untied one side at a time and adjusted them for me, checking the fit the whole way round (waist and legs) and each time she ran her fingers under the material near my pussy I felt my cunt tingle more. She smoothed them down one last time, running her hands over my ass, pussy and mons and said that they looked really good on me. I had no intention of letting her tease me in that way without retribution so I told her that I should check how her ones fitted as well. Fortunately they had ties too so I had the opportunity to undo each side and get a look at Lis’ pussy. I noticed that she had a little stubble (she hadn’t been a part of the shaving party earlier in the week) and without thinking about it I offered to shave her. Lis didn’t hesitate much before agreeing to this and I quickly grabbed the things from my case before either of us changed our minds.

Lis pulled her bikini off and sat on my bed – I sponged her pussy with hot water, added some gel, rubbed it in and then set about shaving her. I worked around her pussy first, carefully shaving her lips and pulling them in various directions so I could ensure I didn’t miss anything. With this done, I quickly did her mons (which is much easier) and ran my fingers over the whole area to check for any missed stubble. While I’d been working on her, I had been sitting with my heel pressed against my pussy and by the time I rinsed Lis clean, I was slowly rocking back and forth, grinding against it. I checked Lis’ lips once more with my fingers and progressed to checking her inner lips. There was a heavy atmosphere of expectation in the room and I could feel (and see) Lis twitch as I stroked her. I ran my fingers back and forth over her clit a few times and slipped two fingers a fair way into her pussy. I tasted Lis from my fingers and told her that I thought we should probably stop.

Lis asked if I wanted her to check if I needed to be shaved and I was very tempted, but just climbed up onto the bed so I was lying on top of her and gave her a kiss. I pressed my thigh firmly against her pussy, looked her straight in the eyes and said that if she took my panties off, I would almost certainly end up planting my cunt over her face and 69ing with her until we had both cum many times. Technically I was being well behaved by trying to do the right thing, but this was slightly offset by the fact that I was rubbing my crotch up and down against her leg while using my leg to rub against her pussy. I don’t think it would have taken much for us to have ended up doing things, but we just had one more kiss and reluctantly separated. I tidied up the shaving items while Lis pulled her bikini back on (I decided not to help adjust it this time) and we had a talk about our ‘situation’. Lucy knows that I care about Lis and would love to get her back into bed and Lis told me that Lucy didn’t mind us fooling around a ‘little bit’ as long as it didn’t go too far. As I think is clear from the fact that Lis considered proposing to Lucy, she really loves her and neither of us want to do anything to damage their relationship. Lis also knows that I don’t want to do things with people who are already dating, unless their partner has given permission – or better still wants to join in – and we promised to try a bit harder to restrain ourselves in future. On the way to the beach I proposed something to Lis to try to equal the score a little and Lis liked the idea so much that I even got her to agree to an extra little bonus item.

We met up with the others and after a bit of swimming returned for lunch. Richard called in my promise for a threesome with him and Abrahii and we spent an hour or so playing in their room. This was much more fun than playing with Paul as Richard is somewhat more experienced (even though he’s had more men than he’s had women). Abrahii and I took turns riding him while the other one licked away at the juncture between his cock and our cunts. As always, I would have liked to have him cum inside me, but with two of us present there was only one ‘fair’ way to get his first load of cum out. When he got close, we knelt on the floor between his legs and licked up and down his cock. We teased him for a while, getting him fairly close to cumming and then pulling back, but didn’t do this for too long before telling him that he could cum. We each took a side of his glans and gently flicked at it with our tongues. Richard told us when he was just about to cum and we flicked as fast as we could until we were rewarded with his cum. It shot out and landed on our faces (a little more on Abrahii’s than on mine) and once he had finished cumming, Abrahii and I 69ed and got ourselves fairly close to cumming.

As we’d already played earlier, I had assumed that we were going to concentrate on Richard, but Abrahii has been ‘inspired’ by Julia and myself and when I tried to pull away, she said that she wanted to cum. I was more than happy to oblige and got Richard to spoon with her (he wasn’t quite ready to fuck again, but he was at least hard) and I concentrated on sucking Abrahii’s clit. She came quite quickly and Richard told her how he could feel her cunt spasm around his cock. I turned around so I could kiss her and play with her breasts and Richard stayed buried inside her. Once she’d had a bit of time to recover, I reached down and fondled her pussy and his cock and got him to start moving in her. With a bit of effort, we rolled over so Abrahii was on top of me (with Richard still fucking her). Richard kneeled up behind Abrahii and I reached down to her ass to pull her cheeks apart so he could get better depth and they fucked like this while Abrahii and I kissed.

She was kneeling up slightly and I could feel her breasts swaying and rubbing against mine. I asked Richard if he wanted to cum in her again or if he wanted a go at me and he said that he wanted a ‘proper’ threesome (by which he meant he wanted to do things to us both at the same time). Richard lay on his back and I have Abrahii the choice between his cock and his face and she graciously offered me his cock (as he’d already cum in her). I climbed onto him, she mounted his face and we set off. I bounced up and down on his cock quite energetically (the bed was quite soft and it was fun). I watched Abrahii play with her breasts and I worked on my clit until I was quite close. I had no idea how far Richard was from cumming and I didn’t intend to stop and ask, but I did ease back on frigging myself. I watched Abrahii cum again and told her to stay in place as long as she could, but she couldn’t take much more and climbed off Richard’s face. It was now easier for him to tell me how close he was and I was surprised to find out that he had already cum in me. I was still bouncing up and down on his cock and I know that Mike usually can’t take too much movement after he’s cum, but Richard seemed fine with it so I carried on energetically riding him (mostly for effect) and got him to play with my clit. He didn’t think he could cum again and told me to just enjoy myself so I did and once I’d cum, I pulled myself off his cock and planted my cunt on his face so he could also eat me. It wasn’t that I wanted to cum again; I just felt that if we were having a ‘proper’ threesome, then he should get to taste me as well as fuck me.

We rested for a while and as a final thing, Richard lay on his back with Abrahii and I either side of him. We licked and sucked his cock again while he fingered us both at the same time. The intention wasn’t to cum, we were just playing around and after doing this for a while, I demonstrated fucking Abrahii with my hair (twist it around and then bend in half to make it firm enough). Between us, we had tired Richard out so he stayed in bed to sleep while Abrahii and I went up to the roof to shower and enjoy the sun. I discussed my plans for Paul later that night with Abrahii and she offered to help out but I wanted him to myself so turned her down.

We returned to the beach and swam some more, I ‘helped’ Ethan put some suncream on, but somehow my hand slipped into his shorts and I gave him a good (but discreet) stroking. He had to lie on his front for a fair time to let his erection go down, but Julia didn’t help matters by sitting directly in front of him with her legs spread and pulling her bikini to the side so her pussy was just about peeking out. Once we had returned to the villa, had dinner and some people had gone out, I prepared for Paul’s arrival. I answered the door naked and let him to the bedroom, pulled his shorts off and told him that I had a nice evening planned. We started off by 69ing (once again I stressed to him how important it was for him to learn how to eat pussy properly). I was very gentle with his cock and just gently flicked up and down the shaft as he ate me. Only when I got closer to cumming did I take him in my mouth properly and as I came, I moaned around it and lashed the head with my tongue. This had the desired effect and I felt the condom inflate with his cum so after a few more (gentler) sucks I climbed off him and congratulated him on successfully making me cum.

I warned him that he had better be in a fit state to continue as I had a treat for him and after he’d played with my breasts for a while, I got him to lie on his back and mounted him. I let him pump away inside me for a short time but told him that I didn’t want him to cum until I’d cum and that he was going to find out what it felt like to have a cunt cumming around his cock. I ground myself against him, but also used a vibe on my clit. He reached up to play with my breasts and we discussed how different girls liked different things – I described how Jen liked having a lot of force used on her nipples and how other girls (including me) liked things to be much more gentle. He said that he was getting close to cumming so I stopped moving (but kept the vibe on my clit) and told him he only had to hold out a bit more. I could feel my orgasm building rapidly and contracted myself around his cock – he really liked the way that felt and just before I started to cum, I resumed humping against him, but much faster. I told him to fuck me and he pumped away inside me as I came. He hadn’t cum by the time my orgasm ended, but he said he was really close so I carried on moaning and telling him how good my cunt felt until he came.

We had another rest after this (I needed one just as much as he did) but I carried on gently stroking his cock and telling him that if he wanted, I had one more new thing for him to try. I wouldn’t tell him what it was for a while and then said that I wanted to give him a present and let him finish off the full ‘triple play’. He didn’t get what I was referring to (which I’m not surprised about as it is a phrase that Mike and I came up with) so I pointed out that he’d already fucked my mouth and cunt that night, but still had to do my ass. He seemed quite surprised that I was offering to let him do this to me, but was quite willing to add to his knowledge (I love a good student) and we started to prepare. I added a little lube to his condom and knelt on the bed – he moved around behind me, pushed his cock against and then slipped into my ass. I told him to start off gently (although I wasn’t expecting him to last for too long as my ass is somewhat tighter than my cunt). He slowly fucked me while I used a vibe on my clit and I got him to describe to me how it felt different. He then asked if I could lie on my back – this was the first time he had requested a position so I did as he asked and once he was back inside me, I resumed rubbing my clit with the vibe and then alternated between doing this and fucking myself with it. I don’t know why, but I felt really lewd doing this and ended up frigging my clit with my fingers so I could cum quickly. I didn’t quite catch up with him but was close enough that he was able to stay buried in my ass until I came.

Once he’d pulled out and he’d thanked me I warned him that not all girls liked having their asses fucked, but if he played with their cunts/clits/breasts at the same time, used lube and was gentle, they would be more likely to enjoy it (and let him do it again). I really wanted to go and meet up with the rest of the group but as a parting gift for the night, I put a generous amount of tingle gel in my hand and rubbed it over Paul’s cock and balls. He didn’t know what I was doing at first and said he didn’t think he could cum again, but after about 30 seconds the gel started to kick in and he started to squirm under my touch. I had only intended to get him hard and then send him on his way, but he looked quite cute being so aroused, but with his cock being so sensitive so I carried on pumping away at his cock and described to him in great detail how wet and juicy my cunt got when I thought of his cock fucking me. I pumped his cock and fondled his balls until he came – he didn’t actually produce any cum, but his moans were enough to let me know (plus I asked). He lay on his back with his cock still twitching while I went to wash my hands off and he was still there when I returned. I quickly pulled on a skirt and top and told him I needed to go, but arranged to meet him one last time before we headed off home. He was still hard as he tried to pull his shorts on (the gel had quite an effect on him) and it didn’t help that as I opened the front door I reached down and rubbed him some more through his shorts.

I had to hunt round for where everyone had gone but it didn’t take too long to find them. Some of the group had gone off elsewhere but I stayed with Mike and Jen and settled down to enjoy the last proper night of our holiday. We didn’t stay out too late (probably midnight-ish), but went up to the roof on our return. It was still quite warm so we stripped off (at least down to swimwear, although all the girls went topless, due in no small part to the alcohol). I got Jen to go and put on her one-piece swimsuit (which I adore her in, but she hadn’t worn so far). When she returned, we stood looking out over the sea and I caressed her from behind, reaching between her legs to her pussy and then sitting underneath her so I could lick her through the suit.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Our Last Group Holiday? Part 5

I didn't realise how long this entry was so I'l post every two days until it all done.

Once things had cooled off a bit, we spent a bit of time up on the roof, freshened up and then headed out to have a drink. After a while, Julia and I excused ourselves and headed back to the villa and I leant her one of Jen’s white dresses. She looked really quite cute in it and I was debating quickly changing into something similarly cute when Paul arrived. I let him in and led him to my bedroom – on the way, Julia ‘happened’ to come out of her room and when I invited her to come and chat with us, the look of disappointment on Paul’s face was obvious. This turned to confusion when I cupped Julia’s breasts through the dress and then ran my hand down her front and cupped her crotch. I told him that Julia and I sometimes played together and wondered if he would like to see. By this point, I was pushing the material of the dress between Julia’s lips (and was recalling doing this with Lis’ bikini).

He certainly seemed interested and I told him that he would still get to fuck me as I pulled the dress up and pushed Julia back onto the bed. I’d asked her to be fairly passive to start off with and she obediently spread her legs when I told her to. I fingered her and showed Paul what I was doing and then told him that once we’d had a proper play, I would teach him to eat pussy. I gave a little demonstration of this – or at least it was meant to be a little demonstration, but I got carried away and continued until Julia had cum. I assumed that given this view, he would probably cum fairly quickly so decided to stick to what had worked so far and make him cum quickly before playing properly. I thought that I may as well have some fun as well so I sat over Julia’s face and got her to eat me, before telling Paul to kneel beside us and give me his cock so I could get him to cum over Jules. He did indeed cum fairly quickly and I let him rub his cum into her breasts while he sucked on my nipples. As I got closer to cumming, I told him what Julia’s tongue was doing to me and how we would teach him this once we’d fucked. Once I’d cum, we cleaned up Julia’s breasts and his cock and I asked if he would like to try a different pussy.

He was more than happy to fuck Julia and once he had a condom on, I guided him into her. She was on all fours and I showed him how to reach around and play with her clit and breasts. I crawled under them and watched as he fucked her and a couple of times I lifted my head to lick them both (but not for long as I didn’t want to do anything to make him cum even faster). I stayed under Jules until he came and when he pulled out, we both kissed and licked the head of his cock (still with condom on).

It was now time for his pussy eating lesson and I let Julia show him what to do and then let him have a go (using a dental dam of course). He lapped away at my pussy and occasionally rubbed my clit – it felt quite nice, but as he kept stopping for Julia to grade his work, it took a while and I was squirming around by the end. I did eventually cum and it was quite a strong orgasm so once I’d caught my breath, I congratulated him and explained that while some women didn’t like being eaten, quite a few thought it was really nice and that it was certainly easier for them to cum like that than by just fucking. I told him that if he could make Julia cum in the same way, I would fuck him again so he could have two girls in one session and he seemed quite keen on this idea. Julia lay on the bed, spread her legs and I spread her lips to make the job easier for him. I watched as he lapped away at her and got him to use different techniques (long hard licks, flicking his tongue against her clit…). I also explained spearing to him and how he could lick right inside someone (as long as they had both been tested). I toyed with Julia’s breasts as she got closer to cumming and encouraged Paul to lick her faster and harder as she came and then told him to slow down. I then offered him Julia’s breasts to suck on while she recovered and I whispered to her about what I wanted to do next.

As a reward for having made us both cum, I told him that instead of just fucking me, he could fuck us both and we knelt on all fours presenting our cunts to him. He clambered around behind us and pushed into me and started pumping away, then pulled out and pushed into Julia. I told him to make sure that when he came, he was inside me and he said that he would. He actually lasted quite a bit longer this time and fucked us four times each before he said he was going to cum (but this was his sixth orgasm of the day, which I was quite impressed by – for a guy anyway). As promised, he finished off inside me before pulling out and sitting down, looking quite tired. The fucking had felt nice enough, but he still needed practice on his technique so I wasn’t that close to cumming, but I asked Jules if she fancied 69ing for him and she agreed. While he watched, Julia climbed over me and we ate and fingered each other. I spread Julia’s lips wide open so he could watch my tongue lashing her clit and after a while he moved round to see what she was doing to me, but as she was on top he probably couldn’t see much. I made Julia cum before I came (and I use this as evidence that I’m better at eating pussy than she is) and used the intervening time to demonstrate to him how to kitty kiss (I intend to get this phrase into common use – as well as educate people how to do it).

Once Julia had also cum, I told him that if he was up for it, he could drop by the following morning for more lessons, but that we had to get back to everyone now before they wondered where we’d got to (a number of people knew full well where we were, but we thought we’d given him enough for one night). He promised to return and we let him out, got dressed and headed back to meet up with the rest of the gang. I convinced Julia to wear Jen’s white dress (with nothing under it of course) and she was impressed by the number of looks that she got. I told her that she should dress cutely more often, but Jules isn’t really a ‘cutesy’ kind of girl (although is a lot more so than when I first met her). Once we met up with people, we filled some of them in on what we’d been up to and after another drink, headed down to the beach.

Someone suggested a midnight swim (it wasn’t quite midnight, but I don’t think that was the point) and a few of us stripped off and went in naked. Some of the others took more convincing and a couple of people kept their underwear on (Lucy and Sarah – I’m looking at you – although I guess I would have been looking more if you’d been naked). We splashed around a bit and I took the opportunity to brush up against Ashley a couple of times and suggested that we strip off Sarah’s underwear. I pointed out that she had been sunbathing topless so we’d all seen her breasts and she conceded that her bra could be removed – when we tried to pull her panties off as well she ran back to the beach though. It was warm enough that we didn’t need to worry about drying off, although most people semi-covered up while we sat and chatted. A few guys came over and talked to us (obviously attracted by the naked and semi-naked women) and even though I didn’t really need to cum (as Paul and Julia had sated me for the time being), I gently stroked my pussy as we talked.

Julia saw what I was doing and told Abrahii to join in and then did so herself as well. I hadn’t actually been intending to cum, but Julia and Abrahii were clearly heading in that direction so I thought I may as well go for broke with them and started to apply a bit more pressure to my clit. For people in our group, seeing us do this was nothing new (even though we don’t often masturbate simultaneously), but the random people who were chatting to us were clearly somewhat surprised – especially as nobody in our group was commenting on what we were doing. Eventually one of the guys pointed us out and asked if we did that often and were just told that we enjoyed sex and didn’t mind people watching us. I felt that if we were going to put on a show, then we may as well do it properly and as I’d just done things with Julia, I asked Abrahii to come over to me and let me eat her.

I lay on my back, continued to finger myself and let Abrahii sit over my face. This didn’t work out quite as well as I’d hoped as her pussy had bits of sand over it (she had brushed herself off, but we *were* sitting on a beach). I’ve decided that I quite like the seawater-pussy juice combination, but the same certainly detracted from the experience. Having started though, I soldiered on and ate Abrahii to orgasm while she (I’m told) played with her breasts. Abrahii climbed off me and Julia came next. I came a few minutes later and we then returned to the conversation and acted as if nothing had happened. I had been expecting one of the guys to offer to help us out or ask for a fuck, but was disappointed (actually not that disappointed as I’d cum enough). The most they got was Abrahii asking one of them to help brush the sand off her ass before she put her panties back on (despite the fact that she clearly enjoys sex as much as Julia and I do, she still usually wears panties).

It was getting late so we headed back to the villa. On the way back I chatted to Abrahii and asked her why she hadn’t played with the guys and she just asked me the same in return. I explained what I’d been up to with my little virgin (although he wasn’t really a virgin anymore). She said that she would like to help out with his training and we agreed that she would join us in the morning. I hadn’t quite figured out what else to do with him, but I assumed that he wouldn’t argue with having a new pussy to fuck. I had planned on playing with Jen back at the villa (in front of people), but decided to put that off so we could get to bed. I still played with Jen (as well as Mike), but I only helped them to cum and didn’t bother cumming myself (even I reach my limit sometimes). On the Saturday morning I let Mike fuck me while I kissed Jen and ground my thigh against her pussy. I made sure that he didn’t cum in me so I was nice and clean for Paul, but in return he was allowed to cum over Jen’s front and she went to breakfast with his cum over her breasts.

We hadn’t quite finished by the time Paul arrived, but I headed down to let him in and led him to my room. I had really wanted Abrahii to be present from the beginning, but decide to just take care of his initial quick cum while we were waiting (although he didn’t yet know we were waiting for her). I slipped on a pair of panties and got him to stand in front of me so I could fondle his cock. I was being fairly gentle so he didn’t cum too quickly but he actually lasted quite a bit longer than I had expected. I wanked him while fondling his balls and was rewarded with having my breasts covered with his cum. Once we’d cleaned up, we sat and fondled each other until there was a knock at the door. I answered it and let Abrahii in. She had a white, simple one piece dress on that contrasted with her dark skin beautifully and I introduced her to Paul and told him that she wanted to join us. He seemed to be incredulous that I had a ready supply of women for him so I got him to come over to us and I pushed his hand between Abrahii’s legs. He didn’t need any more encouragement than this and he fondled her crotch for a few minutes while I stood behind Abrahii and caressed her breasts through her dress.

We moved over to the bed and I got Paul to undress Abrahii. She had white panties on under the dress, but these were quickly removed and I had a quick lick of her pussy before letting Paul play with her while I sat over her face. Once he’d had a bit of time to explore her, I reached forwards, held her lips open and told him to go ahead and fuck her. I watched him quickly put the condom on and felt his cock slide into her (I still had my fingers on her lips) before I sat up and let Abrahii continue to eat me. I got him to lift her legs up so he could get deep inside her (I know I enjoy this position so I assumed she would as well) and I told him to give her the best fucking he could. I certainly couldn’t fault his enthusiasm and he pumped away in her for a little while before cumming and pulling out. I didn’t think it was fair for Abrahii to be left out so once Paul was out of the way, I lay forwards and 69ed with her until we had both cum (I came first, but she had been eating me the whole time).

I told Paul that I wanted him to fuck me next and he said that he wasn’t sure he could cum again so soon. To be fair, I thought he had been doing really well with his triple cums, but I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I appreciated that he needed a little time to prepare though and told him that we could do a bit more ‘training’ in the meantime. I didn’t really have a plan for this bit so we just took things as they came and I helped him fondle, lick, kiss and suck on Abrahii’s breasts. We managed to get her nipples nice and hard and I then let Paul and Abrahii have a play with my breasts. By this point I felt it was time to give him a test on his cunnilingus and instructed him to move down between my legs and demonstrate what he had learned. He was clearly still no expert, but it felt nice enough and once I was happy that he had been paying attention, I asked if he was ready to fuck again.

It was only fair that Abrahii should get to experience his tongue as well so we ended up with Paul on his back, me on his cock and Abrahii over his face. I made her face away from me as I wanted to join in with things and once she was in place and I could see Paul was eating her, I spread her cheeks and lapped around her ass as I rode up and down. I tried a few time to push my tongue down to her cunt, but the dental dam got in the way so I focused on her ass and even speared her a few times. I reminded Paul to let me know when he came, but it was fairly obvious as he humped into me faster and faster and then stopped. I let him stay inside for a minute or so and then lifted myself off, but stayed where I was so I could help out with Abrahii. From the sounds she made, she had a pretty good orgasm and once she had caught her breath, I told Paul that it was now time for him to make me cum. He wanted to finger and lick me at the same time so I granted his wish and one orgasm later, watched as he tasted my juices from his fingers.

We had a quick chat about safe sex and how it was fine in our case (Abrahii, Julia and myself) for him to taste us as we had been tested recently (I didn’t elaborate as to *why* we had been tested), but warned him that in future he would have to make sure he was careful. As a parting gift, we let him finger us both at the same time and then use vibes on us both. He didn’t seem surprised when I asked if he wanted to drop by later on in the day for more training and I promised to collect him later on. After showing him out and returning to Abrahii, the two of us headed up to the roof to join the others. It was fairly cloudy, so a few people had gone over to swim in the sea and as sunbathing was out of the question, I ended up going for a wander with Lis.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Our Last Group Holiday? Part 4

We dozed for a while and headed back over to the beach for another swim later in the afternoon. A few of us (girls) went up to the roof and shaved each other to ensure we remained nice and smooth and some of us even used a mini-lick test to check once we were done (nobody came, but everyone was licked by at least one person). We let a couple of the guys rub the balm in to ensure we didn’t get razor burn and if we’d had more time I think we could have got at least a couple of people to go further and fuck (or at least cum in some way), but other people were hungry so we got ready and headed out. Once we’d had dinner, we called and collected the school kids (as we referred to them). They weren’t as much fun as we’d hoped – a number of them were already paired off and not many of them were that interesting to talk to (I do hope I was a bit more mature at their age). We still had a fairly good time though and I ended up chatting with a guy called Paul who wasn’t quite a part of the group, but was along with his older brother. As we talked, it was obvious that he kept eyeing up one of the girls from his group (who was with another guy) and when I mentioned that I could tell he was constantly looking at her, he got quite embarrassed.

We invited them back to our villa and went up to the roof to carry on chatting. Julia and I had gone different routes in order to tease people – she had one of her small bikinis on and stripped off her t-shirt while I had a pair of shorts on with sufficiently baggy legs that it was fairly easy to see up to my naked pussy. We only had candles as light up on the roof (to keep the insects away), but I think a couple of the guys sitting opposite me may have noticed. I carried on chatting to Paul who seemed to be the cleverest one amongst them (despite being one of the youngest) and after a few drinks he ended up telling me that his brother was much sportier and more popular with the girls. He really liked this girl Jenna who seemed to have dated a few guys in the older group (including his brother), but had never shown any interest in him and I explained how he would (probably) have much more luck if he tried younger girls (from my girlfriends I know that almost all of us prefer older guys – something about younger guys being immature…).

I felt a little sorry for him as he actually seemed like a nice guy so I decided that
I would help to improve his holiday. At this point I didn’t know how much by, but I thought I could at least start things off and asked if he would come and help me look out some more candles. We headed downstairs and after we’d got the candles, we sat and chatted in the living room. I sat facing him and we chatted a bit more about Jenna. I told him that girls generally like confident (but not arrogant) guys and sort of skirted around asking him how experienced he was. I pulled off my t-shirt (as it was still quite warm) to expose my bikini top and when I caught him staring at my breasts I asked him if he liked them. He did so I moved over to sit beside him and told him he could play with them if he wanted and after a slow start, he fondled them for a while until I pulled my bikini top off and let him fondle my nipples directly. I could see the bulge in his shorts and reached over to him. He jumped as I slid my hand down his stomach but didn’t stop me as I pushed my hand into his shorts and wrapped it around his cock. It felt very hot and after I stroked him a couple of times, he felt very wet as well. He apologised to me but I told him it was fine and I stroked him a while longer, using his cum as lube.

I told him that we should get him cleaned up and with a bit of effort, persuaded him to remove his shorts. After a quick trip to the bathroom and waiting for him to shower his lower half down, I towel dried his cock and let my breath play over it until he was hard again. I said that it was only fair that as I’d seen him cum, he should get to see me cum (if he wanted, which he did) so we made our way to the bedroom and I stripped off. I sat up on the bed and let him finger me. He didn’t really know what he was doing so I gave him a bit of direction until it felt better and then asked (although I was already fairly sure) if he was a virgin. He said that he was so I pulled out a condom and asked if he wanted to fix that. I rolled it onto his cock and briefly took him into my mouth. I pulled him on top of me and guided his cock towards my cunt and told him to push into me. He pushed the whole way in and I told him that it was better to work his way in slowly but when he apologised I explained that it was fine and I just wanted him to enjoy himself. I contracted myself around him as hard as I could and let him pump back and forth while telling him to try to concentrate on holding back. Even then it was only a minute or so before he came and I told him to push hard into me and then pull out before he went soft.

He was quite out of breath so I gave him one last treat and gently sucked his cock again. I asked if he wanted to see me cum and when he said he did, I sat up against the headboard, spread my legs and fingered myself for him (and for me). He watched closely as I plunged a couple of fingers in and out of my cunt and played with my clit (I ended up reached around underneath my leg so he would get a better view) and moaned as I came. After sucking my fingers clean I suggested that we get back to the others and he obediently followed me. Just before we got to the roof I asked if he wanted to ‘practise’ a bit more the next day and he enthusiastically agreed so I told him to come and visit at about 10. A few of his group had already left and we got rid of the rest after about another half-hour. I filled Mike and Jen in on what had happened and ended up telling Julia about it as well.

The two of us discussed the merits of age in a (sexual) partner and how older guys could generally last a lot longer. Julia recalled the times she used to play with her brother and his friends and how some of them came very quickly when they first started, but soon learned to draw things out and we decided that it was possibly experience rather than age that counted. I asked Mel if Julia could help me increase his experience and she agreed so we made a few plans and eventually headed off to bed.

Mike and Jen shared a bed with Abrahii that night (I had promised to make it up to Richard) and I spent the night with Simon and Ethan. As it was fairly late, we didn’t have a spectacularly long session, but I let them take turns fucking me while I sucked the other one. In the morning, Simon helped me to suck Ethan awake and we somehow ended up in a proper threesome. Mike and Jen had both made Abrahii cum before they’d gone to sleep (Jen ate her and Abrahii ate Jen while Mike fucked her) and in the morning, Mike and Jen ate Abrahii together and Mike then fucked her while Jen sat over her face. Mike then helped to shave Abrahii (she only had a little stubble, but any chance to get close to a pussy…) and Jen helped to do the lick test on her to ensure she was smooth.

I’d eaten breakfast, showered (to clean out my pussy) and sent Mike and Jen to hide in the room next door before Paul arrived (he seemed harmless enough, but I didn’t want to expose myself to too much risk). The rest of our group were either up sunbathing or over on the beach so I was able to answer the door naked and invite him in (I had to hide behind the door as I opened it as it looked out directly onto a busy path. Paul was excited to see me naked and I quickly led him to my room and told him that we could try a few things out. I helped pull his clothes off and asked if he thought he could hold out a little longer today or if we should get him to cum first and then do things properly afterwards. He was sure he could hold back so I tested him by rubbing his cock against my breasts and then sandwiching it between them. I rubbed up and down, using some of my saliva as lube and within a minute he said that he was getting close. I told him that it was fine and to just enjoy himself and carried on squeezing and rubbing my breasts around his cock until he shot his cum up over my neck and breasts.

I towelled myself off and then we went to the shower where I stood behind Paul with my breasts pressed up against his back and reached around to help clean off his cock. This had the desired effect of getting him hard again and once we’d dried off, we quickly returned to the bedroom and I asked if he wanted to try fucking me again. I helped him put the condom on and briefly sucked him before suggesting that I should go on top this time. He was fine with that and once I’d mounted him, we started to fuck and as before, I encouraged him to try to hold back for as long as he could. He lasted a little bit longer this time (or at least I got a little more pleasure out of it before he came) but as I was the one on top I’d been able to grind against him more. When he said he was close to cumming I lay down and pressed my breasts against his chest so he could more easily move in me and told him to fuck my cunt. He had no problem doing this and came almost as soon as he started. I rode up and down on his cock a few more times before dismounting and telling him that it was now time for a lesson in making me cum.

I lay back on the bed and let him examine my pussy and push his fingers into me. I then gave him a vibe and instructed him on how to best fuck me with it, using it both inside me as well as on my clit. He watched intently as he pumped the vibe in and out of me and I pulled my lips open so he could easily play with my clit at the same time. As my orgasm approached I described to him what I could feel and how he could draw it out for me (without just stopping) or speed things up and as I came I moaned and told him how good it felt. As I lay recovering, I let him have another good look at my cunt and decided on a slight change of plan for later that day, but for now I just wanted to test one more thing.

I pulled off his condom and cleaned his cock (I think he had softened after fucking me and then gone hard again while helping me cum, but I didn’t really care). I put another condom on him and told him that it was time for him to experience a blow job. I used everything I’d learned from Sue, Julia and watching the guys and sucked him. I flicked and twirled my tongue over the head, kissed and licked up and down the shaft, fondled his balls, pumped and squeezed his cock… I was really just trying to see if I could get him to cum for a third time and even though it took a while longer than his earlier orgasms, I got him to cum and he even pushed my head down on his cock as he did so. I carried on twirling my tongue around his cock until he said he couldn’t take any more and I told him that he’d done really well before inviting him back later on.

I showed him to the front door and just before I opened it, I pressed myself up against him, grinding against his crotch and told him that I was looking forward to having him fuck me again that night. I was pleased to feel his cock harden again (and debated seeing if he was up for a fourth round, but I felt Mike and Jen had been locked up for long enough) so I opened the door (standing to the side of it again) and let him out (with him trying to hide the bulge in his shorts). I called for Mike and Jen to come out and gave them the details of the session and my plan for the evening and we then joined the others over on the beach.

Having only cum once, I felt fairly horny and this was clear to other people (in our group anyway). I had worn one of my skimpy bikinis and gone topless as soon as we got to the beach. I let Lis put sun cream on me and she massaged it into my breasts quite thoroughly (Lucy knows that Lis likes breasts, but Lis didn’t tell her about her fetish for large breasts as she didn’t want Lucy to feel inferior to Vicky). When Lis did my legs I spread them to allow her to get all the way to the top and her hands ran over the exposed parts of my ass (as I said, it was a very skimpy bikini). There were a couple of gentle strokes, but I really wanted her to just push her fingers between my cheeks and down to my pussy and when she said that she was done I instinctively offered to cream her in return.

Lis was topless and I did her back first and then her front. Lucy was lying beside Lis so I went easy on Lis’ breasts (Lucy does know about my fetish for small breasts) and then moved down to do Lis’ legs. I did the lower half first and then worked my way up her thighs. Lis spread her legs slightly, but she had a less revealing bikini on so her pussy and ass were completely covered. I carried on working my way slowly up her legs while talking to people. I wasn’t quite as well behaved as Lis was and as I did the top of her thighs, I pushed my thumb or little finger (depending on which thigh I was on) against her crotch and stroked up and down. As I rubbed around her bikini, I slipped my fingers just under the material – I couldn’t do this when my fingers were between her legs, but once again I pressed against her pussy and actually pressed hard enough that I pushed the material a little way between her lips. My own pussy was buzzing by this point and I knew I needed to do something so I told Lis I’d finished and moved over to Jen.

She was lying on her front and I caressed her ass before slipping my fingers into her bikini and pushing them down towards her pussy. I whispered to her that I needed to cum and asked her to come for a swim with me – I think the fact that my fingertips were running over her pussy indicated my urgency and she agreed so we took our leave. Once in the sea, I explained to Jen how I had fondled Lis and I pushed Jen’s hand down between my legs. Naturally, I didn’t leave her out and pushed a hand into her bikini so I could fondle her as well and we played with each other while bobbing up and down with the swell. I undid the string on one side of my bikini to make it easier for Jen to finger me and she took advantage of this by pushing a couple of fingers into me. Seawater doesn’t exactly help to lubricate things, but it felt nice having her fingers in me while she rubbed my clit and I tried to do the same to her, but her bikini restricted my movements more. I held on to her and lifted a leg so she could do me properly. Jen played with my clit and it felt wonderful cumming in front of so many people (the beach was fairly busy) even if what we were doing was hidden.

It was only when I put my leg back down that I realised that my bikini had slipped down my other leg and I had stepped out of it. Jen dived under to have a look, but the visibility was fairly low and she couldn’t find it. I told her that she could go and fetch me another from the villa (so it was a good thing it was right by the beach), but decided that if I was going to have to be naked until she returned, I may as well be naked while fingering her and finishing off what we started. It didn’t take too long to achieve this and as soon as she’d cum, Jen swam back to shore, told Mike to keep me company, and wandered back to the villa. Mike swam out to me and fondled me before swimming back and forth between my legs (groping me each time) and Jen eventually returned with another pair of bikini panties which I slipped on. I was a bit disappointed as I had quite liked the pair I’d lost (and they hadn’t been that cheap), but at least I felt a bit more satisfied as we returned to shore.

It wasn’t much longer before we went for lunch, followed by a rest (or at least shelter from the sun for the more sunburn prone amongst us). I decided to take the opportunity to repay Richard for lending Abrahii to Mike and Jen the previous night and seeing as Paul had so obviously enjoyed my tit-fuck, I offered the same to Richard. It was a hot day and while nowhere near as humid as it had been earlier in the week, we were still quite sweaty which made it much easier. He had opted to sit on the edge of the bed and let me kneel in front of him and as I rubbed his cock between my breasts I accidentally offered him a threesome with Abrahii as extra payment (I don’t know why I was the one paying as Mike and Jen were the ones who benefitted). Richard liked the sound of this and was sure Abrahii would agree and I promised that we would fuck him dry (fittingly, it was around this point that he came over my breasts and neck). I told him that he didn’t have to make me cum and lay down with Jen and Mike. Jen rubbed his cum into my neck and breasts and got me nicely aroused, but I wanted to hold back so I was ready for my second session of the day with Paul.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Our Last Group Holiday? Part 3

I asked Mel if Julia was allowed to join in the fun and she gave her permission to go ahead so I knelt and licked her for a little bit before offering her up to one of the guys. Simon felt that as Stuart had got to cum, he deserved to cum as well so they went off and played for a while and Julia returned naked. I schemed with her to find ways to liven things up a bit and we came up with a plan that we discussed with a couple of the others for later that night. I wanted to try and push things a bit further but wasn’t sure how many people would be willing to play so sent Mike out to get some more alcohol to help lubricate the games (note, don’t use alcohol as an actual lubricant – it doesn’t work).

We went out to get food that night and I wore my new dress with my small bikini underneath it. Even though I was more covered than usual, the combination of transparent dress and underwear seems to draw more attention than transparent dress and nudity and I enjoyed the feeling. I made Jen play along and she just had a short top on and a sarong (no panties) and Abrahii had worn one of her short shift dresses without underwear. We went to the beach and flirted quite a bit with various people and I then asked if anyone wanted to play a game. It wasn’t difficult to guess that this would have a sexual component as I had suggested it and a number of people were willing so we headed back to the villa and back up onto the roof. We set out some candles to provide light and Julia produced some blindfolds (t-shirts) and asked who wanted to play ‘guess the pussy’.

The rules were fairly simple, Julia, Abrahii and I would offer ourselves up and the blindfolded guys had a minute in each one of us. At the end, they had to guess the order they had been in us and if they guessed correctly, they could fuck us properly (and cum in us). A number of the guys were willing to try and we tried to convince some of the other girls to join in. Obviously Lis, Mary and Lucy were out as they are gay, but neither Alison nor Abigal would join in either. Mel seemed to be wavering and I think if we’d suggested it a little later in the night (after more alcohol) she might have agreed, but she decided to just watch and cheer. I would have quite liked for Sarah to join in, but neither she nor her boyfriend had been tested (as far as we knew) so we didn’t take the chance.

The three of us lined up against the wall and Mel blindfolded the first contestant (Richard). We switched places and stuck our asses out while Mel guided him to Julia and helped him get inside (she may not have wanted to offer her pussy, but she seemed more than happy to lend a hand). He wasn’t allowed to touch her (with his hands) and once he’d fucked her for about a minute (we weren’t timing exactly), Mel guided him over to me. I felt Mel’s hand on my pussy as she guided him into me and he then started to fuck me. We realised that this was going to take ages if each guy spent about three minutes fucking us, so once Richard finished in me and had been guided to Abrahii, Mel set about blindfolding two more people (Mike and Simon). Once Richard finished his turn with Abrahii, the new contestants were led over and took turns in us, then switched around a couple of times so they had each tried us all.

Alison took care of noting down the order people fucked us and what their guesses were and then helped blindfold the last contestants (Ethan and Ashraf) and they took their turn with us. Their guesses were noted and the scores were tallied up. Two people guessed correctly about Abrahii while Julia or myself got one each (disturbingly, Mike guessed Abrahii and not me). This made it much easier for people to take their reward as we hadn’t figured out what we would have done if someone had got all three of us right (I doubt they could have taken us all in turn). Ashraf hadn’t got any of us right so he didn’t get a prize but we stayed in place for the others to come and take their rewards. I had Simon, Mike had Abrahii and Richard took Julia. Once Mike finished in Abrahii (he didn’t draw things out too much), Ethan took his turn with her and I suggested that as he had at least competed, Ashraf could get to give Abrahii a bonus fuck as her reward for being the most recognisable (or guessable) cunt. She was game for this and Ashraf gave her a very messy fuck (she already had two loads of cum in her – or at least dripping out of her) and Ashraf added a third.

We all returned to the circle and chatted a while longer and making fun of Abrahii as she was making pussy farts whenever she changed position (I assume she had a dollop of cum stuck up inside her somewhere). The guys discussed fucking girls that already had someone else’s cum in them and Julia said that if any of the girls ever needed to be cleaned out before a fuck, she would be happy to lend a tongue. Abrahii ended up using a bottle on herself which came out covered in cum and the conversation turned to things that people had masturbated with. Mel proposed a drinking game based along these lines and we set the rules so if you repeated an item, you had to drink and if you hadn’t used the item to masturbate with (or fuck), you had to drink. The guys and girls had separate lists and a number of interesting items came up…

For the guys (in no particular order as people admitted more as they got drunker): hand (own), panties (sisters, friend’s, friend’s sister’s…), teddy bear, hoover, liver, chicken, clingfilm, fleshlight, friend’s hand, pussy, girl’s mouth, boy’s mouth, tights (hump against), shower, fabric coated wheel powered by old washing machine motor

For the girls: hand (own), hand (friend’s), cock, girl’s mouth, boy’s mouth, girl’s thigh & pussy, teddy bear (humping), dolls (insertion), hairbrush (everyone had done this), pritt stick, panties, hoover (sucking clit and nips), heel, pens/pencils, little toiletries, toothpaste pump, vibrating razor (own and father/brothers), table corner, washing machine, bedpost, corn on the cob, carrot, lollypop, shower, candles (with a note that scented ones aren’t suitable), boyfriend’s phone and of course, vibes & dildos.

It was decided that girls had the better time of it as we had more options, but by this point people were pretty drunk (at least the more prudish of us were, neither Julia nor I had to take many drinks during the game). I threatened to fuck Mary with my beer bottle (she had admitted to using very few things to masturbate so had drunk a fair bit) but we didn’t go any further than spreading her legs. I went after Lis next but Lucy said that she was the only one allowed to make Lis cum so I dared her to do so. At first she refused outright but we all pestered her and Lis didn’t seem to mind too much (she seems to have adopted the same attitude I did when I first joined the group, that the people there aren’t *her* friends so it didn’t matter quite as much). Lucy slipped her hand under Lis’ skirt and into her panties and we watched as she played with Lis. We couldn’t see much as it was dark and Lis’ panties mostly covered what was happening, but it was easy enough to see that Lucy got her to cum. I tried desperately to get Lis to return the favour, but no matter how much we tried, Lucy wasn’t prepared to go that far.

I felt quite horny by this point and challenged Steve to try me out. He’d taken my ass a couple of times during my birthday celebration and had admitted that it felt quite good but I wanted him to try out my cunt. He has fucked a couple of girls before (before he admitted he was gay) but it still took a bit of encouragement from people to get him to agree. He was already hard by the time I got his shorts off (so the idea of fucking me clearly didn’t repulse him) but I gave his cock a quick suck anyway to ensure he was really ready. I lay back on a few pillows and offered myself up to him and once he was inside me, I wrapped my legs around him to hold him in. I let him fuck me for a while and then told him that it was unfair to make him do the work, so we switched places and I rode his cock. I played with myself as I did this as I really wanted to cum with him inside me and after a fairly vigorous session of humping him, he came in me and I squeezed myself around him as hard as I could while I frigged myself to orgasm. When I climbed off his cock, I crawled up his body, letting his cum drip out of me onto his chest and asked if he wanted to eat me out and finish off the experiment. He wasn’t up for doing this but claimed it was due to not liking eating his own cum rather than it being anything about me. To be fair, Mike doesn’t like his own cum either and often won’t kiss me if I’ve sucked him off and have a mouthful of cum.

I had wanted to go for a midnight swim, but thought that too many of us were too drunk for it to be safe so we stayed chatting for a while and people started to drift off to their rooms. Ashraf went off with Richard (as the only two single people on the holiday, they had been sharing a bed – just for warmth I’m sure) and Mike Jen and I headed down (via the kitchen to get water). Jen agreed to let Mike suck on her nipples while I ate her and I let Mike fuck me before we fell asleep. I woke up early in the morning and needed to pee – on the way back from the bathroom I decided to take a detour up to the roof to watch the sunrise (I’d missed the actual sunrise, but got to enjoy a very peaceful view). I saw a group of people arriving at the villa next to us but as I was up on the roof (and naked so I couldn’t lean too far forwards to look) I couldn’t tell much about them. I returned to Mike and Jen and after a further doze, we had our morning session where Jen was kind enough to clean me out after Mike came in me.

After we’d had breakfast, Lis took Mike aside and let him suck on Lucy’s dildo (he had arranged this with her the night before – and I wish he’d included me). We went to the beach for a while but some of us who wanted to sunbathe naked returned to the villa and went back to the roof. It wasn’t quite a free for all, but some of us helped to oil each other up and were quite liberal with the stroking and fondling as this happened. When we’re doing things like that I really think it would be wonderful to move somewhere sufficiently warm that it could be an everyday (or at least frequent occurrence). Being able to be completely naked in the warm sun and having multiple people to play with is certainly an amazing feeling and it wasn’t too long before I decided that I wanted to do a bit more than just play. Fortunately it is always fairly easy to convince guys to fuck and I ended up lying on my front with Richard on top of me (and inside me). I had been pumping away on Ashraf’s cock and he asked if I could suck him and I learned that suncream doesn’t taste that good. Once he’d wiped his cock clean I had another (more successful go) and took a decent length of his cock into my mouth.

Richard wanted to help out as well so we changed position so I was on top. Ashraf lay beside us and offered his cock to Richard and from time to time I leant forwards and help to lick him. I tried to watch how Richard sucked Ashraf (working on the principle that guys should really know how to suck cock properly), but was distracted by Richard thrusting up and down into me. I still helped out though and as Ashraf got closer to cumming, we got his cock between our mouths and lashed the head with our tongues. Ashraf came over Richard’s face and in his mouth and he seemed happy to swallow as I sat up and continued to ride him. He sucked Ashraf a bit longer but I was getting close to cumming and encouraged him to fuck me faster. I came first (I got him to rub my clit) but stayed on his cock until he came and then stood looking out over the beach while Ashraf briefly licked me clean.

While we’d been doing this, Mike had been playing with Julia and ended up fucking her while she ate Mel. Mike had offered to fuck Mel as well but was turned down. She did let him help Julia eat her though providing he would pay a penalty and once he’d agreed to this, between them they fairly quickly made her cum. The penalty was that Mike had to play a modified game of guess the pussy. He was quite pleased at this penalty until he heard the modification. Mel wanted him to play ‘guess the mouth’ and offered Steve and Ashraf as possible options. He was clearly unsure about this, but Mike likes to think of himself as fairly open and progressive (maybe not quite as much as Julia or me) and he said that he would agree.

He was given a seat and blindfolded and I was given the task of getting him hard again. I wasn’t allowed to participate as it was assumed he would know my style so he had to guess between Julia, Abrahii, Steve and Ashraf. They each had a turn and took varying lengths of his cock into their mouths. I watched their different styles (licking around the head, bobbing up and down, sucking quite hard, etc.). Mel told Mike to just enjoy the feeling and that someone was going to make him cum. I suggested that they each spend 30 seconds sucking him in turn so it would really be down to who was the best (or rather who happened to be sucking him at the right time). Mel agreed to this and they went round one rotation. Mike wasn’t trying to hold back or draw things out and told them he was getting close. They weren’t allowed to use their hands and as Abrahii finished he said he was really close, but he didn’t cum while Ashraf was sucking him. He still doesn’t know if it was Steve or Julia that made him cum so I can’t say who it was, but either way, he certainly met Mel’s condition and expanded his horizons.

As a reward for Mike, Julia, Abrahii and I showered together and we let him watch as we enacted the standard lesbian shower scene (fingering, playing with breasts, eating each other). Mike was allowed to finish Abrahii off (eating her) and Julia and I took care of each other. The two of us stayed under the running water as we fingered each other and as I came I whispered to Julia that I was glad she was allowed to play with people again. I was going to slide onto Mike’s cock but he had already softened by the time I got over to him.

Julia suggested that we find out about the people who were staying next door so a small contingent of us headed over and found out that it was a bunch of kids on holiday before they split up and headed off to Uni. We arranged to meet up and have a drink with them later on and headed back to the villa for lunch. Now that Julia didn’t have to behave herself (quite as much), she at least wanted to flirt with some of the younger guys. We came up with a few plans and after lunch headed downstairs to have a rest and avoid the heat. Before we went to sleep, Ethan said that he wanted to use me but Simon told him that he would play with him instead so they headed off to their room. I was a little disappointed, but Jen was there to help out and she and I ended up 69ing while Mike watched and played with himself (we came, but he didn’t).

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Our Last Group Holiday? Part 2

We had a light breakfast and headed up to the roof terrace to catch some sun. Long-time readers will know that I burn fairly easily so I have to make sure I always use sun cream. I stripped off and asked if anyone wanted to help oil me up and Simon offered to help out. I lay on the towel while he massaged the cream into me, paying special attention to my breasts, pussy and then ass (when I turned over). He sat over me as he did my shoulders and I was sure I felt a bulge so I rubbed my ass against his crotch to confirm that he was hard. Jen noticed what I was doing and reminded Simon that if he wanted me, he just had to ask, but I didn’t wait for this and reached back to grab at his shorts. He got the message, pulled them down and started rubbing his cock against my ass. He slid back and forth between my cheeks for a while before pushing his cock down and into my pussy. He pistoned up and down as he fucked me and a couple of the guys commented on the firmness of his ass, but I was more concerned with what he was doing to me.

I reached down underneath myself and played with my clit (Simon was using both his hands to hold himself up above me so I couldn’t really ask him) and I was beginning to feel fairly good but he said he was about to cum, pulled out of me and told me to turn over. I helped to stroke him and he came over my breasts – I carried on playing with myself using my other hand but didn’t want to be the only one masturbating so I asked if any of the guys were going to join me and sunbathe naked. I added an incentive by saying I would make sure their cocks were properly protected and Richard said that he preferred an all-over tan so he slipped his shorts off. He sat beside me and I squirted a fair amount of cream onto my hands and worked it in and around his crotch. Having learned that many guys like having their balls fondled with a lot more force than Mike does (not being rough, but one of Mike’s are tender so I have to be very gentle), I made sure that I ‘protected’ Richard’s balls from the sun thoroughly, along with his cock. He was nice and hard by this time I had him covered and the cream made it very easy to pump my hand up and down his cock. I wasn’t going to miss out this time so I played with myself as I jerked him off and got myself quite close to cumming. I kept myself there until he said he was getting close and I came as he kneeled up and I started the final burst of stroking that got him to cum over my breasts.

With our fun over, Mike helped to apply cream to Jen. Like me, she was completely naked and Mike was allowed to take care of putting cream over most of her body (everywhere apart from her pussy). I thought that Mike and Jen should also get a chance to cum (along with everyone else, but those two are my main concern) and suggested to Abrahii that she help Mike out by taking care of the places he wasn’t allowed to touch. Mike sat on a chair with Jen on his lap and as Abrahii rubbed the cream over Jen’s pussy, Jen squirmed around on Mike’s lap, rubbing his cock through his shorts. He couldn’t take this any more and got Abrahii to help remove his shorts so he could feel Jen’s skin rubbing against him. Abrahii carried on playing with Jen and ended up fingering her until she came (with a bit of encouragement from everyone). Mike was desperate to cum by this point and felt that Abrahii deserved a reward for her work so he offered to take care of her. She was up for this and he got her to stand at the front of the roof terrace, looking out over the beach and be took her from behind. He gave her a good hard fuck and I was pretty sure that even if the people below couldn’t see Mike behind her, they would have been able to guess what was happening from the way she was moving as he slammed into her. She didn’t seem to care though and I could see that we possibly had another Julia in the making (with a few years more training/experience, I think Abrahii will be a force to be reckoned with. She still isn’t quite there yet though and wouldn’t let Mike play with her breasts (this would probably have been visible to the people below) so he concentrated on her clit and got her to cum. He fucked her a while longer, just to make a point, and then came in her. Once he pulled out, she stayed leaning against the railing and we got to watch as his cum dripped out of her and ran down her leg.

I’d hoped that a few more people might do things but other than a couple of obvious erections (some were covered and some naked – so very obvious) we just settled down to sunbathe and chat. All the girls were at least topless and a few of us were completely naked and I dozed off for a while imagining what a mass orgy would be like with everyone participating. I made sure that I didn’t stay out too long so I didn’t burn and a few other people joined me when I went back indoors.

Just before lunch, Abigail came downstairs to tell us that Mel had just proposed to Julia and that she had said yes. This had come as quite a shock to everyone and a very animated discussion ensued – at first I thought that it had been a spur of the moment thing but Mel had actually been planning for it as she had a ring for Julia. We decided to go out for lunch to celebrate and after a while I managed to get a chance to chat to Julia who said that after our conversation the previous night, she had told Mel that she wanted to be able to play with other people again and they had discussed this for a while. Julia said that Mel had been fairly defensive and she had been a bit miffed at the time, but she now understood that she had just been nervous about the upcoming proposal. I got to speak to Mel afterwards and asked if now Julia had promised to stay with her if Mel would trust her not to run off just because someone else made her cum and Mel said that she was considering it, but we’d have to wait and see. On the way home we bought a few more beers to continue the celebration, but as soon as we got back to the villa, Mel and Julia disappeared to their room for a while to celebrate – this didn’t matter too much as people just rested or had a siesta as it was a bit too hot to be outside (or on the roof) anyway.

When the two of them reappeared, we headed up to the roof and the guys attempted to BBQ some food (with mixed results) and the beer was consumed. Mel was of course questioned more about how long she had been planning things, what timescale they were working on, if they would have children… Mel said that they didn’t think it would change things that much between them and she would continue to use Julia as her little slut – to demonstrate this, she pulled Julia’s skirt up and pushed a couple of fingers into her. This behaviour was encouraged and we got Jules to sit over Mel’s face and applauded as Mel ate her. Some of us thought that Mel shouldn’t get away without a ‘reward’ and so indicated to Julia to hold Mel down (which is fairly easy when you’re sitting on someone’s face) and between us, Jen, Abrahii and I pulled Mel’s legs open and started to play with her pussy. She struggled a little bit at first, but then allowed us to continue and as a reward for her pledging lifelong commitment to Julia, the three of us worked together to make her cum. This didn’t take too long and once Julia had also cum, Mel was released. She complained that we had molested her, but she didn’t stop Abrahii who had continued to stroke her pussy.

We went out later that evening to continue the celebration (I understand why students have no money given how much they can drink) and Lis accosted me to ask if I thought she should also propose to Lucy. Now to be fair to her, she was fairly drunk (and I wasn’t entirely sober) or I’m sure she wouldn’t have asked, but I told her to slow things down as they’d only been together for just over 6 months. I do actually think they make a pretty good couple and they’re obviously very interested in and trust each other. Once I’d convinced Lis of this and that I really couldn’t see Lucy running off with someone else, she calmed down a bit and agreed that they probably hadn’t been together for quite long enough. She told me that once they had lived together for a while though, she fully intended to make Lucy hers forever and I told her that as long as I got to be maid of honour, (which I technically don’t qualify for) then I was completely behind her.

On our return to the villa, a few of us went back to the roof – some carried on drinking and some (the older, more sensible ones) switched to water. Jen had overheard some of my conversation with Lis so I filled her in (and told Lis I had done so), but swore her to secrecy. Jen suggested I was in favour of their wedding just so I could ‘reward’ Lis in the same way we had done with Mel earlier and I admit that I certainly wouldn’t mind. At the time, I protested my innocence and told Jen that she just had a filthy mind. I slipped Jen’s skirt down and fingered her from behind as we stood looking out over the see. As it was dark I also undid the string on her bikini top and let it fall forwards, exposing her breasts and reached over to caress them. This was a bit of an awkward position so I ended up standing behind her so I could easily play with both her breasts and pussy and I masturbated her to orgasm and then convinced her to remain naked (her friends have seen her naked and cum enough times now that she doesn’t care any more than I do about this).

Jen sat on Mike’s lap and he ended up pulling his shorts down so her pussy could press against his cock. I knelt and licked them both, but not for too long and just left Jen to grind against Mike. It was eventually time for us to head off to bed and I had a quick shower on the roof before going (it was quite humid and I felt rather sticky). I left my bikini out to dry and we said our goodbyes to the people still chatting before going to bed and letting Mike help get my insides sticky once more. I ate Jen and then shared her juices with Mike (from my mouth) and we settled down to sleep (or at least doze as it was still quite humid).

Wednesday started in our usual way (made a bit more complex by three of us being in the bed), but once we’d all cum (Jen and I made each other cum and Mike came in me) we headed up to see who else was up. The people who had been drinking until late were understandably hung over, but a few of us shared breakfast and went out for a walk. It was quite humid and cloudy so we explored the back streets and stopped off at a café before deciding to head to the beach anyway. A few more people had surfaced and joined us and I actually preferred being able to ‘sunbathe’ without having to worry about burning. Both Jen and I were wearing our ridiculously tiny bikinis and it was obvious that mine wasn’t hiding my breasts so I ended up discarding it. As much as I enjoy seeing Jen topless, I thought her one looked incredibly sexy and drew attention to her small (in a good way) breasts so I encouraged her to leave it on.

I let Ethan put a bit of suncream on me and he thoroughly rubbed it into my breasts and I turned over to let him do my ass as well (seeing as my bikini wasn’t going to protect me should the sun emerge). I spread my legs and told him to keep going and he got his fingers under my bikini and rubbed up and down my pussy for a while, but there were too many people around for him to actually make me cum. I promised to repay him later on and we rested for a while and then swam for a bit. Jen got me to follow her out to the rocks (there are a couple of long rocky areas set up to shelter the beach) and once out there, she sat up on them, checked that nobody could (easily see us) and got me to stand (balance) in front of her. I knew full well what she was going to do and told her to go ahead – she pulled her bikini aside and peed onto me. I reached between her legs and fingered her as she did this and she asked if she could finish off on my face. I don’t like this as much, but she’s done it before and I knew I could just wash in the sea straight away so I lowered myself and let her cover my face as she played with herself.

As I had expected, she wanted me to do the same to her so we switched places and Jen knelt half in the water. I pulled my bikini aside and let out a stream of pee over her. I covered her (or the bits of her above the water) and knew that she was still busy frigging herself so I did the same. As soon as I’d finished, she pushed her face between my legs and hungrily licked at me. I wondered if anyone on the boats could see what we were doing, but didn’t stop her and let her make me cum. We switched back and I did the same to her (salty pussy is a strange taste, but quite nice from time to time) and once she had caught her breath, we swam back around and returned to shore. Most of our group guessed that we had been off playing (just not exactly how we’d been playing) and a couple of people went to fetch food for lunch in advance of everyone returning.

After lunch the weather improved a bit and we stayed on the roof so some of us could sunbathe naked. Lucy went topless and allowed Mike to oil her up. He was quite well behaved and avoided her breasts, but he made sure her legs were very well massaged (second to pussy, Mike is a leg man). By the time he had finished (or rather even before he started) he had an obvious bulge in his shorts and this led to a discussion of the futility of men being aroused by lesbians and why straight women were often attracted to gay men. Lis, Lucy and Jen continued this conversation and Jen told them how she teases Mike quite often and rather enjoys his appreciation of her body.
It started to get a bit too hot for me (weather wise) so I headed back indoors and Mike came with me so we could enjoy the humidity and have a proper sweaty fuck. For the sake of comfort, we went to our bedroom and kept the windows open (it meant there was a bit of a breeze, but it was still very humid). We had a simple straightforward fuck on the bed but we were fairly energetic and kept going for quite a while so ended up dripping with sweat. Our bodies easily slid back and forth against each other and hands roamed everywhere. At one point when I was on top, Mike pulled out of me and rubbed his cock between my ass cheeks, threatening to cum over my back and hair (depending on how powerful his ejaculation was), but he ended up back inside me and we carried on a while longer.

We had a brief interlude to 69 (Mike wanted to taste me while I was hot and wet) but then resumed fucking again. As we got closer to cumming, we debated whether he should cum over me or in me and how much he would have loved to cum over Lucy while he’d been rubbing cream into her body. I got him to describe how he would have worked his fingers into her bikini and played with her pussy, then pulled his cock out and fucked her before cumming over her (if he ever actually got the chance to fuck Lucy I know that he would actually want to cum in her). It was clear that we were reaching the end of our session so Mike lifted up my legs and pounded into me over and over. His cock felt like it was reaching all the way inside me and I told him what I could feel as my orgasm got closer and closer. He carried on until I came, fucked me a bit longer and when he started to cum, he pulled out and squirted a load up my body before pushing back into me. He didn’t quite make it back inside me in time, so I had another squirt onto my pussy, but whatever else came out, did so inside me. He moved a little bit more before pulling out and rubbing his cock over my cunt and thighs and then collapsing beside me.

We desperately needed something to drink and made our way back upstairs to the living room & kitchen. More people had come indoors to hide from the sun and they commented on our obviously sweaty state. I told them they were just jealous and it was the best way to enjoy the heat. Once I’d had some water I asked if Ethan still wanted me to repay him for earlier and when he said yes, we went to his room (he was sharing with Simon as they are now officially a couple) and I let him fuck me before finishing him off with a combination of my mouth and hands. As he came, I directed his cock at my chest and was rewarded with a second load of cum on me. I didn’t wipe this off and we returned to the others with it dripping down my body. I rubbed some of the cum (both Mike’s and Ethan’s) onto Julia, but she didn’t flinch so I went for a better target and pressed myself up against Lis’ back. She tried to run away so I grabbed her and rubbed myself against her (‘accidentally’ copping a feel as I did so). When I let her go we could see that I’d transferred a decent amount of cum onto her back so I helped out by rubbing it in (Mike wasn’t the only one who liked the idea of having his cum on Lis, Ethan also thought it was hot).

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Our Last Group Holiday? Part 1

This is another long series of entries - I'll put a post up every two days to get through them and not fall any further behind...

Following my birthday weekend, we headed off on holiday to the same place that we’d gone the previous year with our York friends. We headed to the airport early on the Monday morning and met up with everyone there. Surprisingly, everyone turned up on time and we made it to security without a hitch. Getting through security wasn’t quite as smooth as Mel had decided to copy what Jen and I do and made sure that Julia would end up being frisked. Mel could do this in a slightly different way to that which Jen and I use though and she made use of Julia’s pierced labia. She had bought a new, fairly large ring for Julia to wear (instead of her usual small stud) and as expected, it set off the detector. Julia had to stand with her legs spread as they wanded her and when they determined roughly where the metal was, she was taken off to a room for further examination. Jules had to actually show the woman what was setting the detector off (which also revealed that like Jen and me, she didn’t have any panties on), but was allowed to leave once she removed the ring and went back through the detector without setting it off.

We were all sitting roughly together on the plane over 4 rows which gave us the opportunity to have a play during the flight. Nobody tried to sneak to the toilet as a couple to have actual sex, but a few of us did manage to fondle and finger each other under blankets and jackets. I made Jen cum and let Mike taste her off my fingers and in retaliation, she made me cum later on in the flight. After that, Mike switched places with her so he was at the window seat and while Jen kept a look out, I took his cock out and sucked him. I didn’t get a long enough uninterrupted period to make him cum (people kept walking past to the toilet), but he was certainly well on the way and promised that he would reacquaint my cunt with his cock properly when we arrived (I’d been giving it a rest since by birthday).

It was quite warm when we arrived but not too hot and once we found our coach, we took a group of seats at the back. Having a decent number of us in our group certainly helped out and when we got going, Mike decided that he didn’t want to wait any longer to have a play with me. We switched places and moved onto the back seat and as soon as he sat down, Mike pulled his cock out and gave it a few strokes to prepare it for me. I flipped the back of my skirt up and lowered myself onto him and once he was inside, I sat down fully on his lap and engulfed the full length of his cock. As you would expect, I wasn’t allowed to keep what we were doing hidden from the rest of the group so I had to hold on to the front of my skirt and keep it raised so people had a decent view, but we had to stay sufficiently quiet that nobody else on the coach figured out what we were doing.

It would have been better if the road had been bumpier as we had to do all the work ourselves, but we’re not unaccustomed to fucking so we somehow managed. Mike rubbed my clit and made me cum and to finish off I ended up leaning forwards against the seats in front and chatted to people while Mike pumped up and down inside me. He pulled me back onto his lap just before he came and once he’d emptied himself into me he asked how I was going to stop his cum leaving a mark on my skirt. I considered a few ways to do this and didn’t think it was fair to just hike my skirt up and leave a damp patch on the seat so I asked if someone could lend me their panties. Alison ended up volunteering and after discreetly sliding them down her legs, they were handed back to me and I lifted myself up and off Mike’s cock. Some of his cum leaked out of me and ran down my legs almost straight away so I mopped this up with the panties and then slipped them on. I promised Alison that she could have them back as soon as we got to the villa but she said that I there was no hurry to give them back as she wasn’t likely to be putting them back on.

Once we arrived in Pollenca and found our way to the villa, we chose rooms and unpacked our things. I pulled the panties off as soon as we were inside (no point having sun and warmth if you cover up) but at least put on a bikini before I went up to the roof terrace to enjoy the view. We were partially overlooked on one side by the villa next door but were high enough up that we couldn’t be seen from the street unless you stood right at the front of the roof. A few more people joined me on the roof and we admired the view and made plans for the rest of the day (well, as close to plans as we were going to get). We packed up a few things and headed out for lunch and once recharged, we went straight to the beach. We had agreed to (mostly) behave ourselves when out in public (or at least when children were around) so those of us who needed to change into bikinis/shorts used towels to cover themselves while they did this.

We helped each other out with suncream with only a few ‘slips’ (I did say we had agreed to ‘mostly’ behave ourselves) and some us stayed on the beach while others tested out the sea. We were eventually badgered into joining them and once in the water Mike said that it would probably be a good time to start playing with me. He slid a hand into my bikini and started to rub my pussy and not wanting to leave him out, I did the same to him and stroked his cock until he was hard. He really enjoyed doing this in view of everyone on the beach (all the important bits were hidden underwater) and he ended up pulled me against him and told me to get his cock out. Once I’d done this, I was lifted up and told to pull the crotch of my bikini aside and he lowered me onto his cock (it too a few attempts as the waves were rocking us back and forth). Once I was on him though, they helped out a lot and we enjoyed standing there swaying in the current. It was easy enough to move slowly, but we knew that we couldn’t fuck properly so we just enjoyed it for what it was and after a while Mike lifted me off his cock and dumped me in the water.

To make up for this, he then pulled my bikini bottoms off and played with my clit properly until I came. I wasn’t allowed my bikini back for a while and had to go and earn it from Jen by trying to duck under the water and lick her. I sort of made contact with her pussy a few times but not enough to give her a proper lick but I did manage to loosen the strings on her bikini enough so that when I was back on the surface I could whip it off and have something to negotiate with. She bargained an orgasm and my bikini for her one back, so we moved to shallower water and she knelt down while I played with her pussy and once she’d cum, we traded clothing and returned to the beach.

It was a bit too hot to stay in the sun so some of headed back to the villa and Alison told me that her bf (Andrew)wanted a chance to see me make her cum (he hadn’t been at my birthday party). I was quite willing to do this so we went to their room and I made sure that he got to see everything as I fingered and ate her, making her cum twice in the process. It seemed rude for me to be covered up so I removed my bikini and made sure he had a good chance to see my bits as I bent over Alison to play with her (although he’s seen me naked enough times before and watched me play with other girls). I didn’t really want to cum again just yet, but plunged a couple of fingers into my cunt and put on a decent show (I think), but stopped once Alison had cum for the second time.

It didn’t seem worth covering up as most of our group had been at my party and the ones who hadn’t had still seen me naked and cumming over the years (or however long they had been a part of the group for). So I headed to the living room and chatted to people without getting dressed again. The others returned from the beach and when Richard saw me lying there naked he wandered over and asked me to help him out. He made it clearer as to what he wanted by reaching down and stroking my pussy, which surprised me a little, but I now counted him as a member of my exclusive (but growing) group of fuck buddies so I pulled his shorts down and took his cock in my mouth. Someone mentioned that it looked like the holiday had now started properly and I just gave them the finger while I sucked away on Richard’s cock. I asked if he wanted to fuck me and he said a BJ was fine so I asked if he could cum over me and he agreed (it’s not a secret that I’m not overly fond of eating cum). He climbed up onto the sofa so he was straddling me and I sucked and pumped him until he got close, pulled out and finished himself off, cumming over my breasts and neck.

I went to clean up and Jen followed me to fill me in on an arrangement she had made. In order to get people to agree to spend the day making me cum, she had told them that they could use me on the holiday, pretty much however they wanted, although she had put some limits on things. It seemed a little strange to me that in order to get people to agree to fuck me, that I had to promise to fuck them some more, but it certainly opened up additional possibilities for the holiday (which I’d been sort of hoping for but hadn’t been sure about whether they could really happen). She came and joined me in the shower and once we were clean we went back to the others and chatted some more.

We didn’t do much else until it was time for dinner and people got changed before we went to find somewhere to eat. Mike provided me with a pair of shorts that were really quite short, but had fairly baggy legs. After a bit of playing around we found the right height for me to wear them so when I walked, I could feel the air on my pussy but nothing was visible, but when I sat down, it was easy to give a view up the shorts to my naked cunt. I was still fairly well behaved over dinner but did give a group of guys a long look at my pussy as we sat on a wall and chatted over drinks. I may have overdone it slightly as at one point I reached up the leg of my shorts and idly rubbed up and down my pussy, but acted as if it was perfectly normal.

We didn’t stay out too late as we felt tired from travelling so headed back to the villa where I was asked by Abrahii to make her cum. Not that I would have refused her, but now I knew that it was my duty, I set about satisfying her in front of the group and got Jen to bring me one of our vibes to help things along. I fucked her with it for a while but she wanted me to lick her clit when she came so I turned the vibe around and pushed it deep into her so the clit attachment was pressing up against her ass. With her clit now exposed, I could fasten my mouth to it and I flicked my tongue back and forth over her clit (she quite likes this) until she came. When I pulled the vibe out, I gave her cunt a few long licks up its entire length using the flat of my tongue and told her to come back for more whenever she wanted.

We stayed up chatting for a while and a few of us went up to the roof. I commented to Julia about her being very well behaved and she said that Mel still wanted her to dial things back as she was worried about what might happen when she had left and Julia was at Uni by herself. In a way I find this somewhat hypocritical of Mel – she was one of the people who encouraged Jen to do things to me in front of everyone and was more than willing to get Julia to play along. At the same time, I understand how she feels – Julia enjoys cumming just as much as I do (possibly even more) and while I don’t think she would cheat on Mel, I don’t think she will enjoy having to behave herself all week when Mel isn’t around. We discussed what it was like for me when Mike was still living in York and I was by myself during the week and how I just had to take care of myself, although Skype had at least meant we could watch each other cum.

I told her how it had also made the weekends more special and how we saved up our exciting sex play for these times (which of course Julia knew all about as she had often been a part of it) and how I was sure that whenever Jen, Mike and I visited, we could probably convince Mel to at least occasionally cut loose and we could play with each other. I don’t wish to sound like a soppy girl, but having shared so many orgasm with Julia, I do feel fairly close to her and the loss of not being able to do things with her or see her make Jen and Mike cum is more than just about the sex. I don’t feel the same way about Mel – while she certainly knows how to make me cum, Julia has more of a lustful innocence about her which (I hope) I identify with more than Mel’s personality.

We chatted a while longer and even though she wasn’t allowed to actually *do* anything with me (or anyone else), we still had a good conversation *about* doing things, masturbation, positions, what my birthday had felt like… Julia said that she had felt quite jealous of me getting so much attention, but was quite impressed at how many times I’d cum. In deference to her, I refrained from stroking myself, but we both knew that we were getting turned on from the explicit discussion we were having and Julia said that she was going to find Mel and get her reward for being well behaved. I felt quite tired as well so collected Mike and Jen so we could head off to bed and have our goodnight session. The three of were sharing a room for the holiday and once we’d cleaned up we retired to bed and used the simplest of positions to make us all cum (Me eating Jen and Mike fucking me). Jen slept in the middle, spooned up against Mike while I spooned her.

In the morning, we used the same position, but after Mike had fucked me Jen said she wanted to eat me and taste Mike’s salty goodness. I allowed some of his cum to drip onto her body as I moved up to her face, but she didn’t mind and rubbed it in to her skin as she ate me. Once I’d cum again (Jen wasn’t ready for a second orgasm so soon – I did offer). We headed up and got a few people together to go and do shopping and get food for breakfast. On our return, Julia was sitting up on the roof and she had turned completely blonde. Originally she had planned to do it the night before the holiday but had run out of time so after she had played with Mel the previous night, she had coloured her hair. She was far blonder than I’ve ever seen her and she actually looked quite cute (or at least she would have if I hadn’t known how filthy she was). Someone stupidly asked if she had made herself into a true blonde and she gave a flash of her bald pussy and said that at least there was no way to tell that she wasn’t.

Monday, 15 October 2012

The Best Birthday Present Ever - Part 5

We moved to another room and I had a much gentler time. Lis had decided that it was her turn again and we kissed for a while and I felt her hand slide onto my pussy and gently play with me. I reminded her that my cunt was now 50% boy-cum but she said she didn’t care and her fingers slid into me. She kept her head close to mine and whispered (as much as you when you’re trying to be heard over loud music) how she wanted to feel me cum for her again. Her fingers were doing a strange stirring thing in my cunt – sort of rolling around (apparently Lucy likes this) and her thumb was on my clit. I was really close to doing things with her that I wasn’t allowed to – I had my hand on her thigh with my thumb touching her panties. I whispered back to her how much I wanted to slide my hand up and rub her cunt, then pull her panties off and bury my face between her legs and stay there all night. I hadn’t realised how much the day’s events had affected Lis (and Lucy) – there were the only ones I wasn’t allowed to do things to (not counting Abigail who I’d eaten before knowing I wasn’t meant to) and having watched continual live porn, Lis was ready to burst.

We mostly managed to behave ourselves though and the farthest I went was to slide my hand slightly further up Lis’ thigh and press my thumb against her panties harder. As she rubbed me, I felt my thumb nestle slightly between her lips and I could feel how hot her cunt felt through the material. She told me how wet and horny she was and I described to her how much I wanted to be able to make her cum again. Neither of us want her to cheat on Lucy, but we still like the idea of getting to play together and the mental image of this (coupled with the feel of her warm panties) was enough to help get me off yet again. Lis licked her fingers clean and I reminded her again that I’d been fucked many times but she said that she could mostly taste me so it was fine.

Abrahii was next in line and she simply went down on me. A couple of other people in the room had seen people play with me earlier and had asked what was going on so Jen explained that it was a birthday present. One guy had made a comment along the lines of wanting to give me a present and Jen told him that if he really wanted to, then he could. I wasn’t aware of any of this and it was only after Abrahii had made me cum that he came over to me with his cock out (Mike and Jen had planned for this and provided condoms) and he said he wanted to fuck me. I looked over at Jen who gave me the thumbs up so I spread my legs and told him to go ahead if he wanted. The guy seemed quite grateful and pushed into me. I lay back on the bench and let him fuck me. He fondled my breasts fairly roughly and I did what I could to push back against him. As long as I was being used I felt that he may as well enjoy it so I told him how good his cock felt and asked if he liked being buried my hot cunt. He seemed to enjoy me talking like this so I carried on and encouraged him to keep fucking me and to fill me with his cum (if he’d tried to pull his condom off to do this literally I would have stopped him). As he got closer I played with my clit (mostly for him to see) and begged him to fuck me harder – he did this and came, pushing hard and deep into me. I thanked him and gave his cock a quick suck before going to find out who had been offering me around.

Jen just said that given how many people I’d fucked that day, she didn’t think I would mind and I told that it had actually been quite exciting. Originally the plan had been to get many random people to try and fuck me, but as drunk as Jen was, she still knew that this had a fair risk to it. As a reward for having taken one stranger, I was allowed a break and took the chance to sit down and rest while others went out to dance. We stayed a while longer and I was toyed with but told to rest so I was prepared for the final session of the evening. This sounded ominous to me (and I really wasn’t sure how much more I could take) so was a bit nervous as we headed out of the club and back to Jen and Lucy’s place.

We walked a bit of the way home and I repeatedly had my dress pulled up (I wasn’t allowed my jacket). Mel insisted that people have a play with me in a place that was really a little bit too public – I was fingered and frigged (not to orgasm) and even had my dress pulled right up, but nobody walking past said anything. A fair number of us were quite drunk and the cool air had made things even worse. It had been suggested that as my dress didn’t really cover me that I should just take it off and by the time we got back to Jen’s street, I told everyone that as long as they would promise to pleasure me (the actual phrase I used), I would play along and peeled my dress and socks off. I was paraded down the street and in to Jen’s house, but not before Mel had made me stand in the front garden, bend forwards to touch my toes and she had knelt behind me and eaten me. I don’t think she had been planning on making me cum, but I felt fairly horny from being naked outside and the earlier fondling (and it had now been a while since I’d cum) so I responded quite well. I tried to reach between my legs to get to Mel’s pussy, but it was out of my reach and I overbalanced. This didn’t stop her and as I lay on a heap on the grass, she carried on eating and fingering me until I came

The more sober amongst us herded us indoors before one of the neighbours saw what we were up to and Mike told me that it was time for the final session. A few people had gone home already, but he assured me that we still had more than enough to make me cum and I was unceremoniously pushed onto the duvet on the floor. Mike announced that it was time for my 50th orgasm of the day and that we had to make it special (he had miscounted and we now think it was actually my 51st but the thought was there…). Once again I had many hands caressing and probing me and I was fed my own juices as well as offered cocks to suck and even a couple of pussies to lick. As I got more aroused, the caressing was directed and by the time I came, I had Julia sitting over my face so I could eat her, multiple fingers in my cunt, a vibe rubbing on my clit, people sucking on my breasts and a couple of people stroking my neck (not quite in the right way, but I was going to cum from the other stimulation anyway so it didn’t matter).

I had been right to fear Jen’s warning of having to rest for the final session of the evening. When I came, the fondling didn’t stop and people were told to carry on toying with me. Fingers plunged into my cunt over and over and other vibes were used on my nipples. I think usually they would have made me cum a second (and possibly third time), but my body was beyond multiple orgasm at this stage and it just felt really intense. I had made Julia cum but she kept riding my face until a halt was called to the proceedings. My cunt felt very sensitive but I still wasn’t spared and Mike spooned up behind me and started to fuck me. Jen brought some ice in to help sooth my cunt – and it did sort of feel nice, but as soon as I said I felt a bit better, the ice was replace with Abrahii’s tongue and she lapped away at me while Mike pushed as deep as he could into me. This actually felt a lot better than the group fondling had and after a while I realised that I was going to cum again. Mike told me to go ahead and I panted my way through my orgasm which ended up feeling very sharp, but bearable.

I stopped things for another bathroom break and on my return Jen went down on me and I was then offered to the guys. I had pretty much tapped them dry, but I was given their cocks and told to help get them in the mood and they took turns in my mouth and then moved to fucking me while I prepared the next one. Richard and Ashraf both decided that while they were there, they may as well do things properly and they fucked me until they came (although I didn’t feel any cum drip out when they pulled out). As they fucked me, Julia and Abrahii played with my clit, either using their fingers or an egg. I went through all six guys in turn (not counting Steve who is our one ‘properly’ gay guy) and came twice and then had my pussy used for people to drink shots off (a towel under me and vodka poured over my cunt).

Ashraf pointed out that Steve hadn’t had a chance to use me and I assumed that this would be another ass fucking, but Jen said that as we were nearing the end of the day, they may as well do it properly. Julia was given the strap on again and once lubed up, I had to mount her and bend forwards to let Steve take my ass. This was his third time in me today and he said he was getting used to it. Julia was fairly wasted so it was up to me to fuck her ‘cock’ and I humped up and down, letting gravity help as I slammed against her and Steve took care of fucking my ass. It felt good and each time I do it I think I get more used to DP, but Steve ended up cumming a long way before I was going to. To make up for this I had to turn around and 69 with Julia, letting her eat me while I sucked the vibe clean (not easy as it was still turned on). I ended up lying on top of her with the vibe pressed against my neck and I rubbed the whole harness back and forth, pressing it (and the internal vibe) against Julia’s crotch. Julia ate me until I came and I rolled off her.

Jen asked if anyone else wanted me but I had pretty much worn them out. I was asked if I wanted to do anything more and I took the opportunity to have a final lick of Alison before saying that I was done and needed my bed. Jen whispered to me that we weren’t quite done yet, but I was allowed to rest while people gathered up their things and left. Mike sat beside me and gently caressed my body, asking how I had liked my present. He did at least give most of the credit for arranging it to Jen – he had mostly helped out with suggestions but it was her who had arranged for everyone to be tested and convinced them to repeatedly fuck me.

Jen had arranged one additional treat for me that he didn’t know about (and wasn’t allowed to participate in). Jen had seen that Lucy had drunk a fair amount and had convinced Lis to work on her and get her to agree to help me cum one more time when everyone had left. Ideally, she wanted Lis to get Lucy to agree to do things with me properly (not that I’m complaining about what I got, but that would have been an incredible present). She hadn’t managed to get Lucy to go that far, but had got her to agree to play with me again. I was taken up to Lucy’s room and lay on her bed. Lis and Lucy played with me, caressing my neck, breasts, thighs and pussy and it felt wonderful. They took their time and slowly teased me and as they worked, I noticed that Lis also stroked Lucy and after a while, Lucy also fingered Lis a little (I couldn’t see the actual fingering, but it was clear what they were doing).

I was then blindfolded and Jen was told to leave and I was rubbed on various parts of my body with their juices. They then offered me their fingers and I was given multiple chances to guess whose juices I was tasting. I think I got it right most of the time (I can still sort of remember how Lis tasted and just guessed Lucy whenever I didn’t think it was Lis). I would much rather have been able to see them gather the juices, but that was as far as Lucy was prepared to go so I was grateful for what I got. After everything that I’d gone through that day, I felt surprisingly ready to cum again (but this was my fantasy girl Lucy) and I asked if they would use one of their vibes on me, but to slide it deep into themselves first. They agreed to this and Lis described to me what they were doing as they took it in turns to fuck each other with the vibe. Lucy told her to stop as she was embarrassed but agreed that after what they’d seen done to me that it wasn’t actually that bad. Before the vibe was pushed into me, they removed the blindfold and let me see that it was glistening with their juices and then pushed it all the way into me in one go.

Lis fucked me with it and Lucy rubbed my clit and I told them how good it felt. I asked to taste them one more time and Lis reached down to her pussy and then gave me her fingers. I thanked them for all they had done but as I got closer to cumming, I realised that Lis’s crotch was pressed against my leg and she was rubbing back and forth against me. I could feel that she still had her panties on but I imagined that she didn’t and her juices were being smeared over my legs. I let my imagination run away with me and pictured Lucy climbing over me so I could eat her while Lis pulled the vibe out of me, stripped off and scissored me. I came while humping against the vibe and Lucy’s fingers while repeatedly saying ‘please’, which I assume they took as ‘please make me cum’, while I meant ‘please let me do what I’m imagining’.

I pulled them down beside me and thanked them again and gave them each a kiss. Lis had a leg over mine and still had her crotch pressed against my leg. I asked if they needed any help themselves and felt Lis press harder against me but Lucy said that she thought they would manage so I told her she was a spoilsport and then left them to it. To be fair, it would have been a waste if they had decided to let me join in with them as I wasn’t exactly at my best.

This didn’t stop Jen though who was waiting for me on her bed and said that she wanted to be the last one to do things with me. I complained that I was tired (which was an understatement), but she pointed out that she had made me cum many more times than she had cum so I owed her (which wasn’t quite what the rules were, but I agreed that it was fair). I told her that I didn’t need to cum again so she agreed to kitty kiss me and we 69ed with her on top. I got properly stuck in to her cunt and between licking me, she described different parts of the day from her point of view and how horny it had made her, seeing me cum so many times with so many different people. I made her cum and she told me to do her one more time and as I did this she went over how the plan had been to get as many people at the club to fuck me as possible and how they had pictured having a line of people waiting to use me with me bend over a table taking them all in turn.

Jen’s kitty kissing started to feel really good and I realised that she was actually eating me properly. I decided to be kind to her and let her make me cum one last time (aren’t I generous) so I didn’t say anything, but did start to push back against her licks to show her I was enjoying them. Jen came before I did but I continued to kitty kiss her until she got me off again and rolled off me. I was ready for sleep, but had the sense to go downstairs and drink a pint of water. On my way past Lucy’s room I could hear that they were going at it but didn’t have the energy to listen in (for more than a few seconds anyway). Mike was already asleep – for some reason he wasn’t using the cum-stained duvet and was just on the sofa. I was tempted to lover myself onto his face, but he would probably have then eaten or fucked me and I *really* didn’t need to cum again so I let him be and returned to Jen. Lis and Lucy were still going at it and I very nearly opened the door and told them to behave themselves in the hope of getting to see some decent action, but I thought they deserved to have fun for what they had helped to give me. I curled up with Jen, still sticky with cum and beer (me, not her) and as we fell asleep she told me that there was a price attached to getting everyone to help fulfil my fantasy, but I would find out soon enough what it was.

My pussy felt very tender the following morning and having remembered to drink water, my head didn’t feel too bad (although still not too good). I had a rare day of not doing anything (well, nothing was done to me, but I made both Jen and Mike cum). It felt good to get into the shower and clean myself off (and out). We met up with people for a late lunch and I thanked them all for my present. For the rest of the afternoon I helped Jen and Lucy finish packing up as they were leaving the house at the end of the month technically during the month) and we all got an early night to prepare for heading off on holiday. I had remembered how wet Lis had felt as her crotch had rubbed against my leg and I convinced her to let Mike have the panties she had been wearing. They were obviously dry by this point, but he could still get her scent off them and as an added treat, she also snuck the pair of panties that Lucy had been wearing down to him. Mike returned them to her the following morning, still damp with his cum and Lis placed them back into the laundry before we headed off to the airport to meet everyone.